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Thursday, December 21, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games Finale

Big Finale Tonight!


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Throughout the lodge, pictures on the wall have been displayed since the HGs entered, but last night a delinquent teenager has stolen one and replaced it with a forgery. The HGs have find the forged artwork. The first to ring in will win the Final Naughty & Nice competition starting and get an advantage going into the Reindeer Games.

Xavier rings in first after seeing that the Mona Blitzen painting in the kitchen has been replaced with Mona Vixen. Tiffany confirms his answer is correct.

Xavier gets to pick who he will face off with in the semi-final, the other two HG will be the second pair of competitors. The person Xavier plays will also get a 30-second delay starting the competition. Xavier picks Nicole to do battle with in the semi-finals. Frankie vs. Taylor will be in the 2nd semi-final match-up.

Santa's nutcracker is broken. The players will have a box of 28 gears and will have to assemble them in a wall of a giant nutcracker in order so that when the crank spins, the nutcracker breaks open a giant walnut. Xavier gets a 30 second headstart.

Nicole assembles the gears and turns the crank. All gears spin and the nut cracks at the top. Nicole wins and eliminates Xavier from the Reindeer Games.

In part two on the semi-finales, there is a 3-tier wall with 5 different mischievous elves on each level. Frankie and Taylor will listen to a police message describing the 5 guilty elves. From there they will use a slingshot and shoot a ball to knock down the 5 that match the description they heard in the message. If they knock down the wrong elf they have to restart.

Taylor wins the challenge and will face-off with Nicole in the finals

All of the eliminated HGs have returned along with Jordan and Derek X.

Santa reads the instructions. Nicole and Taylor must find 3 enchanted items to win the competition. The first is mistletoe and the second are Reindeer antlers. They must stand peices together to build a giant Christmas tree that they will have climb up and pull down the mistletoe. After the mistletoe is in hand, they'll have to release the antlers that are guarded by a rotating puzzle tower. Next they will have to ballance 32-small snowflakes and balance them on top of the main snowflake. The first player to bring all 3 items to the podium and ring in will fuel Santa's Sleigh and will win the $100k grand prize.

Nicole finishes the tasks and rings in, she has won Big Brother Reindeer Games, along with the $100k grand prize.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games #5

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So far, Cameron, Cody, Danielle, and Josh were sent Ho Ho Home for the Holidays. Tonight another BB Legend will sent home.

Tonight's guest Elf is Tiffany Mitchell from BB23. Tiffany tells the HGs that there will be multiple challenges to win to qualify for the Reindeer Games, and if they cannot pull out one of those wins, they will go down to Santa's Showdown and the loser will miss out on the Reindeer Games.

In the Naughty or Nice competition, various keys are left around the house and HGs have to figure out which key unlocks Santa's Office. Nicole finds the key in the bathroom sink and rushes upstairs to unlock the door to release Elfie. Nicole's advantage for winning the Naughty or Nice competition will allow her to select one HG to sit out of the first Jingle Bell Brawl, giving them one less chance to advance. Nicole picks Xavier to sit out the challenge.

In the 1st Jingle Bell Brawl, Santa has an Eggnog recipe book that has 1 ingredient missing in each concoction. The players will sample 7 different eggnogs and will have to figure out which ingredient is missing.

Taylor gets four answers correct and wins the Jingle Bell Brawl and a spot in the Reindeer Games. Taylor also wins the power to pick one person to bring with her to the Reindeer Games; she selects Nicole.

The second Jingle Bell Brawl will be played in Santa's Office. Frankie, Brittany, and Xavier will be asked questions about the game they have been playing. Each right answer is 1 point. The 2 players with the lowest score will go to the final Santa's Showdown to win the final spot in the Reindeer Games. Frankie wins his spot in the final four.

Brittany faces off against Xavier in the Santa's Showdown. Multiple Merry Christmas billboards were set up around the yard, but Santa's arch-enemy, Krampus has defaced the signs with cranky Christmas messages on them. Brittany and Xavier will need to knock down those billboards and then rebuild them with a holiday cheerful message instead. They will knock them down by riding a zipline to crash into the signs.

Xavier finishes first and rings in to claim the last spot in the Reindeer Games.

Brittany claims the final present from under the tree it contains holiday socks and underwear for her hubby. Brittany returns to Santa's Office where she wishes us a Merry Christmas, blows a kiss to the camera, and is beamed Ho Ho Home for the Holidays.

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Monday, December 18, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games #4

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So far, Cameron, Cody, and Danielle were sent Ho Ho Home for the Holidays. Tonight another BB Legend will sent home.

Derek is back with some devastating news; the pop star Jill Frost was taken from the North Pole. The HGs will have to search the house for clues and figure out who kidnapped her. The first to ring the bell with the correct answer will win the Naughty & Nice challenge.

The HGs find grey hair in the bathroom sink, reindeer mugshots in Santa's Workshop upstairs. The reindeer's collars hanging on the mantle have colors which match the colors in the mugshot and one is missing.

Xavier rings in first, his suspect is Reindeer "Siren." Brittany also rings in with Siren. Frankie and Josh ring in with "Slasher" as their suspect.

Derek confirms Slasher was the kidnapper. He announces that Frankie rang in first and is the winner of the challenge. Josh is stunned.

Derek introduces Jill Frost who enters the house while singing to the HGs. Josh is lovestruck and asks Santa to send him Jill's number.

The Jingle Bell Brawl is next, it will be played in pairs and Frankie chooses Taylor as his partner. He will also get to assign one duo a disadvantage while the competition is going on.

Josh, Brittany, Xavier and Nicole figure out who will pair up. Xavier doesn't want to be on Josh's team. Xavier & Nicole will pair and Brittany will partner with Josh.

The pairs will gather a sleigh full of presents that were blown off the sleigh and must be repacked on the sleigh, the first to finish will win the brawl. At any point during the competition, Frankie can name one team to be frozen for 45 seconds.

Taylor and Frankie ring in and claim the victory. The winning team will now have to pick one person, from each of the losing teams who will go into Santa's Showdown. The draw of a colored ball from a stocking will determine who picks from which of the duo teams. Frankie draws Josh/Brittany. Taylor picks Xavier/Nicole.

Josh and Nicole will face-off holding onto large candy canes in a rodeo-style competition. First person to fall off the candy cane will be going home.

At 1 hour, 5 minutes, both fell at the same time. After a review of the video, it was determined that Josh fell first. Josh will be going Ho Ho Home, while Nicole will be back tomorrow to continue in the Big Brother Reindeer Games.

Before leaving, Josh got to pick a gift from under the tree. Josh got an ugly Christmas sweater.

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Thursday, December 14, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games #3

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Derek X from BB23 and winner of The Amazing Race enters Santa's Lodge, AKA the Big Brother House. Derek brought a piano player to tickle the ivories of the BB baby grand piano.

The guest is angry because he's been dumped by his girlfriend for Christmas. He's rewritten the 12 Days of Christmas into a list of angry text messages about being dumped; but the messages don't say why his GF dumped him.

Santa has tasked the HGs to find letter-shaped cookies that will spell out a 4-word phrase that explains why the crooner was dumped by his girlfriend.

The first HG to call in via phone with the right answer wins the Naughty or Nice Challenge and gets a 2-minute advantage in the next comp.

Derek takes over for the cranky crooner playing Christmas music on the piano. Josh, Taylor, and Danielle figure out the message is "You Are Too Clingy." Taylor calls in first and wins the challenge.

Jingle bells ring and Taylor announces that she's putting Josh on the Naughty List who also gets a disadvantage in the Jingle Bell Brawl.

The HG's are tasked with assembling a micro-puzzle of a gingerbread man cookie. The HGs have a reference photo inside their box. Taylor will have a 2-minute head start and Josh will have his reference photo covered for the first 5 minutes of the competition.

Nicole wins the Jingle Bell Brawl.

Derek explains that Nicole will have to pick one person to play in a solo-format Santa's Showdown where that person will have to complete a task in a set amount of time. If that person successfully completes the task, they will then pick the next person to compete who try to solve a maze puzzle that will release Santa's favorite ornament, but with 1-minute less time on the clock, and so on down the row of players until someone doesn't beat the time.

Nicole chooses Frankie as the first to compete in Santa's Showdown. Frankie has 5 minutes, and 30 seconds to get through the maze, grab the ball and stop the clock. Frankie finishes with 3 minutes and 11 seconds left on the clock.

Frankie sends in Xavier next and he gets through the puzzle with 14 seconds left on the clock.

Xavier sends in Brittany as the next challenger, she has just 3:30 to free the ornament from the maze. Brittany succeeds and breaks out in tears.

Brittany sends Danielle into the Santa's Showdown. Danielle has just 34 seconds to free the ornament from the maze.

Danielle fails; she'll be going ho ho home for the Holiday but gets to pick a gift from under the tree. She picks the big box tree and it contains a check for $5,000.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games #2

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Poor Cody came in last in the Santa Showdown; he got to select a gift from under the tree and got a fruitcake, and was sent home for the Holidays.

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Monday, December 11, 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games

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Brittany solved a puzzle and put Cody on the Naughty List plus gets an advantage on the next challenge.

Frankie won the Jingle Bell Brawl. Frankie gets to pick two players to go to the Santa Showdown.

Frankie picked Cameron and Xavier to compete in the Santa Showdown, the loser goes Ho-Ho-Home.

Cameron failed to assemble an ugly sweater puzzle and got sent home for the Holidays.

Each episode features three competitions culminating in "Santa's Showdown," that determines which player goes home at the end of that episode. Only four legends make it to the finale and one player with the festive fortitude walks away with the $100,000 grand prize and, of course, saves the holidays. The finale airs on December 21.

The Big Brother Reindeer Games there are no live feeds because the contestants won't be living in the house. Instead, they'll be competing in pre-taped competitions. Julie Chen-Moonves will be taking this Holiday special off.

Who will win the tacky Christmas sweater contest on Reindeer Games?

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Update Entry
Saturday, December 9, 2023 Big Brother


The Legends Will Join the Previously Announced "Magical Elves" - Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell and Jordan Lloyd

The Six-Episode, Two-Week Holiday Special Debuts with a Two-Hour Premiere Monday, December 11, @ a New Time, 9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT, Followed by a 90-Minute Episode Tuesday, December 12, 9:01-10:30 PM, ET/PT

Get the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan for $11.99 a month. Try it FREE!

BIG BROTHER announced the nine iconic former players who will battle it out to save the holidays and walk away with a $100,000 grand prize in BIG BROTHER REINDEER GAMES. The hit reality show's first holiday special debuts with a two-hour premiere, on Monday, December 11 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential subscribers the day after the episode airs)*.

This ultimate holiday showdown brings together legendary former players, including previous winners and America's Favorite Players. The holiday special filled with the most challenging and unpredictable holiday-themed competitions will pit BB legends against each other as they face a new game with an all-new set of rules.

Here are the nine iconic players going head-to-head in BIG BROTHER REINDEER GAMES:

🎄Name: Cody Calafiore (season 16, season 22 winner)
Age: 32
Occupation: Software sales rep
Hometown: Howell, N.J.

🎄Name: Nicole Franzel (season 16, season 18 winner, season 22)
Age: 31
Occupation: Boutique owner
Hometown: Ubly, Mich.

🎄Name: Frankie Grande (season 16)
Age: 40
Occupation: Actor
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

🎄Name: Taylor Hale (season 24 winner and America's Favorite Player)
Age: 28
Occupation: Motivational speaker
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.

🎄Name: Cameron Hardin (season 25 America's Favorite Player)
Age: 34
Occupation: Stay-at-home dad
Hometown: Eastman, Ga.

🎄Name: Britney Haynes (season 12 America's Favorite Player and season 14)
Age: 36
Occupation: Real estate agent
Hometown: Tulsa, Okla.

🎄Name: Josh Martinez (season 19 winner)
Age: 29
Occupation: Content creator
Hometown: Miami, Fla.

🎄Name: Xavier Prather (season 23 winner)
Age: 29
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.

🎄Name: Danielle Reyes (seasons three and seven)
Age: 51
Occupation: Real estate manager
Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.

BIG BROTHER REINDEER GAMES is a two-week special with six action-packed holiday-themed episodes. Each episode features three competitions culminating in "Santa's Showdown" that determines which player goes home at the end of that episode. With the guidance of the "Magical Elves" - Derek Xiao (season 23), Tiffany Mitchell (season 23), and Jordan Lloyd (season 11 winner and season 13) - only one Houseguest with the festive fortitude to win will take home the $100,000 grand prize.

BIG BROTHER REINDEER GAMES is produced by Fly On The Wall Entertainment in association with Banijay Americas. Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Chris Roach serve as executive producers.

Episode Air Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Thursday

December 11, 9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT

December 12, 9:01-10:30 PM, ET/PT

December 14, 8:00-9:01 PM, ET/PT

December 18, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT

December 19, 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT

December 21, 8:00-9:01 PM, ET/PT

*Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service, as well as on demand. Paramount+ Essential subscribers will not have the option to stream live, but will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.


Jordan Lloyd explains the rules of the game.

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