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The Big Brother Schedule
"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)

It's day 47 in the Big Brother House.



By a Vote of  9 - 0 Frank was  Evicted.
Frank opened his secret room envelope live on stage.  It was a one-way ticket, he was not able to return to the house.

Paul won HoH
Zakiyah, Corey, Natalie, and Paulie are Have-Nots
Time to launch a whole new way that you at home can affect the game. It's called "America's Care Package" and it's how you can send one lucky HGs an advantage. Each week, a different care package will be in play. All you have to do is vote for which HGs you think should receive it. Please note, once an HGs receives one care package, they are not eligible to receive another. CLICK HERE for voting and complete details.

Big Brother told the houseguests about the the Care Packages twist.
Natalie won the first Care Package, a Never-Not Pass.  For the rest of the season, she can not be made a Have-Not.
Bridgette and Paulie are nominated.
Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie and Victor will competed for PoV.

Paulie won the PoV

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Update Entry
Saturday, July 30, 2016 PoV Competition Today
Paul, Paulie, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie and Victor will compete for PoV today.

11:15AM BBT:
Paulie told Corey and Nicole that Paul wants Bridgette gone but Paul would trust Paulie if he thinks Da'Vonne should go.

Paulie says if he wins HoH next week he might put Michelle and Zakiyah up on the block, "Cody is the one that put Brittany up to send her home. Sometimes you gotta be the one to make that move. I would have reason to nominate Zakiyah." Paul says Zakiyah is messing up the way he can play the game, "Even last night's conversation... she is like, you're assuming stuff now?' and I'm like, 'with good reason."" Paulie said Zakiyah made comments about all professional athletes being cheaters. He took offense to it

Nicole tells Paulie that she and Zakiyah used to be super close, "I used to be able to talk game with her. Now it's all about you. I can't do it, she is very into you." Paulie: "That's fine. We can be into each other but you don't act that way. She started crying and I was like, 'Jesus fucking Christ,' drama central. I'm done with Zakiyah, I'm so done. To cry in order to make me feel bad as if I owe you something..."

Paulie tells Corey and Nicole Zakiyah acts out all the time. When she knows she's wrong, she will do something to make you feel wrong. "She tried to cry... 'you're the only one I trust, nobody has my back. I feel alone." I wanted to tell her she sounds like Tiffany," [But, no did have Tiffany's back ~Morty]

Nicole asks Paulie why Zakiyah feels that she (Nicole) doesn't have her back

Paulie: "That whole scene last night was just it for me. Drama, drama, drama. I'm not dealing with that."

Nicole warns Paulie, "I'm afraid you are going to make Zakiyah so mad one time that she is just.. I wouldn't put it past her to go after you." Paulie tells Nicole, "I will put aside certain targets I want in order to have that Zakiyah handled." Nicole: "But she (Zakiyah) is on our side so much right now that it doesn't make sense to do that." Paulie: "Is she, though?"

Nicole: "Zakiyah said she doesn't want to stray at all from Bridgette." Paulie: "Because she is trying to protect Da'Vonne... I aint protecting Da'Vonne. I know she spins webs. I know she is trying to get Michelle to link up with James and Natalie." Nicole: "Oh my gosh, what if Da'Vonne comes right back in?" Paulie: "Who cares? I don't care." Nicole: "I'm going to be really happy if this all goes through and she Da'Vonne) goes." 

Paulie: "I'm just done trying to be made to feel bad or like a piece of shit for no fucking reason. I do feel like she (Zakiyah) likes me and I like her too, but certain things I wouldn't deal with in real life. Outside, she probably has a heart of gold... but if that's how she is when she likes somebody, I don't deal with that."

Corey told Nicole he wasn't allowed to bring his Adderall in the house because he was told it would give him an advantage.

11:35PM BBT: Time for the PoV competition.

1:05PM BBT: Jeff's highlight reels are on, so they must still playing in the PoV competition.

1:30PM BBT: Paulie won PoV.

2:09PM BBT: Got a peek at feeds then they went back down. Seems Paulie won Veto and now BB is fixing a leak in the downstairs bathroom and that's why we have Jeff's Reels again.

2:31PM BBT: We are back live. Bridgette is in the storage room. She is singing a little song about that she will be fine and that she misses her family. Da'Vonne comes in and asks her what Plan B is. And we get FotH.

2:33PM BBT: Natalie comes in and Da'Vonne leaves. Bridgette tells her that she just doesn't want her to vote her out. Bridgette tells Natalie that she heard the guys got a little upset that Natalie went to HoH and begged them not to nominate her. Natalie says that she appreciated Bridgette telling her.

2:39PM BBT: Paulie and James talking in the Have-Not room. Paulie says that this week is in the bag and asks who James wants out next. James says he doesn't care as long as it isn't one of them three. Paulie says it won't be.

2:40PM BBT: Paulie and James are in Have-Not room, planning for possible upcoming double eviction. Paulie tags Da'Vonne as backdoor target for this week.

Michelle is there too. Paulie, James, and Michelle talk about plans to make up a fake riddle and send Victor on a mission to solve it. Zakiyah also there, the gang talks about Michelle being famous: she's "Big Meech".

They are teasing Michelle to wear her sexy outfit for Paul. Michelle says she is ugly and besides that he dates Disney stars.

3:04PM BBT: In the Have-Not room, Nicole and Corey giggling together. James and Zakiyah telling them that they giggle all night long. In the kitchen, Natalie, Victor and Bridgette general chit chat.

3:11PM BBT: Victor and Paulie have an enlightening conversation about the number of times they use the bathroom per day. Now they discuss that they are making an alliance with Paul. Victor talks about alliance names: Bromigoes, Trifecta.

3:14PM BBT: Nicole is in the kitchen, she says the special Have-Not food items this year have all been edible, some/most/all in her previous season were disgusting.

3:15PM BBT: The HGs are all asked to report to the HoH room. We get FotH.

3:54PM BBT: We are back live on the feeds. James and Da'Vonne are talking. Da'Vonne is concerned about who is going up. James said that Paul said Bridgette was going, Dae says she hopes so.

5:31PM BBT: It appears that only Corey and Victor are awake. Victor feels the need to chat to the feeders, and seems to be trying to set up possible future "fan" meets "if I have any". Coachella anyone? 6'5" Corey would sleep if he didn't have to use the bumper cars. Too bad he didn't get the Never Not pass, they both lament.

5:35PM BBT: Paulie wakes up and wanders over, then head to the kitchen to forage. Corey asks Victor about his live eviction time with Julie and Victor talks a bit, but says it's been a month and he does not remember too many specifics. He mentions a few standard questions, "did you expect it?" and says that the fans in the audience respond to every word he says, which was kind of weird. FotH.

5:42PM BBT: The backyard is open and the boys have moved outdoors to workout. Da'Vonne is up and doing ADLs. BB asks the boys to lower awnings, Victor asks questions and we get FotH for a little bit.

It looks like James and Natalie are asleep, then getting up slowly and deciding on clothes. Victor talks about missing headphones/music when working out.

5:50PM BBT: James strips the bed, he is going to do laundry.

5:55PM BBT: Whoops, no detergent. James runs upstairs for shoes, then to restroom, meanwhile Natalie gets laundry detergent and tells James.

James done, washes hands , back to laundry. Natalie is stretching in the yard. The boys continue to exercise and practice their British accents, a bit.

6:05PM BBT: The boys continue to work out and make several adjustments to the weight bench trying to set it up more like they think it would normally be set up. Natalie trips on a hole of some kind in the yard while she and James run laps. She says she keeps doing that. No major damage was done.

6:15PM BBT: Exercise continues with mostly continual patter from Victor. Natalie is stretching ankle. James bets the yard a buffalo nickel it will be a double eviction coming up.

6:22PM BBT: Corey says that the various Have-Not restrictions slowly add up and are starting to trigger some actual anxiety. He feels sleep-deprived and washed out. Paulie doing exaggerated wrestling style introductions of various HGs.

6:31PM BBT: Da'Vonne in the yard, at conversation pit, eating noodles and leafing through Bible. She and Natalie talk about not eating anymore after 8PM in the house.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

6:32PM BBT: Hopefully someone will snag a screen cap of some exercise Paulie and Victor are doing. It will make for possible caption contest material. (Victor is sitting on Paulie). [Dear mj074,  Thanks for all your great updates.  I granted your request, the screen caps are to the left ← Feel free to snag them for our meme contest. ~Morty]

6:40PM BBT: Rub a dub dub four guys in a hot-tub. Or as they call over to Da'Vonne "a lot of hot man ass over here."

6:43PM BBT: Paulie plans his trip to eastern Europe and beyond, complete with automatic weapons and/or bodyguards (to handle possible Somalian pirates... or pirates in general). Just good old fashioned hot-tub conversatin'.

6:53PM BBT: Nicole appears in the yard, discussing a dream about (Derrick?). The boys ooh and ah, and eventually scare her back into the kitchen, where Natalie is peeling cucumbers.

7:05PM BBT: Nicole and girls on the conversation pit, the boys keep egging her on to tell more about the dream, and just keep cat-calling louder and louder whenever they hear anything even the slightest bit suggestive. Nicole is done with it! Natalie says they need some GT.

7:12PM BBT: Sounds like Croatia trip was an offshoot of talking about a real-life yacht trip. Paulie appears to be trying to arrange a real, after-BB yacht week. After suitable explanations and concessions, Natalie and Nicole agree to go, or at least think about it.

7:18PM BBT: At age four in Venezuela, Natalie had a nickname that meant "little hairy girl". The girls are each telling little stories, with the boys cheering each person on in turn. Bridgette, Michelle, and Paul must still be asleep.

7:24PM BBT: James pops a condom. (Overfilling it with water).

[Click Images to Enlarge]

7:27PM BBT: James and Natalie successfully fill condom number two (bigger than a football) and she takes it to the hot-tub and pops it over Paulie's head. Cold!

7:31PM BBT: Number three: filled, but not successfully lifted.

7:38PM BBT: James showers, Natalie and he talk about the possible yacht trip (she seems a bit skeptical, partly due to costs), but James seems to be trying to get her to maybe go. They talk about her going back to visit relatives in Venezuela. Michelle is up and in the kitchen.

Zakiyah and Nicole talking in the backyard. Zakiyah says that she will be upset if she doesn't get one of the good care packages. They think Michelle will get one.

7:50PM BBT: Most of the HGs have shifted to the kitchen for their 7:30 feeding. Victor attempts to live-catch a fly. Bridgette up, she's apparently got a foot/leg injury. Not sure if that's new or dates back to Frank's incident a while back.

7:55PM BBT: Zakiyah and Nicole in the yard talking quietly about their showmances. Zakiyah tells Nicole that she thinks she and Corey seem to fit together. Sounds like these two girls are getting to be friends a bit.

7:58PM BBT: In the kitchen, Victor, Michelle, Natalie, and James are discussing the Veto competition. Michelle says the only way she would have won is if one of the guys had false started.

8:08PM BBT: Six beers and a bottle of wine in the storage room. Paulie and Corey stare at it. James says they waited to give them booze until they were Have-Nots on purpose.

8:10PM BBT: Paulie pops a can of beer in Paul's ear, waking him up. He looks pretty lordly in the gold HoH bed. Looking forward to drinking.

8:08PM BBT: Michelle and Zakiyah tell Nicole to go inside and have some wine. Nicole asks if there is alcohol. Michelle, she thinks it is just Bridgette's wine from her HoH. They start talking about Bridgette and the PoV.

8:12PM BBT: Zakiyah telling Nicole and Michelle about how many clothes she has. She says she only got about two weeks worth. Nicole says she doesn't even have that many. Zakiyah asks her if Da'Vonne talked to her when she was out in the backyard. Nicole says she did not. They talk abut DRs and Michelle hopes that it will be a slow DR night.

8:17PM BBT:  Paul holds court in the backyard with all the girls, except Bridgette. A smidge of throwing Victor under the bus, or at least the beer truck (for nabbing a Dos XX from the HoH room).. he says he is going to get wasted tonight.

8:31PM BBT: Michelle and Zakiyah in the backyard talking about who they don't want to see in the final two. Michelle says Corey doesn't deserve it because he is loading and so is Paul. Zakiyah saying even if she got second place it's not enough to pay off her student loan. She said she would take that small amount and pay towards it.

8:44PM BBT: All four feeds are on Zakiyah and Michelle saying Paul and Da'Vonne are good; they are in a good place. They said Paul says things about Bridgette and he never even had an issue.

8:48PM BBT: Paulie and Corey talking about Victor. Says he cooks up a bunch of food and then cleans everything up. Corey says Victor does not like a messy kitchen. They talk about working with Bridgette.

8:50PM BBT: Paulie and Corey discuss both short and long range plans, using Bridgette now to achieve short-range goals, and getting rid of most of the girls (Michelle, Zakiyah, Natalie probably in that order) to set up their end game. Paulie says he likes Michelle, but she can cause damage down the road.

8:53PM BBT: Corey and Paulie talk. They said that Paul is definitely putting up Da'Vonne. They have to make sure he understands Bridgette isn't coming after him. Paul is worried that James will be upset at him.

9:00PM BBT: Paulie tells Corey that BB chose some strong girls to play this season. They are planning out the evictions.

9:03PM BBT: Zakiyah comes in and cuddles up to Paulie. She says Victor came out to the backyard and she ran away. She tells Paulie that everyone in the backyard is drunk.

9:10PM BBT: Corey has left the British bedroom, leaving Paulie and Zakiyah free to talk game. Their rankings seem similar, but Zakiyah seems to feel Paul could win it all... a big change from his first couple weeks where he was clearly on the wrong side of the house. Paulie sympathizes, but thinks he wouldn't do that well with Jury.

Meanwhile Paul and Nicole seem to be almost equally tipsy in the yard. Paulie and Zakiyah think James is staying low and waiting to win competitions at the right time. The Never Not and Natalie's reaction to being a pawn on the block seems to have rubbed these two the wrong way, and maybe more of the house as well.

Zakiyah and Paulie go back and forth on how happy they are and making cooing remarks to each other. Paulie tells her he will be voting for Da'Vonne to go. He says if it is tie Paul will probably vote out Bridgette.

9:17PM BBT: Zakiyah telling Paulie that she likes Natalie but she hasn't done anything in this game. They decide that James is just sliding through and Natalie is a floater. Paul has redeemed himself this week.

9:20PM BBT: Paul is a bit drunk and heads into the house with Nicole's help to find Paulie. Once he finds him he collapses on the bed. Zakiyah tells Paul that Michelle is going to sleep with him tonight and he has no choice.

Big Brother Veto Necklace
Get your own PoV necklace from the CBS Store.

9:24PM BBT: Michelle asks if the Veto is real gold. James claims it is real: 14k gold. [Given how large it is, I'm skeptical! ~mj074]

9:27PM BBT: In the HoH room, Paul and Nicole reach the inevitable "how long is the longest you've gone without" question. (That's the price of beer and guacamole). Answers and circumstances vary.

9:31PM BBT: Michelle and Natalie talk about the Round-Trip ticket and who might have it. Michelle says there is only a 25% chance of someone having it. Michelle also explaining double eviction to Natalie since she has never seen a season of BB.

9:36PM BBT: Natalie finds James in the British bedroom. He has washed and changed their sheets because he wanted the pillows to be fresh for her since they were causing her to break out. Then they talk about their terms for folks who are not good in relationships.

9:41PM BBT: Paul is trying to feed the fish, but it seems the alcohol may be winning at last. Paulie and Zakiyah on the bed. Paul jumps on the bed and shoves his crotch into the back of Paulie's head. They all laugh. Paul is yelling at the fish, he is still tipsy.

9:44PM BBT: Natalie tells James she can't wait to get cowboy boots. He tells her cowgirl boots. He tells her they have pink ones. She wants to wear them with sundresses. She tells James that they have great fashion in the south.

9:50PM BBT: Natalie teasing James that he has all of his gray hairs in his purse. He wants to know why she was in his things. She says what is his is hers. She giggles. She tells him she was looking for tweezers and found his gray hairs when she looked.

10:01PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Michelle talking in the backyard. Michelle says she thinks Paul will be throwing Natalie on the block. Da'Vonne says that is what she think too.

10:05PM BBT: James and Natalie continue to flirt/talk. Very little game talk. Da'Vonne and Michelle talk in the yard. More explanations of Michelle's frustration with how things worked out (or didn't work out) with Frank. Da'Vonne is agreeing, but seems bored.

Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen, she seems to have moved to the sad drunk stage a bit, or at least self-conscious. She says she'll need to build up alcohol tolerance if/when she comes to visit. They head for the hammock. She says she is pretending to be not fine so Corey will have to take care of her.

10:06PM BBT: Michelle tells Da'Vonne that she realizes that she actually resented Bridgette and that she was actually jealous of her and the relationship with Frank. Da'Vonne tells her that is very big of her to admit it. Da'Vonne says all Bridgette does now is sleep. She says she has to tell her to get up.

10:15PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Michelle talk about things outside of the house. Da'Vonne talks about her daughter. They bring up Helen. Michelle really liked Helen. Da'Vonne says Helen was a good player.

10:23PM BBT: Corey gets off of the hammock to get Nicole a couple more Tums. Nicole tumbles off of the hammock head first.

10:25PM BBT: Paul (with a little help from James) arrives in the backyard with a garbage bag full of giant marshmallows? Pelting ensues. Natalie seems to take the brunt of the attack, Nicole asks to be spared since she just did a faceplant.

10:31PM BBT: Paul enters the backyard from the kitchen, totters across the yard with his robe open, and eventually manages to find the pool, where he jumps/falls in. He seems happy, despite claiming he could not swim a minute or two earlier in the HoH. He finds a float and requests ice cream.

10:42PM BBT: Paul returns to the pool after trying to round up James and Paulie as swimming buddies. BB: "There is absolutely no jumping into the pool!" Corey hopes that somebody makes a (repeating animated) GIF of Nicole landing on her head.

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