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Sunday,†October 17, 2007:††Yana Turns the Celebrity Spotlight on Jessica
By Yana and Fans
Big thank you to Jessica for answering some questions for us at Mortyís!

carlamikemoha: How were you able to convince the others to keep Eric the week he was almost voted out?

Jessica - Eric did most of the convincing himself when he sat down and talked with each person giving us all the opportunity to ask what we wanted and he explained everything! Dustin was also very instrumental in convincing everyone it was a numbers game, and it would be in our best interests to keep Eric.

I am wondering if you regret how you treated Eric the week that he almost got voted out?

Jessica - I wish everyone would try to remember that while we lived in the house, we did not have all the information that the viewers had. I donít think I treated Eric badly, but I was definitely trying to protect myself in the game, and I had to be certain I could trust him, so I made decisions for myself based on what I knew and heard and believed at the time. It was a very confusing week in the house with all the accusations and paranoia, but when it came time to make my final decision, I knew it would be in my best interests to keep Eric. It was a very hard week in the house, but in the end, I am very happy the house (including me) voted to keep Eric.

Cajunboiler: Have you talked to Carol since the show ended? 

Jessica - We live in different cities, attend different colleges, and we are both busy so we have not run into each other nor have either of us made an effort to contact the other. 

sguinn: How hard is it after living together and getting to see each other24/7 now being apart? Are there any plans of visits in the near future?

Jessica - Itís really hard not being able to see Eric every day! Thank goodness for the internet and cell phones with free long distance plans. We have been very fortunate though, because we have seen each other for appearances in Seattle and LA since the show ended, I have visited him in NYC once, and he is coming to Wichita next week. 

toooncesface: Did you and Eric BOM CHICKA WAH WAH in the Sequester House?

Jessica - No we did not.

crimsonx76: If your group decided to evict Eric in week 5, would you have still voted to keep him? and If he was evicted who would you then align with knowing Jameka couldn't compete in HOH.

Jessica - Knowing what I know now, I hope I would have voted to keep him, but if the group had wanted to evict him, I am not sure how I would have voted. If the house had voted him out, I would probably have worked with Dustin, Jameka, and Amber.

If Eric was evicted week 5 and you still won HOH week 6 would you have still nominated Dick and Dani? 

Jessica - Itís so hard to say, but I think I would have, because Dick and Daniele would have split up the LNC by coming after Eric, and I would have wanted to break up their power alliance at that point.

terrorsquad99: Excluding the game stuff, what was your favorite big brother moment?

Jessica - My favorite time was when Eric and I stayed up all night talking outside on the lounge chairs about fun things.

How often did you doubt Eric's loyalty to you throughout the season and how did you overcome those doubts.

Jessica - I questioned everyoneís loyalty and motives on everything they said. But once I decided to keep Eric in week 5, I made my decision to work fully & completely with him from then on.

hattyfan10: There was many times that the other houseguest tried to turn Jessica against Eric. So my question is- Now that you are out of the house and know how good Eric was to you in the game why did you listen to other houseguest when they tried to turn you against Eric? Do you wish that you would have stuck up for him more like he did you? 

Jessica - My strategy in the game was to listen to everything everyone said, making them think I believed what they were telling me, so that I could know where everyone was coming from and what their plans were. Just because I listened to everyone, it did not mean I always doubted Eric, I was just trying to gain information. In hindsight, however, I do wish I had not listened so much to others, and had stopped some of the character bashing that was going on.

michaeldimech20: I know you said that you fell hard for Eric inside the big brother house, but is there one moment in particular that you can remember sitting there thinking "I really like this guy!"?

Jessica - When Eric trusted me enough to tell me he did the mustard and 2 phantom votes, that is when I knew that I really trusted him and liked him.

Were you aware that Amber had stated to Jameka several times that she had planned on putting you and Eric up together if she won HoH?

Jessica - I was not aware of that, but it does not surprise me.

Did you know Jameka and Amber had a final two deal, even before Dustin was evicted? 

Jessica - It was pretty obvious they had a deal, but I did not know it was before Dustin was evicted.

PS: After you left the HoH room on the night of Amber and Jameka's horrible bashing of Eric, Amber admitted to lying about several things.

Jessica - You Rock!

hiqt22: Hey Jess! I was wondering what your reaction was to Eric's goodbye message? And did you tell him later on what was shown to you? In particular the I love you part.

Jessica - I loved his good bye message, it was really sweet and proved even more that he was not playing me. I did tell him in the jury house what was shown, and he said it was around an hour long message that had been edited down to the few seconds the producers wanted me to see (just like all of our diary room sessions were edited).

bynum319: Is Eric as much fun outside the Big Brother house as he was in the house?

Jessica - YES!!!! Every second I spend with him is great!

jkossits: If Asked To, Would You Go On Big Brother Again?

Jessica - Absolutely!

misstraci_18: Jess, do you get sick of people questioning youraffection/ relationship with Eric all the time? 

Jessica - No, it doesnít really bother me.

Also, how's life back in Kansas? 

Jessica - Itís been busy and crazy, but I love being home.

Are you somewhat of a celebrity there now? 

Jessica - Not really a celebrity, I just got a little notoriety from being on the show. 

What's the best thing about being back? 

Jessica - Aside from seeing my family and friends, I will say listening to music and dancing again, eating fast foods, and driving!

lastgoodmemory4: Was living with Dick was as bad as he was portrayed on the show?

Jessica - Dick left me alone, but I hated how he treated everyone else. His actions made it very uncomfortable for most of us. 

mpmcgraw2: Do you feel vindicated by the fact that the night of the double eviction America voted for Eric to target Danielle to avenge your eviction? 

Jessica - It was a game Ė I try to keep it in that perspective, but I guess it helps a little :) 

waterboyo123: When did you first start to realize that you had a crush on Eric? 

Jessica - We had so much fun together from early on, and the fun times just turned into flirtation.

wyn131: Both Jameka and Amber gave you a pretty hard sell about how Eric was not to be trusted and possibly using you. Looking back at it now, do you think that was strategy or genuine concern for you on their part?

Jessica - I think it was both. I think they honestly believed he was using me, and their strategy was to get me to doubt him. 

If Dick and Daniele had kept their word about the final four deal, do you think you would have agreed to nominate Jameka and Zach the next week if you had won HoH?

Jessica - I would never have nominated Jameka or Eric. 

Upon watching the tapes of the show and video feed captures, what houseguest actions or comments have surprised you (if any)?

Jessica - Nobody really has surprised me at all.

Besides Eric, which houseguests do you think you will stay in contact with?

Jessica - I have talked with Jen and Zach so far. I really enjoyed my time with Joe, Dustin, and Jameka too, so I hope to stay in contact with them as well, once things settle down a little more. 

A lot of fans questioned whether you were as loyal and into Eric as he was into you, especially due to a few Diary room comments you made (about wishing that Eric was nominated instead of you, and saying that you were "using each other"). Some fans even voted for Eric to evict you because of those comments. Do you think they were misinterpreting your words, or were you still doubting Eric during your last week in the house?

Jessica - Those comments were edited out of long diary room sessions, and were a complete misrepresentation of my feelings for Eric. I never doubted Eric in my last week there.

Besides winning competitions, what was your favorite moment in the house?

Jessica - I liked playing beer pong and quarters. We had to be creative with rules and using a pop cap since we didnít have any ping pong balls, and those were some of the best times in the house.

This question was also asked by ny152michael, hbkwwe28, and youth: Is a trip to NYC in the works for you? How about a trip to Kansas for Eric?

Jessica - I have already been to NYC (last week) and had a wonderful time there! Eric is coming to visit me in Kansas next week!

hbkwwe28: how good of a boyfriend is Eric ?

Jessica - Eric is a great BF! 

Dbignick87: Would you consider doing playboy? 

Jessica - I would never do a nude shoot, but if they offered a tasteful shoot, I would consider it.

jrogers45: Other than yourself and Eric, in a perfect world who would have won BB8?

Jessica - I think Dustin may have won if he had not been affected by the AP twist. 

bynum319: Are you going to New York for Thanksgiving?

Jessica - Yes, and I am very excited!!

krsalas16: First I'd just like to say that I'm a huge Jeric fan and that I really miss watching you both on TV and the feeds! I'm glad myspace and facebook are there! You two are beyond AWESOME!

My question is... Jessica, can you name four moments/memores in the BB house that you've shared with Eric and will never forget.

Jessica -
1. Our first kiss. 

2. Eric giving me the advice to ďmake a huge move in the gameĒ in case he was evicted in week 5 (then we saved him & I won HOH)

3. Knocking good night on the wall to Eric.

4. Eric as my beer pong partner (it was never as good with another partner).

cerazem: You guys seem to have TONS of fans and I've seen over 100 tribute videos! Do you mind that, even out of the BB8 house, a lot a people care about you and Eric and still keep track of your every move through myspace, etc? 

Jessica - Both Eric and I tried to make the most of the experience, and I love that people enjoyed us in the house as much as we enjoyed our time there. It doesnít bother me at all that our fans want to keep up with us.

After leaving the BB8 house, what has been the most shocking thing that you have experienced? 

Jessica - The Fox Reality Awards were surreal for me. Walking the red carpet, winning the award, seeing all the other reality starts Ė it was amazing!

Would you ever consider moving to a big city, like NYC, not just for Eric but for a better job opportunity? Would you ever consider leaving Kansas? 

Jessica - I love Kansas, but will definitely move if there are good career opportunities for me in a larger city. (You can take the girl out of Kansas, but you canít take Kansas out of the girl!)

ludlow.allison: At what point of the game did you start to develop real feelings for Eric? At first was it all strategy or did you really have fun with him from the start?

Jessica - We had fun from the start. That progressed to flirting, and eventually a strategic alliance. I think I knew I had true feelings for him when he trusted me enough to tell me about the mustard and phantom votes.

How is the relationship now that you are outside of the house? Is the long distance difficult? How often do you get to see each other?

Jessica - Itís hard not being able to see each other, but we talk every single day. We are just taking it a day at a time, but so far itís been nice that we could see each other fairly often at appearances after the show.

What houseguests do you keep in touch with outside of the house?

Jessica - Eric, Jen, and Zach are the only ones I have talked to so far, but after things settle down, I hope to be in touch with most of the others too.


Thanks again Jessica!



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