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By a Vote of 5-0,  Donny was Evicted
 Caleb Won HoH
Caleb Nominated Nicole and Christine
Caleb, Nicole, Christine, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria competed in the PoV, Frankie hosted.
Christine Won PoV
Christine used the PoV to remove herself from the block. Caleb put up Victoria in her place. On Thursday, either Nicole or Victoria will be the first evicted in the season's second double eviction.
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Update Entry
Monday, September 1 2014  PoV Ceremony Today
The craziness continues in the BB house. Caleb has a hankering to backdoor Frankie. [Oh not that way, get your mind out of the gutter.] Caleb doesn't trust Frankie, and then last night some "fans" were using a megaphone to yell over the studio wall that Frankie's "crushing them in the diary room." At first, Derrick was against Caleb nominating Frankie, and as we've seen, Derrick calls the shots, but as the night went on, Derrick seemed OK with it. Derrick is so good at manipulating I can't always see his true motives until the I see the DR scenes on TV, and even then...

In an early AM decision, it was determined it's too early to evict Frankie, and Victoria will go up next to Nicole, and Nicole will go. The guys are pretty sure if Frankie wins HoH he'll nominate Christine and Victoria. Caleb is also worried that if he's responsible for Frankie's eviction, Caleb would end up with a lot of haters, because of Ariana's fans and Frankie's charitable endeavors.

9:00AM BBT: Victoria is up doing her hair and makeup.

9:31AM BBT: Victoria still doing hair, Christine is in the shower.

9:45AM BBT: Nicole is now up and doing her air and make up.

9:55AM BBT: Most of the HGs are up after BB tells them to get ready for the PoV ceremony.

10:00AM BBT: Christine and Nicole laugh whether or not Christine is going to use the Veto in the bathroom area. Victoria and the other two girls are all putting on their makeup for the day. Frankie is in the shower in the the HoH room bathroom.

10:04AM BBT: The three girls talk about how when Zach was on the block, he used the Veto automatically on himself, without giving the other person a chance to say why he should us it on them. Christine uses a blow dryer on her hair. Victoria is putting on eye makeup. Frankie is still in the shower upstairs.

10:09AM BBT: Christine shows Victoria a blonde strand of hair she has in her hair. Nicole is popping a pimple on her face in the mirror in the bathroom area, and then puts some more makeup on her face. Frankie gets out of the shower holding his stuff in his right hand. He grabs his towel with his left hand, and exposes his butt to the camera. We hear, "Victoria, Nicole, Derrick, Cody, please, turn in you activity tracker."

10:12AM BBT: Frankie says, "Good morning Cody, do you want me to turn in your tracker for you?" Cody mumbles. Frankie asks Victoria if she wants her to turn in hers for her. Cody goes to the storage room, and turns in his activity tracker.

Cody lays down in a bed in the Earth room.

10:14AM BBT: Christine comes out of the bathroom, and tells Victoria she hates when she can't remember days in the house. Victoria says they don't have a way to keep track of the days.

Victoria and Nicole are in the fire room looking for clothes to wear.

10:20AM BBT: Nicole comes out of the bathroom wearing a strapless leopard top, and brown pants. Victoria walks in the bathroom area, and asks if she's wearing that, and she says, yes. Christine belches loudly, and then says, "Excuse me."

Nicole goes by the bathroom area sink, and Christine says, "Gosh, I'm not fancy at all." She asks Nicole if she should wear something that she wore three weeks ago, or if it's too soon. Nicole says, she doesn't think it's to soon. She tells Nicole her hair looks to good, as she leaves bathroom area. She says, Good morning to Frankie, and he asks why they are still locked out? She says, "I don't know, but I'm not happy about it." She walks in the storage room with Frankie.

10:23AM BBT: Nicole gets called to the DR.

Frankie and Caleb are in kitchen, trying to make coffee. Caleb is finding out what the difference between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee is. Frankie says, there is no reason to drink decaf coffee. He says, "You might as well not drink it at all." Caleb asks Frankie if he's staying up in the the HoH room with him tonight? He says he wants the last night by himself though.

10:26AM BBT: Christine is trying to iron a shirt in the storage room, but has it wrinkled on the ironing board. She holds it up, and says, "Oh no." Christine gets called to the DR, and then Caleb goes by her, and says, "Christine, when you go in that DR..." She says, "I vote to evict, Jocasta."

Frankie and Caleb go back in the kitchen. Caleb tells Frankie he should have seen his face last night, when he told him he doesn't trust him. Caleb tells Frankie that he does trust him, but can't give him 100% of his trust. Frankie says they have different outlooks on life, and he's never been to war. They continue that talk.

10:31AM BBT: Frankie tells Caleb about a guy that kept cheating on him all the time, and he kind of endangered his life. He says, he's trying to set himself up for the disappointment.

Christine comes out of the DR, and yells about buttholes. Caleb gets told to turn in his activity tracker, and Frankie says he wants to do it for them. They both walk to the storage room. Caleb says, "alright, you have my activity tracker, go sell it on eBay."

Nicole is looking for something more casual to wear today.

Caleb tells Frankie, there's a lot more they are going to do. He says, he's going to wake D up, so he doesn't look like a rat.

Frankie goes to the ice room and says, "Yo D, wake in on up sucka." He tells him, it's probably going to happen in about 30 minutes or less. Derrick asks him if he's OK, and he says he'll know more when they are sitting there. He tells Derrick that Frankie was talking about being with them in the final four this morning.

10:34AM BBT: Victoria is trying to remember what she wore when. Frankie says, "She can't remember what dress she wore, she's not going to win Before and After."

10:36AM BBT: Nicole is in the bathroom area, and has changed into a light purple shorts outfit. Christine has put on a coral shirt, while Frankie is in the bathroom. Victoria is in fire room, and puts on jean jacket over her long black dress. Victoria gets called to the DR. We see FotH.

10:38AM BBT: Victoria walking out of the fire room, and she goes to the DR.

Frankie comes out of the bathroom, and asks Nicole if she's concerned as to why they don't have the backyard yet. He says there has to be some type of challenge, because it's not just some asshole sitting there with a microphone. Frankie is guessing what type of challenge it can be, and thinks it might be a luxury challenge. Christine is in the kitchen, warming something up in the the microwave. Frankie says, "Do you believe we still don't have the backyard." She says,"I know, and it's pissing me off," and she walks in bathroom.

She comes out of bathroom, and has taken her coral shirt off, and put her light purple one back one. Frankie goes to the HoH room, and asks Caleb, "Why no backyard yet?" Caleb says, he doesn't know, maybe a luxury competition.

10:44PM BBT: Caleb comes out of the bathroom. Frankie asks him if he knows what he's going to say. Caleb says, he's going to tell Victoria to take a seat, and be comfortable, because she's not going anywhere. He says, he'll let her know that Nicole is the target. Frankie says, that's a good idea.

Nicole has change her outfit again, to a deeper purple pair of shorts, with a long sleeve brown top, that has the sleeves slit. Victoria walks in the bathroom area. Caleb and Frankie are talking about the final four, and the Brigade only being three people.

10:47AM BBT: Caleb tells Frankie his gut feeling is telling him that someone is going to break them up before the final four. Frankie says his gut is feeling weird now, and he hopes he doesn't do that to him. He tells Frankie not to worry, but if he was going to do it, today would be the day, because he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He says, if anyone is going to try to get him out, they will do it when he can't do anything about it.

He talks about Christine winning now, and that she almost has as many wins as he does. He says he's going to do what he was going to do, and he hopes no one wins it, and tries to go after him. Frankie asks him if someone is going for him this week. Caleb says, no, just in general, he is questioning who he trusts 100%, and who he thinks will try to get him. He says, he looks back, and says, Frankie's done it before, and he says it might just be paranoia. He says, he's been questioning everyone about everything.

Frankie tells Caleb he wants to keep them together, and anytime he can control it to keep them together he will. Caleb says, he wants to go to the final four with them, and he's trying to make sure that happens.

10:52AM BBT: Nicole in bathroom area with Victoria, and is practicing what she'll say to Christine today. Caleb and Frankie still are talking game, and Frankie says, he's so glad they had this conversation.

10:54AM BBT: Nicole still getting ready in bathroom area, and Victoria walks out. Frankie is on his soap box, about his right to fight in the game, still talking to Caleb in the the HoH room. Nicole goes to the dining room, and sits at the table with Christine. Victoria walks in and back out.

10:56AM BBT: The game talk continues with Caleb and Frankie. Frankie tells Caleb if they make it to the final two, they owe each other the $50K, because no one is fighting as hard as they are to help each other, like they are. Caleb and Frankie talking game about Nicole leaving, and then Victoria.

Mortys TV Pop Poll
Making the assumption that Nicole is leaving this week, I was wondering who you want to see win the big prize.

Christine and Nicole are talking about clothes and general chit-chat in the dining room.

11:01AM BBT: Caleb tells Frankie at this point he is worried about his game. He says Christine is tough man she almost beat me at that HoH competition. Frankie says yeah she has stabbed me in the back a few times. Caleb says my loyalty is to you we are the four musketeers .

11:03AM BBT: Nicole is walking in the Have-Not room going over her speech for the veto meeting. Caleb and Frankie still talking about being loyal in the the HoH room. Caleb says, "We are loyal to each other, that why Devin is gone and Zach is gone and it would only be game to keep Victoria here but who would try to take her to the final two?" Frankie says, "No one would."

11:06AM BBT: Frankie says if Christine does not win the double eviction HoH, then she will have to go home. Caleb says do you think she will send Victoria home and Frankie says I do.

11:08AM BBT: Caleb says if Christine wins in the double evict then she can't play in the next HoH and we get her out then . Then after that it just leaves the four of us so we got to play and we got to win.

11:11AM BBT: Caleb says if you win that final HoH them you say that Caleb and Cody you have to sit up on the final chairs. Frankie says, "I would put Cody and Derrick up there with the hopes that Cody doesn't win the veto and you have the sole vote." Caleb says, "If we make it to the final three and then to final two we are the best to ever play this game." Frankie: "Yeah bigger than Will and Boogie."

Caleb: "More so principle behind it we made a pact with each other and you guys accomplished something that one one has ever done." Frankie: "You are a beast to win competitions." Caleb: "Yeah, on day two you said I was a beast and wanted to work together." Frankie says yeah.

11:16AM BBT: Derrick comes to the HoH room and Frankie asks if he's OK, and he says, "Yeah, I just woke up." Derrick says, "Did I walk in on a conversation? My bad." Caleb: "No, I was just telling Frankie that I went over scenarios."

11:19AM BBT: Caleb is wondering what they are doing in the backyard as they are still on indoor LD. We get FotH.

11:25AM BBT: We are now on Jeff's Highlight Reels as the HGs have the PoV Ceremony.

12:05PM BBT: The feeds are back. Christine used the PoV to remove herself from the block. Caleb put up Victoria in her place. On Thursday, either Nicole or Christine  will be the first evicted in the season's second double eviction.

12:05PM BBT: The HGs are speculating why the backyard is still locked down and Caleb says, "If it's a party for Labor Day, and the Have-Nots get to eat, then Nicole has to drink a beer with him." And we get FotH.

12:09PM BBT: Frankie is out of the bathroom and goes to the kitchen, "Hey wait, we are all at the table what's happening? You want me to make lunch or something?" Caleb: "No, we are waiting for them to say something about the backyard."

Caleb says, "We should go to the DR and ask them if we're getting hooked up with a feast or not, 'cause we are about to make lunch so we need to know."

Nicole: "I really hope we get to eat today cause I am really hungry."

12:13PM BBT: Nicole says, "How do I feel? Very predictable. Everything in this house is very predictable. Sorry America."

Caleb and Christine laugh.


Jimit commented: Pussy Mode Cowboy !!!!

Zoe added: Sheep Mode Coward

Melynda said: Petty Nicole has more guts/balls than any guy in that house!! Just sad!!

Courtney said: NO BALLS AT ALL! So stupid not to back-door Frankie. He isn't a nice person at all. Entitled.

Connie said: Lol. Caleb is scared of Frankie. I'm going to laugh when Frankie sends him out next. week

Brian said: It's only no balls if you don't like Caleb or Frankie. would I have loved Frankie to be put up? oh heck yes! but.... Caleb-Frankie-Derrick-Cody just about guaranteed now to make it to final 4. Nicole gone this week, Christine/Victoria gone next week (Christine unless she wins HoH or PoV), then the other gone the following week, then the boys battle it out for final 4.

would it have been more interesting to put up Frankie and get him out? yes, but smart game play for Caleb / Derrick / Cody? we'll have to see. if Frankie wins next week and turns on them, then no. but that's just it. if they all stick together, they can make final 4

Carrol said: Frankie will stay loyal to who ever wins HoH and on double evict he will try to get Derrick or Cody back doored

Nicole says to Victoria, "I don't want to be in this house full of wimps anyways. Not even sad. It's stupid game moves. Get some guts! It's pretty sad that this girl is more willing to make big moves than big Beast Mode."

12:15PM BBT: Christine: "I'm going to bed I don't feel to good." Caleb says, "This sucks give us a party we are bored."

12:18PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria are in the fire room. Nicole: "I'm not even mad, it's just stupid! Get some guts."

Nicole says, "You're not supposed to say you are going home." Victoria agrees. Nicole says, "It's sad that I would be able to make bigger moves than beast mode does." She says that Caleb said Victoria is a pawn and she's going home. Nicole says, "I would love to stay but now I can't." Victoria says, "I really thought he was going to put up Frankie." Nicole: "Yeah, that would have been a great game move but instead he puts up you my best friend."

12:24PM BBT: Victoria and Nicole talk about how the guys take the easy way out. Victoria says, "Yeah cause there is only two weeks left in this game." Victoria says that Caleb thinks he is a competition beast and he thinks Frankie is a competitor and why wouldn't he put Frankie up? Nicole says, "Because he is a wimp."

12:27PM BBT: Nicole goes over her eviction speech with Victoria and how they think she is a threat in this game and how they need to get some guts in this game, "Then I will say something good about you. You know what I mean?"

12:31PM BBT: Frankie goes to the living room and lays on top of Derrick then sits beside him on the floor and whispers about what Caleb told him earlier about weighing his options. "I went to bed and talked to him this morning so he had time to debate it that he didn't want to put me up."

12:33PM BBT: Derrick goes in the fire br where Nicole and Victoria are and ask them if they need a moment? They say no, he is fine.

Frankie is in the kitchen cooking lunch.

12:35PM BBT: Nicole says, "He's always telling me how much he wants to go home, not like to jury house but to finish this game and go home." Nicole says Caleb is wasting his HoH to do something for Frankie and it is frustrating.

12:38PM BBT: Derrick says, "I'm so hungry." Victoria: "Do you want me to make you something?" Derrick: "No, I want food, but I am going to wait cause I think they are going to hook us up soon."

12:43PM BBT: Frankie is making salmon salad and tells Caleb to try it, he said no, "There's a bone right there, and I am picky about that crap."

Nicole is talking to Victoria about the next HoH competition "If it's the wall, do not let go of the wall it is very important to not let go of the wall. Just think of your family and stuff." Victoria: "Yeah OK."

12:46PM BBT: Caleb giving shout-outs and Frankie says everyone is asleep except for me and Beast Mode. Nicole and Victoria are in the fire bedroom with Derrick laying in the bed next to Victoria's bed going to sleep. Nicole says it's going to be a boring week.

12:49PM BBT: Caleb says, "I'm the HoH that is sending Nicole home again. But she didn't win HoH so she sealed it in a way."

Caleb: "That's crazy no party, on Labor Day and they want to take the backyard away from us and no party." We get FotH.

12:54PM BBT: Nicole tells Derrick if they had done the punishment competition then he would have won that one.

1:14PM BBT: Frankie is cleaning the fridge talking to Derrick. Derrick is excited to see his family again. Frankie says he really did feel in jeopardy before the PoV meeting. "There's a lot of pressure to make a big move." Derrick: "It would have been stupid."

Victoria is laying in fire room with arm over eyes. Frankie says, "There is so much ammunition against Nicole, and she gave him more yesterday."

1:22PM BBT: Frankie wants his activity tracker, BB tells them to please retrieve them from the storage room. Victoria starts some laundry. Nicole has some to do but it's all bright. Nicole tells Victoria they should hang out as much as possible but she is going to make some mushrooms first.

1:41PM BBT: Frankie heads to the pool, Derrick heads to HoH bathroom. Victoria is painting something. Nicole cooking. Caleb and Cody sleeping. Christine not on camera. Nicole tells Victoria she thinks Derrick is sad. Victoria says he is avoiding her.

1:50PM BBT: BB asks HGs to put down the awnings. Nicole, Derrick and Frankie do and get told TY. Frankie fast walks and dives into the pool. (BB says nothing) Victoria changes her jacket, brushes her hair and heads outside.

2:10PM BBT: Most of the HGs are in bed sleeping. Derrick, Victoria and Nicole are out in the backyard lounging on the couches. They are going over when what competition took place and Nicole says, "I got the Germitard day thirty." Derrick: "That was week five."

2:18PM BBT: Victoria and Nicole look as if they are going to sleep on the backyard couches. Derrick was called to the DR and looks as if all the other HGs are in bed sleeping.

2:22PM BBT: Nicole and Victoria get up and head inside to go lay down for a nap

2:42PM BBT: Victoria is starting some laundry and folding towels in the backyard alone.

2:47PM BBT: Derrick walks through the living room and passes Victoria as she heads to the storage room and jumps at her and scares her then says, "You didn't see that one coming!"

Derrick is talking to the cameras and says, "Happy Labor Day, I hope everyone is enjoying their cooking. I am having a great day my food consist of slop and mushrooms, great." BB says, "Derrick, Holla!" and he hollas back.

2:50PM BBT: Christine comes out to the backyard and says what's up to Derrick and he says, "Not much." They sit in silence with Victoria on the backyard couches.

2:53PM BBT: Derrick says to Christine and Victoria, "Come to think about it, they might not have the wall, 'cause I don't remember them doing the wall with this many people."

Christine says, "Yeah it is too late for it, and damn that sucks." Christine is called to the DR.

Frankie comes outside and gets a drink out of the outside fridge. "I come out of the DR and my chest is filled with acne, so I said to myself, 'Do I need to go lay down or burn this acne off my chest, which is more important?'" He then says, "Maybe I will go back to bed. it was lovely talking to you." Derrick says, "Later, bud." Frankie says, "I will talk to you soon."

2:58PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick he better do a good goodbye for her and he says, "I will, just say you are not leaving 'cause there is no way you are leaving."

3:02PM BBT: Derrick is talking to the camera about having a study session and then starts saying who was HoH and who went on block each week. Victoria is in the kitchen area painting on a plate.

3:05PM BBT: Derrick going through the HoH and nominations pretty quickly, Christine comes out of the DR and Victoria says that was quick and Cody is called to the DR.

Christine asks if Frankie and Derrick are still outside, and Victoria says, "Just Derrick, Frankie went back to bed."

3:08PM BBT: Christine goes outside and Derrick tells her that Nicole is being nice today and accepting the fact she is going home. "She was even being nice to Frankie today." Christine says, "I hate that." Derrick: "Why, cause she is a jury vote?" Christine: "Yeah."

3:10PM BBT: Derrick says, "Nicole voted, Hayden will vote and then Donny will vote the way Hayden does then Jocasta will vote how Donny does." Derrick says that Zach was good, but Donny was a beast and the way he played that veto competition it will show he is a beast and he is very intelligent.

Christine: "There was a moment in me that I wanted to call her out in front of everyone but I didn't." Derrick says, "Don't do that she will be a vote so don't do that it won't be good for your game." Christine: "I know it was just going through senerios in your head." Derrick: "Right."

3:17PM BBT: Victoria goes to the Have-Not room where Nicole is and she tells her that Christine came outside and so she came inside. Nicole says, "I want to eat I am so hungry."

3:18PM BBT: Cody comes outside and Christine says, "Hello dino." Caleb looks out in the backyard and yells, "Holla." Cody says, "I was hoping he would say we had pizza." BB: "Derrick open your mouth and give a holla."

3:21PM BBT: Derrick says, "Want to hear a sad story?" He then tells about just having washed his car and tried to save a turtle. He pulled off on the side of the highway and he went ot get the turtle and someone hit the turtle and it splattered all over his car, "It missed me but got all over my car." Christine says, "I'm going to throw up now poor turtle."

Frankie then tells about frogs raining on them in Magnolia and as you are driving you run over then.

3:27PM BBT: Frankie says, "I don't know if I should go back to bed or not." Cody: "Man. I want to take this off it's so uncomfortable." Frankie: "Just pull it down some it will be OK." Cody: "I should go ask if I can get in the pool just so I can take this thing off." Frankie: "Do it, at least you can take it off. I don't think BB cares that it is Labor Day."

3:34PM BBT: Derrick is talking about Gumby and Frankie says that Gumby can turn into anything. Derrick says Gumby is made out of Clay and can change to anything.

3:44PM BBT: Caleb is now in the backyard with everyone but Nicole who is asleep in the Have-Not room. They are talking about drinking Red Bull and Monster drinks.

3:46PM BBT: Cody says, "I'm tired of this costume." Frankie says, "I didn't think you had to sleep in it." Cody says the DR told him he did and they say that Nicole didn't have to sleep in hers.

3:49PM BBT: Cody is putting on his swim trunks so he can sit in the pool and not have to wear the dinosaur costume for awhile. Derrick comes out of the storage room and goes to the DR. Victoria is getting clothes out of the dryer and Caleb is saying he hopes they use his whole veto speech.

3:53PM BBT: Caleb explains how you get a good girl, you wait and let them come to you. He says, "Like, on my Facebook, if your not a Christian don't even try it." He says if you don't believe in God then you can crush that and Christine says, "Good for you I'm the same way."

3:56PM BBT: Cody is now in the kitchen with his costume back on and making himself some food and BB tells him to please put on his mic.

4:01PM BBT: Cody and Derrick head back outside. Victoria tells Derrick she did his laundry for him and folded it. He says she's the best. Nicole is still in the Have-Not room taking a nap.

4:09PM BBT: In an exciting turn of events, Nicole wakes up from her nap because Derrick get's a holla. Cody gets called out for not having a mic on and then he asks how Nicole slept.

Nicole and Cody go outside, Nicole with her mushrooms and Cody in his dino suit. Everyone sits in awkward silence, until Frankie complains about how sore he still is. Christine says she's actually starting to feel good again. Frankie makes a comment about the pestilence in the house has changed from ants to flies. Christine says in the west they have flying red ants and they cover everything.

4:11PM BBT: Cody has his swim trunks on now and gets in the pool. Christine and Cody are quick to follow him to the pool. Cody gets out because it's too cold in the pool. He heads over to the hot-tub instead.

4:17PM BBT: Derrick is laying on the backyard couches while telling Victoria he has knots in his legs. She starts caressing his upper thighs while she searches for them.

Cody, Derrick, and Frankie are hanging out by the hot-tub. Frankie, Caleb, Cody, and Christine are being called to the DR to re-tape their DRs. Cody says he's being called back to re-tape his DRs from before veto was even played.

4:21PM BBT: Caleb sits in one of lawn chairs by the hot-tub and says he should have told Victoria at the renom ceremony " You have curves that make Algebra hard to pass." Cody and Frankie are confused. Caleb says, "Oh wait, it's the one with curves." He finally realizes it was, "You have curves that make geometry hard to pass." Cody and Frankie say that his original line to Victoria was a JLO reference and it was funny.

4:27PM BBT: Christine is back from her DR session. She asks Derrick how he can wear sweatshirts and sweatpants all day outside. He says he doesn't know but he's comfortable in them. Cody announces that he's done cleaning the hot-tub. He shows Christine all the dirt he got out of it and she is disgusted by it. Cody and Christine talk about Nicole's speech at the veto ceremony and it was really good. Cody said he was concerned for about a minute that Christine might actually use it on Nicole and not herself.

Caleb comes back out with food and tells Cody he didn't do a good job cleaning. Cody says the thing you're pointing to is rust, Caleb. Cody wants to get out of the hot-tub, but he doesn't want to put his costume back on, so he's standing in the water. He finally gets out.

Derrick gets called to the DR and he gets annoyed. Christine told him they are taping their goodbyes right now.

4:33PM BBT: Cody and Caleb are fake fighting over Cody's dinosaur costume. Cody tells Caleb his name is Dino (pronounced Deeno) the Dinosaur. Caleb calls him a creep. Cody tells him not to come at him like that. He says if he was in an alligator costume he'd make everyone call him Al the Alligator.

Caleb asks Cody if he's going to make the people who do the backyard interviews call him that. Feeds go to fish since they are talking about production.

Feeds come back and Caleb tells Cody they are going to be remembered for sure when the season is over. Christine agrees and thinks their season will be on the best.

4:41PM BBT: Victoria and Nicole are talking about hiding hummus for her to eat later. Caleb is at the kitchen counter listening to their conversation. Frankie comes downstairs from the HoH shower and is getting changed.

4:49PM BBT: Christine is in the hammock by herself picking her feet. Nicole and Victoria are sitting at the kitchen counter. Nicole is hoping for the double eviction so bad on Thursday. All she wants is someone following her out the door. Nicole said she doesn't even know if it's coming, but Derrick seems to think so. Victoria says Caleb effed them over by not nominating Frankie.

Victoria asks Derrick why he didn't get in the pool. Derrick says he can't find his swim trunks. Victoria laughs and says she hid them and Derrick says he believes her.

4:54PM BBT: Nicole tells Victoria that Christine and Frankie are so happy she's leaving this week. Nicole said she'll be so mad if America thinks any of them are nice people, especially Frankie. Victoria says that she feels the same way about Christine and how fake she is. They both agree that Frankie is super paranoid all the time. Nicole says I wish you weren't on the block next to me. Victoria says she knows.

4:56PM BBT: Victoria and Nicole say that Caleb's speech was weird and didn't make any sense what'soever. Nicole said Caleb's speech was rude and Caleb never practices and just said stuff to say it. Victoria said he must have had nothing to say and that was the only thing he could think of. Nicole said that basically whoever went up was the person who got ready, which was Victoria and that Nicole was the target and it didn't matter who he nominated. Nicole says you get rid of people who aren't going to better your game. She says he did an idiotic move and didn't man up, but he'll realize when he watches the show just how dumb he really was.

5:01PM BBT: Derrick says if they have a chance to be up on the final three then Cody will take Christine over Caleb. Derrick says, "We have to make sure we are final two and we fly our families here for finale and one of us get 500k and the other get 50k."

5:04PM BBT: Derrick and Caleb still talking about making it to final three and how they can not take Christine and Cody together that one of them has to go before that. Derrick says, "I know we have a final three with Frankie but we also have one with Cody, but you and I have a final two so you do we roll with?" Derrick says, "So what's the deal obviously you rather roll with Cody." and Caleb says yeah.

5:07PM BBT: Nicole talks to Victoria saying she is fed up and if Caleb says anything to her she is going to tell him how it is. She says, "I asked him why I was picked for a have not and he told me cause I volunteered outside and because you like cinnamon and I told him I did not, and Victoria is the one who like cinnamon so don't talk to me thanks."

5:10PM BBT: Derrick: "It's a long time 'til Thursday and we could go in and it be a single eviction but it could be a double eviction. If it is a single evict, then I make it to day 84." Caleb: "Then we send Nicole home Thursday and Christine right behind her and Frankie right behind her and money money money."

Caleb: "I should have gone for that 5k then I would have gone home with 28k." Derrick: "Yeah but then you wouldn't be Beast Mode."

Caleb: "We can beat Christine." Derrick: "If one of us wins the double eviction then the other wins the next one then it is a wrap."

5:20PM BBT: Caleb says, "OK, if Cody wins HoH and puts me up against Victoria and you me and Cody make it to final three and I win I can say, 'OK, Cody you put me up against Victoria so Derrick it is me and you in the end."" Derrick: "Yeah, you can do that." Caleb says BB might do a dinner for them tonight, they'll have to wait and see. Derrick leaves HoH room and goes down stairs.

5:22PM BBT: In the backyard Frankie and Christine are talking about making chicken for dinner with a marinara sauce to dip it in. Frankie goes inside to start cooking and Cody lays on the hammock with Christine now.

5:31PM BBT: Caleb goes to the backyard and tells Christine and Cody he is about to go on slop for the rest of the time he is here and Christine says, "Shut your mouth."

5:31PM BBT: Frankie asks Victoria if she will make an ice coffee for him please and she says sure. He is making dinner and putting seasoning on the chicken so he can grill it in the backyard. As he walks outside he starts singing "Labor Day BBQ it's fun times..." and we get FotH.

5:34PM BBT: Cody and Christine playing around on the hammock and Christine is laughing. Derrick and Caleb in the hot-tub and Frankie cooking dinner on the BBQ grill. Nicole and Victoria are sitting in the kitchen.

5:38PM BBT: Victoria has come out to the backyard and sitting with her feet in the hot-tub with Derrick and Caleb. Cody and Christine on the hammock as Cody makes dinosaur noises at Christine.

5:41PM BBT: Cody and Christine talking about drinking and Christine says that she and Tim had like a blind date thing with another married couple and they never seen them again after she chugged her drink.

5:50PM BBT:
Frankie is still cooking on the grill. Victoria says tomorrow is camera day but she never wakes up for it.

5:56PM BBT: Just general talk going on in the backyard with everyone but Frankie who is in cooking at the BBQ grill.

5:59PM BBT: Christine and Cody are on the hammock in the backyard. Christine is talking about her knee high socks. Caleb is in the hot-tub, with Victoria, Nicole and Derrick sitting by him. Derrick is lying on the ground, and says that he's not going to leave the night of the finale, but he will definitely have them book him a flight home the next day. Frankie yells to HGs in the backyard that dinner is ready. We see FotH.

6:03PM BBT: Cody tells Christine that her and Tim need to go and visit him. She tells him about Ocean City, where her and Tim went for their honeymoon. Cody tells Christine that he loves Ocean City. Christine says she wants to know what his ex-girlfriends look like. He says his last girlfriend was gorgeous, and the one before that was cute.

Frankie is feeding Derrick some food by the hot-tub. Victoria and Nicole are still sitting by the hot-tub, and Derrick is in it now.

Frankie is walking around the backyard, and gives Nicole some mushrooms. Cody asks Christine how she just cracked her knuckles like that, and then they throw pillows at each other, and get up from the hammock.

6:06PM BBT: Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Christine go inside to the dining room table. Christine says she has to use the bathroom so bad, and goes to the bathroom. Nicole tells Derrick, just because you are a super fan, doesn't mean that you're good at the game. They start discussing previous HGs on other seasons.

6:10PM BBT: Caleb is tasting Frankie's food, and he tells him it's mostly tofu, and very healthy. Caleb says it's good, and goes to the backyard, and sits next to Nicole in a lawn chair.

Christine is chomping down at the dining room table with Frankie. Cody goes and sits down with them at the table. Nicole says she hopes Ian is at the party, after the season. Caleb and Derrick shout out to Jessie, and he says he wants to take her out for a drink after the show is over. He says that no one is any better looking than her. Nicole asks Caleb is he thinks Aaryn is good looking, and he says, negative. He says, she's not smoking hot, but she's pretty. Derrick says that he thinks Amanda was good looking, and Caleb says, he's crazy. They continue to talk about women from previous seasons around the hot-tub. Christine says hi to her family.

6:15PM BBT: Christine and Frankie are chomping like pigs eating at the dining room table with Cody. Victoria says, it sucks that they don't have any showmances this year, except Nicole and Hayden. Derrick says he wants to see the season now to see when her and Hayden started things. She said they didn't say anything to jury. Derrick says that they don't have to kiss and make-out to have a showmance. They start talking about other HGs that hooked up in the past.

6:19PM BBT: Christine says she can't worry about her diet in the house. Frankie says there are too many external factors to worry about your diet in the house. Caleb says, he wonders how America views them in the house, and who they really like. He says just because Frankie's sister has so many followers, doesn't mean that they watch BB. Nicole says, she feels that Donny has won over America. Caleb says, no way, he doesn't think so, because he didn't know how to play the game. Nicole says, people like underdogs though. Victoria says, they don't know how they are being portrayed on TV either.

Frankie and Christine continue to eat at the dining room table, and Cody gets called to the DR.

6:23PM BBT: The HGs in the backyard are discussing who went out of the last double eviction. We hear, "Who that, can we get a holla?" Frankie and Christine give shout-outs and say, Happy Labor Day to anyone that is in labor. All cameras go to the backyard.

Cody is coming out in his dinosaur suit. He got the sleeves cut off his costume, but still has the hands on. He also got the legs cut, and still has on the feet. HGs around the hot-tub are discussing whether or not Nicole and Hayden's showmance was put on the shows or not. Derrick says, they did some version of Frankie though. Victoria says she was questioned a lot about Nicole and Hayden.

The cameras show Christine in the kitchen, and then Cody doing laundry. All cameras go to Cody do laundry, and then Frankie goes by the pool table, singing America. We see FotH for a moment. Frankie and Cody start playing a game of pool.

6:31PM BBT: All cameras still on Cody and Frankie's pool game. Frankie scratched, and says the one pocket is messed up, in the awful voice. Cody tells Christine and Frankie that he's going to get scissors to cut the neck of his costume, so he doesn't have to use a knife. We hear, "Please raise the outside awnings." Frankie says, "Are you serious," as they continue to play their pool game.

6:35PM BBT: Frankie asks Cody, "Is he (Caleb) in love with Nicole know? Boy, he sure knows how to pick them."

Cody goes by one of the awnings, and is trying to get something with the pool cue. It's his turn to take his shot, and he says, "I'll get it." He takes his shot, and them goes back by the awning. Victoria is sitting in the hammock, and asks Derrick, "Are you going inside?" He is taking a shower in the backyard. She asks him if he will raise the hammock when he comes back out.

Caleb faces a camera, and makes muscles, and sticks his tongue out. We hear, "Please raise the outside awnings," again. Victoria says she will help get them.

Caleb goes and sits down in the lawn chair again, next to Nicole. Nicole tells Caleb that Victoria is funny, as her and Frankie are raising the awnings. Caleb asks, funny ha ha, or funny looking? She says funny ha ha.

6:38PM BBT: Derrick was told to put on his microphone. Caleb sneezes, and Nicole blesses him, and he says, thank you. Cody goes and sits by Nicole, by the hot-tub. She tells him that she didn't wear her feet, and Cody says, they told him he has to wear the entire costume, or he'll have to wear it another day. Caleb and Frankie are now playing badminton in the backyard.


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