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Zach and Frankie: Is there a showmance brewing?
By a Vote of 9-0, Amber Was Evicted
Donny and Nicole Won HoH
Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta, Donny has nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction
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Update Entry
Friday, August 1 2014  Nominations Today
9:00AM BBT: Good morning.

9:03AM BBT: Victoria and Nicole are doing ADLs in the HoH bathroom. Nicole asks if she can open the door for more lighting for her makeup. Victoria says not yet as she doesn't have her extensions in yet.

9:19AM BBT: Victoria tells Nicole that she can't believe Amber is gone. She has wanted her gone since day one.

9:22AM BBT: Victoria talks about how girls don't know how to do their makeup. She says you just go to the Mack or Macys counter, buy $50 worth of make up and they will do your make up for you.

9:24AM BBT: Christine and Donny eating breakfast.

In the HoH bedroom Victoria tells Nicole now she knows why she brought so many clothes into the house, she needs them for so many ceremonies. Victoria tells Nicole that BB knew she needed all the clothes for the ceremonies because she will be the center of attention. She tells Nicole she was told that BB wasn't in control of if the girls touched her stuff. She couldn't believe that others would be touching her stuff. It's so disrespectful.

9:33AM BBT: Victoria and Nicole talk about Aaryn's hair in the house. Nicole can't figure out how Aaryn got her hair to curl with that curling iron. Victoria says that most likely her extensions were fake. Victoria's are 100% human hair. Nicole: "How did you know Aaryn had extensions?" Victoria says she can always tell if someone has extensions. "It's obvious." Even her Dad can tell now.

9:46AM BBT: Donny and Nicole talk. Nicole practicing what she is going to say to Zach. She is concerned if she can say karma.

9:55AM BBT: The HGs are starting to move around. The wake up call was at 8:15AM someone says. Frankie is complaining about his allergies. Says he couldn't breath and that's why he flipped over onto Derrick's back during the night like a turtle.

10:01AM BBT: We have reels.. Nomination ceremony about to begin? Donny and Nicole had not yet been called to the DR.

11:40AM BBT:  Nicole has nominated Zach and Jocasta, Donny has nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction.  Nicole is worried her speech was bad and Derrick tells her it was good. Frankie comes in and says, "You were good, it is all perfect." Everyone in the kitchen hugging Zach.

11:45AM BBT: Victoria is upset and Frankie gives her a hug before doing stretches with Caleb behind the couches.

Donny tells Nicole she did a wonderful job at the nomination ceremony. Frankie offers to make everyone salmon. Derrick and Hayden are in the storage room talking and Derrick says, "Caleb came to me last night and said he trusted the two of us." We get FotH.

11:50AM BBT: Jocasta is in the bee hive room and tells Zach, "Communication is key and we have to stay focused and always talk to each other." Zach: "Yeah we have to win."

In the bathroom area Frankie tells Victoria to work with Caleb and, "remember he is military so do not take his tone wrong as he is yelling at you." Frankie: "Just talk to him and tell him we are allies and we can work together and you will be fine. He will respect you so much for that one."

11:53AM BBT: Victoria is talking to Caleb: "I know we haven't been close but right now we are best friends and allies and I will listen and I will not freak out and I am willing to work with you to get ourselves off the block for the week." Caleb: "The only thing is it is different is when it is a guy and a girl but like the cake one two guys would have lost that, and with Jocasta, you are stronger than she is, and I am stronger than Zach, and I feel we will be just fine no matter what it is. Just go in with a good mind and fight hard."

11:56AM BBT: In the HoH room Donny and Derrick and Cody are talking about Victoria being in the house after everything she has been through. Derrick: "Well she is up there now and anyone can win so it is out of your hands now she has a chance to win."

12:00PM BBT:
Donny talking about his HoH basket and going through it saying he has 8 boxes of Pop-Tarts.

Frankie is in the kitchen making tuna for lunch.

Victoria comes to talk to Donny and everyone leaves. Victoria: "What if we throw this BotB, and Caleb pulls himself off with PoV?" Donny: "Don't panic, I hope you win and I think as hot as it is outside Jocasta won't last long."

Donny: "Don't worry, if you win remember, I am playing veto also and if you get HGs choice you pick Hayden. You are not my target and I hope I get de-throned today but if it goes to Thursday I hope I can save you so please don't worry about it this early."

12:04PM BBT: Donny tells Victoria to not look around her at the BotB competition only look at what her hands are doing and communicate with Caleb.

12:09PM BBT: Cody is in the the HoH room listening to music and Victoria laying next to him. Nicole in HoH bathroom getting a jacket. Derrick, Frankie and Caleb are in the kitchen eating.

12:11PM BBT: Jocasta come in HoH room Donny ask her how she is feeling and she says fine and he says stay positive and compete and being sad won't help. She says, "I am not sad but it isn't exciting." Nicole: "I am sorry Jocasta." Jocasta: "No it's fine, but I just can't eat and every time I go to compete my stomach is turning."

12:17PM BBT: Zach and Cody are in the Earth room talking. Zach asks Cody: "If Caleb wins the veto, who is Donny's replacement?" Cody: "Me. I know Donny doesn't want Victoria going home. If Caleb wins and I go up... he's saying, 'you're my target.""

Cody tells Zach that he doesn't care who Nicole would put up next to Zach, cause he would not send Zach home.

Cody: "The best case scenario: Me and Jocasta win and then you win the veto and leave them the same, then Victoria goes home." Zach: "You would stay for sure over Caleb anyway, but we don't want it to get to that point."

12:29PM BBT: Frankie is talking to Zach in the Earth room and Zach tells him not to worry that her is going to win the BotB so to cheer him on. Frankie says, "I will." Zach: "I am glad I have Jocasta and not Victoria."

12:31PM BBT: Frankie: "We need to get them to backdoor each other." Zach: "Who Donny and Nicole?" Frankie: "Yeah it can be done. We can do it." Zach: "That's good."

Zach: "I'm going to take a nap." Frankie leaves and goes to fire room and gets in bed for a nap also.

12:35PM BBT: Derrick and Victoria are in the Have-Not room talking he says, "What is up?" Victoria: "I'm stressed." Derrick: "I know being on the block sucks but being up with Caleb is good." Victoria: "I'm nervous though cause if Caleb throws this BotB I could leave."

12:38PM BBT: Caleb and Zach are in the rock rm. Caleb says, "Hey we get a new outfit to wear so that is cool. I hope this competition is fun." Zach: "Yeah I hope it is fun too."

Victoria is in the Have-Not room crying with Derrick rubbing her arm.

12:42PM BBT: Caleb and Christine in the living room talking about the Bible. Victoria in Have-Not room crying alone.

12:44PM BBT: Derrick is back talking to Victoria, as she cries, he says, "You just have to win today Caleb is strong and he is fast he isn't like Jocasta he will carry you all the way if he has to. Hopefully it is something physical cause Zach can't beat him no way."

12:52PM BBT: Victoria goes to the HoH room to lay down with Nicole in the HoH bed. Most of the HGs are in bed sleeping now.

12:56PM BBT: All the HGs are now in bed resting and Donny listening to music.

1:24PM BBT: All the HGs are sound asleep.

1:32PM BBT: Donny is up reading his letter from home and walking around his the HoH room.

1:43PM BBT: Victoria is now up in the kitchen making her a drink, Donny is walking around the kitchen and bathroom area. Donny tells Victoria not to panic, "Be confident like Caleb cause Caleb is strong and confident."

Donny to Victoria: "You have friends here that will keep you and as long as you have friends here and they keep you it doesn't matter why they keep you as long as they keep you so that is a good thing."

1:54PM BBT: Victoria ask Donny if he wants to get married and he answers, "Someday, but I am a little scared about it 'cause I want it to last, 'cause a lot of people's ends and I don't want it to end."

Christine is being called to the DR and Donny says, "Here we go." Christine is hosting the BotB competition. Victoria goes to wake up Nicole.

2:00PM BBT: The BotB is in progress.

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Update Entry
Thursday, July 31 2014  Live Eviction Tonight
IMHO (In Morty's Humble Opinion) Catty girls and egomaniacal guys-- Are you surprised? I've spent some time reading the comments on our FaceBook and Twitter accounts, and some fans were hoping for more “normal” people in the BB16 cast. I wonder if they mean normal guys like Mike Lubinski. “Mike Lubinski” you ask, “who is he?” Mike is a father and house painter from Michigan that was on Big Brother 5. Why don't you remember him? Two reasons. First, he was the first one evicted because everyone in the house thought he knew too much; second, he was one of a handful of normal people cast on Big Brother, and normal isn't memorable.

This week, one common opinion seems to be that fans wish it was Caleb on the block instead of Amber, but I must ask “Why?” I like Amber, she is very pretty and has a nice even disposition, she may even be normal. If Caleb was evicted this week, Amber would continue being pleasant and normal. Whereas with Amber leaving, Ba-Boom! Caleb will be out for blood, building a shrine to her like GinaMarie did for Nick, and it will be an exciting week on the live feeds.

Isn't it great when we can all come together and hate the same people...? This season, I don't think we'll all unite against a common foe. Firstly, there's no one that really inspires hate, just dislike, and with every new day a different player is on the fan's hit list.

Zach certainly has his share of detractors; I was one of them as soon as I saw his interview video, before he even entered the house. Since then, I’ve changed my opinion. Although I’m still not a fan, Zach has made some remarks that have given me cause to reconsider. First, he told Cody that he (Zach) shouldn’t win the $500,000 because he’s a douche-bag, and with $500,000 he’d be a bigger douche-bag. He’s also admitted to Frankie that he’s an asshole, and yet when Frankie’s grandfather died, Zach cried, and not for show, in private. He cried again when Derrick’s grandfather died. So we know he’s not heartless, and has a self-esteem problem.

One HG that I think has been overly criticized is Derrick. Derrick has told a few lies and manipulated a couple people, so? On FaceBook, fans are equating this to him being a dishonest cop, when I think he’s just a perceptive fan who has studied the game, and is playing it. Derrick appears to like being in control, and if you can gain control of the insanity in the BB house, and not have everyone see that you’re in control, then you are a great player. Dan Gheesling tried to maintain control of the house and is considered a super-player; why do we have this double standard for Derrick, just because he’s a cop?

Frankie is starting to get his share of haters, he’s being called Andy 2.0. I disagree; I find Frankie to have a little more personality than Andy, but Andy won $500,000, I bet that’s Frankie’s goal too. Frankie’s genial persona has allowed him to play all sides of the house, but I think it’s wearing thin and some HGs are starting to get wise to him.

Donnie has been a fan favorite since the premiere. I was worried that Donnie wasn’t playing a good social game because he hadn’t bonded with anyone. He was a floater. Whether by strategy, or by accident, it seems to be working for him. He’s managed to distance himself from the big players that now all have targets on their backs, while quietly making friends and proving his honesty. Then, he also is on Team America. The “team” doesn’t appear to have any kind of loyalty to each other, or as the Marines say, “esprit de corps,” however with $5,000 a week in prize money at stake, I think they’ll protect each other.

That’s all for now, it’s just my opinion, and we all have them. You can express your opinions in the TVFanForums.

8:30AM BBT: Sleepin'

9:10AM BBT: All feeds show sleeping HGs but you can hear water running and someone moving about. Not sue which HGs but I can probably guess.

9:51AM BBT: We have FotH - wake up call time.

10:00AM BBT: Amber is in the bathroom area, Nicole, Victoria and Christine are changing batteries in the storage room.

10:02AM BBT: Nicole and Christine go back to bed in the Earth room. Jocasta goes to the bathroom.

10:10AM BBT: Amber asks Jocasta how long BB said they had before the the HoH room LD, they have an hour.

Jocasta brushes her teeth while Amber lays in the bathroom area. Donny is in the kitchen walking around eating his cereal with chocolate milk.

10:21AM BBT: Donny and Derrick are in the kitchen talking about the HoH competition tonight and drinking water. Jocasta comes in the kitchen and they stop talking. Jocasta is now making her some breakfast.

10:23AM BBT: Donny tells Jocasta his brain hasn't woke up yet and we get FotH.

10:40AM BBT: Donny is sitting in the living room while Caleb and Frankie are in HoH bed talking about them staying up all night playing pool.

10:43AM BBT: Donny tells Jocasta that all the young ones were so loud last night. He says they had the whole backyard last night and they talked right there where I was trying to sleep.

10:50AM BBT: Derrick is eating in the living room talking to Donny. Donny says we have to go out there and win tonight. Donny and Derrick talk about their new Team America assignment. Donny does not want to do the task. Derrick: "It's done. We're not doing it." Donny says, "OK, like if someone left and pointed a finger at you how would you feel?" Derrick says, "I would be pissed." Derrick: "$5,000 is huge but I can't have it on my conscience if I jeopardize someone's game, so it's done. We're not doing it." Donny: "When we came to do this game, the $5,000 game didn't exist. We came to win Big Brother or we wouldn't have come." Derrick: "I know."

Donny tells Derrick that they think of it as money, but they would have to accuse people and those people take their game very serious.

Donny: "We could do it and get $5,000 this week, and we go home next week, it would be the last one we get." Derrick: "My fear is I could go home tonight in a double eviction."

11:01AM BBT: Most of the HGs are up in the kitchen making breakfast and coffee before they go on HoH LD.

11:03AM BBT: Amber is cleaning the kitchen as Frankie eats his oatmeal and Victoria and Jocasta sit and talk.

In the living room is Caleb and Derrick are talking about Caleb's knees hurting.

11:08AM BBT: Caleb is telling a story to Derrick about a friend of his who was working out and busted a vessel in his head, Caleb rubs his eyes and tells Derrick that he had icy hot on his hands and now it is in his eyes and they are watery, He wipes his eyes with his shirt.

11:12AM BBT: Donny tells Frankie, "There is always people around you, I don't know how you even take a dump." Frankie: "I do it with them, I have to." Donny: "Since you have had the HoH room you haven't been alone have you?" Frankie: "No." Donny: "That is what is it for, to get a good nights sleep."

11:23AM BBT: We now have Jeff Schroeder's weekly highlight reel, as the HGs go on an HoH LD.

1:00PM BBT: We are still watching videos with Jeff.

1:14PM BBT: We are back to Donny making a sandwich and Frankie moving out of the HoH bedroom. Christine is laughing saying Frankie will be back up there in a couple hours anyway, no matter who wins. Frankie agrees with her.

1:25PM BBT: Caleb is using the clippers on Derrick's hair in the bathroom area. Victoria trying to convince someone to let her cut their hair. Caleb says he would rather cut his own hair drunk than to let her cut his hair. Donny is at the kitchen table post sandwich.

1:50PM BBT: The guys are getting haircuts from Derrick as the girls are in the kitchen eating lunch.

2:06PM BBT: Derrick is cutting Donny's hair and says it is so long. Donny: "Yeah and it has only been two weeks. Derrick: "You know what they say Donny, thinking about sex makes your hair grow faster."

2:18PM BBT: Derrick is now cutting Frankie's hair as the other HGs are doing makeup and curling hair and some HGs are in bed sleeping.

2:36PM BBT: Nicole and Christine laying in bed and Nicole says I want you me Hayden or Cody to win HoH tonight,

2:39PM BBT: Nicole and Christine say if the guys win then all the girls will be on the block again. Christine says, "BB, I hate you this season." Nicole: "But if we go up it is better to go up together against Victoria and Jocasta cause we have a good change of beating them."

2:44PM BBT: Frankie is now talking to Christine and Nicole in the fire rm. he tells them they have to keep Caleb next week cause he can be a tool for the three of them and Nicole agrees. Nicole says Amber is frantic right now and Frankie says, "I know. I hope it goes single (HoH) tonight." Nicole: "Me too cause all four girls will go up if they don't." Frankie: "Well then four out of 9 people will be on the block so they can't continue like that."

2:48PM BBT: Frankie lays down to take a nap as Nicole says she is sleepy. Then Frankie says,"I am so gassy that it is disgusting." Most HGs are are still in the bathroom area doing hair and make up.

3:05PM BBT: We have Derrick showering and Nicole sleeping on the feeds.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
 Caleb calls himself a hopeless romantic but this romance is just plain hopeless. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously, on Big Brother, Amber and Caleb believed the Bomb Squad was still intact but the Detonators were secretly working without them. After Amber told Christine she wanted the girls to work together, Christine ratted her out so the Detonators set their sights on back dooring Amber. After Hayden rode off with the veto, he agreed to the back door plan. The Detonators knew they had to get Beastmode Cowboy on board so when Amber shared her feelings on Caleb, Zach threw out the bait and Caleb took it hook, line and sinker. At the veto meeting, the Detonators plan came together and Zach went off again. Tonight, who will be evicted from the BB house - Jocasta or Amber? And two new HoHs will be crowned! Plus Team America's next mission plays out live tonight. All this right now on Big Brother!

Good evening I'm Julie Chen, welcome to Big Brother. It's day 42 inside the BB house and the Detonators continue to dominate this game. All week they've been playing the Cowboy like a puppet but tonight it's you pulling the strings. Last night you voted and tonight Team America will get their next secret mission. So what mission did you choose and will Team America pull it off? It all plays out live tonight But first, Caleb thinks he is running the game. Caleb put his love in harms way but his ego may have sealed her fate.

We pick up after the veto meeting. Amber tells us of course she is the replacement nominee and of course Zach had something to say. Zach doesn't get under her skin, she's not going to cry at his words. Jocasta tells us she has been on the block before but this is the first time being on the block going into an eviction. Everyone is telling her she has their vote but in this house, you never know. In the bathroom area, Christine welcomes Amber to the being yelled at by Zach club. Later, Caleb is alone in the Have-Not room. Caleb tells us he has done so much for her, and he doesn't want her to go home but he wants to see how she reacts.

In the backyard, Nicole, Christine and Frankie are tanning. Frankie apologizes to Amber, who blames it on Zach. Frankie says it was all him. Amber wants to know why he didn't go up. Christine and Nicole leave the two to talk. Frankie tells us he has to maintain he doesn't really know what's going on, even though he is HoH. Amber and Caleb in the beehive, Amber confronts Caleb about it being his idea to go on the block (which Frankie told her). Caleb wants to read her a passage from the Bible, it's about trust. Amber says she's done nothing to be untrustworthy. Caleb says she's been spending time with Christine and Nicole and that makes him wonder. She gets angry and leaves.

Caleb tells us he kind of feels like he made a mistake. The last thing he wants to see is her packing and leaving. Caleb brings Amber back into the beehive. He will sit there as a man and look her in the face and talk. He wanted to keep his promise to her and protect her in the house. He says it was his suggestion but everyone else went along with it. Amber tells us she feels betrayed. She feels she did everything wrong by helping others and not herself.

Up in the HoH room, Caleb visits Frankie. Caleb says he feels like such a sleaze-ball and made a stupid decision. Frankie tells us Caleb feels responsible for Amber being on the block so he will allow him to take all the blame.

Frankie says he only went along with putting Amber up because Caleb wanted it. Caleb, in tears, says it was wrong. Frankie tells us he hasn't seen a Cowboy cry this much since Brokeback Mountain. He has a special place in his heart though, so he is legitimately trying to comfort Caleb.

Christine, Zach, Derrick, Amber and Cody in HoH later. Zach asks Amber if she likes Caleb. Amber starts crying. They ask what's wrong, she leaves saying she'll be back in a bit.

Amber is alone in the beehive when Christine joins her. Amber is so tired of Zach. She feels so pressured because she's never liked Caleb like that, it irks her that he's hurting her game so bad. "Who does that? It's driving me crazy, it's like he wants to be some kind of hero." Christine says that's exactly what it is. Christine tells us she has wanted to find a reason to keep Amber, and now she has landed a perfect present in her lap - she wants to nominate Zach. Now Christine can talk to the boys, try to save her so she'll put Zach up.

Christine takes Frankie and Derrick in the beehive and suggests her plan. She also tells them that Caleb is Amber's target. Frankie tells us that's the perfect nail in Amber's coffin; he has to tell Caleb.

In the HoH room, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb discuss the vote. Caleb wants to keep Amber. Zach asks if he believes what Amber tells him, Caleb says yes. Frankie tells him that Amber would nominate him because he's ruined her game. Caleb says he's done nothing but help her game. Caleb leaves in anger, while everyone tries to stop him. Cody says the house is about to get blown up. Caleb goes down to the living room , telling us he hopes he can keep it together. He feels like he has one of the biggest knives in his back and daggers in his heart. It's very clear that he has been blinded since day one.

Time to go to the living room and talk to the HGs. Julie offers her condolences to Derrick about his loss. Julie turns to Zach, why did he have so much to say? Zach says he can never keep his mouth shut. He hates everyone in the room. It is what it is. Julie thinks it is an interesting strategy. Nicole, being at the receiving end of Zach's outbursts, what was going through her mind? Nicole says she was so shocked, but she took it as a compliment cause she likes Froot Loops and dingus means she's adorably quirky.

Julie: "Caleb, bunny slippers? Scarves on your head? Is this the way you dress at home?" (From a viewer) Yes, he says. They're Amber's slippers, they fit his feet. He's been a Have-Not for two solid weeks, he's cold so the scarves come out. He's metro too, Frankie's rubbing off on him.

"Team America, it's time for your next mission. America wants you to vote against the majority of the house in this week's eviction and then publicly accuse two HGs of being the ones responsible during the eviction fallout." This is going to be toughest mission yet and could put the long term games in jeopardy, Derrick tells us before heading out to tell Donny and Frankie. Donny tells us calling someone out like the mission is asking is a trait he doesn't have in or outside the house. These young people would know.

In the HoH, Donny wants to decline the mission. Frankie thinks Caleb and Zach are plausible to have done it. Frankie tells us it won't be a tough mission to pull off, it's going to be tough to survive. Donny says he didn't travel across the country to have his game messed up.

Final pleas. Amber: First I want to say, send love to my beautiful family and fabulous friends. Jocasta you're a beautiful woman and I feel bad sitting next to you. Being in this house, I love coming here and being insane and crazy. I love you guys, and I feel I've played an honest and loyal game. I'm that kind of player and I would hope you'll keep me in the house. I think it would benefit your game if I stay in the house. I'm blessed and I enjoy every moment and I hope you vote for me to stay.

Jocasta: (thanks God, her family and friends). HGs, I'm so trustworthy loyal to you guys. I would love to stay here and fight it out. I pray for you guys every night, whether I stay or go I will still pray for you. I pray for you too, Julie. God bless.

Time for the votes!
Hayden voted for: Amber
Victoria voted for: Amber
Donny voted for: Amber (declined TA's mission)
Derrick voted for: Amber (declined TA's mission)
Zach voted for: Amber
Caleb voted for: Amber
Christine voted for: Amber
Cody voted for: Amber
Nicole voted for: Amber
By a vote of 9-0, Amber is evicted from the BB house.

Amber walks into the studio to loud cheering. Back in the house, Caleb comments that this is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. Amber feels the most betrayed by Caleb but she thinks it was honestly personal. She's sorry she wasn't interested in him and she's not going to pretend to be to win money. She wasn't surprised not to get any votes. She doesn't know why she was targeted, they thought she was a flip flopper? She didn't have any other alliance in the house.

Julie wants to know why the women didn't band together, Amber thinks they're saving their butts. Why choose not to blow up anyone's game? She wanted to walk out with her loyalty and trustworthiness intact. Did Caleb's one sided romance affect her game? It did, Amber says, without hesitation. She wasn't here for a showmance. He has her bunny slippers still - can she get those back?

Amber says Cody is like a brother to her. He's like her best friend in the house. He is actually who she feels betrayed in the house. She would not do anything differently.

Goodbye messages: Zach is extremely happy she's gone. He knew she was coming after him, and he only wishes he could have said more to her at the veto. He would've loved to ether her more.

Christine loved being in the Bomb Squad but that was yesterday's news. She's working with the Detonators and Caleb is their next target.

Donny says he related to her more than anyone else in the house, she's a taste of home. He hates to see her go, she will be greatly missed.

Caleb knows she is a good person, he'll miss her but at the end of the day he is still the king of the house (puts on a crown). Amber's reaction to the Detonators? She's happy about it! They are playing the game well, she's glad they're playing hard. Donny is running the house.

Amber is ready to see her family and enjoy her summer. And to be clear, she is not going to be Caleb's date for the finale. She's single!

Julie: "Recently the HGs viewed videos of themselves from earlier in the summer. Clues that will be essential to winning tonight's HoH competition. The power is up for grabs! This game is called Getting Loopy and here is how it works."

"Earlier you had a chance to watch videos of things that happened earlier in the summer. I will read a series of statements based on the videos you saw. For each question, you'll answer true or false. Get it right, stay in the game. Wrong? You are eliminated. This will continue until there are only two HoHs left."

1) In the pouring 20's video, Paola was wearing a blue outfit. Answer: True. Everyone is right.

2) In the night moves video, feathers landed in Frankie's hand. Answer: True. Jocasta is out.

3) In the country hits video, a large horse was visible behind Amber. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

4) In the penalty kick video, Brittany was seen kicking her ball in the background. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

5) In the Miami lice video, the word beware was visible on the wall. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

6) In the We Did What? video, there was a duck floating in the pool. Answer: True. Victoria, Christine and Derrick are out.

7) In the Abra Cobobro video, the magic wand was in Brittany's right hand. Answer: True. Everyone is right.

8) In the Wave video, Amber was wearing sunglasses. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

9) In the Tumblin' Dice video, Devin was wearing a purple shirt. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

10) In the BB Rager video, there was a sign that read Frisbee Zone on the wall. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

11) In the Take the Cake video, a bouquet of flowers was behind Zach. Answer: False. Cody is out.

12) In the Devilled Eggs video, the dropped egg can be seen hitting the ground. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

We are out of time for this live broadcast. Who will become the most powerful players in the game? Tune in Sunday to find out who will be the new HoHs and who they will nominate.

Tune in Wednesday for the PoV competition! So far the PoV has been used every week, will it be again? And tune in next Thursday for the first double eviction of the season! It's a week's worth of BB in one night. Have a great night!

Did you miss tonight's episode?  See it Here No matter where you live!

7:06PM BBT: The feeds return. Our two HoHs are Nicole and Donny. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen. Hayden says she beat him by one second. She put in 900 seconds to his 901. Nicole “I beat you by one second?” Zach and Cody head to the storage room. Zach says he wasn’t even close because he multiplied wrong. He answered 3000 seconds. Zach: “Who the fuck is Donny going to put up?” Cody: “I don’t know.”

7:11PM BBT: Frankie and Nicole are in the Have-Not room. Nicole tells him she is scared. He tells her if she stays HoH she can do whatever the fuck she wants. He would appreciate it if she didn't nominate him. Nicole and Donny head to the bee hive room.

Donny asks Nicole what she is feeling. Nicole says they can work together to come up with a good plan. Donny says he can nominate people she can't and she can nominate people he can't. They agree to bring Hayden into the fold and just the three of them come up with a plan.

Donny and Nicole agree that Hayden is completely safe. They also agree to say they don't know who each other are nominating. Nicole says she is mad at people who keep throwing competitions so they don't get blood on her hands. Donny tells her there are three people who have never been nominated, Cody, Derrick, and Frankie. Donny says they don't know how it feels and they aren't people they can nominate up front.

Donny says Christine may have to go up because his gut says Christine would have nominated him if she won. He says Caleb would nominate him as well. Donny says either way, he has had a bad day up until now. He says he gave up his freaking summer to hang around with juveniles. He is looking forward to his pictures.

7:20PM BBT: Donny and Nicole have joined the others back in the kitchen. Donny "If there ever was a competition I thought I would lose it would be memory." Jocasta has pulled her luggage out of the storage room. She is teary eyed.

7:27PM BBT: Jocasta is crying in the fire bedroom. Derrick is trying to comfort her. He tells her that she is going to win the next HoH and that everything happens for a reason. Derrick "We only have each other now." She is openly sobbing and resting her head on his lap. He just holds her. Derrick "What is your ultimate goal in this game? To win? You are one step closer." Jocasta is humiliated because she went out early. She turned her answer board the wrong way.

7:31PM BBT: Nicole and Zach are in the storage room. She tells him that she has a reason to put him up but she also has to worry about winning BotB. She says it can't be all girls again this time. Zach says he understands if she nominates him and there would be no hard feelings. He deserves it.

7:33PM BBT: Zach says Donny and him are close and he probably won't put him up. She would be smart if she did. Zach is resolved to be one of her nominees. He fishes for her other target. Nicole "I will tell you when I am more comfortable. I am not going to tell you and have it spit all around the house."

7:35PM BBT: Derrick has given Jocasta a pep talk and reminds her that her boy just won HoH and her family is watching and supporting her. Zach joins Caleb who has been sitting in the living room . Zach tells him that he threw the competition. The tie breaker question involved how long (something) took in seconds. Caleb thought it would be at least 25 minutes and he says no way it took under 12 minutes.

7:38PM BBT: Zach and Caleb are doubting they will be nominated. Caleb says they won't want to nominate a strong competitor. Nicole and Cody are in the bathroom area. She says she had to play for it because she didn't feel safe with Zach and Caleb still being in the competition. Nicole is stressing because there only nine people to choose from and they have to nominate four people.

7:42PM BBT: Cody asks Nicole what she and Donny talked about in the beehive. She tells him they just talked about how Donny has had a really bad day. Zach asked her that same question when they were in the storage room. She told him the same thing. Nicole tells Cody that she trusts Derrick but she doesn't want to tell him that. She thinks Donny does too. Nicole "I live for this game. I sit in the shadows and worry all the time. I don't want to play like that." She is glad that no one can call her a weak player anymore.

7:46PM BBT: In the living room , Caleb is telling Derrick and Zach that there is not any point in getting stressed right now. It all comes down to the PoV. That's when you get stressed. Victoria walks past them. Caleb "That girl looks in every mirror she walks by. Every single mirror. Nothing is going to change. The picture is exactly the same."

7:49PM BBT: Frankie has joined Derrick, Caleb and Zach. They agree that at least one, if not two of them will end up nominated. Frankie says he has to go to the bathroom but wants to wait for the HoH. Nicole walks up and sits down on the coach. Frankie goes and sits right up next to her, practically on top of her, and asks her who she wants to sleep with. She says he can sleep up there.

7:54PM BBT: Caleb thinks the next person walking out the door with be the first member of the jury. He says if he is nominated he won't accept being told that he isn't the target. He will treat it as if he is the target. "I don't care if I go up. I'm a beast. The next time I win something I will put up whoever it was that put me up."

Caleb says the worst case scenario happened. Some of their boys will be going up because none of them won it. He says that people may have thought Donny wasn't smart but he is. His board had math all over it. Caleb expects that Donny will probably nominate Christine.

8:00PM BBT: Even though she is gone, Caleb is talking about Amber. He says she will be glad to get home and see her family. She will watch the rest of the season and hear him talk about how much he misses her. She won't stay mad at him. Frankie and Zach are in the fire bedroom. Frankie thinks Nicole will put up Victoria and Jocasta if she gets to pick first. She isn't stupid. Frankie says as often as everyone has talked about nominating Donny, him winning is like poetic justice.

8:08PM BBT: Derrick and Nicole are in the rock bedroom. Caleb walks in. He says is he is going to be nominated then he just wants to know. She says she isn't decided yet. He asks her what she said in the beehive to Donny. He is the third person to ask her that. She gives him the same answer she gave the other two. Donny just said he had a really bad day today.

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8:12PM BBT: Derrick and Nicole are alone in the rock bedroom. She says this BotB is awful. Derrick says there is no way Donny will put up Jocasta, Everyone will expect her to. She says she really doesn't want to do that. Derrick reminds her that she was the first person out of the competition again. Nicole says she is tired of no one making any big moves. She wants to be the one to fire up America. She thinks getting Frankie out would be a big move. Derrick says if that comes to fruition, he would support that...but not to tell Christine that or Frankie will know.

8:16PM BBT: Nicole and Derrick are still alone in the rock bedroom. He tells her not to do game tonight but to take it easy and enjoy her photos. She says she does want to talk to him later tonight though. He says just call him up. He leaves and Hayden walks in. He says that she is even more attractive to him today. More so than any other day. She tells him to shut up.

8:21PM BBT: Donny and Zach are in the beehive. Donny says you can't nominate a strong player or you will lose the BotB. Donny mentions Christine to him. He says Christine would nominate him and is weak.

8:27PM BBT: Nicole and Hayden are no longer talking about the game to each other because Christine and Zach has joined them. Zach crawls into his sleeping bag and covers up leaving only one eye peaking out. Christine sees him and points it out. Nicole "Zach, if you won again would you put me up again?" Zach "Absolutely, without a doubt." Zach says if she puts him up he is out for blood. He is laughing the whole time. Nicole reminds him he put her up just last week and blasted her in front of everyone. Zach screams out to the entire house "Hey everybody, Nicole is putting me up." No longer screaming he says "If you want to salvage anything between us, don't put me up. Are you putting me up?" Nicole "I don't know." Zach "That's a yes." Frankie walks by and says to Zach "Interesting strategy."

8:33PM BBT: Zach has Hayden, Nicole, Christine and Frankie laughing. He keeps yelling at her like a mock fight. He tells her that if she nominates him he is going to annoy this shit out her. Victoria walks in and Zach say (pretending he doesn't see her) why don't you put up Victoria? She's been up every week. Zach keeps pretending he is pissed at Nicole. [Personally, I think he just wants to make sure he has a chance to play in the BotB and veto. -Goldylucks]

8:38PM BBT: Donny and Derrick are in the beehive. Donny tells him there are several people that might be going after him. Derrick says he will keep his ears open and see if he can find anything out about that. Frankie walks in to congratulate Donny. Team America says this is a great week to make up for last week. Donny asks them to give out names of potential targets. Instead of naming targets, Derrick says putting up Victoria or Jocasta will help increase his chances of staying the HoH, especially Victoria. Jocasta can't win a thing if it's hot outside. Donny says he has no alliance with Jocasta. He would be glad to vote her out if someone nominated her but it would be hard for him to nominate her. Derrick recommends that to make a deal with Nicole. She can have Jocasta if she allows him to have Victoria. They also discuss both of them nominating one weak player and one strong player making for an epic BotB.

8:48PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie are in the fire bedroom. Frankie says he could kill him for letting Donny win that HoH. Cody and Donny are in the beehive. Donny asks him what he is thinking. Cody says Caleb is a target for most of the house. Donny "Is he? No one in the house shares much with me?"

9:00PM BBT: Caleb in kitchen telling Christine that he was trying to play his game and look out for Amber. He hopes that Amber can watch everything and see that he was always looking out for her and that they will have something when he gets out.

Meanwhile, Donny and Cody talking in the beehive. He tells Cody that he and Nicole have decided not to tell each other any names until they've gotten in the HoH room. Donny says Cody had a lot more people to choose from when he was HoH. We keep getting sent to Jeff's highlights sporadically.

9:08PM BBT: Donny and Cody are talking about Frankie and how they both are trusting him less. Donny also says he would like to trust Christine but sees Frankie drawing her in and feels he can't.

Cody is downplaying his part in all the alliances and his relationship with Frankie because he can see that Donny doesn't trust him completely. Cody tells Donny that he thinks Zach is easily manipulated. He also tells Donny that he can use this HoH to set himself up for getting involved in the nitty gritty. He tells him that even if it's a double eviction he has Hayden and him on his side.

9:12PM BBT: Donny tells Cody that he started the day feeling sad about being away from family, playing the game with all these young people. Cody says that if he ever feels that way he needs to come get him and they can talk. He felt the same way when he got in the house. He says that the letter helps because you get to keep the letter and you can read it if you ever start feeling down. Donny is talking about shaving his beard...maybe right before next week's live show!!

9:19PM BBT: Meanwhile, in the kitchen Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, and Christine are all talking about who will talk to Donny next. Frankie says it's different because he goes to bed so early. Donny comes out of the beehive and Christine asks to talk to him. Donny tells her that Nicole is her friend and he thinks that they can work together well. There are four people they are talking about. He asks her to name names since he's not. She says Victoria, Zach, Jocasta, and struggles with the last. She first says Cody to make it even. Donny asks why she didn't say Caleb. She says that it's only because he would make them all miserable. He asks if he would be a target for her, and she shakes her head YES. She says that she doesn't even think that he's that strong. Donny says that if he's put with the right person he would be even weaker. Donny says that he wouldn't mind putting Caleb up because he has put him up before.

9:23PM BBT: Donny says that he could put up Caleb and Victoria and not get blood on his hands. Christine says that they HATE each other. He asks her if she thinks Nicole could put up Zach and Jocasta. She says that would be beautiful. Donny's worry is if Nicole gets the first pick and takes Zach and Victoria because that would put him in a horrible spot.

Meanwhile, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria are talking in the Fire bedroom. Cody and Frankie are cuddling in one of the beds. Frankie is saying that America is probably upset that the Caleb / Amber "love affair" is over.

9:32PM BBT: Donny says he doesn't understand why people talk bad about him. He goes to bed early, does things for other people. He hadn't won HoH yet. He hasn't been at the bottom, he's always been above 50%. He doesn't know if this was a good one to win, but he hopes people will remember it.

Meanwhile, Frankie is saying that Amber was always saying that she didn't want to use her sob story in the game but just by saying that she was kind of using it. That said, they do think that whatever her story was, it was actually a bad story. Frankie also says that she is stunning and should be booking jobs right away.

9:36PM BBT: Donny tells Christine that he hasn't told anyone anything someone else has said and he hopes no one will tell anyone anything he has said. He feels that she would be a good person to work with in the game. She's a smart person, and he doesn't feel like there are a lot of smart people in the game, and she knows the game. They decide to table that talk. Their talk ends and Caleb grabs Donny to talk in the bathroom area. Caleb tells Donny he taught him everything he knows.

Caleb tells Donny he taught him everything he knows.  
9:41PM BBT: We get FotH and when we return Donny and Caleb are talking about competitions. Caleb tells him that he was never the target any of the three times he was nominated. Donny says he has a hard time believing that Paola was the target the first time, especially when Devin came and apologized to him for "targeting" him. Caleb says that Devin was one person. Donny says that Devin wasn't the HoH, Caleb was. Caleb says that if he has to be nominated because of that, so be it. He will play his heart out. Donny says that he was the first person to nominate him. Caleb tells him that he is going after every person in the house. He thinks there are people that don't deserve to be there. He doesn't want another Andy holding the check, or a Victoria. He did put him up because of Devin, but "at the end of the day" he is the HoH, so he can do what he wants to do. [I actually lost of the "at the end of the days."]

9:46PM BBT: Donny says that there are three people who have nominated him and one of them is safe because it was Nicole. He's trying to get the least amount of blood on his hands. Caleb says he put the first guy and first girl who fell on the block, but he wasn't going after him. Cody was the other person who nominated him. He tells Donny that if he doesn't nominate him, Caleb won't nominate him. He also tells him that if he does get nominated by someone else and he wins the PoV, he will use it on him. Donny tells him that the other thing to remember is that whoever he and Nicole put up may not be the target.

9:53PM BBT: Caleb says that he's not afraid to play the game, Donny says he's not either. Donny says that's because they are competitors. Caleb tells Donny that since the first time he was up he has seen him as someone who deserves to be here. He's a competitor. He says there's a few people here who think they are at summer camp. We are here to play a game and do what you need to do to stay. Caleb tells Donny that if he's put up he would DIE to be put up with Victoria. He says that he would want to be put up with a gamer. [Let me put this in terms Donny would appreciate: Caleb, if brains were lard, you wouldn't grease a very big pan. -Morty]

9:58PM BBT: Derrick and Nicole are talking. He says you know that Nicole isn't going to put you up. Frankie and Cody talking. Cody tells Frankie that he assured Donny that the house was behind him. He told Donny not to be nervous about Christine. He tells Frankie that he may put up Caleb and Victoria. We get FotH. When we return Donny and Jocasta are going into the beehive.

10:05PM BBT: Jocasta tells Donny that everything Amber ever told Nicole and Christine they went and told Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie. She feels like Nicole will put her up because she knows she isn't going to put up Hayden, Christine, Victoria, or Frankie. Donny says that Zach called her a Froot-Loop. Frankie and Cody are talking about the Brigade and how they were never on the block until the end. Frankie says that they have to make sure not to keep information from one another because it creates dissension.

Jocasta and Donny both agree that Frankie is a power player in the game.

10:13PM BBT: Frankie tells Cody that they just need to be calm and everyone else will paint targets on their own backs. Caleb walks in and tells them that Donny is probably putting him on the block. Caleb tells them that he told Donny that if he nominates the strong players and they win then he is dethroned. Cody says that Donny doesn't say much. Caleb says that Donny doesn't talk much game, he just says how he feels. He says that "at the end of the day" he'd much rather play and have the opportunity to play and save himself twice than be backdoored. "At the end of the day" he just doesn't want to be nominated with Victoria. Donny's meeting with Jocasta ends and Nicole tells him not to go to bed too early because she wants to be sure they have a chance to chat.

10:20PM BBT: Donny is talking to Victoria and he tells her that if he hadn't won he would be one of the people going up on the block. Nicole is talking to Jocasta in the beehive. Nicole tells her that she doesn't know who Donny is putting up yet. They agree that they thought it was going to be one HoH this week. Nicole says that Jocasta will not be her target and she doesn't want it to be unfair. Right now she doesn't know what Donny is doing and she just wishes she could enjoy being HoH. She hates this part of it. Donny and Victoria have both been put up three times, both have been put up by Cody. He says whoever is put up gets the BotB and PoV to save themselves. If he's dethroned he also has a vote to help save her if she's put up.

10:25PM BBT: Donny asks Victoria how much she would hate him if she went on the block with Caleb. He tells her it would be better than being paired with a weak player. He also tells her that he doesn't believe she'll be voted out. She says it's just that there are some people who haven't gone up at all, so it's just frustrating. He agrees, but at least she would be up with a fighter so she would have a fighting chance. He reiterates that he hasn't even talked with Nicole yet so nothing is set.

10:31PM BBT: Donny and Nicole called to the DR. HoH room reveal is probably coming soon. [Donny is up past his bedtime!] Victoria is in beehive talking to Derrick. She's upset about possibly going on the block. Derrick tells her to stay calm for him this week.

10:36PM BBT: Donny and Nicole: "Who wants to see our HoH Room?" Everyone is seriously excited to see Donny's pictures. They are blown away by pictures of his girlfriend and of him with no beard. Caleb is holding pictures of Nicole up to the camera.

10:40PM BBT: Donny got a Gilligan hat, pop tarts and Journey: Greatest Hits . He puts on some sunglasses "to hide his tears." He asks to read his letter to himself first and immediately starts to cry when he begins reading it.

Donny's letter is from his girlfriend Christine and it's beautiful. Here it is transcribed:
Hey DJ,
Squirrel, Zippy, Brown Eyes, Poopy, My Love. Well, if you are reading this you won HOH. Congratulations. You earned it and deserve it. Everyone is doing well and they say, “Hey.” Been talking to Penny, Ma, and Tommy a lot. Your house, yard, and chicken truck are all in good shape. Bear and Josie miss you. They can’t wait for belly rubs (woof, woof). I’m still going to the gym a couple days each week and to the pool on weekends but neither one is fun without you. I get bored and lonely. Watching some fireworks with the dogs this week but it’s not the same without you, either (wink).
Been going to Albemarle on weekends to look at houses and to visit Ma, Penny, and Tommy. Been getting some good home cooked meals, too. Narrowing down the list of houses for when you get back. I miss you so much. I miss your kisses, holding your hand, your touch, your hugs, and your massages with those wonderful hands. I miss snuggling with you and lying next to you. I miss the way you smell. Since you’ve been gone I have realized that there is an emptiness in my life and a void in my heart without you here. You complete me and make me whole. You mean the world to me and I don’t ever want to be without you or away from you like this again.
You’re doing a great job there. Keep it up. We are all very proud of you. Stay strong and positive. Sending heart hugs, prayers, and lots of love your way. God be with you. I love you so much. Thank you for loving me.
Love always, your biggest fan,

10:45PM BBT: Nicole's letter is from Mariah, her "soulmate".
Nicole “Young Chipmunk”
I want to start out by saying I am so proud of you. As for what’s been going on in my life, still living the dream as a waitress. You know how much I love that, NOT! Also, I recently got a boyfriend. Oh my god, I’m totally kidding and you probably didn’t buy that for a second but I felt like I had to throw in something exciting. I miss you so much. This is by far the longest we have gone without talking since we have met and it’s a struggle. But like I said, I’m seriously so proud and lucky to have you as my best friend. Even though I miss you I hope it’s a couple of months before I hear from you. Keep having fun, kicking butt, and making friends. Just don’t make any friends that you like better than me.
Love you so much,
Mariah “Young Turtle”

11:05PM BBT: Everyone loves Donny’s stuff and congratulates him. Christine and Jocasta enjoy Nicole’s pictures. Frankie tells Donny he is going to sleep great for like 14 hours with the room of his own.

11:15PM BBT: Zach and Hayden ask about Nicole’s friend and we learn she lives three hours away and they go to music shows all the time. Frankie thought that Donny was about to propose while reading his letter because he was crying so much.

Downstairs in the living room , Caleb is 90% sure he is going up. Zach doesn’t think he is. Caleb said he told Donny if he doesn’t put him up, then Caleb won’t put him up.

11:25PM BBT: Derrick says that as long as Nicole and Donny put up one Bomb Squad and one other person then they are golden. They just have to send the other one home. Cody enters and the boys figure out sleeping arrangements. The boys do not know if Donny and Nicole will agree about who to put up so one of them might get stuck putting up two of the big guys.

11:35PM BBT: Hayden, Nicole, and Donny are talking in HoH now. Hayden says Frankie is running the show on the other side of the house. Hayden says that Caleb is so easily manipulated. Hayden does a scenario where Jocasta and Zach are up against Caleb and Victoria. Hayden says if Caleb loses then he goes home over Victoria unless veto is used then if Frankie goes up it will be tough to keep Frankie. Donny says he doesn’t feel comfortable back dooring Frankie. Donny says that if Nicole is sole HoH she can do that plan. Donny is worried about not having the votes.

11:55PM BBT: Donny says that he told Christine he won't put her up if he gives she give him one week of safety. They move onto have not picking and Hayden says he will volunteer to be one if it comes down to it. Donny says that he probably has another appointment or two then he can head to bed, at midnight of course. Victoria comes up and Nicole tells her she is not putting her up. If Donny puts her up she is not the target.

12:05AM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are listening to her CD. Victoria calls Caleb rude because she wanted to listen to her CD but he kept bugging her to figure out if he was going up. She wants to listen to her CD this time because she didn't get to last time. She leaves and heads to hang out with the living room group.

12:15AM BBT: Fish with no sound for a few minutes, then we come back, the whole group sans Caleb (he is listening to music), is talking about Amanda from last year. They say that they need to turn the heat up in the house because everyone hooked up last year. Hayden says he kissed Nicole once, but it was a small peck with no tongue.

12:25AM BBT: Frankie is alone in the fire room reading a tiny Bible. We get fish with no sound again. He gets up to make some cereal. The living room group is talking about SNL and Chris Farley, they get in trouble for quoting movies.

Up in the the HoH room, Caleb is still dancing along to Nicole's CD. Zach asks if Nicole would hook Caleb up with her friend, Mariah, after the show. Nicole makes a face and says if she sees him on this show and that's what she wants, the she guesses she would.

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