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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)
There are
There are just



(CBS has made no official announcement regarding the cast of Celebrity Big Brother.)

#BBCAN6 Premieres March 7, 2018 CLICK HERE To get an email reminder when the #BBCAN6 the premiere nears.
For those of you that never followed Big Brother Canada before, I highly recommend it, so far every season has been as good, if not better than, BBUSA. BBCAN usually starts in early March.  Check back here in February for more details and information on how you can follow it in the USA.

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Celebrity Big Brother will air 13 episodes in 19 days starting on February 7th @ 8:00PM , including two-hour episodes on Friday nights and a two-hour finale on the 25th.

Wednesday, Feb. 7
8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT BIG BROTHER (Celebrity Edition Premiere)

Friday, Feb. 9
8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT BIG BROTHER (2-Hour Episode)

Sunday, Feb. 11

Monday, Feb. 12

Wednesday, Feb. 14

Friday, Feb. 16
8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT BIG BROTHER (2-Hour Episode)

Sunday, Feb. 18

Monday, Feb. 19

Wednesday, Feb. 21

Friday, Feb. 23
8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT BIG BROTHER (2-Hour Episode)

Saturday, Feb. 24

Sunday, Feb. 25
8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT BIG BROTHER (Celebrity Edition Finale)

Big Brother, Kevin Schlehuber holds a reunion in East Bridgewater
November 20 2017 - Wicked Local East Bridgewater - Massachusetts

The stars of reality television show "Big Brother" gathered for a Thanksgiving benefit on Sunday, November 19, 2017. Season 19 winner Josh Martinez and cast members Kevin Schlehuber, Ramses Soto, and Jason Dent, plus season 15 cast member Michelle Meyer gathered for a charity benefit at the Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater. -READ MORE-

It's Time We All Start Paying Attention to Cody Nickson From 'Big Brother 19'
Nov 1, 2017 1:11 pm
By Dan Clarendon @

He didn't win Big Brother 19, but Cody Nickson did walk away from the season with the America's Favorite Houseguest title... and the accompanying $25.000 prize to boot! Read on to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this guy. -READ MORE-
Celebrity Big Brother' Producers Eyeing Blac Chyna for First-Ever U.S. Edition

By Nicholas Hautman November 1, 2017 at

Blac Chyna may be returning to the small screen! Multiple sources exclusively tell Us Weekly that Celebrity Big Brother producers want the model to compete on the first-ever U.S. edition.

"The production team behind the show is trying to get Chyna to do Celebrity Big Brother," one insider tells Us. -READ MORE-


The Hollywood Reporter

'Big Brother' Celebrity Edition: Everything to Know So Far
October 16, 2017 11:15am PT by Brian Porreca

Plus, which stars are interested in joining the newest edition of the reality series? THR surveyed some of the show's biggest Hollywood super fans to find out.

When news broke that longtime CBS reality series Big Brother would be dipping into celebrity territory, it was met with an outpouring of interest and intrigue.

And it wasn't just from viewers and super fans of the show -- Hollywood fans of the series made it clear they would consider stepping inside the Big Brother house.

Executive producer Allison Grodner tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We've had an overwhelming response from people who want to be on the show." Adds host Julie Chen, "They're getting tons of calls from agents."

So, who in town is dialing up the show to pitch themselves for a spot? And better yet -- what are they exactly pitching themselves for? -Read More -

Josh Martinez, Big Brother 19 Winner to Appear on B&B

Hey Big Brother fans, watch for Josh Martinez, the Big Brother 19 winner who took home the $500,000 grand prize, to appear on The Bold and The Beautiful on October 24th. Josh will show up at Il Giardino, the show's popular Italian eatery.

"I can't give too much away but yes, meatballs are 100 percent involved," he chuckles. Martinez also admits that he was hoping to make this particular dream come true, stating, "Not only am I a fan of Big Brother but I've seen more than a few episodes he Bold and The Beautiful and I really wanted a role on that show."


'Big Brother'
10/29/2017 12:40 AM PDT

'Big Brother 2' winner Dr. Will Kirby had it all -- the perfect woman, perfect 2 kids and perfect career ... all that was missing was a wedding ring. But now ... check!

Will finally tied the knot with longtime fiancée Erin Brodie ... who btw won the reality show "For Love or Money" back in 2003. The intimate, all-white affair went down in Malibu. We're told about 50 people attended ... including their 2 kids -- Scarlett and Cash. -READ MORE-

From Bull to 'Big Brother'
Reality TV star and UB alum Mark Jansen aims to inspire after 'Big Brother' fame
10/30/17 11:15AM BBT: | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET @ The University of Buffalo Spectrum

Some stars are born. Others are self-made.

Mark Jansen, a UB alum and "
Big Brother 19" contestant, was built in Alumni Gym. Jansen graduated from UB in 2013 and tried out for "Big Brother," a popular reality show where contestants compete in challenges and live together in a house under constant surveillance. He tried out four consecutive years before CBS finally casted him in 2017 to compete for $500,000.

But before competing in the "Big Brother" house, Jansen competed at UB Stadium as a Bull.

"I played football freshman year. I walked on in '09 with [Coach] Turner Gill. Then [Coach Jeff] Quinn came in and the program changed a lot," Jansen said. "I never loved football that much. I just wanted to play a Division-I sport. And I was huge. I was like 330 [pounds] at the time. It was a great experience but it just wasn't for me." -READ MORE-


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Update Entry
Thursday, September 21, 2017  There's Got To Be A Morning After

I would to thank everyone that contributed their time or money to make our coverage of Big Brother 19 a success.   Once again this year you could follow us on Twitter and Facebook. This season the number of followers on social media was very impressive. This area of participation is run by Fuskie who coordinates the schedule and every aspect of ourTwitter feed and Facebook postings.

Speaking of Facebook, I'd like to thank Kitten_200, GoldyLucks, PaganMom, and Kekila  for moderating all the comments that flooded in. Thanks to Jedi for helping to make the forums run. Thanks to Dade, Fuskie, and SMVanBoyz who moderates our chat rooms, did Tweets, and posted updates. 

Those of you that have been coming here year-after-year know that this page is written by a team of devoted updaters that write most of what you read on this page, while I just fill in the blanks spaces and paste it together. Thanks to all of my updaters, the people that really wrote this page: Ann71, Aoui, App, BB19Feedster, BBBeana, BBFanCAM, BBLurkerPlus, BBLuver, BebeJM, BigMDGirl, Brandess, Brotayjax, Cassondra0222, Chipmunk220, Coop, DRG, Dade, Dargo21, Denneg, DreamAngel, Goldylucks, Graminator, GreenMtn, Heirloom87, Indymom78, JEDI, Jky2f, Kekila, Kelly6, Kitten_200, LadyWarBucks531, Lilly81504, Monadyan, Music19773, PaganMom, Pierceka, Rachel12, Sassy2565, Solarbb, SusieQ, TampaJ, TheTwoOfHearts, Tinabeena, TnVols5, TweetChick, and Ziggy49.

Every name on that list is a valuable cog in the wheel and if I left your name off, it was completely by accident, send me a PM and I'll add it. 

Help Wanted: Big Brother 6 Canada begins in February or March,  It's like BB USA, only with better houseguests. We had a lot of fun watching and covering the first four seasons of BB Canada, but many of our updaters are from the lower 48, we need updaters, some people to help with Tweeting, and so much more. If you live in Canada, or get Global TV on your cable system, please let me know.

There's another list of important people who's names are not mentioned.  They are the generous people that donate money to cover expenses. THANK YOU!   If you haven't donated, and maybe you're low on cash,  just come back for BB Canada or BB20 and help with the updates. If you do have a few bucks you can spare, here's how to donate.

Don't go away.  the TVFanForums are open all year, and you'll find forums devoted to other reality shows, like: The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Dancing with the Stars.   Our motto is "Why watch TV alone?" because it's more fun to watch with other fans, live online in our chat room. And, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, the whole gang will be here all year long tweeting about all your favorite reality shows.


Big Brother finale recap: Not Again Did friendship win, or was it meatball's revenge?
Autumn is near. OTEV is asleep for the winter (JK, maybe he'll be back for Celebrity Big Brother!). Julie is wearing a muted tone pantsuit, and Raven is exhausted from all this puppeteering! It's time to pack it up for the summer and crown us a winner. #ButFirst! We have to be gifted a final HOH and send one more of these meatballs home before this (bitter, bitter) jury votes on a winner. -READ MORE -
The Meme of the Season

We had a contest to see who can make the best meme of the season. Each week a meme was selected go on the the finals.

Grand Prize Results:
Honorable Mention: Rehab, Week 4.
2nd Runner up is... Meeting of the Mindless, Week 11.
1st Runner Up is... Good With That, Week 10
And the Grand Prize winner is... Story Worse Than Yours, week 6!

Congratulations Lisa, winner of the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 19 Live Feed Meme Contest!

Lisa will receive a Big Brother classic style t-shirt from the CBS Big Brother Store


EXCLUSIVE: 'Big Brother' 19 Winner Josh Martinez Says He's 'Completely Shocked' By His Victory: 'It's Crazy!'
By Zach Seemayer? 11:59 PM PDT, September 20, 2017

After one of the most contentious seasons in Big Brother history, houseguest Josh Martinez walked away victorious on Wednesday, and the 23-year-old Miami native said the outcome came as a total surprise.

ET's Brice Sander caught up with the season 19 champ after his big win, where Martinez admitted he never thought he had a chance after getting into the final three against odds-on frontrunner Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbot.

"No shot, not at all. I don't even know what's going on," he exclaimed. "I don't even think I won. It's crazy… I'm completely shocked."  -Read More-

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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 20, 2017  BB19 Winner Crowned Tonight!

9:00AM BBT: We just got FotH as BB wakes the HGs for the last morning in the house.

9:17AM BBT: The HGs are laying in the rose bedroom in the dark and Josh says the memory wall went black and Christmas and Paul says what he says the memory wall is blacked out. Paul yells, "Well this is it the last day." Josh says, "This is the last day we wake up together in the BB house."

9:20AM BBT: Josh tells Paul to scoot over he is coming in the bed with him and Paul says nope nope nope. Josh gets out of bed says, "Scoot over I'm coming in." He lays back down in his own bed and covers back up.

9:23AM BBT: All three HGs laying in the dark in silence.

9:50AM BBT: Josh says, "I know I have cried all summer and I will probably cry all day today this is the best day of my life and and I'm excited I love these two people in here."

Paul comes in and Josh says, "I'm going to miss you." Paul says, "I'm not going to die." Josh: "I know but I will miss you."

Josh says thank you for watching this season I have had fun. Paul says guys if you had fun
Paul: "Thank you guys for letting me back in this season I hope you enjoyed it I know I did and maybe you will see this boy on BBOTT." Josh: "No way no no." Paul: "You won't do it again?" Josh: "No, I don't know."

9:54AM BBT: Josh does shout-outs to his family and friends and cousin he says I love you guys hope you are proud of me. Christmas is in the kitchen cooking breakfast and going over her speech for tonight.

9:55AM BBT: Christmas is talking about her time in the house and says, "If y'all think this is fake look at my scars." Christmas then yells at Josh and Paul saying, "Come talk to me I'm bored."

Paul leaves the lounge room saying I think we are finished now. Josh says it feels good knowing no one is watching now.

9:58AM BBT: Paul says they have eight hours left in the house then they are out. Christmas still cooking and Josh is just laughing.

10:00AM BBT: Christmas asks if they can eat at the breakfast table. Josh says he is excited about leaving here and seeing family, "I'm glad we got to spend time here," and Paul says "Friendship," and they all agree. We get FotH.

10:05AM BBT: We now have Julie on the screen as the feeds are down.


We're having a Big Brother and AGT Season Finale Party in Morty's TV Chat Room tonight starting at 7PM
You need to log in the then go to our chat room

Tonight's BIG Two-Hour FINALE is on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.

After a summer of romance, conflict and tears, three HGs remain but only will walk away with the half million dollar prize. Welcome to the live two hour season finale of Big Brother!

This season on Big Brother, with three power pairs in the top eight - The showmance, the Nomance and the Ho-ho-homance - Paul perfectly aligned himself with each couple. Deciding his true loyalty was to Joshmas, Paul orchestrated everyone to take shots at each other.

First, Jason took out the Silver Fox; next, Christmas clipped the Cowboy; then Paul ensured Raven flew out next. With only five remaining, everyone trusted Paul but Josh was starting to have second thoughts and he even considered taking a shot. But in the end, Paul, Josh and Christmas stayed loyal to each other. Together, they ended the Gamer's game, then took out the last one on their hit list. With only the potty mouth, the Fa la la lunatic and the meatball remaining, the stage was set for the final HoH competition.

Now, after a summer of intense confrontations, romance, and epic competitions, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to Final Two? 14 HGs have departed and tonight, nine must make a difficult decision. Who will crowned the winner of Big Brother and walk away with the half million dollar prize and who did America crown their favorite HG? Find out tonight on the live two hr season finale of Big Brother!

Good evening and welcome to the live season finale of Big Brother. Christmas, Josh and Paul - they were an improbably trio who worked together to send every member of the jury packing. But tonight it's every person for themselves as they head into battle for the final HoH of the summer and the chance to be crowned the winner of Big Brother. So, who will reign as the final HoH; who will walk out of the house and who will be crowned the victor? We'll find out tonight.

#ButFirst, when last we saw the HGs, they were battling in out in a magical, beautiful rainbow wonderland.

Paul tells us that the rules of the competition are simple. They have to stand on a tilting cloud while holding the tail of a unicorn. Whoever hangs on the longest wins and gets to advance to part three of the final HoH competition.

Christmas tells us that she broke her foot week two coming into the BB house and she's had to sit out on a lot of physical competitions, so going into this last HoH series, she is pumped because she finally gets to compete and the timing couldn't be better! She needs to win this part not only to prove she can win a physical competition but also to ensure her spot in the third part of the HoH competition.

Josh tells us at this point in the competition, he needs to decide who to take to Final Two. He's been thinking all along it's Christmas, but the other night Paul gave him a pretty good case to be sitting next to each other.

We are shown them in the HoH room, discussing that sitting next to Christmas is bad because she'd be in Final Two with a broken foot. Her story would win the game. Josh tells us he's not sold yet, but he wants to make a decision about what's best for his game. To do that, he was to win HoH.

Paul tells us he's had people throwing competitions all season long and he's thrown a few himself. Now is the time to win. If he wins this HoH, he automatically advances to part three of HoH and is that much closer to the win.

Christmas tells us the unicorn poops are pretty bad but they're not as bad as Josh on slop. 28 minutes in, the clouds begin tilting. Christmas tells us her foot gets pissed off at her when the cloud tilts. She hasn't used it as an excuse all summer long and she's not doing it now. She's going to suck it up and hold onto the unicorn tail and win the competition.

Josh tells us he's holding on for dear life. His legs are trembling, his knees are locking up. Everything is sore, everything is in pain. Josh falls at 40 minutes. Josh tells us he's extremely disappointed in himself. He just couldn't do it. He wanted to win to secure his spot in the third HoH. It sucks.

Paul tells us Christmas is locked in tight. He has to hold on as tight as he can or the half million is slipping through his fingers.

When the clouds tilt extremely steep, Christmas can barely hold on. Christmas tells us her foot is screaming, her fingers are going numb and the unicorns tail keeps growing, adding slack to the rope, making it harder to hold on.

Paul almost slips but regains his balance. Paul tells us that was too close. He has to hold on tighter and solidify his win and place in Final Two. Christmas slips off at 54 minutes and Paul screams happily at the win. Paul screams in the DR as well, he can't believe it!

Christmas can't even feel her hands. Paul tears up in the DR, he's worked hard this season and put blood and sweat and tears into everything. And he's only one spot away now from Final Two. Christmas, also emotional in the DR, says this is probably one of the hardest falls she's ever taken in her life because she really wanted it. There's one more to come and she's going to give it all her heart because she knows that's what she needs to do.

Josh tells us it sucks that he has to compete against Christmas in the next round but he needs to secure his place in the last round so he's sorry, he loves her, but he needs to win the next HoH competition.

Julie reminds us that Paul has already won Part 1 of the HoH competition. Now Christmas and Josh will face off in Part Two. The winner of this round will move on to face Paul tonight live, and one of them will become the final HoH of the summer.

We see Christmas coming into a backyard decked out in castles and suits of armor. Christmas tells us she has been transported into another time. She's looking at all the evicted HGs. She's not sure what's going on but she's ready to get Medieval in this competition.

Christmas reads the instructions. The competition is called "Knock 'em down" and here's how it works. Press your button to start your timer and reveal your first scroll. Each scroll will tell you which evicted HGs you need to align with. Your job is to attack anyone you're not aligned with by knocking them down with the launching device. When you think that only HGs (life-size cardboard representations) that fit the scroll's description are left standing, hit your button. If you are incorrect, you will hear a buzzer and must try again. If you are correct you will hear a ding and the next scroll will appear on the monitor and you must reset all evicted HGs to their upright positions. The player who answers the three scrolls correctly and hits their button in the fastest time will win part two of this three-part HoH competition.

The first scroll says to align with HGs that have won HoH.

Christmas tells us that she needs to win this competition to show everyone that even with a broken foot she's a competitor to be reckoned with, and she'll be one step closer to that $500,000 prize.

The first question is pretty easy. Cody, Jessica, Jason and Alex have all been HoHs. She has to knock down everyone else. She accidentally knocks Cody down, so she'll have to fix that before she buzzes in. She won't be able to hit all of them with the cross bow, so she'll have to use all three weapons to get a clear shot at each of her targets.

Christmas knocks down Jessica when she meant to knock down Kevin. Once everyone is down, she goes to stand Cody and Jess up and the buzzes in.

The next clue is to align yourself with the evicted HGs that were taken off the block with the PoV. Alex, Jason and Mark were all taken off the block with the PoV; they need to be the only ones left standing.

Christmas tells us she knows Matt had the PoV but can't remember what he did with it. She thinks he used it on Raven but is incorrect. She then thinks he used it on himself, so she stands Matt up but knocks Raven over. She then decides to knock both over and buzzes in correctly.

The next clue says to align with the evicted HGs that were on the block on eviction night three or more times. Jessica, Cody, Matt, Kevin, Elena and Raven were all on the block three times on eviction night.

Hopefully her time on this will be better than Josh's. The frustrating part is she knows the answer but keeps knocking down the wrong HGs. Her mind is scrambled, her heart hurts because of disappointment. She's just at a loss.

Finally, she answers correctly and buzzes in. She's frustrated with her performance and thinks she could have done better. She hopes she did better than Josh so she can move to part three.

Josh is up next; he reminds us he wants control of his destiny in this game. He begins with the same clues as Christmas.

Josh tells us he loves using the slingshot. He asks his mommy if he can have one of these at home. He accidentally knocks Cody over, fixes him and then knocks him over. The same thing happens with Jess. Josh wonders why he keeps hitting Jess and Cody. He finally buzzes in and moves on. He moves quickly through the second round and buzzes in. He then moves onto the final round.

In the DR, he says he's lost in the sauce. He's going to do process of elimination by who he remembers not being on the block a lot.

Josh tries a significant number of times to knock Jillian over but is unable to do so for quite awhile. He buzzes in incorrectly two times and is frustrated trying to figure out his error. He buzzes in again - again is wrong. He finally buzzes in correctly.

Josh tells us he doesn't feel so good about it - he has no idea how Christmas did. He hopes he did better than she did to move onto round three.

Paul reveals the results. Christmas finished with a time of 1 hour 39 minutes. Josh finished with a time of 1 hour 32 minutes. By seven minutes, Josh wins part two of HoH.

Josh and Paul will face off in part three of HoH. Josh hugs Christmas, saying how brutal that competition was.

Christmas tells us she wanted to be in Final Two, without someone taking her.

Josh tells us he's this close and he can taste it. He can see the check for $500k signed in his name.

Paul goes into the blue lounge to speak to the cameras. He legit is in shock - he secured himself a spot in part three of HoH.

In the last competition if he somehow loses, Josh will take him to Final Two.

In the DR, Paul reminds us last year he was one vote shy of winning and that was heartbreaking. He's pretty sure he has Josh beat. The people in the jury house may not like him, but he knows they don't like Josh for sure. If he can win this time, he can take the money back to his family, relieve any financial burdens they have and put the rest of the money back into himself, his future and hopefully spread the word of friendship even more.

In the backyard by herself, Christmas also talks to the cameras. She's super disappointed in herself. She failed, she sucked at that competition.

In the DR, She tells us she's worked so hard and tried so hard to stay positive and show people you can do whatever you put your mind to - even play BB with a broken foot.

In the backyard, Christmas wonders if her broken foot and being in the Final Two would make her successful or the girl that got carried? Christmas tells us it overwhelms her with excitement thinking about being in the Final Two. Her mom is her hero and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wants to win and pay for her mom's medical bills and also buy her a log cabin on her farm down in Texas.

Who doesn't want to buy their mom a house? She adds. Josh is next to talk to the cameras in the blue lounge. Josh tells us winning BB has been his dream since he was 14 years old. He just has to win part three to decide who to bring with him to Final Two so he has the best chance of winning.

To the cameras he says he really doesn't know who the best decision is. He thinks if he makes the big move and gets Paul out, that would bring his move full circle. He loves Paul but he's playing for his family. His family came from Cuba; came from nothing. He can win this for them and say thank you for all they've done for him. His life will be complete, he'll be the happiest 23 year old in the world.

Julie tells us that one by one each jury member entered the jury house and realized they had been played. With emotions running high, they gathered to learn who would be the next to join them and then to voice their opinions of the final three. We see the jury gathered in a semi-circle with DR. Will introducing himself as a former BB winner but also a former jury member, so he knows what it's like. They are going to discuss the final three, but they can't do that until they know who the final three are.

Will asks who they think will be joining them and Cody immediately says "Kevin." Dr. Will asks why and Cody says because Kevin is more likable than the rest of them. Everyone laughs.

Elena agrees with what Cody said. Jason says "absolutely Kevin." Raven says she'd like to see Josh join them, but she thinks it's Christmas. Alex says she hopes it's Christmas and if Alex could break Christmas' other leg, she would.

Dr. Will says, let's find out who juror number eight is.

Kevin enters to applause and Dr. Will welcomes him. Kevin does the round of hugs.

Raven tells Kevin the she knew it would be him and Mark calls her out saying she just said she thought it would be Christmas... that just defines the "puppet master" this summer.

Matt tells Mark he's sulking already... the "Incredible Sulk" has started already. Mark challenges Matt to name three things he was known for this summer, and Matt just calls Mark the Incredible Sulk again. Mark asks if anyone has cereal for Matt and tells Matt he did absolutely nothing.

Matt shrugs and Mark is incredulous that Matt is proud of it... that's pathetic! Raven calls Mark a drama queen and he fires back asking Raven to explain how she's a puppet master if she came in sixth place. Raven points out that he hit the jury house before her, and he points out that he never claimed to be a great player.

Matt tells Mark to sit down (he already is). Mark's voice quickly escalates and he tells Matt to stop calling him Mr. Sulk - come up with something new! Matt just laughs.

Dr. Will welcomes Kevin to the jury and asks him what happened. Kevin says there were only four left. Paul was HoH, then won PoV. Paul didn't take Kevin off the block, which was the plan. Kevin was surprised, and now he's here. Jason looks miffed and Alex says "weird."

Dr. Will asks whose vote sent him home and Kevin tells him Christmas... she didn't even have to leave the room. Alex asks why Kevin isn't mad at Paul when it's obvious Paul screwed him. Kevin asks what Alex wanted him to do... get up there and start screaming? Jason says he'd want to knock Paul's teeth out and Kevin says he's just not that type of person.

Dr. Will asks the jurors to discuss Josh. Raven says from the get-go people saw that Josh was emotionally unstable and people used that to their benefit. She thinks it's just pure luck that he's there now... he didn't play the best game. Kevin agrees, saying Josh was just loud and obnoxious and aggressive and then he would cry.

Cody chimes in saying he doesn't respect Josh as a dude in general overall. Jason says Josh saw that his role was to be a non-violent psychopath that was extremely emotional. Everyone laughs and Jason elaborates that he doesn't want to reward bad behavior and Josh had bad behavior the whole time. Elena says she doesn't respect Josh as a human being. The only thing Josh has done in the game is existed.

Cody thinks Josh and Paul are both scum (Alex agrees) but at least Josh took action while Paul hid behind a closed door being a wuss. Mark agrees, even if Josh cried after the fact, he'd say what he felt to your face. Matt says anyone who can fight with pretty much everyone in the house and still make final three is pretty impressive. Alex agrees, Josh is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He didn't mind getting into fights or ruining his social game; he wanted to get to the end and he did whatever it took to get there.

Dr. Will asks why Christmas deserves to win the game. Kevin says he doesn't know, maybe they should ask Dr. Will that. Raven giggles loudly. She broke her foot and she's in the Final Three? Cody says she got carried. For him, Christmas gets the cripple pass. Elena says that's the only reason she's in the house. If Jason had broken her foot too then she'd probably still be in the house and not be mad about it. Dr. Will clarifies that Christmas' biggest move (according to them) is that Jason broke her foot. They all agree - except Jason. She took a tragedy into a triumph, Jason is quick to point out.

Alex adds that once she couldn't really use her body to win physically, she had to rely on her social game. Raven mentions she thought Christmas wanted to take her to final four with her and Josh. She is playing a good social game, she's there and they are all in jury so she has to be doing something right. Elena is frowning, looking completely confused. Matt thinks her best game move was aligning with Josh. When your alliance member is always a bigger target, it helps.

Dr. Will asks why Paul should win. Dead silence. Kevin says Paul's a veteran, a clever player. He outsmarted everyone in the jury. If it's a game of outsmarting, Paul should definitely win. Matt says Paul made it to Final Three without going on the block once; the only other player to do that was Derrick. Mark says the game was handed to him on a silver platter, Cody reminds that Paul had three weeks of safety to play as hard as he could.

Dr. Will points out that Cody benefited from the Halting Hex - Cody says "barely" and then Dr. Will says he had an advantage in the Battle Back. Cody doesn't know how much of an advantage he really had in the game.

Dr. Will reminds his three weeks of safety ended early in the game. They had ten weeks to cut him off, evict him, blindside him.... they weren't taken.

Elena said if she'd won an HoH and not been evicted, she would've taken a shot at Paul. Paul made sure those evicted were people who challenged him, feared their intelligence, was afraid could go after him. Raven shrieks "That's the game!"

Mark says he wanted everyone to do his dirty work; he didn't count on people in the jury house talking about things he'd said. It was overplay. Dr. Will mentions there are a lot of duos on stage tonight; might they all have been willing to take Paul to Final Three?

Jason, Alex, and Matt and Raven agree, even Mark nods his head but Elena shakes her head. They were beginning to realize Paul was in an alliance with himself when they got evicted, she explains.

Raven reminds again that this is Big Brother! Elena says he lied to them, backstabbed them and tried to get the duos to turn on each other. Some would say that's how you play Big Brother, fine. But there's also such a thing as a bitter jury. She's a bitter juror. Mark thinks it's poor jury management.

Elena says Paul over played it, abused relationships. Alex thinks it's a personal attack by making sure every juror feels belittled by him. She thinks it's bad game play. Elena continues that Paul crossed the line that she's determining as a jury member. Jason says he over lied - it's unacceptable.

Raven again reminds everyone that this is the point of the game. Dr. Will asks everyone to raise their hand if they lied or backstabbed anyone in the Big Brother house this season. Every juror raises their hands. Alex was reluctantly. Dr. Will asks if she had anything to do with blindsides, she doesn't consider that lying. She doesn't consider fake crying lying either. Dr. Will rolls his eyes when Alex says she guesses she lied -by his standards. Mark points out she never did it to anyone's face like Paul.

Raven wonders aloud if they're playing Big Baby? They're all salty because they're in jury. But between Christmas, Josh and Paul, Paul deserves to win. She asks everyone to put up their hand if they were lied to by Paul. Everyone got played by Paul except Cody. He played a good game, Raven says. You are supposed to lie and manipulate. He did that! Matt says no one, including him, can tell him Josh and Christmas played a better game than him.

Dr. Will says no one is really giving the Final Three any real credit for making it to Final Three when they are in the house and the jurors aren't. Elena sees how Paul made it to Final Three, she feels the other two made it because they are non-threats. Mark doesn't respect how the season played out or the strategies.

Dr. Will says they are just sore losers, the Final Three are just better than them. The rest look offended while Jason admits he is absolutely a sore loser. Dr. Will commends Jason for his honesty. Playing BB is hard work and with passion. Mark demands to know how Josh worked hard to be in Final Three. Matt says he fought with everyone. Fine, so he fought with pots and pans, Mark says. That's it?

Elena doesn't respect the way Paul worked. Raven thinks Christmas worked hard - she made it to Final Three after having had surgery. That's hard! She's had surgery and if someone told her to compete in BB (Cody mutters ohmigod) after that, that takes a lot of mental capacity. Alex says if Christmas felt she couldn't compete, she should not have made the choice to stay in the house. Jason says all three fit the bill of hard work and passion. Alex says they are the ONLY option, by default.

Dr. Will reminds them the final questions they get to ask the Final Two plus their discussion that night determines who will win BB. He suggests they make those questions count.

It's time for Josh and Paul to compete for the final HoH of the summer. This HoH will immediately have to decide whom he wants to evict and whom he wants to face off against for the half-million dollars. We head to the back yard to get things started.

Julie says hello to Paul and Josh who are on opposite sides of a giant scale, and explains the competition "Scales of Just Us" win they'll have to prove just how well they know the members of the jury. Julie will read the beginnings of statements made by each of the eight members of the Big Brother jury. For each, they will have a choice of two possible endings. They must decide how they think the juror completed the statement. The answer will be either A or B and they will receive a point for each correct answer. Whoever has the most points after eight questions will tip the scale in their favor and be crowned the final HoH.

Question 1: Cody said "my favorite moment in the house was A. Winning the Battle Back or B. Meeting Jess." Paul answers A, and Josh says B. Cody's answer was winning the battle back. A point for Paul. Question 2: Elena said "my biggest regret in the game was ..." A. not standing up for Mark more or B. Letting a showmance ruin my game. Paul says B and Josh says A. We see the clip of Elena saying her regret was not standing up for Mark more. A. is correct and a point goes to Josh. Tie score 1-1.

Question 2: Elena said "my biggest regret in the game was ..." A. not standing up for Mark more or B. Letting a showmance ruin my game. Paul says B and Josh says A. We see the clip of Elena saying her regret was not standing up for Mark more. A. is correct and a point goes to Josh. Tie score 1-1. 

Question 4: Matt said "the best thing about being in the house was..." A. all the free cereal, or B. Raven's cooking. Paul answer A, then B, then settles on A. Josh answers B. We see the clip of Matt saying the best thing in the house was Raven's cooking. The point goes to Josh, who takes the lead 3-2.

Question 5: Jason said "my most embarrassing moment in the house was..." A. letting Christmas ride on my back, then breaking her foot, or B. not being able to defend myself in an argument with Matt. Both Paul and Josh answer A, and the clip shows Jason saying that B is true. Neither gets a point and they reset.

Question 6: Raven said "the most annoying thing about the house was..." A. the gross nasty kitchen, or B. Cody. Both Paul and Josh answer B, and we see Raven saying the most annoying thing about the house was the gross nasty kitchen (A)...both get it wrong. Score is still 3-2 for Josh.

Question 7: Alex said "The HGs who I thought made the worst game decisions was..." A. Me or B. Jessica. Paul answer A and Josh says B. Alex says Jessica and Josh gets another point making the score 4-2.

With only one question left, Paul can't catch up. Julie says there is no need to continue.... congratulations're the final HoH!

Josh is shaking and crying as the scale tips and Julie reminds him it's now up to him to decide whom he wants to compete against for the half-million dollar prize.

Julie tells Paul and Christmas that in just a few moments Josh will cast the final vote to evict, but before he does, they each have one last chance to plead their case. Paul is up first. Paul tells Josh that he shook his hand on day 1 and he's worked really hard beside Josh in the beginning of the game and he's spent a lot of time. He has had Josh's back a lot of the time in this game and has kept Josh safe when he needed to. He hopes Josh will keep him safe in this moment. He thanks Josh and takes a seat.

Christmas is up next. She stands and turns to Josh. She says she doesn't know what to say. Josh is her meatball. Paul is friendship Paul. She loves them both dearly. She thanks them for an amazing summer. She's had the time of her life and is honestly walking out of here with so many things that she didn't expect to gain. So many friendships and an experience she'll never be able to relive again. She thanks them both for contributing to that and she loves them very much.

Julie reminds Josh that he his now guaranteed at LEAST second place and the $50,000 prize that goes with it, but he has a big decision to make. By deciding whom to evict, he is also deciding who will stay and sit next to him when the jury votes for the winner of Big Brother. This could be a half-million decision for he ready to make it? Josh says yes and Julie asks him to stand, go to the head of the living room and cast his vote to evict.

Josh stands and takes his place. He is emotional and starts by saying this is hard. He loves them both dearly and they have been the best and closest friends to him in this house. Without them he would not have made it this far. He loves them. He's been playing. He worked his butt off this season and he played his heart out. He thinks about jury and how many people are pissed off at him in jury and how many people are upset in jury. He thinks him crazy... that he has a better chance sitting next to Paul in the end. He apologizes to Christmas. He loves her so much. He thanks her for being his rock in this game, but she is a badass and one of the strongest, toughest competitors and she killed everybody with kindness and handled every eviction with grace. He just thinks he wouldn't win against her. It's a game decision... he's bawling... he's just doing it for his family.

Julie makes it official. Christmas is the last person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The final three share a long hug together. Paul asks Christmas to throw her crutch at Cody. Julie cuts in to tell Christmas she has to leave.

Christmas whispers to Josh not to apologize and Josh sobs as she leaves while Paul reminds Josh he's soon going to see his family. Christmas runs out to see Julie, who comments on her running while inside the Big Brother house, Josh screams and cries while Paul tells them they made it! Christmas, crying on stage, says she's proud of Josh. Julie points out Christmas wasn't asking Josh to keep her. Christmas is proud that he always acts with his heart, but now he finally acts strategically truly. She doesn't know if he would've won over him but he made the ultimate game move. Christmas thinks he made the right choice for a game - he has a better chance of winning against Paul. Her mom told her to kill them with kindness before she came and she tried to act with integrity and she knows she lost it a few times but she had a good social game and Paul has a few more enemies in the jury than she does. He's a competition beast and a vet...

Christmas says if she had not broken her foot in the game, she would've had a very different strategy in how she played. She loves competing and pushing her limits. She was hoping people would realize when she stayed that there is no limit to what you can do in the circumstance you are given and there's no way she thought she'd make it to Final Three and she has two amazing friends and can show everyone that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Julie welcomes the jurors on stage one at a time, allowing them all to get their cheers. The jurors are all smiles and waves while Julie tells them that the last HGs was just evicted and will be joining them shortly. Who does Jason think the next juror will be? Not hope, but will be. Both Jason and Mark think it will be Christmas, and she walks out to join them. Julie brings the jurors up to speed. The jurors are stunned that Josh chose to evict Christmas and kept Paul.

The jurors have three questions each for the finalists - they have all agreed on the questions. Julie greets Josh and Paul and tells them it's time for the jury to ask a few questions. Elena: Paul, some of us in the jury feel you orchestrated and participated in bullying tactics in the house. Why was that necessary and how did it serve your game?

Paul: I definitely don't think I was orchestrating bullying tactics. I spoke up on behalf of a lot of people. Maybe what people didn't voice publicly they would tell me privately. I felt like I was the one who had to mediate or speak on everyone's behalf. It wasn't something I decided on - it was something everyone took part of.

Matt - Josh, the jury doesn't feel you had a strategy in the game. Tell us why we're wrong and explain your biggest game move.
Josh: Big surprise to you guys and to Paul. I'm actually a superfan and I've been one since I was 14 years old and this is my biggest dream; I've envisioned myself since I was 14 in this position and my biggest move was the strategic social game play that I had. I aligned with the outsiders, Alex and Jason and I aligned with Christmas and Paul in the nine person alliance I knew was going to break up.

Christmas was giving me the pecking order you guys decided on and I was keeping Jason and Alex calm since I knew you guys were going to split up. My other biggest move was evicting Alex, a huge competitor and one of my closest allies in the game. It was hard, but I knew she'd beat me in the end otherwise.

Alex - Paul, in your last season your gameplay was based on friendship. This season, why did you decide to go against that by creating friendship and alliances and then destroying them? (Her face hardens into a glare as her tone gets angry)

Paul: I don't necessarily think I destroyed any friendship or alliances. I tried to get friendship with everyone in the house but unfortunately a lot of people turned their back on me or I would find out they were having hypothetical situations about evicting me. I got everyone as far I could, but maybe the mis-conception was that I would toss my game for someone else's and I never said I would do that. I would help out where I could but I never said I would let anyone go farther than me.

Cody - Josh, some in the jury feel you played a bigger part in Paul's game than in your own. Tell us why we're wrong.

Josh: I actually played my own game. Being in the business industry, one of the biggest tips my dad gave me was to let your business partner have the control because then they'll invest more or feel safer with you. I didn't want to impose myself as a threat. I wanted to be an ally so I downplayed my intelligence and how much I knew the game. Paul was a great ally because I saw him play last season and I knew he wasn't going to change how loyal he was so I stuck to him and it worked.

Jason - Paul, it seems like you made moves throughout the game to avoid making enemies in the jury. Why lie unnecessarily to our faces days and hours before we were going to the jury? You had to have known that we would compare notes.

Paul: Of course there were points that I knew certain things were going to happen but at the same time, I did do and say everything I said I was going to. If I used the veto, I said I was going to. If I pulled someone off, I said I would. At the same time, if the house wanted a certain target out and I was outnumbered, I couldn't help that individual. I had to act a certain way and say and do certain things to keep myself safe. And I wanted to keep myself free to compete in the following HoH so if I had competitions thrown to take my targets out for me, I was eligible to compete the following week as a security blanket because I never knew what would happen.

Mark - Josh, it seemed like every time you had an altercation in the house, it ended with you crying afterwards, apologizing and proclaiming you wouldn't do it anymore. But it would inevitably happen again. How did this serve your game?

Josh: One of my game moves was to expose people's game. I knew I was going to stay true to myself and stay loyal but being a fan, I can easily see people's shady gameplay so one of my strategies was to call out people and their game. I didn't always feel good about it because I like all of you but it was a strategy for everyone to see shady moves being made. It was part of my game and got me to this point.

Christmas gets to ask one question to either juror. Josh - Meatball - I'd like to know if you'd like to evict Peppy (her scooter) or crutches and why?

Josh (laughing): I'd rather evict Peppy because Peppy would storm around and chase me down with creepy Christmas hugs and drive me nuts.

The rest of the jurors look creeped out by this.

Julie tells us the jury is just moments away from casting their votes to determine who will win Big Brother.

Before they do, let's check in with the final two. We go to the living room where Julie addresses Paul and Josh telling them they each have a chance to tell the jury why they deserve to win Big Brother.

Paul is up first. Paul tells the jury that "Houseguest" he knows that at one point each of them either wanted to, thought of, or tried to get him out of this game. From the second he walked in the doors he was put at a disadvantage. He was the odd man out. They all knew who he was and how he played, so instantly he had to play a different game than all of them. With his first HoH he used his social skills to get control of the numbers in the house. Then he made it a point to always set a house target in play. That did a few things. Because he had such strong control of the numbers, nobody was willing to take a shot at him, and everyone was asking his advice so he pretty much had a hand in every single HoH and he always set up a house target that would be in front of him. After surviving the first double eviction he had to change his strategy, so he position himself in a perfect place between three pairs: Jalex, Joshmas, and Matt and Raven.

His social game was so strong at that point that he didn't have to win anything. Instead he let the right people win, and while they started shooting at each other, he strategically maneuvered his way to the top until he was left with the final pair, Josh and Christmas. From that point on he knew he had to win himself to the end and he did. He won the most important HoH, which secured his spot in the final three and he won the most important veto, which controlled who came to final three with him. Then he won part one of the final HoH competition, securing his spot in part three, and he made sure that no matter what, he would end up in this position right here, and he did. He won a total of nine competitions this season. Every time he won HoH, he won the veto that came with it, which meant that when he had the power he had full control of his week. The other four vetoes that he won not only kept him safe but it was pivotal power moves that pushed him forward. From the second he walked in the door, he worked his ass off day after day after day making tough decisions and everyone wanted to know what he was doing and what he was thinking, and he still fought his way to this point right here without ever touching the block one single time this entire season, and that's not by luck. That's not by friendship. That's by playing the hell out of Big Brother, which is exactly what he came back here to do. Thank you guys so much.

Julie calls on Josh, who stands and starts by saying "All the glory to God for making my dream come true."

He's been a fan since he was 14 years old. He said when came into this house he would play fearlessly. He had to put targets on peoples' backs, expose some peoples' games so they could see the shady game that some people were playing. He aligned himself strategically with Christmas and Paul because they were in a big alliance and he aligned himself with Jason and Alex. Luckily he aligned himself with people who won most of the HoHs. He took shots when he was HoH and he made moves. He put all of his targets on the block... Mark, Elena, and Jessica... which ended up Jessica going home. He took a shot at Alex, who was one of the strongest game players in the house and she played a great game.

Not only that, he adapted to the game and he played fearlessly. He stumbles, saying he is nervous. He repeats that he adapted to the game, played fearlessly, and gave it everything he had. He had to play from day 1 when he DIDN'T get a friendship bracelet. He got safety and if it wasn't for that, he wouldn't have made it to day 92. He laid low and didn't let people know he was a fan or how intelligent he was. He was underestimated, which was his biggest strength. Physically, mentally and how well he knew the game and none of them caught on to that. They all underestimated him and that's why he's sitting there at the end. Not only did he take shots, make moves and get out strong players, but he played loyal sticking by who he is as a person. People saw that and kept him in this house. He played the hell out of the game and he hopes that's respected.

Julie thanks Josh and Paul then turns to the jurors telling them it's time for them to vote. One by one they will insert the key of the person they want to see win this game.

Cody is first. Cody says he is going to stay true to his word, and he places his key.

Elena is next. She says "Cut scene! There's no jury management!" and places her key.

Mark congratulates both of them and places his key.

Matt is voting for the person that did more in every aspect of the game and places his key.

Jason says they both aligned with him, someone has to go and places his key.

Raven says she is voting for the person she thinks played the best game all season and places her key.

Alex says "You said it was just a game so let's be friends afterwards. If that's true, let's be friends. Otherwise I'm voting for the person who stabbed me in the front instead of the back" and places her key.

Kevin says he's proud of both of them, they played a great game, congrats to both - he means that. He places his key.

Christmas says she loves them both and is proud of them both. It's been a long summer, this is 100% game move. Voting is now complete.

Julie asks us to say hello to the first five HGs... Cameron, Jillian, Dominique, Ramses, and Jessica. There are shouts from the audience, and we see Cody smiling across at Jessica.

Julie welcomes them back and says it's good to see everyone all in the same room together. When each of the first five got evicted, they got to go home and watch the truth, the whole story of what happened. She knows they want to let the jurors in on what was going on that they are not aware of.

Julie starts with Jessica... they'll get to Jessica and Cody in a moment because she's sure they want to embrace and all that... they'll have that at the end of the show, but first let's talk game. Julie asks Jessica what she wants the jurors to know. Jessica says she tried to warn them but they didn't listen. Paul had an alliance with everyone except for Cody. Not one of them meant more to him than the other person. He quite often laughed at them in the DR, referred to himself as a puppet master, and he played them all. He did a great job at it, but they let him do it. The worst part of the entire season was that most of them have been quoted several times saying that Paul deserves to win, and that they have no problem losing to Paul. From a Big Brother standpoint, if they wanted to play like that, they probably shouldn't have come in the house.

Julie adds that the jurors also said, not to one another, about how much they trust Paul. They didn't compare notes in the house, but told all of us in the DR. We are then shown various clips of the HGs proclaiming their trust in Paul from the beginning of the show to Final Three as well as Paul's comments about being the puppet master.

Elena watches the clips with disbelief on her face. Mark smirks at his own comment, then sticks out his tongue. Cody's face in his hard stare, as usual. Julie points out that during that segment, everyone was laughing - except Cody. Which makes the HGs laugh again. Julie says she tried warning them.

Julie points out that Jess was one week away from making it to jury. Who would she have voted for between Paul and Josh had she made it? Jess says watching that Paul had something to do with everything from beginning to end, competitions were thrown in his name and if she was in jury, he'd get her vote.

Julie turns to Jason - was he surprised that everyone trusted Paul as much as he did? Jason says he was good, he fell hook, line and sinker. He was super shocked.

Julie turns to Paul - he had to do a lot of back stabbing, blind siding to get to where he was right now. Who was the hardest to betray? Paul says there were many - Raven, Alex, Jason. He was torn between friendship and winning the game. In order to survive, he had to make the moves he did. He couldn't satisfy everyone and he's sorry.

Julie tells Paul he wasn't the only sneaky one in the house. She turns to Josh and reveals his goodbye messages back stabbing. Clips are shown of Josh's goodbye messages blowing up Paul's game.

Julie asks Josh's intentions as Paul shakes his head. Josh says he wanted them to know it was all for game. He gave Christmas and Paul his loyalty from week one and he stuck to it. It was his way to explain his game since no one knew what was happening. It was the only way to let them know he was sticking with his plan to the end.

Paul honestly thinks it's cowardly to toss the blame in the messages but Josh gave him credit in of itself because he took Josh that far thinking he could beat him.

Cameron was most surprised by the amount of showmances - right away too! Seemed like no one was really playing for themselves, they were playing for each other or for Paul. Lack of motivation, maybe they all have $500k in their bank accounts? It was frustrating for him who wanted to stay in the house. The jurors joke about his strip tease status.

Julie asks Alex about when Derrick entered the house and she announced her ride or die being Jason. Why announce it? Alex said it was obvious from day one. She's not ashamed of it - he's the best in the game!

Julie asks Cody how he feels about Jessica right now after not seeing her for five weeks. Smiling finally, he says "good", which causes everyone to laugh. He still wants to be a couple. He's waiting for this all to be over so he can go hug her.

Jessica says everyone on the outside knows she's been his biggest supporter, rooting him on, cheering him on all day every day. She wants to be in a relationship with him even more so.

Julie is standing by the voting box and welcoming everyone back to the season finale of Big Brother. After what many are saying was one of the most dramatic and volatile seasons in the history of this game, it's finally time to crown the winner of Big Brother.

She reminds Paul and Josh of the prizes and announces she will pull the keys from the box one a time revealing whom each juror chose to win Big Brother. They will need at least five votes to win.

Christmas voted for Paul. Kevin voted for Paul. Alex voted for Josh. Raven voted for Paul. Three votes Paul, one vote Josh.

Both Paul and Josh are looking down with closed eyes as they listen to Julie. Jason voted Josh, Matt voted for Paul. Four votes Paul, two votes Josh. Mark voted for Josh, Elena voted for Josh to win. There are four votes for Paul and four for Josh. Josh is crying and covering his eyes, and Paul is shaking his head, looking pained.

Cody is the last vote... while we wait for Julie to announce his vote, Josh mutters to Paul "You won". Then Julie reveals the vote... He voted for Josh... JOSH IS THE WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 19!

Josh is screaming and shaking. Paul gives him a big hug and Julie tells them to come out. Josh comes out first to a burst of silver confetti and gets hugs from everyone. Paul follows him out and everyone is hugging. Cody and Jess finally get to hug and kiss.

Julie welcomes us back after the last commercial break of the season. Another season has come and gone but you won't have to wait until next summer to get your Big Brother fix. For the first time ever there will be Celebrity Big Brother and it is coming this winter on CBS.

Julie turns to Josh - from wanting to quit this game week 1 to winning, how is he feeling? He sobs, no words. He did it for his family, didn't do it alone - thanks Paul and Christmas.

Julie tells Paul, a bridesmaid once again. He won nine challenges, wasn't on the block and had a hand in every eviction. How did he come up short? Paul says he doesn't know, he didn't watch. He did everything he could, he was in a tough spot. If people didn't see he had to fight his way through to get to the end, it's on them.

Julie wonders if he thinks they voted emotionally; Paul doesn't know but the stats are there. He's going home with $50 grand, Julie says.

Julie announces the top three finalists for America's Favorite Houseguest - over 15 million votes, a record. The top three are: Jason, Kevin and Cody. The winner of America's Favorite Houseguest is... Cody!

Cody smiles as Jessica hugs him. He's going home with $25k! Julie asks Cody how he thinks he won AFH, Cody say, "I don't know, it doesn't make sense."

Julie thanks all the HGs - it's been a long summer. From outside the Big Brother house, we'll see you this winter with Celebrity Big Brother!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E39, was written by BBLuver.   

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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