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By a Vote of 2 - 0 Frankie was Evicted
The HoH contest was a Before or After that ended with Cody and Derrick tied. By answering the tie-breaker closest,
Derrick Won HoH
Derrick Nominated Caleb and Victoria
Cody Won PoV
Cody will be the sole vote tomorrow night and will evict either Caleb or Victoria

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Update Entry
Tuesday, September 16 2014  Feed Return Tonight!

Mortys TV Pop Poll

The live feeds return tonight after tonight's broadcast of Big Brother 16, episode 37. While we wait, I have another poll for you.  The poll is based on the theory that Derrick has groomed Victoria, not just to be the ultimate pawn, but his ultimate partner in the final two. Derrick has played the most perfect game in BB history (IMHO), and I don't think it just happened, I think Derrick studied.

His gameplay has been very similar to last season's modus operandi of Big Brother Canada's Jon Pardy. Jon played closely with Neda Kalantar, just as Derrick has with Cody. Jon and Neda were pulling Sabrina Abbate along with them, using her as a pawn, and Sabrina couldn't win competitions, so she wasn't a threat. Jon won the final HoH, and instead of taking his pal and cohort Neda, he took his pawn Sabrina, and of course he won. For those of us that followed Big Brother Canada, BB16 looks like it was Rewound twice. The only question is, do you think Derrick can pull it off?

As Big Brother 16 starts to come to a close, I need to remind you that there are only around 165 days until Big Brother 3 starts in Canada. It's the same great Big Brother that's played in the US (I even think it's better than BBUSA), and we cover it the same, so be sure to check back in February for start dates and details.

The other topic that I have to bring up at this time of year is our need for donations. If you can afford to donate a few bucks to keep our servers humming along please click here

  In this screen capture of the HoH room, note the license plate reading "#1 DAD" indicating that Derrick is the HoH!
Update:  Some sites are reporting that Frankie was evicted and Derrick won HoH. Tune in tonight at 8PM to see if it's true. It has been confirmed that there was a brief leak on the live feeds and that Frankie wasn't seen. It appears that Derrick is the HoH. Derrick told Victoria to play for herself and not for the money so she won't be so nervous about winning. Derrick says he is nervous, but it is a good nervous.

It's the vote you've waited for all summer: America's Favorite HG! Who deserves the $25k prize? Voting is now open at


Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
 The rewind button was pushed and the week was replayed, but despite that, history did not repeat itself. Welcome to a special eviction episode of Big Brother!

Previously, on Big Brother, the HGs pressed a mysterious button and activated an ominous countdown clock. When Frankie went on a winning streak, his plan was to remain loyal to his alliance and send Victoria packing. But instead of an eviction, when the clock hit zero, and the game was officially rewound a week.

The HGs got a second chance at sewing the seeds of victory, but this time it was Caleb that became Beastmode HoH. Derrick and Cody decided it was time to take a shot at Frankie but Caleb was unsure if it was the best move for his game. After Derrick worked his magic, the Cowboy pulled the trigger for the Hitmen. Even though Caleb tried to dupe Frankie into believing he was in no real danger, Ariana's brother suspected he had a major problem. Tonight, it's a must win veto for Frankie, plus it's a special eviction episode of Big Brother - someone will be leaving the house tonight! And a new HoH will be crowned. All this right now, on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. We are almost a week away from naming a winner of BB and the inevitable has happened. The Detonators have finally turned on one another. Last week's target Victoria has become the pawn and Frankie has taken her place with his allies set in sending him to the jury. But this is BB and anything can happen and anyone can be evicted tonight. So, will nominations change and if so who will be heading out the front door? We'll soon find out. But first, with the press of a button everything has changed. Frankie has gone from holding all the power to holding on for dear life.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Caleb tells us as much as he loves Frankie, this is a game. If he doesn't knock him out first, Frankie may come at him and knock him out next week. Frankie tells us he feels hugely blindsided. He knows he is a huge target so being put up raises every red flag possible. Victoria tells us she's been nominated for the 8th time but Frankie will be walking out the door and she'll make it to final four. Derrick tells us nominations went according to plan. He avoided being put up there and Caleb put Frankie up there. Now they have to win the veto to send Frankie packing.

Caleb goes to talk to Frankie in the bathroom area to explain his reasons. Cody was on the block all week and Derrick didn't get to play in either HoH competition so it wasn't fair.

In the DR, Frankie cannot believe that Caleb didn't put Derrick up just because he didn't get to play for HoH twice. That doesn't make any sense! Frankie won HoH and kept Caleb safe! Caleb tells Frankie to win veto, pull himself off and Derrick will go up. In storage room, Derrick and Cody discuss Caleb being willing to put Frankie up and work with the two of them. That violates their final two deal. Cody tells us the time to send Frankie home is now, now, now. This kid's gotta go.

Later, Caleb and Frankie are playing pool. Frankie says he knows what Caleb is doing and loves him for it. He's being tested. Caleb says there is no reason to test Frankie. Caleb says the only concern he had was if Frankie was off the block and won the veto, him taking a bit stab, pull Victoria off and force them to send a big player home. Frankie chortles; he could have done that last week! Caleb mentions it got brought up between the three guys, Frankie sighs. Frankie can't believe they are still conspiring against him after all he's done and all he has proven. Cody comes out, Caleb tells him what he said to Frankie.

Cody tells us that Caleb needs to shut his mouth, this is Big Brother! You don't make a big move and then go tell the person everything once you did it! If Frankie manages to pull himself off the block, he'll be gunning for all of them!

Caleb doesn't want Frankie to think they are plotting behind his back. Derrick comes out, Frankie tells him what Caleb said.

In the DR, Derrick says that Caleb is killing him! He cannot keep his mouth shut! If Frankie goes out there and wins the veto, now Derrick is going on the block. Thanks, Caleb. Frankie mentions no need to doubt. Derrick says if there was a doubt, and Frankie doesn't win the veto, they would send him home. Frankie says last week all he did was prove himself again and he will keep doing so until the end of the game. Frankie tells us everything is crystal clear to him. He is a huge threat in the game. It's written all over Derrick's face, Cody's face. They're just scared of him. Frankie says he'll be judged based on his honest, loyal actions in the house.

The HGs are in the kitchen, studying the memory wall closely for the upcoming veto. Frankie has a piece of paper with a big enough slit to focus on specific body parts on the face. Derrick tells us they have a unique opportunity. Because of the rewind button, they know exactly what the veto competition is going to be and they can prepare for it.

Frankie tells us that Derrick didn't say the words but he revealed that Frankie is the target for the week. It comes down to the veto; he blew them away with it last week and he will do it again. Derrick tells us this is the most pivotal veto of the summer. If they can make this big move and get Frankie out, he's that much closer to the $500k. Cody tells us he has wanted Frankie out for weeks; this is their chance. He smoked them last time but that won't happen again. He will study every detail on that wall and take him out HitMan style.

All summer long you've been sending Team America on secret missions. Team America is over but Frankie and Derrick have the chance to take home some extra cash.

Frankie goes into the DR and finds a TA card.

"Team America is over and you are now playing for yourself and yourself alone. But as an individual, you have one more chance to win a price. In honor of your service to Team America, win BB and take home an extra $50K."

Frankie tells us he would love to win; that his huge! Unbelievable. Derrick's reaction is stunned "Wow."

Time for the PoV competition! Cody tells us last week he barely beat Victoria! Totally embarrassing! Cody reads the card, where he is told there are 6 new freak show acts with three faces of the HGs mashed together except the last one which has two faces (six features). In a twist for this week's veto, the first player will set the time to beat and the next player must beat this time or their time is over. Cody presses his buzzer and starts. The first one is Donny, Joey and Zach. Next is Brittany, Amber and Cody. Third is Frankie, Devin and Jocasta. Fourth is Paola, Caleb and Victoria. Fifth is Derrick, Hayden and Brittany. Sixth and final is Christine, Jocasta, Zach, Nicole, Joey and Paola. Cody's time is 2:21. Cody tells us he doesn't think that will be good enough.

Next up is Caleb. Cody is up in the second HoH room watching and chuckling. Caleb tells us he and Frankie are the two biggest competitors left in this game. He has to get Frankie before Frankie gets him. Caleb stumbles when he forgets to turn off the names from the last freak slide, which causes a long delay. He finally realizes it, while Cody is screeching in HoH. Caleb runs past Cody's time and is buzzed out. Victoria is next while Caleb joins Cody in HoH. They are cheering Victoria on. She stumbles on Paola and Caleb screams "Look at that nose girl!" Victoria joins the HGs in the HoH room while Frankie heads outside. He is stunned to see Cody's time that he has to beat.

Frankie tells us he was panicking and the clock is counting down but he has to move faster. He is also buzzed out, losing the PoV. In HoH, everyone is hugging. Frankie tells us he went from winning HoH and veto to being on the block and potentially going home. And he is wrecked. Derrick sees the time in the backyard and is stunned, assuming Frankie struck again. Derrick flies through the competition, but gets stuck on the last slide (with six people) and gets buzzed out. Cody wins PoV! Derrick is stunned when he sees that Cody won PoV. Cody tells us he just won the biggest competition of the summer so far and sending the biggest target out of the house! Caleb tells us he feels like they just knocked out Goliath. Frankie's butt will sit on the block and final three looks good to him right now. Frankie tells us he can only hope Cody and Derrick stick to their word.

Time for the veto meeting. Cody gives both nominees a chance to say why they think he should use the veto on them. Victoria: Congrats Cody on winning veto. I enjoy playing the game with you guys. At this point, I don't expect you to use it but if you do, I'd love for you to use it on me. Frankie: If you use the veto on me, Derrick will be the replacement nominee. He's never been on the block so you should use it one me. Thanks. (As he sits down, he mutters "crushed it") Derrick has a "if looks could kill" look on his face as he stares at Frankie. Cody decided not to use the power of veto. He is going to respect Caleb's HoH nominations.

Frankie tells us he is not surprised he is still on the block. He is not 100% sure he is staying this week. All he can do is preach loyalty all week. Are you going to choose greed or are you going to choose honor? Choice is yours, you will be judged. In the backyard, Cody and Frankie are playing pool. Frankie is trying hard of keeping it together on Caleb. He'll never make the mistake of keeping him safe. Derrick comes out. Frankie wonders how long until Caleb comes to them and suggests to keep Victoria? Frankie tells us he has to work on the two votes for the week and make him understand that he has a clear target: Caleb has wronged him and if they keep him, he will not come after them, he'll come after Caleb.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Final pleas! Victoria: Familial shout outs. HGs it has been a honor playing the game with you. I have fought hard to get to this point and I want to stay and continue fighting. I would really appreciate it if I could stay. No hard feelings, best of luck! Thank you, Julie.

Frankie: Familial greetings. HGs, I knew coming in here that if I were to play at my full potential that I would be a huge target and I am proud to say I did shine bright like a Frankie since day 1 and I've made it all the way to day 88. That being said, before we pushed that infernal button, I have kept you all safe as HoH and I would really appreciate it if you honored the final four agreement and we made it to the end but if not I always say "Go Grande or go home" and tonight I might be doing both. Thank you to all my fans and supporters. Julie, take it away!"

Julie calls Frankie a real showman.

Time for the votes! Cody is up first, and chooses to evict Frankie. Derrick is up next and also chooses to evict Frankie. By a vote of 2-0, Frankie is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Frankie tells them to line up for speeches. "Caleb, I'm returning these to you because even though to you because even though I am a Queen, I have been the King of this house for 88 days" (Gives him the King and Queen for the chess board) "Victoria, please try to win something. Derrick, as the only remaining responsible adult, please don't kill my fish. And Cody, I've had better." He tells them all he loves them and leaves, walking into loud cheering and throws glitter in the studio. He kisses Julie on the cheeks and tells her he loves her.

Julie says this is the happiest evictee she's ever seen. Julie asks what Frankie feels about Cody. Frankie loves everyone. Cody and he have had a bumpy road and he feels like he is going to find out some things about him when he watches the show. "Just him?" Julie asks. Frankie chuckles. No, about everyone! Especially Cody. He feels like Cody has been playing him for awhile. But we'll see. Frankie played so hard for PoV last week because he can't not win things. He can't not give 100% of himself. Caleb beast moded the second HoH. Frankie doesn't regret not turning on everyone last week when he could've. It's not who he is as a person. Because he is playing for charity, he didn't want to compromise his values as a person. So no, he doesn't regret it.

Frankie loves Derrick and respects him the most because he is playing for his family. He is willing to do whatever it takes to take the money home to his family. He proved that with Donny, because as we all saw, Frankie did not want Donny to go but Derrick said he had to go, and at that point Frankie knew Derrick would do it to him soon.

Julie mentions Ariana and Frankie starts kicking his feet excitedly, "Is she here?" Julie says no information from the outside world yet - but Ariana has a bright future. Frankie thinks his secret reveal on day 49 helped keep him in the game longer. He forgot who he was and he thought coming out would help him get through the game. It did - it helped him fight harder. And it shook the house up!

Goodbye messages: Frankie asks Julie to hold his hand while they watch. Cody says Frankie has been a paesan with him from the beginning. Cody says he'd blow anyone away in the game because he played the social game he did but double the competition wins which is why Cody didn't want to sit next to him in final two.

Victoria is sorry he has to leave, the house saw an opportunity to send him packing or hand him the money. She wishes him the best of luck.

Derrick says Frankie is by far one of the best players in the game and he had every intention of honoring their commitment until the end as part of TA. At the end of the day, they are both here for the same reason and he has to do what is best for his game. Caleb says Frankie is one of his best friend's in the house, he is a beast in the game, you're welcome for sitting next to Julie and you're the man, Frankie J!

Time for the HoH competition! This competition is called Foggy Memory and here is how it works. You'll be asked a question about past events that happened this summer. Your goal is to answer this event happened before or after a second event. You will receive 1 point for every correct answer. The HGs with the most points after seven questions will be the new HoH.

Question 1: Did Nicole wear a frog costume before or after she wore the germitard? The correct answer is Before. Everyone got it right.

Question 2: At his nomination speech, did Zach call Nicole a froot loop dingus and compare Christine to Jen City before or after Amber won her second BoB? The correct answer is After. Everyone got it right.

Question 3: Did Christine win her first veto before or after two women won the same HoH competition? The correct answer is Before. Derrick gets it wrong.

Question 4: Did the zombies make an appearance at the BB house before or after Kathy Griffin made an appearance? The correct answer is before. Everyone got it right.

Question 5: Did Zach win his only PoV before or after Donny won his third PoV? The correct answer is After. Cody and Derrick each get a point.

Question 6: Did Jocasta choose not to play in the competition because she was sick before or after Devin went on the block as a replacement nominee? The correct answer is Before. Cody and Derrick get another point.

Question 7: In his final eviction plea on the night he was evicted, did Zach say the words "You all suck" before or after he said the words "I strongly dislike all of you"? The correct answer is After. Cody and Derrick are tied with 6-6!

The answer will be a number. The person who is closest without going over will be the new HoH. If you both go over, the person closest to the correct number will win.

Question: How many seconds long was the luxury competition involving the jurors from the official start until the moment Hayden eliminated Nicole? Answer: 462 seconds. Derrick, with a guess of 420 seconds, wins HoH!

Vote for the Houseguest you think deserves to win $25,000! Vote 20 times per day. CLICK HERE  Voting closes Monday, September 22 at 9:59AM  PT.

Tune in tomorrow night at 8PM  for another live eviction! Who will Derrick nominate for eviction, who will win the PoV and who's dream of winning it all will come to an end? Then Friday join us for a special episode as the battle for the final HoH begins. And then, a week from Wednesday on September 24, it is reality TV's biggest night. Join us for Survivor's premiere at 8PM followed by season finale of Big Brother where the final HoH will be crowned, all of the HGs reunite and one HGs will be crowned and it all happens live beginning at 9:31PM!

Tonight's Big Brother show play-by-play was written by BBLuver.
Did you miss tonight's episode?  See it Here No matter where you live!


Evidence Photos
[Click to Enlarge]

Note Cody removing the PoV from the memory wall.


Cody heads into the DR with the PoV


Caleb tries on Cody's PoV


Screen Captures by Cassondra0222

9:00PM BBT: The feeds are back and we have Derrick talking to himself, practicing a speech he will make in the final two.

9:10PM BBT: Derrick is in HoH eating, he leaves and joins Caleb and Cody talking in the living room about when they graduated high school and how old they are. Victoria is cooking.

9:20PM BBT: Caleb and Cody still in the living room talking small talk. Now it's about driving for work and other cars they have seen. Victoria is doing her make-up in the bathroom area.

9:31PM BBT: Caleb and Cody are talking about Victoria now and how upset she is. Cody said that he told her that she and Derrick have been at odds for a while and he doesn't want to get in the middle. Caleb doesn't understand why she is so upset. Cody says that every time she goes to DR they pump her up and we get fish.

When we get back on cam three we see only Cody and Derrick's keys in the memory wall. Caleb and Victoria are nominees.

9:35PM BBT: Cody is called to DR he runs to grab his veto necklace confirming himself as the winner. He says oh I forgot this as he heads to DR.

9:45PM BBT: There's just small talk all over the house. They're talking about tomorrow and the live show. We get FotH a lot because of the production talk. Derrick says they are always wrong so he is trying not to speculate anymore.

9:55PM BBT: Derrick is laying on the couch with his eyes closed and Victoria makes a remark that he is the only one who can get away with sleeping outside of the bedrooms without getting called out. Derrick thanks BB then says he is going to get called out all the time. Two minutes later BB says that this is a reminder, sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. They say BB knows no one is sleeping.

10:10PM BBT: More general chatter throughout the house about tiny things and about how the next few days will go. Derrick gets called to DR. Caleb and Cody share an inside joke and laugh. Victoria doesn't get it and wants to understand. Caleb tries not to get into it.

10:25PM BBT: Derrick is pacing about the kitchen talking about his daughter. Cody reads that his Skittles bag expires in 2004. He calls out BB and BB replies: "Cody, you're the reason why we can't have nice things." They all have a laugh and figure out the Skittles are still good.

10:35PM BBT: Cody talks about Kelly Clarkson. He sings her song and we get fish. When we come back, Victoria says she wants to go to sleep. She asks if Cody is stressed about tomorrow and he says no not really. He is stressed about the HoHs and not knowing what or how they will be.

10:45PM BBT: Derrick and Victoria are in HoH now talking about the fake hate they have for each other. Derrick says she doesn't have to keep that going anymore. Victoria says she knows but she is still going to say she isn't taking him to finals if she wins so they don't expect her to. Caleb lays down in bed and stares at the ceiling for a bit. Derrick and Victoria discuss how many times she has had to give a speech for her BB life. Derrick doesn't think she needs anything new. Victoria has been called to DR twice now. She leaves and Derrick asks us viewers if we have ever seen a HGs have to coach another as much as he coaches her?

10:50PM BBT: All is quiet in the BB house, not a sound can be heard not even a mouse. Cody is pacing while Derrick has headphones on his ears. Meanwhile Caleb is bed thinking of what he will soon say to his peers.

10:55PM BBT: Caleb changes his mic battery and heads to bed. Cody, Derrick, and Victoria are talking about what type of kids they were. Cody talks about being obsessed with shaving and that he would shave his arms legs and face but his parents wouldn't let him take the cover off the razor.

11:02PM BBT: Derrick and Cody shaving in the bathroom area still talking about their family/parents. Victoria is laying down in the bathroom area with them not speaking.

  Caleb uses a dab of makeup to cover a zit.

11:08PM BBT: Derrick and Cody finishing shaving in the bathroom area and Victoria heads up to the the HoH room [off camera].

Derrick tells Cody she is going up there knowing that both of them will go there too. Cody says that Caleb is depressed. Cody is telling Derrick his reasoning for possibly voting Caleb out. Cody says that evicting Caleb gives him and Derrick a better chance to be final two, but Caleb shouldn't hate Cody for that decision. BB tells Derrick to put on his mic and Derrick says that BB is crushing him tonight.

11:15PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody that Caleb has been mentioning all three of the guys 'til the end and final three. Derrick says that they are doing to Caleb what they did to Frankie before he was evicted, they are just playing the numbers. Cody says this isn't a pissing game of a competition of egos, it's a game of chess. Cody and Derrick are going over the possible competitions of the three part final HoH competition.

The conversation moves to how well/bad Victoria will do in the final HoH competition vs. how she has done in previous competitions.

11:20PM BBT: Caleb in Earth room laying down, eyes open, not saying a word. Derrick and Cody still talking game in the bathroom area. Caleb gets up and passes the bathroom area to go up in the the HoH room, he looks around the room and leaves. Caleb finally finds Cody and Derrick in the bathroom area, game talk has shifted to shaving. Victoria has fallen asleep in the the HoH room.

11:25PM BBT: Feeds on Victoria asleep. Caleb is walking around the kitchen table making laps. Derrick comes back out of the fire room and Caleb asks him is Victoria is still pleading to him. Derrick says he hasn't been up there yet. Caleb tells him he has a pretty good speech planned for the Veto meeting. Victoria has woken up and heads down to the kitchen. Derrick is called to the DR. Cody comes out of the bathroom area and says "What up girl?" to Victoria. Caleb still making laps in the kitchen.

11:35PM BBT: Derrick is out of the DR, only got called to change the batteries in the TV remote. Victoria is sitting and staring at the kitchen table/Caleb [who is still pacing]. Derrick and Cody go up to the the HoH room and check if Caleb has followed them up. Derrick tells Cody about Caleb telling him about his speech tomorrow. Victoria asks Caleb if he is trying to remember his speech but he says that he doesn't try to memorize things because he would just mess it up. Caleb goes up to the the HoH room, Cody asks why he was pacing and Caleb says he is just thinking.

11:40PM BBT: Cody, Derrick, and Caleb in the the HoH room talking about Victoria's possible speech for tomorrow and eating Derrick's food. Victoria is in the bathroom area doing her make up. Talk in the the HoH room was briefly about Benihana type restaurants before Cody gets called to DR. Caleb is campaigning to Derrick and Victoria enters the room but Caleb still continues talking.

11:45PM BBT: Derrick tells Caleb and Victoria that they have less than 5 days until they get out of the house. [Unaware the finally is actually on Wednesday]. Derrick is talking about seeing his daughter and whether she will have to fly home before he gets enough time to see her. Caleb says that he is so happy this game is almost over. Derrick tells him that he see this every year at this point.

11:52PM BBT: Cody enters the the HoH room, finished from his DR session. There is now small talk between Caleb and Derrick. Victoria is sitting on the couch not talking and Cody is listening to music on the bed.

11:58PM BBT: The conversation in the the HoH room has shifted to seafood between Derrick, Cody, and Caleb.

Today's updaters are:  BBLuver, Cassondra0222, CoDKiller87, jkuzma, Kekila, kitten_200, Morty, and nma1985.

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