Steve Moses Wins Big Brother 17

Steve Moses Winner of $500,000 on Big Brother 17 [Photo CBS]

Steve Moses Winner of $500,000 on Big Brother 17 [Photo CBS]

On Wednesday night, after 98 days of scheming, lying, and competing, the final three came down Liz Nolan, Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso, and Steve was crowned the winner of Big Brother 17 received the $500,000 grand prize.

In order for Steve to win, he had to compete in a three part Head of Household (HoH) challenge. In the first part of the competition Vanessa won by making a bargain to bring Liz into the final two no matter the outcome of the next two rounds.

As the winner of the first round, Vanessa guaranteed herself a place in the third part of the HoH competition, against the winner of the second part.

Liz and Steve competed in a challenge called “Colossal Crossword.” Steve and Liz each had one turn at solving a giant crossword puzzle using clues from this season’s Big Brother. The player to answer correctly in the fastest time becomes the winner of part two and moved onto part three.

Steve finished in 28 minutes, and 27 seconds and Liz finished in 31 minutes, and 11 seconds. The final round of the competition was called “Scales of Just Us” and to win they will have to prove how well they know the members of the jury. Host Julie Chen read the beginnings of statements made by each of the members of the jury. For each, Julie will give two possible endings and Vanessa and Steve had to decide how they think the juror completed the statement. They answered by displaying either an A or a B. Each correct answer is one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of eight questions will tip a giant scale in their favor.

After eight questions, Steve won by one point, and became the final HoH of the season, and gained the right to pick who he wants to take to the jury.

Although Steve and Vanessa worked closely throughout the season, Steve felt that the jury would vote the grand prize to Vanessa, therefore Steve picked Liz. After pleading their respective cases to the jurors, six out of nine voted to give Steve the title of winner, and the $500,000 grand prize. Liz took second place, and a prize of $50,000. The fans voted James Huling the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest and took home $25,000.

CBS is ready for Big Brother Season 18 as the show has already gotten the renewal. According to CBS, casting has kicked off online plus open-casting calls will return in the spring.

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