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Sunday,†October 17, 2007:††The Dick Interview

Dick Donato Interview
(October 17, 2007)
By Yana and Fans

Joyami: Love you Dick and congratulations!! Would you ever do a reality show again?

Dick - Who knows, right now I am trying to stay away from it and get a regular TV show. But who the fuck knows... I could have never in a million years predicted the path of my life.

What are you plans in the near future?

Dick - Trying to get my own show is top on the list. Traveling whenever I have time off is also up there.

CajunBoiler: What's your relationship with the rest of the houseguests now?

Dick - I talk to Nick and have talked to Joe.

Fizzle: People either hate or love Evel Dick; there is no middle ground. I rooted for you before the first episode even aired. Congrats on winning it!

During the BB season you have mentioned being in jail for DUI's, upon hearing this, some haters actually ran with this info and spun it into a bigger arrest record to include domestic abuse and other offenses that nobody could ever back up with actual proof. Even though itís nobody's business, can you put the rumors to rest?

Dick - I have been arrested for DUI, nothing else. All the other bullshit, was just that.... bullshit. I think people online even proved that what was posted about domestic abuse was fake. And I told them, the producers, from the beginning that people would either love me or hate me, or love to hate me, no middle ground. Everyone would have an opinion, just like in real life.

In that final competition against Zach (part 3) did you cheat? (I had to ask; there are still a group of tards crying "foul!!!")

Dick - This is the stupidest of all accusations.... I hear Zach is even talking about it, imagine that... If I could see him, he could see me. That is how mirrors work, you dumb fucks. The booths were set up in a way that you could not see each other, the same place they were set up in season 6 and season 7.

When are you going to travel around the world and will you be stopping in New Jersey?

Dick - NYC, not Jersey... except for a Jets game.

SpaceCadet: I am curious about your reaction to the AP twist. I have heard you may have been upset about it. If so, why? Enquiring minds want to know!

Dick - Upset, no.... it is what it is. And it seems like America voted for me, never against me. So, why bitch? Seems everyone else is bitching, complaining and accusing.... now that they lost. Fuck'em. I dealt with the same shit they did. Not my fault that America liked an asshole more than ______ (fill in blank here).

GingerSnaps: If you had entered the house without a family tie, who would you have aligned with and why?

Dick - Hard to say.... More than likely some of the same alliances I was in for the time I was. Remember Daniele stated over and over she was playing her own game. Especially in the beginning....

Snancypants: Dick, while it was obvious that you disliked Jen immensely, did you ever feel you stepped out of line in the way showed your feelings?

Dick - I showed my feelings all the time. Even though it was strategy, it was real emotion. Do I think I crossed the line...? Fuck no, she is a moron and deserves to die low.

Had Jen's father been on the show instead of you, and made Daniele his target, how do you think you would have reacted to the situation?

Dick - Watched the show and cussed at the screen. Why? Does Jen's Dad wanna kick my ass? My guess is he doesn't give two shits about her.

Since the show ended, every interview has naturally asked questions about your feelings toward Jen. Do you think there will ever be a time that you will not continue to feel such hatred of her?

Dick - I felt the same about her from the first words out of her mouth, until she left the house like the whiny little fucking bitch she is.... twat waffle, crusty cunt and yes, I would rather stick my dick in a meat grinder than fuck that ugly bitch.

Oh! I just thought of something else... could you ask him to elaborate on the coded letter business? You know, the plan he and Vincent cooked up for Vincent to get him information during an HOH via a coded letter? Is that the reason why every HOH Dick exclaimed, "I want this HOH! I want a letter from my son!!!"

Dick - No, actually if you saw the feeds.... you know that I went into the diary room and asked for a letter from Janelle, if I won HOH. So, you then know how I felt. The letter was 3 weeks old and CBS rewrote it anyhow. And all those people were gone. It had no affect on the game.

Toddyrofo: I would like to say you played the game beautifully and you deserved to win. My question is are you and Daniele splitting the money?

Dick - It is illegal....

whatjelly: have you made any BIG purchases yet? And are you liking the idea of all the new fans??

Dick - No big purchases yet. The fan thing is crazy and totally unexpected, but so very cool.

Also, you is my hero, and I will follow you forever (not literally speaking) and I can't wait to see you on TV again soon!!! Thanks!!

Dick - And it sounds like an English class or two might be helpful to you....

If you did All-stars 2 which houseguest from past seasons would you like to align with?

Dick - My guess would be that if there was an all stars 2 and I did it, that the houseguests would be from season 8 on, not back...

If you won HOH week 9 instead of Zach would you have kept your alliance with Jess and Eric and nominated Zach and Jameka or would still turn on Eric and Jessica?

Dick - At that point, I would have put up Zach and Jameka.... but saying that now and not looking at every scenario is easy. But I worked out every possible scenario before making all my moves in the game. You know this if you watched the feeds.

King123: Dick, Do you think you deserved to win over Daniele, even though she kicked way more butt in competitions then you did?

Dick - Will never won a competition, he won season 2 and almost season 7. Who's to say? I won a total of 5 competitions (2 in the 3 part HOH at the end) Daniele won 7 of them. It wasn't as lopsided as you might think. We both won when we needed to win.

coffeeaddiction12345: If Eric was not Americaís player and had voted to evict you instead of Dustin as the first juror, who do you think would have won the game?

Dick - A douche bag.

Who do you think, from watching the tapes, had more strategy than you were aware of?

Dick - Kail and Mike, they were an awesome duo.... lmfao!!!

What surprised you the most from watching the tapes? (Other than what I would assume was the shock of America's player)

Dick - I was surprised that Jessica was so unsure about trusting us, but I guess she was right, haha!!

dawnie: Dick~ love you! Do you feel that this is not only a new beginning to some new adventures, but you prefer it this way compared to before BB8?

Dick - Not sure what you mean here. BB8 was one of the greatest adventures of my life. I have never had a boring life. I have had some great highs and killer lows in my life. But without the bad, you can't appreciate the good.

What one person could you honestly say that given the chance outside of BB, that you could be friends with (other than Nick or Dani)?

Dick - No idea to be honest....

bjfontaine: Do you want to be on my political reality TV show and run for President?

Dick - Fuck being president. You have to be totally full of shit. How about seeing me at a summit meeting telling the French president to choke on a cock?

tommyandsherigrigsby: I just wanted to ask Dick if he would please do a reality show with Daniele and Nick and his life, he is so cool he is the only reason I watched BB8, he rules

Dick - Thanks for thinking I am cool. But cool is a weird term. What is cool yesterday is lame tomorrow, but will be cool again in 20 years. Reality show, trying to stay away and get a regular TV show to be honest.

Missindy00: Given that you've already won, would you if asked, do an All-Stars 2 edition of BB? And whom from your season, besides Danielle, would you want to play also?

Dick - Who do you think deserves to be on? Eric? Maybe because of the Americas Player thing, but was he that good? I don't know... I don't see anyone else as deserving... Maybe if you paired up Zach's teeth, with Jen's eye flutter and Dustin's weird mouth thing... and build a player of weird quirks, then we have a player (to laugh our balls off at).

CalliePlays: Would you ever do any movies or anything relating to maybe some more reality shows or anything? I know we all would love to see more of you anywhere...

Dick - Movies? You have an offer for me? TV seems like a probable thing, we will see...

lswart: Have you been able to see the Raiders, err, I mean Jets play since you've been out?!

Dick - Can you see the tears running down my face?

Have you watched all the show and what did you think? Did your opinion of anyone change?

Dick - Watched it and nope.

paradiseleach: Congrats Dick you rock! But you must know that! OK Dick it has been a short period of time since the show ended. I know things must be coming at you from all places. Are you still planning on working at the Cat?

Dick - I don't work there, never have... but everyone seems to have gotten that impression. I just hang there.

Where can we (I) hope to see you say oh a year from now?

Dick - Hopefully on my own TV show. Mark the date and see if this shit pans out. If so, cool... if not, oh well. I did what I wanted to do, that is it.

Dick are you and Janie hooking up?

Dick - I haven't seen her since the wrap show. She lives in Miami. We have talked on occasion, but that is it.

Dick my son named (Nick) is going to apply for BB9. He has not really been a true follower like his mom however he is adventurous. Care to coach him to get picked? I know I know first rule what you did do not do it! I agree but it you so rule!

Dick - Be yourself, don't hold back.... It took me 3 years to get on. Tell him good luck. And donít even mention trying to copy someone else's strategy (they already told me they are expecting a ton of people to say they will do what I did last season, like they have always had people say they will do what Will has done. Yet, none could. So, just be ready to change on the drop of a dime and do whatever you have to do to stay in the house another week. But first getting through the process is a feat in itself, trust me... I know.

taduhhhhhhh: Will you PLEASE do America a favor and take at least 1/3 of the 500K before you spend half of the full 500K on "gifts" for Dani and save it for taxes and not pull a Richard Hatch?

Dick - No worries about my taxes, they will be paid. And I am spending the money, not Daniele.

Don't you think changing the target from Kail and Jen to MIKE had become PERSONAL because he was taunting you and in your face during the competition, and as ridiculous as it was for him to do that, your plan changed to target him because he'd pissed you off, hence it was more personal than strategic?

Dick - If you watched the season, I wanted to put Mike up on the block that week. I wanted to break up the Mrs. Robinson alliance, but I let Eric talk me out of it. During the POV, I thought and thought and thought about it and watching Mike told me that even though Kail swore she had nobody, I knew she was full of shit (what was new, she was the biggest liar in the house) and I decided that one of them needed to go, so fuck it... let Jen win and put diaper boy on the block. I had a very hard time deciding who the brains was between them. No wonder, there was none.

We heard you say many times in Afterdark who your favorite production person was and it was different from Daniele's. Who was your favorite and who was Dani's?

Dick - I liked Tara and Rebecca... Dani liked Rock on, James. So, although you have no fucking idea who that is, there they are.

riddlebox632: Have you thought about an Internet Dick at Night radio show?

Dick - Radio is a possibility. TV is first on my list though.

brenandal: Hi there, I have more of a statement than a question for evel if that is allowed. My name is Brenda and in March we lost everything to a house fire, including our family pet. I would just like to say to Evel that my family absolutely loved the way he played BB8. And we were wondering if on his tour (that he said he was going to take with the money he won) he would think about visiting Maine and giving us a little up lift in life after loosing everything we owned. My whole family would love to meet evel just to say hi and we loved how you played and how much you are into your family life, I think after a devastating fire like that we need to all be reminded of how important family truly is.

Dick - I am sorry... I can't donate and make appearances to everyone asking.... I am working on doing something to bring more attention to the bullshit going on in Darfur. I know this doesn't help you and am sorry, but like I said.... I have gotten so many letters asking for help, from people with so many very needy causes... But, I can't help them all. Darfur has been close to my heart for a long time and that is where I would like to spend more time and effort.

ebethea: Myself being a parent of a 20-year-old daughter, I have to say that I am so very happy for you and Daniele. I was estranged from my daughter also, due to other people's influence and we found our way back to each other completely by chance. I watched from the very beginning, you and Daniele begin to rebuild your relationship. I found myself laughing with you and crying with you. You and Daniele make an awesome team!! I wish you all the happiness in the world and an even closer relationship with your children! I hope to see you on television again very soon. The world needs more straight forward, "in your face" people like you. You helped to make my summer a more enjoyable one! :0)

Dick - Thanks, and there are a lot of people that would like to see this happen.... I am one of them, lol


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