New “Tremors” Series in the Works with Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon stars as Valentine McKee in TREMORS (1990) Universal

Kevin Bacon stars as Valentine McKee in TREMORS (1990) Universal

The 1990 movie “Tremors” staring Kevin Bacon is a favorite of mine, now a television series based on Tremors is currently being developed that will have Bacon reprise his role as reluctant monster-hunter Valentine McKee.

tremors_posterThe original Tremors, starring Bacon and Fred Ward was a surprise hit, and followed a group of townspeople from  the isolated desert town of Perfection, Nevada who discover that they are being hunted by a group of massive, worm-like creatures that tunnel beneath the ground.

The film eventually spawned four direct-to-video sequels (including a prequel film set in 1889).

In 2003 The SciFi Channel tried a Tremors (Temors: Back to Perfection) series without Kevin Bacon, and it only lasted for 13 episodes.

The project is being developed by Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions with a script by “The Secret Circle” creator Andrew Miller. Bacon is set to executive produce. Reba McEntire also starred in the original cult classic, but hasn’t given any indication that she’ll join the TV continuation. A start date and production details have yet to be determined.

On November 24, Kevin Bacon tweeted, “It might be time to head back to Perfection.”


Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have been married since 1988 and have two children together.

Trivia:  Bacon’s father, Edmund Bacon, was a famous Philadelphia city planner and the seventh cousin of President Richard Nixon. Kevin Bacon lives in New York, and has never lived in Hollywood or Los Angeles.

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