Bring Nothing, Give Everything: An All New Season of “Naked and Afraid” Premieres February 23 on Discovery Channel [VIDEO]

Spanning five continents and the most punishing environments to date, including shark-filled waters off of the Bermuda Triangle, snake-infested jungles in the Philippines and the frozen peaks of the American North, this season of NAKED AND AFRAID takes survivalists to places their skills and willpower will be challenged more than ever. In every location, food, water, shelter and yes, clothing, are nowhere in sight. It’s the ultimate test of human endurance where survivalists bring nothing and give everything to make it through to the end. And this season, every adventure has something the audience – and the survivalists – have never seen before.

The new season of NAKED AND AFRAID premieres Sunday, February 23 at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel. Viewers can also catch up on all episodes of NAKED AND AFRAID and NAKED AND AFRAID XL on Discovery Go and

This season is one of unprecedented challenges as the first ever sibling pairs enter the challenge and put their family ties to the ultimate test. Baring it all for the first time ever on NAKED AND AFRAID, two twin sisters and two brothers take on a unique four-person, 21-day challenge. The siblings must survive the elements – and each other – as tensions run high and bonds are tested like never before.

Other NAKED AND AFRAID firsts this season include a married couple who will put their relationship out in the open in the Philippine jungle, a threesome challenge with two men and one woman in the Colombian rainforest, and two survivalists attempting to survive among a string of barren, inhospitable islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle.

In addition to being tested in extreme environments, including having to cover over 21-miles of African Savannah in apex predator territory in 21 days, endure subfreezing temperatures in the mountains of Montana and survive a haunted jungle in Mexico that shakes even All-Star survivalists to their core, the survivalists must also overcome extreme mental challenges. After winning her battle with breast cancer twice, one survivalist must survive 21-days in the Andros Islands surrounded by relentless tropical storms and impossible terrain as she hopes to honor her late friend’s wish for her to complete the NAKED AND AFRAID challenge.

Can these NAKED AND AFRAID survivalists endure harsh elements, vicious predators and each other? It’s the ultimate battle between mankind and Mother Nature in its most primitive form.

NAKED AND AFRAID is produced for Discovery Channel by Renegade 83, an eOne company; David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, and Mathilde Bittner are executive producers. Shauna Stoddart and Martin Cutler are Co-Executive Producers. For Discovery, Michael Gara is executive producer and Greg Wolf is coordinating producer.

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