Be Part of the “Celebrity Big Brother” Live Feed Update Team

Celebrity Big Brother begins on January 21 and we need your help!  The live feed daily updates, that Morty’s TV is so well known for, are written by volunteers, fans like yourself.

Behind the scenes, there is a very small crew helping to write the live feed updates, the Facebook posts, the message board posts and tweets.

If you can spare even an hour a day it could help us keep our daily coverage complete. There are a couple of different types of helpers, some that just post updates on the forums and some that use an online app to post on Facebook and Twitter. If it sounds complicated, it really isn’t, but if you ever need help you can ask another updater for help, many of our updaters have been around for several seasons, some, like “Fuskie,” our Social Media Director have been helping for over a decade.

Fuskie is waiting to hear from you and show you how it all works. Just go to: to get started.





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