The Walking Dead Season 8 will Premiere on October 22, 2017 as the Show’s 100th Episode [Video]

The Walking Dead, Season 8. Photo Credit: Courtesy AMC

Get Ready! The Zombies are Returning!

Season 8 The Walking Dead will premiere on October 22, 2017, as the show’s 100th episode.

OK, so season seven wasn’t all that some fans hoped for, but that just makes the creative team try harder.

This season will see Rick and his survivors bring “All Out War” to Negan and his forces. Up until now, survival has been the focus of Rick and our group, but it’s not enough. They have to fight to take back their freedom so that they can live so that they can rebuild.

As with any battle, there will be losses, casualties. But with Rick leading the Alexandrian forces, Maggie leading the Hilltop, and King Ezekiel leading the Kingdom, Negan and the Saviors’ grip on this world may finally be coming to an end.

Rick & Maggie Photo:

We’ve seen two stills, one showing original characters Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) fresh from their tearful reunion last season, and the other featuring the newly-motivated Rick (Andrew Lincoln) chatting war tactics with Maggie (Lauren Cohan). And a trailer shown at Comic-Con ended with an older version of Rick, hospitalized and bearing a cane, at an uncertain time in the future all but confirming season eight will feature a time jump.

Season eight will be comprised of sixteen episodes, the first eight airing from October 22 to December 2017 followed by a three-month hiatus, then the concluding eight episodes will air from February 2018.

Production ceased in August following the tragic death of stuntman Joseph Bernecker after he fell over 20 foot from a balcony, hitting his head on concrete.

A few cast members have been hyping the season premiere; Chandler Riggs (Carl) – who tweeted his excitement about the episode’s script.

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