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By a Vote of  6-0 Ryan Was Evicted
Next week will be a TRIPLE EVICTION!.
 Johnny Won the HoH Competition

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Update Entry
Thursday, April 19, 2018  Live Eviction Tonight
Tonight, either Johnny or Ryan will be evicted.  For the last few days, our poll indicated that by the slightest margin, you wanted Ryan to stay over Johnny; today there's been a shift and the 1% difference now favors Johnny.  Johnny's campaign to stay in the house got off to a slow start, but yesterday the campaign gained some traction and his chances of staying are looking good today, but by tonight, things could swing back.

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 8:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.
I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 8PM, you have another chance at 11PM ET.

We'll be late posting the coverage of tonight's show we could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

We pick up after the PoV ceremony. Ryan says Derek doesn't use the veto...surprise! So he's on the block for the fourth straight time but this time he doesn't think he'll need Canada's vote. Johnny says he's a bigger target than Ryan, but he will not go out without a fight.

Derek and Kaela talk and they are counting votes. Derek tells Kaela that Ali and Liv are trying to keep Johnny and not telling them. Kaela thinks they have Maddy, Paras, and Will.

Ryan goes in to talk to Johnny and says let the smear campaign again. Ryan says he doesn't play that way and Johnny says he doesn't either. Johnny says he's telling Ryan he isn't going to play dirty, but he's in a tough spot. He started the game with the sad puppy dog routine but his life is on the line and he's going full bulldog on these people.

Will is talking to Paras and he tells her he's thinking of sending Johnny home. He thinks this might be the only chance to get him home. Will tells us after last week he might as well take the shot. Will says they have to get rid of Johnny.

Johnny says being on the block sucks, he feels like he has the plague because no one wants to be around him. He goes to talk to Liv and Ali and asks what they think the odds are and Ali says 50/50. Liv says she thinks it's tied but Derek is not going to keep him. Ali says keeping Johnny would be great for them because he would help take a shot at Daela when the time comes. Ali tells Johnny that Paras might be closer to Ryan than she's letting on, but if Johnny can get Will then maybe he can get Paras.

Paras and Ryan are playing pool and chatting. Ryan tells Paras that pool is a lot like Big Brother. He says you are only ever in control of one ball at a time. And sometimes when you swing wildly sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen.

Paras asks if stripes are an alliance and solids are an alliance and Ryan says and you have to take the other team out.

Liv tells us she doesn't want to be seen around the house campaigning for Johnny because someone like Paras will shut down and think you're pushing your agenda too hard.

Liv is talking to Paras and mentions Ryan has escaped the block three times and if he does it again he could make it to the end and win. Liv leaves and Paras mumbles this game is so funny, but she's not keeping Johnny.

Big Brother has finally revealed what is in the crypt in the catacombs. Will is the one who discovered it and things came to a screeching halt.

We see Will going into the catacombs and the crypt top flashing. He says he's really puzzled. He says is this like Harry Potter or what? He hears something inside the crypt and he's trying to figure out what it's saying. He finally slides the top off.

Inside is a mummified moose. The Marsha, the Mummified Moose says Will doesn't look happy to see him, was he waiting for a secret power? He doesn't have a power but he does have a secret mission. He has one hour to get the entire house to screech and kiss a cod and if he succeeds the house will get a kitchen party. If he fails, then the entire house will be on slop.

At the same time, the HGs are getting instructions that Will is getting a secret mission and it is their job to make sure he fails.

Will first talks Derek into doing it but the others are not cooperating. Ali says their strategy is to delay and stall until Will goes nuts. Kaela says it's hilarious to watch Will suffer and maybe they should give him a break. Johnny, Maddy, and Kaela all participated. Olivia helps out too.

Ali and Ryan are the last two Will has to get to participate. Ali finally comes down and she participates. Their entire plan hinges on Ryan holding out.

There are two minutes left and Ryan says he has this because he's going to enjoy making Will suffer. Will is very persistent. Will is talking everything upstairs since Ryan won't come down. Ryan finally refused to do it and Will says he did not complete the mission and he feels like he let everyone down.

Will goes and talks to Marsha the Moose and Marsha asks what happened and Will says big red wouldn't cooperate. Marsha says he failed and now the whole house will be punished.

Will is going to break the news to everyone. Will tells them they are on slop for the rest of the season and they could have had a house party. Johnny asks why Will didn't try harder. Ali is upset and says she's self-evicting because she can't do slop.

Ali is yelling at Will and they tell him they had a secret mission too. They get the kitchen party and the HGs are dancing and eating. Ali says even Ryan had some dad moves.

Arisa tells us Ryan still thinks he's pretty safe but Johnny is still trying to rise from the ashes. Derek and Ryan are talking and Derek doesn't think Johnny has a chance of getting the votes he needs.

Ali says right now the house is leaning towards keeping Ryan, but she needs to keep Johnny focused and have him talk to Will and get his vote. Maddy comes in and asks if they are chatting and Johnny says they were and Maddy leaves. Ali says come on Johnny, I need you to pull this out.

Johnny goes to talk to Will and says Ryan will never be Will's ally and Will says he doesn't care about Ryan. Johnny says if he goes then Kaela and Derek have the power to stay with Will and their side or they can go with Liv and Ali. Will wants to have a chat with Ali. Ali tells Will that Daela is making her and Liv feel quite comfortable. Ali says Will needs to think about what's best for his game.

Will needs to see where Paras' head is at. Johnny says he doesn't have anyone in the game, he has Paras but that could go bad too.

Will pitches to Paras about keeping Johnny. He says without Johnny they have no shot of getting rid of Daela and he doesn't trust Kaela at all. Paras agrees.

Ali joins Paras and Will and they are discussing their options. Ali says as long as Johnny is in the game he will always be a bigger target than them, but if Ryan stays he goes on the backburner. Paras feels like Ryan is a number for them though. Will says it's up to Paras and she should just let him know.

Ryan comes in to talk to Paras and Will and he does a little shimmy. Will wants to know where Ryan's head is at and what he will do if he wins HoH. Ryan swears he will not go after Will and Will asks if Ryan has a deal with Daela and Ryan says no. Ryan says Daela has told him they want Johnny to go home, but they haven't offered a deal. Ryan says they both have kids and he is not going to knife him because they have kids.

Ryan says it's been white room vs. red room for awhile and they need to get out there and win HoH and put two of them up. Paras says she believes Ryan after he leaves.

Arisa greets the HG. She says so far seven HGs have been evicted and she has a little surprise...they aren't totally done with them just yet.

Rozina says hello and she misses them and she is proud of them. Have they been missing her cooking?

Andrew advises them to change their socks a bit more.

Jesse says life outside the house is pretty good and he's going to Coachella this weekend.

Veronica tells them to be nice to each other...on second thought be mean.

Hamza wants to see someone stir it up a little bit.

Merron says BB legends are made in that house.

Erica says they are all doing great and she can't wait to see them on the other side.

Arisa then tells them jury starts tonight and the HGs evicted will be the first member.

Johnny says it's not every day you get to live your dream, but please know he wants to stay and play and he loves all of them...most of the time.

Ryan says he's played with honesty and integrity and he thinks Canada backed him up on that a week ago. If he does get evicted tonight, they need to own their game, stand by their game because that's the only way they are getting his vote.

It's time to vote!

Alejandra votes to evict Ryan.
Olivia votes to evict Ryan.
Will votes to evict Ryan.
Paras votes to evict Ryan.
Maddy votes to evict Ryan.
Kaela votes to evict Ryan.

By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Ryan has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Ryan hugs the suit of armor as he leaves and tells everyone to own their lies.

Arisa greets Ryan and asks where did he fall apart after being on the block four times? Ryan says he fell apart weeks ago and no one trusted him.

Arisa asks what he has to say Canada? Ryan thanks them so much for saving him, it was an incredible experience and he's glad he gets to help pick the winner and he's sorry for only making it another week.

It's time to find a new HoH! Each HGs will climb their rope to the top of their candy and try to stay on as long as they can. The last one on their candy wins HoH.

All the HGs look solid and their candy mountains erupt liquid at them.

Arisa tells us next week, not one, not two, but three HGs will be evicted... it's time for the triple eviction!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E20, was written by Indymom78.

Johnny Won the HoH Competition


Graphic by 89razorskate20

Here is the latest Deals and Alliances chart for BBCAN6.  These charts are created by BBJunkie AKA @89razorskate20  [Click to Enlarge]

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Update Entry
Wednesday, April 18, 2018  Eviction Eve
Mortys TV Pop Poll
 Good morning!  We have a fresh Nite Owl report by Sassy2565 for you to read, while we wait for new posts.

The Johnny campaign tour continues but with great success today!

Not too much talk just house cleaning through the morning, but around 2PM, Johnny and Paras have a brief conversation in the catacombs, in which Paras tells him that she will vote for him to save. They high five.

Kaela comes in and asks if she can talk to Johnny, Paras leaves. Kaela then tells him that she would rather have him stay (seriously!). She feels that if Daela is on the block together, Derek will have lots of votes to stay, she needs Johnny to have her back, so she's going to start campaigning for him [little does she know lol ~horns] She just needs to convince Derek, make sure he's OK with Johnny staying. They high five.

Johnny immediately goes to talk to Paras and tells her what Kaela just told him and how it's going to be her that saves him. They have a good chuckle about Kaela.

Kaela goes to talk to Derek about keeping Johnny, after about two minutes, Derek: "I'm starting to think we send Ryan packing and take our chances with Johnny."

So, somehow Johnny is now good with Will, Paras, and Maddy; Ali and Liv; and Derek and Kaela... [It could be a unanimous save Johnny vote lol he is good! ~horns]

The rest of the day was spent by Daela going around campaigning for Johnny to stay, with everyone's response being, hey ya, that is a good idea lol Also, Johnny was going around just making sure he had everyone. He did express nervousness to Ali though, saying he hopes Ryan doesn't catch wind and try something desperate.

Ryan had a brief conversation with Will (really his first campaigning of the week) but Will was basically just saying he doesn't know where everyone's head is at. Too little too late there Ryan.

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 
Tonight's Show on Global TV at 7:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.
I watch Big Brother Canada live on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it's streaming beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 7PM, you have another chance at 10PM ET.

We could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Derek says he nominated Johnny and Ryan and they may seem like "safe choices" but he and Kaela have alliances on both sides and they really were his only options.

Johnny says he blew up his game with lying about the vote and he's in serious danger. Ryan says he's on the block again... surprise! But he put him on the block Johnny, who is a huge target, and he might be able to pull this off this week.

Johnny and Derek talk and Derek says only Johnny and Ryan's names came up and he has no hard feelings with Johnny and if Johnny pulls himself off the block then they can just play the game. Johnny jokes that Derek should just throw him the PoV. Johnny knows he has to buckle up and get in the game.

Ryan talks to Alejandra and she tells him he needs to fight like hell. Ryan tells us Ali and Olivia have made it clear they want to work with him and considering this is his fourth nomination, he'll take any help he can get. He tells Ali that Johnny told him not to trust Ali.

Johnny tells us he realizes he needs Olivia and Ali on his side if he has a chance to stay in the game. He talks to Olivia and he says he doesn't know if Liv and Ali are working with Daela and Liv says they aren't working together but they've been in power two weeks and she and Ali haven't been on the block. Johnny says he just thought their bond was so solid.

Johnny then talks to Ali. Ali tells him truth be told he needs to figure out for himself if it's loyalty or game. Johnny says he realized Daela's only other alternative for the block was them. Ali says she doesn't know if she necessarily believes that. She tells him that several people told her that Erica and Johnny had doubts in her.

It's time to pick players for the PoV! Johnny tells us that clearly, he is alone in the house. Derek draws Maddy. Johnny draws Paras and she is very excited. Ryan draws Olivia. The host for the veto competition will be Alejandra.

Maddy was hoping to play in the veto competition. Derek says he and Kaela are in a really good spot in the house right now. He has an alliance with Olivia and Ali and one with Maddy and Paras. Johnny is in the red rose room and he's talking to himself. He really wants revenge.

It's time for the veto competition and it's a medieval set up. They will be firing at a target, the HGs closest to the center wins a buy to the final. Johnny is the closest in round 1 and he moves on automatically to the final round. Now that they are ranked, everyone else will fire cannonballs at their opponent's army and will go against the next ranked HG.

Olivia and Paras are the fifth and sixth-ranked players. Olivia and Paras are both struggling. Olivia knocks down her first target and then Paras knocks down one. Paras gets her second then Olivia gets one and they both have one target each. Olivia hits her target and is moving on to the next round. Paras has been eliminated.

Derek is now going to battle against Olivia. Derek needs to make it to the final round against Johnny and win PoV and keep his nominations the same. Derek knocks down his first target. Derek says Johnny is his target and what's helping him is he's picturing Johnny's face on each target. Derek knocks down his last two targets and he moves on.

Ryan and Derek will now face off against each other. Ryan says the first order of business...a medieval stare down. Derek quickly knocks down his first two targets. He says the disadvantage is he has to play in so many rounds, but the advantage is he gets better. Ryan is disappointed he can't compete against Johnny, but go, Derek.

Maddy will now go against Derek. Maddy gets her first target. Derek gets his first and then Maddy gets her second. Derek gets another target and they each have one target left. Maddy says he's not even paying attention because she doesn't need to win. Derek gets the last target.

The final round is Derek vs. Johnny and the winner wins the PoV. Johnny says there is no way Derek is beating him two competitions in a row. Derek says Johnny has been a target since Day one and it's the perfect time to take him out. Johnny has the lead then Derek takes the lead. Derek needs one more target and Johnny needs two.

Johnny says Derek is ahead and he needs to pick up his pace and win this veto. Johnny connects and they both have one target remaining. Derek has barely missed the target twice. Johnny is also coming very close. Derek hits the last target and has won the PoV!

Derek says he has all the power in the house. This is his kingdom and they will all bow to him. Johnny says he is feeling absolute defeat and he loves this game so much.

Ryan tells Johnny he really is sorry he lost. He says he was very conflicted. Ryan is commiserating with Johnny and says it's not over. He tells Johnny to convince Derek to use the veto and put someone else up. Johnny says he won't use the veto on me. Ryan says it's bus chucking time.

Derek is talking to Kaela in the HoH and he says he's just glad he doesn't have to do a replacement nominee and their alliances are fine. Kaela says he's so hot.

Johnny knows he needs to talk to Ali and Liv and get them to turn against Daela. Johnny is curious if he has a chance. He feels like with Erica out of the house there is a consensus it should be him. But he feels like they could use someone like him who could be loyal.

Johnny tells them he knows Daela is also working with the other side and Ali says she knows that. She says it sucks to think of him leaving. Ali tells Johnny to give them the evening to absorb everything and she will talk to Liv later. Johnny thinks they trust him and he knows they can blow his game up. Johnny just has to trust them.

Johnny leaves and Liv and Ali talk. Ali wonders if that was genuine or if they are being played. Liv doesn't think they have Ryan, that he's just trying to be good with everyone. Liv says to pull this off, they'd have to throw Daela hard under the bus.

It's game night and Derek has invited Kaela, Johnny, and Ali to play Jenga.

We see Liv laying on a bed and she tells us she's moping around and she's in a horrible mood. She says she misses her family and she's not an emotional person but this game is taking a toll on her.

Paras and Olivia are talking and Paras asks if she could see one person from home who would it be. Olivia starts crying and she just misses her dad. She says this is a lot more mentally straining than she thought it would be. Paras agrees.

Ali goes in while Johnny is laying down and wants to talk to him. Ali tells him she and Liv feel good with Daela but she knows they can take a shot at any time.

Ali says getting rid of Johnny will appease them, but she knows it loses a number for them. She wants to Johnny to bait Daela and tell them he thought him and Erica had something solid with Ali and Liv, but if he stays he will help them take Liv and Ali. Ali wants to see what happens and where they stand. Liv comes in and says Johnny has nothing to lose by doing that.

Ryan is downstairs talking to Kaela and he says they are where they are and he tells her he doesn't hate sitting next to Johnny. Ryan tells us Johnny is a very attractive target and if it were someone else sitting next to him he could be leaving. Ryan asks Kaela if she could vote to keep him and she says he's not looking that bad to her right now.

Johnny goes to talk to Kaela and Derek. He pitches getting rid of Ryan for them and he'd be appreciative of that. Johnny says keeping threats in could be good. Derek says Johnny is a very good player, but he's also an emotional guy. Johnny says if he stayed he'd leave the emotions outside. He says he does want to play smart. Johnny says if they can find a way that he could be beneficial to their game, please keep him in mind.

Johnny thinks he might have convinced Kaela and Derek to keep him and he didn't even have to use Ali and Liv's plan, he did it Johnny's way. Derek pitches keeping Johnny because he likes him as a person better and Kaela says she doesn't like Ryan at all. Derek says it could be a huge risk but it could be fun.

It's time for veto ceremony. Derek heads to the throne room and he says the nominations he made were the best decisions at the time. He says Johnny made a pretty good point, keeping him could help them out a lot. If he uses the veto, then he risks exposing his alliances. He has no clue what to do.

Derek heads to the living room. Ryan says as a golfer he knows it's one great shot that makes a round and he had to make 16 shots to win that necklace. He hopes not to be on the block, but he expects to be.

Johnny says right now he's alone stranded in a desert and the rest of the vultures can swoop down on him, but he has the power to save him. His choice.

Derek has chosen NOT to use the power of veto. He says they continue to get deeper and deeper into the game and they have both proven they can win under pressure. If any of the other HGs want to win the game, they need one of them to leave. Let the campaigning begin.

Johnny tells us it's looking like it's the end of the road but he refuses to believe it. From the ashes, the Phoenix will rise.

Ryan says Derek doesn't use the veto, shock. Here he is for the fourth time but he thinks Johnny is an attractive target and the other HGs might take him out.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E19, was written by Indymom78.   

Today's Update by horns, with TV coverage by IndyMom78
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Update Entry
Tuesday, April 17, 2018  Expect the Unexpected
Just to let you know, there was no decision made to stop providing text updates on this page of the live feed happenings, it's just that you guys aren't posting anything in the forums. The updates you read on this page are taken from the where fans like you used to post messages about what's going on in the BBCAN house.

We still have Sassy2565, but she was out sick, and now has to catch up on her real life work.  So if you'd like more updates posted here, start writing , we have a lot of readers, but no writers. You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here. The forum days begin and end at midnight, the Wednesday thread is here. Note: I'll use whatever you write, I really like the short synopsis style of updating where an afternoon is distilled down to a paragraph.

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 
  BBCAN6 Tuesday, April 17: Paras is skeptical of Ali and Olivia  More to come...

Visit the Video Board to see over 500 BBCAN6 videos.

By Sassy2565

12:00AM BBT: Good Early Morning Canada! Ryan, Ali and Olivia are in the kitchen talking about a dinner that Olivia is going to make on Friday while her and Ali are fixing tea.

The feeds change to Kaela and Derek in the hot-tub talking about how Kaela is competitive and she would beat Derek at a lot more than just pool. Derek wants to get out of the hot-tub to shower and because Johnny has been wanting to talk to him. Kaela thinks that Johnny had all day to talk to him and she don't mind giving jabs.

They decide to get out and go get dried off before they come back out to put the cover on the hot-tub.

12:17AM BBT: Ali and Will decide they are going to go out by the hot-tub and have a cigarette. Will asks Ali if she one-hundred percent trusts him and she said that she does. Ali found out that Erica was saying that she did not trust her and she wants to know honestly if Johnny ever said she was not trustworthy. Will said that neither one ever said that to him. They both agree that if they get the next HoH they would put up Johnny and Derek. Ali said that Johnny told her that him and Erica were going to get Ali out before Olivia because they trusted Olivia more.

Will agrees that Johnny sketches him out but he trusts him more than he trusts Ryan and Ali agrees. Will said that Ryan is swearing that he won't go after him next week if he votes for him to stay.

Will tells Ali that people are saying that Ali, Olivia, Kaela and Derek have a thing. Ali said that she heard that too because Johnny said that to her too. Will said that Daela is trying to lock it down with him too. Will thinks that Maddy is in good with Daela too.

Ali seems to find all of this information interesting. As they head inside they are whispering about how Johnny did not use the PoV on him previously so that is why he don't trust him much but he trusts him more than Ryan. Will tells Ali to try and work on Paris.

12:24AM BBT: BB announces Good Night to the house guests.

12:26AM BBT: Johnny and Ali meet up in the storage room and Johnny asks Ali when she is going to present a plan to Derek and Kaela. Ali said that she is going to do it tomorrow and she is going to say that other people in the house are approaching her and giving her good reasons why it's better to keep Johnny in the house right now. Johnny said that they will say WTF that makes no sense because you are working with them. Ali said that she is only working with them until the triple and she has to do what is best for her game and she told them in the beginning that she was going to weigh the pros and cons she never told them one-hundred percent.

They agree that Will and Paras are together. Ali will honor the final five but now it's kinda week to week. Ali said that Will had a conversation with Daela telling them that he was on the fence about who to keep and Daela got mad at Will. Ali is going to talk more to Paras tonight and talk to Daela in the morning. Ali told Johnny that Maddy is coming around too so she thinks that it will be a clean sweep and then Ali leaves the storage room.

Johnny tells the cameras that girl is so annoying and Paras is scared too and that is so annoying. He thinks that there is so much potential for this to all explode tomorrow if something is shared. If one person confronts another about something that he has shared it's going to all go downhill and then he leaves the storage room to get Maddy to meet him in the storage room.

After they get there Johnny tells Maddy everything him and Ali talked about. They both agree that there is no hope with Kaela keeping Johnny. As Johnny heads to bed he stops in the wash area where Paras is getting ready for bed and tells her that Ali said that she was going to talk to her tonight and then he heads to bed.

12:43AM BBT: Maddy enters the wash area where Paras is still getting ready for bed and Maddy tells her that if Olivia and Ali get scared that Derek and Kaela are going to team up with them then they might want to keep Johnny. Paras said that she does not think that it is good for Johnny to stay and she has to go with her gut but things can change tomorrow. Paras is tired of Will getting mad at her all of the time and talking mean to her every single day and she is sick of it.

12:53AM BBT: The lights start dimming while Maddy, Will and Johnny are getting in bed. They spend the next hour talking about the other house guests and then they fall asleep.

Updates by Sassy2565
The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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