Dear White People will premiere April 28, 2017 on Netflix [Video]

The Netflix series Dear White People is based on Justin Simien’s 2014 film, and will star Logan Browning as Samantha White, the biracial student at Winchester whose Dear White People radio show and Ebony and Ivy book put her in high demand for a spokesperson position at a number of black student groups. The trouble is, Sam is still figuring out how to speak for herself. Brandon P. Bell will reprise his role as Troy Fairbanks, a political science student campaigning to become the first black student president of his mostly white school, Winchester University.

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Newsday reports that not only has the preview racked more than 3 million views on YouTube in its first few days, “but it has amassed nearly 10 times as many thumbs-down votes as thumbs-up: more than 328,000 disses compared to 37,000 likes as of Saturday morning.”

Dear White People says Blackface is not cool.

Some Netflix users are apparently so outraged they are canceling subscriptions and calling for a boycott of the site, saying Dear White People is race-baiting and calls for “white genocide.”

At a predominantly white Ivy League college, a diverse group of students navigate various forms of racial and other types of discrimination.

Lionsgate, the studio behind Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, is producing the series, which will debut on Netflix in 2017 with 10 half-hour episodes. Simien wrote all 10 and direct the first episode (he also directed the film). Yvette Lee Bowser (Black-ish, A Different World, Living Single), Stephanie Allain (Hustle & Flow, Dear White People) and Julia Lebedev (The Dinner, Dear White People) also serve as executive producers.

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