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By a vote of 11 - 0 Brent was evicted.
Christian won HoH
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The Jokers are Have-Nots.

Christian and the Kings are in agreement on nominating Whit and Hannah (X was never going to let them nominate Azah), but they are split on whether they want Whit or Hannah to be evicted, with the guys targeting Whit and the girls targeting Hannah.

The Wildcard competition players will be Claire for Queens (both Kyland and Tiff have competed), Azah for the Jokers (Big D said she would have a better chance of beating Whit), and Whit for the Aces (both Hannah and DX have competed).

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Update Entry
Thursday, July 29, 2021 Live Eviction Tonight!
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9:19AM BBT: The houseguests are waking up.

9:54AM BBT: Whit, Brent, X, and Christian are in the kitchen talking about face-off photos.

10:00AM BBT: Brent heads to the sea glass bedroom and says, "Hey sleepyheads, today is a big day, we have to be in the HoH room in about 40mins." Alyssa says she is waiting for them to get her meds before she gets up.

10:02AM BBT: Several HGs in the bathroom area getting ready quizzing each other.

Derek X: Tiff question. What day did Tiff win her first competition? (Wild Card)

Tiff: Wait, wait, wait [she counts] 17?

10:07AM BBT: The feeds are back with Tiff still going over the days with others. Christian is in the storage room upset that there isn't avocado.

10:10AM BBT: Hannah and Brit are in the gym. Brit says Brent asked her when he would be getting his suitcase back before or after. Hannah says that is so disrespectful to ask that of another nominee. Brit: I was like awwww 30 minutes after the live show.

10:15AM BBT: Brit and Claire are in the storage room talking about how Brent asked Brit about the suitcase. Claire thinks Brent does it to be cruel. They can't wait for him to go home.

10:32AM BBT: Derek X and Tiff are in the comic bedroom DX asks what is 8+5 lifts her hands and he says no fingers, no fingers. She then says 13. DX how did you get there Tiff I guessed. DX OK, what is 10+3 and this continues. DX tells Tiff it is going to be much more difficult during a competition. Tiff says she knows she isn't going to do well.

10:38AM BBT: Tiff if you ask me something about weeks 7, 9, and 7 is 63 and I have to add 9 days to that, right? Or do I deduct 9 days?

DX: what where are you at?

Tiff: Week seven HoH and we started at 9, 9, and 7 are 63.

DX: Why are you multiplying 7x9? What you want to do is multiply the number of weeks by 7.

Tiff: Why the number of weeks? OH OH OH the number of weeks!!

DX: How many days are in four weeks

Tiff: 7

DX: How many days are in four weeks?

Tiff: Oh, 7x4 is 40, wait. *laughs*

DX: You really need to focus.

10:39AM BBT: X is in the HoH room packing up his belongings. He looks up and says "I'm going to miss you too Iggy. We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. I don't know if I will be in here again, I don't know if that will be good for me, but for the time we did have together, it was wonderful.

I know you will go on and other people stay with you. I really hope you will cherish the time we had. There's no need to be sad. I can hear it when you turn. This has to happen, I can't stay up here all summer. Even though I really wish I could, I can't. Accept it, you have to move on. Someone else has to come up here and do the things I need them to do without me doing it. It just has to be that way. Stop, now you are making me emotional.

10:48AM BBT: DX tells Tiff that maybe instead of reading the Bible all day you should do all the multiplication tables. Write them down. Tiff -- that's the problem I can't do them in my head. DX: You need to practice, If I ask you what 12+8 is you should say 20 right away. Tiff: OK

[DX and Tiff have been doing this all morning to help Tiff calculate events that happened in the house ~PinkTee]

10:52AM BBT: It's time for the HoH room LD!

12:24PM BBT: Feeds are back... lots of whispering about who is going up on the block next. Who do they keep, who do they send home?

12:32PM BBT: Hannah and Kyland are whispering in the kitchen. Hannah asks if they can go to the comic bedroom for privacy.

12:32PM BBT: Hannah confirms with Kyland that they are going to target the Kings next week unless one of the Kings wins HoH. If they do win HoH Whitney is still a target.

12:40PM BBT: X, Claire, and Tiff enter the comic bedroom with Kyland and Hannah. X asking if Kyland has a comb. Tiff says you want a comb? Kyland says there is one if with the clippers. Tiff says If I give you a comb you giving it back?

X and Claire leave the room then Claire comes right back in. Tiff sees Kyland and Hannah whispering. She apologizes. Kyland invites her to join the conversation. Just as they start whispering again Derek X walks in. They are talking about how Whitney feels safe right now. They are going to tell her that no one is going to throw the HoH and she needs to play. Whitney thinks she is super tight with the Kings.

12:54PM BBT: Hannah is leading Hannah, Brit, Azah, SB, Tiff and Derek X in yoga. Kyland is in the kitchen making breakfast. Christian, Alyssa, and Big D are in the Yacht Club bedroom talking about Cheez-Its.

12:58PM BBT: Christian sits on the blue couch with Big D. He begins to tell Big D that Hannah asked him if the Kings win the HoH who are they putting up. I told her it would be a Joker. It's Hannah, I had to say that. Big D says OK. Christian wanted to be sure he didn't hear it from someone else.

Christian asks Big D if he won HoH would he have to put up a King. Big D we will talk if I win. Christian, I'm not a pawn though Big D, we will talk if I win. You know I got you. Christian, I know.

Big D, If I will I'm going to sit everyone at the table tell them I will do one-on-ones starting tomorrow morning and everyone needs to come with a plan, what they would do, and do not bullshit me because I will call you out while you sit in from of my and will kit you out the room.

1:30PM BBT: Brent is talking with Big D in the Yacht Club bedroom saying he came into the house "organically" and he clearly blames Frenchie for him currently being on the block.

Big D: The reason I would remove you is because you are a physical threat for me.

Brent: I don't think so

Big D: This game is also based off of personality.

Claire just finished leading the Houseguests in a yoga session "Thank you for joining my yoga session."

1:38PM BBT: Whitney asks Derek X if you or I win who should we put up. DX said one of the Jokers. It doesn't put too much blood on our hands, to be honest, not many of them are going to win competitions.

1:42PM BBT: Claire, Tiffany and Christian are speculating that Brent is actually an air marshal and not a flight attendant.

Tiff: Did he go to military college?

Christian: He analyzes everything. I think he could be an air marshal; very observant... reading lips

Claire: That makes so much sense

Tiffany: I think so too.

1:35PM BBT: Derek X and Whitney are talking about how HGs are switching up their personalities. Whitney sees conversations take place that she is not included in. She could be overthinking but feels an energy shift.

2:00PM BBT: Tiff just finished Christian's hair and is now working on Alyssa's hair. Kyland enters the room and asks for a comb.

Tiff: My comb, My comb? Kyland is using the comb to brush his beard"

2:01PM BBT: The Jokers are talking about slop. Big D says he doesn't want to be on slop on a week he is on the block. Brit says, "So what you are saying if one of us get HoH the other two should go on slop?"

Big D: Just do it and get it out of the way.

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2:08PM BBT: The camera is on Kyland shaving. Switches to SB joining the Jokers in the Yacht Club bedroom. Brit is laying in bed, sits up, and says, "Someone really told you that? What?"

Big D: Probably one of her teammates?

SB: Hannah and Whitney said they would put me up too.

Big D: Probably one of her teammates.

SB: Yes, they want me to take the shot at the Aces.

2:17PM BBT: Brent in the kitchen says if it is endurance I'm doing it full naked. "Think my Mom would disapprove?" Hannah replies, "I'm the wrong person to ask." Brent, "I'm Italian."

2:23PM BBT: Brent is in the kitchen with Hannah and Derek X. He begins to whisper that he doesn't want to lose the trust with Alyssa. "Should I tell her, just tell her? I feel like if she hears it from anyone else we might lose her." DX is keeping his head down and Hannah is trying to engage but Brent is talking over her.

[Brent still doesn't know he is the one going home tonight ~PinkTee]

2:28PM BBT: SB is now getting her hair done by Tiff... and we get the fuzzy friends from Rancho Coastal Humane Society.


Previously, on Big Brother, in a summer-long battle, the HGs were playing in teams, but strong alliances were also forming. There was the Royal Flush, the Cookout, and the summer's first showmance.

The entire house was sick of Brent, so HoH Xavier put him on the block next to a pawn. Brent was convinced he has the numbers to stay.

So after Christian won the veto, Brent still was not worried and the flight attendant came up with a plan for the veto not to be used, completely unaware that his fate was already sealed.

At the veto meeting, the blindside of Brent was put in motion. Tonight, either Brent or Britini will be evicted. Plus, a new HoH will be crowned!

Julie greets us and tells us the entire house has been pulling the wool over Brent's eyes. We pick up on Day 20 after the veto meeting and Christian says his teammate is in power so he wanted to make sure this plan got pulled off.

Xavier says Brent is under the impression that he has the votes to stay, and Brent does not realize he has no army. Britini says her strategy is similar to last week. Lay low. Brent says everything is going to plan and the votes should come out 6-5 in his favor.

Brent is talking to Tiffany. Brent says he has his team and the Queens who made an alliance together a few days ago called The Mafia. Tiffany says everyone knows it is fake except Brent.

Brent says he should have all the votes and Xavier is not going to see this blindside coming. Tiff says she feels terrible lying to Brent, but he is going home. Brent tells Kyland and Derek X that they are in a good spot and he plans to put up Christian and Xavier.

Brent says Xavier thinks they are good. He says cool, calm, and collected is the strategy this week. Derek X. says this might go down in history, but Brent might be on the wrong side of it.

Hannah is talking to Derek X. and she is mumbling about Brent going home and he is standing behind her while they are on a lounge outside. Hannah is concerned he heard her but he starts talking about a plan for next week.

Brent is looking at the memory wall and they are talking about their pictures and they are talking about their jobs. They talk about Xavier working for the government or being a lawyer. Xavier says he told everyone he was a bartender. Derek F. thinks Xavier is a lawyer.

Xavier says he is in the cookout with Derek F. and he is grilling him! Derek F says Xavier is giving him lawyer vibes and Xavier says he is just articulate. Sarah Beth says she would be mad if Xavier were a model and a lawyer.

Alyssa and Christian are in the HoH bed and they talk to Derek X about Brent. They are hiding from him. Alyssa says Brent caught her sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. Brent is pacing and thinking. Alyssa says they just need to make sure Brent does not get paranoid.

Brent is talking to Whitney about his father. Whitney tells Brent that he gets under her skin. Whitney says she does think he is a good guy and she wants to give him advice and be careful how he talks to people. Brent tells her his strategy is amazing in this game though.

Whitney again advises him to be careful about the way he says things to people and he jokes about needing lipstick so he can kiss butts. Whitney says he is just so oblivious and she cannot get through to him.

Tiff, Hannah, and Claire are talking about having the votes to get Brent out and he walks by. Claire says she feels bad for Brent because it sucks to be blindsided. But they cannot tell him because of how he might react. She says they are in way too deep.

With Brent set to leave, the focus shifts to the strongest team in the house, The Kings. Whitney says the Kings will have a huge advantage if they do not balance out the teams. They think Derek X has to gun for it or even Hannah.

Derek X. says if Brent leaves HGs will want to take a shot at The Kings, but he is in an alliance with The Kings and The Queens so he cannot be the one to take the shot. Alyssa would consider targeting Whitney because Whitney said she would want to make big moves.

Derek X. does not like Whitney being a target because she is on his team and that would put his team at two and The Kings would still have four. He does not know if that is what is best for his personal game or if he is just going along with everyone else.

Tiffany is talking to her team and she talks about being in an alliance with The Kings. She wants to stay loyal to the Royal Flush, but it would not be smart to keep a strong duo from The Kings when they are already a strong four.

Claire, Derek X, and Tiffany are discussing strategy and they discuss throwing to someone else to take the shot at The Kings, and Derek X pitches throwing to Whitney because he tells them she would take the shot. He says that could be the best thing for his game.

The Kings have a chat and Xavier says it is essential that one of them has to win HoH or they will be a target. Alyssa does not want to put Britini on the block against next week. Christian pitches Hannah.

Sarah Beth thinks Hannah is smart and laying low on purpose and she could be a threat. Xavier tells us that is not good because he is in The Cookout with Hannah, but he cannot blatantly stick up for her. This puts him in an awkward position.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! All the HGs vote and Brent is evicted by a unanimous vote!

Brent tells Julie he did not look shocked. Brent says he is not shocked, he would have created a lot of havoc in the house. He says it is a game of betrayal and he has been the target since day one.

Julie asks what Brent thinks he happened and he says he is a strong personality and he is strong physically and that impression does not just go away. Brent thinks it was an easy way to make him a target and get him out.

Julie says his own teammates turned on him and does that shock him and Brent says no because Derek X had already done it and he and Whitney did not mesh and Hannah just went with the herd. He says Derek X was plotting against him since day two with Kyland and Christian.

Julie talks about him lobbying for veto not to be used, why would he not try to get safety. Brent says it would have just saved him one week and he would be gone the next week so he just needed info because he was already a target.

Julie asks about Xavier telling him he was the pawn and him feeling safe and Brent says he felt safe because of the team aspect and they were willing to throw his strength away, then it is on his team but he is not surprised about everyone else.

Julie talks about The Mafia and Brent says Kyland betrayed him before in the past and it was a last-ditch effort and he had to try to get some reassurances that he would be safe, but Kyland was part of Derek X and Travis plotting against him.

Xavier thinks Brent is his biggest competitor and he hopes he respects the move. Hannah says when you feel too comfortable or safe but his arrogance did not let him see he was not.

Derek X says the house target shifted to him, there was nothing he could do. Alyssa says he was wrapped around her finger but it was not personal. Tiffany says he did not see them all coming while giving flight attendant hand motions.

Brent says the HGs made the smart play getting him out because he had a lot of things cooking in his mental and it was the right move.

Julie asks, "What will happen when a new HoH takes power with the house targets gone?"

It is time for the HoH competition! They will compete with their teams to complete a surfboard puzzle but they can only do one piece at a time, but they can only work on the puzzle for 25 seconds each. If the clock expires before that teammate hits the reset button their team is eliminated.

All teams are working on the puzzle. The teams are doing good giving the puzzle builder directions and watching the clock. The Jokers are making good progress. The Aces are making progress too.

The Kings and Queens appear to be a bit behind but all teams still work. The Jokers are getting close. The other teams are moving pieces but still making progress. The Kings have won the competition! Christian completed the puzzle and he is HoH!

Next week is the final wildcard competition and next week will be the first endurance competition!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S23E10, was written by IndyMom78.

6:13PM BBT: The feeds return. There's general conversation about the HoH competition and the goodbye messages to Brent.

7:13PM BBT: Tiff tells Azah that they need someone who can beat Whit in the bathroom competition (The Jokers are the only team with a choice; Whit is the only remaining Ace who hasn't competed, and Claire for Queens. For Jokers, either Big D or Azah will have to compete).

7:43PM BBT: SB tells Azah the Have-Not room beds aren't too bad, so it seems that the Jokers are Have-Nots this week.

7:45PM BBT: Just in case this is new news: Christian won the HoH this evening. Brent was sent home with a unanimous vote.

Xavier and Hannah are in the bedroom, Hannah asks Xavier to let her know if her name comes up, she feels OK, but not necessarily safe.

Derek X comes into the room, he is packing up to leave the room, there is an open room that must be used. He doesn't mind sleeping in there by himself. Derek X says it looked like they were going for the win in the HoH competition.

Hannah knows Christian's probable target is Whitney, however, she plans to not let him know this to see if he will tell her.

Derek X tells her that the pawn will likely be, "one of us."

Hannah says Xavier says he will try to "steer it."

Derek X says it would have been a perfect week for Britini to go, but that's not going to happen.

Hannah says it would be better if Whitney stayed for competition purposes, she thinks Whitney would go home next week anyway.

Derek X says he thinks he can win HoH next week, his strength is puzzles. (I watched this competition, Derek X found more ways to turn his pieces wrong on purpose than I thought possible because he did not want to win this week.)

7:54PM BBT: Derek X thinks Kyland threw the HoH competition for his team as well.

The beautiful furry babies from Rancho Coastal Humane Society appear.

8:07PM BBT: Derek X tells Alyssa he threw the competition. She tells him he is fine, it's good, he's fine.

In the living room Big D, Azah and Britini seem to be the new Have-Nots, Azah is asking about the blankets and pillows.

Claire offers to go clean the room out and get it ready.

Big D says he will try to sleep on the seesaw.

Alyssa is putting in her bid to sleep in the HoH room, Christian says at least one night, then giggles.

Claire and Tiffany are showing Azah the room. Azah tries out the bed. She looks unhappy, but she says it is OK.

Tiffany sets up a larger sleep area for Big D. She tells Azah to stop people from taking throws from the Have-Not room.

Azah decides the bed isn't as bad as she thought.

Tiffany tells Azah, "Whatever you do, see this red button that says "push". Don't push it."

Azah: What is it?

Tiffany and Claire together, "the emergency exit"

Azah: Whattt?

Tiffany: Well I didn't know, it said push.

Derek X and Hannah are in the kitchen cooking. They plan to stay in the kitchen this week.

Azah asks if they can have cool whip, Derek X and Hannah say no, it isn't a luxury Have-Not.

Derek X tells her this will be a hard week for her.

Azah: If you offer me bites of food, you are done.

Derek X tells Hannah he thought he had the pieces of the puzzle for the HoH in his head, but did not. He says he wanted to win.

Tiffany and Claire are in the bedroom, Tiffany says she changed her mind, she wants Whitney gone this week.

Claire says if Whitney goes this week Derek X will only have the two of them, but if Hannah goes that won't affect much. She also saw Xavier pull Hannah to the side and ask for a side chat. Claire says Hannah knows Whitney is the target.

Tiffany says Hannah also knows if Whitney wins the Wild Card...

Seems like questions are running through the house, people wondering why other houseguests in other teams seem to have thrown the competition.

Claire and Tiffany both think Kyland threw the competition, they know he did it wrong from the start.

They say they cannot ride on Kyland.

Intermittent Bubbles (in or out Bubbles, make up your mind) And Bubbles has decided to test me here, she is half in and half out.

8:35PM BBT: Alyssa and Claire have finished their plotting and go to the living room area. Big D is talking about drinks of flights.

Hannah tells Derek X that Whitney spent 60k on clothes and 40k on Amazon last year. They agree she is very successful.

Derek says he doesn't think there will be a battle back this year, Hannah asks him if he is a super fan. Derek X says, "how shocking would that be?" He makes a joke about the first two days.

Xavier stops by and they tell him they are making Tacos.

Claire comes into the kitchen, starts giving criticism about cooking methods. Derek X, "Well thank you for giving your criticism." after she gives him unwanted (un needed) advice.

Derek X decides to make rice (on the stovetop since they have no rice cooker.). Hannah tells him she has never used a rice cooker anyway. Derek X is impressed.

Hannah continues to pick and eat and cook.

Kyland and Sarah Beth are in the gym whispering, "working out". We can't hear what they said, but they laughed.

Kyland: "Everyone has a choice."

I am not sure, but I think they are talking about whether or not Alyssa sleeps in the HoH room.

Kyland goes on to tell a story about his room mates and a girl that was doing a gym workout that looked suggestive. His friend did not know it was a real gym workout. They mention America and the relative size and scope of land vs sea, how long someone will live on an island...

Big D walks through the area, they talk about running in the backyard, Kyland tells her they can measure a mile in the house as well by paces. They use some crazy math, only they understand.

Christian and Alyssa came to Sarah Beth and told her that Whitney would put her and Hannah up. Later Whitney told Sarah Beth that was not true.

Kyland says no one in the house believes Whitney, it doesn't sound right, he says Big D being the one to say that sounds "off".

Sarah Beth says Whitney is using Big D's name so if it comes back, it will look like it is his fault.

Kyland says he underestimated how smart Whitney really is, but that is not a smart move.

Sarah Beth says Whitney has underestimated her (Sarah Beth)

Kyland says he has talked to Big D since early in the game. They decided not to hang out in the game, but share information when needed. He also says that in the last four days he has seen that Whitney has stepped up her game a little. He says Whitney's flirtation with Xavier is for the house, and she has remained aloof from him (Kyland) because she knows that won't work.

Sarah Beth says Whitney likes Kyland, she asked the veto to be used on him, she thinks Kyland would not go after her because he thanked her for helping him out. Sarah Beth says Christian has talked about putting Whitney and Hannah or Azah up, she thinks that is good information.

Kyland says he had a conversation about Brent earlier where he was told not to tell Brent ahead of time that he was going home. They also talked about whether or not to tell Whitney she was not safe, with the possibility of her gunning for HoH or Wild Card. (I am not sure where or when this conversation happened, but Sarah Beth knew)

Sarah Beth says it is good to have trust in someone in the house.

Claire comes by, they cover it well, with Sarah Beth, "I hope I get to play in the veto."

9:00PM BBT: General talk about winning veto.

They say that Christian is a big target and he can't play next week.

Sarah Beth says when she tries to talk to Christian and Alyssa they continue to whisper to each other, they even do that in a group situation. [That is actually happening and has been happening in the livingroom for about an hour.]

Sarah Beth says it is too late, people see them as a duo now. Kyland agrees, saying that has been obvious for a week or two. (Kyland has caught them smooching already, but has not told anyone)

They talk about a double eviction coming on the first week of jury. They want to keep Christian out of the jury. They know that Christian and Alyssa in the jury they will be two votes in the jury, and they would not vote for a teammate who voted them out.

Sarah Beth says if they are up there together, she would have to vote one of them out.

Kyland says he is interested in getting them out in a way that prevents them from voting together.

Sarah Beth says her team would vote for her if she were in the final two. (Kyland noted that silently)

Kyland encourages this line of conversation, allowing her to continue telling her voting/nomination strategy.

Whitney comes through the room, she continues on to the lavatory area.

Kyland and Sarah Beth start talking louder, fooling with the weights before they leave the room.

The cameras moves to the kitchen/dining area.

Derek X and Hannah are finishing up the cooking.

Whitney is in the lavatory working on her hair, she tells Alyssa she is glad Christian won, she says "you guys". Whitney negatively mentions Kyland.

Xavier comes in, he says he left because they were "trying to showmance us".

Whitney: Not until jury.

Xavier: Well?

Whitney asks him if they want a name for them, Xavier says no, he doesn't want to be asked about it in the diary room. Whitney says they already ask her, Xavier says he is surprised she has been asked.

Sergeant: "You may not talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests" as they leave the room.

The houseguests in the livingroom are guessing ages for other houseguests. The subject at this time is Frenchie. No one knows... although several people say 34—which is correct.

Someone starts singing, Tiffany tells them to stop, "They cut the feeds then people don't like us." Singing stops.

Christian and Alyssa give more truth to Sarah Beth's observation. They are sitting on the sofa off to the side in the living room group. They are whispering, she is draped over him in what I would call an intimate way, (between his spread legs, covered with a throw from the waist down)

Kyland is asking if anyone might know each other outside the house. Everyone makes guesses. [No one has been revealed to us by Julie to be associated, in case you wonder.]

The houseguests are talking back and forth creating relationships.

Azah is resting on Xavier, Whitney is leaning on Britini.

Big D mentions doing auditions tomorrow for the Big Blue Couch. Sounds like agreement.

They start playing some kind of finger-up game. Xavier tries to explain.

9:26PM BBT: Hannah and DX are in the kitchen. She's relieved Brent's gone, more than when Frenchie went. DX agrees. He says he tried to give Brent a chance. They think his self-confidence masked insecurity. DX hopes America doesn't "cancel" Brent. Hannah hopes he got a good edit.

9:28PM BBT: Hannah and DX continue discussing the other HG. DX tells Kyland he is self-aware and communicates well. It's one thing to know yourself, he says, but another to be able to present the you you want to be to others. Kyland thanks him for the compliment.

9:43PM BBT: Big D wants to hold an American Idol type competition. SB and Brit are going to do a song and dance duet. (uh, no singing?). SB discloses she took a sponge bath while a Have-Not rather than take a cold shower. SB declines dinner, saying it's late and she wants to lose weight.

9:47PM BBT: SB gives Brit her comforter for use in the Have-Not room. Azah says she's going to only take one shower this week because of the cold water. Big D wants to have a Big Blue Couch show but the other HGs aren't interested.

9:52PM BBT: Big D is trying to talk game to Xavier while the houseguests are in the dining area. Xavier keeps shushing him, he is talking far too loud. Never really happens.

Sarah Beth comes into the room, Xavier uses her as an excuse to stop gametalk.

Big D leaves the living room area, goes to his original bedroom to change his shirt.

The other people are in the dining area enjoying the tacos Derek X and Hannah made this evening.

Big D stops at the door, "I will get my revenge. I will send every one of these people home.", he leaves the room

The cameras move to the dining area. General talk.

10:12PM BBT: Big D, Azah, and Sarah Beth are talking in the livingroom.

Big D says he feels like this week he will be dealing with two HoHs and people will go to both of them, telling them things people said, then he will have to go up and straighten it out.

Big D says he is hoping for an individual next week, Azah says this HoH was individual this week, no one messed anyone else's contribution to the puzzle.

Azah says she thinks it leveled the playing field, Sarah Beth says she agrees. Britini comes in, says the cold shower was not that bad. Big D says he took a cold shower anyway when the weather was hot.

Azah says she took a shower earlier, but she will shower only once a day this week instead of twice.

Derek X and Xavier come into the room.

Big D is asking if they are ready to do Big Blue Couch, they tell him they thought it was delayed until tomorrow. Seems like he gets a no. Big D, "Well I guess we're doing improv."

Christian tells Hannah he is not happy about being HoH. (Yesterday when he was canoodling with Alyssa he said they would be in the HoH room this week, He did want to win this...) He tells Hannah he is going to do the same as Xavier, with the team meetings. He tells Hannah he didn't want to win it, that someone else was supposed to win it. (convincing).

The houseguests in the living room are chatting.

In the kitchen Tiffany, Claire, Alyssa, and Christian are talking about Whitney. They see her trying to get close to Xavier. (Last I saw she was rubbing lotion on his feet while Hannah is on the sofa draped over him. He chose a corner seat so there is no "other side" for her to move in on.)

Talk moves to when the first endurance competition will happen, they say two weeks. (Julie told us it will be next Thursday.) They wonder if there will be a Battle⇆Back.

Christian comes to Alyssa, he has noticed Hannah lying on Xavier. He says he doesn't want to do one-on-ones tonight, then says maybe a couple of them. Alyssa says "tonight??" Christian, "umm yeah"

Claire, Alyssa, and Christian are talking about the uselessness of a tub. [I disagree dears, bubbles, warm water, a glass (large) of Merlot, Alexa playing some soft jazz, and me. But these days dears, it has become a chair, a nursing aide, and the crackling sound of old bones.-so enjoy that for me and report back 🙂 ~Grannysue]

General talk in the kitchen. Christian says he was in a commercial for dog DNA.

General talk in the livingroom area. Whitney has been massaging lotion onto Xavier's feet, now his hands.. houseguests are noticing... Claire shakes her head and mumbles, "Gross." I would say that word describes the reaction of every house guest in the livingroom.

Alyssa starts giving Christian a fingernail hand massage... Derek X is just observing...

10:38PM BBT:  Claire, Tiff, and Alyssa impersonate Whit saying there are so many duos in the house. Tiff points out that Whit called out Christian and Alyssa (subtle).

11:00PM BBT: Still general chat in the livingroom.  The HGs begin a game of Telephone to kill time until Christian gets his HoH room.

11:08PM BBT: The houseguests decide to play Mafia while they wait for Christian's HoH room to open.

11:19PM BBT: Christian's HoH room is open. The houseguests run to the upstairs, with the exception of Big D, who follows at a walk.

Christian gets a photo of his puppy, and a photo of himself taken a week before he came to the show.

He says he did not submit any of the photos he received, he is very surprised at what he received.

He goes through his HoH basket, then he gets his letter.

Christian has Tiffany read his letter, it is from his mother.

Christian hugs Tiffany, he says he made it through. He checks his fridge, he says they hooked him up... it is a full fridge, he is happy to get waffles and smoothies. He shows off his guacamole spread, hummus, and spinach artichoke dip. Tiffany says they went to Whole Foods someone else spotted Trader Joe's.

Christian gives everyone a group hug, tells the houseguests to enjoy the snacks.

Azah has left the room and is downstairs taking off her makeup in the lavatory.

Big D is lying on the sofa in the livingroom area, Azah has returned to the HoH room.

Quite a bit of time is spent admiring the photos (Christian has spent the season trying to tone down his looks, these pictures are revealing. The ladies in the house are very impressed, but we haven't seen the one they are passing around yet.)

Houseguests hug Christian and head downstairs to finish the Mafia game. Christian says he will be down after the first game ends.

The houseguests go downstairs, except for Sarah Beth, Alyssa, and Xavier. Other houseguests are in the kitchen. This group wonders if America hates them.

Christian says he has no idea what to do, they have planned everything anyone else would do, but they had no plan for him to win.

Alyssa says Hannah told her someone told her that it had been said that Hannah was after Alyssa and Sarah Beth, but that was not true.

Xavier says they were going after the Kings

Alyssa says if they say, Whitney, they need to slow that down and make a decision that is good for them.

Christian says Hannah was after Sarah Beth, which gives him an excuse.

Alyssa says that since everyone is targeting Whitney, they could leave her to be evicted next week.

Xavier says if either one of them stays around (Hannah or Whitney) they will go after the Kings.

Christian says it matters who would be in a better position to execute a plan to go after the Kings.

Sarah Beth says Derek X told her he didn't want his team to win, his team, however, wanted to win. Derek X says when he saw it was close for his team to win he went all out to make sure it was him. Sarah Beth says she doesn't believe him, Alyssa says she believes him.

Both girls say Derek X is not a concern right now, but they know he won't put up Hannah.

Alyssa says they should get Hannah out, not Whitney, Whitney can be a target next week.

They think Derek X will work with them and that brings in Kyland.

Christian says he plans to offer the Joker's a safe week.

Xavier wants to know if he should be alone, Christian isn't sure, Xavier says they should be there with Christian.

Sarah Beth says people want Whitney out before the jury, Xavier says if Whitney is in jury, she will not vote for a man to win.

Alyssa continues to point out that leaving Whitney in the house keeps them shielded. She tells Christian to meet with the Aces first, then the Jokers. They can tell the Jokers that the Aces were saying their names.

Sarah Beth says Hannah cannot be manipulated, she knows exactly what she is doing. Alyssa agrees that no one could manipulate her. She never asks for advice, she doesn't talk to Sarah Beth about game.

Christian asks if either of them is going to jury, the team says no. Christian says it doesn't matter then, if she is going before the jury she won't be a vote for him anyway. (Hannah)
(they have not once mentioned the fact that Whitney or Hannah could win HoH next week)

Christian says his resume looks better if he takes out Hannah.

Sarah Beth says if Whitney wins the Wild Card and saves her team. Alyssa asks who would be put up.

Christian says it would have to be Britini and Azah. Alyssa asks what about Big D. Christian says he just hasn't spoken game with Azah.

Sarah Beth says she has talked game with Azah, Xavier says he knows Jokers weren't going after the Kings.

Xavier says not to do individual meetings until later in the week and the team will help. Make no promises before the Wild Card competition.

Sarah Beth says they should tell them both they are targets in the house.
Alyssa says to tell them that he (Christian) has heard both of them are coming after his team.

Xavier and Christian say that they can't really promise the Jokers a safe week, that would depend on what happens.

They continue to rehash nominations.

11:21PM BBT: Christian gets his HoH room. After reading it silently, he asks Tiff to read it out loud. His parents are proud, his sister is home, the animals miss him, and he should be wise, fair, and remember it's a game. He got Hummus, Crock & Marker, and artichoke dip.

11:28PM BBT: Azah and DF leave HoH, but the rest are picking through Christian's HoH basket and commenting on his pictures. Christian says his father is a stud. Downstairs, Azah asks DF whether he wants to play in the bathroom competition and he tells her to go for it, she can beat Whit.

11:43PM BBT: Hannah is teaching DX to dance. Claire helps Brit to make slop. The Kings are the last remaining in HoH. Christian also got a blue HoH robe and slippers. X tells his team they are not underdogs. They wonder if America likes them for winning so much.

11:46PM BBT: Christian tells his team he doesn't know what to do. Alyssa says stick to the plan. She mentions Hannah pulled her into the storage room to say she is not coming after her or SB. Downstairs, Whit says they can have peaceful (Ace) meetings now. And actually talk, DX adds.

11:48PM BBT: Christian wants to put up Whit and Hannah. SB says tell them there is no target - they have to fight it out. X says Whit is targeting all of them, but Hannah is just targeting SB. Alyssa says keeping Whit would mean keeping a target in front of them.

11:50PM BBT: SB says DX threw the competition and is tight with Hannah. Christian says they have to be broken up. Alyssa says everyone wants Whit out so we should take Hannah out (they only get three votes, so they will need two more to control the vote).

11:55PM BBT: Alyssa wants the whole team in HoH for all of Christian's meetings. X says that Whit told him in Jury, she won't vote for a man. Christian also wants Whit gone. SB says they shouldn't underestimate Hannah. Alyssa says they can manipulate Whit.

You can read more or add more to tonight's coverage in the The Thursday night topic is here, and after midnight you can read or post updates in the Friday topic.

Today's updates were written by: Dade, Fuskie, PinkTee, GrannySue1154, and MamaLong.

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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