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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)
Wednesday is the BB21 90-minute Finale starting @ 9:30PM


Michie Wins Big Brother 21

Nicole Wins $25,000 America's Favorite Houseguest
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Update Entry
Sunday, October 27, 2019 And after Big Brother
Julie Chen tweeted out this picture on the empty diary room and now people are talking.  What does it mean?  Is it a clue?  Is there a Celebrity Big Brother in the works?

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Update Entry
Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Big Big Brother 21 Finale

9:05AM BBT: We have FotH. Wake-up time.

9:17AM BBT: The feeds are back and the lights are on. All HGs still in bed. Jackson says he needs to get up. Holly talks about the random songs they just played.

9:29AM BBT: Jackson is up nd changes his batteries and uses the bathroom. He grabs a blanket and goes to lay down in the RV room. They all joke about something may be going on today. We get FotH.

9:34AM BBT: While on FotH, HGs were told no more feeds. We get Nicole and Jackson talking about how exciting. We heard a voiceover from production telling the HGs there will be a lockdown and we get FotH again.

9:36AM BBT: Holly in the kitchen talking to the cams. Says the feeds will go off in 30 minutes She says she has a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. Jackson and Nicole in the RV dancing around to the beat of their clapping hands.

9:39AM BBT: Nicole talking to the cameras in the RV bedroom. She says that 99 days ago she came into the house as a girl. She says she has no regrets. She says no matter what place she finishes she feels it was an honor to play and looks forward to watching the show in the future.

9:42AM BBT: Jackson and Holly are in the kitchen prepping breakfast. The dirty dishes are overflowing the sink. Jackson says he is disgusted with themselves. Holly agrees. Both say they aren't going to bother washing anything.

9:47AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson are dancing. Holly goes off to talk to the cams. Jackson drinks from a carton in the fridge. He then runs off to find Holly.

9:51AM BBT: Holly is doing shout outs to family and friends. She says she hopes she made everyone proud and that she played with morals. She does a shout out to her best friend who shares her wit and sarcasm.

9:55AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson goofing around in the kitchen. Jackson sounds like he is mocking Christie. They then say they are not making fun of anyone. Holly is still doing shout outs in the bedroom.

9:59AM BBT: Holly is still going on an on about this is the best thing she has ever done. Jackson is cooking an entire carton of egg whites. Nicole just chatting with Jackson.

10:01AM BBT: We get no actual goodbye from the HG. Just Jackson cooking and poof - The feeds are done. Thank you for joining us for BB21.

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Big Brother 21 Finale  on CBS at 9:30PM
Full coverage of tonight's Big Brother show may not be posted here until after 1:00AM.

Previously, on Big Brother, with only the showmance and Nicole left in the game, the stage was set for the final three-part HoH competition and Michie conquered part one. Now, after a summer of epic competitions, intense emotions, and crazy confrontations, it all comes down to this. Who will become the final HoH and who will ultimately be crowned the winner of BB21 and walk away with the half-million-dollar prize. Find out tonight on the finale of Big Brother!

Julie greets us and says it's been a summer of powerful duos and Holly and Michie have managed to make it to finale night. Standing in their way is Nicole, who may have lost her partner, but she didn't lose the will to win.

Dr. Will Kirby introduces himself to the jury and he asks who they think will be joining them. Nick thinks it will be Cliff and Jess thinks it will be Michie. Jack thinks it will be Cliff and Christie thinks it's Michie. It's time to find out who it is... Cliff comes in.

Dr. Will asks Cliff why he's here and Cliff fills them in. Nick says you thought he would keep you over Holly? Cliff says Michie always talked to him about the value of a handshake and he fell for it. Dr. Will asks what the most important factors of determining a winner? Nick says competition wins and Kat says it has a lot to do with social game. Nick says 9 competition wins is massive. Jess thinks the social game is just as important. Kat says Michie is loyal and Sis disagrees. Kat says he screwed up her game from day one, but she saw a lot of facets of his game.

Cliff doesn't think Michie was loyal. Dr. Will asks if it was impressive that Michie talked them into keeping a showmance. Cliff says it was and that was his best game move. Jack says everyone did lie and he can't fault him. Cliff says lies are fine but don't say you're honorable and you played with integrity. Dr. Will says he could be a Jekyll and Hyde and he could be condescending and arrogant. Christie says this is Michie's world and we're all just living in it. Tommy says he's heard Michie talk aggressively to Christie and Kat. He has to separate game from personal, does he vote with morals or his love of the game?

Holly was part of a powerful duo and Nicole was a non-threatening outside. What does the jury think of them? Dr. Will asks Tommy what he thinks about Nicole and Tommy would love to give her vote to Nicole. Kat says she's underrated and she's playing a social game. Christie says she would drop a seed to create enemies and it was brilliant. Cliff says Nicole had some competition wins at the end. Sis is confused with her gameplay and she doesn't know if it's strategy or just luck. Nick says he doesn't know if she played the whole game and Jess and Kat says she was playing the game and laying low is what no one else was doing. Jack says if it was a strategy to float through the game and Kat says she was part of an alliance.

Dr. Will says Holly and Michie are an alliance, who's the brawn and the brains? Jess thinks Michie is both. Christie doesn't respect Holly's game if she just hid behind the biggest target. Kat says Holly did hold Michie back and that helped him get further. Nick says she did win some HoH's. Tommy says she showed up when she needed to. Kat says Holly went after the bigger targets and Michie went after the bottom feeders. Cliff says Holly developed a lot of relationships with other HG. Jack says Holly was never put up as a threat and that's impressive. Dr. Will says there is still a game left to be played and they'll be able to question the final two. He suggests they get their questions down.

It's time for part two of the HoH competition. Nicole says she needs to go balls to the wall. They need to match the day number to a memory on the giant brain. When they think they have all 12 memories labeled correctly they need to buzz in. The player who finishes the fastest time wins. Are you ready to play Foggy Memory?

Nicole sees the memory of Jack signing up for his Whacktivity and he knows that's day 6. She's been studying the days all summer. She sees the memory of Kaycee and she knows the Food Fight veto was day 9, and Otev was 35. We then see her getting the rest of her memories. She says she's not an athletic beast, but she is a memory person. She locks in and she has one wrong and she changes the alien one and now she as two wrong. She realizes it's the clown and she switches back and buzzes in and she's correct. She says please be good enough.

Holly is up and she wants to build up her resume before she stands in front of the jury and pleads her case. She knows a lot of the days right off the bat, even though she's not sure on all the days. She puts several up and she says this competition is exhausting. She's never been rock climbing and she's regretting it right now. She buzzes in and has the clown wrong. She tries another day and it's wrong. She stops and says what is she getting wrong. She switches the clown memory again and this time she is correct.

It's time to reveal the times for the competition. Holly finished with a time of 10:38. Nicole finished with a time of... 2:38. Holly has won the second part of the HoH competition! Michie says Holly brings home a W. She had a job to do and she got it done. Nicole says she should have beat her, she would have. She would have loved to pull out an underdog win for every single underdog in the world. She's so frustrated.

Nicole and Holly are talking and Nicole tells Holly to make sure she advocates for herself. Nicole says she got to this point because of her social game and she just needs to navigate this final three and get to the end. Nicole tells Holly she might have a better chance of beating her over Michie because of competition wins and Holly can own her game and the jury would appreciate that. Holly says it's such a big moral dilemma. Holly worries about walking away with second place and she knows taking Nicole could give her a better shot of winning. But can she do that?

Holly and Michie are now prepared to play part three of the HoH. The competition is called "The Jury is Out". They will watch a series of videos and in each video, the juror will make three statements about the summer and they have to figure out which statement is false. Whoever has the most points will win the final HoH!

First, we have Kat. Holly and Michie listen and they answer C. The correct answer is C and they both get a point.

Jack is next and Holly and Michie both answer C. The correct answer is... C. Both are correct and they both get a point.

Cliff is our next video. Holly and Michie both answer A. The correct answer is... A. Both are correct and they both have three points.

Next is Tommy. Holly and Michie both answer B. The correct answer is... B. Both are correct and have four points.

Analyse's video is next. Holly answers C. Michie thinks about it and Julie asks them to lock in and Michie chooses A. The correct answer is A. Michie has five points and Holly has four points.

Next, we have Christie. Michie immediately answers B. Holly hesitates and she answers A then switches to B at the last minute. The correct answer is... B. They both get a point.

Nick's video is next. Both Holly and Michie answer C. The correct answer is C. Michie has seven points and Holly has 6.

It's time for the last video and it's Jessica. Both answer A. Michie wins the final HoH!

Now Michie must choose to evict Holly or Nicole and ensuring the remaining HGs a spot in the Final Two. Time to get his decision. Holly says it has been an honor to play the game alongside him and she's loved being his teammate and ride or die. Playing with him has been an incredible experience and she goofed on Sis's question and he earned the right to decide and she would love to duke it out with him.

Nicole says she respects his game so much and whatever he chooses to do she respects. She says he's her brother for life and hopefully, blood is thicker than water and Michie says everything comes full circle and hopefully he'll take her.

Michie says he loves them both and he can honestly say they are two of the best things to happen to him in the game both inside and outside and he loved spending the last week with the two best women in the house but he's sorry and he votes to evict Nicole. They hug and Michie says he's sorry and she says it's a game!

Nicole joins Julie on stage wearing Cliff's hat. Julie asks Nicole what her thoughts are. She says she's not shocked, but she stayed hopeful and had faith. She says it's a game and she doesn't get hurt. Julie asks what she's taking away from this experience. Nicole says she's learned so much about herself and this has been... she sees her family and she gets emotional. She says she's learned about who she is and she loves herself and she's learned to love herself.

We're back and 8 members of the jury are on stage. Julie tells them juror #9 was just evicted and Nicole enters. It's now time to question the Final Two. They've been asked as a group to come up with three questions each.

Julie goes to Michie and Holly and they are ready to ask questions. Cliff asks Michie, about jury management. Michie says he was forced to be in a position where he was on his own and he had to take shots directly at people and everything he did was game-related. He was honest when he didn't need to be, loyal when he had to be, and only lied when he had to. Everything was game and well thought out and strategic.

Christie asks Holly what her strategy was coming in and how it evolved. Holly says she had plans A-Z and she didn't know what she was going to do until she got there. She laid low until she learned about people and then stepped up when she had to. She didn't talk about her academic or professional achievements. She spoke little and listened and won when she needed it to and didn't show her cards. She adapted to conditions as they were thrown at her and she went through all plays A-Z.

Tommy asks Michie about his degrading and condescending to women and they aren't sure they should reward that type of behavior. Michie says he's an intense person and he gives 110%. He has never degraded a woman's character or physical attributes. He respects women more than anything, his mother raised him right. He knows himself and he did not ever mean to be degrading. He didn't make jokes or slanderous remarks towards women ever.

Sis asks Holly how she played her own game. Holly says they never had a Final Two and they played different games and they had different targets. She says he took out Sis to disarm herself, Tommy, and Christie and she went after bigger targets knowing it wasn't the best move for Michie. She says people will thinks she rode coattails, but she argues she held on and dug her heels in to hold him back because she needed him as a teammate and a tool as well. She says she played a very different game.

Jess asks Michie why he deserves to win over Holly. Michie says his strategy was there are always bigger fish and he wanted to leave targets in and disarm the people around them so the targets were removed when he needed to. Everything he's done was strategy and well thought out and that's what got him to the chair.

Jack asks Holly why she deserves to win over Michie. Holly says there are a lot of ways to play the game and she chose the hardest route. She wanted to play with integrity and honesty and she was a straight shooter and she flew under the radar and she doesn't think anyone was ever targeting her. She thinks she managed her relationships well and authentically. She was able to rely on her social game and her wit and she was calculated and thoughtful with all her moves.

Time for final statements. Michie stands and says he wants them to vote for who played the best version of Big Brother. Michie recaps his game on throwing rogue votes, vetos, HoH's, been a have not, he's won a luxury competition and he's done everything in a very powerful showmance and it's been game and he's kept them alive and he hopes they vote on game and not personal emotion.

Holly says she's lived a life of being underestimated. She capitalized on that and she's from the middle of nowhere. She didn't show her cards in mental competitions like beating Nicole in a memory competition. She knew her social game was strong and she was the last person to see the block and that was only because she had to. She's small, but she won arguably the hardest physical competition and she's been on Michie's heels in many other competitions. She's been a confident female force and she says they can vote for the front line soldier or the sniper and she's proud of her game.

Time to vote! Jack votes and wishes them both the very best. Kat votes next and says if it isn't the conspiring b*tches. Sis is up to vote and she says good luck to them. Nick is up and says they both deserve to win the game.

Jessica says they are a beautiful couple and it's hard to choose just one. Christie is up and she says her head and her heart are in a fight but this vote was earned. Tommy says congrats and he loves them. Cliff says respect to them and he's voting for who he thinks played the best overall game. Nicole says living with them for a week has been informative and her vote goes accordingly.

We now have the first five evictees of the season. Julie asks about some controversial items. Julie asks Ovi about Nicole being shut out by the Gr8ful alliance. Ovi says it was really hard and disheartening and they made an agreement the actions in the house would be based on game, and those actions were not about game and they were bullying and they need to call it out when they see it. They can't be bystanders and he hopes they realize the actions they took in that room. Julie asks Nicole about it and she says she was frustrated and a lot of people in the room were bystanders and she wasn't allowed in the room to advocate for herself. She's a firm believer in forgiveness and she plans to do that and move forward.

Julie goes to Kemi. Kemi says it was disappointing and she mentions Jack, Christie, Michie, and Nick and their obsession with her. A lot of things that were said to and about her are inexcusable and unforgivable and she hopes they leave the experience as better people they came in as. Jack says the comments he made and he says they came from a place of ignorance and he'll never be able to apologize to her enough and it's not fair to her.

Christie says she doesn't know specifically know what was said but when she watches she will get a personal phone call from her she will apologize and she'd love to discuss it with her. Michie isn't sure what this is in reference to, but the only issue he had with Kemi was the cooking level. On a personal level, he loved her to death and he's not sure what the reference is to. He does apologize to her and says he's sorry and he does like her as a person. Kemi says it's important to understand what you're apologizing for before you apologize.

Julie tells Michie that as Camp Director he banished David, Kemi, Jessica, and Cliff, and he says it wasn't about race. Michie says he picked David and Jessica because of them wanting to be Camp Director as well and Kemi only spoke to him once and he says race, age, gender, none of that had anything to do with it. David understands the gameplay move and he had two weeks to think about it and he thought it was game. But as David watched he's seen some implied biases and he hopes they talk about it.

Julie asks Nick about Bella and the showmance and then the jurymance. Nick says he takes responsibility for his actions and he realized he had feelings for Kat and he didn't want to hurt Bella. Bella says Nick, you made a commitment to me and please don't make me look stupid and you made me look stupid and she was hurt by that and no one deserves to feel that way.

Time to reveal the votes! Nicole voted for Holly. Cliff has voted for Michie. Tommy has voted for Michie. Christie has voted for Michie. Jess voted for Holly. Nick voted for Michie. four votes Michie and two votes for Holly. Sis has voted for Michie and he has won Big Brother. Michie and Holly holds hands as they walk out.

Julie reveals Kat voted for Holly and Jack voted for Michie. It's now time to reveal America's Favorite Houseguests. The top three HGs are Tommy, Cliff, and Nicole. The winner who got more than 1 million votes was... Nicole!

Nicole says she feels amazing. She didn't expect this at all. Julie says Michie got his confetti how is he feeling and he says he did it for his family and all that matters is they are proud of him. Holly doesn't feel too shabby and her family is here from Wyoming and that's greater than any dollar amount. Michie and Holly say they are taking it one day at a time outside of the house.

Julie thanks them all! From outside the Big Brother house, we'll see you next summer.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S21E40 was written by IndyMom78.

The Backyard Interviews
Click the names to see the interview videos.
Jessica  The HGs are answering questions in the backyard. First up is Jess. In three words, Jess described her BB experience as insane, intense and rewarding. She cannot describe how amazing the experience was to represent a type of person not represented in mainstream media very often. She is physically active and wanted to kick but. The worst game move of the season was Nicole taking out Tommy. She should have aligned with others in the house but it's hard to make alliances with people who don't want to make alliances with you, so she focused on personal relationships. She has no regrets and wouldn't change her game other than to lie a little more and deceive people. She didn't realize how many HGs were lying. Jackson wasn't the best player, he was a great player, but there were strengths in what Holly did. This wasn't America's Best competition winner.

Kathryn  Kat is next to answer questions. The funniest HGs was Nicole. Everything about playing BB surprised her, she thought she had everything figured out and she knew nothing. She would do a lot over again differently. Everybody was conspiring against her, or strategically telling some truths. It was a relief to get evicted. competitions don't mean much to me and Holly was playing Jackson's social game. Plus he made such controversial statements. I would have rather seen Nicole, Holly or my dog win.

Analyse  Analyse is next. Her BB experience was so fun - not much game and wish she could have stayed in longer to show her cards. Huge emotional roller coaster but she's so glad she did it. She doesn't know what will happen with Jack - they will see what happens with a long-distance relationship. They did grow a lot closer in the Jury House in an unstressful situation. One of the best players won BB - Nicole played a really great game too. I came to understand her strategy during the Round Table.

Tommy  Tommy grabs the mic next. I can't believe we're here on Finale Night. That's insane. As soon as I got evicted, I told Jackson he got him. It was ultimately why he voted for Jackson to win, I realized he was more than just competitions. Choreographing the house dance was hard - not everyone wanted to do it. But they all did that was the highlight of my BB experience. I thought everyone was onto me and Christie - shocked that nobody was.

Tommy says he's hearing there's a meme of him telling Christie she can look at him and see home. The funniest moment in the BB21 House was when Bella was changing the guys' diapers. Never laughed so hard in my life. Will tell the family I hope I made them proud when I see them. Absolutely the best player won BB21. He was a well-rounded player. Thank you so much to CBS, the fans, I remember being a fan and wanting to be on the show so much. If you dream of being a HG, go to the open calls. That's how I did it. It can happen.

Nicole  Nicole in the backyard says she didn't win because she brought a showmance to the Final Three like an idiot. If she could go back, she would evict Holly instead of Tommy but who knows, maybe Tommy would have broken up Nicole and Cliff. You never know. But I'd like to see what might have happened. For my students, I'd talk about the clowns, pies, and that it's important in life to try new things, don't hurt others, don't be afraid to be different. The funniest moment was pie week, hitting Michie with the pie. Clown night wasn't funny at the time but looking back, it was still not funny.

I've learned the importance of practicing what I preached, embracing my quirk and being funny. I learned to love myself. The best player did win BB21. Gameplay, strategy, he was a manipulator. I knew he was lying about Tommy and I still kept Holly. Time and time again, he blew everyone out of the water with competitions. Third place, America's favorite, I cannot thank you enough!

Jack  Jack got to spend a ton of time with Analyse in the house and he's super crazy about her and can't wait to spend time with her outside the house. He would take back telling everyone on Day 44 that Jackson said Kat and Holly knew each other because it was Tommy and Christie! Staying in shape in the BB House is hard because you only get a couple of days a week in the backyard. It all starts in the kitchen - you have to eat well. Cliff, Nicole, and Sam could have won if they had made it to the Final Two but Jackson deserved to win of the final two.

Christie  Christie says Tommy was a positive for her game - he used the Veto on her twice and he was a bit of home to keep her sane, though she didn't look very sane. She was most surprised by the lack of freedom - which sounds crazy, but it was much more intense than she prepared for and she unraveled quickly. The biggest thing she manifested in the game was the camp vibe - she's a nature girl - HoH was what her store looks like. If she could change it, she would have kept her personal opinions about Michie private around Day 44. We were sitting pretty and I ruined that. I love tacos and I will still enjoy Taco Tuesdays. That bought me two weeks in the game, so I'm proud of that. Yes, gameplay, strategy and competitions, the best player won the game. He had double-digit competition wins and played the heck out of all of us. He deserved to win. Peace and love.

Cliff  Cliff Hogg says he didn't win because he was a little too loyal and trustworthy. He probably made one deal too many at Final 5, but deal-making is what helped him last as long as he did. He's not going to say anything to his wife and kids - he'll just give them a big hug and apologize for leaving them so long. He'll never do that again. Hindsight being 20-20, taking a showmance to final four may not have been the smartest thing, but I had reason to be concerned about Tommy, there were a lot of reasons.

The stress of the show surprised me the most. I wasn't expecting to win a lot of competitions, and mental gymnastics each week I was prepared for. It was the downtime and the stress, doing nothing but talking, much more stressful than I ever anticipated. I do think the best player won BB21. I threatened not to vote for him but he got me, pulled one over on me strategy-wise, so I had to be objective. Of everyone playing the game, not just Final Two. I had a blast, I love BB, and I'll be back to being a fan again next summer. But I'll never watch it the same way again.

Nick  Nick says the best player won BB21, Jackson played an amazing game - his social game was better than he was given credit for. He wouldn't have changed anything about the Taco Tuesday fight. Christie knew how to get under his skin and was going to blow up his game the next day anyway, so no regrets. Nick learned that he's human and still makes mistakes, there's still lapse in his character and it's about how he grows from it. The funniest moment in the house was when they picked the camp director, the ooze was so funny. He shouldn't have tried to play so hard so quick; it caused his alliance to not trust him.

Holly  Holly says she probably didn't win because her game was too low key. She tried to take big shots when she had to but the jury didn't understand the moves she was making behind the scenes for her and Jackson. I don' think anyone would have won sitting next to Michie. Her showmance helped her game because she and Michie kept winning back to back HoH. We were power players together and that helped her game. She promised herself to not get into a showmance unless it helped her game.

Her smartest game move was separating herself from the Six Shooters. It led to getting to a final three with Cliff and Nicole. After the Day 44 blowup, we sank to the bottom of the alliance and were public enemy #1. Her goal was to avoid the block entirely but it was her social game, being authentic and genuine with everyone, building real relationships, that kept her off the block for 82 days. And it helped that Michie and I were in power for much of the summer. I figured I would only go up on the block against him so I kept others at a distance.

Sometimes I felt like a third wheel next to Michie and the watermelons. He's very passionate about the things he's passionate. They are taking their relationships day-by-day. Friends regardless, and they have some travels and adventures planned, and after that, they'll see. No, the best player didn't win BB21 because I lost. My pride says no, but being realistic, Jackson is an animal. He plowed through competitions and is brilliant. I'm proud of the game I played, but anyone next to him would have lost.

Jackson  I was shocked to win BB21. There were a lot of emotions - happiness, sadness, fear, everything in between. I had a goal to exit with confetti. Now that I've had a chance to reflect, the happiness is coming to the surface. It was an experience that I'm thankful for, and the $500k doesn't hurt. I'm going to save and invest the money. As Zingbot said, it's chess, not checkers, and I'm trying to set myself up for success in life and look long term. Trips here and there, and I need to get a car because I totaled mine two weeks before coming in here. Ultimately it is going to my family and me.

I don't know how many watermelons I ate during the season, but one summer in college, from May to August, my mom tracked my eating 126 watermelons. That's more than this summer. If you think you can break that record, give it your best shot. If Tommy had 16 more hours, he would have stayed instead of Holly, so lying about him was a snap decision that had to be done. It was game move - I couldn't sit back and let her get evicted. It would have been hard on a personal level but a bad game move - it would have been three against one. There's nothing I wouldn't do for Holly inside these walls or outside.

My future with Holly is just like in this house. We are two very individual people who love and care about each other, but also respectful of the different lives we live. Our lives are top priority to each other and I want her to be happy more than anything. Where our lives can come together logistically and coincide, that's great. But if not, she'll always have a place in my heart and be my best friend. If she ends up dating other people, I've told her her new boyfriend will have to deal with me being her best friend. I'm going to go celebrate because I just won Big Brother 21.

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