Mistletoe and Myths for the “MythBusters Mega Merry-Thon” Beginning Friday, December 22 at Midnight

Science Channel is about to ‘bust’ open your holiday season with a mega marathon so big it takes (almost) ten days to complete. The network that dares to question everything will air MYTHBUSTERS episodes in order from all nine seasons for more than nine consecutive days this holiday beginning Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24 through Friday, January 2. This once-in-a lifetime television event celebrates all things from everyone’s favorite engineering show. Viewers will have the opportunity to spend the holiday season with Science Channel as we test, build, ‘make’ and explode beginning on Christmas Eve through Friday, January, 2nd. The MYTHBUSTERS HOLIDAY MEGA MARATHON begins Wednesday, December 24 at 6 AM ET/PT thru Friday, January 2 at 6 PM ET/PT.

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