Will BB19’s Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Win Season 30 Of ‘The Amazing Race?’

Big Brother 19‘s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are officially confirmed by CBS as participating on Season 30 of The Amazing Race.

Season 30 of The Amazing Race recently wrapped filming and is expected to air in March of 2018.

Though Jessica and Cody’s participation in the season is the only one that was confirmed by CBS, there have been other teams who have been reported as participating as well. IndyCar racers Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly are also rumored to be on the new season.

One odd contradiction to the rumors can be heard in the trailer for The Amazing Race, where the announcer says that the teams of two, do not know each other.


Reality Fan Forum may have revealed that the Jessica and Cody may be the ones to win the race. The forum follows the race as it is filmed, either with their own members who happen to be in the same locations or by combing through social media to get more information. They once again followed along as Season 30 filmed, and according to their Timeline summary for the new season, Jessica and Cody were a part of the top three teams who made it to the final leg.


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