An End to Sheldon And Amy’s Virginity on Big Bang Theory


The Chuck Lorre comedy about a group of geeks and the women who love them will, on December 17, feature virgins Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) having sex for the first time.

Big Bang Theory creator, Chuck Lorre,  told The Hollywood Reporter that the Amy and Sheldon’s break-up has helped to make their relationship stronger, as it took being apart to get them to appreciate each other, and the couple will take their relationship to a level fans wondered if it would ever reach.

The episode in question, “The Opening Night Excitation,” will feature another guest turn from Bob Newhart as the relationship guru of Sheldon’s dreams, so Sheldon’s heart is growing fonder both from absence, and from Bob Newhart.

While THR article explains the creative decision for the new relationship paradigm, the show’s stars, Parsons and Bialik, meanwhile, didn’t see Amy and Sheldon finally consummating their relationship coming — especially this season, as the duo most recently started seeing other people, and they discussed how they were told about the revelation, and their reactions with Jessica Radloff of Glamour Magazine. How Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons Found Out Sheldon and Amy Would Be Having Sex on The Big Bang Theory

“We were very surprised,” Bialik told THR during a set visit for the episode. “She’s not supposed to know about it; it’s supposed to be something he surprises her with, but Penny and Bernadette leak the information, which I think is pretty smart.”

As for that engagement ring that Sheldon planned to propose to Amy with last season before she broke up with him, that’s still in play. “That’s something we’re trying to figure out. I don’t have any answers for you at the moment, but the ring will rise again,” TBBT series runner Steven Molaro told THR with a laugh.

After its current break, The Big Bang Theory will come back to CBS on Thursday, December 10 2015.

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