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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
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Sunday, September 19 No "Big Brother" due to the Emmy Awards

Wednesday, September 22, "Big Brother" will begin at 10PM ET due to the two-hour season premiere of "Survivor" which begins at 8PM ET

Thursday, September 23: 8PM ET

Sunday, September 26: 8PM ET

Wednesday, September 29 at 9PM ET Two-Hour Finale!



By a vote of 3 - 0 Tiffany was evicted.
Azah won HoH.
Azah Nominated Hannah & Xavier.
Kyland won PoV.
Kyland used the PoV to save Xavier.
Azah Nominated Derek F in his place.
By a vote of 2 - 0 Hannah was evicted.
Xavier won HoH.
Azah and Kyland are nominated for eviction.
Xavier won PoV.

"Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" Season Three To Air Winter 2022

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Update Entry
Saturday, September 18, 2021 Expect the Unexpected
7:30AM BBT: The remaining Cookout members are still sleeping.

7:50AM BBT: WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey Houseguests

(But only on cameras 3/4. The Have-Not room is still on cameras 1/2 with Kyland sleeping soundly.)

7:51AM BBT: Xavier is out of bed in the HoH Room. The house is still dark. Xavier heads downstairs then into the Storage Room for fresh batteries.

7:53AM BBT: WBRB Bubbles, again (still just cameras 3/4 with 1/2 on a sleeping Kylander)

7:58AM BBT: Xavier crawled back into bed. The houselights are still off.

9:32AM BBT: WBRB for Wakey Wakey (for real, this time)

9:47AM BBT: The feeds return to the house lights up and Kyland moving around the kitchen and Xavier getting out of the HoH shower.

9:58AM BBT: Kyland crawled back under the covers in the Have-Not room. The lights are on.

10:27AM BBT: Xavier is making himself some breakfast. No sign of Big D or Azah.

10:56AM BBT: Kyland looks like a vampire in the Have-Not room lying on his bed in shades like he is planking.

11:15AM BBT: Xavier heads to the yacht club bedroom to check on Big D and Azah. They begin to stir.

Big D: I slept horrible.

11:17AM BBT: All cameras move to Kyland still in bed in the Have-Not room

11:19AM BBT: Big D tells Azah and Xavier that he had a dream Tiffany and Hannah were bullying Azah by ripping her wig apart.

WBRB Bubbles.

11:22AM BBT: Xavier heads up to the Have-Not room to check on Kyland. They discuss Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Indiana Jones.

11:29AM BBT: Xavier says he plays movie trivia with his boys at Applebees. Kyland says LA doesn't have restaurant chains.

11:33AM BBT: Azah and Big D are studying the days and competitions in the yacht club bedroom.

12:15PM BBT: Big D is talking to the cameras about the game Big Brother. He is grateful to be there, but the last thing he is going to do is "beg people's asses. I've never been that kind of bitch. I will never be that kind of bitch."

He says there are all kinds of gay people, "We are not all rainbows and unicorns. Some of us are rough and tough like me... playing football and things like... playing sports."

12:24PM BBT: Kyland walks into the livingroom and Big D begins telling him about his dreams. He says he woke up with a headache because of the dreams. One dream was a bunch of his family members shooting a gun into the mirror and they all died. The other was Hannah and Tiffany bullying Azah, trying on her clothes, and ripping up her wig. "I think the pressure of the game is getting to me."

Kyland says his dreams were good. They played out like movies, "with strange combinations. One was definitely about the Crime Lab competition. Very intense but pretty good dreams."

12:28PM BBT: Big D tells Kyland he is off today.

Kyland: It's not the day to be off.

Big D: I know.

12:30PM BBT: Xavier is pacing the HoH room floor, again.

WBRB Bubbles.

Now Xavier is listening to his music and dancing around the room.

12:34PM BBT: Big D is attacking the Cheez-Its again.

Xavier goes downstairs and tells Big D that he got called to the DR

Azah: oh no... I haven't hydrated. I haven't eaten. (she still doesn't bother to get up off the couch.)

Kyland is in the gym working out.

Kyland does multiple sets of ups and downs. (burpees)

Azah: I'm so happy the Have-Nots are done.

Big D has her repeat it three times because he can't hear her over his crunching.

Big D: Oh girl, you are so lucky.

Azah: I am. I literally said before coming here that I hope I'm a have not only once this summer. It freaking happened.

Big D: Two times and it was hell.

12:38PM BBT: The feeds go directly to Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

3:11PM BBT: The feeds have returned. Kyland is crying in the Have-Not room.

Kyland: This is the moment everyone warned me about... I showed him he is not expendable to me I just hope he can do the same thing for me.

Xavier won the Power of Veto.

3:12PM BBT: Big D tells Azah in the Yacht Club bedroom that she did great.

Azah: Thank you! You did great.

Big D: You beat out Kyland.

Azah: You beat out Kyland! You did great!

Big D: Thank you. I fucked up at the end.

Azah: Yeah, I fucked up at the end. My nerves got to me.

The competition was about the days.

3:17PM BBT: Kyland is rocking back and forth in the Have-Not room and mumbling under his breath, "I showed you three times... three times."

3:22PM BBT: Kyland is still rocking back and forth on his heels in the Have-Not room. He seems to be rehearsing his pitch to Xavier, but it is barely audible and not always discernable.

3:24PM BBT: Kyland: I let him win, and dropped first. What a dummy.

In the kitchen, Big D is wiping his head at the kitchen table with a paper towel.

3:26PM BBT: In the Have-Not room, Kyland drops down on the bed, "Oh Man!"

3:29PM BBT: Xavier comes out of the DR.

Big D: Hey! Congratulations!

Xavier heads up to the Have-Not room to check on Kyland. He tells him that he tells everyone he is not having veto talk today.

Kyland: I'm glad you won, it's just that this is the thing that everyone kept warning me about.

3:30PM BBT: They hug.

Kyland: I don't see why you and I have to have that conversation tomorrow.

X: Well, I'm telling everybody that.

Kyland: It's just a vulnerable moment.

X: You'll be fine, OK?

Kyland: I know it's just... my brain is like a calculator.

Xavier: I understand. That's why I'm telling everybody we will worry about this stuff tomorrow.

Kyland: It's just, going out first is frustrating. Not being able to save yourself is frustrating. If you want to talk about it tomorrow, I'll respect that.

Kyland: I think I have shown you that I trust and value you more than Derek. I guess it's like, are you willing to risk me at all?

3:39PM BBT: Xavier leaves Kyland alone in his thoughts.

Kyland: (to himself) Oh, I hate myself right now.

3:39PM BBT: Xavier is looking for Azah. He finds her in the shower. He tells her that he is not talking veto with anybody today. He asks if she is OK.

Azah: I'm good

X: Alright! I'm not trying to treat you like a little kid here.

Azah: I'm not going to do that. I ain't no bitch. I'm just a vulnerable person.

Xavier: OK. I just wanted you to know. I let Big D and Kyland know.

Azah: That's fine. I wasn't planning to talk to you today.

4:20PM BBT: Azah is teaching her fellow houseguests how to do Ethiopian tribal dances. [This is too good 😂]

4:23PM BBT: Azah is teaching Big D and Xavier some of the African terms from the languages her parents use in Camaroon.

4:26PM BBT: WBRB Bubbles.

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Today's updates were written by Fuskie, GospelGal, MamaLong and PinkTee. 

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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