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Friday, June 16, 2006:  Alison Irwin Sends Us Pictures
I'm sure everyone remembers Alison Irwin of Big Brother 4.  She ended up stuck in the BB house with her former boyfriend, Justin Giovinco, had some make-out sessions with Nathan Marlow, came in second place behind Jun Song, and then turned up with the new boyfriend, Donny, to compete in "The Amazing Race." 

Alison sent Yana some pics of her new beau, Jason.  You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Saturday, June 10, 2006:  Howie Wants to Get Back in the House

We're so lucky to have our own reality version of Barbara Walters, Yana.  Yana was busy this week, she did three interviews, in addition to this one with Howie Gordon, be sure to read her interviews with Diane Henry of BB5 and Beau Beasley of BB6.

I especially like this interview, as Howie was one of my favorite houseguests.  Yana talked to Hurricane Howie by phone, so errors in spelling or grammar might be our fault and not Howie's.    -Morty

Michelle BB4

Holly BB5

Yana: Hi Howie, thanks for doing this interview for us.

Howie: Thanks for asking.

BB7Fan: Howie, how are the top three hottest women of Big Brother of all times?

Howie: The top three? My opinion is Laurie Big Brother 5, Michelle Big Brother 4, wow I might have to go with Ashlea Big Brother 6, I mean there Holly, Shannon oh gosh I don’t want this to get out there and these chicks get mad at me cause there’s so many of 'em… My top three to bang would probably be uh Michelle first and especially cause she’s young. I like those young chicks… UM Michelle, Lori, and Holly I think Holly.

Yana: Holly is a beautiful lady.

Howie: Everyone wants to bang her even the chicks want to bang her.

Yana: Laughs

Howie:  AAHH I love chicks. (laughs)

Yana: Francis3 has the next two questions.

Howie: OK

Francis3: Why aren't you doing reality TV commentary somewhere?? You are the most entertaining of all former players. You should really have you own show.

Howie: I’m working on that. Right now like at the reality convention I taped a bunch of I taped a Playmate, I interviewed some reality stars, I’ve been to red carpet events, I’ve interview celebrities and stars and now I’m just getting that put on DVD’s. 'Cause I can’t just walk up and say “Oh I’m Big Brother Howie can you give me a job?” They’ll say that’s great, but what have you done for me lately. What have you done to show something, and I’m getting a professional reel put together as we speak. I’m gonna get that out and I’m working on hosting TV shows. There’s so many fragmented cable and TV shows. I’ll get out there somewhere and make it big time and get a million dollar hosting job. No question about it. I’ll wait for Big Brother 10, I’ll be the host when Julie retires.

Yana: OK you know we call her the ChenBot, so… (laughs)

Howie: You know what I love Julie… I mean can see where she’s robotic, but you know what she does do some adlibbing and improvise and laughs and besides she is married to Les Moonves the president [of CBS] so, She’s got a pretty stable position. (laughs). I love Julie.

Francis3:  Have you considered lending your voice/ antics to cartoons?

Howie: Actually I’m supposed to do a voiceover on a cartoon. They are in the works of just getting approved and bought and I don’t know every single facet of the movie business, but it’s in the works for it to get out there and yes I will be doing a voice for it. Yes, so I will be doing that. Absolutely.

Yana: She said she could see you doing an "Adventures of Jedi Howie" on adult swim...couldn't you.

Howie: (laughs) I like that can you put me in touch with some of these people? I’ll talk to 'em.

Yana: Yes, sure thing. I will send you a link to our boards and you can post on there with them. We would love for you to post.

At this point Howie and I talked about who we thought might be back in the house and this is what Howie had to say…

Howie: I think Janelle will be there… I don’t think you can keep her out…

NO ONE knows who the 20 are… I don’t care what people are saying or what they are telling ya, but it’s not known… The 21st is when they will release the top 20, ya know… And then they are going to work from there… So… If I’m in the top 20 then I’ve got a shot… It’s all speculation, no one’s heard, that’s just the way it is…

Yana: You know there’s been a list posted… On CBS…

Howie: Yeah but that’s all…. I’ve seen like 5 of those lists… I was on two of them and not on the others… Who knows? I don’t know, I mean, Big Brother is still picking who they want as we speak… Nobody knows who the top 20 are, nobody… Say hypothetically Kaysar, Dr. Will, and Janie… I think their coming back… That’s my opinion… I mean they were great… Nobody knows, there is no list… They don’t have it yet… The producers as we speak are preparing for June 21st who they think are going to be in the top 20 ya know… Hopefully I’ll be in there… Hopefully some other hot chicks will be in there… Hopefully America can vote me back in… That’s all I can pray for right now…

Yana: You know that Morty’s is expecting all of you guys to come round campaigning.

Howie: Right…

Catwishes: You were one of the funniest HGs I have ever watched. I loved your Busto routine. Probably one of the biggest mistakes made in BB6 was the deal you made with Maggie when you were HOH. Looking back, did you really think Maggie and her sheep could be trusted?

Howie:It had nothing to do with Maggie… And like I said, this many times, If Maggie had came to me and said Rachel and Janie's plan to betray put them up… I wouldn’t have bought it for one second… I believed her; it had nothing to do with believing Maggie… James was evil, he could say whatever he wants he’s got a cult following… Because I don’t wanna say it’s gonna reflect some peoples intelligence, if you wanna continue to believe this guy and think he’s truthful that’s your problem that’s your life, do what you wanna do, but be a wishful thinker… James was a liar he was a manipulator I said did you say this about me and Rachel are you gonna put us up and he said No oh no… But when you live with someone for two months you know their tendencies you know their weaknesses you know their strengths… He was lying to me right to my face… And I’m thinking if this guy doesn’t wanna admit that he said this about me, what is he trying to hide? He’s a threat. He is coming after me, and so instead of him coming after me two weeks from now, I’m gonna put em up… So, Maybe television added to make it look like Maggie was the reason it happened. Maggie had nothing to do with it… If Maggie would’ve said Howie your Mother called in to Big Brother and said she hates you… Do I take her word for it? No. I had reason of suspicion, I had overwhelming evidence, I confronted James, and I confronted people. When you live with people you begin to know what’s going on. The week that they sent Kaysar home I knew they were all lying to us, I knew they were going to betray us. You just know. When you live with somebody you learn their weaknesses and you just know… A husband knows his wife after living with her for 20 years… It’s just the way it is… You know what people are thinking… And I knew he was up to no good… That’s why I put 'em up… Cause I felt threaten about my position in the house… James is stronger than the nerd herd by himself, so I felt we were a lot more threaten by him than Maggie and her little nerd herd… Was there a mistake in the number by the end? Yeah… It ended up killing us… But at the same time, we can always reflect that, because the nerd herd ended up winning the game… James had plenty of opportunities to win the head of household somewhere along the line… I did, Rachel did, we could’ve won one here and then we could’ve sent some sovereign people to the end, and we said big deal it wasn’t a mistake… By looking in the end, yeah it was a mess up; it still could’ve been prevented many times… In so many ways the game changed, but they look at it as ok, the nerd herd won, and we’re gonna go back to the James incident. Cause yes it hurt our chances, but James caused it cause he made me put 'em up, but whatever…

Yana: Well, James even admits he couldn’t win and HoH to save his life…

Howie: And that killed us… He was good at winning vetos but nothing to send us home in a selfish way… You gotta win HoH to protect the sovereign six, and we could’ve, if he would’ve won one the whole game would’ve been different, but he didn’t so… What are you gonna do?

Fizzle:  Howie Howie Howie..... I feel like I know you (might have something do to with the fact that I played you on a online fantasy BB game!) I am the female version of Howie BB6! how sick is that! anyways.... just how many times did you use that "jackshack" or other "jack" areas of the house?

Howie: (laughs) A whore (laughs again) I think I used the jackshack… twice, and I took care of business about five times… I kind of discovered that stuff at seasons end, so about five times, maybe more, maybe less… Maybe more… four to six times… Hey I’m human…

Yana:  (laughs) Hey that’s a fact… You all are human and have needs…

Howie: (laughs) If I’m hungry I eat ya know… If I’m tired I sleep… If I gotta take care of business, I’ll take care of business…

Yana: Exactly… UVPNolimits: Howie do you feel your dumb move, Kaysar dumb move or Marcellus dumb move as the dumbest in BB history?

Howie: UMMMM I see myself as the dumbest move in BB history, because you know Kaysar taking his hand off the switch still could’ve been outta harms way if Jennifer would’ve stuck to her promise… Or you know me going on James and the nerd herd promising the things upstairs… Still could’ve been good… Marcellas had the opportunity to 100% take himself out of harms way. 100%, so you gotta go with that… It’s like saying ok I’m gonna walk on the ledge of a building, maybe I’ll fall off, maybe I won’t, but he was standing in the middle of traffic where he IS gonna get hit… And I think Marcellas made the worse move in BB history… Because he could’ve 100% vetoed himself to safety. 100% and been safe…

Yana: There's also Jee nominating Michelle - sorry Jee!

SamTheCat:  Howie have you been to visit Rachel since last summer, and do you think the two of you might ever be more than just friends?

Howie: He said Jee nominating Michelle was a bad move too?

Yana: Yes

Howie: Well, it was, cause he got her evicted I mean….

I saw Rachel for the first time since Big Brother last week at the reality TV convention… And were just friends… We want different things outta life… You know she’s older and I like the young chicks… She wants and outdoors guy to take her camping and rub sticks to make fire and I’m not into that stuff… I am I am, but not at the level she is, I am an outdoorsy guy… I take that back… I like chasing alligators in South Florida and I like the wildlife… But um, I just think we’re on different agendas right now… Who knows, a week from now it could be different…. A year from now I could be banging 'er… We’ll see…Time will tell…

svirfnebli: If you get back in the house, could you see your self making an alliance with anyone from a previous season? I.e. The Evil Doctor Will?

Howie: Like I said, it’s still up for speculation who’s going to get voted back and for what reasons… If I do I gotta protect myself on that note I don’t wanna say no I won’t trust Dr. Will or I won’t trust him… I’ll hate James I’ll like James, I’ll wanna bang Julie, I won’t wanna bang her… Because if I do it could come back to haunt me… If for some reason I get voted back in and I’m in the house and this girl says well look what you said about me or this guy said this about me… You know… I guess I’ll stick with no comment about that…

Yana: This one is a good question… You are gonna know the answer, I just know you are:

svirfnebli: At the end of Star Wars  Episode 6 when the Empire is no more, what happens to all the storm troopers? Do they go back under the control of the New Republic?

Howie: Wow… When the emperor dies they basically… Yeah I guess… The Death star was destroyed so all the major principles playing with the emperor were killed, so I wanna say, um yeah because, in episode three Mace Windu would’ve killed the emperor right then and there, the clones, the storm troopers would’ve stayed under the direct order of the Republic, so I guess the rebel alliances that are still around would probably dictate what the storm troopers would do… I wanna say, but I could be wrong… I mean they could still be hostile to the Republic… But they were directly influenced by the Sith Lord the emperor… So I wanna say you flip a light switch and they were back to good again, but I wanna say they were back to good cause there was no more evil controlling them… I’ve seen a couple of episodes…

Yana: (laughs) just a couple huh? I just want you to know that you were just such comic relieve… There were times that the tension was so thick that we could feel it on the live feeds…

Howie: Do you think they’ll put me back in?

Yana: I would certainly vote you Howie… Every house needs someone that can joke around and relieve the tension and you are good at that…

Howie: I am the best BB houseguest ever… there’s no question about that… No one’s ever done to Big Brother what I did… Not before not after… I am the funniest, best looking, outgoing, over the top, free spirited, free wheeling guy in Big Brother history… (laughs) I’ve got more personality in my big toe that James and Kaysar put together (laughs) and they can quote me…

Cajunboiler: If you are not going back into the BB house (which seems unlikely), do you think you can come on House Calls often? Gretchen and Marcellas are fun to watch, but it would be great if you could also be there from time to time.

Howie: Absolutely… I mean I should be doing that show over Marcellas anyway… I love the guy, but he knows damn well I should be doing that show over him… and when I was there he got real nervous and the producers said, “What is this Howie’s show?” Because they kept asking about all these other things and yeah I’d be taking over that show and doing it better than Gretchen and Marcellas by myself… I’ll come there as often as I can… I have a lot of fun on that show…

Cajunboiler: Do you think that the All-Stars edition will be even more intense than BB6? BB6, I think, was the most personal between the houseguests. Could BB7 top the drama?

Howie: I mean you’re looking at a million scenarios. Every season, it’s just like football games, one play here, one play there changes the outcome of a game, of a season, of a super bowl… And Big Brother is the same way… You know like if I don’t put up James and Sarah who knows if the game goes on the way it does… If I keep James and Sarah maybe we dominate the nerd herd and we’re all just happy, and no one wants to see everybody happy, they wanna see tension, they wanna see personally attacks… Big Brother 6 isn’t gonna be really toped, I mean people took that personal in that game. You had hatred between the sides, so I mean Big Brother 6 in my opinion really is the season to measure future Big Brother season, past and present and future… Big Brother 7, I mean I’ll be the most honest person in the world, It could end up being the biggest flop in the world, it could be a great season, it could be the best season ever… It’s gonna have to be week to week the way the punches are rolled… Every week the game starts over with a new HoH, veto’s getting used, and people taking things personally. I mean all you can do is watch. I mean there’s be plenty of times people get all pumped up for the Super Bowl and it’s a letdown or yet they watch the divisional game and it’s the best they’ve ever seen… So all I can say is people watch it and let’s find out… That’s why they play it. You could say this guys the best and he’s gonna win it, this football teams the best they’re gonna win it… That’s why they play the game… There’s always upsets, there’s always controversies, there’s always people proved wrong… And I think Big Brother 7, you know we’re just gonna have to watch it, or live it, or be a part of it. Whatever’s going on and we’re just gonna have to wait and see how it plays out, you know what I mean?

Yana: This is from me: If you go back in the house, and there’s like say Maggie and she’s the only one from your season would you consider an alliance with Maggie?

Howie: You know like I said, it’s hard to say until you get there and I don’t wanna rule anybody out, and I don’t wanna say anybodies welcome into my arms if I am one of the ones selected for the top twenty and one that gets selected back into the house, I’m gonna stick with no comment, just to protect myself just incase I do get voted back…

Yana: Do you know if the cash prize is going to be higher?

Howie: From everything I’ve read it’s still going to be half a mil… You know their not telling us everything… That’s the way it is every season, every week they come out with something new… So who knows… Then they tell people they are playing for 500 grand all season long until finale night and then they are like “Well, we’ve got one more secret for you houseguests, you’re really playing for a million dollars”… Who knows… If I get in the top twenty and I do get voted in, I hope the prize is higher (laughs)…

Katydidit: Howie, as one of the funniest houseguests ever, do you feel that certain forms of humor have worked against you? Are there times you would rather be taken more seriously than your fans generally allow? If you were to return this season, would you consider altering that strategy?

Howie: You always gotta modify your behavior, but you’ve always gotta be the person you are. I’m not the lying, deceitful, mistrusting piece of garbage James is, though I gotta betray that I’d had to act, and maybe my acting would’ve had flaws in it and people would’ve seen that…Kind of like if James wanted to be a trustworthy honest person, I don’t think he would’ve been too good at it… (laughs) Unless you are the greatest actor in the world, I mean it’s gonna be hard to pull it off, everyday, 24 hours a day for three months… I mean I don’t think, I think the best people on the show is just being them… I was Howie and that’s what got me on the show why am I going to chance what I got there? If this football team ran the football all year and they were so dominate at it, why would they stop running the ball when they get to the Super Bowl? That’s not them anymore… I think you gotta do what got cha there… Also modify, adjust, tweak, and correct mistakes along the way, but for the most part you gotta be who ya are…I think my humor was funny most of the time, and obviously when someone’s going up for eviction the greatest joke in the world won’t creak a smile on em, but you got somebody that’s the HoH and you can say the worst joke in the world and it’s gonna be funny to them, cause they are in a good mind frame…

Yana: April says: do you regularly keep in touch with any of the houseguests?

Howie: I keep in touch with Kaysar, Michael, James, Sarah, Rachel; I talk with all of my houseguest except for the nerd herd with the exception of Jennifer and Beau Beau…I talk to both of them… Actually April e-mailed me the other day and I e-mailed her back… I’m friends with the Savage, I’m friends with Holly, I talked with Diane a couple weeks ago for the first time… I talk to Marvin…

Yana: AAHH See now you and Marvin in the same house would be awesome!

Howie: He’s awesome… He’s an all time great… That guy should be an All Star…

He’s unbelievable… He loves chicks just like I do… He’s the man…

Yana: April also says: how did you react when you found out how much America adored you, Janie, and Kaysar?

Howie: You know what… I don’t know if it was my Jedi senses or what, but when they voted Kaysar got voted back in, and Janie was getting phone calls and TV, I just felt they were watching us… I don’t wanna be cocky, but I knew that they loved my ways… My degradation toward women, I guess some of 'em would take it a little bit harsh… It also was in a funny type of manner… I have a way of making it a joke… I just knew people loved my humor… With getting the votes with Janie and Kaysar I knew we were the favorite bunch… I really did know that… I don’t know if it was coming electrically through the walls to me or what, but I knew…

Yana: It was all of us Howie, sending it through the live feeds or something (laughs)

Howie: I know I really felt that… I really did… I can’t put it into words, but I felt that vibe… We use 10% of our brains right now and I’m a Jedi so I use 20%… There’s a way to control the chi and the force and I felt deep down that we were the favorite bunch and they liked us, I really did…I knew everyone wanted to watch me, Janie, and Kaysar… I just knew it…

Moksha:   Does it have to be BB related? If not, my fiancée has the question of:  "Who's your favorite Jedi (besides himself, of course)". (He's a huge Star Wars freak, too).

Star Wars Lightsaber CollectionHowie: I’d have to say Anakin the most, because first of all he had the hottest chick, and um as much as he went evil he did come back to the good side and he did bring balance to the force and he saved Luke…I loved his dedication to the Jedi before he went dark… I loved everything he stood for before he went dark… He got a little stressed like everybody does…

CarolynFL: What are you doing now?

Howie: I’m selling Light Sabers; I’m making appearances and going to events, I’m getting on TV, you know, I’m selling Light Sabers… Talk about HowieGordon.com, I get paid for some events, doing some commercials, I gonna probably get into some modeling work… I’m trying to compile my hosting reels so I can start hosting shows… I could do The Bachelor and The Apprentice too…

Surfgirl:  How many times, since you have left BB6, has fans walked up to you and asked you to say " Boobies??

Howie: OOHH Countless… I signed at least 20, 25 pairs of them at the reality TV convention… Boobies always boobies… I love boobies…

Yana: (laughs)

Howie: I love boobies… I do I really do…

Surfgirl: Honestly, do you respect Janelle more for her mind and her Jedi ways, or her boobies?

Howie :I respect Jedi Janie as the most complete houseguest in Big Brother history… Her and Dr. Will are the two greatest houseguest of all time… The way she played the game she can beat you physically, she can beat you mentally, she’ll verbally attack you… She’ll look good to intimidate you… She’s got it all… Besides Big Brother Howie she’s the most dominate House Guest around… Her and Dr. Will… She’s great TV… Without Janie and Howie on the All-Star show the show will be crippled…

Surfgirl: Who do respect more… Luke or Darth?

Howie: Um the thing about the Star Wars saga is that it’s supposed to go to 7, 8, 9 and I heard that Luke does go dark for a little while and he does come back again… So I wanted to respect Luke more, because he was tempted to the dark side and he didn’t switch, but I heard he does in later episodes, Anakin was kind of seduced… He was young and naive and was mislead by a higher power being the emperor, because he was a man of high significance and was his friend… And then with his wife possibly dying, um the question was who do I respect more?

Yana: UMHM

Howie: Oh who do I respect more Luke or Darth… um… I wanna say I respect Luke more because Anakin had his Obi won which was like his father figure his brother… He also had the Jedi Counsel and he listened to one dark lord over the rest of them, so I kind of respect Luke a little more…

Nawlinsgal: What happened in the house that still hasn't been caught by the camera, tattle tailed on by the houseguests or just came out somehow.....the good last piece of gossip that's still a secret? Give it to us HOWIE....

Howie: I’ve been asked that question many times and with the cameras in the house and the live feeds there isn’t really anything you all didn’t see… You guys saw when Janie made me a turkey dog and I had an allergic reaction and shat my pants right?

Yana: I don’t remember that…

Howie: I went to the shower stall and scrubbed my underwear in the shower… I’m trying to think what happened that you guys didn’t see? Um… I don’t know what wasn’t seen, what wasn’t on camera, what wasn’t on TV, what wasn’t on live feeds… UM… I was streaking across the backyard you guys saw that right… When I was naked and had a bandanna covering my peepee…

Yana: You know one of the questions for Beau was how he felt about the fact that when he showed his chocolate peepee that the bandwidth was so high he crashed our site…

Howie: Did he really? Good job Beau Beau… That’s awesome… Did you all see when I told April I want your DOR?

Yana: Yes we saw that… It was so funny…

Howie: You know they called me into the DR and asked what that meant and I told them Drop on request… They said you know that we talked about that we didn’t want that, that we wanted people to get voted out and go see Julie then go to sequester… I said yeah I know so I will stand 10 feet away from her when I say it and they said no you don’t have to do that… (laughs)

Jinx: Hi Howie, The Howie, Kaysar and Janelle friendship turned out to be one of the most popular friendships in BB history. Are you surprised on how close the relationship became between you guys?? Especially since you went in to the house with a partner. Look forward to seeing you in the All-Stars !!

Howie: I’m not surprised, because you know right away Janie lost Ashlea, you know right away Kaysar lost Michael, and Rachel goes to bed at 10:00 and wakes up at 6 in the morning… Howie, Janie, and Kaysar are up till 4 in the morning sleeping till noon… So it was like OK we’re around each other 24/7, so we were gonna be the best friends in the house… That’s kinda the way it did…We do have similar things in common, some things we don’t have in common… We were with each other talking strategy or about whatever, so we were around when other people weren’t so it’s no surprise that we hit it off…

ElleNaturelle:  Have you gotten much flack for your actions in the BB house (ie, Beau or "Jack")?

Howie: Not at all… I’m asked a couple of questions about it and I make a quick joke about it and it’s over…

ElleNaturelle:  Despite how fun you seem, you obviously have a more serious side with regards to your studying to be a meteorologist (btw, how's that going?)... What drives you? Who’s the Howie that we didn't see in the house or on Blind date?

Howie: I love the weather… I’ve taken a hiatus for the Big Brother nostalgia… But I love the weather… I started reading my books again about a month ago… and um the next couple of years you’ll see Howie on the weather on TV… I was on both Blind Date and Elimidate… I am just me… I don’t go in and act… That’s just me… A lot of people come up to me and say “Howie I loved y our character” and I’m like character, there was no character, that was just me… That’s why I’m so well liked, cause I’m just me…

ElleNaturelle:  Whose your favorite BB contestant, taking all seasons into consideration? Did you draw from them with regards to your strategy? Howie, did you even have a strategy???

Howie: Myself or excluding myself?

Yana: She didn’t say…

Howie: I’d have to say me… I love watching myself more than anybody else, then after me it’s got to be Janie and Dr. Will…

Yana: Ahh Dr. Will… You know Kaysar is doing a chat with him this weekend….

Howie: Yeah he’s doing one with me too on Wednesday on my site… Then I’m going on his site a week from Sunday…

Yana: She also wants to know: Do you see yourself ever getting married and having a family one day? If so, what qualities would you look for in a mate?

Howie: I look for a girl that’s 18 to 23 that’s still young, still fresh, still in touch… Um you can’t make things happen… Do I see myself getting married? Who knows… As of right now I’d say no, but I could go store right now after I get off the phone with you and meet someone and never leave her side again… You never know… I want to be happy in life just like any other person…

ElleNaturelle:  What kind of opportunities has being on BB opened up for you? Do you think it might help or hinder your stint as a weatherman (if that's still something you'd like to pursue?

Howie: Well, I’ve been in magazine articles, newspaper articles, I’ve been on cable shows, I’ve been on television shows, I’ve hosted events, I’ve had fans fly me out to their parties and pay me… I’ve been in Canada doing stand up comedy, I mean a lot of things, but you know they don’t call you, you gotta make it happen and they recognize you and you kinda get you a little foot in the door… You still gotta work hard and you still gotta apply yourself…I’m the same person I was a year ago, but now 20+ million people know me… So it’s all positive… I’ve made people happy and laugh you know which is all part of Americas past time… You wanna escape the reality’s of life cause they aren’t always that soothing… I don’t think Morys TV would wanna interview with regular Howie Gordon, until he became Big Brother 6 Howie…

Yana: Thanks again Howie you’re wonderful!!! I love ya...

Howie: Thank you Yana… I love you and I hope America get to vote me back in...


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