ABC Unveils ‘Imaginary Mary,’ Starring Jenna Elfman Wednesday at 8

Imaginary Mary premieres at 8:30PM on a special sneak-preview-Wednesday before moving to its normal Tuesday slot the following week.

Imaginary Mary, stars Jenna Elfman as Alice, a woman whose childhood imaginary best friend, which is to say, “Imaginary Mary,”(voiced by Rachel Dratch, Saturday Night Live) suddenly begins appear to her again.

Alice was a lonely girl with a neglectful upbringing, who, with the help of her imaginary friend Mary manages to become a reasonably functional adult.

But when she starts dating a divorced dad (Stephen Schneider), her anxieties go into overdrive– not because of him, but because of his three school-age kids. Alice’s fears around parenting appear to stem from her take on her own parents, but it’s otherwise not totally clear why meeting Ben’s kids would send her into a panic spiral. Especially as Mary’s contributions to Alice’s problems are… questionable, at best.

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