Jared Wins HoH and Gets a Letter From Home

bb4ca_jareds_hoh_letterBig Brother Canada is on, and this week Jared Kesler won HoH this week, earning himself a letter from home that brought him to tears, along with most of the house.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Jared,
If you are reading this then you must be the first HOH. Congratulations!! I am so proud of you!
I can’t believe you are in the Big Brother House. I feel like I’m dreaming. I’d imagine that’s how you must be feeling. I must confess that I cried for a couple of days after you left. What can I say…tears of sorrow and tears of joy. This certainly has been an emotional roller-coaster ride. I was honoured to be the one to present the house key to you. The look on your face was priceless.
Your family and friends are all gathered together, watching and CHEERING you on. We have complete faith in you. Randall and Kaitlin are really enjoying this. They along with Dad and I are sending good thoughts your way.

All is well at home except for the fact that you aren’t here. We miss you so very much; even Teak is looking rather lost. We all plan our schedules around the show. No surprise there! I must say you sure have put a bunch of people in shock. What a great surprise for everyone to learn that you got a key to the Big Brother house. The phone doesn’t stop ringing.
I am so proud of the man that you have become. I truly am blessed to call you my son! Your kindness and compassion along with your sense of humour are qualities that I admire. You have such a passion for life and people that call you a friend are lucky to have someone so loyal and honest in their lives.

I know you will play the game with passion but just remember Baba and I are watching!!!
We love you and miss you a lot. Have fun and enjoy this amazing experience.
Love Mom

In The Basket:

nestle-crunch-smallChocolate: Crunch bar
doritos-spicy-nachoChips: Spicy Doritos
Alcohol: Rye
Special: Horse on a Stick

shomi-appShomi What He’s Watching

Chicago Fire: Action filled and I’m a certified fire-fighter
Spartacus: Great show. Like the fight scenes and story line.
Friday Night Lights: Classic football movie
Modern Family: I laugh at every episode. I will be Phil one day.
Sons of Anarchy: Yet to finish it, but great idea for a show. Heard great things about it.
Vikings: Filmed so well, slow at times but very enjoyable.

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