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"I can't believe we're on CBS, CBS is supposed to be too good for this." -Amy Crews
(Subject to change, rumors, innuendo, errors and, whatever...)
Sundays @ 8PM

Starting October 5th the Sunday show will move to Monday.
Wednesdays @ 8PM
Thursdays @ 8PM


Dani has claimed the replay power! Her power is that she can allow the current HoH to play for HoH the following week instead of sitting out, and she can use it on herself if she is the HoH.

USED: David won The Disruptor. He has the ability to disrupt a HoH's reign by saving one of the nominees and forcing the HoH to name a new one. The person saved will be safe for the entire week. The power can be used following one of the next three nomination ceremonies. It is used after the nominations and before the veto competition.

Christmas claimed the final power called The Blocker.  If someone uses the veto, before the new nominee is chosen, she can block someone, including herself from being put up. If she were on the block and won veto she could protect herself and one other. She has two weeks to use it.


By a vote of 5- 2
Da'Vonne was evicted.
Cody won HoH
Enzo and Kevin are Have-Nots.
Cody nominated Kevin and David for eviction.
Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Nicole and Enzo.  competed for the PoV
Cody won the PoV.

There are three two powers in play, won by David, Daniele and Christmas. See Details Here.
Here is the latest Deals and Alliances chart. Charts are created by @89razorskate20
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Update Entry
Sunday, September 27, 2020 Day of Rest

Dr. Will Talks to John Powell at Global TV

Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby has settled into his abode right next door to the Big Brother house for a week of all the mirth, merriment and mayhem that he is famous for. As he prepared to shake up the neighbourhood, we checked in with the season two winner and All-Star to see if he could reveal any more about his starring role this week.

John Powell: How is that snazzy new loft and how is Big Brother treating you?

Dr. Will Kirby: "It's much more luxurious than I thought it would be! I wonít get into specifics but Iím doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work this week that the fans don't know about and being on-site is an imperative part of that process."
-Read More-

10:38AM BBT: HGs still sleeping. All lights are out in the BB house still.

11:08AM BBT: We have stars. Maybe wake up time.

11:21AM BBT: The feeds are back. Lights are still out in the HoH room. Cody is still sleeping.

In the kitchen, David and Memphis are awake (kind of). All cameras change to Cody, who lets one loose as he sleeps.

11:29AM BBT: BB calling different HGs to get new batteries and go to the DR. David cleaning the kitchen and trying to make small talk with Memphis. Memphis finally talking a little but his face shows he is not thrilled.

11:33AM BBT: BB opens the backyard. David and Memphis say thank you and head outside. BB has called Christmas to go to the DR for the third time. She hasn't moved in her bed. BB asks David and Memphis to lower the awnings.

11:40AM BBT: Nicole and Christmas in the bathroom area. Christmas is loading her hair with an oil. She is now braiding it. In the backyard, David and Memphis still talking.

11:54AM BBT: Christmas joins David and Memphis in the backyard. cameras all switch to random shots of the house.

11:58AM BBT: Christmas talking to David about turning down 6 figures jobs. She says she was on food stamps when she started her gym. She says that she was a contractor and paid 6 figures tax free. David is talking about working.

1:08PM BBT: Kevin is cooking in the kitchen. David, Christmas, Tyler, and Cody are outside talking about movies.

1:17PM BBT: A plane flies over the backyard and they all stop talking and wave at it. Christmas and David are talking about working out.

1:28PM BBT: Cody is talking about travel and traveling. Kevin is making hashbrowns or slopbrowns to eat.

1:32PM BBT: Christmas is talking about Bobsledding and some guy that was pushing the bobsled in the Olympics. Cody brings up Lolo from Celebrity BB and how she was a bobsledder. Kevin is eating his slopbrowns. Tyler walks in and says they smell like burnt bacon but the crunch though.

1:45PM BBT: Memphis is out by the pool sun tanning. Kevin is eating his slopbrowns. Nicole finally comes out and Tyler says what up you finally came outside. The houseguests are outside enjoying the sun while they can.

1:52PM BBT: Kevin is making a drink and really focused on it with the hand crank mixer. The Guys are out by the pool getting a tan on. Some are in the pool as well.

2:10PM BBT: David, Kevin, and Nicole are talking about the slide from the OTEV competition.

"It was pretty high up. We were like eye level with the guy. It was a lot bigger than I remember."

2:16PM BBT: Stars

2:31PM BBT: Everyone is in the backyard. General discussion.

2:43PM BBT: HGs still outside. Not much conversation going on.

2:47PM BBT: Cody joins Enzo in the Have-Not room. They start talking about Nicole. She says that one of them will go next week. Cody says the only one he thinks will put them up is Christmas over Nicole and Dani. They talk about how mad she was that she couldn't play in the PoV, and Enzo says he wants to see Nicole win HoH and put up Memphis.

2:49PM BBT: Cody says that Dani is paranoid because she's been playing everyone in the house. Cody says that he and Enzo are sitting in a good spot right now because everyone is after each other and not them. Enzo says he wants someone else to put Dani up on the block so they don't have to worry about it. He says after this week, he doesn't care who leaves. They talk about Dani and how she's trying to make Cody go against Christmas, but if Christmas leaves next week it won't be good for their game.

2:52PM BBT: Cody says that he feels like Dani is trying to pin him and Enzo against each other. The conversation moves to Memphis and how game smart he is. Cody says David took the 10gs so they don't feel he is a threat. Enzo says he likes David a lot, but he's had it with cockiness. Cody asks Enzo who had the last power, and Enzo says "Christmas?" Cody says "Yes, she told me!" They talk about how much of a threat Christmas is and how shocked Cody was to learn she had a power.

2:58PM BBT: Enzo tells Cody that they are in a good spot right now because they are running the whole house.

3:01PM BBT: Cody leaves the Have-Not room and goes into the HoH room. Feeds go back to general talk.

3:16PM BBT: Kevin, Memphis, Tyler, and Nicole in the backyard talking about OTEV and Zingbot. They discuss different OTEV competitions.

3:36PM BBT: Christmas and Memphis in the key bedroom. Memphis talking about how he thinks this week may be a double eviction and who should go. Memphis leaves the room and Christmas follows.

3:40PM BBT: Nicole and Christmas in the backyard playing with a beach ball. Dani, David, and Memphis in the kitchen eating, making tacos, and general discussion.

3:58PM BBT: General discussion outside. Dani and Nicole in the kitchen eating and general talk.

4:10PM BBT: More general discussion.

4:30PM BBT: General discussion, cleaning the kitchen, and playing games in the backyard.

General Discussion and games continue.



Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, three secret powers were hidden in the BB basement and Dani found the replay.

The Committee alliance of six was completely dominating and their winning streak continued when Memphis won HoH. So he put up two people, not in their crew.

Looking toward the endgame, Memphis masterminded two final two deals with Enzo, one with Cody and one with Christmas.

Meanwhile, Christmas was plotting away on her allies, so she weaponized David as her soldier for the war ahead.

At the live eviction, both Dani and Nicole threw Da'Vonne a vote, but it wasn't enough to save her game. With only nine remaining in the battle for a half-million dollars, the doctor was in to twist up the game.

Tonight, who will score big in the HoH competition and which two HGs will face the chopping block? Find out right now on Big Brother!

We pick up on Day 51 after the live eviction. Enzo says it looks like DR. Will is living the good life. He's a silver fox and looks like he's got a lot of money. Nicole says she did tell Da'Vonne that she voted out Ian out of house and she kept her word on not voting out Da'Vonne.

Christmas asks Nicole who she thinks the two votes were and she asks if she thought David was one. Christmas 100% believes Nicole and Dani were the votes for Da'Vonne. She'd like to work with Nicole, but she doesn't want to work with Dani.

Nicole and Dani are talking and they are both denying to each other they voted for Da'Vonne and they are calling each other liars. Nicole says it's ridiculous that they are lying to each other so clearly, there are some trust issues.

Dani says she loves Nicole and she's one of her closest allies, but it's time to start worrying about herself. She's going to do what she needs to do to get herself to the end.

Dani says this is the last opportunity to use her replay power which would allow Memphis to play in the next HoH. We see her on day 49 discussing whether she should use it or not. She's told a lot of people she had the power, but she doesn't want people who don't know to find out. Nicole says Dani using her power would decrease the odds that Kevin would win. Nicole feels like she made some sacrifices these last few weeks and now she's asking for Dani to use the power.

Nicole is talking to Cody about Dani's power and she says if Kevin wins HoH she thinks Kevin will nominate Nicole and Cody and Dani don't seem to care. Cody says Dani doesn't want to use her power and that shows Dani is willing to throw Nicole under the bus to save herself.

Dani says she has to do what's best for her game. Maybe if she tells Memphis she has the power and it might build trust with him and The Committee will think she's doing it for all of them. She tells him she has a power and she's willing to use it on him. She tells him what the power is. Memphis says he has to say cool but he doesn't want anything to do with this idea. He just wants to blend into the carpet right now. Dani decides she might as well use her power so she can spin it like she helped them and they need to help her.

The Replay power has been activated and everyone goes to the living room. Enzo says he's nervous. This could get tricky. He doesn't want to do a reset button for the week if that's what it is. This power lets the outgoing HoH compete for the HoH again. Memphis will be allowed to play in tonight's competition. Now that the power has been used, all three basement powers are expired and out of play. Memphis doesn't want to play in the HoH. DR. Will mentioned prizes and he doesn't want to think about that, he just wants to stick to his game plan.

Tyler is out in the backyard and there is a golf course and gold bars on one side. The power is up for grabs, but so is a big prize. They can putt three balls in the competition and they can decide to go for power or a prize. It is possible to win both HoH and $10,000. The prize will be secret. If there's a tie the prize will be split.

Tyler shoots for the prize first and he scores a 3. He's pretty happy with his 3. Now he's shooting for HoH and he doesn't score because his ball gets stuck behind a rock. He shoots again and it bounces off the rocks and scores a 14. He says hopefully he wins some money.

Nicole is going straight for the power. Her first ball is hit hard off the side. She thinks if David or Kevin wins she'll be on the block next to Cody. She hits her second ball too hard again and it rolls off the side. She has to make sure her final shot counts. She hits it softer and she scores a 10. Tyler leads the money side with three and Nicole leads the HoH side with 10.

Memphis says he has to play for the HoH but he doesn't want to win the HoH or the prizes. He hits his ball hard and fails to score the first time. He gets a 5 in HoH, but he throws away the 5 so he can shoot for a higher score. He scores an 18. Nicole leads HoH with 10 and Tyler leads the prize with 3.

Kevin says has been annoyed by the power dominating the house and he needs to win. He's not even remotely tempted by the money. He hits the ball too hard and it goes off the edge. His second shot is better and bounces off the key and he scores a 5. He's debating if he wants to take the final shot. He is thinking about it and looking at angles. He doesn't want to erase his 5 and he says there are people here who are golfers. He decides to try again and it rolls off the side. Nicole leads the HoH with 10 and Tyler leads the prize with 3.

Dani shoots first for the prize because she doesn't want to win HoH. She doesn't want to have to nominate David and Kevin. And if there's one thing DR. Will taught her, that's if your game is good enough you don't have to win HoH. She shoots for the prize and hits a 3. She then shoots for HoH so she can say she did and it rolls off the edge. Nicole leads HoH with 10 and Dani and Tyler lead the prize with 3.

David is up next and he misses on his first shot. He takes his second shot and it bounces off rocks and he scores a 19. He then hits his second ball harder and scores a 7. David leads the HoH with seven and Dani and Tyler lead the prize with 3.

Christmas is up and she shoots and scores a 10 on HoH. She wants to put up Dani and Nicole. She's loyal to The Committee, but only to those who are loyal to her. She decides to shoot again and hits a 12. Her final shot rolls off the edge and she's so mad she can't say anything. David leads with a seven in HoH and Dani and Tyler lead with a three in the prize.

Enzo says he feels good with his alliances. He shoots and his first score is 19. His second score is 4. His final shot is out of bounds. David leads HoH with seven and Dani and Tyler lead the prize with a 3.

Cody is out and he wants to win because his name has come up a lot recently. He wants to keep his alliance safe and show loyalty. He hits his first shot and it rolls right past the hole in 1 and he scores a 6. He doesn't feel that's good enough to win so he takes a second shot.

We're back and David is leading the HoH putt with a score of 7. Dani and Tyler have tied with a score of three for the $10,000 prize. Cody is shooting for power and he has scored a 6. But he passes on that score to shoot again. It's time to check the results. Four players attempted the prize and there was a tie for first place with a score of 3. So two of them won $5,000. Tyler says he won some money but he didn't win it all because some other loser tied him, but it goes straight in Angela's pocket. Dani feels like someone stole $5k from her. Christmas says it confirmed that a little group on her alliance feels comfortable and she wants to shake that group up.

Now it's time to discover who the HoH is and the winner scored a 2. The winner of this HoH is Cody! He says this couldn't have come at a better time and he needs to set himself up for the end of this game. Kevin is crying and says Cody winning means he has a hard week ahead of him. He doesn't see an angle where Cody wouldn't nominate him. How did he find himself in this situation?

David says Cody is part of the alliance that is running the game and he's not sure where Cody's head is. He says it sucks not to win. They come back in and they are grabbing some pizza. Enzo says Cody being HoH means he feels great. Let him get his hands a little dirty. He hopes Cody goes after Dani or Christmas. Whoever it is will be one less person in the house.

Dani and Tyler are talking about who won the prize and they deny it. Dani says she's not telling anyone. Tyler says he can't tell anyone because it will be used as ammo against them. David is in the storage room and Dani asks if he's OK and he says he's just frustrated. He's trying to think of a way to convince Cody not to put him on the block. There are eight other people.

Dani, Nicole, Cody, and Enzo are in the HoH talking and Dani says Christmas was mad Cody won. Nicole doesn't think she was mad Cody won, she was mad she didn't win. Nicole and Enzo leave and Dani says Christmas was furious Cody won and Cody says she was stomping around. Dani says she's insane and she knows Christmas will be coming after her some time. So why shouldn't Cody take the shot? Cody says he isn't sure if Christmas has his best interest at heart and it wouldn't be horrible for his game for her to go.

The HGs are doing ADLs and Nicole walked in on Enzo in the bathroom. David is laughing and Nicole can't believe David let her do that. They say she got Enzo'd.

Cody is asleep in the HoH and Enzo goes up to the HoH. Enzo says they are in a good spot because they are in the F8. Cody is thinking about nominating David and Kevin because they are the only two he isn't aligned with. Enzo says he thinks Memphis wants a final four with himself, Enzo, Cody, and Christmas.

Enzo fills Cody in on Memphis's double Wiseguys alliance. Enzo has been wanting to tell him so he knows that Memphis and Christmas are together and stop going after the Kevin's and David's and make moves.

Cody says they might have to clip Christmas ASAP. He wants Kevin to go next, then Christmas, and Dani. He personally loves Dani but he doesn't trust her. Cody says it was pretty simple who he needed to nominate, but after his conversation with Enzo maybe he needs to make sure Memphis will be loyal to him because Christmas won't be there.

Nicole is in to talk to Cody in the HoH room and she asks what his plan is. Cody says David and Kevin and he wants Kevin to go one million percent. If Kevin comes down, then Christmas will go up. Nicole says that's doing Dani's dirty work. Nicole doesn't think Christmas will come after her or Cody. She says Dani will say whatever she has to, in order to get her way. Cody says Christmas has other alliances that don't include either of them. Nicole says her relationship with Dani is rocking. Cody says if Nicole is frustrated her allies are going up, then she needs to win HoH's. Cody has no problem with Christmas going home, it's not Dani's dirty work. It's his HoH and he's making moves that benefit his game.

Kevin is talking to himself and says he has to go talk to Cody which is annoying because he can't stand him. He says he wants to talk to Cody about as much as he wants to stab himself in the eyeballs. He asks Cody to please not nominate him again. Kevin thinks there are bigger fish to fry.

Kevin says if he goes to jury he's not going to vote for Cody and he's going to campaign against Cody. Cody asks if there is a personal thing. Kevin tells Cody the world doesn't revolve around him and Cody says that's not necessary. Cody says he's threatening people with jury votes? He's going to put him on the block and he's one billion percent the target. There are plenty of other jury votes he can get.

It's time for nominations! Cody's first nominee is... Kevin. His second nominee is... David. Cody nominated Kevin because of their conversation and he was just trying to be honest. David, he wishes him luck in the veto. Cody says it's important these two stay nominated, but if one comes off the block it's not too early to put up an alliance member.

Kevin says when you're backed into a corner, it just comes down to him winning veto. His fate has fallen into his own hands. David says Lebron was down 3-1 in the NBA finals and came back and won. He's going to win veto and shower with it and sleep with it. Enzo says if one of them comes off the block, then Cody doesn't have many good options. He says there will be a lot more crying and blood. It's kill or be killed from now.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother All-Stars, S228E23 was written by IndyMom78.


5:30PM BBT: Cody and Kevin have a conversation in the HoH room. Kevin tells Cody that he is exhausted by his (Kevin's) actions because he isn't that person. Cody says he understands. He has been on the block so much. Cody says he should have commuNicoleAted better himself. Kevin tells Cody that he does think that Cody can see things from his perspective. Cody tells him that he is glad they had this conversation. Kevin says he just wants to clarify that he knows Cody wasn't out to get him. He tells Cody that he isn't out to get Cody either. He feels it was just the circumstances. Kevin tells him if for any reason he stays, he wants him to know that he is not a threat to his game.

5:50PM BBT: Memphis has come to the HoH bedroom to talk to Cody. They discuss Dani and Christmas. Memphis tells Cody that Christmas thinks he is coming after her to put her up. He has been trying to calm her down. Memphis says he isn't willing to throw any HoH. Memphis says he would just nom David and a pawn if he won HoH.

6:00PM BBT: Cody talks with Enzo, Nicole and Tyler. He tells them about his conversation with Kevin. he says it was nice to clear the air. He says it will be nice not to have any weirdness around them anymore.

6:42PM BBT: We got stars then animals from RCHS.

11:14PM BBT: The feeds are back. The houseguests are scattered throughout the house.

A camera is on Cody making his bed and putting clothes away. He is checking to see if things are dry,

The houseguests in the kitchen are snacking and laughing.

No game talk.

11:23PM BBT: Not really sure what is going on, seems like while we had puppies something happened related to pictures of houseguests being "made larger". (short comments between Nicole and Daniele), not pursued. Kevin has what looks like a small tablet, he is looking at pictures on it with Daniele.

Cody is making his bed downstairs, he is checking clothes in drawers in the hallway. Not sure why.

(Kevin and David are still in the house, seems like HoH could not have happened until it is decided who is staying. Kevin and Enzo are still Have-Nots, they were saying it is nearly Monday and we are nearly done)

There must have been photos taken, David and Nicole are telling their social media people to post them.

Still goofing around in the kitchen, Memphis comes in with his hair combed forward, it looks awful. Christmas "fixes" it, looks worse.

He says it looks like a toupee. It does. Christmas points at his wall photo, says it is not the same guy.

Cameras move to David, Nicole and David in the cartoonish bedroom.

They are still talking about the photos.

Memphis and Christmas come in, Memphis shows off his hair, Nicole tells him it looks good with the beard. Memphis starts jerking his head around trying to act like Nicholas Cage (our apologies to Mr. Cage). They tell him he is going to hurt his neck.

We get stars coming and going.

Christmas say this is why Memphis goes to bed at 10PM, or he turns into a Gremlin at 10:01PM. General talk around the house.

You can read more and see lots more pictures or add more to tonight's coverage in the The Sunday night topic is here, and after midnight you can read or post updates in the Monday topic.

Today's updates were written by: Grannysue1154, HotTamale, Kekila, Kitten_200, MamaLong, MelMel, and Roachie.

The views expressed here are those of our contributors and may not accurately reflect the true character of the Big Brother participants.


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