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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)
TONIGHT is the BIG Celebrity Big Brother TWO-HOUR FINALE at 8:00PM.
There are just



By a vote of 3-1, Brandi was Evicted
There will be another eviction tonight.
Omarosa Won HoH
Omarosa Nominated Marissa & Ross
Ross won the PoV
Ross took himself off the block, and James went up in his place.

James was Evicted by a 3-1 Vote
Ross Won HoH
Ross Nominated Ari & Omarosa

Big Brother Canada Premieres March 7, 2018
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Update Entry
Saturday, February 24, 2018  Expect the Unexpected
8:00AM BBT: BB Good morning HGs. It's time to get up WBRB.

8:16AM BBT: the feeds return and Mark tells Ross and Marissa about times he peed in bed because he thought had gotten up and gone to the bathroom and hadn't. He starts by saying it happened once or twice. Eventually he says about four times. Ross jokes each time he talks about it, it goes up. Marissa says by the end of the day he is going to be saying "Okay, it happened 17 times."

8:19AM BBT: Mark is complaining to Marissa that he is going to have to clean the shower before he takes a shower. He says each time he goes in there there is hair and makeup and scuz in the drain. He says they are relatively clean in there. Imagine a bunch of 20 year old kids in there.

8:25AM BBT: Everyone but Ari is up doing ADLs. Ross has been called to the DR.

8:31AM BBT: Omarosa goes to the storage room. BB has left her a HoH basket and letter. She decides to leave the basket in the kitchen because there is no way they can eat it all by tomorrow.

8:39AM BBT: Omarosa says she has no idea how they are going to be able to be ready by 9:30 when there won't be any hot water left. Something is supposed to happen at 9:30 but Mark keeps singing so we get WBRB.

8:44AM BBT: Marissa hasn't got out of bed yet but is awake. She talks to Mark about how the fans are probably ticked off when Metta left the house. She says she knows this show and fans frown upon people quitting the show.

8:54AM BBT: Everyone is now up and getting dressed. The monitor in the living room says Nominations Today. Ari made the coffee this morning and she and Mark discuss the quality of real Colombian coffee.

9:00AM BBT: Everyone is up and getting ready for the day. Ari and Mark talk about how weird it was last night without James and Brandi there. Their rooms felt empty without them. Ari gives Mark a little touch up of makeup on his chin.

9:05AM BBT: Feeds one and two show Marissa and Mark in the kitchen. She tells him about battling cancer while trying to nail the role for Hairspray. She didn't tell anyone about her surgeries because they would have hired someone else. At one point her sister made her a padded costume so that she would still look the right size and not sick.

9:10AM BBT: Marissa and Mark are still talking in the kitchen. She gets a bit choked up when she discusses how she was living alone in a studio apartment when she was dealing with cancer and then all of a sudden Peter and Kathy Skolari came and stay with her to help her. She said it was everything.

9:20AM BBT: Marissa and Mark are in the kitchen talking about their kids. They also try to determine how the evicted HGs would vote. They agree that most of them will vote game not feelings. Brandi will vote feelings.

9:28AM BBT: Marissa and Mark are talking about the finale. Marissa says that Ari can beat everybody. She also thinks that Ari will take Omarosa to the end with her. Mark asks about women voting for women. Marissa tells him if the woman thing was real then why did women keep putting up women. No man ever sent one of the women home. It was the women doing it to each other.

9:34AM BBT: Omarosa and Ari are talking in the Tiffany bedroom. Omarosa tells her that Ross is going to ask her to take him to the finale. Omarosa tells her that if Ari gets to choose, she needs to take Mark to the finale. She tells her that if she takes Ross, he wins. Ari tells her that she promised Ross already. She says that Ross said he would be happy to be second to her. Omarosa tells her that isn't true. He wants Ari to take him because he has more wins and thinks he can beat her. Take Mark-- all he has is one HoH that was given to him.

9:42AM BBT: Kitties. Probably time for the nomination ceremony.

10:38AM BBT: The feeds return. Ariadna and Omarosa are nominated.

10:40AM BBT: Marissa says that they need to rest for the veto. Puppies again.

12:00PM BBT: The feeds came back to the HGs resting and Ross and Omarosa are up in his HoH room. Ross went downstairs to get Marissa, who was resting with the others.

12:02PM BBT: Ross is concerned about his HoH letter being read on the show. Marissa says that they won't be worrying about it by tomorrow's show and will have moved on. They head upstairs.

12:04PM BBT: Ross received the Donna Summer Greatest Hits album for his HoH music.

12:05PM BBT: Ross and Marissa wait by the pool table because Omarosa is in the HoH room.

Omarosa finally leaves the HoH room and Ross reads his HoH out loud to Marissa.

12:07PM BBT: Omarosa comes back into the HoH room looking for something and they mention after she leaves that Omarosa's asthma only pops up when it's convenient.

12:10PM BBT: Ross's friend fills him in on the pop culture events that he's missed (Olympic figure skating). Not specifics, just that she's taken notes on everything so that he'll be up to speed when he leaves the house.

12:11PM BBT: Ross and Marissa talk through who each HGs would take to the finale. They say that everyone would take Mark.

12:15PM BBT: Ross and Marissa continue to chat while the other HGs are downstairs resting. Ross says that today determines a lot. Then they'll have the questions competition from videos during the live show.

12:16PM BBT: In the HoH room, Ross and Marissa decide to rest.

12:20PM BBT: In the HoH room, Marissa talks through everything that Brandi has done in the house to validate them evicting her, trying to make Ross feel better about their decision.

12:22PM BBT: Marissa and Ross head downstairs. Ross wants to give Mark his letter that he left in the HoH room, and Marissa goes to her bed to rest. (although she never stops talking). Omarosa starts packing after getting her suitcase.

12:29PM BBT: Ross is cleaning the kitchen, and Omarosa and Ari go back and forth between the Tiffany bedroom and red carpet bedroom packing their suitcases.

12:33PM BBT: Omarosa shows Ari how she can vacuum pack her sweaters, and how she put eight pairs of jeans into one bag and shows her how small they got.

12:38PM BBT: Ross is eating tortilla wrapped food in his bed in the rose bedroom.

12:39PM BBT: Ari and Omarosa discuss Brandi's mistakes as they pack in the Tiffany teal room. The major one was waking them all up as if there was a competition coming up, and after that "they hated her".

12:45PM BBT: Omarosa says "here we come, bad girls... bad girls of Celebrity Big Brother." She then sings the theme song from Cops.

12:47PM BBT: Omarosa tells Ari how she gets dresses shipped to her wherever she is, whenever she needs. She'll give Ari the PR number for Jovani.

12:51PM BBT: Ross puts on his eye mask/earbuds and rests down in his old bed in the red carpet bedroom.

12:56PM BBT: Omarosa confirms with Ari that the phone number she gave her is where she can text to Ari.

1:05PM BBT: Feeds one and two show Ross, Marissa, and Mark are in bed. Feeds three and four show Ari and Omarosa packing. Ari has come across three outfits that she never wore in the house. Omarosa is called to the storage room.

1:14PM BBT: Omarosa is sweeping the Tiffany bedroom while Ari packs.

1:35PM BBT: Mark and Ross talk about "whoever wins, God bless". Mark put on his shoes and appears to be dressed for a competition.

1:44PM BBT: Ross appears to silently study in his old bed in the LBR. Ari continues to pack.

1:48PM BBT: Ari lays down and reads the Bible in the Tiffany bedroom.

1:51PM BBT: Ross is called to the DR. Ari says "uh's time?" Mark in on the elliptical in the gym, and Omarosa primps in the Tiffany bedroom.

2:04PM BBT: Ross is out of the DR and starts packing, and then puts on his hoodie. Mark continues to pack. Omarosa shuffles around the house. Marissa passes Omarosa and gives her a hug.

2:08PM BBT: Ross and Omarosa study the HGs picture wall.

2:09PM BBT: Marissa comments on taking allergy medicine in the kitchen as she eats a sandwich, and Ross says that he can't because they make him drowsy.

2:10PM BBT: Omarosa and Mark are in the storage room and high five to "can you believe we made it?". Mark said they've been gunning for her since day one, and nobody cared about him.

2:14PM BBT: Still in the storage room, Mark tells Omarosa that he never had a final two with James. Mark blows smoke up Omarosa's skirt with compliments and how she deserves to be there. Omarosa said that her doctor did not want her to go back in.

2:15PM BBT: Omarosa talks about the amount of security and production out of the room for three hours in the hospital, and her oxygen level went up - which allowed her to remain in the game.

2:17PM BBT: Ross yells to the house that it's time for the veto competition and that production will call them one at a time.

2:18PM BBT: Ross gives them the bag to draw the order of the players. Ross is first, Ari is second, Omarosa is third, Marissa is fourth, Mark is fifth. We then go to puppies for the duration.

3:00PM BBT: The HGs are playing the veto competition.

Tonight's Show is on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM ET
Remember, you can watch Celebrity Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Full coverage of tonight's episode will not be posted here until after 11PM.

Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, with Mark rocking power, he set his sights on Ari and Brandi. After Miss Columbia became Miss Veto, she saved herself so Mark put up a pawn.

Before the live eviction, Julie dropped some big news and then Brandi became the first casualty of the evening.

With the HGs making a bid for power, Lady O became Lady HoH and she put two bestie's on the block.

With a priceless veto on the line, Ross had a picture perfect win. At the veto meeting, Ross saved himself so Omarosa put a big time target in his place.

At the second eviction of the night, James went falling out of the house.

Tonight, the battle for HoH begins plus the final five look back at the crazy celebrity season, including jaw dropping moments never before seen. It all happens now on Celebrity Big Brother!

After the second eviction, the HGs hug each other. Marissa tells us tonight has been crazy - she was on the block two times. She doesn't even know how she survived; Omarosa blew up her game.

We flash back to 15 minutes earlier where Omarosa tells the HGs that no one can beat her on a social level. Anyone sitting next to Marissa loses. Might as well just hand her the check.

Omarosa tells us now that James is gone, she's the next biggest target. She now needs to shift the target to the next biggest - Marissa and Ross. She's the one who got James out, which she's been trying to do since the first eviction. Poetic justice; she loves this game.

Mark tells us it breaks his heart to see James go. James is the type of guy he'd like his daughter to marry. It's time to make some moves, maybe has something hidden up his flannel sleeves.

Ross and Marissa hold a whispered conversation. They agree Ari can't win HoH as they are only solid if Ross, Marissa or Mark win HoH. Ross approaches Mark in the bathroom area and tells him they need to have two guys in Final Two or a woman will win.

Ross tells us if it came down to Final Two, he'd probably take Mark because he'd win against Mark. Ari tells us the only one she can trust left in the house is Omarosa since she saved her tonight.

In the Tiffany bedroom, Ari sings Omarosa's praises. Omarosa encourages Ari to win HoH.

The HGs come to the kitchen to find champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries waiting for their final five celebration.

Time for the memory lane recaps!
The HGs comment how nice it has been to get to know each other in person, instead of as celebrities. We flashback to Ross telling a story about the jobs he's worked; he worked for a full figured clothing store - and got fired for shoplifting.

Ross tells us making plus size women feel fabulous was why he was put on this earth.

Marissa tells about her past jobs - including strip clubs in New York. Mark wonders to us if he's seen her before. Marissa adds more detail; she was in the bathroom handing out mints to the women.

In the present, the HGs talk about fights before the first eviction. We flashback to day 10 where Brandi accused Omarosa of a secret alliance with Chuck. Omarosa gets defensive and denies it but another flashback shows that Brandi was right. Omarosa calls Brandi shady and calls her "Shady Boots."

Omarosa demands Brandi stop, but continues muttering under her breath. Omarosa tells her to stop questioning her integrity; Brandi will question whatever she wants. Omarosa attacks Ross next for his surprised face. He says he's listening and Omarosa leaves.

In the present, the HGs talk about fights before the first eviction. We flashback to day 10 where Brandi accused Omarosa of a secret alliance with Chuck. Omarosa gets defensive and denies it but another flashback shows that Brandi was right. Omarosa calls Brandi shady and calls her "Shady Boots."

Omarosa demands Brandi stop, but continues muttering under her breath. Omarosa tells her to stop questioning her integrity; Brandi will question whatever she wants. Omarosa attacks Ross next for his surprised face. He says he's listening and Omarosa leaves.

In the present, the HGs agree they've made lifelong friends in this house. Omarosa admits she had a brief Final Two deal with Shannon but within hours, she'd already turned on Omarosa. We flashback to where Shannon tried to smooth things over with Omarosa with the Chuck eviction.

In the present, Ross says the BB house feels like home. The craziest home he's ever been in, but home. Ari says she will miss the DR the most and we are shown clips of various DR sessions that did not go smoothly.

Mark thinks the coolest thing about Big Brother was the constant supply of food. Even alcohol once in awhile. Ross points out Brandi drank most of it. We flash back to several of Brandi's drinking escapades.

In the DR, Brandi says the limited amount of alcohol provided to everyone should be illegal. She loves alcohol because she becomes a more heightened version of herself.

A backyard time is shown where Brandi accuses Chuck and James of trying to have her nominated for eviction. The conversation quickly dissipates, except Mark asks more questions. Brandi wonders if she brought him into the conversation; everyone says they're all in it. Keshia takes her away from everyone.

Omarosa tells us it's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide when Brandi drinks.

In the preset, the HGs discuss how much they miss Metta. He was so down to earth, so funny. We flash back to various clips of Metta with the HGs.

They then discuss how good of a housekeeper Mark is. We flash back to Mark cleaning. He tells us it's nasty in the house. Their moms aren't there; no one is going to pick up after them.

In the present, they tease Marissa about her incessant talking and then we flashback to it.

In the present, Mark asks which is crazier - the BB house or the White House. Omarosa says the White House.

We flashback to a chat in the HoH room where Omarosa says she is going to write a tell-all, even if "he" sues her. They also flashback to other political conversations.

Back in the living room , Mark reminds everyone that although they'll love each other forever, they still have a game to finish. May the best HGs win - cheers!

Omarosa tells us if she can get to final four, she can win!

Ross tells us he'll never win a Tony like Marissa, will never be a rockstar like Mark, will never work in the White House like Omarosa, will probably never win Miss Columbia like Ari but he could win Celebrity BB. He could!

The HGs are led outside for the HoH competition. It's snowing and decorated like a ski competition.

"There's no business like snow business and there's nothing celebrities love to do more than hit the slopes at their favorite resort. Here at Mount BB we're taking the slopes to new heights! Here's how it works - step into your skis and get ready to hit the slopes. But get ready to catch some air and carve up the mountain like never before. The last HGs to remain on their skis will be the new HoH."

The competition starts. Marissa tells us final five isn't good enough for her; she wants to get to at least Final Two.

Mark tells us he thinks with the people left in the house, he can win this.

Omarosa tells us if Ari doesn't win HoH, one of the two of them are going home.

Who will win the final HoH and be guaranteed a spot in final four? Plus, with two competitions left and two evictions, Who will win the first season of Celebrity Big Brother? Find out tomorrow night on the LIVE finale of Celebrity Big Brother!

Tonight's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother, S01E12 was written by BBLuver.

Today's updates were written by Goldylucks & Roachie
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Update Entry
Friday, February 23, 2018  Double Eviction Tonight
It's Finale Weekend! The three night finale kicks off tonight with a two-hour live double eviction episode. There's another new episode on Saturday, then the two-hour finale on Sunday, where the winner of Celebrity Big Brother will be crowned.

8:15AM BBT: We have FotH as BB is waking the HGs for the day.

8:30AM BBT: Ross is changing his batteries in the storage room while Omarosa is in the bathroom area doing ADLs.

8:36AM BBT: All HGs are up and moving around complaining it is so cold in the house. Omarosa is in the shower.

8:40AM BBT: Marissa tells James and Ross and Mark she is depressed and sick but not depressed about being on the block. Mark says we have a two hour show tonight.

8:46AM BBT: Ari and Brandi get back in bed and cover up. Mark, James, and Marissa are in the kitchen chatting and drinking coffee.

9:09AM BBT: Marissa, Omarosa, James, and Mark are sitting in the kitchen talking about their pictures on the memory wall and general talk, and we get FotH.

9:15AM BBT: The HGs are sitting around talking general talk and about how they have two more days in the house.

9:26AM BBT: BB tells the HGs to report to the HoH room for a lockdown and we get FotH.

Tonight's Show is on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM ET
Remember, you can watch Celebrity Big Brother as it airs HERE.

Full coverage of tonight's live double eviction episode will not be posted here until after 11PM.

Seven celebrities are left in the house but there are only three days left in the game. That can mean only one thing; It's time for a Double Eviction. Welcome to Celebrity Big Brother.

Previously on Celebrity Big Brother, Ross and Marissa had secured two final four alliances; first with Ari and Brandi and then another with Mark and James. But Marissa was secretly more loyal to her original four.

With Ross fiercely playing both sides, Ari started to doubt his true loyalties.

At the HoH competition, the celebs took a magic carpet ride and Mark became the house's new sugar daddy. Mark wanted to split up Ari and Brandi. But Ross and Marissa wanted Lady O O-U-T.

At the nomination ceremony, it was the wrath of McGrath.

Tonight, will the veto save Ari or Brandi? Plus, two celebrities will be sent packing - because it's double eviction night, baby! A new HoH will be crowned and a second veto will be on the line. When the dust settles, only the final five will remain. All this right now, live on Celebrity Big Brother!

Good evening, welcome to Celebrity Big Brother. I'm Julie Chen. It's day 24 inside the house and there are more alliances in the house than there are left in the game but tonight is double eviction night which means anything could happen as allies are forced to turn on one another in their quest for the $250,000 grand prize. So who will be sent packing and who will be in the final five when the dust settles? We'll soon find out.

#Butfirst, being part of a strong duo can get you far in this game. And it can also bring you down.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Brandi tells us she is sure James is behind her being nominated for the second time in a row. He is dumb and going off personal vendetta's, not how you should be playing the game. She's going to fight for the veto.

Ari tells us it sucks to be nominated with her closest friend in the house. She is hoping to win veto, take herself off and then have the replacement nominee go home.

Mark hugs Brandi and apologizes.

Brandi says she doesn't know where Mark got his info from, she has been lobbying for James, not Mark. Mark shrugs; it's like putting a son or daughter up. They both suck and you have to justify why you did it. Being HoH is not all it's cracked up to be.

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Brandi tells us she is sure James is behind her being nominated for the second time in a row. He is dumb and going off personal vendetta's, not how you should be playing the game. She's going to fight for the veto.

Ari tells us it sucks to be nominated with her closest friend in the house. She is hoping to win veto, take herself off and then have the replacement nominee go home.

In the bathroom area , Brandi and Ari wonder why Ross and Marissa didn't tell them about the nomination. They agree they had to have known, Ross is definitely in Mark's ear. Brandi tells us it feels like there is no loyalty from Ross; he's making deals with everyone in the house and will go with whomever has power. Ross comes in to check on them - both assure him they're fine. Ari gives him the cool shoulder and leaes. Later, Ross talks to Marissa in one of the bedroom's. Mark and James are with them. Marissa tells us she now feels she can trust Mark and James because they did not nominate her. Ross tells Marissa he can't vote for Brandi to leave, he has a relationship with her. Marissa says she is. Ross tells us he loves Brandi; he thinks he can beat her in the end. But he can't save Brandi from Brandi. He doesn't want to blindside her, but if he tells her the truth, she'll downward spiral.

In the speakeasy, James assures Ari Brandi is the target. Ari worries about if Brandi wins the veto. James assures her no matter what, she's fine.

James tells us he'd rather save Ari, she's easier to be around than Brandi. Ari wonders what would happen if Ross wins veto and saves Brandi. James says it wouldn't happen but if it did, Omarosa will go up and out.

Later, in the kitchen, Marissa finds out Omarosa was in the white house during Clinton's reign. Omarosa says the press edits her background to suit them. It's the clearest evidence that true journalism doesn't exist.

Mark hugs Brandi and apologizes.

Brandi says she doesn't know where Mark got his info from, she has been lobbying for James, not Mark. Mark shrugs; it's like putting a son or daughter up. They both suck and you have to justify why you did it. Being HoH is not all it's cracked up to be.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Mark draws first and picks Omarosa. He tells us he doesn't want her to win because then he has to nominate someone from his alliance.

Brandi pulls James and tells us that was the last person she wanted drawn because he's stupid. The luck of her draw. Ari draws Marissa, leaving Ross to host.

Ari joins Marissa in the storage room room. Marissa starts to try and talk game but when Ross enters, she awkwardly changes the subject, thinking it was someone else. Once the door closes, Marissa says she overheard that Ari was not the target. Ari asks if Ross will vote to keep her, he says he won't go against the house.

Ari wants to know if they plan to vote her out, Ross will let her know once he knows.

Ross tells us his name not coming out of the veto box was the best thing to happen to him. He basically has two final four's. One with the girls and one with the boys. If things fall to him having power, he'd have to make a very difficult decision.

Ari tells us Ross not making a decision about his vote makes her more determined to win veto.

Julie goes to the living room and breaks the news about the double eviction to the HGs. She then tells them she'll be back later and we go back to catching up the house goings on.

In the backyard, Brandi dares Ross to say something bad about Julie. Ross and Marissa leave, they have nothing to say.

Brandi says she'd love to have James and Omarosa on the block right now if she were HoH. She knows James is voting to evict her but she did save him twice. James says she could have saved him from a lot more - socially.

Brandi (who seems to have consumed a lot of alcohol) is confused and James doesn't repeat it. Brandi says she is sweet and kind, James says if she says it it must be true. Like Omarosa, Brandi is insulted - she's nothing like her.

James then lays it down - she's been cruel and mean so many times. Brandi says he's a good guy but she only likes him half the time. Not when he's super cocky. James says she's never seen him super cocky. James says she has treated him more rudely than anyone else here. James says Brandi won't be saved this week.

In the bathroom area , Mark thinks it's BS that Brandi roasts him so often. James held himself up well, Mark adds. James found it funny that she said she saved him twice. Going along with the house is not saving him.

Marissa, who is there too, nods in agreement. Mark says Brandi's constant comments are tiresome. The boys head to bed, Marissa goes into the backyard.

Brandi confronts Marissa; she heard everything in the bathroom area , "and what?" Marissa asks. Marissa reminds Brandi she didn't SAY anything. Brandi goes off on her. Marissa tells us she agrees James shouldn't take it anymore and got in trouble.

Moving into the kitchen, Brandi wonders why Marissa didn't tell James that she doesn't like it when James is cocky either. Marissa tells Brandi she has the situation confused and leaves the kitchen.

Marissa heads to the bedroom and tells Omarosa, Ross, Ari and James what Brandi said. James then recounts what happened in the backyard to everyone.

Marissa tells us her original plan was for Omarosa to replace Ari on the block and leave but there's no saving Brandi now.

Time for the PoV competition!

The HGs will compete one at a time, and when they're done they'll join Ross in the HoH where they can watch the rest of the HGs compete.

Ross tells us he is going to kick back and watch his friends compete for their lives while he enjoys his favourite show!

Up first is Omarosa.

"Welcome to the BB Toy Company, where we were going to release our first line of BB Action Figures. Unfortunately, there was a mix up at the factory, and the action figures faces don't match the bodies. It's your job to identify which three HGs faces have been combined on each action figure. On go, hit your button to start your clock and reveal the first action figure. Label the box with the name of the HGs you think make up the eyes, nose and mouth. If incorrect, a buzzer will sound and you must figure out what is wrong and make changes. Your goal is to correctly identify the three features on all four figures in the fastest amount of time. The first player sets the time to beat, the next players must beat that time or their game is over. The player with the fastest time will earn the PoV!"

Omarosa says she knows the Keshia action figure is Shannon's eyes, Metta's nose and Ari's mouth but she doesn't want to win so she can continue to not be in anyone's cross hairs. So she guesses incorrectly.

Ross, in HoH, wonders aloud what she's doing. Ross tells us this is not Omarosa's finest hour. This is lasting a really long time; he was worried she wouldn't finish in time, now he's worried she won't finish this season.

After taking 25 minutes on the first one, she tells us she needs to speed it up. She didn't realize that took so long.

The second figure is Chuck and Omarosa tells us she's glad Chuck isn't there to see it. He might have punched it in the face. The lips are hers, Mark's eyes and James' nose.

Omarosa tells us the Metta action figure looks like a Chuckie doll. Ross comments that either this competition it really hard or Omarosa is really bad at it.

The last action figure is Shannon. Omarosa tells us she thinks Ross will buy her act; he thinks he's a great actress.

Omarosa tells him it was so hard; he agrees - he had no idea from watching.

Omarosa tells us she wants to get in good with Ross; he's the bridge to both sides.

Omarosa lays it out - doesn't Ross want to sit next to her in the finale? Won't he beat her? Ross chuckles and Omarosa asks him if he'd beat Marissa or Ari in Final Two. Probably not, he answers. How do they get to Final Two then? Ross doesn't know if he has the tools to do it. Omarosa thinks he can; with her by his side.

Ross tells us he has spent 22 days sharing a bathroom with Omarosa and he still doesn't know who the real Omarosa is. So if he was really going to work with her and put his entire game in her hands... he doesn't know about that.

Ari tells us when she sees Omarosa's time (38 mins) she feels this is going to be hard. She does make up for everyone in the house, she spends a lot of time staring at faces. This shouldn't be too hard. Except she misses her own lips on Keshia's figure and feels stupid. She flies through the rest, finishing with a time of 9 minutes.

Up in the HoH room, Omarosa hands the veto over to Ari. James is up next, racing to beat 9 mins. He struggles, and is buzzed out on the 3rd action figure. Marissa is up next; she struggles and only makes it past the first action figure before being buzzed out. She tells us it's a lot harder than it looks when you're watching on TV.

It's Mark's turn and he tells us the bar is set super high. As Mark struggles, the HGs in the HoH cry out "No!" every time he puts the wrong answer up. He is buzzed out without completing even one action figure.

Brandi is last and she tells us she feels very alone. The only way she stays in the house is if she wins veto. Brandi struggles on the first one. She feels like it is Mark's nose.. could be Marissa's, she tells us, but she's only ever paid attention to Marissa's mouth - she's always talking. Brandi also gets buzzed out before she can complete one figure.

Ari wins PoV!

Brandi tells us she's 90% sure her experience in the BB house is over. Her only very slim hope is that Omarosa goes up and is a big enough target to go home first. Mark tells us he has to put up a replacement that will guarantee Brandi goes home. He has some thinking to do!

In the workout room, Mark tells James he is going to nominate Marissa. That way he can ensure Brandi goes out. He'll tell everyone she hasn't been nominated yet, so it's only fair.

Mark tells us it's a huge responsibility being HoH. Picking a replacement nominee that will ensurer Brandi goes is stressful.

James tells us if Mark keeps playing the game as well as he is, he'd be delighted to bring him to Final Two. They wonder about Marissa and Ross' loyalty and hope they don't regret joining an alliance with them.

Time for the veto meeting. Ari chooses to use the veto on herself. Mark nominates Marissa as the replacement nominee. Marissa sits down, stating "I've never been here before."

Marissa tells us she hopes she's staying because she knows Brandi will say anything that comes to her mind. She needs to stay out of her line of fire.

Mark welcomes Marissa to the block - everyone has been on it now.

James tells us he can't wait 'til Brandi leaves. She can insult anyone she wants - but it won't be him. He cannot wait for that day.

Omarosa tells us it's a good day when she's not on the block. Ross tells us there are people in the house he'd never want to cast a vote for. People who have become friends of his. But guess what? BB doesn't work that way - this is when the game gets real.

Brandi tells us she has a secret weapon and that's her mouth. It gets things happening for sure.

Time for the first eviction of the night. Final pleas. Marissa - She's not going to campaign against Brandi. The thing she's most proud is being Zeb Miller's mommy and being a cancer survivor. For anyone watching who is struggling with cancer or has a loved one struggling, look at her and see a healthy, strong, happy woman who kicked cancer's butt. You can too, and let this be an example of what life after cancer can look like. She wants to send love to Ari's dad and Ross' mommy and kisses to both.

Brandi - She made some amazing friendships and love a lot of people in the house. Not everyone but it is what it is. She hopes Ari wins the whole thing, she adores and loves her. Omarosa, she's shocked they're getting along. She hopes everyone sees the softer side of Omarosa. She can't wait to see her kids. She gives Omarosa the squash as her parting gift.

Time for the votes to evict:

James votes for Brandi
Ari votes for Marissa
Ross votes for Brandi
Omarosa votes for Brandi

By a vote of 3-1, Brandi is evicted from the BB house.

Brandi starts crying and hugs people on the way out. Ari hugs Marissa and they have an unheard conversation.

Brandi tells Ross to take care of Ari and then heads into the studio to see Julie.

Brandi tells Julie she does not feel surprised. She feels sad that Ross chose to betray her and stab her in the back. By the vote? Julie asks. Brandi says they had an Final Two since day two so she assumed his vote would be for her, not Marissa. Julie calls her on that - Brandi would've taken Ari to Final Two. She just said she wants Ari to win the whole thing. Brandi wants Ari to win but she wouldn't have won sitting next to Ari!

Julie wonders if this will affect her friendship with Ross outside of the house. She loves Ross, and he bribed her with free alcohol for the rest of their friendship.

Julie brings up the dissension between James and Brandi. Brandi found him to be arrogant and cocky rather than just being confident. Metta was confident and lovely but James was just annoying.

Brandi thinks her mouth might be why she's sitting out there. She's 45, and if she could change and think before she speaks, she'd have done it by now. Which is more cutthroat - Big Brother or Real Housewives? Big Brother, because you're living 24/7 with people and you think you're best friends and then you're cast away. It's hard. She didn't expect to love the people the way she does in there. She is coming out with friends, so she wins. She learned that she is not very strategic, she's softer than she fronts and things do affect her more than people realize.

Goodbye messages -
Ari - My love, my favorite person in the house, my best friend. So sad you have to go. I'm going to play as hard as I can for you. See you soon, mi amore.

Marissa - Brandi, I'm so sorry to see you go. Things really went sideways and I'm sorry that I couldn't help keep you.

Ross - I would've stayed true to you to the end but the line was drawn and I had to make a decision. I hope this won't hurt our friendship in the real world.

James - Brandi, I've enjoyed none of the time I've spent with you. I'm ecstatic. This is the best day I've had in the house thus far.

Brandi comments she hopes he sees the one she made for him at one point. She doesn't know if it's possible but hers was way worse.

Brandi hopes that they all have fun but that Ari wins at the end.

Julie dares Brandi to say something bad about her. Brandi tells Julie she remembers that as we go to commercial.

Time for the HoH competition. Earlier today, the HGs were given time to study some works of art knowing they could play an important role in an upcoming competition. HGs are all in separate rooms for this game with True/False buttons.

This competition is called BB Auction. Julie will ask questions based on the works of art. For every correct answer, they get 1 point. The HGs with the most points at the end of seven questions will be the new HoH.

1) True or False: Less than half of the pieces of art were labeled as SOLD. Answer: True. Everyone gets a point but Ari.

2) True or False: There was a star on the front of the hat on Ross in Shipshape. Answer: False. Everyone gets a point but Ari.

3) True or False: James' nutrition plan was sold for $3203. Answer: False. Marissa and Omarosa are wrong, but everyone else is right.

4) True or False: One of the headbands in Marissa's fashion passion had exactly 10 flowers on it. Answer: False. Omarosa is right, everyone else gets it wrong.

5) True or False: There was 1 open tube of lipstick in Ariadna's beauty buffet. Answer: True. Everyone is right but Ross.

6) True or False: The inhaler shown in Breath of Omarosa was blue. Answer: False. Everyone is right.

7) True or False: On Mark's fab vocab, the letter S was pictured on a blue colored crystal. Answer: True. Everyone but Marissa gets a point.

James and Omarosa are tied at 6 points; tie breaker round for them. The answer will be a number; the person who comes closest without going over will be HoH.

In the Award Squeezing Competition, how long did it take in seconds from the beginning of the game until the moment Shannon won?

Omarosa guesses 1200 seconds, James guesses 5402. The correct answer is 2442, making Omarosa the new HoH.

Time for Omarosa to make her nominations. She nominates Ross and Marissa. Up next, the Power of Veto.

Time for the PoV!

This competition is called Art-rageous. In front of the memory wall are 6 paintings. Each painting has a replica located inside 1 of 6 designated rooms. However, one replica is not an exact match. Your goal is to identify which is not an exact match. When you think you know, buzz in. Choose incorrectly and you will be eliminated. The HGs to guess correctly will win.

The competition starts and the HGs rush inside. Ross figures the answer out as #4 and rushes to buzz in. He's correct, winning the veto!

The HGs want to talk, but Mark tells them to let Ross breathe. The PoV meeting is started; Mark mutters that things change quickly. Ross takes himself off the block and is replaced with James.

Time for the second live vote and eviction of the evening. Final pleas.

James - No fun trying to campaign against someone who is a dear friend of his. It sounds like it will be impossible to beat Marissa in Final Two so it sounds like I'm the choice to keep. If so, I'm open to making deals going forward because we're still going to need alliances. I'm a man of my word and will continue to be.

Marissa - I don't want to campaign against James but you're not going to get to Final Two with James, he will beat you in every competition. You may not win against me in Final Two but you won't get there with James. I can't hold onto anything for very long. If it's a talking competition, I'd win!

The votes to evict are:
Ari votes for James
Ross votes for James
Mark votes for Marissa
By a vote of 2-1, James is evicted from the BB house.

James hugs everyone; he gets it - it's all good. James doesn't want to do press in the shirt he's wearing and runs to grab a jacket but can't find one.

Julie tells him he has to leave; he does and joins her in the studio.

Omarosa tells the HGs she had to; he was the biggest target in the house.

Back in the studio, James admits he was surprised Omarosa put him up. He thought the smarter choice for replacement would be Ari. He was not going to make it easy for them. He planned to win going forward. He went wrong by not really committing to the deal with Omarosa; he wanted to stick to his final four. But had he joined her, he wouldn't be voted out. Sounds like Brandi told some lies today, good for Brandi's game but bad for everyone else.

James thinks Brandi was always attacking him due to acting like a 3rd grader with a crush. He'll take it as a compliment.

Julie asks if he'd date Brandi after, he says no, definitely not. James thinks Ross is a contender for the win. James had a lot of fun, at least he beat Brandi!

Julie visits the HGs, the final five. Everyone except Omarosa will compete in the next HoH competition, there will be two nominees and a PoV will be played. One will be evicted Sunday, then there will be one more HoH competition and that HoH will immediately evict two HGs. That person will choose who he or she will be sitting next to in Final Two. Good night and good luck, HGs!

Tonight's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother, S01E11 was written by BBLuver.

12:30AM BBT: Feeds are back. Ross and Mark are talking about someone with breast cancer. Sounds like possibly Ross' mom. Mark offers a friend who is a doctor. Ross says he may take him up on that. Ross won HoH. He says he wasn't going to let go. He says he has two HoH and two Veto

12:35AM BBT: Ross says that he is putting up Ari and Omarosa. He says he will break the news to Ari in the morning. Ari comes in and they discuss that Ross was wobbly but refused to fall.

12:42AM BBT: Ari asks Ross if Mark has a deal with Omarosa. Ross says no. He says he will protect her through this one. They have four out of five for her tomorrow. He says at final four though they all have to fight.

12:48PM BBT: Ari, Ross, and Marissa talking about their punishments (baby bottle, ears etc). Mark is cleaning the kitchen and dumping ice from a bottle of champagne they had.

12:52AM BBT: Ross tells Ari and Marissa that he is really hoping to hear from his Mom. He knows he can talk to her in just a couple of days but he is hoping to hear from his Mom.

1:00AM BBT: Ross, Marissa and Ari are in the bedroom talking. Ross says that Omarosa did what the house was always saying they would do. Break up a pair and if you can't, backdoor James.

1:08AM BBT: Ross tells Omarosa that she has been delightful. Omarosa jokes "Hey, you are going to mess up my set up. Bad girls get more money than good girls." Ross says her next gig is going to be something she produced about church, husband, life and Jacksonville: The First Lady of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church.

1:16AM BBT: Omarosa, Mark, Marissa and Ross are in the kitchen. Omarosa admits that she was a fan of Chuck. They start discussing what was going on in the house when Chuck left. They discuss how his leaving was Shannon's mastermind from beginning to end. Omarosa says that it was so good and so masterfully executed that she dug her own grave.

1:23AM BBT: Omarosa, Mark, Marissa and Ross talk about how close they got to everyone in the house. Omarosa says when she was on Apprentice she didn't get as close to everyone she competed against because they were together maybe 12 hours a day. They split up each night.

1:31AM BBT: Marissa admits to the rest of the house that she honestly thought she was going home during the double eviction. Ross said James may not feel this way now, but it is actually very flattering to be considered such a threat they backdoor you.

1:33AM BBT: Ross, Mark and Omarosa are telling Marissa that everyone in the house loves her. Omarosa says she can remember the moment she knew she loved her. They were upstairs in the HoH and Shannon was crying. It was an Emmy worthy cry. And Marissa, who had taken her medication already, laughed out loud and said "And that is really good TV".

1:40AM BBT: Ross and Mark are talking in the bedroom. They agree the girls alliance will control the jury vote. Mark tells Ross his only chance of winning is by taking him or Omarosa with him to the finale.

1:44AM BBT: Omarosa moves a chair in the bedroom to open up the space some more. BB tells her to stop that. She asks if she can leave the chair there. BB tells her to stop that. She takes that as code to go and put the chair back. Everyone tells Mark goodnight as he crawls into bed. Ross promises to wake him up if he gets his HoH room.

1:47AM BBT: Marissa gets called to the DR. Before she goes Marissa and Ross tell each other how proud they are of each other and how they were always faithful to each other. They tell each other that they love one another. Marissa says that Ross is the only one that she never talked crap about. Ross jokes "Well, I didn't know that we were doing that."

1:52AM BBT: Ari jokes that she is divorcing Ross. Omarosa says as her divorce attorney, Ari is getting half. Ross says that's fine as long as she can prove they consummated the marriage. Ari says that Ross did her makeup so that counts. Omarosa and Ross then talking about how nice BB has been lately. BB is giving them food and doing their laundry since they can't ever go outside.

1:55AM BBT: Ross is going to bed. He says he wants one more kiss from Ari before he goes. Omarosa "The little boy toy is gone." Ross "I'm the boy toy, get a clue."

1:58AM BBT: Ross goes off and sits in a chair in the bedroom by himself. He appears to be very deep in thought and maybe even a bit sad.

2:00AM BBT: Ross and Ari are talking in the bedroom. Ross asks her who she is taking to final two. She says either him or Marissa. Ross tells her that she would win against him and he would love to get second place to her. Ross says he positioned it so that everyone knows to save her. That was part of the deal because he kept his word to protect her. Ari says she will definitely take him to the finale. Ross just says that he wants to get there. He doesn't have to win. "If we get Omarosa out, we are good."

2:07AM BBT: Feeds one and two show Mark in bed with the lights out. Feeds three and four show Ari in the teal bedroom alone. She is packing up her makeup bag. She sniffles and wipes a tear away from her face.

2:15AM BBT: The cameras focus on Ari is reading the Bible in bed. Omarosa was last seen washing her face and removing makeup in the wash area.

2:29AM BBT: Omarosa joins Ari in the teal bedroom. Omarosa shows her how her ring is hurting her finger. She never takes it off but now she feels like she has to. Ari says it is probably stress. Ari and Omarosa both crawl into bed. Omarosa reads a scripture passage to Ari. She says it is one of her favorite bedtime ones. They say goodnight to each other. They both admit that they miss Brandi before going to sleep.

2:35AM BBT: Marissa comes out of the DR. She adds some items into her suitcase in the bedroom. She then crawls into bed. Ross, who is also already in bed (he has not gotten his the HoH room yet) tells her goodnight.

2:44AM BBT: All HGs are in bed. Lights are off. Marissa and Ross whisper to each other from across the room how proud they are of each other and that they love each other.

3:00AM BBT: All the HGs are in bed.

5:16AM BBT: Mark gets up and goes to the bathroom and then goes back to bed. The cameras do not follow.

Today's updates were written by BBLuver, Fuskie, Goldylucks, Kekila, Kitten_200

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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