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Meme Contest!
We're having a contest to see who can make the best meme of the season. Each week I pick a winner to go on the the finals. This week's meme was submitted by Sugarshack91 from the, it's "Love at First Sight?"

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This just made me laugh, and Sugar caught just the right moment.

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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews


There's a new twist this season, where each week there are two HoHs.  If you missed the details, you can read how it works, here.

The houseguests were divided in to two teams of eight. Amber, Cody, Devin, Donny, Frankie, Joey, Nicole, and Paola moved into the Big Brother House first, followed by Jocasta, Christine, Caleb, Hayden, Victoria, Zach, Derrick and Brittany.

Every week, two HoHs will be crowned and each HoH will nominate two HGs for eviction. That means, when the nominations are over four HGs will be in jeopardy of going home. There are be two HoHs and there are two HoH rooms. Next, in a BB first, there will be a new competition called the "Battle of the Block." Frankie won the first competition, and is the first team's HoH. On Thursday's show, Caleb took the second HoH crown.  [See if you win the Battle of the Block you overthrow the HoH that nominated you.]

The first week, Frankie's two nominees battled Caleb's two nominees and the winning duo was not only saved from the chopping block, but their victory will de-throne the HoH who nominated them, sending him back into the pool of regular HG. For the first time ever, you could go from being HoH to being evicted. Frankie's two nominees won the Battle of the Block and de-throned Frankie, making Caleb the sole HoH for the rest of the week.

There are still Have-Nots, and a Have-Not Room that looks like the inside of a freezer, it's the Ice Room.

This summer you will have to chance to choose and control your own three person alliance inside the BB House. Before the HGs moved in, we were able to go online at and vote for the HGs with whom we'd like to form an alliance with. When the votes were counted the first member of Team America was Joey.

Zach and Frankie: Is there a showmance brewing?
By a Vote of 10-0, Brittany Was Evicted
The Have-Nots for the week are: Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick.
Frank and Zach are the Two HoHs
Go to the last
Update Entry
Thursday, July 24 2014  Live Eviction Tonight!
The hamsters were up all night again, with no regard to their condition for tonight's HoH competition. There was a lot of cuddling going on in the HoH room bed, Zach and Frankie, with Cody in bed with them too.

5:50AM BBT: Zach and Frankie are wide awake and talking about Caleb and how he faked his hurt leg. Jocasta noticed that he was only limping when he saw that someone was looking at him.

They continue to discuss him and his Amber related activities since the beginning; throwing the competition to save her and then giving her all of his covers in the icy Have-Not room. They are talking between bouts of giggling at the strangeness of his behavior. Zach says, "Could it get worse?" Frankie says, "He could propose to her." Suddenly Cody is heard off camera and responds with, "He went in the Diary Room and asked if he could buy her a ring and we get fish.

The ring conversation continues. Frankie loves to look in the windows at Tiffany's and claims that 5th Avenue is the best place to shop in the world!

6:05AM BBT: Zach says he thought he was the smartest person in the house but he feels dumb compared to Frankie. Frankie asks, "What is 15 x 15? The three come up with lots of answers, 275, 235, maybe 275. Numbers fill the room and the three speculate on the best way to figure it out. Cody says multiply 10 times 15 and then carry...

Frankie says they need to star in a sit-com. Frankie says "yeah, two frat boys and a gay guy rooming together." It has never been done. Zach suggests they pitch it to CBS. More laughs. Finally the three agree that it is time to drift off as tomorrow is a big day. and Frankie thanks them for everything, being there for him in his time of need, being his family away from home."I love you guys," can be heard resounding in the HoH nest.

6:10AM BBT: All feeds show peaceful slumber with only a few occasional rustles of the covers.

8:00AM BBT: All the HGs are still sleeping, expect a slow day leading up to the live show tonight.

8:15AM BBT: Victoria is the first one up and in the shower this morning.

8:31AM BBT: Victoria is out of the shower and the 10 hours of HGs preparing to be on TV has begun!

9:16AM BBT: It's still just Victoria awake, wandering through the house. The other HGs a still asleep.

9:45AM BBT: FotH, it's wake-up time.

9:58AM BBT: We are back. Donny is in the kitchen. Victoria and Nicole talking in the bathroom area. Victoria is saying she doesn't like pranking. Amber is in the shower.

10:09AM BBT: Jocasta turns on the water at the bathroom sink, rinses her toothbrush under the water for approximately 30 seconds. Brushes her teeth with the water running the entire time. Quickly runs her toothbrush under the running water for about two seconds and then shuts the water off. [CA has a drought, BB should tell her to shut off the water -Kekila]

10:26AM BBT: Zach, Cody and Frankie finally crawl out of the HoH bed. Cody looks as though he is trying to start the clean up on the HoH room.

That was short lived. Zach and Cody crawl back in the HoH bed.

In the kitchen Caleb and Donny are chatting.

10:35AM BBT: Frankie has joined Zach and Cody back in the HoH bed. One of them tell the others thanks for sharing the bed. Cody says it was a good run this week in the HoH room.

10:48AM BBT: HGs continue to do ADLs and get breakfast.

10:58AM BBT: Derrick goes to the HoH room and tells Cody and Zach that they still have the votes for Brittany to go. Says it may be 6-4.

11:07AM BBT: We still have FotH

11:12AM BBT: Zach and Victoria are in the the HoH room bed sleeping, all the other HGs are in the kitchen talking about when Nicole can take off the Germitard.

Just general conversation going on as HGs wait to go on HoH lockdown. Caleb says they have three minutes to go.

11:16AM BBT: The live feeds are now on Jeff Schroeder highlights while the HGs are going to HoH lockdown.

1:38PM BBT: The feeds are back with Caleb and Cody finding clothes to wear tonight, Jocasta and Derrick are in bed as they don't feel well and Zach is in bed because that's what Zach does during the day. Christine, Amber, Victoria and Nicole are in the bathroom area doing make up and hair.

Donny and Hayden are outside taking about the importance of stretching your mind and body before a competition. Donny says it was cloudy all day until now.

1:47PM BBT: Most HGs are getting ready for tonight's live show. Donny, Victoria and Hayden are sitting in the kitchen talking about makeup. Donny ask if make up makes you hotter or does it crack or anything and Victoria says no it doesn't.

1:50PM BBT: Victoria is digging through the can of mixed nuts to find a certain nut, Hayden complains about it, saying the fact that she digs around in there and pick out one at a time is so gross. She looks at him and he says he is just kidding.

1:56PM BBT: Zach, Frankie and Derrick are still in bed sleeping and the girls are doing Hair and Cody, Caleb, Hayden, Christine, Victoria and Brittany are sitting around talking about Victoria's underwear.

2:05PM BBT: Frankie is now up and making himself some tuna fish as they all sit around and wait and get ready for tonight's live show.

2:14PM BBT: Frankie is talking in an accent and making everyone laugh. Nicole is getting her makeup done by Amber in the bathroom area.

2:20PM BBT: Christine at the sink washing dishes and says, "I just want you all to know I am washing this dish right now so whoever it belongs to I hate your guts."

Hayden, Caleb and Frankie are sitting in kitchen and Caleb keeps singing as we get getting FotH. Frankie says that BB probably hates them because there is no singing swearing or sex. Caleb and Hayden laugh.

2:32PM BBT: Caleb is in the bathroom area using an eyelash curler on his lashes. He tells Amber he needs stuff to put on his eyelashes before he curls them.

2:44PM BBT: Caleb says his eyelashes have never been curled before and is now walking around showing everyone his pretty eyelashes.

2:54PM BBT: Hayden, Nicole and Amber have gone to the Earth room to lay down then BB calls Amber to the DR. Caleb is in the bathroom area doing his hair and keeps looking at his eyelashes in the mirror.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
 A love triangle, a Zac Efron man crush, and beloved groundskeeper in jeopardy of going home. Just another typical week in the house. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously, on Big Brother, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Zach ignited a new alliance, leaving Caleb in the dark. The Detonators had one mission: to blow Brittany right out of the house. After being slighted by Amber yet again, Caleb found an unlikely new ally. At a prize-stealing Veto competition, Caleb won the game, but took $5k instead of the Veto, so Victoria was safe and Caleb unknowingly put himself in danger. Derrick and Frankie urged Cody against making a big move. Then Donny made a last minute appeal and Cody promised him safety. But after Derrick once again got in Cody's ear, Cody made a gut-wrenching choice. Who will be evicted from the BB House, Donny, or Brittany? Plus, will Hayden and Nicole finally make it offish? Find out right now live, on Big Brother!

"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother! It's Day 35 inside the BB House and Cody is in shambles. Torn between his dislike for Caleb and need to stay true to his alliance, the Detonators, Cody's reign as HoH has left him an emotional wreck. But in the end, he sided with his alliance, putting Donny on the block. So will leaving Caleb in the game come back to bite him? Only time will tell. But first, you voted for him and Cody put him on the block. Will Team America lose a member tonight?"

"Cody assured me he wouldn't put me up," Donny tells us. "In this game, you don't take anybody's word for what they say."

"You were the only person I was hoping wouldn't be sitting by my side," Brittany tells Donny after the Veto meeting. "I was the only person hoping to not be sitting beside you," Donny jokes. Brittany says, "Being put up next to Donny completely sucks. He's been by my side this game, he's a good friend, and I hate knowing I have to campaign against him."

In HoH, Cody is distraught. He says that tore me up, to have to put someone up I had just told was safe and who doesn't deserve to be up on the block. Cody is taking deep breaths to get his emotions under control. I just hope putting Donny up instead of Caleb doesn't bite me on the butt.

In the backyard, Derrick assures Cody it was the smartest game move he could have made. "I didn't get a chance to talk to him (Caleb) about it," Cody says, "I had no way to tell him dude, you're fine. It was bad all around for my game."

"Right," Frankie says, "it was the best move you could have done." "If he (Caleb) puts me up next week, Frankie," Cody says, "I'm going to kick you in the nuts."

"There's no way," Frankie assures him. "I feel like such a ***** bitch, Cody says."

Frankie jogs up to Donny and asks if he's good. "Oh yea," Donny says, "completely nonplussed. You have my vote, you know, to stay," Frankie says. "I think it's going to be unanimous for you to stay, honestly. Everyone loves you, wants you here, and she's ruffled a lot of feathers."

"I appreciate that," says Donny.

In the bee hive room, Derrick asks Donny if Cody had said he wasn't putting him up this morning. "Yeah, "Donny says. Derrick tells us he feels terrible Donny's on the block. Though he isn't the one who put him there, "I definitely didn't fight for him either. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil to ensure Brittany goes home this week."

In the HoH room, Cody tells Donny he doesn't expect him to be 100% happy with him. "I'm over it," Donny says. I thought about this a lot, Cody explains, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision for me. In order to secure Brittany out, it has to be Donny. I was looking at it in another way, Donny says, like maybe you have this other big alliance that you like. You do like me, he says, but you're willing to risk me.

In the DR, Donny says "I was fishing for information from Cody on this big alliance but he wouldn't give it up." Cody says he hopes Donny will see on Thursday that it's 10-0 and you'll be OK. "You're not going home."

"People are telling me I'm safe this week," Donny tells us, "but being a Big Brother fan, I know pawns do go home and I'm not feeling that great right now." "If something happens," Donny tells Cody, "and I do go home..." Cody: "I'm telling you right now, you're not going home," Cody tries to assure him, "unless people are lying right to my face." "This is Big Brother," Donny reminds Cody.

Brittany decides to campaign to someone who has a lot of influence with the other HG. Unfortunately, she chooses Caleb. "I think that what you say," she tells him in the living room, "a lot of people listen to." "I don't care what I have to do to stay," she says, "I just strongly feel he's (Donny) a bigger threat than I am. It pisses me off, but I feel I've fought so much harder. I refuse to go home before people who haven't played as hard."

"Zach and Victoria," Caleb says. Brittany: "Yeah." Caleb: "I feel you're not going to come after me," he says, "so in my opinion, you would be better for my game too. Donny is more of a threat and I don't want that kind of person in here, coming after me. I would rather you be here. If you're not coming after me, why would I not?"

"I'm going to be completely honest with you," Caleb tells Cody, Derrick and Frankie in the HoH, "I hope Victoria goes home. Imagine you going home before her. That's how Brittany feels right now. I only matter because you guys are part of my alliance," Caleb says, "but me, when I see a woman fighting for her life? I would have never kicked them 2400 goals if I knew I was going home, but the fact is, she's fought harder than anyone else in the house to still be here. Let's be real. If Donny won HoH, we know he would put two of us up."

"Brittany's tight with me," Derrick says. "Me too," Cody echoes. They don't think she'd come after them. Caleb says Donny will put up one, possibly two of our alliance up. "We have to protect our alliance." "Exactly," the other alliance lies. "Donny could be a big threat to the Bomb Squad," Caleb tells us, "he's already proven himself more than one time, a huge competitor who's pulled himself off the block, he's won Veto a few times, he might just get some power and come after us. We can't trust him as far as we can throw him," Caleb tells the others.

"If we said Donny was going home," Derrick says, "Donny's going home. None of us have any allegiances to him."

"Locked up in the BB House," Julie Chen says, "it's easy to get lost in the game. But sometimes news from the outside world can put everything into perspective."

BB: "Frankie, please go to the Diary Room." Frankie is excited to receive an envelope. Then he reads it and learns his grandfather has lost his battle with cancer and everything changes.

In tears, he goes back into the house and the HGs immediately see something's wrong. "Are you OK," the girls ask as he is sobbing, trying to hold it together. "My grandfather passed away," he says, breaking down into tears. "Are you serious, dude?" The girls rush over to give him hugs. Zach is stunned. They lead him to the couch and he curls up in Jocasta's arms in the fetal position. Cody and Zach quickly come into the living room . Everyone is there except Caleb, waiting to find out more.

Zach has his hands to his temples, as if trying to mentally ascertain some piece of knowledge. Cody is the only guy to go over to Frankie and put his hands reassuringly on his shoulders. Frankie struggles to read the letter from his family. Amber offers to read it for her. "My dearest Frankie, I am so sorry to tell you that Grandpa lost his battle with cancer. He wanted you to know how proud he is of you, and that he's rooting for you to win. Even though he had no idea what was going on on the show, he was watching just for you, live feeds and all." Frankie lets out a distraught laugh.

"He also insisted that whatever happened, he didn't want it to interfere with this opportunity for you. Please don't think about coming home. All of us here are strongly supporting you and encouraging you to work hard like Grandpa did his whole life. Be strong as he would be and smile because he deserves to be celebrated. We love you endlessly, mommy." Zach looks like he is about to break into tears himself. Hayden also has been emotionally affected. Cody wipes a tear from his eyes. [What they didn't show, was the Zach was so overcome with emotion, he quietly slipped away to the Have-Not room to have a good long cry.]

"He was 90," Frankie says, "which was amazing. An amazing man, his name was Frank. OMG, even though he had no idea what was going on, he loved the show. I can only imagine how confused he was watching the show. 'What? Who? What's HoH? Why's he wearing that?'" The girls are laughing and the guys are smiling as Frankie remembers his grandfather. "He was the first member of my family to be OK with my coming out." Donny listens intensely to Frankie's stories. "He said he's my grandson, I'm going to love him no matter what, he's perfect." Now Derrick has joined the tear parade. Everyone else just said. "what he said," Frank says. Frankie gets into the middle of a group hug at Brittany's suggestion.

"This is a crazy game," Frankie tells us, "we are being cut throat and sometimes downright hurtful. But when something happens, we have no one to go to but each other and in this moment, I feel so supported and that is so wonderful." Frankie thanks everyone for being there. "We'll be right back," Julie Chen says and we fade to black in silence.

Julie Chen: "Welcome Back to BB. Let's go to the living room and talk with the HG. Hello, HG. Frankie, I want to start out by offering my deepest condolences on the loss of your grandfather." "Thank you very much," he says. "You're welcome. Everyone, a lot has happened this week. Let's start with Caleb. You had the chance to take that Veto and ensure your safety but instead you chose $5000. Why?"

Caleb: "There's some stuff at home I want to pay, he says, and get done and I felt safe enough that I didn't need the Veto so I took the cash." Julie: "Zach, what was going through your mind when you saw Caleb take the cash?" Zach: "I was excited to go to Germany and just grateful no one took the trip away from me."

Julie Chen: "Cody, what would you say was the hardest part of your reign as HoH?" Cody: "Putting up a replacement nominee." Julie Chen: "We saw you struggle with that." It wasn't a good one," Cody says.

Julie Chen: "Well, I have some news for everyone. Last week, there were no Have-Nots. But this week, they're back. And, they've already been determined." "Oh," the HGs say nervously.

"The four Have-Nots (Hayden has his fingers crossed, Frankie's mouth is wide open, Caleb is playing with his monkey) are the four laziest players in the game as determined by the activity trackers you're all wearing." The more active HGs applaud this news.

Julie Chen: "Amber, how do you think you did this week?" Amber: "I think I did great - I'm cleaning the house all the time, so I'm running around everywhere." "Christine, who do you think is definitely a Have-Not?" "Honestly," she says, "Zach." The HGs laugh. Zach: "What can I say, Julie," Zach says.

"Let me tell you," Julie Chen says, "we've been monitoring all of you for several days, and here are the results. The four laziest people in the house this week, and thus the Have-Nots for the week are... Nicole, Caleb, Christine, and Derrick." "Yes," Darrick shouts proudly. Caleb is shocked. Everyone else is relieved.

"Interesting response," says Julie Chen. "Now of course, if any of you become HoH, you will no longer be a Have-Not. We'll be back in a few minutes for the live eviction."

Julie Chen: "He's been patient, he's been persistent. But what Nicole's friends and family think of Hayden's showmancing ways?" [Clips of Hayden's subtle but determined pursuit of Nicole.] Welcome to Ubly, home of the 2006 and 2007 Girls Track Division IV State Champs! We meet Jeni, Nicole's mom. "She's very funny and smart but doesn't always show it." David, Nicole's dad, says, "There's a lot of support in Ubly for Nicole. Everyone has t-shirts, banners to put out." Her friend Jade says Nicole being in the BB House has been huge for the area. [We're watching a mud volleyball game.] "Ubly has about 800 people that live in it, We're just a village, not even a city. This shirt says Thumbs Up for Coconuts, Nicole's nickname."

Three little cousins dish on Hayden. "He's a little weird," one girl says, "because he always tries to make sex with Nicole." [Did I mention these kids are like 6?]

"It takes Nicole a long time to warm up to guys," Jeni says, "she plays extremely hard to get." Nicole's brother Jesse thinks Hayden's cool. "He definitely has a way with words. But I'd rather Nicole bring home the $500k than bring home Hayden." Jeni thinks Hayden is a lot of fun, "but I had my heart set on her marrying a farmer and not a pedicab driver. What's a pedicab?"

"She never really talked about showmances," David says, "so it's all new to me. If Hayden gets a kiss, he's starting to win her over. It's got me on the edge, that's all I can say."

Clip of Hayden and Nicole making out in the bed in the dark. "What if someone walks in," Nicole asks? "We can just put the blankets over us," Hayden says. Hayden gets the kiss he's been longing for. "Are you over it now that the chase is over," Nicole asks? "Not even close," he replies.

Julie Chen: "Coming up, Brittany or Donny. Will Team America lose one of their own? Or will the single mom go home? The live vote begins next. Then it's the live HoH competition. Stay with us!"

Julie Chen: "Welcome Back to BB. Brittany or Donny. One of them is about to trade in the BB House for their own house. Let's return to the living room and begin the live vote. HG, it's now time for the live vote to begin. Brittany, Donny, in just moments, your fellow housemates will vote to evict. But before they do, you each get one last chance to sway their votes with one brief statement."

Brittany: "This sucks. I feel like a professional sitting up here for a third time. It's not easy sitting next to this man, but I can't make eye contact with you because you make me emotional. It's been a great ride and journey here. I've never given up. The only way I had to prove myself was taking on the goal-oriented penalty. That's all I had left in me, and I did it for you guys to prove how much I wanted to be here. This man (Donny) stood by my side. Thank you. So thank you to those who vote for me. Those that question me, I come by it honestly. I'm hard to read and I'm sorry about that. That's just who I am. Those who aren't sure, please give me one more chance. I keep trying to prove to you guys and fight to be here, I haven't given up. If not, I respect your vote."

"Thank you, Brittany," Julie Chen says. Donny, you're turn. Please be brief."

Donny: "I want to thank God for the opportunist to play this game I love, Big Brother. I want to thank my wonderful family and say hello to them, and my pretty, beautiful girlfriend, Christine, and to say to my fellow HGs there is a special place in my heart for each and every one of you. Gd bless you all, and God bless America."

Julie Chen: "Thank you Donny, thank you Brittany, it's time for the live voting to begin. As always, the two nominees are not allowed to vote. Cody, as current HoH, you will only vote in the event of a tie. One at a time, the rest of you will enter the DR and cast your vote to evict. Jocasta, you're up first."

Julie Chen: "Donny saved Jocasta from the block last week. Will she do the same for him this week?" jocasta: "I vote to sadly evict Brittany."

Julie Chen: "Nicole has been close to both nominees, so what is best for her game tonight?" Nicole: "I vote to evict Brittany."

"Hayden's only true ally in the game is Nicole. As she votes, so should he." Hayden: "I vote to evict Brittany."

Julie Chen: "After being targeted by the boys in the house, Amber has talked about an all girls alliance. Is it enough to keep Brittany in the game?" Amber: "I sadly vote to evict Brittany." "The vote is four to evict Brittany and 0 to evict Donny. The final six HGs cast their votes live when we return. Stay with us!"

Julie Chen: "Welcome Back to BB. The HGs are voting live to evict either Brittany or Donny and so far it's four votes to evict Brittany, no votes to evict Donny. Let's continue with the live vote. Derrick played a key role in getting Donny on the block, but is he willing to break up Team America so soon?" Derrick: "I sadly vote to evict Brittany."

"Caleb has bonded with Brittany this week and sees Donny as a threat. Will this guide his vote tonight?" Caleb: " I sadly vote to evict the beautiful Brittany."

Julie Chen: "It's official, with six votes to evict, Brittany will leave the house tonight. But let's see how the other votes fall."

Christine votes to evict Brittany. Victoria was handed the Veto to save herself, so who will she hand her vote to tonight? "I happily vote to evict the conniving Brittany."

"As a member of the Detonators, Zach's vote should follow the others." Zach: "I vote to evict Brittany." He makes the chomp chomp sign for all you Florida fans.

Frankie assured Donny he would be safe and tonight, Team America should stay united. Frankie thanks Julie for her condolences. "It means the world," he says. "I cast my vote to evict Brittany."

Julie Chen: "All the votes are in, let's give the news to the HG. HG, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted HGs will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather their belongings, and and walk out the front door. With 10 votes to evict, Brittany, you are evicted from the Big Brother House." She doesn't seem surprised and the reaction among the other HGs is almost non-existent. Donny gives her a hug as everyone else heads to the door to send her off. Everyone is silent. Jocasta gives Brittany a hug and Brittany says, "Don't make me sad." Jocasta nods. Brittany gives Frankie a hug. Derrick whispers for her to go get 'em. Donny hands Brittany her bag and the HGs tell her goodbye. Good luck, she says back. She gives Donny a peck on the cheek. She walks out to applause from the studio audience.

Inside, the HGs gather at the memory wall as Brittany goes grey. "Bye, Brittany," Zach says, "see you never." Then he laughs alone at his own joke.

"A landslide vote," Julie Chen says, "10-0. You were not expecting that." Brittany: "I kind of was. The house tends to vote with each other and there's a lot of people who vote not in the direction they want to vote." Julie Chen: "Why not?" Brittany: "They're scared, just trying to get through the game." Julie Chen: "Who are they scared of?" Britt; "There are some people who control the house, Caleb being one of them. A lot of the guys, a lot of the girls are just weak players and, sorry, my heart's racing. And, they feared me making a bold move, they made that clear."

Julie Chen: "This was the third time you were up on the block. Why were you such a target?" Brittany: "The people they put up first, they continued the pattern. It was easier to continue to put up the same people so that they don't have targets on their back. There was an alliance formed, I do believe that, in the beginning. And we just happened to come in late, so the game had already started before we even started our game."

Julie Chen: "You may be going home tonight, but you did complete quite a feat with your feet. 2400 goals in less than 24 hours." The audience cheers. "Have you recovered? How are your feet? They look gorgeous." Brittany: o, they're disgusting. Holy smokes, it looks like I have a plumb beneath my toenail." The audience groans. "It's gross, nasty."

Julie Chen: "In the event you were voted out tonight, your housemates taped some goodbye messages." Brittany: "Oh gawd, I've seen these before," Brittany says.

Zach:"I'm glad it was you walking out that door. It was better for my game to make sure you were gone. You're a great person and we became kind of friends. However, if I never see you again, I don't really care."

Jocasta: "This is the hardest choice I've had to make in this house. You know Donny saved me and there's no way in the world I could not be loyal to him too. I don't want you to think it was easy and I really love you."

Hayden: "Brittany, you're an extremely nice person, a great cook, but as far as the game is concerned, you're unpredictable and you could be putting me up next week, so, I'm pumped you're gone."

Donny: "I hope you are seeing this because there's only two choices, me or you. You've been a trooper. I think you've been dealt a bad hand in this game and I'm going to miss our little ice cream dates at night."

Julie Chen: "Are you at all looking forward to going home?" Brittany: "Oh, gawd yes, I am." She tears up. "I don't mean to get emotional," she says, "but it's been so hard being away from my kids, so hard." Julie Chen: "Well there are some people here tonight dying to see you." "OMG," she says as her kids come out onto the stage, the older boy carrying a blue soccer ball. She runs over and scoops them into her arms, crying.

Julie Chen: "Up next, the power is back up for grabs. We'll crown two new HoHs when we return. Stay with us!"

Julie Chen: "Welcome Back to BB. It's now time to crown two new HoHs. Each must nominate two HGs for eviction. Who will become the two most powerful HGs in the game? Let's head to the backyard and find out."

It's a southwest cowboy theme in the backyard, with neon cacti, an American flag made of painted wood planks and wagon wheels hanging on the backdrop. Hayden and Christine stand at separate podiums with three banks of lights, one row for HoH, one row for BoB, and one row for PoV. "HG, the power is up for grabs. Cody, as outgoing HoH, you are not eligible to compete."

"This competition is called Country Hits and here's how it works. Two at a time, you'll face off at the podium. There, you'll hear a short country song that will describe one of three competitions that took place this summer. Your goal is to identify one of the three types of competitions, either HoH, BoB or PoV. If you are the first to buzz in with the correct answer, you stay in the game and your opponent is eliminated. You'll then choose the next two HGs to face off. If you answer incorrectly, you will be eliminated and your opponent will stay in the game and choose the next two to face off. If no one buzzes in, you will both be eliminated unless it's the final round. The last two HGs standing will be the new HoHs. Does everyone understand? Then let's begin."

Here's your first song Christine is the first to buzz in, selecting HoH. That is correct for the BB Rager. Hayden is out. Christine picks Donny and Jocasta to face off next.

The second song plays and Donny buzzes in first, selecting BoB. He is correct, the Pouring Twenties competition. Jocasta is eliminated and Donny picks Frankie and Caleb to go next.

The third song plays and Frankie is quick on the draw to press the BoB button. Caleb is disappointed. That is correct, Julie says, the AbracaBoBra competition. Frankie picks Amber and Victoria to face off next.

Here's their song. Amber presses her button for PoV. That is correct, the BB Galaxy competition. Victoria is out and Donny and Derrick are next to face off.

Big Brother is playing their song. Derrick buzzes in first with his HoH button. He is correct and Donny is eliminated. That was the Underwater Polo competition. Derrick asks who hasn't gone yet. Zach and Nicole.

Nicole knows the right competition, but Zach is the first to hit the button for PoV. He is correct, the BB Cup competition. He picks Amber and Christine.

Listening to their song, Christine jumps in to hit the BoB button. She is correct, the We Did What competition. Amber is out and Christine calls up Frankie and Derrick.

Do you want to see your grandfather, Derrick asks? The song begins playing and Derrick just stands to the side, waiting for Frankie to ring in. When he's sure, Frankie hits the HoH button. They do a hand shake then a man hug as Frankie expresses his thanks. Julie Chen confirms he was correct, the Over The Coals competition, and Frankie will be the first HoH.

That means Christine and Zach will face each other for the second HoH in the final round. Zach is the first to press his button, sure it's the BoB. That is correct, the Night Moves competition. Congratulations Zach and Frankie, the new HoHs!

Welcome Back to BB. Let's rejoin the HG. Hello everyone. Derrick, did you not know the answer or did you throw that to Frankie? I knew it right away, he says, I was in it, but there are some things bigger than this game. I want him to see his grandfather, and you know, I feel good about my decision. I'll eat slop for a week. Frankie is struggling to hold back his tears. Frankie says that means the world to me. This house is an emotional roller coaster. I'm up, I'm down, and that was just an amazing gesture. I'm very appreciative and I can't wait to see my grandfather.
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7:14PM BBT: The feeds are back! They are talking about the live show. Nicole and Christine complain about being Have-Nots. Amber and Frankie ask if Have-Nots starts right away and Frankie says yeah, it starts now. Cody is telling Christine and Nicole they’ll have basically 6.5 days of being on slop. Amber cleans her stuff out of the Have-Not room so that the Have-Nots have room.

Jocasta, Donny and Amber are talking in the fire bedroom. Jocasta: "I believe we're going to go up." Jocasta says Christine is a liar because during the HoH competition Christine said she didn't know who to face off and picked Jocasta and Donny. Amber tells Jocasta and Donny that she is nervous of going up because Zach had mentioned she was his target to people.


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