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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)

It's day 17 in the Big Brother House.



The HGs are playing in teams of four:
Frank, Michelle, Paulie, and Bridgette are: Category 4.
Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, and Glenn are the Freakazoids
James, Victor, Natalie, and Bronte are: Team Unicorn
Da'Vonne, Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah are: Big Sister
Glenn lost the "Hit The Road" Competition & Was Evicted
Nicole is the first HoH of BB18

The Have-Nots are: Da'Vonne, Paul, Jozea, and Zakiyah
Nicole Nominated Jozea & Paulie for Eviction
Nicole's target is Jozea, Paulie is a pawn Nicole hopes Paulie will keep Jozea from winning PoV. On Sunday at 8PM, a new competition will be shown and the winning houseguest will get "unprecedented power."
In another twist, Paul was nominated as a third nominee.
Paul Won PoV
Paul doesn't know who nominated him, since it was done anonymously, but we think it was Frank. Jozea and Michelle do not know if Paul will chose replacement or the anonymous person.
Paul used the PoV on himself and Bridgette went up in his place.
Frank nominated Bridgette as the replacement nominee, however the HGs do not know who held the power to nominate Paul, or put up the replacement.
Alliances and Deals Chart
Updated: June 24

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Update Entry
Thursday, June 30, 2016 Eviction Day
SMVanBoyz reminds us that today is the 1400 day of Big Brother
7:15PM BBT:
The HGs are still sleeping. While we wait for them to wake, IndyMom78 posted a lot more coverage from last night, it starts here. [Thanks IndyMom, great stuff.] Then, Monadyan more coverage at 3:15AM until they were all tucked in. [Thanks to Monadyan too.]

8:00 - 8:31AM BBT: Good Morning USA! Today is eviction day!! The lights are now on in the BB house and some house guests were told to change their batteries, so they got up and changed them and then all went back to bed.

8:50AM BBT: All cameras are on the British room and the Tokyo room.

In the Tokyo room we see what looks like Paul and Paulie sharing the pull out couch bed, Victor and Jozea sharing the pink middle bed, and (I'm not 100% sure) Corey (?) in the third bed. In the British room James and Da'Vonne are sharing a bed, but I can't see the bodies or faces of any of the other HGs in that room. No one is up yet. The house is silent with the occasional sound of someone briefly stirring in their bed. Zzzzzzz.

9:58AM BBT: BB just called Natalie to the DR and all other houseguests are still sleeping... then we get FotH.

10:05AM BBT: The HGs are starting to wake up.

10:26AM BBT: In bathroom, Bronte tells Bridgette, Natalie and Nicole that it is so quiet because the boys are still asleep.

10:31AM BBT: In bathroom, Natalie is talking about her finger is swollen and sore. Bronte asks her if she showed it to Bridgette. Natalie doesn't know how she hurt her finger. Bridgette said to just ice it and take some Motrin.

10:34AM BBT: Showing WBRB message again. The boys are still not awake.

10:46AM BBT: Natalie is called to the DR.

10:50AM BBT: In kitchen, Bridgette and Nicole discussing what it is like for Bridgette to be a vegetarian. She said that at one hospital she worked at, they through her a completely vegetarian pot luck.

10:56AM BBT: In bathroom, Bronte tells Nicole that Da'Vonne and Natalie are not on their side.

11:13AM BBT: In Have-Not room, Zakiyah talking to camera says that it is eviction day and it is going to get real. She then gives a shout out to her family and asks for prayers for her.

11:26PM BBT: Feeds are down and the screen shows, "WBRB" (We'll be Right Back).

12:53PM BBT: The feeds are back with the HGs leaving the HoH room and heading down stairs asking for nail clippers.

12:58PM BBT: All the girls are still in the HoH room doing nails and talking general talk. the guys are all downstairs eating and finding clothes for tonight's live eviction and we get WBRB.

12:59PM BBT: The feeds back as everyone offers to help Nicole remove her things from the HoH room.

1:03PM BBT: James walks into the bedroom and tells Bridgette that he knows for sure she is not going tonight. Bridgette says thanks I needed to hear that. James walks out and goes back to the kitchen.

1:06PM BBT: Victor and Paul in the storage room setting up the ironing board. Jozea in the shower while the girls are doing makeup and talking general talk on where to put Nicole's things at.

It's the first regular eviction episode of the season, and Little Nicky in Delran NJ has requested that I review today's itinerary. Here's what happens today:


Artist's rendering of Julie Chen's arrival at Studio City.

The HGs get the house all cleaned up.

Then Julie Chen arrives, and is carried in on a sedan chair by four bronzed and brawny, footmen-- we don't get to see that.

BB sends all the HGs up to the HoH room where everyone naps and doesn't talk to each other. While the HGs are in the HoH on lockdown, a group of production assistants, or PAs as the stars call them, assume the roles of the HGs.

They do a complete run through of tonight's show. This allows them to test all the camera angles, the HoH challenge equipment, and it gives Julie time to practice witty ad-libs. We see none of this on the live feeds, just the boring real HGs snoozing in the HoH room.

After the rehearsal, they let the HGs out of the HoH and everyone goes downstairs to snack and make one last grab at changing the votes. During this time, the feeds are worthless because BB is directing them so much that all we see is the WBRB screen for most of the day. I imagine that during this time Julie is some place fabulous, being fanned and fed grapes.

The last step is the primping. The struggle for mirror time is amusing. The guys are just as bad as the girls. There's plucking, painting, pruning, brushing, because tonight, for 45 minutes, they'll be on CBS.

1:06PM BBT: Victor and Paul in the storage room setting up the ironing board. Jozea in the shower while the girls are doing makeup and talking general talk on where to put Nicole's things at.

1:52PM BBT: Frank is in the Safari room talking to James and Michelle about how Paulie is going to be strong and win competitions and Jozea won't. Frank says he will spin it to Paul and Victor that he wasn't going to vote out a strong competitor from his team.

2:05PM BBT: The HGs are in the bathroom area doing hair and makeup. Corey is cutting Paul's hair. Just general conversation going on.


[Click Images to Enlarge]

2:19PM BBT: The HGs are still getting ready for the live show as the other HGs are sitting around talking general talk.

2:26PM BBT: Frank keeps telling everyone that BB said they would get about an hours heads up before they have to be completely ready for tonight's live show and we keep getting WBRB.

2:38PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around and relaxing all over the house and some still preparing for tonight. Just general talk going on about what to wear. Frank says he is ready to get this show on the road.

2:54PM BBT: In the storage room, Victor tells Jozea that they should be OK tonight and if not then he and Paul will have to make rounds. Jozea says his speech tonight will come natural.

2:59PM BBT: Just general talk going on through the house as the HGs prepare and wait for tonight's live eviction.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

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Update Entry
Wednesday, June 28, 2016 Eviction Eve
6:31AM BBT: All is quiet in the BB house. Natalie awakens, goes to the bathroom, exits the bathroom, pauses at the sink, washes her hands with a long stream of water, all the while her eyes are tightly closed. She turns off the water and wipes her hands on her sweatpants. She awakens Paulie briefly as she passes through his room and opens the squeaky door to her room. He rises and looks around, before settling back next to Paul in the pull-out sofa style bed.

9:00AM BBT:  The hamsters are up and running around. Victor, Paulie, Nicole, James, and Da'Vonne are in the kitchen. Frank, Bridgette, Michelle, and Bronte are in the bathroom area doing ADLs. Someone is in the shower. Da'Vonne is called the DR.

9:05AM BBT: Now Jozea is in the kitchen and so is Frank. Everyone is eating breakfast. Jozea heads to the bathroom area to eat his cereal. Bridgette is helping Michelle straighten her hair. Frank says they are going to lock them up in the HoH room while they put things together in the backyard. Bronte says maybe they can spray for ants. James is called to the DR and someone speculates they are doing GOODBYE messages.

Natalie is out of the shower and she says, "What a beautiful day to be alive." She is getting ready to put on lotion and says that if there's mayo in the lotion she is going to punch someone in the face.

9:10AM BBT: Corey is also in the kitchen. He asks Frank if there's a possibility they are doing a competition today. Frank says he wouldn't think so but that there are bags in the storage room so they might be. The HGs in the bathroom area aren't talking at all (Victor, Natalie, Jozea, and someone in the shower).

Natalie is called to the DR. Corey says that he is sorry they haven't told them when they can get out of their pixels. James says he thinks it's because they are going to be participating in a competition and Julie Chen will say, "You have been in the pixels for one week." He then says that maybe if they fail at the competition they will have to wear them for another week. Frank is not on board with that idea.

9:15AM BBT: James wonders if they have changed the Live shows to Wednesday because you never know with Production. Frank doubts it though. Michelle and Jozea are in the Safari room and she is complaining that she has gained weight and she's embarrassed by it. Jozea asks if she has worked out and she says she hasn't been able to because of the Pixel outfit. He says that they can workout together when she's out of it.

9:20AM BBT: Jozea says it's not cool to be sitting in ‘those chairs' (nominee chairs) even though he knows he's safe. She tells him that it's almost Thursday and it will be over soon. She asks him who he has done makeup wise and he says lots of "gurrs" but it's in the contract that he can't say. She asks if he does guys and he says yes, but they are, bronzer and that 70% wear eyeliner. She asks why they wear it and he says because when the camera goes on their face it looks like their lashes are fuller. Then he starts to give her makeup advice.

9:25AM BBT: Frank yells that he is getting a rash from his dirty-ass panties. He needs to get out of this shit. James tells Corey that Nicole told him she is going to crack an egg over his head while he is sleeping. Corey says he hasn't done anything to her. James says that if it happens he will be right there behind her with a carton of eggs.

Cameras one and two switches to the HoH room and Tiffany getting ready. Corey comes up and asks Nicole if she said she's going to crack an egg over his head. She laughs and says she'd never do it.

9:31AM BBT: Now Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Frank are all laying down in the HoH bed joking around with one another. Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette are all getting ready in the bathroom area.

9:33AM BBT: Bridgette whispers to Natalie that she was talking to Frank last night. It's hard to hear her, but it seems that she says that when he talks to them about voting he is trying to figure out how the house is voting because he thinks James is the flip vote and he wants to vote with the house. Natalie says they need to make sure to tell Bronte and Bridgette say she already knows. Bridgette says she just wants Natalie to know why Frank is asking so many questions.

9:35AM BBT: Natalie tells Bridgette that she wishes she could ‘Phone a friend' for evictions. She would phone her mom because she would set her straight. We get WBRB. Bronte and Jozea are talking in the Safari room now. He tells her they have their bags in the storage room. She says they may be sending someone home today. She assures him that he's not going home and that it will feel so good when Paulie does.

9:40AM BBT: Jozea says then Bridgette needs to go, then Tiffany needs to go. Jozea says he doubts today has anything to do with leaving because they didn't tell them to get dressed or anything for the Live show. Natalie is called to the DR for the second time.

Bronte tells Jozea that it's the five of them and then everyone else she wants to be evicted. She says that she thought James was America's favorite and she wonders what on earth America saw in that boy. She said it was a bonding experience for them. She said if someone made up a flat out lie about her it would be so rough. Jozea says they just need to get through the next 24 hours. Bronte says she is going to pee but she has been avoiding it because there are ants all over the bathroom area.

9:45AM BBT: Jozea wakes Paul up and tells him they are getting locked in the HoH room later.

Now Jozea heads to the HoH room where Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Frank are all laying down in bed. Tiffany and Da'Vonne are laying down on the couch. Jozea sits down in a chair and doesn't say anything. James enters the room and starts to put on lotion. Paul yells, "Why the hell are there crackers on the floor?"

Nicole asks Frank if he's a cuddler and he says, "For the first 15 minutes." James says that Corey is a cuddler.

 9:50AM BBT: Nicole asks what James is doing and Frank says he's pretty sure he's masturbating. Jozea is still just sitting in the chair not talking to anyone. He is wrapped in his yellow towel/cape. Bridgette is eating breakfast and someone asks where everyone is. Bridgette says upstairs.

The other HGs says, "already?" Bridgette says she doesn't want to be crammed up there until they have to. Michelle comes upstairs and tells them that Paul is really pissed about the crackers on the floor. James says he's tired of grown ass men being pissed about petty shit. He's like to see what they are like in the real world. Rent is due. Corey says there's a comedian that says, "Don't sweat the petty shit and don't pet the sweaty shit." James says the kid has a lot of learning to do.

9:58AM BBT: Bronte tells Natalie that someone ate crackers all over Victor's bed last night. Natalie asks who. Bronte says probably James and that these people are pigs. Paul is talking to Zakiyah in the kitchen while she eats breakfast. He says he's getting nervous about Jozea and that if they lose a team member, they are fucked. He says Da'Vonne is cool, right? Zakiyah assures him that she is. He tells her they need to win the next HoH.

Bridgette enters the kitchen and Paul tells her he made fresh coffee. Bronte and Natalie are whispering in the bathroom area. Bronte is counting votes and saying that even if people flip, the other side will only have 5 votes. She says the only people they can flip are James and Frank. We get WBRB. [You can hear BB building a set in the backyard ~Morty.]

10:05AM BBT: We still have the WBRB message. The HGs were told they were going to be locked in the HoH room today, so it may be that they were herded in there by production. We will keep you posted...

10:36AM BBT: The feeds have returned. Nicole is saying that she didn't know where her key was, but someone said they knew where it was all along. Corey is massaging Nicole's neck. Someone is singing, so we get WBRB again. Paul, Victor, and Natalie are in the kitchen and Paul says that apparently they will do the same thing again tomorrow but it will be a lot longer. Natalie says, "Really?" Paul says, "Yep, according to the vets." Paul realizes they are locked in for the day. Someone asks what they did and they say that they "switched their keys."

10:40AM BBT: Jozea is whispering to Paul and it's impossible to hear even though BB turns up the volume. Paul says, "F you!" Paul says, "Did you say that?" Frank says that they've never put the keys out this early and they've never put bags out this early. Now Jozea and Victor are in the Safari Room and Jozea tells him what James said up in the HoH room about them being petty. Victor says that James put crackers in their bed and he threw them on the floor. He says that James is the one being petty.

They leave the Safari Room and Paul says, "You don't know what it's like to play bills, do you?" Then he says, "These pranks are F-ing petty!" and he repeats it. Frank walks by and they say hello to him. Someone starts singing and we get WBRB.

10:45AM BBT: When we come back Paul, Jozea, Bronte, and Victor are in the kitchen says it's about to get really mean in this house after tomorrow. Jozea must have just said something because then Paul tells him that he's right, he's right. Frank joins them and then Nicole comes down and says that she wants to pop Frank's blackheads. She says she's been thinking about them.

They head to the bathroom area. She starts to pop them and BB focuses in on them. She says, "Oh man, these are huge!" Frank says, "I'm a big guy." He tells her that his is what the Live Feeders are watching right now and she says she doesn't care. She says other pimple poppers will understand. The kitchen crew is still talking about what James said.

10:50AM BBT: Nicole goes to the British bedroom and tells them (James, Michelle, Tiffany) she popped the blackheads on Frank's back. She says she thought of Michelle. She says she left the cysty one for Michelle. Tiffany tells them to stop talking about it.

Michelle says she thought Nicole was Bronte coming to spy on them. Nicole says that Bronte just gave her a really dirty look. They say she should confront her about it. BB comes over the speaker and says, "Da'Vonne, stop it!" Nicole asks whose bed has crackers in it. James says he put them in Corey's bed and he threw them everywhere. Frank comes into the room and talk turns back to his blackheads.

10:55AM BBT: Franks asks them if he heard them in the kitchen. He says he heard them say the pranks are petty and he was walking through there and he heard Paul scream F-You! Nicole says they're funny. Michelle says what's petty is crying over crackers. Frank says that Corey laughs it off and it was him who it was "getting done to." Natalie enters the room and Frank says he's so glad the lockdown was quick.

James says, "Who keeps pulling these pranks in the house. It's some petty shit." They all laugh and they say it's some short guy with dark hair. Natalie pretends like she was going to throw something at Frank and he says he would get her evicted. James says that's petty. Frank laughs and says that's going to be their new word. Natalie says he's mean. He says he couldn't be mean on his season because he was always on the block. James says he was his hero but he tricked him. Now he sees the real Frank.

11:00AM - 12:00PM BBT: Paul , Victor and James are talking in the kitchen about the ants and about James playing pranks. Victor is not happy about the pranks being played and James tells him to lighten up they are funny.

Bronte and Natalie in the bathroom area talking about the votes for Thursday night and they think Paulie is leaving. Bronte tells Natalie she loves Bridgette but she does not trust her. Natalie says she does not trust Bridgette either, says she flips between groups all the time. Bronte says she thinks the eviction is tonight since the Olympics open tomorrow.

Victor goes to take a nap while Paul teaches Nicole to pay chess.

Bridgette walks into the bathroom area and tells Natalie and Bronte that she thinks James is trying to flip votes. They all three get up and head to the kitchen to make cookies.

1:01PM BBT: The four feeds are on the upstairs sitting area and the kitchen. In the kitchen are Natalie, Nicole, Bridgette and Paul. Upstairs is Corey, just laying on the couch and looking down at the HGs in the kitchen area.

The kitchen HGs are talking about chess and board games. Nicole throws some shout-outs to friends. Paul rinses his dishes and leaves. Nicole shouts upstairs to Corey, who's sitting on the couch outside the HoH room. Michelle and Bridgett are still in their pixel costumes. Paul has returned and is checking his beard in the house mirrors. No sign of the other HGs.

1:06PM BBT: James is sleeping in the British bedroom. There are two other HGs sleeping in the British bedroom, but I can't make out who they are. All three are in separate beds.

Back to the kitchen - Paul is talking with Bridgette and Natalie, throwing F-bombs here and there. I can hear Corey talking with Nicole, but they aren't on camera. Michelle came out of the bathroom area and is now sitting alone on the green couch in the living room . Just general chit chat in the kitchen.

Camera 1 is zooming in and out on Michelle in the living room . She appears to be in deep thought about something.

1:14PM BBT: Corey and Natalie are in the living room . Natalie lays down on her stomach on the floor and Corey is standing over her massaging her back. I think he's going to pop her upper back. he's telling her to take deep breaths. Yep, he popped it. Loud! She thanks him and they head back to the kitchen.

1:17PM BBT: Camera two showing Jozea and Victor sleeping in the anime room. The camera zooming in and out on the Godzilla window. Now doing the same with the kitty and some creepy eyes painted on the wall.

Camera three was zooming in on Jozea's photo downstairs. Paul comes into the anime room, covers his eyes with a shirt or something and lays down. All quiet in the anime room.

In the kitchen, Bridgette is making cookies and talking with Natalie. Nicole is making some sort of food at the counter by the sink. Corey is walking in and out of the kitchen, now sitting down. Paul is called to the DR. The talk in the kitchen is light and nothing about the game.

Nicole goes to the British bedroom and grabs her sweatshirt, fixes her hair in the hallway and then goes into the storeroom - where continues to fix her hair and check herself out in the mirrors. She grabs the mayo and mustard and heads back to the kitchen. Corey tells another long drawn out story to the girls in the kitchen. Nicole is making tuna fish salad.

1:32PM BBT: Camera 1 is now showing the HoH room where Zakiyah and Paulie are napping in the HoH bed. Da'Vonne is sleeping crossways at the foot of the bed.

1:38PM BBT: Bridgette just put down a giant platter of cookies. Corey says "Fine, I'll try one." Natalie replies "Oh Corey" and giggles.

Paul is out of the DR, and now Natalie is in the Have-Not room brushing her hair. She can't find something in her bag and heads to the bathroom. Paul's in the bathroom washing his hands and brushing his teeth. She doesn't find what she's looking for and heads back. Natalie came out of the bathroom and she and Paul are talking at the sink while he washes his face. Water is running and I can't understand who they're talking about.

Paul asks Natalie if she wants to show him some cheer moves. He says he was on the cheer team for about 1/2 a year in school - dating the flyer. He says when he and that girl broke up the other girls on the squad said they didn't like her and thought she was a bitch to for revenge they all "banged" him. [What!? ~ktal16] Paul tells Natalie that he's a softie and generally likes people. It's only when someone pisses him off that he gets "mean". He says he just can't with Michelle anymore.

1:50PM BBT: Da'Vonne is up and walking around the kitchen. Victor is up and heads to the bathroom. The camera is showing the "occupied" sign on the bathroom. Natalie is laying on the bench in the bathroom playing with her hair. Paul is heading back to the bathroom.

He (Paul) is whispering to Natalie to watch to see if someone is coming. He's now whispering to Victor who just came out of the bathroom. He tells Victor that "James and Corey are 100% working together...1000%!" Telling Victor that Corey said something to the effect of "Just play chess with him (Victor) and look at him in the eyes and say "I'm going after your queen, bro."

Victor says he doesn't care and goes to wash his hands. Paul is trying hard to convince Victor it's something big. Natalie must have given the sign to Paul that someone was coming because he quickly changed the subject. Paul leaves the bathroom. Victor and Natalie are discussing lunch/dinner. Natalie will "surprise" him with something delicious. Bridgette comes in and goes into the bathroom. Victor and Natalie leave the bathroom. Bridgette comes out and washes her hands. Victor returns, sees Bridgette at the sink and immediately turns and leaves again.

1:58PM BBT: In the British bedroom, Bridgette is removing her bottom pixels and putting on some black shorts over her tan bottoms. She then puts on a workout bra and removes her top pixels. Victor is in the kitchen going through the fridge with Natalie looking for stuff to eat/make. Paul is still talking to Da'Vonne at the large table. All cameras are on the kitchen/dining area.

2:19PM BBT: In the kitchen are Paul, Victor, and Natalie. Natalie is cooking for Victor and Paul is washing/drying dishes. Paul and Victor are joking about smoking pot and losing the lighter.

Victor says "Kill'em with kindness" and Paul says "And win competitions". Paul has been telling Victor that he (Victor) is "their" target. Paul tells Victor that he beat Nicole at chess, even though James and Corey were helping her. They wouldn't shake his hand afterward. Paul is saying he "beat three people". He's very impressed with himself overall.

2:26PM BBT: Frank and Da'Vonne are talking in the living room , Paul joins them. Frank is asking Paul about his tattoos. Da'Vonne is listening but she looks like she's either in deep thought or she just cannot stand the sound of Paul's voice any longer.

Paul changes the topic to James putting crackers in someone's bed last night. He says "If ants come into that room I'm going to lose it." Paul is now speculating about them possibly having a Have-Not competition today. Frank says it wouldn't make sense. Frank wants to take off the pixel costume bad. He hates feeling like his ass cheeks are always hanging out.

3:45PM BBT: Indoor lockdown continues. The HGs are split between napping in approved areas and carrying on meaningless "getting you know you" conversations.

In the living room, we have Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Jozea on opposing couches, Natalie in the ejection seat, and Tiffany perched on the back of a couch above a stretched out Victor.

And as I was about to begin typing the fascinating conversation, we get FotH!

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Click Here For a Slide Show of More Images from Tonight's Show
Previously on Big Brother, with 12 newbies and four returners playing the game, they quickly picked teams for the summer. Despite being in teams, Jozea led the charge to take out the vets and when he fearlessly told the plan to Da'Vonne, word got back to HoH Nicole. So she nominated her target, along with a pawn. Before the dust settled, a new twist rocked the house. Fearing a newbie could win the Roadkill and nominate a returner, the vets went to work getting numbers on their side. A new power alliance was formed.

Meanwhile, Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie were forming their own secret squad. At the inaugural Roadkill competition, Frank won the power to secretly name a third nominee and after filling in his alliance, Frank decided to put one of Jozea's closest allies on the block. Tonight, it's the first PoV competition of the summer. Will Paulie, Jozea or Paul be saved from the block? Find out right now on Big Brother!

We pick up after the Roadkill ceremony. Frank tells us after Paul is nominated, everyone is trying to figure out who put him up. He feels great having a secret that no one knows but you. Nicole tells us this will ensure that Jozea will go home this week. Now the Eight Pack has to win the PoV. Jozea tells us the Paul thing is a blow. The next best thing to taking out a veteran? Taking out a newbie who is related to a veteran - Paulie. Sucks for him but he has to go.

Paul tells us he will surprise everyone when he wins veto. That's his to take home and everyone is going down.

In the bathroom area, Jozea, Paul, Natalie, and Victor whisper that it was Michelle who nominated Paul. During the ceremony, she kept her eyes down the whole time. Victor and Jozea both noticed. Frank joins them, saying he didn't see that coming. Frank thought it would've been a girl and Jozea tells him he thinks it was Michelle.

Frank tells us they are so off base. Jozea tells the bathroom area group that it's obvious whoever did it is trying to target their team. Jozea tells us it doesn't really matter who did it because he has a strong group in the house and he's starting to bring some veterans into the fold. Trust him, he will have no problems with getting everyone on board to take Paulie out this week. Jozea comments to the bathroom area group that he will win veto anyway.

Paul goes into the storage room, Nicole follows him to check on him. Nicole tells us she feels the need to do damage control but he doesn't seem to care so she assumes they're cool. Paul tells Nicole he doesn't think it's her.

In the safari lounge, Da'Vonne, Jozea, James, and Zakiyah are discussing the fact that all the nominees are guys. Jozea reveals his theory about Michelle being the Roadkill winner.
Zakiyah tells us that it's funny - everyone in the room knows who the real winner is except Jozea. If he keeps driving the way he's going, he will drive himself off the cliff. James tells us the only way to get through the painful conversation is to tell Jozea he's right and agree with everything he says.

Da'Vonne tells us she doesn't want to listen to Jozea anymore until he says goodbye on his way out of the house.

Later, Paulie and Bridgette are flirting and doing the dishes. Paul tells us that's concerning since they're planning to take Paulie out this week. He feels Bridgette is putting her team "Category 4" before their alliance, and that's not OK.

He goes into the Tokyo room and when Victor comes in, Paul suggests the Roadkill winner was Bridgette. He feels Bridgette would protect Paulie, her teammate. Bronte and Natalie are summoned in and asked their opinion - they both think Bridgette is more with their group than with her team.

Victor tells us he can trust Natalie and Bronte but Bridgette will be sorry if she flip-flops. Bronte and Natalie later discuss that they need to be willing to vote Paulie out if it comes down to it. Natalie agrees, they need to lay low as an alliance for now. Bronte tells us she doesn't trust the boys but the smartest thing for the Spy Girls is to be where the numbers are. They discuss how hot Paulie is next.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Nicole will be drawing the chips for the other two players in the competition. If she picks one of the nominees or herself, they get to decide who will play. First picked is Da'Vonne. Second picked is Nicole and she chooses Corey. Paul tells us he's not surprised, Corey is on Team Freakazoid and has been Nicole's shadow for awhile.

Frank and James celebrate the veto players later. They couldn't have asked for better choices. They have three members of the Eight Pack and Paul guaranteed to try and win over Jozea.

As James leaves, Jozea joins and Frank adapts his attitude to become a listening ear and an empathetic support. Frank tells us he wants Jozea to think he is a shoulder to cry on so Jozea doesn't suspect Frank was behind this the whole time.

Up in HoH, Nicole, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah discuss their joy that Corey and Da'Vonne were chosen for veto.

Paul is sleeping on the couch. James puts some whipped cream on the hand covering his forehead and giggles as he tiptoes away. Corey and Frank hide behind the couch and tickle Paul's nose with a tissue. Paulie is hiding behind the chair. It doesn't wake him so James throws some whipped cream on his face which wakes him up. He wonders out loud where the cream came from and everyone bursts out laughing. Paul says that was smooth.

Michelle, who is dressed like a fire hydrant, announces it is time for the first veto competition. She warns that it may get a little rough and directs everyone to head to the backyard.

In the backyard there are fire hydrants, dog houses. Bronte tells us the only thing that could make this better is cute little puppies looking for the best treat of all - the PoV! The veto players come outside dressed in dog costumes, barking as they run around. Paul pretends to pee on a hydrant. Nicole jokes that Corey is making her tail wag.

"What up, dogs? Your owner is away on vacation and it's time to find out who the top dog is in the BB Neighborhood. Here's how it works. On go, you must chase your tail by spinning your stand and swirl. Once you've spun around 15 times, you'll have 45 seconds to race across the yard and start stacking doggie treats on top of your doghouse. You'll need to move fast because you'll need to get through your doggie tunnel and get back to your stand and swirl before the clock hits 0. If you're clock hits 0, you're out of the game. The first pooch to stack all 40 treats onto the doghouse and hit their buzzer will win the PoV."

The dizziness affects all HGs, who stumble and wobble and crawl through the challenge. Nicole feels very nauseous and Da'Vonne feels like she's had too much tequila.

Jozea tells us keeping his eyes closed while swirling will keep him from getting dizzy and give him an advantage. Bronte tells us Nicole looks like a dog who got into her owner's liquor cabinet - going right when she needed to go left. Corey also becomes extremely nauseous with the swirling. Paulie and Paul remain neck and neck but Paul finishes and rings in first - winning the PoV!

Paul is called the Top Dog by everyone as they hug him. Paulie tells us he hopes he's safe with Jozea still as the target. Frank tells us he has to choose a replacement nominee and he doesn't have a huge pool to pick from. He needs to decide what is best for his game going forward.

Jozea tells us Paul winning is a win for him and his team. It's time to get Paulie out of the house now. Paulie tells us he doesn't like his fate resting in other people's hands. He hopes the vets keep their word and he is safe this week.

Bridgette tells us there are two teams this week who are safe from being nominated. There are only five people who can be nominated for the Roadkill to choose from and that's Frank, Da'Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, and Bridgette. It's making her feel queasy.

Tiffany tells Bridgette everyone loves her. Paulie and Tiffany are up playing chess. Tiffany tells Paulie that Vanessa is her sister. She tells us the fact that they are both siblings of veterans might bring them closer. And even though he's not part of Eight Pack, having him in her back pocket might be handy.

Tiffany tells Paulie it amuses her when Jozea tries to teach her how to play Big Brother. Paulie tells us it's a relief to know he has another ally, especially when sitting beside Jozea on the block. Paulie tells Tiffany he trust her.

Jozea and Frank talk later. Jozea says he's a CEO in his mind, he doesn't say much be he listens and watches. He sees everything. Jozea tells us Frank may be a veteran, but at the end of the day, he trusts him enough to bring Frank into their group and knows Frank will go with their group and vote whoever their groups decides out of the house. Jozea hopes America sees that he is the glue, he sticks people together. He feels like he is a Messiah.

Frank tells us he doesn't think Jozea knows how to spell Messiah. He can't wait to see Jozea's face when he goes home on eviction night.

Jozea calls a meeting with their team. Da'Vonne is instructed to get Zakiyah who is up with the Eight Pack and delights in going to let Zakiyah and the rest of the pack know about the 'secret' meeting. Natalie tells us mission #1 for the Spy Girls is for Bridgette to go upstairs and infiltrate the HoH while Bronte and Natalie go for the secret meeting.

In the Have-Not room, Victor, Paul, and Jozea are waiting. James tells us he sees everyone clearing out of rooms so he thinks he should crash the meeting. James asks what's up and Jozea tells him this bunch runs the house. He has one agenda for one person - Paulie. He wants Paulie voted out. Once Paulie is voted out, Jozea is a 'free' dandelion. Paul and Jozea encourage everyone - they're smart. But they need to stick to their guns.

James tells us this is the weirdest meeting ever. Before Jozea pulled everyone in and told them what to do, maybe he should've ensured they were all on his side. Tiffany crashes the meeting next while James tells us that Jozea seems to have forgotten that their playing BB.

Jozea says if everyone stuck together in the world, there'd be no fighting and no wars. Why can't they do the same thing in the BB House? He feels like he's preaching like Obama.

Da'Vonne tells us she's biting her tongue so hard it's bleeding. Jozea is the most clueless ringleader she's ever seen in her life. He doesn't even see his eviction and it's slapping him in the face every day.

Someone asks where Bridgette is and Bronte admits she's upstairs to spy for them. Zakiyah tells us this is great information to have.

Michelle goes upstairs to use the HoH shower and Bridgette pretends to be alone since she is not at the meeting. She says she was invited but pretends she didn't want to be a part of the Have-Not meeting.

Bridgette tells us she's good skipping the meeting, she's tired of hearing about Jozea's crazy strategies. Nicole wishes she could be a fly on the wall in that room. Frank is tired of listening to him.

Paulie tells us Jozea is so desperate right now, he'd stab a knife in Paulie's back and go to church to confess that he did nothing wrong. Paulie's guard is on point until Jozea leaves.

In the kitchen, Paulie asks Jozea about the house meeting he called. Jozea says he didn't call a house meeting, everyone together called a house meeting. Paulie wants to know who will be the sacrifice for them this week so the two of them stay. They will see once the next nominee is announced. Paulie wants to know why he wasn't asked to attend the meeting.

Jozea says Paulie was in HoH, so Paulie asks why Jozea didn't get him like Zakiyah. Jozea says there is Freedom of Speech; if he wants to talk to someone or some people, he will. This is his mouth. They run the house, they'll make a scenario as needed.

Paulie wants to know if Jozea suggested sending Paulie home. Jozea says no, and he has nothing to hide. Paulie tells us he wasn't born yesterday, he knows Jozea is lying to his face.

Time for the veto ceremony. Paul tells us whoever the Roadkill winner is, Paul will find him and make that person regret their decision to nominate him. Paul uses the veto on himself. The replacement nominee was chosen by the Roadkill winner and is Bridgette.

Bridgette tells us she's upset. Seeing your name on the screen, it sinks your heart. If she finds out who the Roadkill is, that's her target. Watch your back.

Paulie tells us he doesn't want to feel too comfortable. He hopes his alliance stands by their word and evicts Jozea.

Jozea tells us he feels really chill. He knows his alliance loves him and his alliance is half the house. Paulie, sorry but not sorry. Start packing, you're going home.

Frank tells us Bridgette is on the block, but she should be alright. Jozea will be evicted, hopefully, his ego can fit through the door.
Da'Vonne tells us this week is phenomenal. Jozea is on the block and the spy Bridgette is now too. She doesn't care who goes.

Who will be evicted from the BB house - Bridgette, Paulie or Jozea? And the power is back up for grabs in an all new battle for HoH. It all happens live tomorrow night on Big Brother!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 18, S18E05, was written by App.

5:08PM BBT: In the HoH Nicole, Frank. Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are talking. They are hoping Paulie wins HoH. Frank jokes that Zakiyah would be able to be up in HoH cuddling all week.

5:15PM BBT: Michelle is in the bathroom area removing her extensions. She claims she has gained weight in the house and has never been this big. She says she was crying earlier. Nicole says she doesn't look like she gained weight at all.

5:34PM BBT: In the living room Victor says this will be the first season of BB that his Mom will be watching. Victor says it took him two tries to be on BB. he tried two years ago.

5:35PM BBT: His arrival on BB was random Jozea says. He was scheduled for Top Model and ended up on BB.

5:43PM BBT: We are getting FotH on and off as HGs discuss people and singers etc.

5:58PM BBT: In the kitchen there is a discussion about watermelon. Da'Vonne tells the girls that she doesn't like watermelon.

In the HoH Frank, Paulie and Corey chatting in general. No game talk.

6:13PM BBT: Jozea and Paul talk with Frank. Frank tells them that he has to have Paulie think he has his vote. Jozea and Paul say of course. They feel Paulie is going.

6:35PM BBT: Jozea and Paul talk about the competitions. Jozea says he has played in all of them. Paul tells him he missed one.

6:46PM BBT: Natalie says they are supposed to clean the bathroom tonight. Says she isn't going to. She has already been on her hands and knees cleaning. Paul says he has already done his share of cleaning. Victor says he does the dishes every night.

6:54PM BBT: In the HoH room Nicole talks about spending 77 days in the house. James spent 76. Nicole, Frank and James all went out in 7th place they say.

6:59PM BBT: Natalie is putting foundation on Paul. Paul tells her to be careful of his nose ring because it is sensitive.

7:00PM BBT: In the HoH room, the discussion has been about the fish in the fish tank. Nicole says that the Nemo fish isn't doing so well. Tiffany says Dory is just out there. Frank, Michelle, Corey, James, and Paulie are all up there as well. We see FotH briefly.

When the feeds come back everyone is yelling about something getting back to Bridgette and Bronte. James admits that he told them. Nicole tells James that he has the biggest mouth in the house. Frank tells Nicole that she told him, and he's the one that told James. Franks says the other side of the house thinks they are planting seeds. Corey says he loves it. Nicole is worried that she will now be one of Victor's targets. Nicole says she won't go on a date with anyone for a year.

Meanwhile, in the Safari Room Bronte, Victor, Natalie and Paul are chatting it up. Natalie is putting make-up on Paul. Bronte says she can't stand someone. Victor says he can't wait to send him home one day. No name is given. Paul says, "I don't look like a pirate, I look like a transsexual."

7:06PM BBT: Back in the HoH room, Zakiyah has now joined in. She says that Victor is playing games. Corey says he's heard Victor saying that he can't wait to get out of the house to hook up with other girls, in front of Natalie. Paulie says it would be great to get two of their people to vote for Jozea to leave also.

Tiffany wants to know what Victor said to her. She says that he really likes her personality, that she's his type, and that he wants to hang out after the show. Paulie says he's an f boy to the fullest. Frank says they are starting to fall apart at the seems. Franks says that Victor was telling him that he and Bronte would throw a competition to him if they can put James up on the block. James tells him to do that.

Paulie says after the vote come out they can blame Natalie and Bronte for voting for them, and they can say James did it to so it will be sabotaged. James says if they have a puzzle competition he's going to put pieces up that they put up and throw them across the yard. James says he loves it that they want to throw a competition to put him up. James says if they win he's safe, but if they throw it they're f'd. James says they should get Zakiyah to tell her group to throw the competition to get them put on the block since James has been pranking everyone.

James says that he was trying to start some shit so they would tell Natalie. He says he's already thinking how he could stir more shit up. Corey says he is too. Paulie says they have no idea how this game works. Corey says he thinks they are all safe. Frank says that Da'Vonne told Victor to only pack his socks. James says they will make him pack.

Tiffany says that Da'Vonne is still circulating on the outside to them. Paulie tells James to talk to Natalie. He tells him to say something about Victor asking other girls out on dates if she will go out on one with him. He tells him to tell her how beautiful she is. Nicole says that James is going to get out and look like an a-hole. (That's how she said it.)

7:15PM BBT: Nicole tells Corey he needs to work his magic to help keep her off the block. Nicole says she is putting herself in the situation, and she feels bad. Corey tells her that they called her an antique.

Back in the Safari Room, Jozea has joined the party. Paul is now putting make-up on Natalie. They are talking about blending of the make-up. Natalie is laughing so hard she's about to cry.

Paul is gripping the back of her head. He says this is fantastic and she looks great. Victor says he thinks it's awesome. Paul is using a brush to put on some type of liquid make-up on Natalie's face. The camera view switches to Zakiyah and Da'Vonne going to the Have-Not room.

Zakiyah says that Nicole is being hella naive. She says she truly thinks that Victor wants to take her out on a date after they leave the house. Zakiyah says he's playing his part, and he's not into her. She says that Victor and Natalie have something going on, but they are playing in front of everyone. Zakiyah says she's not naive.

Da'Vonne says the girl got the hat, t-shirt, and the book. Zakiyah says she doesn't understand why Frank said anything. Da'Vonne says he wasn't supposed to say anything. They leave the Have-Not room.

7:23PM BBT: Zakiyah says she's going to the bathroom. Da'Vonne goes to the HoH room. Tiffany asks her if she heard the latest? Da'Vonne says she did. James says he moved up the shit list on Team Unicorn. Da'Vonne says it's not like he lied.

Da'Vonne says Victor and Natalie are using themselves as their strategy. Nicole says she genuinely believed him. She says it doesn't matter to her because she doesn't want his feelings hurt. Paulie says his feelings won't get hurt because he's an f boy. He says he is a straight up player. Nicole tells everyone what he said again. She says she hopes he likes Natalie, and it really is just strategy. Da'Vonne says she doesn't want Nicole to fall for the Okie doke.

Paulie tells Nicole that Victor wants to play a social game. He says it has to do with the way she played with Cody. Nicole says it doesn't matter because she doesn't like him in that way. Frank says he will take her out to a nice steak dinner, and treat her like a princess after the show. She says she doesn't want to feel like a princess.

Frank tells them that the other side was talking about throwing the HoH to him or Paul if they can. Da'Vonne says she doesn't mind fighting Paul. Frank says once Jozea is gone, it's two to one. Zakiyah is in the HoH room now also.

7:29PM BBT: James wonders if Natalie knows what was said. Paulie says that there is no way they can be that stupid to throw a competition. Tiffany says there is. Frank says that means he can't say anything to Jozea when he walks out the door. James says he can in his goodbye message. James says they need to cover their bases on who said what. Frank says to say it was James.

Tiffany says everything goes back to James. James says he's trying to put a wedge in between their group. Nicole says she going to call him Frankie. Da'Vonne says the way Jozea was saying it, he and Jozea were going to go at it. James says that what about crackers. He says that Jozea went at him.

Zakiyah is holding a little giraffe. She says it's so cute. James says he was scared for his life. Corey says that Victor had put his head down and said something about stupid petty shit.

7:34PM BBT: James says they probably have five security guards at each exit waiting on Jozea when he leaves the house.

Paulie says he didn't ruin the neck of the giraffe when he pretended to choke it. Frank leaves the HoH room.

James asks if he's supposed to go and talk to Natalie. Da'Vonne tells James not to say anything else.

Michelle says that Bridgette is cooking again.

Paul and Natalie go to the HoH room. Paul asks who did the better make-up? Natalie says that Paul spiked up her eyelashes with mascara. She doesn't know how to get it all off. She wants a house vote on who's is better. They leave the HoH room.

Da'Vonne says that Natalie was talking about being so in love with Corey. Da'Vonne says she wishes he didn't turn her away. Corey says every girl in the house is cute, but he doesn't like her like that. Nicole says he liked her on Day two. Corey says he was never into her. Nicole says she won the coconut competition. Corey says, the coconut competition? Nicole says it was before that competition that she said something.

Da'Vonne says it's strategy because they both could pull them. Da'Vonne says Natalie said that and then she had her arms around Victor when she left the room.

Meanwhile in the Safari Room, Paul, Jozea and Victor are talking about who they have the votes for. Victor and Jozea both say that Da'Vonne is voting for them. Jozea says they HGs in the HoH room outweigh them. Victor says if they are only hanging out. He asks Paul what they were saying? Paul says they are just in a circle. Victor tells Paul to go up there and hang out. Jozea says, no. Jozea says they aren't going to carry Da'Vonne or Zakiyah to the end with them.

Paul says he's concerned. Jozea one is a returning cast member who was voted out before. He says she was voted out by all the Caucasians because she was the only black cast member.

Paul asks Victor and Jozea if they are confident? Jozea says, yes. Victor says he doesn't want to go up there and stress, and he doesn't want to sit down there and stress. Victor says he wholeheartedly believes in Frank, and Frank believes in Da'Vonne. He says if they have those two they are fine. They are worried about Michelle flipping and voting with them.

Victor says if Michelle flip-flops she can't expect to stay long, so they will let her go as soon as they can. Victor says he's confident and he doesn't want to stress. He says they will know tomorrow who voted for who. Paul says he's right. Victor tells Paul to take the make-up off his face and just chill. He tells him to take the make-up off his face. He says 5-7. Paul says Zakiyah used to roll with them, but now she's with them a lot more. Victor says she's the one to see when the votes come out. He says when they lose someone, AKA, Paulie, then Zakiyah will see that she voted the wrong way.

Victor says the fewer people they have to protect the better. Paul says it was dead quiet with 8 people in the room. Jozea says they have Zakiyah and Da'Vonne, so they are good. Victor says, it seems bad, but two people up there can't vote, Nicole and Paulie. Victor says they really can't do anything but have another conversation with Da'Vonne. Jozea says she's going to sit up there and listen and tell them what goes on.

Victor says Da'Vonne was trying to give Jozea information on Zakiyah. They agree to touch base with Da'Vonne and Zakiyah tomorrow. Jozea says they know, they're not stupid. Victor asks if they want Jozea or Paulie to go home? Victor says they've been with Jozea from Day 1. He says they don't want Jozea to go home. He says he doesn't think that honestly. He says if they do, they played Paul like a fool.

Jozea says Da'Vonne got played like a fool on her season, so she won't do that. He says they will be in the conversation and observe and take notes. Jozea says he rides for them. He says they don't want to f themselves over. He says he's done what he can, but it will show tomorrow who's social game is stronger. Jozea says Paulie is trying to out social game him, but he can't He says Paulie is a gym trainer and he's a make-up artist. He says women are real to both of them, but he goes to their houses and goes places with the girls. He says Paulie will never be like him because he's a guy and he's straight. He says, being gay comes with a lot of benefits.

7:52PM BBT: Paul is worried about what's being said in the HoH room. Jozea says they know they are the ringleaders. Victor says they need to pick them off one by one. Jozea tells Paul to go to the kitchen. Jozea says he has good hearing, and he heard someone talking about James. Jozea says he's the next one out, he has to go next, he's really bad news. Victor says they have to see how things go tomorrow.

Victor tells Jozea to check the stairs to see who's coming down. Jozea says no one is coming down. He says when you watch the show, you will see who really had their back. He says he never talks shit about anyone, ever. He says he keeps his promise and doesn't play that. He says it will be on their dumb end. Victor says it will be their fault too.

Jozea says Zakiyah won't let them persuade her. Victor says someone is coming down now.

In the kitchen, Natalie, Bridgette , and Frank are at the kitchen table. Tiffany comes down from the HoH room.

Back in the Safari Room, Victor tells Jozea he wants him to win HoH because then they all will be safe. He says, even if the BB Road Kill person puts one of them up, they will still hold all the power.

7:56PM BBT: Jozea says that when he wins HoH he will put Nicole up right away, but he may wait if they can guarantee she doesn't win HoH again.

Victor says to put up James. Jozea says to put up James and Corey, so Nicole will be left by herself. He says, then all Nicole will have is Tiffany. Jozea says then Tiffany would be left with Nicole. He says if they get BB Road Kill, they will put up Tiffany, so no one is left. Victor says, no more game talk. Jozea says he really wants to ask someone what she's thinking.

Victor says, she's in the bathroom. Jozea says he really wants to talk to Michelle because she likes him a lot. He says he wants to talk to her with Victor there. Jozea starts to hum. We see FotH briefly.

When the feeds come back on, BB tells Jozea to please reattach his microphone. Jozea says, "It's attached, what are you talking about gur?" He fixes it and then asks if they hear him? Jozea calls Tiffany in the Safari Room.

Tiffany asks who's been letting them rip? Victor says it might have been him. He says he didn't know he was going to call anyone in there. Jozea tells Tiffany that he wants to ask her where her head is bluntly? Tiffany says she's voting with the house, and she's not going to do anything crazy. She tells him that it seems that he's staying. Tiffany tells him he's asked her like three times. She tells him he should have nothing to worry about from what she's heard. She says even people that he wouldn't think were voting for him or voting for him to stay.

Jozea says the next round he wants Tiffany to start taking the lead in their alliance to be a baton and make moves with them. Tiffany says, definitely. Tiffany says no one really tells her where the lines are drawn. She asks Jozea who they will go after next? Jozea says they need to get four main people out to get to them. Tiffany asks if it's the vets? Jozea says not necessarily. He says he's cool with Frank and Da'Vonne. He says it depends on who wins what. He says that way they stay there.

Tiffany says the BB Road Kill thing throws it off. Victor says it shouldn't matter if they keep the control of the house. Jozea if two people go up that they want, two people are fighting, and they can put up the third. Victor says they can put up who they don't want to have their votes count that would be better. Jozea they would run the house until like top 5 or 6.

Victor says they all want to get to the jury at least. Tiffany says that sounds like a plan to her. She tells Jozea is becoming more chill the past couple days. Victor says, he's been talking to him a lot. Jozea says he's been having dreams and nightmares, and he's been getting up at like 5AM. He says it's been scary being in the hot seat. He says he likes the hot-tub and going to his bed to sleep, so he doesn't have to think about it.

Paul is just sitting in the Safari Room listening to what's being said. Tiffany says she hopes she's not on their radar. Jozea says, she's not, there are more people to go for first. Tiffany says to go strong for this HoH. Jozea says unless it's a crap shoot. Victor says they have water shoes for this competition, though. Tiffany says they have to watch out because they are on different teams. She says they are safe, even from BB Road Kill. Victor says, that's a really big spin on the game. Jozea says, that's why you have to have trust in the game, to know who has your back. Victor says, he's not even worried about tomorrow. He walks out, and says, he's getting some water and he will be back.

8:08PM BBT: Jozea is worried about being on the hot seat and then having to change into the athletic wear for the competition after the eviction. Paul says it will be a big adrenaline rush. Victor goes in the bathroom area, where Natalie is getting ready to wash all the make-up off. He tells her that Paul did an amazing job. She says she's so excited, and she's ready to take it off. Victor goes in the bathroom. Natalie is washing her face.

The camera view goes to the Safari Room. Natalie walks in the Safari Room asking someone to play chess with her in the living room in 5 minutes. She leaves, still washing the make-up off her face. Jozea says he's a chill person normally. Jozea says he'll be back to normal in 24 hours.

Jozea tries to strategize some more with Tiffany. He tells her he doesn't want her to be in a crossfire. He says she will never be one of her problems. He says he'd rather have her in the jury, than one of the other ones. Tiffany tells him she hears her. She says they are all going to be pumped up for HoH.

Jozea says he's going to be nervous. Tiffany says it will be all adrenaline. Jozea said he would have freaked the f out if he had to do the coconut competition. He says the castle puzzle competition everyone on his team was listening to communication.

8:15PM BBT: Tiffany says that Glenn was good, but she doesn't know if he was listening.

Paul is walking around by the bedrooms looking in the mirrors. He goes to the kitchen, where James, Corey, Victor, Natalie, Nicole and Bridgette are. Nicole and Natalie both leave. James leaves next. Tiffany and Natalie walk through the kitchen. Nicole goes to the HoH room. Frank, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Michelle and Paulie are up there.

Frank says he went to the kitchen and talked to Natalie about what Victor said last night. He says he told Natalie that everyone in the house thinks she's sweet and a doll and doesn't want to get lied to. He says, that Natalie doesn't know whether to believe him. He says Bridgette was there the whole time. He says he told Natalie that Victor had already said that they girls are expendable in this game. He says Bridgette agreed with him that he said it also. He says that Natalie says she doesn't like being lied to.

In the living room , Natalie and Tiffany are setting up to play chess. Tiffany tells Natalie that she can totally trust her in this game. Natalie tells her she likes her. Tiffany tells Natalie that she really likes her also. Natalie says she just wants to make the right decision on who to vote out because she's getting lied to.

Tiffany asks Natalie if she talked to Frank? Natalie says no. Tiffany says she just assumes that everyone is voting with the house. Natalie says it's really between Paulie and Jozea. Tiffany asks if she had it her way what would she choose? Natalie says she has no idea anymore, because of being lied to. Tiffany says she's not bullshitting her. She tells Natalie, she's not a person that just spews lies. Natalie wants to go with the majority, and she wants to make sure that's what she's doing. Tiffany says you never know in this house what's going on.

Paulie joins them in the living room , says they are going back at it. Natalie says she just learned. BB tells Jozea to please stop singing. Natalie says she's learning some great stuff. Paulie says he doesn't know strategy about the game, but he knows what the pieces do. They talk about the moves in chess.

The camera view changes to the British bedroom, where Jozea and Bronte are. Bronte attaches his microphone. Jozea asks Bronte if she can take a leadership role with the girls with Natalie. He says he wants her to be the spokesperson to do things and get things where it needs to go. (He just told this to Tiffany in the Safari Room). He says, he can be the spokesperson for the guys and she can for the girls. He says they need to get everyone out one by one. She agrees to do it. He leaves the British bedroom.

8:26PM BBT: BB tells Jozea to please reattach his microphone. Jozea tells BB to stop messing with him because his microphone is attached.

In the living room , Natalie tells Tiffany that she doesn't want to get f'd over by any of the guys. Tiffany tells her that she doesn't want to be one of the minions to get picked off. Tiffany tells Natalie to keep doing what she's doing, and after tomorrow they can talk more. Natalie says she's a girl's girl, she would never go against any girl because she wants a girl to win. Tiffany says things will be figured out more after tomorrow.

Tiffany tells Natalie that they are both fine for now. Natalie says she doesn't want to get lied to anymore, it's not nice. She says that one of two people are lying to her, and she has to figure it out. Tiffany says she can talk more after tomorrow. She pinky promises Natalie to have her back and says she will talk more openly to her tomorrow. They both agree to have each others backs.

Tiffany says she genuinely likes Natalie, and she got in a situation, but she wants her to go far also in this game. She says she knows a lot of people want her to also. Natalie says everyone is talking game and she doesn't want to be in a group where she's being lied to. Tiffany says it may not be that she's being lied to, but that she may not make it to the end. She says, then again it could always be that she's being paranoid. Natalie says she made a promise, but after tomorrow she has a clean slate, and can figure out what she's going to do. Tiffany says that great, then she'll maintain any friendships that she already has. Natalie says she has a feeling of who's going to go home. She says it's going to be interesting. Natalie says everyone thinks she's stupid. She says Paulie is really chill. Tiffany says she's noticed that, so maybe something could be going on.

Bronte goes to the living room where Natalie tells her they're just chatting. Bronte asks how long she's been asleep? Natalie says, for a while. Bronte says, they stayed up so late last night, she can't bounce back from it. She says she could still sleep, but she needs to be awake. Natalie tells Bronte she only got about three or four hours of sleep. She says she has fruit, cookies and she's going to have a casserole for dinner. Tiffany says you can pick and choose what you eat.

Natalie told Bronte she should have said something, and she would have woke her up. Natalie tells her if she goes to bed early tonight, she will go to bed early with her. Natalie says everyone has their game plan, and she wants to stay there. Natalie says everyone thinks she's dumb, it's so embarrassing. Tiffany says she's not dumb and she's staying out of the crossfire.

Natalie says she didn't like the way Victor talked to her. Tiffany says any other girl would have snapped off at him the first time. She says everyone is noticing it. She says she wants to figure out the good people. Tiffany says that everyone probably thinks that she's caught up in a web of stuff.

Jozea walks by and asks if they are going to eat? Tiffany says, at some point. Tiffany tells Natalie there are bigger fish to fry. Natalie says she's trying to figure out who she can trust like her. Natalie says she has two people telling her two different things. Tiffany says she will see tomorrow. She tells Natalie she will feel out the temperature of the house tomorrow. She says, then she will talk to her.

Tiffany says things could always go another way. She says a couple other people are torn. Natalie says a lot of people are probably indecisive about it. Natalie asks Tiffany not to tell anyone what she said.

Bridgette comes to the living room looking for her nail file. Natalie says hers is completely ruined. Bridgette says her's is missing. Tiffany asks Natalie how she feels about Victor? Natalie says he's on her team. She says she has zero feelings for him. Natalie says she needs honestly for the team she is on Bronte comes in and asks if they ate already? Natalie says, not yet. Bronte says, it's really good.

8:41PM BBT: Tiffany goes to get some food. Bronte tells Natalie that Jozea told her he brought Tiffany into their alliance, and he offered her power next week. She says he told her that he's not going to give it to her, and they are going to back stab her. Natalie says she won't play like that.

Tiffany comes back to the living room , eating her food. Bronte says her grandma doesn't really speak English, so she speaks Spanish to her. Natalie says she hopes that she wins HoH, and gets a letter from her grandma. She says she lives in Venezuela.

Natalie says that she and her mom want to go and visit her grandma after the show is over. She talks about the television in Venezuela being censored. She says Venezuela is not as safe as it used to be. She says there's no money or food, and there are a lot of drug cartels. She says she doesn't want to get in politics on TV. Bronte asks who got citizenship in her family? She says her family came here on green cards. She says, she has dual citizenship. She says she's all about freedom and democracy, she's not about dictatorships. James gets called to the DR.

The camera view switches to the HoH room. James, Zakiyah, Paul, Frank, Michelle and Da'Vonne are all up there. James goes to the DR. Paul says he's going to see if the food is ready. Everyone starts talking about Paul when he leaves. Frank says he won't be there for Pandora's Box. Michelle was laughing because he doesn't know what the Diamond Power of Veto is.

The camera view changes to the bathroom area. Paul was by the sink, Victor was in the bathroom, and Bridgette was taking care of her toenails. The camera view goes back to the living room . Paul goes in there, where Paulie is now playing Natalie at a game of chess. Tiffany and Bronte are both watching them play. Paul is in the kitchen to get food. He's calling up to Frank in the HoH room. He tells him to come and get some f'n casserole. He says it's almost gone, he almost blew it. He goes down to get food. Paul says, he literally puts BBQ sauce on everything.

8:51PM BBT: Paul says thanks to Bridgette and he calls her a babe. She says she knows. He goes to the living room to eat, while watching the chess game. Tiffany has left the living room . Bronte says there are people that she hasn't seen today.

Meanwhile, in the Safari Room, Nicole is talking with Corey. Nicole says she's not even dangerous. She says she cracks under pressure and she doesn't talk to half of the house. Corey says that makes her great. He says people just want to get her out because they know how far she could go. Nicole says James should have known not to say anything. Corey says he's going to be careful what he says. Corey says he's going to have to make sure he tells him not to say stuff. Nicole says she likes how Corey like to play the game. Corey says he's a go-getter.

BB tells Jozea to put on his microphone. Corey says if someone is using a strategy against him, they will get it back 10 times worse. Nicole tells Corey then he should do that with Natalie. He says he doesn't want to do it and he doesn't want to make her jealous. Corey tells Nicole she's way better looking than Victor. He says she's way out of his league. Nicole says she thinks that Natalie really likes him, it's not a strategy. Corey thinks that Victor really likes Nicole. Corey says people like what they can't have.

8:56PM BBT: Nicole says that Natalie liked Corey on Day 2. Corey says, on Day 1. Nicole says that could be love at first sight. Corey says, only for her. Nicole says she thought there might be something there between them. Nicole says she picked someone on her team that is super tall. She says she is so stressed out, but it felt like she already knew him. She says he was laughing at her and everything worked out.

Corey tells her he's so glad she picked him for the first competition. He says he's never not been the first pick at anything. Corey says, he was thinking, let's go. Nicole says she remembered his name. She says someone called him Cody and he corrected them to Corey. Corey says someone told Natalie that he's gay. He says he's gotten that before, but he tells the girl that he doesn't like them.

Nicole says, she feels that he's picky. Corey says, he is picky. He says, his roommates are on him all the time. He says girls do things that rub him the wrong way. He says Natalie went right up to him, and that's way too easy. He says she's a big flirt. He says he likes the chase. She tells him he has a nice vein in his leg. He asks Nicole if she looks for nice veins in guys? He points out his veins to her. He asks her if she has any cool scars? She says, no, she hasn't had any surgeries or cavities. Corey says that weird that she played sports and didn't get hurt. Nicole says she got concussions in basketball.

Corey asks Nicole if she's feeling better? She says, yes, thanks for the pep talk. He says he can't wait for tomorrow. Nicole says she's nervous because she knows how things can go and how they can flip. Nicole tells Corey not to try so hard and relax. He says, as long as they aren't spinning him. Nicole says, that competition was hard.

9:02PM BBT: Corey asks Nicole if Bridgette is on their side now? Nicole says, no. She says Frank for some reason trusts her, but she doesn't at all. Corey says he doesn't either. Nicole says Frank wants her in the jury, so he will hold on to her. Paul is yelling. Corey says he can't stand him. Nicole says he can't either.

Corey and Nicole are laughing about the game and how it's the biggest social experiment ever. Nicole says they all took personality tests. Corey wonders who was honest? Nicole says she was honest. She says if you're not it would take too long to take it because they ask you the same question like five different ways. Corey says he was honest also. Corey laughs about how long today has been.

9:05PM BBT: Corey asks Nicole if she's excited for her birthday in a couple hours? Nicole says, no. She says she doesn't want to turn 24. She says she feels the same as when she was there two years ago. She says she would live in the BB house forever.

Corey says he loves the layout. He says he would like the layout on the beach somewhere. He says he wants a good school district for his children to be in. He says he's had a lot of land, and always had kids at his house. He says they got in trouble for pool hopping one time. He says they literally went into everyone's yards got into their pools, and got out. He says, someone was waiting at his house to talk to his parents. He says they told him he could swim in their pool, but they left the gate open.

Nicole says her dad built a basketball court at her house for her. She says they had neighborhood kids, but not a lot. Corey says they should go out there. Nicole says, "Go get them tiger." Corey tells Nicole he wants the HoH room again. Michelle comes in to talk to them in the Safari Room. Michelle says she can go away. Corey says they were really just talking about life, and he's getting ready to go and get a shower. None of them want to eat after 10PM.

Michelle asks Nicole what made her lose weight? She says, slop. Corey is rubbing Michelle's back. They all leave the Safari Room. The camera view changes to the Have-Not room. Paul says that after tomorrow his attitude toward Michelle is going to change after tomorrow. He says, he despises her and her mouth is getting to him. Jozea says Paulie will be out tomorrow. He says he needs a nail clipper. Paul asks Jozea to request a hair trimmer, because this is horse shit. we see FotH.

9:12PM BBT: The live feeds come back on with Jozea, Paul , and Victor in the bathroom area.

The camera view changes to the Safari Room. Nicole and Michelle are in their again. Nicole tells Michelle that she's gotten skinnier in the house. Nicole says she's not going to let anyone make her feel insecure. She tells Michelle to do the same thing. Nicole tells Michelle that the media world is ugly sometimes. She says she's been lucky enough to have to worry about it. Michelle is worried about how big a blabber-mouth James is. Michelle says he should have asked permission before saying anything.

Nicole tells Michelle about her season with the lie she had to make up with Amber. She says, in that case, it helped her, but you can't let people throw your name around. Michelle says she's not going to tell James anything anymore because she can't trust him to keep his mouth shut. Nicole agrees.

Michelle asks if Victor has said anything to her? Nicole says he was acting completely normal, but Natalie hasn't talked to him yet. In the HoH room, Zakiyah, Frank and Tiffany are talking about Bronte. Frank says he likes Zakiyah's Bronte impression. Zakiyah says that Bronte said that Paulie has to go home. Tiffany leaves the HoH room.

Frank says he's worried about Tiffany. Zakiyah is worried about her too. Frank says she needs to quit saying that she's voting with the majority and that she's voting with her team. Zakiyah says everyone will reveal themselves tomorrow.

Frank says whenever they wanted to tell Natalie, Tiffany says they should wait. He says, if she gets cut in the next couple weeks that's fine. He says if they get Bronte and Victor out in the next couple weeks, Tiffany needs to go after that. He says if he wins the BB Road Kill he won't tell anyone, and he'll put her up anonymously. Frank says Tiffany is nervous and awkward. Zakiyah says she says the wrong things and makes herself seem suspect. She says, "Oh, Tiffany." She says that may be her strategy. Franks says, she might now have a strategy. He says she may just want to piggy back off other stuff going on. Zakiyah says she already had her suspicions because she had asked Da'Vonne about her. She says that Da'Vonne says she's good.

9:21PM BBT: Frank says that Tiffany is jealous that he, Zakiyah, and Da'Vonne are working both sides of the house. Zakiyah says that ship has sailed.

Corey turns the water off in the HoH room shower. He comes out in a towel that is rainbow colors. Corey says that Nicole seems pretty down. We see FotH.

Da'Vonne comes up to the HoH room when feeds come back. Frank says that he wanted to tell Natalie because he's not afraid of the heat. We see FotH.

The live feeds come back with Jozea, Paul and Bronte are in the British bedroom. Jozea says he doesn't believe that Natalie is a nutritionist. Bronte thinks that she just started.

Tiffany goes to the British bedroom. Jozea tells her that he fixed his beard with one razor. She leaves the British bedroom. Victor joins them.

Paul says he played chess with Nicole upstairs this morning. He says that James says he was going to extend his olive branch to Victor. He says that James was saying he was going to go after their queen.

Victor says the other side of the house doesn't exist. Victor says America will see what type of people they are. Bronte says she is best friends with them and she wants to just be friends outside the house. She says if they all leave she will volunteer to leave because she despises them. Paul says James is a 32-year-old man putting crackers in people's beds. Bronte says he was going for the balls yesterday with the lies. Paul says they should shit in his bed. Bronte says, no. Victor says BB reminded him that he's not allowed to hit anyone.

Jozea says the British bedroom is soundproof. Paul says their team needs to come in there. Jozea says Nicole has her stuff in there. Bronte says one of them needs to get HoH, so they can all go up there, and leave them down there with the ants. She says the HoH room is disgusting because there are ants everywhere. Jozea says, they all need to sleep upstairs when they get HoH.

9:31PM BBT: Jozea says the generals are Tiffany and Corey. He says when all the generals are gone it's over. Jozea says they have to weaken their group. He says Nicole will be weak with James gone. Jozea says to put up James and Corey. Bronte says she wants to put up Nicole and Corey. Paul says James and Corey need to go first. Jozea says the BB Road Kill competition comes and then they can put up Nicole or Tiffany. Bronte says if Nicole and Corey are up, they are going to hand off the PoV to each other. She says they have a showmance, that's more than just game.

Back in the HoH room, Da'Vonne and Frank are talking about when Vanessa was on the show. Frank says, Tiffany is now wearing a hat and glasses just like her sister did. Da'Vonne says it seems to her that all the newbies only saw BB16. She says if that's the case that good for all the vets. Frank says he wants to go to bed, so they can wake up and shit can start popping.

Da'Vonne says it would be ideal for Paulie to win HoH, and one of them win BB Road Kill. Frank says, even if they don't win BB Road Kill it will be a smooth week. Da'Vonne says Tiffany better not pull any funny stuff with this vote. Frank says, he almost wants her to, so they see what happens. He says Tiffany did say they want the vote to be a shock on Thursday. Da'Vonne says Tiffany and Paulie have some type of bond, she doesn't think she will vote him out.

9:34PM BBT: In the HoH room, Frank and Da'Vonne discuss the order that HGs need to go. Frank says he has several he wants gone but the order isn't really important.

9:36PM BBT: We see FotH briefly. In the HoH room, Da'Vonne says she needs to try to keep James away from these girls. Frank says he has a big boy crush on Nicole. Da'Vonne says he even told her that in their season. Frank says he's liked her since the into video on the tractor. Da'Vonne says she told James to wait until September. She says she can't attach herself to someone that is attached to a showmance. Da'Vonne says that Nicole is starting to get close to Corey. She says if that becomes a thing, she might have to be the bad guy and break that up. She says she's there to play for her daughter. Frank says they still have 85 days. He says these two weeks feel extra long, though. He says it will go faster next week. He says they will still have to put up with Victor next week.

Da'Vonne says, they need to get out Victor and then Bronte. She says everyone is afraid of her. Da'Vonne says that Bronte keeps planting a seed that her family is in the mafia.

The camera shifts to the Safari Room. Tiffany, Michelle, Nicole, and Zakiyah are in there talking about Natalie. Tiffany tells them what Natalie told her. James walks in on the conversation. He whispers that he walked in on them.

9:42PM BBT: Nicole says that Bridgette is a spy when she walks by the Safari Room.

Tiffany says there is too much bad food in the house. Nicole says she likes the M&Ms this time. She says it's not her choice if she was to go to the store. Tiffany says she hopes that they don't have to be in bathing suits tomorrow. James says he has to hire a personal trainer when he gets out of there. Nicole says she's OK to let herself gain some weight. She says she gets worried when she loses weight. Zakiyah says that Victor told her she looked sickly when she was on slop.

Michelle whispers something that you can barely hear. Tiffany tells everyone that she didn't tell Tiffany anything. She wonders if Frank did. Michelle says it doesn't make any sense to. James says they don't need them.

9:45PM BBT: Tiffany tells them that Natalie called her in the living room to play chess, and then tried to get her to talk. She tells that she was trying to figure out if the plan has changed. Tiffany says she will flip-flop for whatever is convenient for her.

Michelle was farting in the Safari Room. James and Nicole leave the room. Tiffany tells Michelle and Zakiyah that Natalie is not a threat. Zakiyah says she can see their side wanting to get close to them and then not get rid of them.

Tiffany says no one can stand Victor and no one give a shit about Paul. Michelle says she hopes the guys don't break away. Tiffany says James can't stand those guys. She tells Michelle to have more faith in it and don't put that energy out there. Michelle says OK Everyone likes Nicole's sunglasses. Zakiyah says she's about to go sleep in Nicole's bed. They all go to the HoH room.

9:51PM BBT: The camera view changes to the British bedroom. Jozea, Paul, and Bronte are in there talking about how much they hate the other side of the house.

Meanwhile in the HoH room, Zakiyah, Michelle, Da'Vonne, Tiffany, and Nicole are all up there chatting. Da'Vonne says they can use Frank later on as a tool to draw Natalie to their side. Da'Vonne says the goals are to blindside them and then rattle them.

Tiffany says that Frank says the temperature may be changing in the house. Tiffany thinks that Natalie is going to tell her girls. She says that Natalie came to get her in a frantic trying to get information from her. She says she asked Natalie what she was talking about to Frank, but she wouldn't tell her. Michelle asks if Frank is just trying to save his butt if they other side gets HoH? Da'Vonne says it could be. Nicole tells everyone to spread out to see what's going on really quick. Everyone disperses from the HoH room.

9:56PM BBT: The camera view switches to the bathroom area. Bridgette, Corey, Frank, and Natalie are all in the bathroom area. Bridgette tells Corey and Frank they are dressed like twins right now. We see FotH briefly.

Frank has left the bathroom area, and then Corey leaves. Bridgette asks Natalie if her armpit hairs are long enough to wax? Natalie says tomorrow they will be ripe for the picking. Bridgette says she looks a mess close to her. Natalie says she cakes on the makeup. Natalie says she made a promise and Paulie hasn't gone to talk to her. Bridgette tells her to keep it the same them. Natalie says she's surprised that he didn't talk to him. She says she made a promise, but from now on she's not going to make a promise until the day of. Bridgette is going to take her make-up off. Natalie asks Bridgette if she's OK? She says she's OK, she doesn't think she's going anywhere. She says she should still be humble and pack her bag. Natalie says she needs to have time to do herself and Natalie looks like a troll. Bridgette says she's so not a troll. Natalie says this game is turning.

10:00PM BBT: Natalie and Bridgette are in the bathroom area and Natalie asks Bridgette if she trusts Frank. Bridgette says yes, for now. Bridgette says Frank knows more than he's telling her but right now he's keeping her safe. She only trusts him 80%, maybe 75%. She knows there's stuff he'll never tell her. Natalie says she doesn't understand why Frank would vote against Paulie because he's on Frank's team. Bridgette says because Frank wants to vote with the majority.

Natalie says she made a promise and she's going to see it through. Natalie says that's the majority for now. Bridgette asks what and Natalie says for Jozea to stay and asks Bridgette if she's heard anything else. Bridgette says no. Natalie says Frank very fair last season but she's not sure if he's playing dirty this time or not. Bridgette and Natalie talking about Victor "asking' Nicole out. Natalie says she couldn't care less.

Frank comes in and asks if Natalie is all right after their little conversation. Natalie says it's good and gravy and Frank asks what that means. Natalie says her heart is with God and she's a happy girl. Nothing can hurt her feelings. Frank says Bridgette is his little "do" girl. Frank asks Bridgette if she's been to the DR and done her thing. Bridgette nods and Franks asks if she said goodbye to herself. Natalie said that wasn't nice and Bridgette said he's mean. Bridgette asks Frank if she can paint his nails and he says No because tomorrow is live show day.

Frank asks Natalie what she's going to do about tomorrow and she says kick someone home. Frank asks who she's going to send home. She says I don't know, someone. She then asks him who are you going to send home. Frank asks you think I'm going to let one of my teammates go home. She says no obviously not, she knows that for a fact. Frank says he goes to bat for his team. Natalie says she knew from the get-go he wasn't going to vote out his own teammate. Frank says I'm going to try and keep my team safe and Natalie says what you are trying to tell me. Frank says you should vote our way. Frank says he doesn't want to see Natalie in the wrong boat, but no one is coming after her if she votes that way.

Natalie asked, "Well then why did you wait until today to ask me to vote your way?" Frank says he was waiting to see what was going to happen with the majority because he wanted to vote how they were and he wasn't sure how the vote was going to go. Frank says he also wasn't sure where Natalie was, that he thought she was with them (Victor, Jozea, and Paul) and he didn't want to talk to her and have her go back with information to them.

Frank figured once the Victor news came out maybe Natalie would want to work with him and he needed to bring something to the table to have her work with him. She doesn't understand what he's bringing to the table. He says the truth and that he's putting himself out on a limb by talking to her. She says yeah.

Brief awkward silence then Natalie says you're not being nice to me right now and Frank says how am I not being nice to you. Natalie says you're being weird right now and Frank asks how. She says I don't know you're delivery is really weird and again Frank says how.

Natalie says you made promises to people you don't think it's weird to not keep them. Frank says you don't think it's weird for them to ask me to vote out my own teammate? Natalie says yeah, I wasn't part of that conversation. Frank says they lied to me too and Natalie asks how. Franks says they said they wish Glenn would have stayed and Frank says he don't. Frank says they asked why and Frank said because he knows he was going to go OTB and they pretended they didn't know that was the plan. When Frank called them out they finally told the truth and that's how he knew he couldn't trust them.

Meanwhile, Paul, Jozea, Tiffany, and Zakiyah talking about things from previous seasons (Pandora's box and the red button). Tiffany says she's going to have Da'Vonne do her hair and Zakiyah says she's going to go watch the process. Bronte comes in and sits down as Tiffany and Zakiyah leave and Jozea sends Bronte after Zakiyah.

Jozea wants to know if Zakiyah has heard anything or observed anything or if James has said anything to her. Zakiyah says she hasn't talked to James because he's from South Carolina and she's from North Carolina. Zakiyah says everything is still the same but she can feel a clear division in the house. Pau; asks who's where and Jozea says before you answer Frank came to us and said they're still on. Zakiyah says she trusts him and she knows Da'Vonne is on their side. Jozea asks Zakiyah what she feels from Paulie and she says she flirts with him. That Paulie thinks he has her in the bag.

They start to re-hash things from the day concerning Paulie. Jozea says Paulie is copying him. Bronte again re-hashes her telling Paulie he won't be here to see her in the hot seat.

Jozea says he and Paulie are similar because they both work with women, except Jozea is gay and Paulie is straight. Paulie flirts with women and wants to take them out and have sex, but Jozea wants to make women beautiful. Jozea preaches that he's faithful and super, super, super honest in everything he says. Jozea knows for a fact those people upstairs don't give a crap about Zakiyah or Da'Vonne and they are going to take them anywhere in this game. Jozea says he's a sweet, humble person.

This is Jozea's list of people to evict: James and Nicole nominated, third nominee Tiffany or Corey. Step 2-PoV-odds are Jozea's alliance will win, but if not, Tiffany or Corey will be the replacement. If they have to put someone up from their own, it's Paul and they vote out the others. And they repeat they process until they are gone. When they are down to their alliance, they shake hands and draw M&Ms for who to nominate. And they vote based on who won competitions. And when they're all in the jury house they can all have fun and get paid double.

10:15-10:31PM BBT: Zakiyah asked if everyone knows the plan and Jozea and Paul say yes, everyone knows the plan. Jozea says no one even needs to vote for Bridgette. Jozea said it was good that Bridgette was nominated because she wasn't a secure vote for Jozea. Jozea said she'll be out and Bronte says Bridgette is a flip flopper.

Zakiyah says the HoH room has a nice bed and Jozea says you won't have to leave because we'll be rotating. Paul says when he's HoH no will be allowed to use his bathroom. Bronte goes to get ice cream. Paul says he's a nice guy but he f'in hates Michelle and Tiffany. He says he works so hard not to turn to her and say he hates her and she's an idiot.

Jozea asks if she's really a nutritionist or if she's lying. Paul says no because she eats microwave sausages and lays out in the sun. Jozea says would you pay her to be your nutritionist and cook for you and Paul says I wouldn't pay her to do anything. Paul thinks her mom dropped Michelle on her head real hard. Jozea gets called to the DR.

Corey, Paulie, Paul in the green chairs in the living room , Zakiyah and James on one couch, Michelle on the floor next to Tiffany, while Da'Vonne is on the couch doing Tiffany's hair. They guys are talking about wanting to shave or trim. James doesn't think they'll get to dress up tomorrow. Zakiyah whispering to Da'Vonne a little bit about her conversation with Jozea.

Back in the bathroom area, Frank and Natalie still discussing the vote. Frank suggests Natalie throw HoH because she won't be nominated. Frank basically telling Natalie she won't make any enemies if she keeps her promise and she's safe next week no matter what happens. Frank doesn't blame her that she made a promise. Bronte comes in and remarks on how done-up Natalie is. Chatter turns to general talk about make-up and DR sessions.

10:30-10:45PM BBT: Natalie repeating again she doesn't want to do a DR looking like a troll. General chatter still about facial hair care. Natalie finally ready for her DR. Bronte and Natalie in the British bedroom and Victor comes in. Victor asks how the talk with Zakiyah went and Bronte says all is good. Victor says he doesn't feel comfortable sitting out there and Bronte says it's been awkward with Nicole and James. Victor says hopefully everything goes according to plan tomorrow.

Bronte wants tomorrow to hurry up and come here. Victor says he's ready to compete. Bronte says she hopes it's not a crap shoot. Bronte says if we win James is safe and Victor says yeah but we'll go after Nicole and Corey. Victor wants Jozea to win HoH. Natalie tells Victor Jozea is going home tomorrow that she just has a feeling. Bronte says if Jozea goes home they have to scramble and Victor thinks Frank will vote against Paulie. Victor says Frank has been with them since the beginning.

Bronte says it doesn't matter how Frank and James vote and Natalie says Zakiyah and Da'Vonne will vote against Jozea and Victor doesn't think that will happen in a million years. It wouldn't make any sense at all. Natalie says she can't talk game anymore, she just wants tomorrow to happen. Bronte comments that Paulie looks sick or he's nervous and scared.

Paul and Nicole talking on the upstairs landing by the chess board. Paul says Jozea keeps saying Nicole is sneaky and Paul says she's not. That she was genuinely happy Paul won veto. Paul thinks Nicole is rad. Paul is saying if it comes to a tie Nicole will have to break the tie. Nicole says she doesn't think that would happen. Paul thinks Victor is more loyal. Paul wants to vote with the majority, which he thinks is Paulie. He says if he voted a different way then the house would see the numbers and want to know who voted the opposite way.

Frank joins them and Paul says he was giving friendly words for Nicole's birthday. Frank says they should have saved the alcohol from last night. Paul can't wait until they are all out and they can party and he wants to see Nicole get wild. Nicole says what he sees is as wild as she gets.

Paul asks if Frank has been arrested. Frank says he was arrested for B&E and Paul says he doesn't believe him. Frank says he's a G. Paul says he hasn't been arrested and Franks says he has have warrants. Paul says he doesn't want to do any more competitions he's tired. Paul says he's played four out of 5 and Nicole says there have been 6. Paul says oh I've played 5 out of 6 but oh you've played them all. Then Paul says you can't play next week and Nicole says no. Paul says you can still be put though? Nicole says yeah and Paul said that sucks but I get it. Frank thinks they'll keep the teams for a few weeks.

10:45-11:00PM BBT: Jozea comes up and wants to play chess with Nicole. She doesn't want to play. Jozea offers to do her make-up for her in the morning for her birthday. Jozea says he'll make her pretty. He talks about doing a fish braid, but Nicole says she's going to straighten her hair. Jozea wants Nicole to pick out something to wear that's nice and fitted so he can give her a "red carpet" look. Jozea wants to give her an entire makeover and Nicole just wants her make-up done.

We switch to the living room and Da'Vonne is finishing Tiffany's braids. Michelle still sitting there with James and Zakiyah and Jozea joins them. Jozea says she likes the braids on Tiffany.

Natalie in the kitchen getting something to eat. Natalie pulls Frank into the bathroom area and says this is her first rodeo, his second, and can he not tell people what they talk about. She has a lot of thinking to do. She asks if she can trust Frank and he said yeah. Natalie says she's not going to flip-flop on people because she's not like that. She just wants to take info in and Bronte is her best friend in the house. Frank said that's why he told her about the girls being an expendable thing. Natalie says she can't go against her word. Natalie says they do their own thing and come to her and Bronte for votes and she has to find out second hand about things they are saying. Natalie says she knows there's an alliance and Frank quickly says there's not an alliance, just a majority of people who want Jozea gone.

Bronte comes into the bathroom area and asks if Natalie is OK. Frank says goodbye messages make you emotional and Natalie says she doesn't know what she's going to say. Bronte laughs and says I know what I'm going to say. Frank says you have to be careful because you want to be nice, maybe funny, but if you say the wrong thing and they come back they could hold it against you. Bronte says people who come back are from jury and Frank said on his season the ones who could come back were pre-jury and he explains about sequester to Bronte.

11:00-11:15PM BBT: Frank said he was cordial in his goodbye messages. He said he was on the block most of the time and he talks about his goodbye to Brittany.

Natalie asks if Bronte would be safe next week and Frank said he can't guarantee anything with Bronte. James comes in to brush his teeth. Natalie says she won't be happy with whoever is lying. James says he didn't want to tell her, but that he doesn't make stuff up. Frank says Bronte is harder to read. Paul comes in and interrupts things.

James says he won America's favorite because he didn't change his character for the game. Frank says they are scared to death of losing Natalie and Bronte because they'll be by themselves. James says he didn't mean to start anything but he didn't want Natalie to get played. Bronte comes back into the bathroom area. She asks Natalie to go help her pick out something to wear.

Frank and James in bathroom area talking and Frank fills in James about the conversation. We switch back to the British bedroom with Natalie and Bronte and Natalie fills Bronte in on the conversation with James. Natalie says she feels Jozea is going home and Bronte asks if it's a feeling or if she's heard things. Bronte says the most he would get would be Frank, James, Corey, Tiffany, and Michelle. Bronte says the only way Paulie stays if Da'Vonne or Zakiyah flips. Natalie thinks after tomorrow they need to collect their thoughts and think about their game plan. Natalie says the guys could ruin their game. Bronte knows Natalie isn't a target. Bridgette comes into the room.

Victor upstairs with Nicole on the landing. Victor says he never asked Nicole and he wanted to wring James' neck and Nicole says to let it go. Nicole says she doesn't want to be brought into the middle of anything. Victor says he doesn't play dirty. Nicole wants everyone to stop acting weird. Victor says he's not even comfortable sleeping down there. Victor says he's protected by Big Brother and he's protected by his team. He says James is the target to go and that if it comes down to his team, he'll throw the challenge to get James out. Victor asks how the votes are going to go tomorrow and Nicole says she doesn't know. Victor says Natalie still has feelings for him and she doesn't want to admit it.

Victor says he heard Nicole has a thing with Corey and she says no we really don't. Victor says people are so petty. Victor asks what she would be doing back home for her birthday. She says she doesn't know maybe have a glass of wine. A few moments of silence and the Victor says he's not a bad person. Nicole says he's just not used to being locked in a house with personalities that don't mix.

Victor asks what she wants for her birthday and Nicole says I don't know, not go on the block. Victor says she's OK he wouldn't worry. Victor says Corey is his teammate and if he and she are seen as a duo it's not good. Nicole says you'd put me and him up? Victor says I wouldn't but someone would and Nicole asks who. Victor says you haven't told me anything, I'm not telling you anything. Victor says he'd put up Tiffany and Michelle. Nicole says would Bronte? Victor says Bronte would, but she's the backup if James isn't available. But he said Nicole wouldn't go home, Corey would because they have bigger fish to fry right now. Victor then says let's not talk game. Corey comes up looking for his water bottle and talk stops until he goes back downstairs.

Victor says even Natalie is mad at James right now and they are supposed to be buddy-buddy.

The feeds switch to Frank and James in the bathroom area. Frank still filling James in on his conversation with Natalie. Frank trying to get as many people throw HoH as he can. Corey comes in and says Nicole and Victor are having a serious talk. James says probably about what happened earlier. Frank repeats the conversation with Natalie to Corey.

11:15-11:31PM BBT: Victor tells Nicole that while Paulie was alone with newbies he didn't say anything about being Cody's brother. It wasn't until after Nicole popped out that he told them they were related. Nicole goes down to see Tiffany's braids.

Natalie again says she's sticking to her word because she's not going to backdoor someone. Bridgette tells Natalie Frank, James, and Corey are in the bathroom chatting. Bridgette said she's been going in and out of there and the conversation didn't change until Corey came in. Tiffany comes in and the other girls oooh and aah over her hair.

Tiffany asks what the girls are going to wear tomorrow. If they're going casual or what. Natalie wants to wear heels.

Bridgette comes into the bathroom area and Frank says out loud so the plan is to blindside Bridge. Frank farts and Bridgette leaves. Frank tells James not to say anything else because he promised Natalie he wouldn't say anything.

Da'Vonne comes in and says, Victor and Nicole? What is that? Frank says I don't know I think he thinks he's got a vote. They start filling Da'Vonne in on the conversations with Natalie.

Frank tells Da'Vonne that Natalie won't change her vote, but he's got her on the fence about throwing the competition. Da'Vonne asked what Bronte and Natalie are talking about. James said they need to get Bronte out and Frank says maybe next week put up Victor and Paul and if Victor wins back-door Bronte. Frank said he doesn't think Victor will be good at HoH competitions. James said the only people we can't have won are the people on my team. James talking about Bronte calling Nicole a bitch and saying they have to get all of these people out of here.

James said there's bad blood between him and Victor and he doesn't care. Paulie comes into the bathroom area. They see Nicole come downstairs and call her in. Victor comes in and Frank asks if he's been to the DR yet and he said no, he wants to soon and go to bed. Paulie asks if they should bake something for Nicole's birthday and Frank says it's too late for that.

Frank asks how the talk went and Nicole says how do you guys let that crap happen all the time.

11:30-11:45PM BBT: Tiffany, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette in the British bedroom. General talk about the pixels, what they think the competition would be, what previous competitions were, and food. They all go out to get snacks and Paul scares them as they come out of the bedroom.

Paulie, Nicole, James, Frank, and Corey still in the bathroom area and still re-hashing conversations. Nicole fills James in that Victor said he'd throw the HoH to Jozea to get James out. Frank tells them they think they have Zakiyah and Da'Vonne on their side. Nicole tells them Victor thinks it might be a tie because he thinks Bridgette will get one vote. Frank laughs. Chatter stops as Paul walks through to use the bathroom.

Nicole says she doesn't want cake, she just wants one of them to win HoH. Victor comes in to use the bathroom and talk stops again. They talk about James doing an atomic sit-up for Nicole's birthday.

11:45-12:00PM BBT: Bridgette comes into the bathroom area to wash her hands. Corey asks why Victor would even want to get him out? Frank says because he's intimidated. Frank and James leave the bathroom area and leave Nicole and Corey alone in the bathroom area.

Paulie comes back in he's walking back and forth. Paulie starts singing Happy Birthday and Corey says she gets 24 kisses. Tiffany comes in. Tiffany says Natalie told Bronte but Jozea still has no idea.

Da'Vonne making a crown for Nicole's birthday out of aluminum foil.

Bridgette asks Natalie if Frank was trying to flip her. She says she thinks the other side of the house has Frank. Bridgette asks what's best for us three. Natalie says #1 stick together and just wait until tomorrow. James comes in and talks stops.

Natalie says everyone is trying to throw everyone under the bus and Bridgette asks what's her gut telling her and Natalie says she thinks they're the targets and there's a bigger alliance. Natalie says we have to be careful because they are gunning for the guys on our team. Bridgette said whatever I tell you guys don't tell anyone else. Natalie says we have to see how the votes go. Bronte says she is not voting to send Jozea home. Bridgette doesn't trust them at all. They say Paulie has to go home. Natalie says they're fishing to set her against Victor. Bridgette says Frank was berating Natalie and she did a good job of sticking up for herself. Natalie says they have to pray Jozea stays. Frank comes in and asks Bridgette if she thinks they'll keep their mouth shut and she says yeah.

Corey says that's what Frank wanted and Nicole said Natalie swore she wouldn't tell, though. Nicole wants Paulie to go out and see what Bronte knows. They want to see how she acts around Paulie. Nicole doesn't understand why anyone even said anything. James comes back in and said he went into the British bedroom and Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette was talking and they just stopped when he came in. Frank comes in and James tells him the same thing and Paulie said Natalie couldn't even keep it a day.

James and Paulie talking about the upcoming competition. They hope it's not a crapshoot. James wants to go last so he can see what everyone else does.

Paulie wants to get Paul to flip on James and James said Paul won't flip. He's moving in with Victor after they are out of the house.

Bronte comes through to use the bathroom and Natalie comes in to do the same. Natalie makes James and Paulie leave the bathroom area. And we get FotH.

12:55AM BBT: Frank said me and Tiffany went at each other for a minute and Tiffany says she didn't say anything. She seriously didn't but Frank got a little freaking loud. Tiffany says Frank screams a lot for no reason and he goes on the defensive. Frank says he doesn't like being grilled over everything. He said she got defensive with him and asked if he knew the name of their alliance, were you in on that meeting. Frank says that's grilling him unnecessarily. Tiffany says no that's asking questions, that's literally asking specific questions. Frank asks, "Why, those are unnecessary questions."

Tiffany says this is a miscommunication, "Maybe my style of communication is different than yours and you don't understand it so let me explain it to you." Tiffany says unless you don't care to because right now you don't look like you even want to hear me out. Frank says I really don't right now. Tiffany said to see that's the attitude you have. I can stand that attitude and she stands up and tells him to chill the fuck out and leaves the HoH room.

Nicole tells Frank you can't stir stuff up like that. Frank says he can't deal with her but he'll apologize to her. Frank says one vote isn't going to change anything. Da'Vonne pops in and says Corey I told you to snatch Frank and come downstairs. You had one job. Da'Vonne tells Frank he should have followed her out and Frank says he can't deal with it. Zakiyah comes in and Da'Vonne says she is pissed. Frank says he doesn't need the third degree from her. Da'Vonne said she's like a kid and she's probably in her room crying. Frank said if she wants to go willy-nilly then Tiffany can go on the block next week.

Meanwhile, Paul, Victor, and Jozea in the bathroom area. Paul leaves and comes back and says James is alone with Bridgette in the British bedroom and one of them should go sit in there.

Paul, Victor, Jozea, and Bronte all in the Tokyo room. Victor says if it's just him and Bridgette it doesn't matter. (Since Bridgette can't vote). Victor tells Bronte we'll just tell Natalie when she's out of DR that they are just trying to get in their head.

Paul said what he didn't like was everyone in the safari room and he noted Zakiyah went in and came out, and then Frank, and then Tiffany. Jozea said if gets evicted he's cussing everyone out as he leaves the house. Know that. He's going to say F you, and F you and he's going to tell Julie to shut the F up. He doesn't want to talk to anyone he'll leave out the backdoor. Paul said when he went into the safari room the conversation changed to about a vegan cookie. He's skeptical. Bronte tells Paul paranoia will get him kicked out of this house, he needs to control it. Victor doesn't think Jozea is going to get voted out and he's annoyed because everyone is paranoid.

Tiffany stomped into the British bedroom and got in bed with James and got under the blanket. James gets up and Tiffany says don't even ask. Tiffany then says guys and their egos. They always feel like they're being one-upped and sorry she's smart. I don't know what I'm talking about and act like an idiot. Nicole comes in and says Frank wants to talk to you and Tiffany says no, he's a male chauvinist asshole and he's done this twice to her already.

Tiffany says Frank is threatened by her. It's so obvious because she has a brain and she actually knows what she's saying. She doesn't like his reaction to her and she doesn't like that he screams at her. Nicole trying to smooth things over saying he knows he was wrong and Tiffany says no he's done it twice already. Tiffany getting teary and says he's playing with fire and he's so rude. She says she was talking to him completely rational and he's a male chauvinist and she can't stand that crap. Tiffany says at least Jozea isn't like that, he's going home, but he isn't like that.

Nicole says Frank knows he was wrong and wants to apologize and Tiffany says no this is the third time and if she has something to say she's going to say it and she doesn't respond to that well. All it does is put him in a bad situation and she will one up him. She's not a typical girl and Nicole trying to calm her down. (Bridgette has been in the room the entire time Natalie in DR). Nicole says he's embarrassed and Tiffany says something about their argument about the win while she was in the hammock.

1:00-1:15AM BBT: Tiffany says she hadn't even raised her voice. Bronte comes in to get her water and Tiffany says what's the saying F me over once shame on you F me over twice shame on me. Bronte asks who F'd her over and Tiffany says she doesn't want to talk about it. Tiffany said she wants to let it die and Bronte says I got you girl don't worry about it.

Bronte leaves and Tiffany continues saying she's not an aggressive person but may he feels guilty for saying what he did. She studied psychology so she knows what he's doing. Frank feels guilty and he got defensive. Nicole says she understands.

Tiffany refuses to come talk to him and James says give her time to sleep on it and cool down. Tiffany says great this is what I want America to see because she's crying. Tiffany says they better show other people crying. FotH. James says if he can cry he would. Nicole asks Tiffany what she wants Nicole to tell Frank and Tiffany says I'm fine I just don't want to talk right now. James said he understands where Tiffany is coming from because he's done it to James and he's like that with everyone. That's just how Frank is.

Da'Vonne in the HoH saying Tiffany is fragile and cracks under pressure. Frank says if she wants to hop on the short bus that's fine. He says anyone can questions him but her because he can't handle it. Frank said Tiffany has been getting to him. Da'Vonne said she can't with all these girls. Da'Vonne says they're panicking. Frank says he's ready to do work. Da'Vonne said they don't realize the seeds Frank is planting isn't just for tomorrow but for later in the game.

Tiffany continuing to complain to James and Bridgette. Tiffany says Frank is rude all the time. Zakiyah comes in and they try and figure out sleeping arrangements. Zakiyah and Da'Vonne were going to sleep in the Have-Not room, but James said I'll sleep in there and you can have this bed because Tiffany is sleeping upstairs.

Da'Vonne comes in and tries to reason with Tiffany. Da'Vonne says when you question people you are very aggressive and Tiffany tells Da'Vonne why he reacted that way. (The guilt theory) Tiffany again going over the conversation with Frank, this time with Da'Vonne. Tiffany says this is the third time Frank was aggressive with her. Da'Vonne says she should talk to him one on one after she sleeps on it. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah trying to talk Tiffany down.

Corey and Nicole join Bronte, Victor, Paul, and Jozea in the Tokyo room and they think Frank made a joke that upset Tiffany. Paul says she's in their bawling. Paulie said Frank probably said something funny. Corey said Tiffany doesn't like being excluded from stuff and Frank does that and that might be what it is. Victor says no one is watching us, the HoH room is and the British bedroom is. Paul says he wishes he could ask the live feeders what happened.

Back to HoH with Michelle, Nicole, and Frank. Nicole says she's pissed and won't come up. Frank said that's fine I already apologized to her once this summer. Frank fills Michelle in on the argument. Nicole says what are we going to do from here on with her. Frank says what is she going to do hop on the short bus?

1:15-1:31AM BBT: Nicole tells Frank Bronte came in and asked Tiffany who upset her and she started asking everyone. Michelle asks why Bronte has to be so nosy. Frank says if Tiffany doesn't want to be part of the group for the next few weeks, fine she can pull and Aubrey or Audrey, and mope.

Downstairs Tiffany says she sometimes says things she doesn't mean. She doesn't think Frank is a chauvinist, but she was venting. Bridgette says people will love you for standing up for yourself and Tiffany says America doesn't like cry babies. Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and James still trying to talk to Tiffany and get her laughing. Tiffany asks Da'Vonne not to tell people she was crying, just say she was upset. Tiffany says she know she's getting so much shit right now for crying and that it's her first on feed cry.

Paul comes up and asks Frank if he was the culprit and Michelle says it was me. Paul says really? Michelle says no. Paul asks why Tiffany is crying and Frank says I don't know. Michelle said Bronte's apparently finding out go ask her. Paul said she was mad and he wanted to get the 411. Michelle said I missed everything because I was in the shower. Paul leaves.

Natalie comes in and sees Tiffany and asks if she was OK. Then she came over and hugged her and said don't cry. Natalie tells her to get her head out of the game. Paulie comes in and hugs and comforts Tiffany.

Nicole says Bridgette was in there so she knows everything. Frank says Bridgette isn't going to spread anything I tell her. Michelle says she still doesn't trust Bridgette. Corey comes back up and Da'Vonne. Frank says Paul was just up here trying to figure out what was going on. Da'Vonne says nosy asses. And they start rehashing again.

Zakiyah in the Tokyo room with Victor, Jozea, Paul, and Bronte. But we get FotH and then we see Zakiyah running upstairs. Jozea tells Bronte Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are good and that he doesn't know why Natalie and Bridgette are even worrying. Bronte said she thought Natalie and Bridgette were going to give her an actual conversation they overheard, but it was just a gut feeling. Bronte said they are losing it and taking her down with them. She says she got frustrated with them because there was nothing substantial. Jozea said Zakiyah and Da'Vonne, Natalie, Bronte, Paul, and Victor are all voting for Jozea to stay and Victor says we have Frank. Paul says Frank is doing weird stuff, but Victor says Frank told them they were good. Jozea said if he sees six votes, he'll know who flipped, but it won't be Zakiyah or Da'Vonne. Paulie comes out of the British bedroom and Paul asks if Tiffany said anything and Paulie said no she doesn't want to talk about it.

Frank just said Vanessa used to try to intimidate people and when they pushed back then she'd cry. Frank said that's what just happened with Tiffany. Nicole says she looked just like her sister while she was crying. Nicole said they got a lot to use for tomorrow's show and Michelle said it wouldn't be the night before eviction night if stuff didn't go down. Zakiyah just came in and said they still think Frank is on their side. Frank said the questions were fine, it was the way she was asking them.

Zakiyah tells them Jozea said if he gets evicted he's going to raise hell. They say how, he's going to be out of the house, and Zakiyah said he's going to do it before he leaves the house. Frank says Bridgette just sided with them because she thought they were the majority.

Jozea calls Bridgette a dumbass idiot. They send Bronte back in the British bedroom and Jozea tells Bridgette to not let them get in her head.

1:30-2:00AM BBT: General talk and rehashing the same conversations in the Tokyo room and the HoH room.

Frank comes down to the Tokyo room and they ask him what happened. Frank says we just didn't see eye to eye. Paul tells Frank what he heard Tiffany yelling and Frank says the first time was the wine thing. Corey comes in to go to bed. Frank said Julie will come up with questions they won't be expecting. Jozea asks like what. Frank gives examples from his season. Paul says what other questions does Julie ask. Frank says it's random, she might ask about slop, the pixels, things like that.

Da'Vonne says Michelle is the closest in the house to Tiffany and she needs Michelle to calm her down. More rehashing of events.

They re-hash the same conversation again because Victor comes out of the DR.

Zakiyah says they are going to hate me tomorrow, Michelle said me too, and Zakiyah said but definitely me and Da'Vonne.

Paulie and Tiffany in the safari room rehashing the same conversations as well.

Natalie and James on the upstairs landing re-hashing the Victor story. Nicole joins them upstairs.

Paulie says after the last person votes, he's going to lean over and whisper to Jozea tell Julie I said hi.

3:15AM BBT: Frank, James, Paulie on the landing outside the HoH: (A synopsis) Paul, Bronte, Victor, Tiffany is the suggested order of elimination following Jozea. Tiffany is a loose cannon, says James. Says that she blurted out the other day that Jozea is going home, then spoke real fast, that she was not sure if he was or not, that she didn't know.

Natalie came to James and asked his opinion on how to get in with the right people, and how to get away from the boys. She wants to get far in the game and knows she can't do it associated with the fellas. Bronte is her best friend. James told her that he'd help her get to the jury (her desire so she can pay off her college loans). Frank and Paulie seem OK with the idea, they think they can work with her. Frank and James head to bed.

3:31AM BBT: Jozea is alone on the wooden lounger in the washroom area. Paulie alone on the couch on the landing by the HoH.

Jozea gets up, returns an item to the frig and heads towards the darkened bedrooms. He enters the uninhabited Have-Not room where the lights are on and he paces briefly before exiting and crawling into the bed with Victor. Paul can be seen stirring alone on the sofa-bed. Despite moving slowly trying to be quiet, Jozea is making the bed squeak. The room is filled with light sleepers who are all moving and readjusting.

Jozea cannot sleep, his hand rubbing his head. Paulie is also clearly restless. He is staring and readjusting his shorts. Yawning and picking at the skin on his shoulder, I keep thinking he is going to do a monologue as he has cleared his throat a few times.

Paulie is up, looking out over the house from the HoH perch. He turns and stares at the planes, trains, and cars mounted on the wall outside the HoH. Jedi training possibly? Yes, you can see him pacing the length of the wall counting, his mouth moving as he goes. He's mumbling about trains.

3:45AM BBT: Paulie has entered the jungle room and is now counting the masks and looking around. He appears to be noting the placement of items as he meticulously circles the room looking at the tables and the items on them.

In the kitchen now, looking at the cups and canisters on the shelves above the microwaves. (The place is a mess, towels draped everywhere and items scattered upon the counters and table) Several pairs of sunglasses, some folded shorts, three empty half gallon bottles, a spray bottle of cleaner, an open Tupperware bowl of grapes, a coffee cup, and assorted water bottles dot the counter.

Counting planters in the living room now, 5 he says. Staring at the memory wall.

Frank walks by on his way to the bathroom and interrupts the memory wall gazing. Paulie says, "I was fixing to make some peanut butter."

Frank comes back and Paulie tells him ants are crawling all over the fucking peanut butter. Frank heads back to bed. Paulie is digging deep in the jar and spreading the contents on a piece of pita bread. He recaps the peanut butter and washes the container off in the sink. He washes the knife and places it in the drainer. He pours a cup of milk and slurps it loudly as he smacks his sandwich. (so much for my previous statement about quiet dining houseguests)

4:00AM BBT: Paulie enters the bathroom, exits, and washes hands with soap and water, (but fails to brush the milk and peanut butter off his teeth), pauses in the hall and looks at a mirror and picks more shoulder skin. Finally crawls in next to Paul who doesn't stir even with the moving blankets and throat clearing going on.

Jozea is finally asleep as well.

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