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Saturday, February 19, 2022 Happy Birthday Cynthia
7:35AM BBT: Todd is restless in bed. He sits up for a bit then gets out of bed and walks toward the kitchen. He is walking slowly and carefully. (Asleep, perhaps?) He enters the storage room and grabs a banana then heads to the loo, leaving the banana on the sink.

The cameras move to Miesha sleeping in the Cuckoo Clock bedroom then back to Todd washing his hands. He tries the DR downstairs, no luck.

7:44AM BBT: Todd walks upstairs and enters the DR. He is walking like a zombie... like a drunk zombie.

The cameras are back on the sleeping CHGs.

8:04AM BBT: The cameras are on the Cuckoo Clock bedroom and there is an audible beep. The camera then moves to Todd sitting in the Gondola Lounge. He doesn't look good at all. Maybe he isn't feeling well. He has a very peculiar look on his face. He gets up and starts walking down the stairs as if he is in pain with careful movements (like an 80-year-old man). He heads to the bathroom and before entering the loo, "Hey, if that veto competition is physical, I'm not doing it. I'm just not doing it." He turns the sink on and runs his hand through for about 1 second then shuts off the water but leaves it running a bit. He leaves the bathroom, eating the banana on his slow trek through the house.

Todd pushes the button for the downstairs DR three times but isn't let in. He grabs his mic and speaks directly into it "If it's physical today, I'm not doing it. Sorry! I don't want it getting worse than it is." He then gets back in bed. It's not long and Todd is back to snoring loudly.

9:02AM BBT: WBRB Glitter.

9:16AM BBT: The feeds return to all the lights up and Lamar saying, "...just six hours ago!" in a perturbed tone.

Bob: Attention Houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room.

Cynthia asks Big Brother to turn the cameras so she can get up out of bed.

The cameras move. "Thank You"

WBRB Glitter.

Lamar begins singing, so we get Glitter. When the feeds return, Lamar is complaining about how they just went to bed hours ago. He sings, again, "We just went to bed, Big Brother! I thought we loved each other." He then goes to the DR and requests entrance, "Diary Room, Open please? Downstairs! Big Brother? Odom is asking in." Denied.

He enters the storage room, instead. He begins singing Careless Whisper, again, so we get Glitter.

Bob: Lamar, please go to the Diary Room, upstairs.

Cynthia: There you go. You are going straight to the Diary Room with your complaints.

Lamar: It's not a complaint. We need it. It's a request!

Bob: Cynthia, please clean the mirror above the bathroom sink

Cynthia: OK

She cleans it.

Bob: Thank you!

Cynthia: You're welcome.

9:48AM BBT: The feeds return to Cynthia talking to the live feeds, " the world. When we can sing when you want to; turn your lights on and off when you want to. I started playing Solitaire. I didn't get it at first. I didn't understand the obsession. But now I'm all in. I have joined the Solitaire Gang. It's a good time killer. A good time killer. Lamar Odom is here in the Chocolate room. He is chilling."

Lamar: We just went to bed 6 hours ago.

Cynthia: Yeah, we went to sleep at like 3:30 last night. We had a late night. He is he woke up feeling invigorated and ready to win. Champions in here, so maybe some of that champion spirit will rub off on me today on my birthday.

Lamar: It reminds me of being in the city late then we having practice at 10 in the morning and all; maybe playing a game the next day. This reminds me of when you got play back-to-back games. (Playing with the Lakers)

Cynthia says they have had a good time and are looking forward to getting sushi later. She says she is going to ask if they can get music for an hour today and mentions that production turns off the feeds so they can dance and sing.

WBRB Glitter.

Cynthia: I have a pretty good shot at being on the block, but that's OK. I still have a pretty good victory being here this long. Though I haven't won anything, that's pretty cool. I slept in my makeup last night, which I never do. I was waiting for them to call me, and they didn't, so I knew I would be up early. So now I'm putting makeup on over old makeup. Never do this Ladies. It's bad, bad. It will make you break out. And I have pretty good skin, anyway. [She has perfect skin; gorgeous skin! ~MamaLong]

But don't do it.

Actually, after I get done with this then I'll probably straighten up in the room. Weird without Carson in here or anyone being in here. Last night was the first night I slept in the Chocolate room alone. Shout out to Carson! I don't know where you are, brother, but I know you are laid up in some fabulous hotel ordering room service... probably getting ready to lay by the pool. I miss you so much already. This house is not the same without you! You filled up a lot of space in here! I cannot wait to see you on the outside, and I hope you're just having the best time ever! And yeah, I can't believe you're not in this bed next to me. So weird!

So, yeah, anyway speaking of Carson... Carson, if you guys are watching, as you have probably been following the show, has been my ride or die. Here we have connected. My brother! That's my friend, and that friendship will go far beyond this house. How weird it is now because you know like everybody has their friend. Miesha and Todrick are tighter than tight. Lamar and Todd are tight, and I am... SOLO. So, it's kind of like, alright, OK, I guess I feel a little lost right now. But whenever I hang out with each pair...anyway, we're not going to focus on that. We're going to focus on the fact that it is my birthday, and hopefully, I'm going to have an amazing day and win this veto!

10:17AM BBT: Lamar is playing Solitaire at the dining table. He tells Cynthia he is struggling this morning because he is so tired. "It reminds me of back-to-back games. Same feeling!"

10:26AM BBT: Miesha is getting ready in the bathroom. She is working on her eyebrows.

10:27AM BBT: Cynthia finished her makeup and got back in bed awaiting her next camera call. She looks like a queen just resting on her bed.

10:39AM BBT: Todd is now showering while Miesha begins preparing some breakfast.

11:03AM BBT: Todd and Miesha are chatting in the kitchen. Miesha puts what looks like bacon in the oven.

Todd says he prefers using the half and half to the plant-based creamer, "It tastes grainy."

Miesha: Man, I miss my kids so much.

Todd says those videos were great but made it hard, too. He says he is ready to go home, "I won't quit, but I won't be crying. I want my phone back. I want my life back. Not having a phone just sucks, and I come from the era where you didn't have a phone."

11:04AM BBT: Bob: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Todd: They talking to Lamar?

Miesha: I think Todrick

Todd: That room is nice, but you gotta get your ass up

Miesha tells him Todrick was up until 4AM.

Todd: Is it day 27?

Miesha: No, it's day 29

Todd: Damn! That's a lot of days, though.

Todd looks at the camera and says good morning to his family.

Miesha: Is it Saturday?

Todd: Yeah; that's the only thing keeping me rational... knowing what day it is.

Todd calls Miesha, "Sister Miesha, you are now Sister Miesha"

Miesha: I like it.

11:13AM BBT: Cynthia is still asleep on her bed. Lamar comes out of the DR and complains the house is too cold.

Todd: Since Miesha is the only one left, we have inducted her to "Sister Miesha"

Lamar: Big Brother, can you warm the house up?

Lamar tells Miesha the DR is an iceberg, "Whooo, Damn!"

11:15AM BBT: Lamar enters the Chocolate bedroom and tells Cynthia they probably won't call them for a while.

Todd: Tell Todrick I borrowed his orange hat because I'm fucking cold. My head is cold. I feel like an old damn man.

Lamar heads to the kitchen and asks Miesha, "They probably not going to call us until it's time for veto, right?"

Miesha: Yeah

11:30AM BBT: It looks like Miesha is making a breakfast casserole (not sure). She is mashing the bacon with the potato masher and prepping eggs.

11:47AM BBT: Todrick is finally up and on camera in his black and white pierrot outfit.

Todrick heads downstairs to look for accessories for his outfit. He enters the chocolate bedroom and asks Cynthia if he can borrow some jewelry. She says yes and suggests a necklace to wear as a headpiece. He tries it out and loves the look.

Cynthia: You going to be turned out, but they don't expect anything less. Gotta give the kids what they want.

She helps him fix his key into position with the jewels.

Cynthia: Are you wearing a hat?

Todrick: No, we're just giving this...and androgynous HoH. Grace Jones

Todrick struts around the room.

Cynthia: If I was watching this, I'd be like, that damn Todrick.

Todrick rehearses: It's time for the nomination ceremony.

Cynthia: What are you going to wear?

Todrick: I'm thinking I just wear my underwear and this... and high heels. Don't tell anyone. I'm going to give a reveal... some drama.

Cynthia offers eyelashes and a dress if he wants to go drag.

Todrick: Do you have a belt

Cynthia: I do have a belt. It's gold though.

Todrick: Perfect

He struts around.

Cynthia: I can't. (She is loving this)

Todrick: I think I'm ready.

Cynthia: You need lashes.

She suggests hoop earrings, "I have some to match your tiara."

Todrick: Thank you! Happy Birthday! I'll see you soon!

12:42PM BBT: Miesha walks into the kitchen where Todrick is getting a drink.

Miesha: Hey Baby. Good Morning! Want some French toast?

Todrick: Maybe; are you nervous about veto?

Miesha: Where is everybody? The question is, are you nervous about veto?

Todrick: Todd and Lamar are sleeping and Cynthia is in her room.

Miesha: I want to get Todd out. If Todd wins veto, we just get Lamar out. It's a good scenario either way.

[She asks if he likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, so now I figure it was actually cereal put in the oven to crisp and then she mashed them up to coat the French toast. ~MamaLong]

Todrick: I don't think I'm going to eat any.

Miesha: No?

Todrick: No, I'll eat after. Maybe I'll make some pancakes today.

Todrick asks her who she wanted to talk about. The cameras move to Cynthia and we can hear Bob shout a warning, "Houseguests are not allowed to talk about their diary sessions with other houseguests."

The cameras move back to Todrick telling Miesha he took his shower last night and got in bed then put on his music so ready to hear "any song" and got a message that he has to go to the iTunes store and download it. He was so disappointed. He returned his headphones to the storage room to get properly TUNED up.

12:47PM BBT: Todrick: I have to turn those keys today, Honey!

Bob: Todrick, please go to the diary room downstairs.

Todrick: (to Miesha) Get Ready, Honey!

1:00PM BBT: In the bathroom...

Cynthia: It's Todd Bridges in the bathroom.

Todd tells her he is having a rough day, "I'm just so tired. I'm ready to go home. If I go, praise Jesus."

Cynthia says everyone is feeling that way, but she is going to try and win because she wants to win something.

Todd walks into the kitchen.

Miesha: Are you glad we are almost done?

Todd: Oh yeah! I'm so tired!

Miesha: Can you imagine if we were only a third of the way through like the regular season?

Todd: I'd be in the bathroom hanging myself.

1:23PM BBT: The livingroom screen now reads, "Nominations Today."

Cynthia is looking for her laundry bag to start packing her dirty clothes. She admits to Todd that she packed some pancake mix and coffee in her bags, "I want Mike to try the gluten-free, and we had so many."

Cynthia adds Carson's water bottle to the shrine in the Chocolate bedroom.

Todd enters the room and is teasing Cynthia for swiping some of the groceries and putting it in her luggage, saying security is going to be questioning her, "Excuse me miss, we are going to have to check your bags."

Todrick: It feels good in here now.

Big Brother finally adjusted the temperature in the house.

1:58PM BBT: WBRB Glitter.

2:00PM BBT: In the kitchen, Todd tells Cynthia that Miesha has been indicted, "This is Sister Miesha"

Cynthia notices a cake, "Is this a cake in here."

Miesha: It is?

Cynthia: Thanks!

Miesha: Happy Birthday, by the way!

Todrick is warming up his voice in the HoH bathroom, again.

2:05PM BBT: We now have RCHS on the feeds for the nomination ceremony. This could be a long one since Todrick is dressing up and putting on a dramatic performance.

3:06PM BBT: Lamar and Todd were nominated for eviction.

3:10PM BBT: Todrick and Cynthia are laughing over the ceremony. Cynthia says his fans will be kiki'ing.

In the Chocolate bedroom...

Cynthia: Thank you, Jesus. Lord have mercy. Win the veto!

Todrick enters...

Cynthia: You know you need your ass whooped. That's all I can say. When I say you just need your ass beat! You showed out on this folks' show. Todrick, I was not ready.

Todrick: You were not ready? You were the only person that knew

Cynthia: I was not ready. I helped you with your jewelry, Honey, but I was not ready! I thought Miesha knew!

Todrick: I didn't tell Miesha. You only knew because I needed your jewelry.

Cynthia: First of all, the song did it.

Todrick: Were you here for it? The drama!

Cynthia: I couldn't keep a straight face. I was like, Oh my God. I was like, if I'm going on the block, this is how to be put on the block. You showed out.

Todrick: I had so much fun

Cynthia: Whatever happens, it doesn't matter. You have cemented yourself in the Big Brother Hall of Fame. You have shown your ass today. I was sitting there looking at you like this boy needs his ass beat. You came in here and showed out this bad. I knew you were going to do some tricks...but I was not ready. When you started singing at the top of the stairs. I was not ready, Honey. I was not prepared! I was like, go on and put me up there.

Todrick: What did you see first, the heel?

Cynthia: Well, I knew you were going to do a heel. It was the train, Honey. And the key...I hollered, child. I was like go on and put me up there. If this is how I go, let me go out. And when you said you didn't even think his headshot was real.

Todrick: It was my favorite thing I have ever done in my life. I hollered.

Cynthia: It's going to go viral! You are horrible! Horrible Child!

Todrick is laughing... so proud of himself.

Cynthia: And when you said you didn't even think his headshot was real.

Todrick: I can't wait for my mom to see that.

Cynthia: It was shade. This is everything, Honey. Your fans? They are going to have a kiki, child.

Todrick: Oh my God... the song. I can't!

Cynthia: It reminded me of Coming to America, (ME TOO!) I thought somebody was going to be throwing rose petals behind you.

Todrick: I made up a drag name. I called myself Sarah Moany... my drag name.

Cynthia: I was like, come on child.


WBRB Glitter.

And then what happened?
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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, Todd took power, and he put up his target and a pawn. With the PoV on the line, the ultimate fighter took home the gold, and she opted not to shake up the nominations.

It seemed like Carson was a dead celebrity walking, but a last-minute plea was made to Todrick and the Broadway star considered halting Carson's curtain call.

But at the live eviction, Todrick and Miesha decided to send Carson out to pasture, and then the final five were given a much-needed boost.
Tonight, it's all new and never before seen. Witness the laughs, strategy, and drama you did not see! There's no better way to spend a Saturday night than with these famous faces, right now on Celebrity Big Brother!

We pick up after the live eviction. Todd says the message from home was the best thing that happened to him and it gave him the energy to go out and compete and win this thing.

Miesha says getting Carson out of the house and that message from home was what she needed to get her head back in the game. Todrick knows he is going to make his family proud.

Lamar says hearing from his boy lit a fire under his butt. Cynthia says Carson left but she got an amazing message from her husband Mike. She wants to make Mike, Carson, and herself proud and win.

The HGs have champagne and appetizers. They toast the final five. Todrick says they have been there for 24 days. Cynthia says she flipped out when Todd came in and we see Cynthia talking to Todrick on Day two about Todd.

Cynthia says she recognized Chris Kirkpatrick when he walked in too. She used to love N Sync. We see the HGs on Day 1 talking about Chris starting the group. He talked about how Justin and JC came into the group.

Todrick says he is going to be honest and he was not in sync with Chris Kirkpatrick. We see Day 17 Chris offering Todrick burnt coffee. We then see the Todrick and Chris argument about Chris turning his back on Todrick.

Todrick says it is crazy he is in the house with an NBA player and Lamar says he is not just a player but a two-time NBA champion. We see on Day 12 Carson is going to get on Todrick's shoulders and put on Lamar's robe.

Todrick asks Lamar on a scale of 1-10 how well did he know the game and Lamar says he still has not gotten it down. We see on Day four Lamar asking about the mirrors and the cameras and how crazy that is.

We see Lamar asking about what happens if you get evicted and Chris Kirkpatrick is explaining that. We see Cynthia and Shanna explaining getting dressed up on eviction night and he does not know who Julie Chen is.

We see Todrick telling Todd that the DR rooms were on the TV show. Miesha says he thought the DR's were counseling sessions. Lamar had no idea the DR would be used on television. Carson and Cynthia are explaining to Lamar how the finale works.

Todrick says being here has been wild and they have had some life-changing conversations. Todd says he learned that Lamar believes in aliens and we see Day 11 and Shanna is talking about her ancestry and so is Todd.

Todrick says the crystal Shanna brought in was weird. We see Day four and Shanna was going to do readings. She says she can ask any yes or no question and the pendulum will answer the question. We see her get many questions wrong.

Todrick says Shanna might have actually had some magic powers. We see Day two and Shanna suggesting to make people levitate. We see them working on making Todrick levitate. Chris Kirkpatrick says she is a witch!

Cynthia did not think they would be so close so quickly and Miesha is grateful she felt close enough to let her guard down. We see on Day 10 Miesha talking to Chris Kirkpatrick and Cynthia about when she started working on being a fighter.

We also see Chris Kirkpatrick talking about his family being homeless during his junior year of high school. He talks about finishing school living in a shack with an outhouse.

Todrick says it is great to hear each other's stories. Lamar says he appreciates them letting him be himself. We see on Day 6 Lamar talking about Kobe Bryant and how he was off the basketball court. He met Kobe when Lamar was 15.

The HGs talk about finding out about the helicopter crash that Kobe was involved in. Lamar says they were more than just teammates, they were like brothers. He never thought about how much he looked up to him and that day will be in his memory forever.

It is time for America's vote! America gets to award your favorite celebrity HGs $25k.

Todrick says he was not prepared to have to cook and clean when he came in. We see on Day seven Cynthia asking about who is going to clean the toilet. They talk about Chris Kirkpatrick using the toilet gloves in the kitchen.

We see Todrick sweeping the carpet in the washroom area and he lies down. Then we see Todd struggling to put a trash bag in the trash can. Chris is Swiffering by the shower area.

Todd says plus they have roommates like they are back in college. Lamar thought he would have his own room. Todrick says they are still trying to get used to Todd's snoring. We see Chris talking about the snoring keeping him up at night.

Todrick says the DR was one of his favorite things in the house and how dependent they are on the DR. We see random DR clips.

Cynthia talks about the relationships and bonds they have created and how she wants to keep in touch with everyone. Todrick says he never thought he'd be friends with a UFC champion.

We see Todrick on Day two talking to Lamar and Todd says those two have a funny relationship going on. Todrick says he and Lamar have a very special type of relationship and Lamar is his house husband.

The HGs all cheers to the final five again and they say there is a lot more gameplay. Todrick says he needs to send three more HGs home to make his dream come true. Cynthia has not given up and she is pushing forward.

Miesha says it is time to bust up the other duo and they want to get Todd out next and they can mow down a path to victory. Todd needs Lamar to come through the clutch. Lamar says he has not gotten a shot to go in so now he wants to ball.

Tonight's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother, S03E12, was written by IndyMom78.

4:15PM BBT: The feeds moved to Glitter then to RCHS.

5:07PM BBT: We still have RCHS on the feeds.

5:41PM BBT: Still adorable adoptables on the feeds.

They must be playing in the veto competition.

6:00PM BBT: The feeds return to Cynthia washing dishes at the kitchen sink.

Bob: Todd, please go to the diary room downstairs.

Todd: I don't need to take the do I?

Miesha: Probably, just in case.

Todd reaches for the veto on the table.

Feeds pop back to RCHS.

[It looks like Todd won the veto. ~MamaLong]

6:12PM BBT: Cynthia says she is bummed because she didn't understand that she could wait "I thought when the buzzer went, we had to go." Miesha says she tried to go at the same time with the same force because she knew it would take 8 seconds to get down the ramp.

Feeds pop back to critters.

6:15PM BBT: Todrick says he feels like taking a nap.

Miesha: If we want to go to sleep on time tonight, I'm not going to take one now.

6:12PM BBT: Cynthia says she is bummed because she didn't understand that she could wait "I thought when the buzzer went, we had to go." Miesha says she tried to go at the same time with the same force because she knew it would take 8 seconds to get down the ramp.

Feeds pop back to critters.

6:15PM BBT: Todrick says he feels like taking a nap.

Miesha: If we want to go to sleep on time tonight, I'm not going to take one now.

6:17PM BBT: Miesha tells Cynthia that she added one of her dresses to Cynthia's dry cleaning bag, "because I never had one. I don't know if someone took it or hid it or what. So the cream dress is mine."

Cynthia: Oh OK.

They begin discussing Todrick's performance.

Cynthia: Even if my name was on the wall, I would have been cracking up. This is the way you get nominated, Honey.

Todrick: I wish I could remember the whole song I wrote.

Back to critters, again.

6:26PM BBT: Alone in the kitchen...

Todrick: What are you thinking?

Miesha: Um, that it would just suck if our fate was to lose to Todd!

Todrick: We won't!

Miesha: Can't.

Todrick: I wonder if he would be able to put someone up, I mean I know he likes and adores you, but I know you were the bigger threat. Like who do you think their target would be?

Miesha: Me

Todrick: You think so?

Miesha: Yeah; Definitely! But they'll put us both up

Todrick: Mm Hm...and then if you won the veto, Bitch, it's curtains

Miesha: Yeah

Todrick says it would suck to have Cynthia to go on the block on her birthday and have to pack her shit up.

Todrick: We can say, who do you want to go

Miesha: Yeah

Todrick: DOes that sound like a realistic pitch?

Miesha: yeah

Todrick says he can tell him it doesn't make sense to put her up on her birthday

Miesha: We would have to keep Cynthia in the dark, too, on it, right?

Todrick: Yeah

Miesha: And then we have to try to the strategy, even if it makes her upset

Todrick: We just tell her who to vote for...and Lamar has to go

Miesha: But I don't know if he'll trust us at this point, though

Todrick: All he could say is no. But It would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Especially after you attacked her on television. Lamar already has his stuff packed up.

Miesha: Unless she is like, oh that's OK. I don't mind. We can't let her be like that. Do you think you should talk to her?

Todrick: I think I will just talk to him first before the nomination ceremony. But if he puts me up and we both end up on the block, Cynthia is the one to vote.

Miesha: Yeah

Todrick: Obviously a lot would have to happen to get to that point. But it would be great to never have to get there! OK, I'm going to go take a nap and listen to Beyonce. If you get bored just come get me and tell me.

Miesha: I'm bored can you come back down.

Todrick laughs.

Miesha: Oh, wait. You thought I was joking?

6:33PM BBT: Todd comes out of the DR yelling for Cynthia, "Cynthia, they want you."

Miesha says she thinks she went to go Tweet.


Todd came out of the DR holding the veto.

7:00PM BBT: We are back on animal cuties.

7:15PM BBT: Todd and Cynthia have been talking about him winning the veto. He says they made him mad, so he showed up. Todd is clearly upset that Todrick didn't give him the heads up that he was going on the block. They discuss that Lamar did well in the competition.

Todd: I know they didn't expect that (his win).

Cynthia: Well, you are back in the game, Bridges. Sly fox. Don't underestimate this man.

7:19PM BBT: Cynthia gets up to check the storage room thinking the sushi could have arrived early.

Todd: Not yet?

Cynthia: No.

7:36PM BBT: Bob: Cynthia, please go to the storage room.

Todd: It's time for your birthday.

They all get up and skip to the storage room yelling at Lamar to wake up.

Cynthia is thrilled to see the sushi, a cake, and a birthday bag.

The CHGs sing happy birthday to Cynthia and she opens her gift bag.

There are party hats and candles, so they decide to put them on and sing again.

[There was nothing riveting going on in the CBB3 house tonight unless you think Lamar changing his pillowcases is fascinating. There was a lot of Glitter and Solitaire, as usual. ~MamaLong]

12:17AM BBT: Cynthia and Todd are sitting at the dining table eating cake and having random conversations. Lamar is warming up something in the microwave. Todd looks at the memory wall and comments that Teddi's hair is right out of the 70s.

Todd: Teddi is pretty, face-wise; she is a pretty girl.

Lamar: She is not the body type for me.

Todd: She doesn't have enough booty; I need something to grab.

They begin talking about the veto competition. It was a bobsled.

Bob: Cynthia, please exchange your microphone in the storage room [Oh good, I thought my earbuds were busted ~MamaLong]

Lamar is smacking his food and Todd is talking with a mouth full.

[Y'all, please don't do this. It's just gross. ~MamaLong]

12:32AM BBT: Cynthia talks about losing her rottweiler in her breakup with her ex. She says they got their dog from Mark Breland. They begin discussing fighters, and Todd says Miesha only has about three fights left in her.

Lots of Glitter on the feeds tonight!

2:32AM BBT: Cynthia is settling in bed in the Chocolate bedroom.

2:36AM BBT: The lights go out in the Chocolate bedroom. Lamar and Todd are asleep in the Ski Patrol bedroom.

3:48AM BBT: Todrick is sitting alone in the kitchen staring at the memory wall, likely studying for a potential face-morph competition. The lights come up and Todrick gets up quickly, rolling his eyes and saying, "You can turn the lights off. I'm not doing anything." He retreats to his the HoH room.

4:00AM BBT: Todrick is playing Solitaire in the HoH room.

4:08AM BBT: The CBB3 house is now dark and silent with sleeping celebrities.

4:10AM BBT: Todrick is now in bed but not sleeping... lots of movement under the covers.

WBRB Glitter.

4:20AM BBT: Todd is out of bed for the loo.

4:30AM BBT: The CHGs are sleeping.

6:33AM BBT: Lamar is up preparing hot tea and being very loud about it.

It looks like Lamar grabbed some cake, too, and heads back to his bed.

Today's updates were written by MamaLong.
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Current Weather at the Big Brother House

Common abbreviations used in Big Brother updates:

ADLs = Activities of Daily Living, just regular daily ablutions and household stuff that we all do.
BBT = Big Brother Time, Pacific Time Zone
DR = Diary Room
FotH = Front of the House. When we don't get to see something live, they showed the "Front of the House" in BB6, for several seasons after, they showed the " Fish of the House." Even though they now show rescue pets, we still call it FotH.
HGs = House Guests
HoH = Head of House
HoHR = Head of House Room
IDL = Indoor Lockdown
LD - Lock Down
PoV = Power of Veto
RUTT = Repetitive Unsportsmanlike Trash Talk - The constant and mindless verbal bashing of the other alliance.
WBRB = We'll Be Right Back - Like a FotH only shorter.
WC = Bathroom

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