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Update Entry
Thursday, September 14, 2017  Don't Miss the Start of BBCAN6

I have a special message to American Big Brother fans (and Canadians will want in on this too) :

#BBCAN6 is coming in 2018. For those of you that never followed Big Brother Canada before, I highly recommend it, so far every season has been as good, if not better than, BBUSA. The live feeds are free, and there are usually a couple options for watching the TV programs.

Every season when BB USA starts, I ask fans if they enjoyed BBCAN, and their answer is, "I didn't watch, I didn't know when it was on." Of course not, in the USA there are no TV ads for BBCAN, and you haven't been on the Morty's sites since the BB19 finale. 

Big Brother Canada will start March 7, 2018. So sign up for an email reminder when the #BBCAN6 premiere is nears, I'll send you instructions for watching it in the USA.

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Update Entry
Thursday, July 20 2017  BBCAN6 Coming Next Year!

Big Brother Canada Season 6 - Apply Now!

Casting for Big Brother Canada is now open! Apply here: #BBCAN6

Posted by Global TV on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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Friday, May 19, 2017  The Morning After

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Update Entry
Thursday, May 18, 2017  The Big Finale

Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 7:00PM ET
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

The episode starts with the Odyssey soaring through Space. We are given voice overs from each HGs of their statements throughout the episode stating their desire to be Final Three and the ultimate winner of S5. Each HGs is walking towards the bridge and placing their hand on the wall, their eye being scanned. They ask the Odyssey to show them how they got this far, if they've done enough to win, make enough big moves, redeem themselves, make their family proud. Then they ask Odyssey to show them everything and....

This season on BBCAN, new players collided with veterans. BB tore open the fabric of space and time and nobody was safe from devastating shockwaves that rocked the HGs to their very core.

On day 1, 8 eager new recruits boarded the Odyssey and they had zero clue who was about to invade their space. Eight BB legends burst in, hungry for a second chance, desperate for redemption. While most of the newbies were starstruck, there was one war horse in the rookie ranks who came out guns blazing. Hellbent on winning the first battle, Karen showed her medal as BBCAN's oldest HGs ever.

Instead of head hunting the vets, Karen's blood lust for big bucks had her nominate two newbies, including Adonis Demetres. With two studs on the block, everyone got hot and bothered but the fiery Ika saw promise in the cool headed hunk and she put a stop to his early exit.

Then after proving himself to be a competition force, their unlikely partnership was born and she swooped him straight into the nest of vets creating the most formidable alliance in the house - The Six. While Neda's shield of immunity protected them, crafty Kevin went dark and then completely ghosted. Kevin's undercover strategy kept him out of the barrage of blow ups and battle royale's.

In the fog of war, vet after vet was sent packing but during war time, love bloomed. Ika Wong met Mr. Right. But not all showmances were created equal. For Kevin, it was strictly game.

While Kevin laid down with William, his loyalties still laid with The Six. But Demetres was fed up with all the Neda-tivity. So when the opportunity to turn on Neda presented it'self, Ika pounced and the Beauty and the Greek trounced their rival.

With the vets' head strategist out of commission, Captain Karen led the charge and the newbies launched a revolution against the returning players. Karen kept her knives the sharpest for Kevin Martin. Her disdain was so vile, she could hardly contain it.

As much as the game pitted the HGs against each other, it also brought them together. Feeling the love, the competition wins mounted for Demetres and the King and Queen were on cloud 9.

The royals ramped up their mission to dismantle The Six and it looked like Demetres had Kevin's number but the Odyssey catapulted into the unknown after Kevin's friend with benefits played a secret veto bomb. The near death experience gave Kevin new life in the game and his new life's purpose was payback. But Demetres fought his way off the block and then in the triple eviction, he shot right back.

Kevin dodged the bullet and rewrote history. As allies became collateral damage, the card shark countered with another HoH win. After winning veto, Kevin figured that to slay the beast, he had to save the Beauty. Looking to ensure her survival, Karen doubled down with Demetres and Ika and she smashed Kevin's hopes when she ditched her ally Dillon.

With the trio pitted against him, Kevin's only route to Final Three was to dominate the PoV competition and he came up clutch when he needed it most.

For Demetres, it was rock bottom. With the sole vote in a special eviction, Kevin ripped Queen Ika away from her King. And then, there were three.

Tonight, in a showdown written in the stars, it's a cataclysmic clash between newbies and vet. Demetres the competition beast, Karen the straight-shooting survivor, and Kevin the lone soldier. Only one will claim ultimate victory. Three competitions remain. Who will make it to Final Two? And who will win it all? Find out now on Big Brother Canada, the Finale!

We see the Odyssey firing three shots as the Pod Evacuation Sequence is initiated. On the planet surface Arisa tells us we are finally here.

The Odyssey has now completed it's monumental mission across the galaxy. After 70 epic days, our final three have crash-landed here, back on earth. But for Kevin, Karen, and Demetres, their journey is far from over. The final HoH of the season will be determined by a grueling three-part competition. Whoever wins the first round is guaranteed a spot in the final round. There is no moment bigger than this. She counts down...3 ... 2... 1... Initiate Final HoH!

The HGs head into the backyard, decorated like an Indiana Jones type mission. As bug noises happen, Karen covers her face. "What am I thinking?" "HGs," Demetres reads. "You have left the Odyssey behind and now find yourselves in a lost Ancient ruin for the fight of your life! You will first climb the ruins, grab a gold bar and slide down into your mud pit. Then you will carefully place your bar on the platform, making sure it is secure before heading back to grab the next.

Your goal is to build a pyramid of gold while keeping your platform balanced. But be careful, if your pyramid collapses, you will have to rebuild. The first HGs to win will go directly to the 3rd round of competition while the other two HGs will battle it out in round two."

Kevin tells us he can't believe he's in the final three of BBCAN. He's poured his heart and soul into this and now he has to give everything to this final HoH. Demetres tells us this HoH is huge. He doesn't want his and Ika's hard work all season to be forgotten. He has to win. Karen laments to us that it's another physical competition and this one is brutal. It's pouring rain, she has mud up her rear and she's competing against two big bucks. But she'll do whatever it takes. She earned her way there and she's there to win this.

Demetres tells us he's ripping through the jungle. He knows this competition he's won this type of competition. This is his to lose. Kevin tells us when he sees Demetres a couple bars ahead of him, he's not going to panic. He want to keep his heart rate down. This challenge is about slow and steady.

Demetres is on his last brick, trying to keep his platform steady. It wobbles precariously and part of it falls as he starts to back up. Now he has to take the bricks that fell back to the top. Now he and Kevin are neck and neck. Karen tells us people discard her because she's old but she's going to give them a run for their money and be there till the end.

Karen's pyramid falls next. Demetres reminds us he and Kevin have been going at each other for weeks and it's finally time to settle the score. Both Kevin and Demetres place their final brick and start backing up. Kevin's pyramid topples. He tells us it's devastating. He was THERE and now he has to rebuild. Demetres is still moving very slowly and drops some bricks again. He's upset, he can't believe they fell again.

Intense music plays as all three HGs race to complete their pyramid. Demetres tells us that he is on the verge of collapse here, but if he doesn't make this, there's a good chance he's not making final two. He places the top gold brick on his pyramid and slowly works his way back, placing the twine in the holder, winning the first round.

Demetres is emotional as he tells us that winning this round is such an overwhelming feeling he can't put into words. He knows his family back home is so proud of him. He tells Ika he isn't going to let her down, and even though she said he couldn't win them all, he is sure going to try!

We see the jury members arrive at the studio two at a time in the sexy red Toyota 86 we've seen all season. They have an important job tonight - awarding someone $100,000 and changing that person's life. It's a big job! We'll hear from them a bit later.

Arisa tells us it's Kevin vs. Karen in part two of the final HoH. Their fate is written in the stars. We see Karen come into a room a room filled with stars. She reads the card. Welcome to part two.

In front of you is a galaxy made up of all the stars of the season. Your job is to map out five constellations based on questions relating to your time in the Odyssey.

Using the rope provided, you will determine the stars make up the constellation for each question. When you think you've mapped out the right stars, hit your button. If you're right, the stars will illuminate and you can move on to the next question. The HGs who finishes the fastest will win and join Demetres in part three of the final HoH competition.

Karen tells us she hasn't won an HoH since night one. She's ready to win this and show that she's worthy of being there. Karen starts the competition. "Won HoH on an even day in order". Karen tells us the competition has five constellations. Each one will only work with one piece of rope.

They have to figure out which one works with each question. "Sat next to Jackie on nomination block in order. For this, Karen tells us they never got along so she remembers everyone Jackie sat next to. Karen guesses correctly and moves on.

On day 55, they have to name the nominees in alphabetical order. This was the day of the triple eviction. Karen guesses incorrectly twice. Karen tells us it's taking her so long to figure this one out. She finally figures it out and moves to the next one. She tells us she needs to make up time and hunker down. We see her moving quickly through the rest.

When the competition is done, Karen tells herself she's pathetic and starts crying. In the DR, she's crying. It's frustrating. When you are a strong person, it's hard to be a weak person. She doesn't want to be a weak person. She's disappointed in herself.

Kevin tells us that in season three he got eliminated way earlier. He failed. He didn't make it. But he got a second shot and if he lets it slip through his fingers, he'll be devastated. Demetres has earned his spot in part there already.

Kevin wants to put himself right beside Demetres and take him down. Kevin begins the competition and tells us that rope management is going to be key. He lays out all the ropes from start to finish and now he knows how long each rope is... it's easier for him to guess which constellation the rope is going to work with.

Kevin breezes through the first constellation but then finds the rope too short for the second constellation. He checks himself and then changes ropes. He gets it right. Kevin tells us he studies every single second of free time he gets. He knows everything that's happened in this house. He's found his groove and is flying through these questions. He knows he has this.

Kevin breezes through the first constellation but then finds the rope too short for the second constellation. He checks himself and then changes ropes. He gets it right. Kevin tells us he studies every single second of free time he gets. He knows everything that's happened in this house. He's found his groove and is flying through these questions. He knows he has this.

Kevin tells us that he's dreamed of getting to the final two of BB Canada, and right now it's in front of him. He finishes and celebrates, saying he likes that time. He tells us he has no idea how Karen did but he hopes his time is better. He wants this so badly. If he can't face Demetres on finale night, he'll be devastated.

Demetres gives the results. Karen had a time of 41 minutes and 39 seconds. Kevin finished with a time of 12 minutes and 13 seconds. Congratulations Kevin! You'll be moving on to part three of the final HoH.

Kevin celebrates in the DR. He did it! He aligned the stars the quickest and will be there against Demetres. One more round!

Arisa reminds us that the season started with 16 big-time personalities in our outer space, and while some left way sooner than they wanted, each of them had stellar moments in the house.

We see highlights of Mark's time in the house.... HGs remark on how hot he is, and that he's a stud. He has youth on his side and would easily get into a showmance. We see highlights of some of Dallas's wild and colourful times in the house.

Cassandra is highlighted next and we see HGs commenting on her skill and deviousness. Then we see Gary in all his fabulousness... Gary extraordinary. He owns who he is and that is worthy of respect. Emily is a firecracker who isn't afraid to make big moves... she says "that's a hard no" a lot. Arisa introduces the first five to the studio audience and welcomes them back.

Arisa interviews Mark first, since he had the dubious distinction of being the first to be evicted. Mark says it sucks to be voted off so early but it was fun to watch Demetres' story develop.

Arisa goes to Dallas next, asking him about where the vets went wrong. Dallas says they were very egotistical and didn't work together. He says "Demetres all the way!" Arisa asks Cassandra if she saw this final three coming. Cassandra says not at all... she thought she would be in the final three. Let the best bitch win!

Arisa asks Gary who has been the biggest surprise for him this season. Gary gives his legendary status to Karen. She's had huge moments in this game, and that's the true tea! Arisa asks Emily if it was hard to watch everyone play from home. Emily says she missed Dillon but enjoyed watching him. It was bittersweet.

Arisa tells us that Kevin and Demetres are about to go head to head to find out who is guaranteed a spot in the final two.

We go to the HGs who are seated on stools in their best finery. She asks them to each give a highlight. Demetres says walking in and seeing the vets roll in was the best moment. Kevin says his highest high was winning the veto in the triple eviction. Karen says pushing herself to the limit just to absolutely be here and be such a fan and love it and try. It's just been great.

Arisa tells us that it's time for the final part of the final HoH. The season started with half vets and half newbies, and here we have Kevin and Demetres facing off for a spot in the final two. She asks them all to head to the back yard.

Everything is dark and we see cubes lighting up and then honeycomb shapes lighting up alternately with faces of different jurors. Two cubes remain dark, and then we see Demetres appear in one and Kevin in the other. Arisa gives instructions. The winner of this part will get to choose who they want to take to the final vote. Since the jury will ultimately decide the winner, lets find out how much they know about the jurors. Arisa will read questions about the jury. The answer will be A or B. Each correct answer is worth one point. Whoever has the most point at the end of seven questions will be the winner.

Question 1: What day was Neda evicted, becoming the first member of the jury? A: 34 or B: 35? Both answer A, and are correct.

The next question is A. true or B. false. An equal number of male and female jurors won a Power of Veto competition. Both answer B and are correct. three male jurors won and only two female jurors did. The score is two all.

Next question: how many jurors were harnessed to the Odyssey for the very first challenge "dropped in space"...was it A. three or B. 4? There is a long delay as they both consider. Arisa prompts for an answer. Demetres says B and Kevin says A. Kevin is correct. Dre, Dillon and William. The score is 3-2 for Kevin.

Next question: A. True or B. False... Jackie was only ever nominated on an even-numbered day. Kevin answers B and Demetres answers A. The answer is B. False. Kevin is correct and the score is 4-2 for Kevin.

Question 5: How many of the jurors received at least one nomination vote from the house during backwards week? Is it A. four or B. 5?
Kevin rings in first with the answer B. Demetres selects A. The answer is B. 5 William, Bruno, Jackie, Dillon and Dre.

Kevin wins the final HoH of the season!!

He is guaranteed a spot in the final two and must choose who to bring with him.

Arisa asks Kevin to choose to evict either Demetres or Karen, and to explain why. Kevin evicts Demetres, telling him it's because they have battled every single step of this game and Demetres has dominated. Demetres hugs both Karen and Kevin and wishes them good luck. He leaves the Odyssey.

The studio crowd is on it's feet, hooting and hollering as Demetres joins Arisa on stage. She asks him how devastated he is and he says he honestly can't think straight, like he couldn't think straight in the booth (in the final part of the HoH competition). Arisa asks him how surprised to find something real. He smiles big and says he was absolutely shocked. He wasn't looking for it, and you make some real relationships in there.

Arisa asks Demetres about the final two... is it an easy choice or harder than people think. Demetres says it IS harder than people think, especially for him, because he had a really good relationship with Karen. He respects both their games. They played differently and had different paths. It will be a tough decision. Arisa concludes the interview and the crowd cheers Demetres

Arisa tells us the members of the jury hold all the cards. We move to the round table discussion hosted by Tim, from BBCAN4.

Before he enters, the HGs discuss how this was the most "lit" season of BBCAN. The audience is cheering wildly in the background.

Tim says he thought they smashed it last year but this year they knocked it out of the park! He's been watching from Down Under with his gummy koala's.

Everyone thinks Kevin will be filling the last chair, although no one wants it to be him. Ika joins them, "Hello peasants!" and Jackie gives her the finger. Ika catches them up to the events surrounding her eviction.

Dre still wants a newbie to win, Dillon says they rocked it. Everyone is impressed with Karen, the oldest player in BB history to be in the finale. Dillon recounts her loyalty, her intelligence. Bruno wants her to give them enough ammo as to why she should win.

They think Kevin was purposelly not winning in the first half the game, Dre says once he was alone, he had to win. Ika thinks they put too much into Kevin's game, he hasn't played a better game than the other two.

Neda defends Kevin, Ika disagrees and a cat fight starts. Ika says she's voting for Demetres, Sindy is pro Kevin and Demetres. Ika's attitude right now is going to affect Demetres chance of winning. Jackie applauds, Ika tells her to shut up.

Tim says BB is a game, you either play the game and win or the game plays you. It's about relationships. A true worthy winner is someone who walks out a better person than when they walk in. Tim wishes them luck on their decision.

The jury is then introduced and brought on stage. The audience is told to settle down so Arisa can introduce the last juror - Demetres. Arisa welcomes the newest member of the jury and Demetres comes out. Ika stands and he goes straight to her and then greets Dillon and Bruno who extend their hands to him. Arisa invites the jury to ask the final two their questions.

Neda is first. She congratulates both of them and tells Kevin she had his back one million percent in that game from day 1. She asks him if he was ever actually loyal to her. Kevin says absolutely. When Neda left it was a terrible moment for his game. He knew he was in big trouble and so was Bruno. He went up to Sindy and told her not to put up Neda. He fought for her life that night. He did.

Arisa invites Sindy to ask her question. Sindy tells Karen she was really paranoid in the house and secluded herself from a lot of the HGs. Did she really think she was the target every week? Karen smiles and says the "Karenoia" lived long before she got into the house and it will live long after, and yes. She did.

Bruno is up next. Bruno tells Karen and Kevin they both look really great tonight. He tells Kevin he is so proud of him and asks Kevin what he thinks his biggest move was this season. Kevin says his biggest move was when he won the final five PoV. Everyone thought he would leave Ika and Demetres on the block, but he used the veto on Ika even though he hadn't talked to her for four days. He needed to put himself in a good position to win the final four PoV. Kevin tells Bruno he misses him so much.

Jackie is up. She addresses Karen, saying that in her final four plea she said she carried Ika and Demetres to the end. She asks for specifics. Karen says she didn't say she carried them, but that she had opportunities to take them out. They were both still in the game because of moves that Karen made.

William's turn. "Hey Kevin!" Everyone laughs, including him. William asks if he thinks he'd be there if William hadn't used the secret PoV on him. Kevin admits no, he'd have fought against Bruno but his social relationship with William and William's using the secret PoV is what kept him in the game. He thanks William for that.

Dre addresses Karen. She mentions being the oldest player a lot. Was that used to her advantage and her strategy? Yes, she couldn't change that she was the oldest player and her body couldn't carry her a lot so she used her mind.

Dillon asks "Kare-bear" to provide a specific move she made to get to Final Two other than her first HoH. Karen says having the closest allies she made in the beginning of Demetres and Ika, as well as making a friend out of Kevin when he was an enemy. As Dillon knows when he was evicted.

Ika gets loud cheers when it's her turn, especially from Kevin. She addresses Kevin, asking for a move he made as the mastermind he claimed to be. Kevin denies claiming to be a mastermind but he never gave up. One of his biggest moves was making a fake Final Two with Dillon when they were at final five. He had to make the best out of situations since he was playing alone. Dillon threw the PoV to him because of the fake Final Two deal he made.

Demetres also gets loud cheering. Kevin, why should I give you a hundred grand when you started playing on day 48 and I started playing on day two? (The audience cheers loudly) Kevin says his strategy was to lay low for the first half the game. Give him his vote because he got Demetres out. Demetres was a beat and Kevin took him out. Demetres bows his head and grins.

Time for the final pleas as to why the jury should vote for them.

Karen: I know that in life and in BB, you can only work with what you have. I came in here with determination, will, perseverance and a lot of luck. But most important what got me here was people and the relationships that I had with a lot of you that got me to that place. I'm grateful I've lived a dream, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Kevin: I got a second chance to play BBCAN and it was a dream come true. I came here for a reason. Every single day I woke up and I strategized and had to make relationships to get me there. I haven't had an ally the second half of the game but I woke up every morning by myself, I strategized and studied. I went into that backyard multiple times alone and I won when I needed to. I want to win this game more than anything. Please! This season has been epic. Let me represent this season for all of you. It has been a dream come true playing with all of you. Amazing. (He teared up a bit during the speech)

Time for the vote. Arisa instructs the jury clearly and carefully (TWO TIMES!) that they are voting for who they want to WIN. (Seems the Topaz error from S1 is still forefront in everyone' minds as the audience chuckles the second time she repeats it)

Neda is up first. All she asks in favour of this vote is that the winner gets her a lifetime supply of cat food.

Sindy follows. People forget how important jury management is. That includes goodbye messages.

Bruno's vote is for the best BBCAN player to ever play.

Jackie's vote is for the most well rounded player.

William says since he couldn't vote for his #1, he'll vote for the next best thing.

Dre says since she couldn't vote for herself, she will vote for his next best thing.

Dillon wonders how to follow that up. Good game buddy, big time, well deserved.

Ika gets cheers again as she heads to vote. Her vote is for the person who fought the hardest after Demetres.

Demetres, with a huge grin, gets lots of cheers as well on his way to vote. He must give credit where credit is due. Good game!

Arisa tells us that season five started like no other with eight vets and eight newbies. The lines were immediately drawn, then they were erased and drawn again. From the very first night, it was a theme that played out over the course of the 70 days inside the house.

We see clips of the newbies reacting as the vets enter the house, then of vets scheming to stick together to target the newbies.

The newbies talk about targeting the vets. Then we see Demetres as the only newbie brought into the vet alliance.

We see clips showing how the vet alliance crumbled and Cassandra and Gary leaving the house, then Neda and Sindy. The triple eviction changed things, moving targets onto the newbies. The final question is whether a vet or a newbie will win.

Arisa asks Dre what the newbies brought to the table for season five. Dre says they brought freshness, new faces. They brought game. The newbies were lit! Arisa asks Bruno what the vets bring. He says they bring experience and knowledge, game play, big personalities. He adds that the new players were great and Big Brother hit it out of the park. They did a great job!

Arisa points out to Cassandra that they are right back where they started with a newbie and a vet on the block. Cassandra says she can't believe and wonders who will take it home... she doesn't know and turns to Emily asking what she thinks.

Arisa says Cass was one of the early vets out and it was a shock to a lot of people. Cass said it was a shock to her too, but she loved going home and watching from home, screaming at her TV every week.

Arisa asks Karen if she expected to sit beside THAT vet? Karen replies that she nominated him during backwards week. She figured Kevin and Demetres would be at the end. Arisa jokes that she just knew that Karen and Kevin had a secret final two all this time. Kevin joins in the joke saying Karen was part of "The Fortress" the whole time.

Arisa tells us that this season was full of independent, opinionated and very strong women.

Between big moves and blow ups, our queens not only left their mark in the house, they actually ruled this season.

We see a clip of Dre and Ika where Dre asks Ika if she wants to be a legend and Ika says she IS a legend.

We see Ika talking from the DR and pointing out that people will talk about the Queen but not about the King because women ran this house. Karen winning the first HoH set the tone for the season.

Karen is the first person in BB Can to send a guy home first. Karen wasn't afraid to get blood on her hands. The women were fearless.

We see clips of Ika, Cass, Neda, and Karen. The women were beautiful and very smart. Even sneaky and deceitful. They wanted to play the game and they played it hard. Ika is proud to be on a season that represents strong women. Karen says that at the end of the day they loved and cared for each other and they had each others' back. It was cool to play in this season with all these bad-ass bitches.

Arisa asks what women brought to the season. Neda says they proved their the boss of BB. They don't need men, they're good at the game and they're opinionated. Demetres is asked what it's like living with eight strong women? Slightly terrifying but fun. Need a lot of patience.

Kevin has a strong woman beside him. What's it been like with Karen? Their relationship started off badly but has been amazing the last three weeks. What she did the first week, putting two strong men on the block, set the tone for the season. The season was lit because of Karen; he really does think that. Karen is asked about all these young women looking up to her. She thanks Arisa (for calling her a bad ass) and says she does what she can.

Arisa turns to Gary and asks if there has ever been a season with this much Tea. Gary says no one can say they were ever thirsty because there was so much Tea, but it he enjoyed every last drop. And that's the true T!

Arisa asks Ika how much the drama, gossip and hurt feelings will affect the vote tonight. Ika thinks they all want a great winner, they played a great game. She's a logical player, they all are and they all want a great player to win. Dallas' most dramatic moment of the season was the double eviction. He was pulling for Ika and Dillon to go, and they escape unscathed. Sindy says her alliance was hard when everyone was spilling secrets everywhere. She wanted to be the peacemaker but as you can see, it didn't work.

Arisa tells us that one of the best secrets of the year was eventually discovered by William. She tells Karen that Karen thinks she knows how it all went down, but Karen doesn't know the half of it. They all watch a clip of William finding the clues to the secret PoV, including pressing the blue star in the storage room and having the robotic arm come out, and then William finding the black hole and following it. We see William emerge from the trap door that hid the black hole. Arisa asks William what that was like to see it the way the audience saw it. He says it was crazy and mind-blowing living that in the house. Arisa says it was so much fun to watch.

Arisa tells us the jury has voted and the results are in. We are moments away from finding out who will win $100,000 cash, a new Toyota 86 sports car and a $30,000 home furnishing makeover from The Brick. She addresses Karen and Kevin in the house, telling them it's time.

The winner has been determined by the nine jury votes. One at a time, she will let them know who the voter was and how they voted. If they hear their name, that's a good thing. Remember, they need five votes to win. Good luck to both.

Arisa moves to the voting platform and tells us Neda has voted for Kevin. Sindy has voted for Kevin. Bruno has voted for Kevin. three for Kevin. Jackie has voted for Kevin. One more vote and Kevin will make Kevin the winner. William has voted for Kevin.

Congratulations Kevin! You have won Season Five of Big Brother Canada. Kevin is crying as he hugs Karen. Karen is all smiles as they both go up the stairs to leave the Odyssey.

Karen and Kevin say goodbye to the Odyssey... waving, Kevin says "love you" and Karen says "see you never!" Kevin comes out first and the crowd is standing. Kevin leaps to Bruno for a hug and then does the rounds, hugging each of the HGs.

Confetti is flying as Kevin moves next to Arisa, who asks him if he can believe this is happening. He says no and she tells him that he just won the season with a unanimous vote. Kevin says OMG, thank you so much! This was Kevin's final redemption.

Arisa thanks all the amazing HGs who made this another unbelievably amazing season. They will be on the morning show on Global at 9AM Eastern. She thanks Kevin, and Karen, who won $20,000.

Thanks to everyone who works on the show, Arisa loves being on this incredible ride. She thanks fans for all being here all season. Goodnight for now, and remember: someone is always watching!!!

Did you miss Big Brother Canada's Fifth Big Finale Episode? You can See it Here.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E29, The Finale was written by App & BBLuver.


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Wednesday, May 17, 2017  Special Eviction Episode

Tonight is the last regular episode of Big Brother Canada 5. Tonight Kevin will use the PoV and cast the only vote to evict either Karen or Ika. Tomorrow, is the Big BBCAN5 two-hour finale starting at 7PM EDT.  See who walks away with $100,000 and and the big Brick shopping spree.

Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Arisa tells us that we are about to drop a stunning shockwave on the HGs, and they have no idea. Tonight is a special surprise eviction and in less than an hour, our final four will become the final three. Who will make it to tomorrow's massive finale? It's time to find out!

Previously on Big Brother Canada, after HoH Kevin won the veto, he shocked the house when he used it to save Ika, then put up Dillon as her replacement. The card shark gambled that a split vote would let him decide Demetres' fate. But when Karen voted Big Country out the door, Kevin's big play became a big bust!

At the HoH competition, with Kevin on the sidelines, Demetres, Ika and Karen squared off in a battle of the X's, and the Greek made history when he nailed his record-setting fifth HoH of the season. With the road pointing toward an epic showdown, the two titans brace for a brawl. With the stage set, Demetres kept his eyes on the prize, and nominated Kevin as his target, and Karen as the pawn.

Tonight, who will survive Big Brother's parallel universe and win the most important PoV of the season? Whose final four pitches will hit home runs with the jury? It's all happening now on Big Brother Canada!

Arisa welcomes us to a special eviction and tells us how things stand now.

Demetres is HoH, and Karen and Kevin are on the block, but tonight's all-important PoV challenge could change absolutely everything. Let's get started and tell the HGs about this special eviction.

Arisa calls the HGs to the living room and they scramble to get seated on the couches. Arisa makes the announcement that in less than an hour one more HGs will be evicted. Tonight is a surprise eviction. Ika says "Oh Lord" and Karen says she is shaking.

We flash back to the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us he is HoH is week and that's great because it guarantees his spot in the finale. Now he just has to get Ika there with him and it just comes down to one of them winning the veto or else there's a good chance that Ika will go home.

The HGs are in the kitchen. Demetres asks Ika if he said something wrong. Karen and Kevin note that there will be no more nominations. Kevin tells us that he is playing alone in this game. No one is going to take him to Final Three. If he wants to see the finale night, he HAS to win this PoV. It's the most important one this season. If he wins, he can take himself off the block AND decide who goes home.

Demetres and Ika talk in the storage room. Ika is upset that Demetres gave Kevin credit in his nomination speech. Demetres says he was trying to undermine Kevin's "underdog" story.

Demetres and Ika are laying down in the HoH room. Ika tells Demetres that she's glad he made final three. She apologizes for hurting his feelings and being mean. She tells him he played a good game...he won seven competitions. Demetres says he has to think about veto, and after this it will be 8. He can't let Kevin win. They talk about being final two together and walking out together hand in hand.

Kevin sits on his bed in the blue room and talks about the veto competition being his shot to get to the finale. If any of the others win, he's done. This competition is one of the biggest moments of his entire life. If he wins, he is in finale night. It's right there! So much pressure.

Arisa reminds us of the two-hour season finale tomorrow night, starting at 7PM Eastern. Arisa reminds us of the importance of this veto competition and we return to the house for the PoV competition, where Big Brother has turned the HGs' world upside down.

Kevin reads the card and tells us how the competition "The Down Under" works. The HGs have stumbled into the multiverse where parallel worlds and timelines don't always make sense. They will have a max of 45 minutes to chronologically place clues on the buildings in the upper world (on top of the platform) and place the answers on the corresponding buildings in the world below (on the bottom of the platform, accessed via a ladder). The HGs who can align their two worlds the fastest will win the PoV and be guaranteed a spot in the finale.

Kevin tells us this veto is the most important moment of his BB career, potentially his lift. In one universe he loses and goes home, in the other, he wins and can win this entire game.

In this challenge there are two worlds. We find clues in the upstairs level, and the answers to those clues are on the downstairs level. Kevin reads the clues and tells us his strategy is to first focus in the world up top, find the clues and place them in chronological order before he places them on the buildings.

Kevin tells us he knows there were six HGs who were never Have-Nots, so he places the clue on a building in the top level, runs down the ladder, and puts the answer on the building directly below. He says these clues are easy for him. He knows the correct matches, but it's hard to put the answers on the upside-down world below. It's disorienting, and very difficult.

Kevin tells us he has no friends in this house, so he studies whenever possible. His job is to be more prepared than the rest of these "hooligans". Kevin buzzes in and we see he has 8 incorrect. He scrambles to move clues around. Kevin tells us that every second he wastes is one step closer for him being a second-time loser in this game. He buzzes in and has four incorrect...again, and two incorrect. He tells us he doesn't know what's wrong. It all looks perfect. Then it hits him! The triple eviction! He knows it's day 55... he can never forget that. He buzzes in and gets the green light. The irony of the triple eviction costing him that much time. If it means he leaves, he'll be devastated.

Karen is up. She tells us she is dreaming of winning this PoV to be the sole vote to evict Kevin. Robert. Martin. Karen struggles using the ladder back and forth. She tells us that she knows that for her slow and steady hopefully can win the race. She won't win by running up and down those stairs, getting winded and frying her brain out.

On the lower level, Karen is struggling, and even knocks her head on one of the upside-down buildings. In the DR, Karen quotes Ika Wong "Big Brother, you are trying me!"

Karen buzzes in and has 10 incorrect. Karen tells us her brain is just jumbled. She buzzes in and has 6 incorrect. She doesn't understand what she's doing wrong.

Karen tells us that things are not going well in this challenge but she gives herself a pep talk from the DR: she has to hunker down, stay focused and stay in it. She didn't come here to give up. She has to pull up your bootstraps and get at it. She buzzes in again and gets the green light.

Demetres is up. He tells us that he is HoH this week and therefore safe, but he needs to win to keep Ika safe and send Kevin home. Straight up, it's do or die. He has been studying every day all season, waiting for this competition. He knows it's his brain that will help him win this competition and not his body. He buzzes in and has 10 incorrect. He goes back and checks clues and answers. He doesn't know what change to make.

In the DR, he tells us it's so frustrating. It feels like he's been doing this puzzle forever. He needs to snap out of it and pull through!

Demetres continues making changes. He buzzes in and still has 8 incorrect. He reaches the maximum time. Demetres tells us that when BB told him that he hit the max time, he was soooo disappointed in himself. It feels like he got punched in the gut. The fate of Ika's game is now in her hands, and if she doesn't pull out a win, there's a good chance she's going home.

Ika is up. She tells us it all comes down to this veto competition. She moves quickly to put clues in order. Ika tells us that she has not won a single competition all season and it has shook her to her core. She moves to the lower level to place answers and finds it very confusing. She goes back and forth between levels to check.

In the DR she complains that BB is tripping her up! She buzzes in and has 6 incorrect.

Ika tells us this competition is trying her, but all she can do is tell herself that she's got this, she can do it, stay focused and get it done. She knows her upstairs events are in the right order. Then she realizes the answers for the triple eviction and the ice bath are the wrong order. She fixes it and gets the green light but she feels like time is against her and it's SO frustrating.

Karen reads the results.

The winner of the Power of Veto, with a time of 19 minutes and 15 seconds, is Kevin!!! Kevin drops to his knees in gratitude as Demetres and Ika congratulate him.

Kevin is overwhelmed. He tells us that he has poured his heart and soul into this game, and to come through in the clutch when his life is on the line, he earned his spot at finale night. No one has taken him through the final end of this game. No one has been his friend for the last half-month. They have all wanted him out, and look who has the veto at the Final Four!

Demetres and Ika talk after the veto. Demetres is upset and Ika tells him it's OK. She really sucked at the competition and knew Kevin would do really good. They go to the HoH room and Ika says it's good that he didn't throw the HoH competition to her.

Ika is trying to reassure Demetres that it's OK. He has won seven competitions... he can't win everything. If she had to choose someone to have her back and fight for her, she would choose him every single time. Demetres feels terrible that he didn't win. Ika doesn't want him to beat himself up.

In the storage room, Kevin is in shock. He can't believe he won. It means so much. Karen comes in and congratulates an emotional Kevin.

Arisa reminds us that the jury will have the final say tomorrow night, and that over the past few weeks, the power has slowly shifted from inside the Odyssey to up in the jury house. Dillon joined the jury this week and BB sent a big bombshell with him. We see the jurors having a vets vs. newbies game of bean bag toss.

Bruno, Neda, and Sindy sit together and Bruno tells us that time in the jury has been great, and they went from three to 6 with the triple last week. They have a lot of info and a lot of thinking to do. Neda says she can't wait to see who is coming through the doors next. Bruno is hoping it will be Ika or Demetres, but suspects it will be Dillon.

We see the car carrying Dillon to the jury house zoom by.

In the house, the HGs are sitting all together in the living room . Neda just wants it to be someone who is chill .... no fights... fun.

They speculate as Dillon comes in saying "The Champ is here!" Neda tells us they all had a weird gut feeling it would be Dillon but they were hoping they were hoping they were wrong. Dillon gives them the recap.... they are all shocked that Kevin won veto and used it on Ika.

Bruno tells us he thinks Kevin wanted Demetres to leave and thought the house would get rid of Ika instead of Demetres, so replacing her with Dillon on the block would guarantee a big player getting out of the house. Neda says that's probably where Kevin was coming from, but it wasn't the right move.

Dillon reveals that he has a note from Big Brother. He tells them that members of the jury have the power to choose this season's BBCAN winner. To help them with their decision, BB has sent them a very special message from the Odyssey. We see a clip of Arisa talking to the HGs and letting them know they can speak directly to the members of the jury. They will each record a 60-second message that will be shown at the jury house. This is the HGs' chance to tell them anything they want and really give them something to think about. This message will be on top of the plea the final two will deliver on finale night.

The jurors discuss the message. Neda is stoke that the HGs will get this chance to explain their game. Bruno thinks it's a game-changer. They will get insight into what the HGs are seeing and understand their moves better.

Demetres begins with "Beloved members of the jury" and goes on to say he won't lie...when he walked into the game he didn't know what he was doing, but he quickly realized he had to use his ability to win competitions to navigate his way through this game. We flip to Karen saying hi and telling the jury she wanted to be the first HoH and thanks to Sindy for helping her do that. Being HoH allowed her to talk to everyone and determine who she could work with and who she couldn't.

Kevin's pitch begins with saying since they all left he has been by himself in this game. The only reason he is still there is because he won the PoV during the triple. He's alone, isolated and targeting. Ika begins with saying she knows she has had a couple things with people but if they look at her game everything she has done has been logical and strategic and she has taken the emotions out of it.

Demetres tells the jury that he knows that a lot of them he's been controlled all this time, but he has made every decision for himself and a lot of those big moves landed big players in the jury house.

Karen tells them that she wanted a power couple ...she found them. Day 1 Ika, and Day two Demetres. Boom. The jury members might think that the couple dragged her along, but spoiler alert! They are there because of Karen. She could have taken Ika out as 8th, and Demetres out as 5th.

Demetres points out that his stats speak for themselves. He's won four HoHs, two PoVs, he's been on the block four times, and after every single time on the block, he won the following HoH and put his enemies on the block.

Kevin tells the jury "guys, I want this more than anything I've wanted in my entire life and I'm working so hard for it.

Ika concludes, telling the jury she hopes they respect her as a player, and not hold any hard feelings toward her because the goal is to crown the best player in this game. Demetres concludes that he thinks he should crowned the BB5 Canada champ. Karen says "that's my game. Thanks guys!" and Kevin says "See you on finale night!"

The jurors discuss whether any of the messages change their opinions. Bruno is skeptical that Demetres is not a lapdog. Dillon and Jackie were expecting a lot more from Kevin. Neda is impressed by Karen's speech and Bruno is interested to hear more. They want to crown the best player for their season.

We see the reaction to the news of the surprise eviction. Ika tells us that Kevin won the veto, and he's obviously going to use it on himself, so he will vote out either Ika or Karen. She tells us that Kevin is obsessed with not looking like he's a bad player. He wants to be a great player who is respected. If there is any chance of him keeping her safe, she has to play on his ego.

Ika tells Kevin she can't leave without trying. Her pitch to him is that a Final Three with Kevin, Ika, Demetres, they are all deserving people who deserve to win. A Final Two of Kevin and Karen is not a good Final Two.

Ika tells us that she has to convince Kevin that it's a weak move to take Karen to the Final Three. He has to fight against Ika and Demetres at the end to prove what a great player he is. Ika presses her point with Kevin and he seems to consider it.

Kevin tells us that Ika deserves to be here. He truly thinks she is one of the best. Her ability to maneuver and socialize week by week... she has been in some terrible situations but has found a way to survive. He respects Ika's game more than anyone else in here. Ika points out that she can't beat him in a competition and repeats that she Demetres and Kevin are all deserving.

They hug it out and Kevin says he loves and respect her so much. Ika says she respects him too. After Ika leaves, Kevin says to himself that out of everyone here, she deserves it more than him.

Demetres tells Ika that he doesn't want to be in the house without her. They talk about being a good team.

Ika tells us that Demetres has been so strong for her this entire game. He has been her emotional support and every time she needed him, he was there. She tells Demetres to make sure he gets to the end. His job isn't done.

Ika tells us that right now she needs to be strong for him. If she does leave, she needs him to know that he is so close to the end and he can win this. She wants to give him that extra boost to get him there.

Arisa calls the Final Four HGs to the living room and the gather. Arisa asks them if the special eviction news has sunk in yet.

"It's time to get down to business. Kevin, with the PoV, holds all the power tonight." He stands and announces that he will use the veto to save himself. Since Demetres is HoH, Ika is up for eviction. Kevin has the sole vote. Karen and Ika each plead their case.

Karen stands and addresses Kevin directly. "Kevin Martin, I've made no secrets that I have gunned for you continuously, so I can't be anything other than real and say I wanted to walk amongst the giants not lie with ants and wanted four strong people at the end. As fate would have it, Kevin Martin, you hold my fate now.

Ika stands and faces Kevin saying that the last time she told him to shove something up his butt, he saved her, so.... she's joking, she isn't going to say that. She asks him if she has considered his legacy on this season. She suggests that his legacy will be that he was too scared to fight amongst the best, so he took the easy way out. In order to BE the best, he has to BEAT the best.

Kevin stands to cast the sole vote. Kevin tells Ika she is the baddest bitch to ever step foot in this house. She is one of the best players ever. For those reasons, he has to evict Ika.

Ika says it's OK and she still respects him.

Arisa makes the official statement and Ika says a tearful goodbye to Demetres. She says goodbye saying they are all great players and she will vote for the best person who deserves to win this game. She adds an extra assurance to Kevin that she respects him. She says goodbye to Karen as Ika goes up the stairs, and goes through the door. Demetres is very emotional and goes upstairs to the HoH room to cry.

Arisa welcomes Ika out onto the stage. Ika says "Arisa darling" and Arisa says they both know that a queen deserves a crown. Arisa tells Ika she began the season already a legend, and she is now considered one of the best Big Brother players ever. Ika is surprised.

Arisa asks about Ika's headspace coming in. Ika says she wanted to follow her gut and just take things week by week. She knows what it's like to leave the house with regrets, and she didn't want to do that.

Arisa wants to talk about Demetres. Ika tells her that it's like having your best friend who you know will never never stab you in the back. Arisa says it seemed like a true authentic relationship, and Ika agrees. Arisa asks if there is a chance or is that the end of the fairy tale. Ika says that she would not say it's the end, but she says she has to keep her personal life personal.

Arisa asks Ika about three people left. Ika says that Karen has saved her and Demetres a lot and has played the best game she can play.

She says she respects Kevin. He's a good player, but she doesn't think he's better than her or Demetres. She respects his hustle and his game, he's come a long way, and he deserves to be there. To win the game, Demetres will have to win the final HoH because Kevin will not take him. Ika thinks Demetres has worked hard and deserves to win. He's a great guy and she hopes he wins the game. Arisa thanks Ika and sends her off to jury.

Ika leaves the empty studio, saying goodbye to Arisa. Arisa says what a night, what a season, and it all comes to an end tomorrow. Either Demetres, Kevin, or Karen will win over the jury and win it all! Be here at 7PM Eastern for the two-hour finale which will feature all 16 HGs and a ton of other surprises. Remember... someone is always watching!

Tonight's coverage of  Big Brother Canada, S05E28 was written by App.

Did you miss tonight's PoV and Eviction Episode? You can see it here.


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Monday, May 15, 2017  The BBCAN Awards
Get ready for All the Glitz and Glamour you expect from reality TV, because...

Tonight It's The BBCAN Awards

Tonight's Show is on Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Previously on Big Brother Canada, as HoH, Kevin nominated his arch rivals Ika and Demetres. With the Greek as his target, Kevin renewed the feud and lit Ika's fuse.

At the PoV competition, the HGs stormed the beach. Demetres and Kevin went toe to toe but at the last second, the Greek stayed puzzled while Kevin rode the wave to victory. With no clear way off the block, DemIka was devastated but a conversation with Karen gave the card shark second thoughts.

With Kevin betting on a split vote, he used the veto to save Ika and replaced her with the champ. With the battle lines drawn, all the power was in Karen's hands and on eviction night, Kevin's big gamble went bust and Big Country took the big trip to jury.

Tonight, in a battle of the Xs, who will win HoH and ensure their spot in the FINAL THREE? With Niki Graham working the red carpet, who will shine brightest at the BBCAN Awards? It's all happening right now on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after the live eviction show. Kevin tells us he's frustrated. Ika and Demetres were up on the block two weeks in a row and they're both still in the house. Using the PoV on Ika and putting Dillon up was supposed to be an awesome move. Karen was supposed to vote to keep Dillon but Karen is not playing for herself. She's strictly playing for vengeance against Kevin. He won the HoH and the veto and it's frustrating that what he wanted in the Final Five didn't happen.

Demetres tells us he cannot believe he and Ika survived the block a second week and are both still there. Kevin's plan for a split vote didn't work because he did not see the connection that Karen has with he and Ika. Karen is his BB Fairy Godmother. She's his secret PoV this season.

Karen tells us she feels heartbroken. Bittersweet because Demetres stays but she loses her friend Dillon.

In the bathroom area, Ika comforts Karen. Karen wishes Kevin was gone and Dillon was still there. Karen tells us she came in hoping to win the game this season. But if she can't do it, the people she wants in first and second are Demetres and Ika. She does not want Kevin Martin to win.

Ika tells us it's amazing they're still there another week after having been on the block. Now she just was to win HoH.

We fast forward to the HoH competition, picking up at round 3. Demetres tells us this HoH is super important because it guarantees him a spot in Final Three and the chance to play in the three part HoH.

They are looking for the HoH in this round, both Ika and Demetres have a point. Karen buzzes in with the wrong answer of Demetres. Demetres buzzes in with the correct answer of William, giving him two points.

Kevin tells us he's studied harder than anyone in this house, he would kill this competition. It kills him that he can't play.

Ika buzzes in correctly for the fourth round. Demetres tells us he can't help but think of maybe giving this one to Ika. She wants it so badly but he has to separate game from emotion and doing what's best for his game. Demetres gets the answer to round 5 correct and has three points. If he gets the next answer right, he is the new HoH.

Round 6 - Demetres buzzes in correctly and is the new HoH!

Ika tells us she's not happy right now. She's not thinking about his win, she's thinking about her loss and it's devastating. She's not guaranteed Final Three which she worked hard for.

Demetres tells us he feels horrible - he knows he took this from Ika and she wanted it so badly. He took away her last chance for a legit HoH and all the perks that go with it. At this point in the game, you're playing more individually rather than a pair and it's difficult to work as a pair when there's only four people left. At the end of the day he wants to take her to the end and is going to work hard to do it.

In the kitchen, Demetres vents to Karen about how badly he feels. Ika joins and follows Karen into the storage room. She vents to Karen about how angry she is that Demetres didn't throw the HoH to her. Karen consoles her - Demetres will win PoV and take Ika to Final Two. Ika doesn't want a handout, she wants to earn it.

Kevin is in the blue room, miserably muttering about Demetres being the new HoH. Kevin tells us his road to the Final Two is significantly more difficult. He's seen this before - they win power and survive, repeat. It's unbelievable. How do they do it?

Who wants to see my HoH room? The HGs fake excitement as they join Demetres in his HoH room.

Demetres tells us having the room is unbelievable. You get all your treats, your video from home. This far in the game you really need that push from family. His video is from his sister Vaseliki, it's so good to hear her voice, he says. She misses him and would love to give him a big hug. Congrats on winning his 4th HoH, she bets he did it so he could watch a video from his awesome big sis. She greets the other HGs, hopes he hasn't driven them too crazy. One time he gave her a saying "Be comfortable with being uncomfortable". That's what he's doing with this game. Keep going, they love him.

Demetres tells us right now this game is getting uncomfortable and he needs to get used to it. Kevin goes into the blue bedroom by himself while the rest of the HGs are in the bathroom area.

Demetres tells Ika he brought her good luck and she says lucky for him. Ika tells us she feels irritated with Demetres right now for some reason.

Karen says long day, might be another long day tomorrow. He leaves, Karen says that was hurtful. Karen reminds her he's still a person. He came to play and win, he didn't come to lose his heart to a girl. So did she. Not his fault he can't separate it. Karen coaches her to encourage him, make things right with him.

Ika heads to the HoH room. Ika tells us she's always been 100% honest with Demetres in the house. If she's feeling bitter or irritated, she should tell him. She doesn't want to be less honest with him. He deserves the truth. Demetres says he know she wanted it badly. Ika says she's not angry at him, just disappointed in herself. It's embarrassing she can't win anything. Demetres feels bad, Ika doesn't believe him. Ika says they're all individual players, he's guaranteed himself Final Three, nothing to feel bad about. She doesn't have to feel happy for him all the time. She can feel upset with herself. Demetres offers to let her have the HoH room, she says no - he won and should enjoy it. She congratulates him and says great partnership. Demetres questions that and Ika admits she feels it's been pretty one-sided.

"Hey guys! I'm here to style you for the BBCAN Awards!" Nikki Graham enters with a flourish. "I'm back!" she says in the DR room.

Kevin tells us he loved her last year. They give Nikki a tour. They head to the HoH room after to try on clothes, shoes and accessories for the BBCAN Awards.

Ika ends up in a stunning gold dress, so Demetres get a gold sash to match her. Karen is in a silver and black evening dress while Kevin is in black and white with a hint of silver.

Nikki heads for a nap in the HoH bed before the awards ceremony.

Time to walk the red carpet! Nikki is the host on the carpet and greets HGs as they come in. Demetres tells Nikki he never thought he'd make it this far. He thinks his chances are about one in four. Good answer, Nikki grins.

Karen is next, and Nikki tells her she's the oldest person in BBCAN history to make it this far.

Kevin is next and he tells us he feels like a celebrity walking the red carpet. Kevin thinks a couple kissing scenes stand out. He can't wait.

Ika is last and tells us she feels amazing. She loves the dress Nikki put her in, it's gorgeous. She hopes to bring an award home.

First Award - Favourite Makeup Malfunction. Gary does Bruno's makeup or Gary does Ika's brows. The winner is "Gary does Ika's brows". Demetres thinks Ika's going to clean up in the awards.

Second Award - Favourite Foodie. "Dillon During Buzzkilled" or "Karen on Slop". The winner is "Dillon during Buzzkilled". Karen tells us she didn't want to be rewarded for her bad behaviour.

Third Award - Favourite Blow up. Dallas vs Dillon or Ika vs Neda. The winner is Ika vs Neda. Karen says "history made" in the DR. Kevin thanks her for back dooring Neda; he appreciates it.

Fourth Award - Favourite kiss. Demetres and Ika or Kevin and William. Ika covers Demetres' eyes during their scene. Demetres screeches, he wants to watch. Ika screams she's so embarrassed.

After Kevin and William's scenes, Karen quips "Young Love, so cute". The winner is Kevin and William. Karen warns him not to break William's heart. Ika's ranting about how embarrassing.

The HGs are then shown clips from the season. Demetres feels this season had more good players than any other season.

Karen, teary eyed in the DR, says she's lived such a surreal moment in the house. She'll never come back, but thank you. Kevin tells us it's been such a journey. They should all be very proud of themselves for making it to final four. When it's over, they toast to final four.

Karen jokes that Kevin on day 62 is still slithering around the house. Karen tells us they don't often talk about how they got into odds in the house.

Week one she was HoH, she, Kevin and Bruno had a conversation in the blue room where they said she'd be loyal to her. On day 6, they attempted to flip the vote and save Mark after they promised her to evict him. After that day, they were blacklisted.

Kevin tells us she's making her decisions at final four based on something that happened two months ago. That's ridiculous. Karen tells us she's never a fool twice. Hell no.

Demetres heads into the storage room where Kevin is sitting alone. He startles Demetres. Demetres tells us they get along pretty well, they have a weird rivalry going and have for about half the game now. The last HoH that wasn't either of them was Dillon.

The two of them have been HoH for a month. They're waiting to see who the last man standing is. It's a sick rivalry, they agree (sick being awesome).

Kevin tells us Demetres has an amazing social player, a competition beast and is his biggest threat. His replacement nominee might have been a $100,000 mistake.

Ika tells us at this point she's over being angry at Demetres. They've been together and no one fights for her like he does. They've come a long way and are together in final four.

Ika joins Demetres in the HoH room. They were dreading the days of being together on the block all season long and now they've survived it twice. Ika apologizes for being not happy for him. Ika sees Kevin standing in their way of getting to Final Two. Ika thinks it will come down to her or Kevin with Demetres and Karen. Demetres says they'll win the PoV.

Time for the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us there's not a lot of people in the house and not a lot of strategy into these nominations. He's going to put up the two people he does not want with him in Final Two. In his mind, Kevin beats him every time in an Final Two scenario. Karen hasn't made many enemies, hard to tell if she was in Final Two.

Demetres nominates Kevin and Karen (no big surprise there). Kevin is nominated because he will likely beat any of them in an Final Two scenario and is the biggest threat in Demetres' game. He's nominated Karen because there's not enough people to choose from - he doesn't want her to go home.

Kevin tells us if he doesn't win the veto, it means congratulations, fourth place Kevin. He will beg, plead and offer scenarios but he doesn't see one that will keep him there.

Karen tells us Demetres really didn't have a choice but to put her on the block after she just saved him. It was her or Ika, he'd be horrible if he put Ika up. She's hopeful she'll make it to Final Three.

Who will win the final four veto? Find out at the special eviction on Wednesday night!

Tonight's Coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E27 was written by BBLuver.
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