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It's day 79 in the Big Brother House.

By a vote of 4-1, Meg was Evicted
Liz Won HoH
Liz Nominated James & Johnny Mac
Julia Won the PoV
Julia Did Not Use the PoV
By a vote of 4-0 James was Evicted
The next HoH competition will be late tonight.

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Update Entry
Thursday, September 3 2015  Double Eviction Tonight
For the last few weeks, the traffic to Morty's TV after Big Brother airs has been more than the server can handle. If you want to find out what's going on after tonight's Double Eviction, just go to our Twitter Feed. The info posted on this page actually appears on the twitter page, before it's posted on this page. 

You can also subscribe to CBS All Access, and get the live feeds free. You can try CBS All Access free for a week, then only $5.99 for the rest of the month. 

Big Brother gave the HGs a brief diversion today, a hint at what a competition might be like tomorrow. Of course, we don't know if it would be the HoH competition or the Veto competition or any competition for that matter.

Julia and Liz seemed to be having the most success, but will both of them be in the competition? Austin seems to be set on saving Julia (big surprise) but can James convince Steve to side with him and John? More importantly, will John and Steve stick together and if so, will they do so against Meg or Julia?

After having a hushed conversation with John, Steve tells Vanessa he could vote out Julia if he had Austin's blessing. Is he speaking for himself and John, or is he just feeling Vanessa out to see how she reacts?

Vanessa's response is to suggest Steve let her handle the social game and to stick with Austwins.

Now that Steve knows where Vanessa stands (with the Austwins, Steve is the 5th man out), what will he do with the information? What will Johnny Mac do? How they vote will kick-start the double eviction and could change the course of the game.

The King clowns as his Queen is about to have her throne pulled out from under her royal tokhes.
8:21AM BBT:  Good Morning USA! No the house guests are not up yet, but there is a lot of tossing and turning in the Have-Not room. Last night after a discussion with Johnny Mac, Poor Steve was up all night trying to decide what is best for his game either voting out Julia or Meg. He even resorted to using M&Ms to play out the scenarios.

9:09AM BBT: We now have FotH as BB may be waking them for the day.

9:20AM BBT: The feeds are back.  Steve still has that desperate look of indecision. Steve is sitting alone in the living room, Meg and James awake in the Have-Not room. James says, "I don't do good under pressure." Meg says it will kick in after I leave. James then asks "I wonder what room I will sleep in." Meg says he can have her bed.

9:26AM BBT: Julia comes to the living room and ask Steve what is wrong with him and Steve says, "I'm just tired." Julia says, "I didn't get to sleep to easy last night either." Julia says it is corner day and Steve says it is corner day. [No, we've never heard of it either.]

Steve goes to the kitchen and moves M&Ms then goes back to the living room.

9:28AM BBT: Johnny Mac is up gets his headband and heads to the HoH room. Meg and James are still in the Have-Not room just talking general talk. Steve still in the living room thinking alone.

9:33AM BBT: Johnny Mac is in the HoH room listening to music while Vanessa is doing ADLs. James and Meg in the Have-Not room talking about James' shirt that Meg took and he says not to worry about it it's just a shirt.

The feeds go to Steve and Julia in the bathroom area. Julia goes into the bathroom and Steve just stands then starts pacing.

9:39AM BBT: Julia is now in the kitchen and Steve goes to the ocean bedroom and tells Liz and Austin he is tired he could not sleep. Austin asks the why anxiety? Steve says, "I don't know."

9:42AM BBT: Steve gets his blankets and pillows and heads to the HoH room where he gets in his corner. Vanessa asks "Did I miss anything from Wednesday?" Steve: "No why?" Vanessa: "Just asking that's all. You're not going to do anything crazy right?" Steve: "No." Vanessa: "Because I'm reasonable, and you know that..." Steve: "I know you are. I just got through throwing up." Vanessa: "Why?" Steve: "I don't know." She tells him no hug for him today and to go lay down.

9:48AM BBT: Julia is eating breakfast talking to Steve about him staying up all night and being sick.

James and Meg are talking in the Have-Not room about Steve and Johnny Mac and if they would flip. James says, "I think they have a deal. Austin, Vanessa and Steve, and maybe Johnny Mac is in there somewhere."

Steve goes to the HoH room and says to Johnny Mac, "Can one of us please win today?" Johnny Mac says, "Yeah." Steve asks, "Do you think we made the right decision?" Johnny Mac: "Yeah I do." [They've agreed to vote out Meg.]

9:56AM BBT: James and Meg are talking about them saying that Becky said this, and Becky said that, and wanted them gone so Becky went home.

Vanessa in the kitchen with Steve and Julia now talking about balancing sound.

10:00AM BBT: Liz and Austin are in the kitchen making breakfast. Steve is drinking water and Julia just walking around telling Steve his face is all red.

Meg and James are just chatting in the Have-Not room. James then says it is going to be weird seeing everyone back on finale night and we get FotH.

10:04AM BBT: Meg and James get up and grab blankets to go to HoH room. Austin and Liz eating. Vanessa tells Steve to go to sleep. Meg ask if Steve is sick? He says yeah and Meg says, "I'm the biggest germaphobe ever."

James is in the HoH room with Johnny Mac. Julia comes in and gets on the bed. James tells Johnny Mac that Steve is sick.

10:09AM BBT: Meg is now in the HoH room and sits on the bed next to Julia, then lays down complaining about the dentist chairs and how they make her hurt so bad. She thanks God she is done now. Vanessa now heads to the HoH room. Steve going up right behind her.

10:11AM BBT: We now have FotH as HGs make their way to the HoH room.

10:17AM BBT: We are now on Jeff's Highlight Reels.

12:21PM BBT: HGs going down stairs as Vanessa gathers her things to move back down. Austin moves the chess game back out to the balcony table. James and Meg in the kitchen, James eating slop.

12:23PM BBT: Julia in the ocean bedroom talking to Liz then says she is on the feeds now and says Bye and Liz says bye. Julia leaves the ocean bedroom.

In the kitchen, John is pacing around while Meg cooks slop, James is eating, and there's no talking going on. Austin comes in and looks around then leaves.

12:27PM BBT: Austin is now in bed snuggling with Liz. James, Meg and Johnny Mac are in kitchen eating and saying they have about four more hours.

12:29PM BBT: Vanessa and Julia bring food down from the HoH room and put it in the kitchen. John goes to see what Vanessa put over on the counter.

12:34PM BBT: Julia is finishing up her packing as Liz and Austin lay in the bed watching her. James, Meg and John are in the kitchen eating their slop. ...and we get FotH.

12:38PM BBT: Liz asks Julia if she put her luggage in the storage room, she says she has.

In the kitchen, James is quoting a song and BB says stop singing. James says they know that song. Meg laughs.

12:43PM BBT: Meg has finished her slop and is washing her bowl, Johnny Mac is still cooking his slop. Austin and Liz are still laying in the bed snuggling.

12:46PM BBT: Meg is now in the ocean bedroom packing her last minute things, while Liz and Austin talk about marinating meat for tonight. [Sound like another euphemism for sex when you hear from them. ]

Austin gets up and heads to the kitchen.

12:48PM BBT: Vanessa and Austin are in the bathroom area talking and Austin says, "No matter what happens, you'll have a tie vote." Austin asks if he needs to make a deal before the HoH competition or after. Vanessa says, "I would do it now." Vanessa says if he does not put her up against one of 'his guys' then we are good." Austin: "Right."

12:58PM BBT: Vanessa and Austin talk about playing chess on their next lockdown.

12:58PM BBT: The HGs are just walking around getting ready for the live show tonight and eating not much talking going on.

1:00PM BBT: James and Meg are in the Have-Not room and James is throwing pillows on Meg, "Why are you doing this to me?" she asks. James: "I only have a few more hours to mess with you." He ask her if she feels secure now and she says yes.

1:02PM BBT: James says he forgot to take his meds this morning, "At least I do not have to take birth control pills 'cause I would be bad on them. Did you take yours today, are you regular?" Meg tells him to mind his own business. He says, "What, I'm just looking out for you." Meg laughs.

1:06PM BBT: Vanessa and Steve are in the colorful bedroom talking about the HoH game coming up and how to get acceleration on the ball or how to get friction on it to get it to go where they want it to go. Vanessa says this game was not made for a strong arm so that's why we had to throw the ball to help slow it down.

1:13PM BBT: Vanessa talks to Steve telling him to trust her. She has run the numbers and know what she is talking about and that she has never screwed him over.

1:29PM BBT: BT Austin and Vanessa are talking with Steve about general stuff. Steve's talking about the Moon. The twins are cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

1:38PM BBT: Austin, Vanessa and Steve continue to have an intellectual conversation. Julia are in the kitchen scraping her bowl.

1:43PM BBT: Vanessa and Steve talk about popularity outside the house. Vanessa says that trying for approval outside of the house is useless. [It didn't hurt Donny.]

1:54PM BBT: Steve is getting ready to crawl in bed and Vanessa is going to tell him a story about camping.

2:26PM BBT: All the HGs are taking a nap.

2:36PM BBT: Steve is mumbling to himself again, same subject: What to do, what to do.

2:46PM BBT: Julia is called to the DR. Steve is still mumbling to himself in the colorful bedroom.

2:55PM BBT: Steve is playing with his toes in the colorful bedroom and John is playing with his toes in the Have-Not room.

3:01PM BBT: All of the HGs are starting to get ready for the show.

3:05PM BBT: We now have Jeff's reels.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
Steve hits himself on the head with a pillow as he tries to decide if he should flip and vote to evict Julia.  
Last night the stress got to Steve and he vomited in the bathroom sink.  
Johnny Mac is back from the jury, James is back after getting off the block and the double eviction is back to wreak havoc on the HGs. Welcome to Big Brother!

Previously on Big Brother, with the poker player holding all the cards, she stayed loyal to Austin's Angels but also made a side alliance with John and Steve. Wanting to take out James, Vanessa made the best friends block buddies. At the veto competition, it was do or die for Meg and James and the country boy pulled it out causing a huge blow to Vanessa's master plan. Needing a replacement nominee, Austwins campaigned for Johnny Mac but Vanessa wanted to protect her secret alliance.

So she pitched an unexpected pawn. At the veto meeting, Vanessa initiated her plan to get Meg out. Tonight, will the house say Bon Voyage to the New Yorker or the Miami Girl? Plus, get strapped in, sit back and get ready to watch because it's time for another double eviction, baby! Before the hour is done, a second HGs will be sent to jury! All this live on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to the second double eviction of the summer. We are less than three weeks away from crowning a winner of Big Brother and if the HGs ever needed to expect the unexpected, tonight would be the night.

By the end of the hour, two HGs will be sent to jury. Who will be the next two HGs to leave the game? We'll find out, but first - since coming into the house together, the twins have avoided being nominated for eviction. Until tonight, where Julia sits next to Meg. So will the others take this chance to finally break up the Austwins?

We pick up at the veto meeting. Meg tells us there are several people who are big targets in the house so thanks, Vanessa, for absolutely nothing! James tells us the only ally he has left in the house is on the block but with Julia next to her, there's a chance. The other HGs will be missing a big opportunity to break up the Austwins if they don't take her out.

Vanessa tells us she decided to use Julia as a replacement because Liztin and Steve will vote to keep her. She feels good about her decision.

In the Have-Not room, James reminds Meg there have been people with their backs away worse against the wall and have gotten out of it. They need to make the most of their opportunity.

In the HoH room, Johnny Mac tells Vanessa he has to make deals and break them. Johnny Mac tells us if other HGs think he has friends in jury, that will make him a target so he has to fix that. Vanessa tells Johnny Mac she's the opposite; she needs friends. In Have-Not later, James and Meg suggest to Johnny Mac the idea of flipping the vote to evict Julia.

Johnny Mac tells us he's been wanting to do something like this the whole game! Let's go! Austwins nominated and evicted him! Time for revenge. At the same time, Vanessa seems to want Meg to leave. This could sink his game, what does he do? Johnny Mac seems agreeable and James says this could be a game changer.

Johnny Mac locates Steve and suggests the flip to him; if Austwins wins HoH, one of them will be up against James and could go home. Steve tells us this seems obvious right now. This is why he loves the game. It's awful and fantastic!

Steve goes to see Vanessa in HoH. Steve tells us this is not as black and white as it seems to be. The advantage is that it breaks up Austwins; they're a big force - maybe it's time to break them up. Steve wonders if they went final five with Scamper, it'd be 3-2 (Austwins vs. Vanessa/Steve). Vanessa believes James would put Vanessa and Steve up first.

Steve presents the idea of evicting Julia. Steve believes James wouldn't target them. Steve wants an final five that will take them to final two. Vanessa says if he thinks James won't target them, he's lost his mind.

Alone in the colorful bedroom, Steve whispers that he doesn't know. Steve tells us this is a huge decision and the more he thinks about it the more he realizes he is so in over his head. He hears his Mom at home yelling at him to split up Austwins and take out Julia. He feels physically sick (he goes to the bathroom area to throw up); he has no idea what to do.

Julie takes us to the living room to tell the HGs about the double eviction. Don't get too comfortable... it's time for another double eviction. You will experience a whole week of BB in one hour. There is no time to waste.

Meg and Julia give their speeches. Meg is up first. She shouts out to her family. She says that she has been honored to have been called someone's queen, but the fact is that I've lost a lot of friends throughout this journey. I've played this game as and independent individual, and I hope you all do the same as you're voting today. As your activities coordinator of the house, if you'd like some BB bowling or Pot Ball, vote for me.

Julia takes her turn to speak. She sends love to the family she misses and shouts out to Liz, her better half according to Zingbot. She walked into the house pretending to be another person and that was by far one of the most challenging aspects of this game for Julia. The minute she opened the door as Julia she was glad to get to know everyone else as herself. She has a lot more fight left in her and she wants the chance to prove Zingbot wrong.

Time for the live vote to begin. Vanessa and the nominees are not allowed to vote.
Liz votes for Meg
James votes for Julia
Steve votes for Meg
Johnny Mac votes for Meg
Austin votes to evict Meg.
By a vote of 4-1, Meg is evicted from the Big Brother house and the first member to go to jury tonight.

Meg hugs everyone and tells James she'd better not see him tonight. James teases her not to fall on her way out the door. She walks into the studio amid loud cheering while the HGs watch her picture go to black and white.

Back in the studio, Julie asks Meg who she felt played by. Meg says Vanessa is one of her favourite girls. She feels like the whole plan was to get James out. She is happy James is in the house, but she feels like her eviction was a "Whoops" this week and here she is.

Meg says she doesn't regret eviction Shelli four weeks ago; she feels she and James would've been in the same position. Ironic though that Vanessa took her out. Meg tells us she never knew how to take Vanessa; she scares her a lot so she told Vanessa she wasn't her target. Meg would rather her be out of the house. Julie asks about Meg leaving - it looked like she grabbed James' face to kiss him. Meg giggles and says no. Julie says he has made it not secret that he has a crush on her. Meg says no, they're best friends but she doesn't think there were any fireworks there.

Meg says she is so thankful for this opportunity, it was SO much fun and so crazy and a lot harder than you expect. Expect the unexpected, Julie quips. Meg tells everyone they're freaking out in there. Julie tells her we'll see her in a few weeks when she helps crown the winner.

It's time to crown a new HoH. Free from the threat of eviction, this HoH must immediately put two HGs on the chopping. One of those nominees may leave the BB house tonight. Julie tells the HGs that the power is up for grabs. Vanessa cannot compete. This competition is called "BB Road Trip". The first six evicted HGs may have faded from the memory wall, but they are making memories of their own as they tour the country on a BB Road Trip.

For this competition, you will view pairs of photos from their journey. For each pair, you will answer a True or False question about what you just saw in the photos. Get it correct and you stay in the game. Get it wrong and you will be eliminated. The last HGs standing will be the new HoH.

1) In the rock climbing photo, only three eagles were visible. Correct answer is False. Everyone is right.
2) In the Mt Rushmore photo, Audrey was hugging Jeff. Correct answer is False. Steve and James are out.
3) In the Mardi Gras photo, Jeff, Da'Vonne, Jason and Clay were the only HGs seen. Correct answer is True. Austin and Johnny Mac are out. The twins are the only ones left.
4) In the poled over photo, Audrey was sitting in a pink car. Correct answer is False. Both are correct.
5) In the ball of yarn photo, Clay was wearing a hat. Correct answer is False. Both are correct.
6) In the white water rafting photo, only one person was wearing sunglasses. Correct answer is False. Both are correct.
7) In the ball of yarn photo, Audrey was holding a hat. Correct answer is True; Liz wins HoH!

We come back from commercial to Liz and Steve in the cabana room. They finish chatting while Julie welcomes us back and goes to the living room – it's time for nominations. Liz says this is shocking and last minute but she has to go with the people she's been loyal to since the beginning so she nominates James and John.

Julie welcomes us back as the veto competition is ready to start. During the commercial, Julia, Austin and Steve were picked to play for the veto competition.

This competition is called "Boomerang" and here's how it works. Each of you will take two shots by rolling a ball around the Boomerang into one of the numbered slots on the other end. Your score will be the sum of those two rolls. Once the ball leaves your hand and crosses the white line, your shot is official. The HGs with the highest cumulative score will win the PoV. Everyone understands and Julie gives her go.

Steve is up first (picked by random draw). His first roll is a 0, as is his second. Johnny Mac is up next; first roll is a 0, as is his second. Austin is third; his first roll is a 6; second is a 9; total score 15. Liz is up next; her first roll is 15, second is a 0.

They are tied. Julia up next; her first shot is a 13; her second is four for a total of 17. Last up is James; his first roll is a 0; his second is also a 0. Julia wins PoV!

Julie welcomes us back to Big Brother and reminds us that Julia just won the PoV (her first competition win!).

Time to find out if she'll use it to save one of the houseguests. James and Johnny Mac get a chance to say why she should use it on them. James: If anything goes wrong and I am sent home, I appreciate your friendship and I love the game. At the beginning I came in and we were HGs, now we're friends. I've tried to not make it personal and I hope we remain friends at the end of the day.

John: It'd be really awesome if you use the veto on me. That's it! Use it.

Julia loves both of them so much, they're amazing but she's going to honor her sister's nominations. She doesn't want anymore blood on her hands so she is going to not use the veto.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Final pleas -
James: Keep me, I've played the game. I don't hold grudges. I came for my daughter. I respect you all if you take me out. I hope we can be friends after.

John: I don't have anything funny but it'd be cool to stay and please vote for me. The end.

Liz will only vote in the event of the tie. Time to cast the votes.

Austin votes for James
Julia votes for James
Vanessa votes for James
Steve votes for James
By a vote of 4-0, James is the second person evicted from the BB house tonight.

James hugs everyone and then walks out the front door and into a studio of loud cheering. Watching James' picture turn black and white, Vanessa breaks down into tears, she's very overwhelmed right now. Austin wraps Liz into a hug; she's crying. Johnny Mac says Julia's speech was good.

In the studio, Julie mentions that James did not campaign once he lost veto. He knew he was a big threat in the game, he knew he'd be the next one out after Meg regardless. There's a strong duo in that group, so he would've need to win HoH to break them up. Austwins, Julie surmises. But which two?

James says he really doesn't know. All of them? He found out Steve was working with them last minute, so there was nothing else he could've done. Julie wonders why he didn't play more aggressively outside of his HoHs. James says they were the ones being targeted more, causing more drama. He'll take 7th; that's not bad. It's a tough game in there. Julie brings up Meg. James says he's been trying with Meg for 75 long days, he'd better throw in the towel if they haven't gotten anywhere so far. She says we'll see him in three weeks when they crown a winner of Big Brother.

Twenty days remain in the battle for a half million dollars. Tune in Sunday to find out who the new HoH will be and who will be nominated for eviction. On Wednesday, the power of veto is back up for grabs and on Thursday, the live eviction costs another person their spot in the house. From outside the Big Brother house, good night everyone!

7:05PM BBT: Liz tells Julia that Steve needs to go next - she thinks that they can all win over John. Julia and Julia say James had been bullying them, he's mean. Julia won her first competition, Liz notes. Austin says both Vanessa and Liz's targets went home. Steve points out that Vanessa didn't compete in either competition during the double eviction.

7:15PM BBT: Liz whines she didn't get any benefits for winning HoH. Steve reminds her she's had a real one. He hasn't. Austin and Liz kiss - they think they're a successful showmance. Steve does the Scamper dance for Austin, who barely acknowledges it. John and Julia are packing for James. Vanessa tells Austin he has to throw the HoH competition so she can protect him and the twins.

7:20PM BBT: Liz tells Steve she meant to throw HoH to Julia. Steve says they can keep their beds tonight, they'll be an extra one. John wants his bed back in the comic room - Steve has been sleeping in it. In the lounge, Vanessa tells Austin that she can engineer getting one of the twins out (Julia of course) without Austin having to vote her out. She tells John she's in shock they are in Final Six.

7:25PM BBT: Vanessa offers to help Liz pack for James but they're already done. She thanks Liz for not nominating her during the double eviction.

7:04PM BBT: Julia comes into the kitchen. Vanessa tells her that she just won her first competition. Julia wants to make a protein shake but there is no milk.

7:13PM BBT: John and Liz are packing up the rest of James stuff. he had most of it packed already.

7:14PM BBT: Austin and Vanessa talk about who she would put up. She is hinting at that she should win the HoH.

7:19PM BBT: Vanessa goes to the Have-Not room and tells Liz thanks you. She starts to tear up slightly. Liz has packed up for James. She says she is so sad she had to send him home. Vanessa tells Liz that it was the twins show all the way around.

7:28PM BBT: Vanessa continues to talk with Steve and John individually. She assures them she knows what to do as the HoH. She tells Steve that one of them should win HoH and John wants to save himself for a physical competition.

7:34PM BBT: Steve talks to the camera. He says the twins are idiots for keeping John. Steve says he will put them up. he says he will benefit from their mistake.

7:39PM BBT: Austin and Liz say that none of the original eight alliance are left. Austin tells John that the two pawns and the targets are all that are left.

7:51PM BBT: Austin and John are talking about the schedule for the final three. Says it will be an hour and a half show. Austin says that they will spend a small amount of time in jury.

7:53PM BBT: Julia and Liz notice one of their little plastic robots are gone. Liz says Meg took it and calls her a bitch. Julia says James probably took it for her.

8:00PM BBT: Julia is unpacking her stuff. Steve is laying down in the colorful room. Johnny Mac is in the kitchen with Austin. There is very little conversation happening now.

Julia tells Steve that he needs to get some sleep. Julia says that in order to get some sleep they need to go to the Have-Not room, but she says she is done with that room. Julia says it might be two hours before they play the HoH.

8:03PM BBT: Liz is in the kitchen with Austin. She makes a comment about the steaks still being frozen. Johnny Mac has gone to the colorful bedroom. He changed clothes and put his mic back on.

Liz says if Shelly would have been here she would have won. Austin agrees and then says well that's why she isn't here. Austin asks what the jury must be thinking right now. Liz says that she doesn't know. They are now discussing banana bread.

8:06PM BBT: Liz and Austin were whispering in the kitchen, but the sink was on muffling what they were saying.

Austin tells Julia that Meg's bed is the bad luck bed. Austin is eating a snack now and so is Liz. Julia is still unpacking. Juia dropped something and then said a bad word.

8:09PM BBT: Liz has gone to the ocean bedroom and argued with Julia a little bit and then left to go back to Austin in the kitchen. Liz put some cookies in the oven.

8:012PM BBT: Julia is going to the bathroom at this time. Austin and Liz are Hugging in the kitchen. Liz says that she is going to eat healthier and she also asked BB for some red wine. She goes back to hugging and kissing Austin. Austin says he is going to play chess and Liz says OMG. We can hear the toilet flushing from Julia. Liz says three have left from both sides.

Austin and Liz decided to practice memorizing who left on what day.

8:14PM BBT: Julia has changed clothes. Austin and Liz seem to be confusing themselves quizzing each other. Julia joins them in the kitchen.

8:16PM BBT: Julia is now a part of the quizzing session. Austin seems to be doing better, but Julia seems to be a little lost. Julia asks if Liz is going to get alcohol, Liz says hell yeah. Julia is now arguing with Liz because Liz made a joke about not giving her sister any alcohol.

The conversation goes to the veto competition. Julia says Steve is acting weird. Austin says that he told Steve he was cool, but has a hard time trusting them.

8:20PM BBT: Austwins are still in the kitchen talking about certain situations that may arise after the HoH competition. Liz says that either Julia or Austin need to win.

They believe that Steve is starting to get nervous because the amount of people that are in the house. Some of the conversation was drowned by Julia putting dishes in the sink and shaking a juice container. They go back to quizzing each other.

8:23PM BBT: Austwins are trying to figure out what the competition might be. He says that it would be unfair to ask questions about days that Julia was not in the house. (Liz should have downloaded all of that info to her.) Vanessa walks into the kitchen. Vanessa is talking the twins up saying they did a real good job even though they had a big target on their backs. Austin gets called into the DR.

8:26PM BBT: Vanessa says that she is in utter shock about how everything went down. She said she was so paranoid. Vanessa is still giving a pep talk saying that we can do this over and over.

Julia said she went to Austin yesterday asking him who was going to vote for her. She said she felt worried because Austin, James, and Johnny were talking and stopped when she walked in. Julia said that after she talked to Austin she went into the bathroom area and cried.

8:29PM BBT: Julia believes that James would have put the twins up and would have back-door Vanessa.

The twins and Vanessa are talking about what could have happened if James would have stayed and if James was the first one evicted tonight.

Vanessa says that Meg would have been on a rampage if she would have saw that and could have won the HoH. BB tells Julia that she cannot discuss what she says in the DR with the other HG.

8:31PM BBT: Julia tells Liz why she answered the way she did in the HoH competition. Austwins and Vanessa are so happy that things went down the way they did.

Vanessa is now in the ocean bedroom going over the days and trying to place the events of the season. Vanessa looks like she is thinking very hard. Julia tells Liz that everything worked out well.

Vanessa walks back to the kitchen and asks the twins where everybody was. Julia says that they need to break Steve and John now. Vanessa is going over the possibilities of who is going up next.

8:35PM BBT: The girls are still in the kitchen talking about how hard it is for the girls to win the game due to the physical aspect.

Vanessa brings up the idea that the boys need to start going. Vanessa says that as a feminist she would be so happy if it was just girls at the final.

Vanessa is doing good at inflating the twins ego. Vanessa tells them that they overcame so much even though they were targets as twins. Julia says that no matter who wins they need to put up Steve and John.

8:39PM BBT: Julia says that it is so much better without James and Meg. She says they run the house now. Vanessa and Liz agree.

They are now talking about how horrified they were when the double eviction was announced. Vanessa tells the twins that Steve cannot know that she knew about the twins before they came into the house. They are getting their stories straight because if Steve ever found out he would know that Vanessa and the twins are closer.

8:42PM BBT: The twins and Vanessa are still talking strategy. They are fixed on Steve being a threat to them. Vanessa is making it seem like Steve should be the next one to go. [But, with Vanessa we may never know what she is really going to do.]

Vanessa leaves and the twins go back to quizzing each other. Vanessa is in the bathroom area memorizing the days again. Steve gets out of bed. Liz offers him a chicken nugget. Steve does not look so great.

8:44PM BBT: Julia tells Liz that if she drinks the wine with Austin instead of her she will be upset. Liz gets called to the DR and Austin leaves the DR. Vanessa is still in the bathroom area memorizing the days.

Julia is asking Steve when he got his basket when he won HoH. Julia is really wanting that red wine. Austin and the twins joined Vanessa in the bathroom area.

Julia discovers that one of the males urinated on the back of the toilet. She seems disgusted. Steve is trying to help Vanessa with the days and she pretty much tells him to shut up. Everybody leaves Vanessa except Austin in the bathroom area.

8:49PM BBT: Steve is whispering to himself again. He loves to talk to himself. Austin's Angels are back in the bathroom area. Vanessa is still going over the days. She is letting Austin help her with the days. Vanessa is very serious about this. She has memorized almost everything from the whole season. Steve walks to the bathroom.

8:51PM BBT: Steve starts to help Vanessa again when he walks out of the bathroom. She allows him to help her this time. Steve leaves the bathroom area. Julia is still unpacking her stuff. Vanessa is trying to figure out when the Gronk parties were. Austin provides little help on this topic, he is confused about it too.

Steve is wandering around the house very awkwardly again. Julia goes to the pantry. She seems to be hungry but cannot decide on anything to eat. She looks in the fridge a couple of times. Steve joins the conversation going on in the bathroom area.

The conversation is still about the days. Steve says he needs to go eat something and is discussing what he has eaten that day. Austin tells Liz that we need to try and win because they still have options this week.

8:55PM BBT: Julia walks into the bathroom area and the strategy talk stops for a little bit. It starts again. Austin tells Vanessa that he doesn't want to throw the next competition even though both Steve and Johnny has told him that he is cool with them, Austin says you never know. Austin brings up the fact that they need to win because of the possibilities of Pandora's box.

8:58PM BBT: Steve walks in to the bathroom area and asks to join Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa says yes and then says that her head is spinning due to everything that has happened so far.

They are talking about the times their alliance has come close to certain evictions. Vanessa says that she was very happy when she saw James walk out of the door. She said she could have done a song and dance. Austin says that it was too easy.

9:01PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Austin says, Grandma is dead, the caretaker took her body and never brought it bat. Steve acts like a dog and Austin calls him Boi.

Julia asks Steve if he had his Angel necklace on tonight? Steve says, he had it in his shirt pocket.

Austin talks about the first alliance of eight all being evicted, so all of the insiders are gone. He says, it's the worse alliance ever.

9:03PM BBT: Austin tells Julia about Da'Vonne not trusting Shelli enough to be in the alliance, and that's why Shelli wanted Da'Vonne to leave. Julia says, Shelli was in all the alliances. Austin talks about Clay having his hands in everyone's cookie jar, and telling everything to everyone. Julia says, Audrey was the Queen and Clay was the King until Audrey left and then Shelli took her place. Steve says, he missed a lot in this game. Vanessa says, Audrey, Clay and Shelli were for sure working together.

9:05PM BBT: Austin tells Julia, Vanessa and Steve that they all just blew up. He says, they couldn't trust each other. Liz screams something from across the house. Austin says, she should have said she got her HoH basket because that's more believable. Vanessa is studying days while she sits on the coach in the bathroom area. John says, he still has three hours left before he can eat.

9:07PM BBT: Steve finds his angel necklace on the floor in the bathroom area. Austin and Liz go to their bed in the ocean bedroom. Liz asks Austin if he's good on days? He says, yes. He starts kissing Liz. She complains about her make-up. They kiss some more with a lot of hollow sounds. Austin tells her she looks so pretty tonight. Liz says, thank you. In the bathroom area, Vanessa is going over days with John now.

9:12PM BBT: Not much going on at the moment except for Vanessa and John studying in the bathroom area, and Liz and Austin talking about tonight's competitions. Austin says, he tired to switch his answers tonight, and Julie Chen didn't pause to give him time to switch. He says, usually she does, and Johnny Mac was out so it was OK Austin says, it was hard to tell some things. Austin says, it was HGs faces on other people's bodies. Austin told Liz she won it. Austin says, he hopes it's a days competition.

9:15PM BBT: Liz tells Austin it's going to be physical. Austin says, he hopes it's days, but if it's physical it might not be until tomorrow. Liz says, it's going to be tonight. Liz tells Austin how good his beard looks. He tells her how good she looks. Liz asks Austin what the RV picture was in their booth? Austin says, it was the transition screen. Liz says, they had boards there also so they could write. Austin says, it was in case of a tie. Liz says, she tried to throw it to Julia. Liz asks Austin if he was excited? Austin says, yes.

9:17PM BBT: Austin and Liz talk about tonight's live show. They get told they are not allowed to talk about production. Austin says, there's no reason they can't be friends with Meg and James after this. Liz asks if James got a lot of cheers? Austin says, Meg did and he thinks he did also. Austin says, he left the door way open for them to hear. Austin tells Liz that James really didn't even try to stay. Liz is laying on her microphone, so she is muffled. Austin does the same thing.

9:22PM BBT: BB turns up the room microphones to try to hear them. Austin tells Liz that James went out quick which was the best way. Liz says, she wants to get changed. Liz tells Austin and Julia that Meg took her favorite robot. She says, she has no right to take her robot. Julia says, if one of them goes to jury they will get it back, that's not cool. Liz says, "Meg I know you took my robot, you're going to give it back, (in a whisper) bitch," and she snaps her finger. Julia tells her not to be so nasty.

9:24PM BBT: Austwins starts studying the days in the house. Steve peeks in the colorful bedroom. Julia says, "We're practicing days, Steve, don't be a creep." Steve shuts the colorful bedroom door.

9:26PM BBT: Liz goes to the bathroom area and breaks Vanessa and John up. She is yelling, and tells John that Meg took her freaking robot. She says, "Oh, hell no." John asks if it's the one that bends into cool positions? Liz says, she thinks so, it bends into cool positions. (She doesn't even remember what it looks like...LOL). Liz goes in the bathroom. Vanessa goes in the bathroom area and tells Liz that she has her HoH key.

9:28PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that she doesn't get to use it to go in the the HoH room, but it should be around her neck, and it rightly belongs there. BB calls Liz to the DR. She is changing her clothes.

BB calls Liz to the DR again. She is taking her time doing her hair. BB calls Liz to the DR for a third time. Liz runs and says, I'm coming. Liz thinks it's for the competition. Julia says, it might be for her HoH box. Austin goes in the bathroom and we can hear him starting to go pee, until they shut his microphone off.

9:31PM BBT: Julia tells Vanessa that it would be cool if she's in the the HoH room again. Austin rinses his hand off in the sink, and doesn't use any soap, nor does he use a towel. Julia comes out of the bathroom, washes her hands and uses a towel to dry them. Steve goes in the bathroom area with Vanessa and starts running down the days in the house with her.

9:32PM BBT: HGs are conflicted as to whether they are getting ready to do the HoH Competition or it's for Liz' HoH basket. Vanessa tells Steve that they both have each others word on their mothers that they aren't putting each other up. Steve says, OK and leaves the bathroom area. Austin goes in and tells Vanessa they should use this as a free play. Vanessa says, she's not going to stress, as she's talking uber fast.

9:34PM BBT: Cameras 1 & 2 focus on the DR door. Steve walks by the Memory Wall.

Julia is lounging on a couch in the living room . Julia asks Steve if he got his HoH box thing after the second HoH Competition? Steve says, yes. Julia says, so it's probably the competition then. She says, she's picking off her nail polish, because that's what they do.

Liz says, "Hey everybody, it's time for the HoH Competition, head out to the backyard." Julia tells Liz that her pants are disgusting. We see FotH.

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