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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)

It's day 75 in the Big Brother House.



By a Vote of 2 - 1 Victor was Evicted.

Victor won the Jury Second Chance Competition and is back in the house!
Nicole Won HoH!
Corey won the last Care Package on the season

Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul for eviction
Have-Nots are Victor and Corey
Nicole, Victor, Paul, Corey, Michelle, and James competed for PoV; Natalie hosted the competition.
Nicole won the PoV

It's TRUE! The next season of Big Brother will start this FALL, only on CBS All Access.

Big Brother 19 will begin not long after the season-18 finale, which is slated for September 21. BB19 will run 10 weeks, slightly shorter than a normal season. It will be an expansion of the franchise and will not replace the annual summer season of Big Brother, which will continue to air on the CBS network in the USA & on Global in Canada. Julie Chen tweeted that she will be hosting BB19. Remember, you won't be able to watch BB19 without CBS All Access, so what are you waiting for, get your free trial started now!

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Update Entry
Sunday, August 28, 2016 Day of Rest
IndyMom78's Nite Owl Report is here.

6:00 - 7:00AM BBT: All the HGs are sleeping. At 6:20 Corey gets up to use the bathroom. Michelle asks him if he is OK as he walks past her bed. He says yes. He uses the bathroom, washes his hands and heads back to bed.

7:00 - 8:00AM BBT: All HGs sleeping. At 7:04AM BBT: Victor gets out of his bumper car and heads to the bathroom area. Uses the facilities, washes hands and heads back to bed.

8:00-10:30AM BBT: All the HGs are sleep.

10:48AM BBT: Nicole is up and using the downstairs bathroom. She then heads to the storage room to exchange her batteries. She heads back to the HoH.

10:55AM BBT: Wake up FotH.

What's Going On Now? 
It's always tough to find people to post updates or Sunday, I'd like to think it's because everyone's in church . The updates you read on this page are taken from the, and right now, nothing has been posted. It's really easy to help out, just go to the TVFanForums and post your observations in this thread.  I mean, since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on.  

Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it.   

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Update Entry
Saturday, August 27, 2016 PoV Competition Today
7:20AM BBT: We are on Jeff's reels.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

8:10AM BBT: The feeds are back and the Have-Not food and Have-Nots have been chosen. The card is read and Nicole says the first two who fell off the wall are the Have-Nots. Have-Nots are Victor and Corey. The Have-Not food is Seaweed and Squid.

8:16PM BBT: Nicole is upset that she has to sleep alone now in the HoH room because Corey is now a Have-Not. Paul asks Corey if he is going to eat the seaweed and Corey says, "Hell no."

Victor and Corey both try a bite of the seaweed and neither one likes it; there's a lot of gagging and talking about the seaweed.

Paul and Natalie clean up the mess.

8:30AM BBT: James heads back to bed, Corey tells Nicole that he is going to be in a bad mood now and she tells him he needs to stay positive. Natalie and Paul are cleaning the squid arrangements up. Natalie is holding the bag open and Paul is throwing them away. Nicole grabs a squid to keep and Corey says that better now touch me.

8:40AM BBT: Corey goes to the DR to see if he can use his bribe on the Have-Not pass or something. He comes out and says BB told him they would get back to him.

BB calls Nicole to the DR. Paul and Corey talk about the PoV coming up and Paul hopes it is the comics. Paul says he is going to study with Nicole as soon as he gets out of the DR and we go to Jeff's Reels.

9:00-10:00AM BBT: The PoV players were picked and Nicole pulled Victor's chip, Paul got HGs choice and Michelle pulled James chip. Natalie will host the competition.

The HGs go to separate rooms where Michelle and Natalie start talking. Natalie tells Michelle she is not the target that Paul is the target.

Michelle asks James why Paul would choose Corey to play the PoV for him if Paul is the target and James says, "I could be the backdoor target, you never know."

Paul is in the HoH telling Nicole and Corey that Natalie asked why he chose Corey to play PoV and not her, and he says he told her that it is because she is good a competitions and Corey isn't. He says that he told her that if she won she would take Michelle off the block and he needs Michelle to stay up there and if Corey wins it will stay the same, "So I have a better shot at campaigning against Michelle."

Michelle, Natalie, and James talk about how Paul and Victor go to whoever is in the HoH power at the time as last week he was always with them.

10:00-11:00AM BBT: Nicole and Corey talk to Victor and Paul saying they have to make sure that Michelle does not win PoV and if James wins it then it is OK because Natalie will tell him not to use it and he will listen.

Paul goes on talking general talk then they go to the kitchen to make food after Corey says he needs to be rested for the competitions. Paul continues his general conversation to Victor and Nicole in the kitchen as they are making food.

11:00-12:00PM BBT: Corey, Paul and Victor are talking about Natalie and her being in a pageant and winning. They are trying to figure her out and see where her head is. Paul gets called to the DR and Victor and Corey talk about him getting his Care Package and he wonders what America wants him to do with it as he wants to get off slop. He says it will cost him 5 grand to get off slop and Natalie got a Never-Not pass for free. They then start studying the memory wall in case the Morph competition is today for the PoV.

4:15PM BBT: Jeff's reels.

4:20PM BBT: Nichole Wins Veto!

Nicole won her Veto, crossing another line off her bucket list. It's her first ever. Paul and Victor are bummed, discussing how they might convince Corey to use his Bribe on Nicole to take Paul down. James doesn't know if this is a good idea. They are all dressed as elves - it was Christmas in August.

4:28PM BBT: Nicole goes to HoH to celebrate that she won.

In the kitchen, Natalie says that BB was feeding the reindeer the entire time. Corey goes to HoH. They are excited together about the win.

4:31PM BBT: In the storage room Michelle tells Natalie if Corey bribes her to vote her out to go for it. Natalie says she won't do that. They head out to the kitchen where they decide to open up several packages of the Have-Not seaweed.

4:34PM BBT: Nicole, Corey and Victor in the HoH talking about the Veto competition. It was the Stay or Fold competition. Nicole talks about how her gut just told her to add a few extra each time. Nicole says Michelle was close to winning. They were worried. Victor went out first round.

4:39PM BBT: Michelle is crunching a carrot and dipping it in paprika between bites. She is so happy Paul didn't win Veto. They feel Paul is going out this week. Natalie says she would not be surprised if Corey wins AFP. Natalie gets a carrot and now both are crunching into the mics. (and I'm leaving the kitchen due to the noise).

4:43PM BBT: Corey, Nicole, and Corey are still talking about the competition. In the kitchen, Meech and Natalie have a discussion if it bothers Natalie that she double dips in the container of hummus. Natalie says not because they are friends (not sure if the other HGs mind. They discuss how healthy their snack is.

4:45PM BBT: Natalie says they will be skinny soon. She feels she has lost half a pound she feels. Talk changes to Paul and if he is scared. James says yes he is and he knows that Nicole has to get rid of one of them (Paul or Victor).

4:47PM BBT: Nicole and Corey talk in HoH. Victor leaves to get Paul. Nicole says that they have a chance to get rid of Paul this week. She says that she knows her parents are screaming at her to get one of them out. Corey says that she beat them in the competition and to take Michelle out. He says he has thought about getting Paul out. She says she doesn't want to kick herself. She knows Michelle will put them up.

5:00PM BBT: Corey leaves the HoH room and goes down to the kitchen area to talk to the other HGs about the bribe and different was that he could use it. He also tells the other HGs about the argument he was having with Nicole over the bribe not having safety as well. Nicole is in the HoH room getting ready to take a bath. Paul is sleeping.

5:10PM BBT: Nicole is taking a shower. Corey is listening to music. Paul is still sleeping. Victor walks into the HoH room and tells Corey that Paul is taking a nap because he wants to seem down. Victor says that the have not life sucks. They are trying to figure out what they could talk about. Victor says they have been there too long. They have nothing to talk about anymore.

5:15PM BBT: Natalie, James, and Meech are in the kitchen baking. Meech is licking her fingers and all of the batter out of the package. James is going on about why he won Americas Favorite. James said that he told Paulie it is because he is not the type of guy to just leave his girl.

In the HoH room, we still have Victor and Corey having random conversations about going out in New Orleans.

5:20PM BBT: Michelle, Natalie, and James are talking about what happened on what days to try and prepare for the next competition. James says that he would not be good at the competition because he can't add. Michelle then starts saying that if it is a double eviction that it will be a mental competition. She tells them that she believes that she can beat Corey in the mental competition.

Natalie says that she would be good at the competition if Michelle would teach her. Natalie brought up the fact that Paul lied to them about the number of ducks that there were.

5:24PM BBT: James says that his problem with Paul is that he was called out about touching Natalie. Natalie says since Paul was called out he has been a lot better. Natalie says that Nicole better lock down the nominations because Michelle is not going home this week. She wants Paul out. Michelle says that she is going to go after Victor before Nicole. Paul then walks into the kitchen area and the conversation stops.

5:28PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that if they put squid near or around his stuff that he would take their stuff and poop on it. Natalie is now starting to scream to America that James "Americas Favorite" would poop on her stuff because they were talking about putting squid in his bed. James said that he would also pee on their stuff too. Now James and Natalie try to tickle each other. Michelle awkwardly tries to tickle James.

5:32PM BBT: Paul is in the HoH room talking to Victor, Corey, and Nicole. They are talking about their strategy they were thinking about during the PoV competition. Paul is not happy at all about the way the competition went. Paul says that Natalie was singing Christmas songs to just piss him off. He says they are just too happy and it is making him mad. Paul says that he will play his part. He says that if he has to play bummed out he will play bummed out to keep their game under wraps.

5:35PM BBT: Victor is hitting himself with a hanger and BB tells him to stop that during the game conversation. Paul says that he was playing the competition safe. He said that he had to play it safe. It was a Christmas themed competition and candy canes come up in the conversation several times. It seems like the person with the most candy canes won the competition. Corey is talking like he threw some of the questions.

5:40PM BBT: Nicole says that they would need the bribe more next week. Corey tells her that he has to use it this week. Nicole then says that they could have used it any other week more than this week. We then get FotH

5:45PM BBT: Paul and the group are now discussing what the competition will be this week. Victor says that it will have to be a quick competition. Paul says that in any scenario we win, the odds are in our favor. Paul says that they could not show their cards and then it would be like holy shit or we could show their cards. Corey says that blind sides are better, Paul agrees. We get FotH again.

5:50PM BBT: James, Natalie, and Michelle are still in the kitchen area area. James put something down Natalie's shirt and she jokingly tells him to get away from her and that they are done. It was salt down her shirt, he takes it out and pours it in her drink. Natalie gets up and walks away and tells James that he is sleeping alone tonight.

5:55PM BBT: Nicole says that the house makes her so stressed that she gets zits like crazy. Paul says the house makes him stress too. Paul says that he was happy the way they played in the competition. He says they were on the same page mentally. Nicole says that the game is more strategy than just guessing the numbers. Paul agrees.

They start talking about what numbers they were going to guess in the competition. Paul tells them that he pretty much knew how many items there were during the whole competition. So we know that the competition was the game where they have to count how many items there are.

5:58PM BBT: Paul and Nicole are now talking about what she should say during the PoV ceremony. They are discussing all of the possibilities on Thursday and how they need to word this speech to keep people on their toes. He tells Nicole that she needs it to be ambiguous so that Paul and Victor take all of the heat. He tells her that Natalie and Michelle are going to be a wreck if one of them goes on the block.

6:00PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole that he is going to play sad all week because they are all wondering what he is pitching to Nicole. Paul says that he is happy to play a pawn for Nicole this week and Nicole thanks him for it. Nicole says that she doesn't want the house to know that she is working with Paul.

6:05PM BBT: Paul is still in the HoH room trying to make sure that Nicole knows that Victor and him are 100% working with her and Corey. He is bringing up situations where the other HGs are beating around the bush and he is just straight up with her because he has nothing to hide. Nicole says that working with him is better for her game anyways.

Paul brings up the final three deal between James, Natalie, and Michelle. Nicole says that's why Michelle needs to go home. Nicole tells Paul that the next competition is going to be a mental competition and she needs a Brainiac for it. Paul makes sure to tell her that he will be really good in the next competition.

6:10PM BBT: James and Natalie are in the other bed room talking game. James tells Natalie that Nicole said that she is going to lock down the nominations and is not going to use the Veto. James tells her about how Nicole was complaining about how Victor and Paul have pretty much taken over the HoH room for this week and last week.

James thinks that Corey will use the bribe to get Victor to drop out of the HoH competition in order to eventually put him on the block. Natalie says that she now trusts Nicole now. James says that they still need to be friendly to Nicole, but they don't have to kiss her butt.

6:15PM BBT: Nicole and Paul are still talking in the HoH room. Paul is still telling Nicole that this conversation is not a ploy to get him off of the block and that he completely trusts her. He said he doesn't care that he is on the block for that reason. He said that this week is done for him and he is now thinking about next week.

6:20PM BBT: Paul has leeched himself onto Nicole in the HoH bathroom, trying to keep her talking about what is going to happen this week and why other HGs are acting the way they are campaigning to keep himself safe this week. He is now telling Victor that last week when he pulled himself off of the block James was making statements that led to Victor going home. Paul is really throwing James under the bus with Victor.

6:25PM BBT: James and Natalie are back in the kitchen area area. James they are eating the cookie cake that they were baking earlier. Back in the HoH room Nicorey, Paul, and Victor are still talking about how shady the other HGs are being. Paul says that Natalie is acting way to happy for the plan to be getting Michelle out. Nicole is trying to rationalize why they would be happy that Michelle is going home saying that they think they would still have Victor on their side. Victor says that would be stupid on their part to think he is working with them.

6:30PM BBT: Now the group in the HoH room are talking about what they want to eat. Back in the kitchen area James, Natalie, and Michelle are still sitting at the propeller table having random conversation. Talking about what level celebrities they are.

6:35PM BBT: Back in the HoH room. Paul is stuffing his face with some snacks. Victor tells Corey about how shady Natalie is, completely throwing her under the bus. Corey is barely talking back with Victor and Paul, Just saying "Yeah".

6:38PM BBT: Victor kind of screwed up by saying that there is one more couple in the house. He is talking about James and Natalie, but this shows that he is targeting couples. Corey did not seem to catch on to the statement.

6:40PM BBT: Corey tells Victor that he just wants Natalie to go. He hates the ways she treats people and acts like she is a victim. He says that he even hates the way that she treats James. They say that she pretty much has him wrapped around her finger and it needs to stop.

6:45PM BBT: The game talk has stopped in the house. Victor and Corey are now talking about a trip they will be taking. All of the other HGs are in the kitchen area having random conversation and eating dinner.

6:47PM BBT: The HGs in the kitchen area are talking about how Jozea would have been acting if he won HoH. Paul tells Nicole that she would not even be here having this conversation. Michelle says that he would have been walking around saying get out of my way peasants.

7:16PM BBT: In the HoH room, Nicole, Corey and Victor and Paul are talking about the movie Trainwreck. BB tells them they are not allowed to quote dialog from movies. They keep talking about movies.

Victor talks about John Cena and Lebron James. Paul wants them all to stay in LA for a few days with him after they leave the house. Nicole says she wants to go home to her family. She says she will be back in October. Paul tells her she will have a great time when she comes back. Paul tells her she will pee her pants.

Nicole is worried about having a heart attack in the Halloween Horror Nights. She says she will never get to do this again, so she wants to go. Paul talks about pooping his pants when he went. Nicole covers her face with a grey blanket. He says every part of the theme park is decorated in different themes. He says that they really scare the crap out of you.

In the kitchen, Natalie tells Michelle and James that she won't fit in her clothes when she goes home. She says she buys size O. She says the Loft clothes are too big on her. She says when she moved into the house the Express size 00 pants were big on her in the waist. Michelle thinks she's a size two or 4. Natalie says she thinks she may be a size 4. Michelle says Pack Sun runs small so a size three fits her like a size 0 from Hollister. Natalie tells Michelle that she has a pair of Hollister shorts that used to be jeans.

Michelle tells Natalie to take the leggings that are in the house. Natalie is worried about getting a rash from them. Natalie tells her to wash them. Natalie says someone took her black fold-over leggings. James says there is a pair of black leggings in the British bedroom. Natalie says those are Forever 21 and they aren't hers. Michelle says that Da'Vonne and Bridgette didn't wear them, so it had to be Zakiyah. Natalie says someone took her eyeshadow brush, so she's been improvising with her highlight brush. She says she got her eyeshadow brush at Marshall's and it's her favorite.

7:27PM BBT: Michelle tells Natalie and James that she goes to Lakeside Mall a lot and watches a guy do make-up there. She says he was on Toddlers and Tiaras. Michelle and Natalie both like watching make-up being done and also watching tutorials. Michelle wants the Kylie Jenner lip kit. Natalie says it always sells out. Michelle says it's like $18.00, but with shipping, it's like $30.00. Natalie says some high-end makeup isn't comparable to anything else. Michelle says she likes watching the drug store make-up being compared to high-end makeup. Michelle says she likes the batty girl style. She says she wears her Nike ball cap everywhere. Natalie says she likes to wear a work-out outfit with leggings.

Michelle says stores seem to treat you better when you are all made up. James says they shouldn't judge you on that. He says that some people that have a lot of money dress down. Natalie says she has an acquaintance that is an heiress to a huge company and a professional sports team, and you wouldn't know it because she is humble and normal. She says she doesn't want to say her name on TV.

James says he knows someone who's parents own an oil company. He says he doesn't want to say her name so he will call her Lindsey. He says that her parents want her to dress up and she won't do it. Michelle says it's going to be weird to see the clothes that she couldn't bring. Natalie says she can't wait to see her normal clothes. Michelle says that she wants to throw these clothes away. She says that she will donate them actually.

James says the clothes he wore of BB17 are in a corner and he left them there. Michelle wonders if people would buy her clothes from this season. Natalie tells her to put them on eBay and sell them to donate the money to charity. Michelle says someone bought Dan's flip-flops.

7:36PM BBT: Natalie asks Michelle if she would buy things from her favorite BB player if part of the money went to charity? Michelle says, no. She says she might buy a host card or something. She asks how much Frank sold something for and we get FotH.

Natalie tells James to stop cleaning up after her. She says he makes her look bad since he cooked for her. Natalie says she never eats her burgers with the buns in the house. Michelle talks about there being a reindeer. Natalie says the handlers were throwing them graham crackers.

Natalie says she really didn't understand the competition at first. She says she said it was going to be 15X9 for the carrots. James guessed 78 for the nutcracker and it was 77. Michelle wondered how two people got a candy cane. Natalie tells James it gets her mad that he knows a lot of the competitions and he doesn't tell her any tricks to them. James tells her she wasn't playing. She says she feels that she is left out to dry sometimes and everyone else knows all the competitions.

Natalie says she can do really good in the slip n' slide competition that's hers. James says he's starting to realize that Nicole is really good in competitions. Natalie says she already told him this, she's very good. Natalie says she doesn't need it to win and she knows that. James says as long as she keeps them safe it was a week well worth it. Michelle says she's happy they are safe. Michelle says she is going to prepare for the worst.

James says it was a good idea to throw the HoH competition to her. Natalie says it will be a waste of an HoH to get Michelle out. James thinks Corey will try to take Victor out, but he will put him on the block with him. Michelle says if she stays she will be back on the block.

Natalie says Michelle will win the double eviction she knows it. Michelle says if she wins she will put Nicole and Victor on the block. Natalie farts and says excuse me. Natalie says Nicole is a bigger threat then Corey competition wise. Michelle says she hasn't sit the block once.

James says she can't play next week. Michelle says Nicole knows she's her target. She says that having Paul in the house she knows she's safe. Natalie says she is thinking long term and she's in it to win it. Natalie says keeping Paul in the house will be a waste of an HoH. Michelle asks James if he knows who Nicole's target is? James says he thinks that she wants Paul out. Michelle says she doesn't have personal feelings in the game, Nicole is just a threat to her.

Natalie tells James he makes her look like such a rat on TV because he always cleans up after her. James is cleaning her dishes. She tells James she's never had such a nice boyfriend ever, it's really weird and really strange.

7:47PM BBT: Michelle says she wishes they would give them a house pet. Natalie says they have the fish and that's all they need. She says it's not good to bring an animal into the house with all of the fighting and hostility.

Natalie thinks that James put salt in her water. He says he just wanted to fit it up for her. Michelle wants to really get a puppy when she leaves the house. Natalie tells her that she should and she needs to train it really well. She says she has a friend who's dog barks a lot and it's really annoying.

Back in the HoH room, Paul, Victor, Corey and Nicole are talking about different bands. Victor talks about people not being able to pay for a field trip and having to stay at the school with the Principal. Everyone is laughing about school sports.

Natalie and Michelle go to the British bedroom. Michelle snuggles up in the bed that Victor slept in last night. She says it smells like boy. Natalie says she needs to wash her sheets when the backyard opens up. She says that James gave her his candy cane.

Michelle says when she used to sleep with Paul it smelled really bad in the bed. She says she used to scratch his back until he fell asleep when they were still friends.

Natalie tells her the house is normal for this time of the season because so many people have left. Michelle says she hopes it's all good. She says it will suck if she leaves because she doesn't have a chance to get back in anymore.

7:56PM BBT: Michelle says there could be more twists. She says maybe it's a reset week. Natalie asks if she thinks that will happen? Michelle says, "Not a chance." They start to study. Natalie doesn't know the answer.

James goes in the British bedroom and Michelle asks him the same question. He answers it correctly. Michelle says they will have to talk about Veto tonight. Michelle says she's proud that she got a candy cane. Natalie says she wants one because she hosted the competition. Michelle tells Natalie to take the one on the day bed. Natalie says it's Nicole or Corey's.

Natalie says James doesn't want her to take Paul's candy cane so he gave her his. He tells her to tell Paul he can keep his. She says she thought it was a real candy cane. She says Corey got candy canes in his Care Package. She says she thought it was weird that he got those, but it was foreshadowing.

She says she likes to watch what colors they put people in. She says she took a class and colors signify different things. She says that Corey even got the Christmas hat. Natalie says that red is evil, but it also means love and passion. She says purple means royalty and something else. She says white means angelic, rebirth, innocence. She says black means evil. She says some colors signify things you would never expect. She says the class she took was about film analyzing. Michelle says there is probably going to be a lockdown? Natalie asks why? Michelle says there is a light going out.

Michelle asks Natalie is she took a cooking class in high school? Natalie says she didn't get chosen for Home Economics in middle school. Michelle says she loved Home Economics. She says she learned how to use a phone book. Natalie says they need to teach you how to do taxes, apply for college, change tires, and random stuff you need to know as an adult.

Michelle asks Natalie if she had to pay taxes yet? Natalie says she pays double for New York and New Jersey. Michelle says her taxes automatically come out of her taxes. Natalie says she still owes money at the end of the year, though. Natalie says she has friends that get over $1,000 back. She says she gets $300 back and then has to pay $200. Natalie says if she gets $5,000 she will pay 60% in taxes. Natalie says it doesn't make sense, you shouldn't have to pay that much in taxes if you aren't making a lot. She says you shouldn't have to pay a lot of taxes if you're trying to do good and survive.

Michelle asks if James cat Gizmo catches mice? James says he's scared of mice, but he brings him big squirrels. He says that he doesn't have to bring him that anymore because he has his gravity feeder. He says he will let him get as fat as he wants. He says he goes in the parking lot, goes in the neighbor's house, and sleeps with him every night. He says he takes his gravity feeder and takes him fishing with him. He says he plays with him, gives him showers and blow dryers. Michelle has gotten told twice now from BB to please not obstruct her microphone. She says he is sorry this time.

Michelle asks what theme park is in Texas? James says Six Flags. Natalie says they have one in Jersey that has a waterpark attached to it.

Natalie swears in Spanish. Michelle asks what it means? Natalie says she shouldn't say it because it means something bad.

Natalie says she likes theme parks and roller coasters are her jam. Michelle says she doesn't like carnival rides because people have died. Natalie says she likes carnivals even though they are dirty. Michelle says she like the Gravitron ride. Natalie says that's her favorite also. James says he got stuck on a ride and it broke. He says it was a roller coaster. He says he was stuck on a hill. He says there was pressure on his chest and they were stuck up there for almost two hours. He says it was a state fair. He says people that work there were trying to keep them calm by telling them to stay on the ride.

8:12PM BBT: Michelle says she likes the Top Speed Dragster. James says he likes the Clocktower ride. Michelle says being stuck on a ride is scary, though. Michelle says she was almost upside down and got stuck on a ride at Cedar Point in Ohio. She says she won't go on a Ferris Wheel. Natalie says they are easy to climb down.

James wants a kiss at the top of a Ferris Wheel. Michelle wants to know where the tallest Ferris Wheel is. James says screws can come out of them. Natalie says she won't go back on one now that he said that.

In the HoH room, Victor is looking into the fish tank to see the fish. Nicole and Corey are snuggling in the bed next to him. Paul is sitting in a chair. Victor says he needs to get his 3rd bowl of slop. Corey says he will get some more tonight. Corey says Nicole is about to pass out and he will be downstairs in a little bit. Victor and Paul leave the HoH room. Nicole says she is a person that likes to breath. She says they are used to being by themselves. She tells Corey she likes it when it's just the two of them. They snuggle under the covers.

Nicole is talking to Corey about James wanting to make sure if she's keeping the nominations the same and he wants to hang out with them upstairs but Victor and Paul are up there all the time. Nicole says she needs space. She says she can't do it and she's about to crack already. Corey says no one is going to take the $5,000 for an HoH. Nicole says if he tells James they want to get Michelle out he will be sketched out and if they don't tell him he will be mad. Corey says people want safety over $5,000. Nicole says someone can take $10,000 if it's the slippery slide competition.

BB tells Nicole to please not obstruct her microphone. She says, sorry. Corey lays on her and tells her he's exhausted. She tells him to get rest this week since he's a Have-Not. She if muffled as she whispers and talks. We can't hear what they are saying.

Corey talks about James and Natalie going on the block next week. Nicole says they will control the votes. Corey says they can say if James goes, and he wins HoH, he can put up Natalie and Victor. He says Paul can win and take Victor out and she would have to go on the block. He says if Victor and Natalie are on the block and they control the votes what would they do? She says probably vote Victor out.

Nicole says Natalie is tempting to keep around, but James is not tempting to keep around. She says if she's sitting next to James he will win the game. Corey says he's a beast at competitions and that's crazy. Nicole says Victor won't let Paul betray them next week. She says Victor will shut him down. She says if they decided to send home Paul this week, they will be the targets, so they have to send Michelle home.

Nicole is worried that Victor will vote Paul out over Michelle. She says she is keeping nominations the same so Corey and Victor need to keep their votes the same. She makes Corey promise that he won't change his vote. She asks him why he's acting sketchy right now? He says he has a Final two with Michelle. Then he says he doesn't, he's just joking.

Nicole says she wants Michelle gone. She says she could put Natalie up there and then they may change their mind and vote her out instead. She says that would be too tempting for them to change their votes. Nicole says Michelle has been after her for way too long now, so she wants her gone.

8:27PM BBT: All is quiet in the HoH room with Nicole and Corey snug as a bug in a rug under the covers. Nicole has her eyes closed and then opens them to look around. Nicole says she is pretty sad that she doesn't get to be with him in the HoH room this week. Corey tells Nicole that she killed that competition. She has her blanket on her microphone again. She tells Corey that she wasn't on a power trip, but she gets really serious.

In the Safari Room, Paul and Victor are talking about working with Nicole and Corey. Victor says that Nicole said she would be sad if they turn on them. He says they trust them 100%. He says he likes Nicole and Corey. He says they were all laughing about the four of them being in the Final 4. He says it's just getting down to that point. Paul asks if they are cool with that, though? Victor says they would rather it be them instead of James and Natalie. Victor says James and Natalie weren't being genuine to them, but Nicole and Corey are being genuine. Victor says he's is so comfortable and confident that he would sit next to Natalie if a pawn in needed.

Paul asks if they asked him that? Victor says they talked about it. He says it's so far down the road though so he's not bringing it up again. He scrapes his bowl while he's eating his slop. Paul says it will depend on who is HoH when it comes down to it. Victor says, "God forbid that Natalie wins a Veto." He says, "Crazier things have happened, she won HoH."

8:35PM BBT: Victor says it's crazy that everyone wanted them up last week and now Michelle is the target. He says it may come down to a 2-2 vote and Nicole will have to break the tie to send Michelle home. He says they will play in the HoH and win it. Victor and Paul still have candy cane stripped knee high socks on. Victor says they are guaranteed to be in the Final 6 and be in the house for 86 days. Paul says if they get down to that point, yeah. Paul says they have to win the HoH. Victor says you would still be in here those days. Paul says that's true.

8:38PM BBT: Victor talks about getting to the final three and having the different competitions. Paul says they could both lose, but that's not likely. Victor says they may play each other in a competition. Victor says as long as one of them makes it to the end and picks the other one. He says he will literally start crying and shaking. Nicole says she doesn't think they have anything to worry about and if they do it will be a big backstab. Corey is confident they will be OK.

8:44PM BBT: Nicole says she is getting stressed out a little bit. She says this may come back to get them in the end. She says James is the one that comforts everyone before eviction. She says she doesn't want to blindside him, but she can't tell him anything because he won't keep his mouth shut. She says he has the biggest mouth in Big Brother history. She says blindsiding James will break her heart.

Corey says they can tell Victor and Corey that James already knows that Michelle is going to go home. Nicole says it's strategic that she wants her out because Michelle wants her out. Corey says they will pitch it to them that way. Nicole says they can tell them that the line is drawn and they need to get to work. Nicole says she doesn't want it to be a blindside for James.

Corey says he can use the $5,000 to bribe Nicole to get Michelle out on eviction night. She tells Corey that he really needs to think about it and to talk to the DR. He says they told him that it will expire at the end of the next HoH. She tells him that it sends that on the card. She says if they are talking to the people in the DR they don't know because it's not producers and they have to check it.

Nicole tells Corey to play it safe and to use the bribe for the next HoH competition. Corey says he doesn't want to win it, though. Nicole says they really need to win it because she can't play. She says it's not good that she won two competitions this week either, but she can play in the following competition.

8:51PM BBT: Nicole says it will be good to make it to the Final Four. She tells Corey that the fact they teamed up with Victor and Paul is making James upset. She says it would put a target on her back to hand her the $5,000 for something she was going to do anyway. Nicole says if he wants to give it to Victor that would be great. She says that would be a reason for him to keep him over keeping someone else. Nicole says if someone gave her $5,000 and kept her safe she would be loyal to them.

Corey is reading his BB Bribe card. Nicole says if Paul had that he could have asked her to take the $5,000 and take him down. She says it wouldn't be worth it for her to do it. Corey says if she won't use it for a replacement nom how is he even supposed to use it for HoH?

Nicole says she is really weird about winning things because people will target you for winning extra money. Nicole says she would have to put James or Natalie up she would have to go back on her word. Corey says she could put Natalie up as a pawn for the money. Corey says the bribe money should be given to someone cool.

In the British bedroom, James and Natalie are lying in bed together. Natalie says she was telling Michelle to hash things out with Paul. She says she told Michelle to fake things and be nice to him. James says, "Fake it 'til you make it." Natalie's microphone is muffled.

Natalie says she can't wait to hear what this discussion is about. Nicole says they just need to beat Natalie. Nicole says Corey should go make a deal now. Corey says that's sketchy. Nicole says they tell James after that Michelle is going home. Nicole says if they make a deal with James now he has to keep the deal and can't go back on it. She says they would only have to beat Natalie. She says if he says no she can always put him up as a replacement nominee. Corey says James may get sketched out asking him to do it this soon. Nicole says James wants $5,000 though. She tells Corey to do it before the Veto ceremony.

Nicole says she controls nominations and she can put him on the block if he turns the bribe down. Corey says he can tell him that. Nicole says he can't be dirty. Corey says Paul and Victor would love them if they did this bribe.

Nicole says Natalie could beat them all. She says if it's true and false you can get lucky on that. She says that Corey won in two questions. Corey says he will have to go talk to the DR about it. He says it would keep them safe for another week.

Corey says he can offer everyone the chance to take the $5,000 to throw the next HoH competition. Nicole tells Corey that he has to do it when Michelle is not around. Corey says he can do it after the Veto ceremony then. Nicole says OK

In the Have-Not room, Paul and Michelle are talking. Paul tells Michelle that he's not going to go around asking for votes. Paul says he's trying to clear the air with Michelle about things for their sake. He says he knows he was on the verge of telling her f you. He says he was not feeling well and he had an anxiety attack the night before. He says all he was waiting for was Michelle to ask him personally. Michelle says she knew.

9:03PM BBT: Paul says the Michelle always rolls here eyes at him on everything. He says he likes to bounce things off each other. He says he realizes that Michelle doesn't like that. Michelle says she is open to ideas but things were always being told to her. Michelle says she was fine with Paul up until he was ignoring her. Paul says he wasn't talking to her because there was a problem and he wanted to blow off steam.

Michelle says the storage room just made it worse. He says it was unnecessary. He says he didn't want to fight and argue. He says he's going to watch the show and laugh, but in the house they are over it. He says they are all over being gross and how their bodies look. He tells her not to take it serious and he's just trying to play a game. He says if it's the last week for one of them he wants it to be good. Paul says they are both stubborn people. He says they are all going to be out of there in 20 some days and they will all laugh.

Paul says if he leaves and loses it will still be dope. He says when it's their time to go it is what it is. He says they lost the Veto today. Michelle says she hugged Nicole and thanked her for the speech. Paul says it was a draw. He says it was battle of the stubborn people. He says he took a risk and it didn't work. He says there was hostility. He says she is friends with Natalie and James.

Paul says he didn't tell Nicole and Corey to put her up. Michelle says she thought that he told Nicole she was going after her. Paul says they are all probably worried about why they are hanging upstairs so much. Paul says Nicole said she is going to make moves strategically. Paul says Michelle has made comments apparent to Nicole. Paul says he's up because he's a threat to Nicole.

9:11PM BBT: Paul says he doesn't even want to ask questions about what happened last week. He says he knew Victor was going to go home and he did. He says that he will make strategic moves if he's still there at the end of the week.

Michelle tells Paul that the "C" word hurt his feelings. Paul says the "C" word was said to get people to stop what they were doing. He says you could hear a needle drop in the kitchen when he said that. He says he does that in real life so people will stop. He says that he was stressed about being on the block and his friend going home.

Paul says he was not feeling good and then the door slammed. He says when Michelle went in he wasn't in the mood for everything. He says if it was any other week it would have been fine. He says pots and pans makes good TV also. He says he should have said something to her.

Michelle wants to know how she was bullying him and how she is such a terrible person. Paul says he was trying to get her to reevaluate everything. Michelle says the laundry thing got blown out of proportion. Paul says she probably didn't mean it in a bad way. Michelle says she did the last time because she had already told him not to touch her clothes. He says he was just looking for his shirt. He says he didn't even have his microphone on.

He says he didn't want to tell Michelle something was wrong, he wanted her to figure that out. He says she was oblivious to the fact he was getting upset and he bottled it in. He says the blow up happened because he bottled it in. He says he was trying to avoid it, but he couldn't. He says everything in the house is make believe and it will all change when they leave. He says they are in a high-stress environment.

Michelle says she was upset with what he was saying since the beginning. Paul says it's his sense of humor. Paul says Michelle was attacking his character. Michelle says it was after he was attacking her character.

9:19PM BBT: Michelle says she got in trouble for saying she was going to burn Paul's clothes because they aren't allowed to damage other people's property. We see FotH briefly.

Paul tells Michelle he didn't want to hurt her feelings, but he wanted her to stop. Michelle says he knows her weak points. Paul says he knows that and that's what he did. He says he needed her to feel like crap and go away. Michelle says it worked.

Paul tells her she's not a mean person and she will get a job out of here. Paul says he knew that she was trying to get a rise out of him. Paul says they may not have aired that part, but live feeders probably got a kick out of it. He says this is one of their last weeks. He says he doesn't think that Nicole will pull either one of them off the block. He says he's not even going to ask Nicole if she would pull him off the block. Paul says if he won he was going to tell Michelle to hook him up. He asks if he used it on her how confused would she be? We see FotH briefly.

Paul tells Michelle that her staying up all night studying with her was dope. Paul says everyone else went to sleep and he's not going to say other people threw that competition. He says Victor scored a 19, she scored a 20 and he scored a 21. He says he knew that she would have pulled Victor off the block. He says he knew that she was fighting for them. He says she stayed up with them fighting for a Veto she had nothing to do with. He says he couldn't believe that she was crapping on him after that. Michelle says she doesn't like being told what to do. He says he's not trying to take away from her being a super fan because she knows way more than he does. He says he was offering her the French fries because he knows she likes them. He says he will be cool with everyone outside of the house.

Michelle is not even looking at Paul when they are talking. She tells Paul thanks for having the balls to talk to her, he's the bigger person. He says he's not the bigger person and she is a hilarious person. He says it would be stupid to fight with her for the last four or 5 days they have together.

Michelle says if it was double he would go right after her and be on the jury. Paul says he doesn't want another boy. He tells Michelle that all of the girls ignored Paulie for four days when he went to the jury. Michelle says the FT thing probably came out. Paul says he squashed that when Paulie was in the house. He says that he thought Natalie had picked up on it. He says he thought it was friendly banter. He says he apologized on four different occasions. He says he would be stupid to deny saying it because he did. He says he legitimately doesn't lie unless he forgets something.

Victor goes into the Have-Not room to nap. He tells them they can stay there to finish talking. Paul tells Michelle that sometimes he can't remember his conversations word for word. He tells her that's all he had to get off his chest. He wants them to joke around together before one of them leaves. He says they both have more in common than anyone else in the house. He says they probably crap on each other because they are two peas in a pod and they clash. He says he's over it and not mad about anything. He's not upset about her atheist comment. Michelle says she is legitimately sorry for that. He says there are things that are unnecessary to this game.

9:31PM BBT: Michelle says she said that comment because he's always swearing to God. He tells Michelle that she values swearing to God, but he doesn't. He says he believes in a God, but he will never swear on his mom's life because that is a tangible thing. He says when he says he swears to God is different for him. he says his parents don't like him saying that. He says that Da'Vonne would never say that.

Michelle asks Paul if he would be mad if she said he was Judas. He asks her who Judas is? She says he betrayed Jesus in the Bible. Paul says that's hilarious. He says he's not an atheist. He says he was going to ask why didn't the atheist cross the road? Because he doesn't believe in another side, but he didn't say it. He says he and his friends joke like this on the outside and it's always friendly. He says the house has taught him because the not everyone thinks like he does. He says he knows people need to warm up to him because they were all overwhelmed. He says his friends at home can't get enough of his energy. He says it's a learning experience and he's surprised he's made it this far. He says it's the quiet ones that win this game and neither one of them are quiet. He says he wants to get it out and no more animosity, no more crapping.

Michelle tells Paul that he was her target in the ball competition. He says he was rooting for her. She tells him he's a huge threat to her because he's good at competitions and he was aligning with Paulie. She tells him she was going to put him and Paulie up after the rope competition. Paul tells Michelle he wasn't ever going to put her up even after this last week. He says he thought he could work with her instead of against her. He tells her he wishes the best for her if she's still there. He says he wishes the best for him if he's still there. Michelle tells him he should be good. Paul asks her if she's on drugs, jokingly.

Michelle thinks that Corey will be the deciding vote. She says Natalie may give her a sympathy vote, but she doesn't expect James to. Paul thinks nominations will stay the same. Michelle says unless they decide to backdoor Victor. Paul says he deserves a week of chill, especially after what happened last week.12:00AM BBT: Corey and Nicole in the hot-tub and Victor is working out. Corey gets out and complains the water is hot and Nicole says it's not hot. She takes showers hotter than that.

James, Michelle, and Natalie in the British bedroom. Natalie asked if Michelle was mad that they threw the PoV competition last week. She says no. Natalie says she wouldn't have won it anyway. Natalie says if Michelle does go home this week because then they'd have a lot to worry about. Michelle says she thinks those four are working together. Natalie says that would be sooooo stupid. James says he can't be Paul folded on all of them. Natalie asks them what their strategy was to stay in the game.

By Indymom78

12:10AM BBT: Nicole goes inside for water and Corey and Victor talk about working out. Victor asks Corey how much he weighs and Corey says he thinks he's gained weight in the house. Both guys are now working out.

12:11AM BBT: James says as long as he's safe he doesn't care. If he could get to Final Two without winning a single competition that would be awesome.

They talk about Victor coming back in the house twice. Natalie can see a Victor and Nicole Final Two and Michelle says for sure. She says that's why for double she would put them on the block. Michelle thinks Victor is fake and playing all sides of the house. Natalie agrees. Michelle doesn't trust him. She said he was trying to act like he was helping her and said there was 23 ducks and when Michelle went and checked it was 24.

They talk about Victor not playing an honest game. He plays the innocent card. Natalie says he never even admitted he made fun of me and Michelle says he called her FTs too.

They talk about going to a dermatologist after the show. They all go the bathroom area and get ready to go out to the hot-tub.

12:15AM BBT: Nicole comes back out and they talk about how much sugar is in certain drinks. Victor tells her sugar is a drug.

12:20AM BBT: Corey is going in to shower as Paul comes out. Paul tells Nicole about his conversation with Michelle. He says he told her this is one of their last week and he doesn't want any animosity. He apologized, she apologized, they squashed their beef. Nicole asks does she know she's going home. Paul says she doesn't know. Paul tells Nicole that Michelle thinks he's the reason she went up. Nicole says I made it clear in my speech she was up because she was coming after me. Paul says he squashed everything. He says Michelle told him she thought he was working with them because he was hanging around with them. He said no it was because he wasn't comfortable with them because Michelle was ignoring him. Natalie and Michelle comes out to the backyard. James comes out and joins them.

12:26AM BBT: Natalie, Michelle, James, and Paul in the hot-tub. Victor and Nicole sitting on one of the loungers. Victor is talking about himself, his workout, how long he spends working out his chest. Nicole asks if his Instagram is mainly him working out and he says yes. In the hot-tub, Natalie says she wished they would make bathing suit dresses. Like out of bathing suit material, but a dress. Michelle wants to do James hair like a mini-mohawk. BB tells them to lower the umbrella. Victor and Nicole talking about money. He asks Nicole if she spent all her money when she got out and she says no. She still has some.

12:30-1:00AM BBT: Paul, Natalie, Michelle, and James in the hot-tub. They are talking about farting. Nicole and Victor on one of the loungers still. Corey comes out and talks to Victor and Nicole. FotH.

Corey called to the DR.

Nicole and Victor talking about Corey considering bribing James to throw the veto. Nicole is going to fast tomorrow. Victor says being a have not two weeks in a row stinks and it's getting to him.

Natalie talking she loves to go to Claire's. Every time she goes to the mall, she goes to Claire's and she's 26. Michelle shouts out that Corey has the record for being Have-Not the most.

Victor mumbling to Nicole that all three of them are responsible for his departure. He doesn't have anything against Michelle. Victor says James doesn't talk to him at all.

Natalie says she's going to get a tattoo of James' face on her butt.

Victor is happy he made a name for himself in Big Brother history.

Victor tells Nicole she'll like New Orleans. They can tell Corey to drive down because he's only like 6 hours away. Victor said that's what he wants to do. He wants to drive to Dallas. Nicole says it's cheaper than flying. Victor says he has a little civic and the windows don't roll down. He says that car and he have been to hell and back.

Nicole asks Victor what he's going to do after the show. He says he wants to give a solid shot at acting. He doesn't want to go back to a 9-5 bullshit job. FotH.

Victor says we need to make sure everything falls in our favor on Thursday. He says if it does we are walking to the final four. Victor says every time he gets evicted, he comes back to a better situation.

1:00AM BBT: Victor and Nicole still on the lounger talking general game talk. Natalie and Michelle talking about random stuff in the hot-tub.

Victor and Nicole had inside. They are talking about slop. James comes into the kitchen and Victor asks why do you always smell amazing. James says he just took a shower. He says you can say I'm messy, but you can't say I stink. Victor says back home he has to smell good, in the house Never Cared.

1:14AM BBT: Natalie wants to win another HoH to help James, but vetoes are too hard for her. They don't think Victor will be good at days competitions because no one helped him study and he was gone for a little bit. Natalie says Paul needs to go this week or he or Victor is going to win. Michelle says Nicole has played a seamless game. She says Nicole was public enemy number one until she got the first HoH. Michelle says Nicole remembers all the competitions. She feels James is forgetful and legitimately doesn't remember.

Michelle says when Nicole found out she was coming back she studied the game and probably talked to Derrick and studied with him. Natalie says they definitely have to start hanging out with Corey and Nicole and making an effort. Michelle says she could have come over here. Michelle says we invited them upstairs last week and they never came and hung out. Michelle says I'm sure she doesn't hate anyone, but maybe she just doesn't like girls. Michelle feels that Nicole was the pushing for Tiffany to go and Da'Vonne. Natalie says the only thing was someone in your group needed to win competitions and no one was winning competitions.

Paul joins the kitchen with Victor, Corey, and Nicole. Nicole is cutting up vegetables. General chatter about food. Paul and Nicole goes to the bathroom area and he doesn't want Nicole upset or paranoid if he's seen hanging out with them.

Natalie and Michelle start talking about how much pregnant women should eat. And when they have kids since they know how to eat and workout they'll be fit.

1:31AM BBT: Natalie and Michelle in the hot-tub talking about running. Corey in HoH waiting on Nicole.

1:33AM BBT: Nicole comes into the HoH. Nicole says Paul asked if she wanted him to hang around her or them. Nicole doesn't want Paul getting close to the others. She told him it doesn't matter but he can hang around with her and Corey. They talk about Corey being a Have-Not. Nicole says she wants to take care of him because she's a nurse. He says he likes being taken care of. Nicole goes to feed the fish.

Nicole and Corey talk about the Care Package. Corey doesn't think anyone is going to take a bribe at this point. Nicole is 90% sure the next competition is double eviction. She says maybe they can bribe James to throw the HoH. Corey says no one would take it now. He says they would want to wait until after eviction, and no one is definitely going to take it then. He's tired of talking about it.

1:38AM BBT: Paul and Victor go into the safari room. They are going to talk to America. Paul says Wednesday's episode will be the funniest of the season. He says his DR was funny from after the veto competition. They talk about random stuff, things they want to do outside of the house, dating, their beards.

1:43AM BBT: More strategy talk by Nicole and Corey on how much information to give James. Corey says to tell him you know Michelle is coming after you and Paul isn't. Nicole says I can't do that because James could go talk to Paul about that. She says she could say something like I know Paul might be coming after me, but I know for 100% that Michelle is coming after me.

Corey says he bets her family is super pumped she won the veto. She says yeah, cool right. Lots of silence in HoH as both are thinking or just staring. Corey says he's hungry.

Nicole says what if Paul is just using us to get through this week. Corey says why would they come after us. Nicole says because we have more competition wins. Corey says it's a risk either way you go. Corey would prefer Victor to win the next HoH. Corey thinks Natalie would definitely put her and Nicole up. Corey says Natalie is super fake and Nicole says yeah you can see her real side come out every now and then. Nicole says Natalie is doing a good job, though. Corey says he would never vote for Natalie.

1:50AM BBT: James walks by the safari room and stops and listens for a second. Paul feels like they're making a video for a dating website. Paul forgets what a girl feels like. He apologizes to whichever girl kisses him. Victor says he'd giggle if a girl gives him just a peck. Paul comments he's the youngest in the house. Michelle is older by six months. Victor says holding a girls hand will be crazy. Paul wants to grab the inside of a girl's thigh. Victor says everyone else in the house is cuddling with someone and Paul says and we're here boning ourselves. Paul thinks Bridgette's boyfriend isn't real because of the way she cuddled with Frank. Paul asks what's the first song he wants to hear when he gets out of the house. Victor wants to listen to Young Thug or something like that. He starts singing and we get FotH.

1:56AM BBT: Nicole says she didn't make any lifelong best friends this season, except Corey like she did last time. Corey says did you make lifelong friends with people last time? Nicole says her and Victoria will always be friends, and Zack, and Derrick, and Cody. She mentions Donny and Jocasta as well.

2:02-2:31AM BBT: Paul and Victor talking about getting an apartment together. Victor says he'll have to get a job. Paul says they'll be covered by stipend. They talk about a house instead so they have more room. Victor says his parents have a house in Slidell and his parents pay like $1000 in mortgage. Paul says that's crazy. Victor says the cost of living there is really low. He says a front and back yard, three bedrooms and a two-car garage. They talk about going grocery shopping will be novel when they get back out.

Natalie is going to take a shower, Michelle is getting something to eat, and James decides he wants a bowl of pasta. Michelle offers to make it but James says no thank you. James and Michelle go to eat in the bathroom area.

Paul and Victor still general talk on Paul's clothing store and how many followers they had when they came in. They talk about the week and eviction Thursday. Then they talk about Victor being shirtless in all his DRs and we get FotH.

Michelle finished eating and goes to get snacks. She has chips and jerky. Natalie said she could have written her HoH blog better. Natalie says Corey never got to do an HoH blog.

We keep getting intermittent feeds off the house so hard to follow a conversation.

Natalie says she's never seen a country guy that's Asian. Michelle gives Natalie her makeup wipes because she doesn't like them. She prefers Vaseline. James gives a shoutout to someone named Laura who tried to get on Big Brother. Michelle starts screaming oh my god I know you're talking and we get FotH.

All feeds on safari room. Victor picking up random stuff off the floor (razor and knife) that was left by Michelle. Victor complaining about how dirty the house is in general. He says there's a dish in the safari room that has been there for a week and he won't take it out on principle. Paul starts talking about Michelle and how she eats fruit without rinsing it off first.

2:32AM BBT: Michelle called to the DR. Paul and Victor in safari room saying dad's pissed and that's why she's called to DR. They mumble a penalty vote her way and she'll start crying. Victor says she's hilarious. Victor says she could have a TV show of her own. Victor says he could totally hang out with her outside. Paul says he couldn't. He has no patience. Victor slides lotion up Paul's bottom and says credit card swipe. Paul says see you later live fooders.

Victor says he's going to brush his teeth and Paul takes his stuff into the kitchen. Michelle back out of DR and Victor says did you get crapped on. We get FotH. Victor is going to shower. Michelle says she feels bad and asks Victor if he ever gets in trouble. Paul is getting something to eat.

Natalie and James in the British bedroom. Natalie says she's glad she won that HoH. James forgot something and as he leaves he tells Natalie to put her clothes away. James comes back and says guess who's in trouble and Natalie says she got called to DR? James says she just keeps going and Natalie says she's never met anyone funnier than Michelle. James gives his candy cane to Natalie and she says if it's your only one I don't want it.

2:38AM BBT: Natalie is going to keep the box her Care Package came in forever. Michelle asked if anyone got in trouble on James' season. Natalie says they put in vets and so everyone thought they could get in trouble because they saw the vets getting away with it.

2:41AM BBT: Paul is eating. Nicole is asleep in HoH. Corey is in Have-Not room. Paul goes back to the safari room to talk to live feeders again. He says he's on the block again and he might just go home this Thursday. He says probably not but you never know in the BB house. He says a lot of scheming to go on these days and he doesn't like it. He says he doesn't know who's up watching this but cheers to them for being awake. He says your boy is either ready to win FotH.

2:47AM BBT: Feeds back and Paul is in the bathroom area talking to Victor. They are talking about Victor's private area shriveling up from the cold shower. General chatter again. They talk about how they can't wait to sing.

2:52AM BBT: Natalie could never go Vegan. Michelle says she's going to after she leaves the house. Natalie says she couldn't do it, she needs meat. Michelle thinks everything should live in harmony and live off the earth. Michelle says what right does anyone have to take a cow's balls and Paul comes in. Michelle doesn't know what castrating is.

2:58AM BBT: Paul tells Victor to come to British bedroom if he wants to for a bit. Victor finishes doing his nightly chores before he goes to bed. (Brushing his teeth, beard maintenance, etc.)

3:02AM BBT: Paul, Natalie, James, and Michelle in the British bedroom. They talk about how much food is wasted by humans. Paul says there should not be world hunger at all.

3:06AM BBT: Victor grabs a blanket and goes into the Have-Not room and scares the crap out of Corey.

3:08AM BBT: Natalie likes soy milk and almond milk, but she heard it was linked to cancer and her mom told her to stop drinking soy milk. Paul says it's full of estrogen so it's not good for women. Michelle says soy is 90% GMO'd. Michelle is glad that almond milk is becoming popular. Natalie took 1 nutrition class in college she thinks if the USDA says something is organic, it still doesn't have to be 100% organic, just a certain percentage.

3:13AM BBT: Michelle says cows are very social animals and they are emotional and they make friends with other cows. Michelle says can you imagine being a chicken forced into a cage and injected with hormones and not see their chicks. Natalie says that's animal torture. That's legit animal torture. She says if someone did that to a dog, they'd be looked at as cruel and evil, but they can do it to cows and chickens? Michelle thinks animals can communicate in different ways. Paul and James have both turned over and went to sleep.

[Michelle has been on a 30 minute diatribe on why humans should be equal to the animals. Why it's important to be Vegan. Why people shouldn't kill animals. How she puts herself in animals' shoes and how she would feel to be treated that way. It is a lot about animal testing and animal torture, etc.]

3:38AM BBT: Michelle goes into the British bedroom and grabs a blanket and pillow and is the last hamster to lay down. Michelle in the Tokyo bedroom. Victor and Corey in the Have-Not room. Paul, James, and Natalie in the British bedroom. Nicole alone in HoH.

4:14AM BBT: Corey and Victor in Have-Not room. Corey sits up and says something (but I'm not sure it was English). He did clearly say James though. [I'm pretty sure he was talking in his sleep]

4:30 - 6:00AM BBT: HGs sleeping. Corey restless in the Have-Not room Sits up several times, tries to find a comfortable position.

Today's updates were written by: aarongru85, BigMDGirl, Cassondra0222, Kekila, and Kitten_200.
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