YouTube Originals Debuts New Learning Series “Sleeping with Friends” [VIDEO]

Today, YouTube Originals unveiled “Sleeping with Friends,” an all-new reality competition series about sleep hosted by BrainCraft’s Vanessa Hill, which is now available to stream for free only on YouTube.

The series arrives for Mental Health Awareness Month, which coincides with one of the most challenging periods our world has ever faced with the current pandemic. There is no health without mental health, and it’s important to take notice and care of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. One major factor that contributes to mental health? SLEEP.

In this three-part special, EduTubers will go head to head to see who can improve their own sleep using the latest techniques and products. Featuring Mitch and Greg from ASAPScience, Donna Yatz of PsychIRL, Melissa Maribel, judges and mental health professional Kati Morton, Dr. Ali Mattu, Trace Dominguez, and hosted by Vanessa Hill. The series is produced by 96 Next.

Sleep is the ultimate performance enhancer and best preventative medicine. Yet, a 2018 CDC study revealed that every night, 35% of Americans don’t get enough. We’re in a cultural shift where more people are trying to reclaim sleep – and using YouTube for on-demand sleep aids and information. BrainCraft presents the world’s first sleep competition series with “Sleeping with Friends!

Speaking of sleep, YouTube recently rolled out its Bedtime Reminders feature where you can set reminders at specific times to stop watching videos and (you guessed it!) go to bed. You can set this up through Settings, and you’ll even have the option to dismiss or snooze the reminder. This feature is available on Android and iPhone devices and will roll out to all users in the next few days.

This month, YouTube will also be highlighting Well Being and Mindfulness content on the platform’s Spotlight channel. Playlists on the channel will feature content from creators like Kati Morton who can speak to why getting support can help, and Jay Shetty on meditation.

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