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It's day 50 in the BBCAN5 Odyssey.
Big Brother 19 Starts June 28 2017 on CBS & Global
There are


By a Vote of 5-1, Bruno was Evicted
Next Thursday is a Triple Eviction
Kevin Won HoH
Kevin Nominated Ika & Demetres
House Stats Chart Alliances and Deals Chart
Updated: April 28 Updated: April 24

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Update Entry
Friday, April 28, 2017  Nominations Today!
Bye Bye Bruno
I think Fuskie, our Social Media Director, fell asleep watching Bye Bye Birdie and woke up to Bruno's eviction because he sent me this around 1:00AM:

Bye Bye Bruno
I'm gonna miss you so
Bye Bye Bruno
Why'd you have to go?
No more sunshine, it's followed you away.
I'll cry Bruno, 'til your home to say.
I'll miss the way you smile, as tho' it's just for me;
And each and ev'ry night, I watched you on live feeds.
Bye Bye Bruno
It's awful hard to bear
Bye Bye Bruno
You sucked, I don't care.
Bye Bye Bruno, the jury's got you now.
I'll try Bruno, to forget somehow
No more sighing, no matter what your tricks
No more lying, when you twitched your lips
Your swivel and your sway, your super-duper class.
There's nothing left to say, Bruno you're a gas.
Ta Ta Bruno, it's time for you to fly
Ta Ta Bruno, it's time to say Goodbye!

Got that off my chest. Feel better now.

8:15AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! The lights just turned on in the BB house but all of the house guests are still sleeping.

8:21AM BBT: BB just announced Good Morning house guests , it is time to wake up.

8:26AM BBT: Jackie just entered the HoH room to do a battery exchange with Will and Kevin who are still sleeping.

8:28AM BBT: BB announced "Good Morning" again to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up, still we see no one else getting up... and then the feeds go down.

8:34AM BBT: The feeds come back in the pink bedroom with Demetres walking in with a towel around him as he just finished a shower. He gets dressed and heads down to the kitchen.

8:42AM BBT: Demetres, Jackie, Dillon and Karen are out by the hot-tub. They are talking about the price of hot-tubs and how it is a nice day outside.

8:46AM BBT: Karen wonders why tomorrow they will be losing the back yard. Jackie said it is day 50, the PoV and it will be the sponsored one so the car has to come back in and Jackie said they might get to see Nick and Phil tomorrow if they host the PoV and they might be the special guests that they get to go for a ride with. Karen asks if they think that Nick and Phil will be the special guests or it might be somebody different. Demetres and Jackie both respond that they bet it will be Nick and Phil.

8:50AM BBT: Dre, William and Ika join the others out by the hot-tub with general chatting going on.

8:56AM BBT: Dillon joins Kevin in the HoH room and Kevin tells him that he is just going to throw them up (Ika and Demetres). Dillon said that if he won HoH that is what he would do.

Kevin said that Bruno kept telling him that he has to trust Dillon and Karen. Kevin said Ika and Demetres are the best. Dillon asks who is the target. Kevin said Ika is bigger social and Demetres is better at competitions so he will just put them up and the house can decide.

Dillon and Kevin talk about things that Ika said about them and they are glad they crossed stories. Dillon told Kevin to just know 150 percent whatever she (Ika) says is not true. Kevin and Dillon agree that they have to trust each other. They hug it out and Dillon leaves the HoH room.

9:08AM BBT: Demetres and Jackie made their way back into the house and went to the wash area to shower. Ika is in the wash area putting on her makeup.

9:29AM BBT: Jackie joins Kevin in the HoH room and they start discussing Ika and she scares them. Jackie said that she told Bruno that she would take Ika and Demetres out. They compare notes and agree that Ika has been pitting everyone against everyone else. Kevin asked Jackie if his decision is pretty clear. Jackie said that it is clear that they do not need to go after each other. The discussion ends and Jackie leaves the room.

9:32AM BBT: Ika and Demetres are in the pink bedroom talking about if Kevin is going to put them on the block.

Demetres said that he told Kevin that it is hard when you are HoH and everyone tells him exactly what he wants to hear. Ika said that Dillon will go in there and tell Kevin to put Ika and Demetres on the block. Ika and Demetres continue to tall about what they can say to Kevin and what they can promise Kevin.

9:54AM BBT: Ika and Dre are out by the hot-tub laying in the sun. Ika gets up and asked Dre if she thinks that Kevin will put them up. Dre said that she has no idea but Jackie is up there talking to him. Ika wants to know what William thinks. Dre said that William thinks that Kevin wants revenge for Bruno. Dre does not know what Bruno told Kevin when he left. BB just announced that this is their three minute warning and the back yard will be closed.

Dre continues if Kevin does put her and Demetres up their only hope would be to win PoV and hopefully Kevin will put Jackie up. Ika said that her and Demetres are the only ones that keep their word. Dre said that she feels like Kevin went into the HoH already with a plan and he is just looking for information now.

Ika asked Dre if she told Kevin she dropped because Ika thought it was OK and Dre said yes but she don't think that Kevin believed her. Dre told Kevin that Ika shook her head no.

BB just announced the back yard is now closed so Dre and Ika head inside.

10:04AM BBT: Demetres enters the HoH room and offers Kevin a deal. If he or Ika win HoH Kevin will not go up on the block and if someone else wins HoH and puts Kevin on the block then Demetres will use the PoV on him and take him down. After making his pitch Demetres leaves the room and Kevin just holds his head repeating "oh this game" then he gets up to take a shower.

10:33AM BBT: Kevin is done taking a shower and is in his room talking to himself over what to do. He says there is no reason to take Jackie out because she has no game, he should trust Dillon and Karen. He can put Ika and Demetres up and hang out all week with Dillon and Karen. He does not think Ika and Dre are as close as they thought they were. He just has to put up Ika and Demetres because he knows that is the right thing to do and if one of them wins PoV Jackie will be the replacement.

10:47AM BBT: Will joins Kevin in the HoH room and Kevin tells Will that he knows that Ika and Demetres are the right move. They are both excited that they are in the final seven. Will told Kevin that he will not regret putting Ika and Demetres on the block. Will said it is not a weak move because Ika can manipulate people and Demetres can win competitions.

6:00PM BBT: The feeds returned after an hour of blackouts. The HGs were given a task, which they succeeded at, and won alcohol.  The nomination ceremony has not been held yet.

10:45PM BBT:  Kevin nominated Ika & Demetres for eviction! Dre is very upset, telling DemIka she's done with them, she's going solo and doesn't need them to carry her.

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Please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and spam-free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it. 


Today's update was written by Sassy2565

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Update Entry
Thursday, April 27, 2017  Eviction Day
Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Kevin learns he's safe.

Karen goes on the block.

Kevin celebrates his safety.

He's Brickley Bear

Kevin wins again!

Demetres takes the polar bear plunge.

An un-bearable punishment, Demetres goes from the HoH room to sleeping outside his cave.

Bruno's wife sees her hubby evicted.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, in a down to the wire HoH competition, Demetres muscled his way to his third HoH crown of the season.

While the king was showered by bathing beauties, the soggy bottom boys plotted their next move and despite Kevin and Bruno's last ditch effort to court the royals, the King condemned the season three sidekicks to the block.

In a heavenly PoV competition, William's timing was angelic and he soared right to veto paradise. With the power in William's hands, Kevin pushed his boy toy decoy to save his derriere but Queen Ika wasn't having it and she banned her subject from using the veto.

At the PoV ceremony, with two veto's in his arsenal, William walked one away but the secret veto was still in play. Find out what happens on Big Brother Canada!

Hey everyone and welcome to Big Brother Canada, greets Arisa. Who else is dying to see Sindy and Neda at the jury house? I know I am. I can't wait. That's coming up, as is the eviction vote. But first, thanks to William, the PoV ceremony was anything but ordinary. Let's see what happened with the secret veto.

We pick up at the veto ceremony when the red lights flash and Demetres gets called to the DR.

The HGs freak out while he's gone, wondering what's going on. Demetres picks up a card that tells him to bring to the living room and read to the HGs.

Demetres reads "HGs, a secret PoV has been found by one of us. This power allows them to secretly save someone from the block. They have decided to use this power today and save Kevin." Kevin thanks whoever used it. "This means that as HoH, Demetres must make a replacement nominee."

Demetres chooses Karen as a replacement nominee.

William tells us he needs to keep the secret that he had and used the veto from the rest of the house. Kevin is in the storage room and having a relief meltdown. Kevin tells us total surprise, did not see that coming. Here to stay and play!

Karen follows Demetres to the HoH room. Karen thinks they're going to vote her out and keep Bruno to keep the vet numbers. Demetres tells us Karen is the best pawn to ensure Bruno leaves this week. Karen says he's trusting the wrong people, Bruno will stay.

Demetres thinks she's wrong. He has Ika, Dillon and the rest of the newbies. They don't want either vet in the house. Karen says mark her words, she'll be going to jury. He just screwed his own game up.

Demetres tells us calling Karen a paranoid player is an understatement. Now that he's put her on the block, her radar is going nuts.

Karen comes downstairs and tells Jackie, "Well played". Jackie tells her to shut up and says Karen's such a little prick. Jackie tells us Karen is being a crazy lady right now and it's getting on her last nerve.

Ika and Dre discuss the secret PoV. They think Kevin found it and used it on himself.

Jackie and William join and Jackie says she'd never do that. Jackie tells us everyone is paranoid and everyone's name is being thrown around.

Everyone mills around the kitchen, trying to figure it out. William tells us they've narrowed it down to Kevin, Jackie or him. To be sure he's the best actor in the world, he's going to try and win an Oscar. It's going to be hard.

Ika goes into the storage room, losing her mind. She keeps saying BB is lit. She never finds anything in the house!

Karen approaches Dillon in the pink bedroom and asks him if he's going to apologize for the secret PoV. He swears on everything he loves, he did not have it. Karen cannot understand why Demetres didn't put Jackie up.

Karen tells us she knew there was going to be a secret PoV, her husband calls her a witch, he told they burned people like her in the 1800's. [more like the 1600's, but still funny.]

Dillon tells us Karen needs to calm down, he wants her to stay so she needs to chill out and stop throwing everyone under the bus. Keep it cool.

Bruno joins the room and Karen says he's staying and she's leaving. Good job. Bruno says he had no idea.

Bruno tells us Karen has been on the block 5 minutes and she's already blowing up and making a mess. She has such a big mouth and such a big personality, it's going to help his game.

Karen tells us not only is she on the block but Kevin, whom she's been completely annoyed by this season is safe while she is in jeopardy. She is so pissed. In the backyard, Karen tells Kevin this is the only good move he's made this season. Kevin denies it, and Karen says come on. Bruno reminds her they're on the bottom and have no one else. Karen says no one else is as stupid and Kevin gets offended, warning her not to call him stupid. Just because they're against each other in the game doesn't mean she has to attack his character. Karen says she's allowed to have her own feelings. It doesn't make them a bad person, it doesn't make them anything but having different opinion. So get over it.

Kevin tells us he doesn't know what he did to her to be so nasty to him but it doesn't matter - if he can get her to blow up enough, it might save Bruno.

Kevin asks Karen if they're Final Two is still on and she says over her dead body. She didn't make an Final Two with anyone in the house. Don't try to cause more paranoia, he's done enough.

Kevin approaches William in bathroom area and whispers his thanks. William admits it was him. Kevin offers to take credit for it, William would love that.

William tells us he kept Kevin because it's better for his game. Maybe Kevin will repay the favor and save him later.

Kevin tells us it feels amazing to be safe. The next item on his list is to make sure Bruno stays in the house. Kevin tells Bruno about William's secret PoV. Bruno doesn't understand why William didn't use the normal veto on him then. They try to figure out a way to flip the house. Bruno thinks it's hopeless but Kevin is optimistic.

In the bathroom area, Kevin approaches Ika and Demetres. Kevin tells them about his conversation by the hot-tub with Karen.

Kevin tells us while they're bonding about Karen going nuts, this may be a way to keep Bruno.

Ika says Karen is a threat to her and maybe they need to vote her out. Ika and Demetres suggest they let her lose it. Dre wants to evict Karen too. Bruno mentions Karen keeps talking about Demetres and Ika.

Ika tells us even though she wanted Kevin gone more than anything, the secret PoV screwed that up and now she might have to work with them for one more week.

Jackie and Dre enter the blue bedroom and find a stuffed teddy bear with a card. Jackie pounces on it.

They call the HGs to the living room . "Hello everyone, my name is Brickley Bear. Do you all like to play games? Hidden around the house are Brickley bears. Whomever is holding me will get something good or bad from BB. Let's play!"

Demetres mutters someone is getting a costume. "Because I held Brickley bear first," Jackie reads, "I get a slop pass for the rest of the season!" She jumps up and down happily.

Everyone takes off to find their own Brickley bears. William, Dillon and Dre find one. Everyone holding one has to pick someone not holding one to take a polar bear swim in the backyard. Dillon picks Demetres, Dre picks Kevin and Ika warns William not to pick Ika. He picks Ika and says his Queen needs to cool down.

Ika tells us William is a little weasel. The next round starts. The only one who didn't find a bear was Demetres. He has to dress like a bear and sleep in a cave outside for the rest of the week. Because everyone was a good sport, one person holding a bear will win a $1,000 shopping spree to the Brick. Kevin wins it! The Brick will donate $1,000 to the Children's Miracle Network. Thank you, Brickley!

The three HGs head outside to the tub of ice for their polar bear swim. Kevin goes in first and goes under. Demetres is next and finally Ika.

Ika tells us she's not giving William a reaction. She goes in and under with a stone face. Like a boss, Dillon cries out! And that's how it's done, Ika tells us.

Demetres then comes in later in an adorable bear costume. Demetres tells us he can bearly contain his excitement. The backyard opens to reveal the cave. From HoH to the Den, Jackie jokes.

Kevin says this is unbearable while the rest of the HGs laugh.

Demetres the Bear wakes up from his cave, stretches and heads into the storage room. Dillon pretends to shoot him and Demetres collapses on the floor playing dead. They giggle.

Kevin is looking at the stars in the main bridge, thinking. William joins him. Kevin tells us relationships in this house and be very tricky and hard to balance.

People see him and William as a pair; he's afraid that William is too attached. Kevin discusses how they're not a showmance with William, they kiss and flirt but that's it.

William doesn't look impressed when Kevin says he doesn't consider them a showmance. William tells us he's not sure what Kevin thinks they are! He just took Kevin off the block, and their relationship is not a big deal? They kiss, they sleep in the same bed. What are they then?

In HoH, Bruno visits Demetres. Bruno tells us he needs to campaign hard to Demetres in case there is a 3-3 tie that he needs to break.

Karen is in the pink bedroom, muttering about all the liars in the house. They're so paranoid. They call her paranoid? It's like she's living in the nuthouse.

Dre enters and Karen includes her in the conversation. It's insane, she doesn't understand how fast people turn on each other. Dre seems impatient and says she's going to fight for Bruno to leave and when he does, she wants an apology from Karen.

Karen says listen to her, she doesn't know what she thinks she has done. She hasn't done anything. Dre assures her she's campaigning for Karen to stay.

Dre tells us she wants the vets gone from the house. But Karen's mopey behaviour is making it hard to keep her and it's pissing Dre off.

In the backyard, Dre vents to Dillon. It's BBCAN, what did Karen expect? Dillon has never seen Dre so fired up. Dre thinks Karen makes people want to keep Bruno. She has no pity for Karen, she can go home if she doesn't want to play the game.

It's time to see the reunion with Neda and Sindy in the jury house! Neda tells us she's never had the jury experience last time, she was thrown right into the world. She got to cry and mourn in peace and quiet.

The wilderness is great, the bugs are not but it's nice reconnecting with nature. Neda is a pro outdoors person now. Her mom would be proud of her. She loves BB so for her to lose means she lost out on her dream two times. She knew she'd be the villain going into the game but she's still human, it still hurts!

Sindy tells us she's sitting in the car she could've driven home as a winner and instead she's in the backseat on her way to jury. Neda's probably going to tell her I told you so. She honestly never thought she'd have to do this drive.

Neda is excited for who is coming next; she wants someone who can comfort her. Sindy enters cautiously and Neda's face lights up and she bursts out laughing. First words are 'I told you so.' Then she laughs that they are all losers.

Sindy wants to know if Neda's mad, she says she dated the last person who evicted her. She doesn't care, it's a game move. She can't wait for Sindy to tell her what happened. Sindy wonders if they're going to date - depends on how much wine Neda drinks, she jokes.

They watch the episodes leading to Sindy's eviction. Neda doesn't like that people gave up to let Dillon win HoH. Not at this point in the competition.

Sindy tells us she's going to make this the best experience again. Neda tells us her agenda in the house is to vote for the best player. No bitter jurors allowed.

Time for the live vote and eviction!

Arisa replays Ika's freak out from PoV for Ika to see first. Arisa asks why she's so afraid of cute, adorable, harmless bunnies.

Ika says it had red eyes like the devil. It's not natural! [uh, yes Ika it is. ~Morty] Obviously she likes bears more than bunnies, Arisa says. Hi Demetres! Demetres says he's not having fun with the costume, it's unbearable!

Arisa guesses secret veto's are Kevin's new favorite things. He says he's pretty stoked about it.

Final pleas. Bruno: Shout outs. We all came in here as strangers and will leave as one big dysfunctional family but a family nonetheless. This is my second time here and I want to play so keep me if it's good for your game. I'm ready to keep playing.

Karen: Shout outs. I want you to know that this is truly been an epic and blessed place to be this season. Remember as your lives go on, age is just a number, be true to yourself and live your dreams. Please, vote Bruno out. (The HGs laugh) Love you!

The voting is:
Dillon voted to evict Bruno
Jackie voted to evict Bruno
Kevin voted to evict Karen
Ika voted to evict Bruno
William voted to evict Bruno
Dre voted to evict Bruno
By a vote of 5-1, Bruno is evicted from the BB Odyssey.

Bruno twirls Karen around before hugging her and then everyone else. He and Kevin cry and he whispers something encouraging in Kevin's ear.

Bruno tells everyone to play hard and then walks into a very loud studio, full of cheering and applause. He blows kisses to everyone before hugging Arisa and sitting on the stool, thanking them for the applause. He sees his wife and starts crying.

Bruno says if his enemies won HoH, he was going home, if his side had won HoH, they were going home. He gives credit to the amazing season, amazing bunch of players.

Arisa asks about the vets vs newbies. Bruno says there was a trust issue, that's why it's flopping. He really would've done final four with Ika and Demetres. He and Kevin developed something real after not liking each other in season three. He was working on bonding him with Karen and Dillon before he left, he hopes that works.

Goodbye messages -
Kevin: Watching you walk out the doors is the lowest moment in the game for him. They're brothers, and he will take these people down for him.

Ika: You have been the world's worst person in the house. He's lied and cheated on her and if history repeats it'self, he'll do it again so that's why she had to eliminate him.

Demetres: He was his boy in the beginning of the season, he wanted to put his trust in Bruno but the trust faded and he doesn't know if there's room for both in the house. They're both physical competitors and he doesn't know if he can beat Bruno. Sorry!

Karen: I know I told you a million times, I loved you in S3 but in S5, not to much. (Bruno repeats that with her and the audience laughs) I love you buddy, see you on the outside.

Dre: Bruno, I'm glad I got to play with you. Unfortunately you were on the wrong side of the house right away because I want all of the vets gone. Have fun in jury, but don't worry - Kevin and Ika will be joining you soon.

Bruno looks stunned by Dre's words. He gets a huge final round of applause.

Time for the HoH competition! The HGs are in the backyard standing on what looks like large barbell weight plates. This competition is called Pressed for Power and here's how it works. All HGs have their own weight station and will press their weights against your plates and your job is to keep them there. If you drop a weight, you're out. The last person standing will be the new HoH. They get into position and the challenge starts.

Well that does it for us tonight. Be here on Monday to see who is the next HoH. And then on Wednesday we'll find out what happens with the PoV. And here's some big news! Next Thursday, one week from tonight, it's a triple eviction! Three more HGs will head to jury as we get closer to our huge finale night! Thanks for being here tonight and remember, someone is always watching!

Catch the post eviction show After The Eviction #LiveonFacebook - Presented by The Brick on Facebook

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E20 was written by BBLuver.

Did you miss tonight's episode?  See it here.

9:04PM BBT: The feeds are back and Kevin won HoH. Ika and Demetres are in the Have-Not room talking about probably going on the block this week.

9:10PM BBT: Karen joins Ika and Demetres in the Have-Not room and said that she is going to try and make her pallet better. She is complaining about her pillow not having any support. After Karen lays some towels down on her bed, she said they have about three hours before they can go to bed and she leaves the room.

9:12PM BBT: In the meantime, Dre, Dillon, Jackie and Will are in the Have-Not room. Kevin just finished washing his stuffed pig. Karen walked in the HoH room to let the others know the back yard is open.

9:14PM BBT: Will, Dre, Dillon and Jackie are talking about how good the newbies are doing and that there is only two vets left.

In the Have-Not room Ika tells Demetres that Karen is worse than slop. Ika does not want to go to jury with those hateful people. Demetres said that they are waiting for one of them to walk in there. Demetres wonders how they can escape this week and they cannot loose Dre. Ika said that they do not have Williams vote and they are unsure about Dillon's vote. They are hoping that Karen will be on the block with one of them so they are not on the block together.

9:27PM BBT: The feeds switch to Dillon and Jackie going out by the hot-tub and their mic's are making a lot of noise so the feeds go down.

Up in the HoH room Karen, Dre, Will and Kevin are sitting around talking about what house guests use ice.

The feeds come back by the hot-tub and Jackie is saying how this is a blessing in disguise. She thinks that this will now show Ika's true colors. Dillon said the problem with being in an alliance with Ika is it is hard being around her because she talks so much stuff about everyone. Dillon is glad that him and Kevin talked earlier because she told him stuff about Kevin that is not true.

Dillon was saying that Dre told him that some stuff Ika said was not true. Dillon thinks that Kevin is going to put Ika and Demetres up. Jackie wonders if they are going to try and make a deal with Kevin. Dillon does not think that Kevin would take a deal with Ika and Demetres.

Jackie said that it hurts her because she told William that she would put up Kevin if she won HoH so now she tried to talk to Kevin, but she is nervous that Ika is going to turn on her. Dillon and Jackie both have been fake being nice to Ika. Jackie has to sleep in the Have-Not room again, but she is not on slop.

9:38PM BBT: Dillon told Jackie that Kevin knows that they have to get Ika and Demetres out. Dillon said that Kevin needs to know that Ika and Demetres were going to put up Kevin and William 100 percent. Dillon said if he won HoH he was going to put up Ika and Demetres. Dillon said all week Ika and Demetres have been telling him that Kevin was talking about him but Kevin said that it was not true.

Back in the Have-Not room Ika and Demetres are talking about how glad they are that Bruno is gone and how the whole house hated Kevin and Bruno. Ika thinks that Bruno is resentful because he thinks Demetres was put in the house just for Bruno.

Demetres has to think back to day six when he almost went home and it humbles him. Demetres told Ika she don't need to win HoH because that is how good she is. Ika said that she needs to win to keep Demetres safe. Demetres said that the HoH competitions are so hard to sit through when you can't play. Demetres said he did all he can to keep his mouth shut when Kevin was trying to make a deal with Dre during the HoH competition. Demetres said that William repulses him... and then the feeds change to the HoH room with William talking about how he could not feel his hands in the HoH competition.

9:49PM BBT: The feeds switch back to the Have-Not room where Demetres is laughing that they have dismantled the six one by one. Ika is laughing saying that they have taken out all of his (Kevin's) allies. Demetres does not think that Kevin is vengeful. Demetres believes Kevin when he said he is not vengeful.

Ika and Demetres both do not think that Kevin wanted Bruno to stay in the house. Ika is leaving the Have-Not room while Demetres wants about five more minutes to lay there.

Demetres left the Have-Not room right after Ika did and they are wondering where the others are. They enter the HoH room where Will and Kevin are. Ika starts talking about how hard Karen is going to have it in the Have-Not room and how Karen laid her bedding right in Ika's way.

Ika asked Kevin if he knows why Bruno went to Demetres that Ika was the reason that he almost left week one. Kevin said that she voted for him to stay and he did not know that Bruno said that to him.

Ika said that he came to campaign one hour before eviction and then he went down stairs in the kitchen to say stuff to Demetres. Kevin said that he was in the blue room shedding a couple of tears.

Ika said that Bruno was not very nice after he found out that he was not going to be saved. Kevin is surprised that Bruno was bitter. Ika said that she felt bad and then she found out that Bruno was saying things about her. [Ika is working Kevin so that she won't go on the block. ~Sassy2565]

Kevin told Ika that Bruno had a lot of respect for Ika's position in the house. Ika tells Kevin if there was no special power then they would have kept him for sure and Kevin believes her.

10:10PM BBT: Ika is still going on to Kevin about how her discussion with Bruno got heated and that he was saying bad things about Ika and she does not know why he was being that way if he knew he needed her vote.

Kevin said that Bruno never said anything to him about her after that conversation before the live eviction. Ika said that she is not a good liar that is why she has to resort to telling the truth. Ika said that it was better for her and Demetres game to keep Kevin in the house and it is better for Kevin's game if Bruno was gone.

Ika thought Bruno said some stuff to Kevin and then said she wants to know why it is a trend when someone leaves the house they throw her under the bus. Ika is now telling Kevin how Karen wants all of the vets out of the house.

10:25PM BBT: Ika is still in the HoH room going over that week one vote and what Bruno said about her.

10:33PM BBT: In the kitchen Demetres is cleaning up and Karen walks in and asks if he thinks that Ika will have more slop tonight. Demetres is not sure. Karen said it is not good and Demetres agrees. Karen is going to see what it is like outside.

After Karen leaves the kitchen, Jackie walks in and they begin to talk about slop and the HoH competition. Demetres tells Jackie how it is tough in the BB house and then he talks about going on vacations and how it is tough being away from home.

10:43PM BBT: Ika is still in the HoH room talking to Kevin. She told him that if she won HoH she would not have put him up and asks him that if he is going to put her up then please just tell her. Kevin said that he wants to talk to everyone first.

Ika said that she is not going to throw anyone under the bus. Ika said that she knows that they just sent his (Kevin's) best friend out. Kevin said that he is a logical player he is not vengeful.

The discussion between them turns to trust issues. Ika reminds Kevin that he is not playing HoH next week and Kevin will have her, Demetres and Dre to play for him. Ika tells Kevin that the others will put him on the block. Ika assures Kevin they will not put him on the block and the others will tell him the same thing. Ika told Kevin that she was worried about him winning HoH because she did not know if he would go back on his word.

Kevin said that he is talking to every single person but he is not putting Dre and William up. He does not have his mind made up and he will tell them when he does.

Kevin tells Ika that she and Demetres are the biggest threat right now and the others will want them up and he just hopes that he can trust them. Ika said that they gave Jackie their word that they would not put her up and they; didn't. Kevin said that stuff got back to Dillon, Jackie and Karen.

Ika is trying to explain that things did get back to them because they seen her talking to Kevin. Ika tells Kevin that Dillon was telling her things that Kevin was saying. Kevin and Ika both agree they are short term players.

11:01PM BBT: Ika said that she has to tell people that she is going after Kevin because they just had him on the block.

Demetres walked in the HoH and the discussion turns back to the first eviction vote and what Bruno said about Ika right before he left today. Ika left the room and Demetres is talking to Kevin. Demetres said that they don't have to be best friends to make this work and after next week Kevin will be covered. Demetres tells Kevin that he is better at separating his emotions from game.  [Stroking his ego. ~Sassy2565]

Kevin wants to know if everyone of those other people in the house told him for sure that he was going up. Demetres had to think for a minute and said he knows that Will did not. Demetres said that he really did not want to get of Bruno. Kevin understands that they wanted to keep him (Kevin) and wanted to work with him but could not trust him with Bruno.

11:16PM BBT: Karen and Dillon are out by the hot-tub talking about Ika manipulating everyone and saying things to put doubt in everyone's minds. Dillon tells Karen how Ika has been telling Kevin how everyone was going to put him on the block and Kevin knows that it is just Ika manipulating him. Dillon told Karen that Kevin said she is the last person that he would put up.

The feeds switch to the HoH room with Will and Kevin talking. Kevin asked Will if he thinks that Dre just held on to make Ika and Demetres think that she was not giving Kevin the HoH. Will does not want to talk about Dre much.

Kevin said that he thinks putting Ika and Demetres up is the best. Kevin said that Ika is convincing, but he wants Will to know that he is the only person that he told he was going to put up Ika and Demetres. Kevin can't believe that he won the HoH competition. Kevin said his other options are Dillon and Karen but they are a boring move.

Will does not think that he can trust Ika and Demetres. Kevin agrees because they just put him and Bruno on the block. Kevin said so now that Bruno is gone Will is the person that he will talk to about everything. Kevin asks Will if Dillon threw the HoH competition.

Will said that he does not know but thinks that he really wanted to win. Kevin said this week there will be five votes and if he puts up Ika and Demetres. Then if Demetres wins the PoV he would put up Jackie. Ika would be convinced that Demetres, Dre and William would vote to keep her.

William does not think that Ika thinks that Dre is that close to Ika. Kevin said that Ika told Jackie that Will hates her. Will said he knows that Ika told her that because Dre was there when she said that and Dre told him.

Kevin thinks it will be a good move to put up Ika and Demetres. Will asks Kevin if he prefers Ika or Demetres go. Kevin said Ika is better socially and Demetres game wise so he is not sure.

11:28PM BBT: Dre walks in to the HoH room and asks Kevin if he knows what he wants to do.

Kevin said he has an idea and talks about the two pairs. Kevin feels like if he could trust Ika and Demetres that would be great.

Dre asks how does he feel and Kevin said no because they just put him on the block and sent Bruno home. Dre said that she does not want to influence his game but this is what she is going to say. She was straight up and told them they are a pair and if they put Kevin and Bruno on the block they would remain the biggest target. Dre said that she told Ika and Demetres if they could not trust Kevin and Bruno then put them on the block.

Dre explains that she was afraid that Will's game would have been in danger if he used the PoV. Dre is afraid of giving too much information but she wanted Kevin to know that if he stayed on the block it was not 100 percent that he was staying. Dre admits that she did throw the HoH to Kevin, but did not want to make it obvious. Dre said when Kevin gave her a deal she looked at Ika and Ika shook her head no.

Dillon walked in for a battery change and interrupted the conversation. Kevin knows that Ika was nervous about him winning. Dre told Kevin for his game it would be best not to put Ika and Demetres up because they are a big target that others will want to go after and when he is ready to go after Ika and Demetres he has to make sure he gets Ika out because she will be vengeful. Dre doesn't want to tell him what to do but Ika can be very convincing. Dre really loves Ika as a person but does not appreciate when she was going back and forth with information and her trust in Ika went from like 200 to 50 and it is hard to trust anything that she says. Dre reminds Kevin if he decides to go after Ika and Demetres he needs to make sure he gets the right target out or it will be worse for him.

Dre said a part of Ika's game is to pit people against each other. Kevin said that happened a lot the past two days. They continue talking about Ika and Demetres and Kevin said his gut told him when he won the challenge to put up Ika and Demetres.

11:50PM BBT: The discussion in the HoH room between Dre and Kevin turned to the six alliance, when it formed and previous things that happened in the house.

12:18AM BBT: Dre just left the HoH room after the past 30 minutes of talking to Kevin about where his relationship with Ika and Demetres went bad. After she left the HoH room Kevin said it was a good conversation. Will said that Dre is right where Ika and Demetres will be a target in front of them.

Kevin is upset that others will see them as a pair and said they should start a fake fight. They play around a little and then Kevin wants to brush his teeth because he is so tired. Kevin thinks Dre is an interesting girl. William loves her.

12:30AM BBT: Kevin leaves the HoH room and goes into the blue bedroom and lays on the bed and the feeds switch to the pink bedroom where Ika and Demetres are talking.

The feeds switch back to the HoH room where Will and Kevin are talking about who would go after them next week. Will told Kevin not to think to much on it tonight and think about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, Dillon and Dre are in the back yard talking about how the vets have been scheming and going home thinking the newbies have no value. Dre does not understand why Bruno did not campaign.

12:43AM BBT: Dre told Dillon that she thinks that Kevin's targets are Ika and Demetres, but she thinks that he is scared to say it and do it. Dillon is going to talk to Kevin in the HoH room... and then the feeds go down.

12:46AM BBT: The feeds come back up with Dillon leaving the HoH room and heads back down to the back yard to talk to Dre. Dillon said that was easy and his work is done. Dre confirms that he said Ika and Demetres. Dillon tells her just don't say anything not even to Will. Dre wants to know if she is bad in wanting revenge to want the vets out. Dillon tells her no it is normal it is good for their game.

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Today's update was written by Sassy2565 with TV coverage by BBLuver

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Update Entry
Wednesday, April 26, 2017  Eviction Eve
Good Morning Canada! Here's a brief recap. Everyone thinks that the live feeders feel that Karen is gold, as she is so odd/funny without trying.

Karen continues to tell Bruno that he is staying. [It's one of her many conspiracy theories. ~BadTyper] Karen gives Bruno tips for the remainder of his game, says he must get rid of Kevin and Jackie for his own good.

William and Kevin talk; apparently Jackie thinks Will hates her (not sure why). Kevin said it's good that Will tried to make her think otherwise.

11:52AM BBT: Kevin confirms with Demetres that they will trust each other for the next two weeks, they don't want to make a final four deal as they need to build trust with one another.

Kevin states that he is going to be badmouthing Demetres and Ika, but not to believe any of it, he tells Dillon that he is pissed that Bruno is on the block. Demetres and Kevin say that if Karen gets HoH then they are on the block together.

Dre and Dillon talk about how Demetres and Ika have all the power and have been dictating who goes home, this may be old news but Dre is no longer as close to Ika as she was. Dre says she is just pretending with Demetres and Ika. Dillon promises if he gets HoH Demetres and Ika are going up.

Dillon and Dre are hoping Bruno goes tomorrow.

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Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

I said nothing!

Kevin lays a guilt trip on William

It's a little slice of heaven.

Turns out not everyone loves the fuzzy bunny.

The houseguests hear voices from home...  Ika's boys.

Bruno's kids too, laughing and giggling.

More disturbing than bunnies-- RATS!

Kevin works on William.

Ika works on Dre.

Kevin works harder on William.

Ika works on William.

William does not use the PoV.

Before to PoV ceremony was adjourned, BB calls Demetres to the diary room.
Full coverage of tonight's live eviction episode will not be posted here until after 11PM.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after Sindy got the boot, 'The Six' was down to a Shaky Four and with Ika fixed on payback, the war of The Four was heating up.

While Kevin and Bruno braced for battle, the newbies waited for the vets to dig their own grave.

At the HoH competition, it all came down to Bruno and Demetres. But the Greek pinned down the win and claimed the crown for the third time this season. Despite being in hot water, Kevin and Bruno kept their veteran cool and pitched targeting the newbies. But that the nomination ceremony, the Greek chose to declare war and nominated Bruno and Kevin.

Tonight, who'll blow a casket in the bunniest PoV ever? Will William use his secret PoV? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us he put up both Bruno and Kevin because he tried to trust them but can't. They've let him down time and time again. Kevin's his target, because Kevin is a good liar and hard to read so that makes him a big threat. If he doesn't take Kevin out now, Kevin will probably come after him soon. He put Bruno beside Kevin to ensure at least one of them is there on eviction night.

Bruno tells us this is horrible. He's on the block beside Kevin plus there are two vets on the block. The vets have cannibalized each other instead of going after the newbies.

Kevin tells us his alliance is falling apart. The jury house is filled with vets. He feels the control slipping away and he's worried.

Bruno and Kevin reassure themselves to play the veto; one of them will win and come down and they can focus on the replacement nominee.

Kevin goes to see Demetres in HoH. Kevin says he's very angry and thought they could make a great move together but he's not vengeful. Demetres says he made valid points but so does the rest of the house. Demetres feels that if he doesn't win, he was going home. William told Demetres (says Demetres) that Kevin wanted him out. Kevin denies it. Kevin tells us he's concerned that he told William he wanted Demetres out and William told Demetres. The conversation ends awkwardly.

Kevin tells us he thought he had William more under his control but the fact that William is spreading things through the house makes him question if William was under his control at all.

Kevin takes William into the storage room and asks if he's playing him. William denies it, Kevin mentions what people are saying. William says he doesn't talk to anyone in the house, Kevin doesn't know who to believe.

William swears on his mother's life that he has never played Kevin. He doesn't talk to anyone in the game, just listens. Only Dre he talks to. William admits he may have told Dre Kevin wanted Demetres out.

Kevin curses when he realizes in essence, it did come from William.

In the DR, William chuckles. "Sorry, Kevin, I guess I did tell Dre."

Kevin tells us he's guilt tripping William because he wants to play on his sensitivity and get more loyalty long term. Kevin hugs William before leaving the room, saying, "I'm not mad, just disappointed." That conversation again, ends awkwardly.

Bruno talks to Ika about his nomination. Ika says she believes Bruno is loyal, but Demetres is his own person. Ika assures Bruno if he's on the block against Kevin, Bruno will not go home. She says when she saw both of them on the block, it hit her that they were both vets. Bruno reminds her there's only three of them left. He adds that they are all the idiots in the house. The newbies are laughing at them taking each other out.

Ika tells us she was truly OK with these nominations just the other day but after seeing two vets on the block she's not as OK. Kevin is a snake and sketchy and has to go but Bruno isn't so bad. He could help Ika out later. She's thinking - she doesn't know.

Ika approaches Demetres in the HoH room, concerned about how it looks if Ika is the only vet left with all the newbies. Demetres thinks she's fine and that she won't be a target if both boys leave. Ika says Karen doesn't stop saying she wants all the vets gone. She wants to outlast all the "vet giants". Are they playing into the newbie hands? Demetres says no. He's never thought of it like that.

Ika starts wondering if Dre has been lying to her about things William has been saying to make her hate the newbies now. Ika doesn't trust anyone, she says as she leaves the room.

Time to pick players for the PoV competition! Demetres picks Ika, Bruno picks William, Kevin picks Dre.

In the storage room, Kevin tells us he said he won't throw Bruno under the bus, but he will if he has to. If Bruno wins and pulls himself off, that's devastating. He's not giving up, there's no way. He's going to win today. He can't let these people win.

Time for the PoV competition! The backyard is decorated with fire and caskets and Ika says "no no no" over and over as she gets into the casket.

Ika tells us she knows BB will throw cockroaches, maggots, snakes in with them. She's losing her mind.

Jackie, dressed as an angel, appears. "HGs, this weeks PoV competition is called 100 minutes of heaven and here's how it works. Your job is simple - hit your buzzer when you think 100 minutes has gone by. The HGs who buzzes in closest to 100 minutes will win the PoV. BB will have some heavenly surprises throughout the competition that hopefully you will enjoy. Your time in heaven starts now!"

Kevin is rubbing his chest slowly, counting. 6000 seconds is the 100 minute mark.

Demetres tells us counting is secondary to trying to figure out when to hit the button.

The first heavenly surprise is bubbles, which distracts Demetres as he tries to pop them.

Next up is a "Hallelujah" song. The music goes on repeat, Dre tells us it does not distract her but Ika tells us she can't wait for it to be over.

A hot guy and hot girl come out dressed in angels costumes bring out chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Demetres tells us it's heaven while Ika tells us she can leave. William wants the angel boy in his box, he's counting abs now, not seconds.

The angels come back with white bunny rabbits, placing one on each HG. Ika freaks out and screams, not letting the bunny touch her. She's scared and Dillon tells her it's way more scared of her than she is of it. Ika's freaked by the red eyes (apparently not knowing that's normal for pure white bunnies).

Ika does not stop screaming as she curls herself out of her casket. Bruno tells us he feels sorry for the cute little bunny. Ika tells us she is staying in the casket because she cares about winning the veto and not letting Demetres down.

Demetres tells us he sees Kevin and Bruno looking solid, looking unfazed and keeping track of time. He does not want them to win and have to name a replacement nominee. The lights go off on all but Demetres. He hears laughter, knows it's his dad and it's breaking his focus. It's kind of creepy.

Each HGs gets the same treatment, laughter from a family member. Tears break out when Ika hears her kids laughing. Ika tells us it's the best and worst distraction.

Bruno also tears up when he hears his boys. Bruno tells us he tries to block out their voices but it's really hard. We are at 69 minutes now.

Kevin tells us he's keeping his rythm going, not losing focus. Then the angels bring out three rats in a glass tube for each casket. Then the rats get poured into the casket. Now Dre is freaking out too.

Ika is crying and even William is squirming. Ika hops out of the coffin, eliminating herself.

Dre tells us the rats are crawling all over them, their little feet are all over their bodies. William encourages Dre to keep counting. Dre tells us she wants to win to prove to the vets what she's made of and make sure Kevin or Bruno get sent to jury.

Bruno tells us he's not letting the rats distract him. The Hallelujah song starts again, causing William to tell it to shut up. William hits his buzzer finally and gets out.

Demetres tells us by his count they were only at 85 minutes. Kevin hits his next, followed by Demetres. Demetres tells us he buzzes in after Kevin because he feels they are under 100 and his being closer will beat Kevin.

Bruno tells us he feels everyone else is too early. He has to trust himself and his counting. Bruno buzzes in, followed by Dre. She thinks they're under 100 minutes so she'll be closest.

Time for the results! The two HGs with the worst time, buzzing in 27 minutes over are Dre and Bruno. Everyone is surprised.

The winner of the PoV, buzzing in at seven mins and four seconds over is William!

William tells us he's shocked, he cannot believe he won. He has the secret PoV and this veto! He has no idea what he's going to do!

The HGs all realize how far off they all were. Kevin tells us losing the PoV with his life on the line was the worst option, but William winning is the next best thing. He has to convince William to use it on him.

In the pink bedroom, Ika and Dre discuss if they think William would use it. Dre doesn't think so. Ika tells us she doesn't want William to use it on Kevin. Kevin is shady, he's a snake, Kevin is her target and she wants him gone. Ika tells Dre she has to talk to William.

In the storage room, Bruno and Kevin discuss William's using the veto. Bruno thinks William would use it on Kevin.

Kevin approaches William in the blue bedroom. They have to talk quickly because Jackie might be on her way in. Kevin wants to be real and honest - everyone will take him out if he stays on the block. It's all up to William. If he doesn't trust him, then send him out, Kevin says. He's better for William's game than Bruno, Kevin adds. William wants Kevin to stay.

Dre, Demetres and Ika in the HoH room, still wondering if William will use the PoV. Ika says she'll kill him if he uses the PoV. Ika tells Dre to talk to William. Dre says William doesn't want to make Ika mad.

Ika tells us she's flat out going to lie to Dre; make William think Kevin's not the target, even though he is. Dre tells us she needs to convince William not to use the PoV. If she says Demetres and Ika will be mad at him forever and they have the votes to keep Kevin, he might not use the veto.

Dre interrupts Kevin and William and asks for four seconds. They have a quick discussion in French that consists of Dre delivering Ika's message. William is suspicious why he can't just use it then if they're going to save Kevin anyway. Dre says she wouldn't tell him that if she thought Kevin would leave. She is convinced she is in a position to make sure Kevin stays. William says it's not that he doesn't trust them, he wants to be sure though. They get interrupted so William says they can talk more later.

[The guillotine remained France's standard method of judicial execution until the abolition of capital punishment in 1981. The last person to be executed in France was Hamida Djandoubi, who was executed by the guillotine on September 10, 1977.]

William tells us Dre stresses him out so badly. She wouldn't do anything to stab him in the back but she's acting kind of sketchy. His two favourite people in the house are asking him to do different things and it makes him wonder what to do. William goes back to cuddling with Kevin.

When William leaves Kevin, he joins Dre and DemIka in the HoH room.

Ika tells us she needs to make sure William does what he wants. She's protected him in this game and she wants him to return the favour.

William tells Ika he doesn't know what to do with his veto. Ika tells him not to use the veto. His allegiance is to her, not to Kevin. She's been fair with him, she respected his HoH. She asks him to respect his knight's HoH and not use the PoV and she'll keep his peasant boy (Kevin) safe. William admits Bruno won't help his game at all, Kevin will shield him. Ika says he has three shields right in the HoH room.

Ika says Demetres doesn't want anymore blood on his hand by having to nominate a replacement nominee. William didn't have to during his HoH. They'll keep Kevin safe. Ika and Demetres both say it helps their game to keep Kevin.

Ika asks William if he wants to feel the wrath of Ika?

William tells us Ika is in his face right now, trying to scare him into not using the veto. But she doesn't know he has the secret PoV so he'll do what he wants.

William heads back to the blue bedroom and spills the "plan". Dre joins them and Kevin asks who is better for her game, him or Bruno. Dre says she doesn't like either of them.

Kevin admits there were moments he was playing William, but he was never going to go after William and would protect him.

Dre says Kevin is putting William in a bad position by asking him to use the PoV. Dre doesn't believe if Kevin stayed he'd do anything for William. It's easy to say, he doesn't have any other option.

William tells us he needs to think about his game long term. Maybe not using the secret PoV is the biggest move he can make.

Time for the PoV ceremony.

William gives them the chance to say why they think he should use the PoV on them. Kevin: We have an awesome relationship in the house. Do what's best for your game. Bruno: I know there's no chance you'll use it on me. It's all good, congrats on winning it.

William decides not to use the PoV. There was a part of him that wanted to save Kevin but at the end of the day, it's best for his game to respect Demetres' nominations.

They start to adjourn the PoV ceremony, then the lights flash red and Demetres is called to the DR.

Everyone wonders what's going on.

Will the secret PoV be played? And who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow night! On Big Brother Canada!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E19 was written by BBLuver.

Did you miss tonight's episode of BBCAN5? You can watch it here.

Today's update was written by BadTyper with TV coverage by BBLuver
The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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