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The Big Brother Canada House was located in Leslieville Toronto and for the second time, the BB house studio was sold and the BB house had to be torn down and rebuilt at a new location. The BBCAN house is now located at Studio 550 in Etobicoke, ON Canada - See it on Google.
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By a vote of  5-6, Maki was evicted.
It was tied 5-5 and Dane broke the tie.
In a knock-out Truth or Spies HoH competition, the last two standing were Stef and Chelsea.
The new HoH is Chelsea.

Anthony, Eddie, and Sam are Have-Nots.
Damien and Kiera were nominated for eviction.
Sam won the PoV.
House punishment: The house was on punishment with everyone is on slop and cold showers.
Sam used the Veto on Kiera and Chelsea nominated Kailyn in her place.

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Update Entry
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 Big Brother Canada
The link to today's update thread is here.
8:40(ish) PM BBT: Sam and Chelsea and Kyra were re-enacting an encounter Chelsea had with Kailyn. Sam left the Have-Not room as part of the re-enactment. Chelsea and Kyra still talking loudly about Kailyn, when Sam comes back in, she tells them Kailyn is right outside. They are worried she heard them.

9:00PM BBT: In the storage room, Anthony, speaking to Mark and Adam: "Girls are smarter than us."

Anthony wants Adam to build trust with Damien and make a deal with him.

Adam: "So what's the deal next week? We put two girls up?"

Anthony: "It depends who slips. Sam said in front of Kiki, 'I definitely gotta get Adam out eventually.'"

Mark: "She's not stupid, she knows she has got to take her shot before you do, because you are stronger and faster than she is."

Adam: "She wouldn't put me up (Sam)."

Anthony: "You don't know that."

Adam doesn't think that she would take him out yet, "Who else does she have?"

Anthony: "These girls don't have loyalty." The conversation was interrupted by Eddie.

9:10PM BBT: Anthony now has tracked down Adam in the hallway to continue his campaign to turn Adam against Sam.

Later... Kiera, Eddie, and Stef are talking about the need to win this week's HoH which they believe will be endurance. Then "bam bam bam," they will knock the other side off

Sam telling Adam he is being paranoid about thinking people want him out. Sam says "Mama got into everyone's ear yesterday." Adam is most worried about Damien winning

Today's updates were written by mannersminded  and Mousemeat.

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Update Entry
Monday, March 18, 2019 PoV Meeting Today!

Note: I will be away from my keyboard today (having a little surgical procedure) when the PoV meeting takes place. The link to today's update thread is here. I know getting people to post updates in the forum has been pretty much a bust this season, but I'm hoping someone will step up to the plate today and post what happens after the PoV meeting. So if you want to know what happened, read here, if you know what happened, post here.

Back to Big Brother Canada 7...

The PoV ceremony happened and Sam took Kiera down and Chelsea named Kailyn the replacement nominee, which was the plan. Kailyn is the target. Damien or Kailyn will be evicted on Thursday. 

When the feeds came back on last night, Sam and Adam were listening to music and Sam says she is tipsy. Sam keeps getting in trouble for singing. The houseguests had a few pitchers of beer tonight.

Today's updates were written by mannersminded, IndyMom78, Fuskie, and Mousemeat.
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Update Entry
Sunday, March 17, 2019 House Full of Have-Nots
The link to today's update thread is here. Please help out by posting live feed updates in our forum.

The house is being punished for something and all the agents (HGs) are on slop and cold showers, and the storage room refrigerator is chained shut with a big padlock on it.

Sam is planning to use her PoV to take Kiera off the block to win her trust. Adam believes Estefania will be also loyal to them (Chelsea, Sam, Adam, and Dane) for taking Kiera off the block. Mark and Anthony are angry that this could lead to Damien getting voted out. Looks like Kailyn could be going up as a replacement.

Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 8:00PM
I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother Canada show may not be posted here until after 11PM.

Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Dane teed off in the HoH competition and took over the house, he played it safe and put up Maki and Kyra to help keep his pretty boy alliance top secret.

While Maki took it in stride, Kyra's emotional game worried her allies. With the veto in the hands of another pretty boy, the nominations stayed the same. And when the poet slammed Adam, undercover Anthony read between the lines.

Meanwhile, Kyra found their groove and put Maki and his handlers square in Adam's crosshairs. And then Maki took a blowtorch to his game.

On eviction night, the house was split in half. For only the second time in BBCAN history a tie vote put all the power in the hands of the HoH.

And when Dane dropped the hammer, the poets ran out of ink. Before the dust could settle the two sides took shots at each.

In the end Chelsea took down Estefania for HoH.

Tonight, who will Chelsea put up on the block. How will the house recover from the polarizing tie vote? It's all coming up on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the HoH competition and Chelsea says she's stoked to this win HoH because everything was chaos after the last eviction. We look back on Dane casting his final vote.

We see it's Day 13 and Maki putting a plague on the house. Kyra says they managed to survive eviction by a tie breaker and the house is tense. Dane says Maki threated him and his alliance and he had to go.

Kyra says the game just started, let's play! Kailyn says the games been being played for two weeks. Kailyn says she rallied the votes to force Dane to make a decision and cast the deciding vote.

We see Kailyn telling Este, Eddie, and Kiera that Dane swore he would vote Kyra out including swearing on his father. Kyra thanks everyone for voting against them. Adam says why would keep a number for your guys? Damien says he gave his word to Maki at the beginning of the week.

In the storage room Dane is upset and Anthony and Adam are consoling him. Adam says it was a big move, we had to take him out because he was coming after us. Kyra is confronting Kailyn about campaigning for Maki. Dane tells everyone that Maki threatened him and Kailyn so you left those who were loyal and honored their word with targets on their back.

Chelsea says there is one person that's responsible for the divide in the house and that's Kailyn, and she's on her radar on who to target. Chelsea goes upstairs with Adam, Anthony, Kyra, and Sam and they scream and celebrate and Eddie comes in and the celebrations calms for a minute.

Eddie is talking to Kailyn and he says this is his dream and he has to play smart. He's telling Kailyn that he was going to vote with the house last week and Kailyn says she knew the vote would be split. Eddie asks Kailyn who Chelsea would put up? Kailyn says Cory and she tells him she doesn't believe they are in danger this week.

Who wants to see Chelsea's HoH room? She gets her basket and Skechers. She's so excited for her HoH room. She gets her video and it's her friend Jordan. She says she's so excited for Chelsea and she's never watched the live feeds before, but she is now. They are so happy for her and proud of her and they'll be waiting with a glass of wine when she gets out of the house. Chelsea says this just focuses her to keep going.

Chelsea is talking to Sam and Adam and Chelsea is saying Kyra needs to calm down. Chelsea says they needs to remember that they are playing all the time and arrogant statements can put a huge target back on them. Chelsea says Kyra needs to understand they need to keep their distance. Chelsea tells Kyra that perception in this game is reality. Chelsea tells Kyra to be careful. Chelsea tells Kyra they can't be glued together and Kyra leaves. Chelsea says she just needs her space and privacy in her HoH.

We see some hot dogs and a backyard BBQ and there's a slide, and Chelsea greets them by the grill. The competition is called Slop and Slide. They randomly drew teams and one at a time each member will slide into the slop and hunt for a recipe. Once they finish their plate, the next teammate can go. The first team to finish will get food for the week. The last two teams will compete in a final round and the loser will be Have-Nots for the week.

Dane and Kiera are up first. Kiera got slop sushi and Dane got Slopballs and Spaghetti. They are both stuffing their mouths and gagging. Dane is finished first and Estefania is next. Kiera has finished and Kyra is next. Estefania has sushi and she can't finish her plate so she tags in Kailyn has Sloppy Joes. Kailyn says she should probably finish the sushi, but there's no way she's doing that so she's searching for sloppy Joe's.

Kailyn finds sloppy joes and she finishes and Dane is back in. Dane got the sushi and Adam has sloppy joes. Dane is done. Este is next and she is gagging into a bucket. Dane tells Este to tag her in and she does and yellow team of Dane, Estefania, and Kailyn are done first and they get to eat the BBQ food.

On the menu for round two they have Slop Salad, Slop Dogs, and Slopsicles. Damien and Sam are both up first. Sam has a slop dog and Damien has the slopsicle. Damien is done and Cory is up. Sam is gagging. Cory found the slop salad. Sam says she was just a Have-Not, she's not going there again. Cory says she's channeling her inner-slopzilla. Sam is still on her slop dog and Cory is shoving the salad in her mouth gagging. Sam is done and Anthony is up and he has the slop salad. Cory has finished and Mark is up and he gets the slop dog. Anthony is almost done with slop salad but he taps out and Damien heads back up. Mark says Damien is so high on adrenaline right now he's a beast. Damien finished but he gagged right as he finished.

For the final round, we have Kiera, Adam, and Kyra vs Sam, Anthony, and Eddie. On the menu, they have Cricket Crumble, Slop Cookies and Milk, and Peanut butter and slop sandwich. Anthony is first with the Cricket Crumble and Cory has the peanut butter and slop. They both finish. Sam is done with her sandwich. Kiera taps Adam back in. Adam has told his team to take a bit and tag him in and he'll finish it. Eddie is struggling with the slop cookie. Adam finishes the sandwich.

Kyra heads up takes a bite, tags Adam in, and Adam finishes his. Eddie finishes his plate and Anthony is back in. Adam has finished the Cricket Crumble. Kiera goes back up and she taps Adam back in. Anthony can't find the last plate. Adam finishes and blue team wins. Which means Sam, Eddie, and Anthony are the Have-Nots for the week. Sam says another seven days sleeping in a scary room eating slop all day.

The Pretty Boys are meeting in the storage room. Mark says eviction night was very revealing and with the house divided he has to regroup with his alliance. Adam says he feels like he's pretty close with Chelsea. Adam says Mama is dangerous and got people to change their minds and she could do that again. Anthony says Ma is very manipulative and that's dangerous for their alliance. Anthony says they are safe, but they have to keep their ears open. They have to listen to who's taking shots at them and start planting seeds now.

Kiera and Este are talking and they are talking about people wasting an HoH. They hope Chelsea does something for her own game. They say they like her and if she shows them loyalty, then they will be loyal back. Kiera says she thinks "they" (The Pretty Boy Alliance) will pressure her to nominate one of them.

Chelsea has selected Mark for Wendy's. Chelsea says Mark is sort of a wildcard and she thinks there's an opportunity to build some more trust. They start looking over the menu and Chelsea places their order and goes to get it from Hamza from BB Canada 6. Chelsea loves Hamza and wants to hug him through the window and she says it's nice to meet him. Chelsea tells Mark Hamza delivered their food and they eat and start talking.

Chelsea says her thought process is to put up people she doesn't have a great game relationship with and who won't hurt her. Mark says he will take out whoever she wants. Chelsea says she feels like she trusts Mark and he says he trusts her too.

Kyra is talking to Chelsea and Adam and Sam. Kyra throws out Kiera, Este, Kailyn, Eddie, or Damien. Chelsea mentions Kailyn as a mastermind. Kyra says as soon as Kailyn gets HoH they will go up. Kyra says Mama K is manipulative and that's terrifying. Adam says maybe put up two pawns and backdoor someone. Chelsea agrees. Chelsea says it's early in her HoH and she knows who her target is and it's Kailyn.

It's Day 14 and Sam and Cory are looking at the fishtank. Sam says they are bored but they love the fish and they named one Steve and Sam thinks he's full of personality. Sam finally looks and says she thinks Steve is dead because he's not moving. Cory asks if they should say a few words for him and Sam prayed and Cory says amen. Then Sam notices he's moving and Sam tells us Steve is alive and well!

Damien wants to talk to Chelsea. He wants to stay true to his people, but he also wants to stay safe. Damien says he's going to tell Chelsea what she wants to hear to keep himself off the block. Chelsea tells Damien she just doesn't know where his head is. Damien says Maki and Mama K approached him when he was on the block and that's why he voted to keep Maki. Chelsea says she sees that he has integrity. Damien says if Chelsea doesn't put him on the block then she won't be a target for him. Chelsea says she really needs a pawn to pull off a backdoor. That perfect pawn is Damien because he's already been on the block and they don't have a game relationship.

Kiera and Dane are in the kitchen and Dane says nominations are today and he hasn't talked to Chelsea yet. Kiera says she thinks he's fine. Kiera thinks she'll be OK too. Kiera says even though Chelsea and her haven't talked game a lot, but she thinks she's a great person and she'd love to work with her. Kiera heads up to talk to Chelsea.

Chelsea says she hasn't talked much game with Kiera. Kiera says she wants to work with Chelsea and she's done the best she could in each of her scenarios. Chelsea says she has to think about her game moving forward and she has to surround herself with people who have her back. Kiera says she would not gun for Chelsea next year. Chelsea says Keira can gush all she wants but she's the perfect pawn for her backdoor plan.

Arisa greets us and says ONE HGs will get unprecedented access to Leon's Lounge and valuable video intel on the other HG. Who get's this opportunity? It's up to you Canada!

Dane is in The Archives and he says there's 82 boxes. He says the first week there were 41 and now there's 82. He says he has no idea what's going on! This mystery is exhausting. He climbs on a shelf with a pillow and Kiera heads in and Dane scares her.

Kailyn asks Chelsea how the HoH room is and Chelsea says it's great. She says the best part is she's alone and has clean sheets. Chelsea says she's playing a balancing act with Kailyn and she wants her to feel nice and safe so she doesn't start trying to build an army around herself. Kailyn says her and Chelsea have some common goals on who they want out and she feels she has some safety.

Chelsea says she needs Kailyn gone for her game. Chelsea goes to talk to the camera and she says there are definitely side in the house. Kailyn, she feels is super manipulative and she's trying to rally soldiers for her side which could be Kiera, Este, Damien, and Eddie. Chelsea wants to make big moves but she has to be careful because it could make her a target. She wants to pull off this backdoor, it's a huge game move. She loves this game!

Chelsea heads to HQ with the briefcase. She says after the chaos of last week's eviction it's important she plays strategic to keep the numbers on her side. As a competitor, she's hungry to make a big move. She has a backdoor target and it's Kailyn. She can't risk putting her on the block and letting her put numbers around her. To do this she has to put up two pawns. The only way her plan goes off without a hitch is if Kailyn has no idea what's happening.

Chelsea's nominations are locked. She heads to the living room and her first nominee is Kiera. Her second nominee is Damien. Chelsea says she's chosen Kiera because they haven't talked much game and she's been wishy-washy with her loyalty and she's shown she can be good in competitions. Damien and Chelsea have talked game the least and unfortunately, he's been on the block before making him an easy pawn.

Kiera says she knew it was going to come eventually. People see her as a threat and she's going to play her heart out for the veto. Damien says at least he's not the target, but he needs to find a way out of this. Chelsea hopes everyone is believing her nominations so she can get out her real target... Kailyn.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S07E06 was written by IndyMom78.

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Update Entry
Saturday, March 16, 2019 PoV Competition Today!
The PoV competition is today, and under the new rules the HoH will not compete, just Damien, Kiera and three players selected by random draw.  As of noon, the three players were not picked yet.

A note about Damien: As you may recall, Damien found the Blood veto in Leon's Lounge, the secret spy room behind the archive room.  Even though Damien found the special PoV, he was unable to get it out of the room, however, Damien did get a "Top Secret" page left on the desk of the archive room.  We've been subjected to a lot of down time on the live feeds, it's possible things are going on that we don't know about yet.

Since nothing's going on, let me take a moment to explain, once again, why the usual moment-by-moment coverage usually posted here is missing.  The live feed daily updates on this page are written by volunteers, fans like yourself. So far this season no one has registered to volunteer to help with the task of posting updates. It's easy to help write the updates, just go to the message board and write a reply to this day's thread. The link to today's update thread is here.

If you can spare even an hour a day it could help us keep our daily coverage complete. You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free. Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll take out your mistakes and add my own before it gets re-posted here. We don't even need minute-by-minute coverage, just watch for a while and summarize, write it like you're telling a friend what they missed. Such as, "Last night Chelsea was talking to the cameras and told us her real plan is to get Kailyn out this week." You can leave out the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) like making coffee, showering and farting.

If you feel like you can do more, we need volunteers to do our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. If it sounds complicated, it really isn't, but if you ever need help you can ask another updater for help, many of our updaters have been around for several seasons, some, like Fuskie, our Social Media Director have been helping for over a decade. Fuskie is waiting to hear from you and show you how it all works. Just go to: to get started.

The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are Free! Yes, you can spy on the houseguests for free! In Canada, it's easy, just go to and use the links at the top of the page for "Live Feeds" and "Full Episodes" if you live in the USA, it's a little more complicated, but there's a complete guide here: The best way to watch the live feeds is with the BBViewer program, it's free and easy to set up.


Graphic by 89razorskate20

Here is the latest Deals and Alliances chart for BBCAN7.  These charts are created by BBJunkie AKA @89razorskate20   [Click to Enlarge]

3:35PM BBT: The feeds return and the HGs are on an HoH room lockdown. They think they're locked down so BB can make some repairs.

Here is a synopsis of tonight's live feeds in picture form:

1:30AM BBT: The feeds went down around 4:30PM and they're still off.

2:30AM BBT:  The feeds are back after being off for almost 10 hours! Sam won the PoV. Anthony is angry and vents to Chelsea that Kyra and Adam helped Sam win. Chelsea thinks Sam will use the PoV on Kiera and Damien will be evicted.

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Update Entry
Friday, March 15, 2019 Nominations Today
The link to today's update thread is here. Please help out by posting live feed updates in our forum.

4:50PM BBT: The feeds returned after being off for most of the day, I think it was for a Have-Not competition, Anthony, Eddie, and Sam are Have-Nots. Nominations have not been made yet. It sounds like Damien and Kiera will be going up.

9:52PM BBT:  The feeds are back and the nomination ceremony was held.  Chelsea nominated Damien and Kiera for eviction.
The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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