Big Brother 20 Houseguests Revealed!

This is it, here is the fresh batch of Big Brother houseguests!

16 New Houseguests! Meet them now while they still have that new houseguest smell.

Find out more about the new crew and express your opinion of the new batch in the TVFanForums then visit the Morty’s TV Daily Update Page for spoilers and news from the live feeds.

Angela Rummans Age: 26 Fitness model
Angie “Rockstar” Lantry Age: 34 Stay-at-home mom
Bayleigh Dayton Age: 25 Flight attendant
Brett Robinson Age: 25 Cybersecurity engineer
Chris “Swaggy C” Williams Age: 23 Day Trader
Faysal Shafaat Age: 26 Substitute teacher
Haleigh Broucher Age: 21 Student
JC Monduix Age: 28 Dancer
Kaitlyn Herman Age: 24 Life Coach
Kaycee Clark Age: 30 Pro-football player
Rachel Swindler Age: 29 Vegas entertainer
Sam Bledsoe Age: 27 Welder
Scottie Salton Age: 26 Shipping Manager
Steve Arienta Age: 40 Former undercover cop
Tyler Crispen Age: 23 Lifeguard
Winston Hines Age: 28 Medical sales rep

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