‘Dancing With The Stars’ recap: And the mirror ball trophy goes to …

dwts_final_bindi_irwinTonight’s Dancing With The Stars opens with video footage of the stars talking about their dancing this season.

The announcer says, “Live from Hollywood, this is the Finals of Dancing With The Stars.” Meghan Trainor sings Better When I’m Dancin, while professional dancers dance in the ballroom. The audience is on their feet clapping along.

Tom says, that may be his favorite opener of the season. He says, Mandy Moore choreographed that number. Tom says, Meghan will be back later. He & Erin welcome us to tonight’s show. Tom tells her she looks better than the trophy. Erin says, she never won the trophy so she will be his. They introduce the last 4 couples to the ballroom.

Tom says, they have made it to this, the two night event, of the Finale. He says, they made it this far with their hard work & scores. Erin says, the judges are hoping to get the best out of each star. The audience is going crazy.

Julianne says, all of the couple are amazing & they are looking for them to make the creative decisions. She says, the freestyles can make or break who goes further in the competition.

We see highlights & practice sessions for this week for Carlos & Witney. Bruno is their judge who will pick the dance he wants to see that they need to improve. They are dancing the Foxtrot to The Hills by The Weeknd. The audience erupts for them when they are finished.

Tom tells them it was very nice. Julianne says, she can see the energy in the room tonight, & you can tell it’s the Finals. She says, she feels she is back at the AMA’s from last night. She says, that was the sexiest Foxtrot she’s ever seen. Bruno says, it was hot & sexy. He tells Carlos that the footwork was fabulous. Carrie Ann tells Carlos that the last time he did this was week 2, & he’s proven he’s a contender & deserves to be here. She says, he has commanded the stage tonight. They go to the Sky Box.

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