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Celebrity Big Brother
"I'm traumatized! Rush me to a Neiman Marcus." ~Carson Kressley

Wednesday, February 23, @ 8PM EST (Finale Night)

Big Brother Canada Starts March 2



Miesha won the final HoH.
Miesha evicted Cynthia.

Miesha Wins
Celebrity Big Brother



Carson won America's Favorite Houseguest!

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Update Entry
Wednesday, February 23, 2022 Finale Night
I want to thank MamaLong for all her Celebrity Big Brother updates this season, most of what was posted here was written by MamaLong. When Mama was busy taking care of PapaLong (he has cancer), Fuskie filled in. I'd also like to thank GrannySue1154 for her updates too. Most of the Celebrity Big Brother TV coverage was written by Indymom78. Morty's TV would not exist without their dedication and support.

6:40AM BBT: Todrick is up and walking around with a blanket draped around his shoulders. He paces around the house, going from room to room, practicing his jury speech in his head.

8:00AM BBT: Todrick is the only one awake, alternating between laying on the livingroom couch wrapped in a blanket to pacing around the house. You can hear him muttering his speech in his head. He heads to the kitchen and sets the timer on the microwave to time his speech.

9:00AM BBT: Todrick heads to the kitchen and sets the Microwave timer again to test his jury speech. FotH : Final Wake-Up!

9:15AM BBT: Lights are on in all the bedroom but Todrick is still the only HGs up. He's moved to the dining table and is repeatedly shuffling a deck of cards.

9:50PM BBT: Todrick makes a plea to live feeders. This has been his dream and it was harder than he thought, a roller coaster of emotions. He says you don't realize how much you depend on the internet or the ability to order food. He can't wait to get his phone and catch up. Miesha is up and Todrick tells her she looks good, giving her a hug and saying he had a great time. Miesha is told to change her batteries. Todrick asks his fans to record this message. Miesha asks Johnny (her fiancée) to bring an extra duffel and dresses.

From the Chocolate bedroom and still half asleep, Cynthia rises to thanks the Live Feeders, then slips back into bed.

9:55PM BBT: Todrick says this has been an insane experience. The universe has to align, people have to trust you, you have to manipulate situations. He never thought he could make the Finale and hopes to be in the Final Two chairs, just like his favorite HG: Derek, Cody, Evil Dick, and Dani. He understands the bonds that are formed in the BB House.

Todrick says they gave him play dough yesterday and he was as excited as if going to Paris. The BB House has been like being in prison (Todd would differ) and even if they offered triple the money to stay three days more, he wouldn't. He got to do everything he wanted to do : HoH, Veto, wear a costume, but he missed meeting Zingbot, OTEV, or the slip'n'slide competition. He can't wait to see his mom. He hopes the cast will come to his house for an after-party.

10:00AM BBT: Todd announces 5 minutes until Live Feeds end. He says he's going on tour on March 12th (we hadn't heard) and invites Live Feeders to come. He says straight people are invited too: Black, white, gay, old, everyone is welcome. He says he's going to pull Miesha onto the stage during the Vegas show. CBB has been great and wild and...

FotH. The CBBUS3 Live Feeds are over.



Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, at the beginning of the game Todrick and Miesha teamed up, and they began the dominant duo of the season. Fueled by Miesha's physical game, and Todrick's strategic game, they took out the other celebrities one by one. Julie had one last surprise for the celebs. With the game in overdrive, Miesha and Todrick held all the power and they took out their former ally bringing them one step closer to the final two. Tonight, the top three go to battle of the final HoH competition of the season!

Julie welcomes us to the live season finale of Celebrity Big Brother. Tonight, a single competition will determine who makes it to the final two and one HGs will be crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother!

We pick up on Day 27 with the final three celebrating. Todrick says he and Miesha made it past double eviction night and he is happy he made it! Miesha cannot believe she made the final three! Cynthia says this has been a busy night and she survived!

Todrick tells Cynthia he is the biggest Big Brother fan in the world and has watched every episode of every season. Cynthia says he played the game from every angle and it explains why he is the only person who has never been on the block.

Miesha does not think anyone knew the ins and outs of the game as he did, but she is not going to let anyone beat her in the final HoH. Cynthia says they were a great team. Todrick would love Cynthia to take him to the Final Two because he thinks she would win.

Todrick is confident he or Miesha will win the final HoH, but you never know and he wants to make sure she would bring him to the Final Two. Todrick tells Cynthia that Miesha would rather have sat next to Todd in the Final Two. Todrick says he had to convince Miesha to keep her.

Cynthia feels pretty good about her chances against Todrick or Miesha because all the blood Miesha got on her hands, covered Todrick as well. Todrick says it could be anyone's game.

It is time for the final HoH of the season! This competition is called Shout-Outs. They will be shown videos from each of their former HGs giving shoutouts and they have to determine which of three statements is false. The most points wins HoH!

Video #1-Teddi says she received the same number of votes to evict as Chris Kirkpatrick, she was wearing shorts when she was evicted, and when the hat was passed from Miesha, she passed it to Shanna.

Todrick answers A and so does Miesha. Miesha then changes to C and Cynthia answers C. The correct answer is C, she passed the hat to Lamar. Cynthia and Miesha get a point.

Video #2: Mirai says in her eviction speech she said she's a great skater, she did her best to play a great offense, and they are all much older.

Todrick and Cynthia answer A and Miesha answers B. The correct answer is B and Miesha gets a point. Miesha has two points, Cynthia has 1, and Todrick has 0.

Video #3-Chris says he played in a total of four competitions, he was the first to fall after the golden caviar drop, and he won the second competition he competed in.

Todrick and Miesha answer A and Cynthia answers B. The correct answer is A. Miesha has three points, and Cynthia and Todrick have 1 point.

Video #4-She was the fourth HGs eliminated from the angry glam squad, used the video earned from the marry me veto, and she was the second CHG to be voted out unanimously.

Todrick and Miesha answer A and Cynthia answers C. The correct answer is B. Shanna did not use that veto.

Video #5-Carson says he was the first HGs to win an HoH and a veto, he played in every veto he was in the house for, and he was only HGs showing their hand in their memory wall photo.

Cynthia, Miesha, and Todrick all answer A. The correct answer is B. No one gets a point. Miesha still has three points.

Video #6-Lamar says he was not put on the block until after the fourth veto competition, he never pulled a picking players chip, and he lost seven HoH competitions.

Cynthia answers A and Todrick and Miesha answer B. The false statement was C because Lamar only lost 6 HoH competitions. Since Miesha has three points and being two ahead there is no need for the one final video. Miesha is the final HoH!

It is time for the last eviction! Cynthia says Miesha, this ride has been so amazing and the fact she made it to the final three, and she feels like she won. She played this game the only way she could ever play it. She is proud of all three of them.

Todrick says Miesha, his ride or die, he had the time of his life playing the game with her. He never thought he would meet a dynamic duo partner like Derek and Cody and she has changed his life in so many ways. She is an incredible person and he respects her decision.

Miesha says they look so beautiful and she is honored to take this journey to the end and it would only make sense to bring Todrick to the final two with her. She is grateful for this experience and she cannot wait to be at each other's weddings.

Cynthia has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. She gives hugs and heads out. Julie says Cynthia went into tonight knowing it was two against one and she is not surprised.

Cynthia says Miesha was a target when she walked in but she respected that she was very straightforward and very clear about her deals and honored them. She had a soft spot for Todrick, and after Carson left he took her under his wing.

If Cynthia had won the final HoH, she would have taken Todrick because he helped her along the way and she had a soft spot for him. She cannot wait to see her husband and her children.

Julie welcomes back the jury. Julie says after Carson got out and he learned certain things and he has some regrets. He loved meeting and working with everyone, but he wanted to apologize to Shanna and he deeply regrets how her last week went.

Julie says when Shanna left she did not want to see anyone and she says she feels really good and it is refreshing to see them all again. She says Big Brother was tougher than pageants.

Julie asks Chris what he is looking for when he votes, competition wins, or the social strategy? Chris says there is a lot of both because you have to win competitions but also navigate socially and factor in the jury on how they will vote in the end.

Julie reveals juror #8 and Cynthia comes in. Julie tells the jury how Cynthia ended up on the jury. Julie says Miesha and Todrick dominated the game side by side, but now they must face off.

Julie says it is time to hear from the final two. Miesha says life is made up of moments in time and this has been a moment. She had a few weeks to prepare and she decided to beast every competition and do the best she could.

She wanted to be who she was and her goal was to inspire her daughter and children and show her daughter girls can do it too and be amazing. She thanks them all and she played with as much integrity and honesty as she could.

Todrick says he came in with a game plan to lay low and fly under the radar. He says he was a huge threat from week one and had blood on his hands, even when he was not HoH. He was inspired to play the game by The Cookout.

Todrick says when he came in he did not want to win the game because he is black or is gay, he wanted to win because he knew the game. He says this game is based on how well you are mentally, socially, and physically and he is the only HGs not to be nominated.

Teddi says one of your favorite movies was The Wizard of Oz but you forgot we could see behind the curtain. She is voting for the lesser of two evils. Mirai says she respects competition and that was beastly.

Chris congratulates them and says he came in and tried to leave with integrity and this is for his son who would have him do it no other way. Shanna says this vote ensures she will not ever have to hear his voice again.

Carson says they both look spectacular and they both played an incredible game and he is voting for who worked it a little bit harder. Lamar says he is going to go with, he just got a tattoo and he is going with who most resembles that mentality.

Todd says everything was great up until he saw the live feeds. He says God bless them and he hopes they realize winning in a good way is better than talking about people when they are gone. Cynthia says she is voting for the person that helped her navigate.

Chris Kattan has joined them for the results. Julie is ready to pull the keys to reveal the winner. Cynthia voted for Todrick. Todd cast his vote for Miesha. Lamar has cast his vote for Miesha. Carson has cast his vote for Miesha. three votes for Miesha and 1 for Todrick.

Shanna has voted for Miesha. Chris Kirkpatrick has voted for Miesha and she has won Celebrity Big Brother! Todrick and Miesha hug and he says he his so excited for her. Miesha exits and the confetti pops.

Julie allows the HGs to get up and hug. Julie will talk with Miesha and Todrick and reveal America's Favorite Houseguest.

Mirai and Teddi also voted for Miesha. The top three vote-getters for favorite HGs were Lamar, Carson, and Shanna. The winner of America's Favorite Houseguest is...Carson! Carson gets $25k. He thanks everyone for their support and a large part of that will go to charity.

Miesha says this is so surreal and everyone looks beautiful and she cannot put words to her feelings right now. She says competing in the house was more difficult than in the octagon.

Todrick gets $50k. He says the experience was different than watching the show but it was spectacular. Julie says this makes Broadway look easy and he says yes it does.

Tonight's coverage of Celebrity Big Brother, S03E15, was written by IndyMom78.

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Update Entry
Tuesday, February 22, 2022 Finale Eve
Fuskie reviews the the gameplay in Celebrity Big Brother 3. [CLICK HERE] to read Fuskie's blog.
9:30AM BBT: Todrick was up early (7AM) and has spent the last few hours pacing around the house, from the kitchen to the Sauna to the gym, the Gondola. He's restless while Cynthia and Miesha remain sleeping.

9:45AM BBT: The lights are up in the CBB3 House. Todrick is pacing around in the upstairs Gondola Lounge and landing practicing his speech for the finale. Cynthia is still in bed in the Chocolate bedroom.

9:54AM BBT: Miesha is still in bed in the Cuckoo Clock bedroom holding her head and shielding her eyes from the light.

9:58AM BBT: Todrick stands at the upstairs balcony staring down at the memory wall then begins pacing and practicing, again.

10:30AM BBT: Miesha is up and after her ADLs joins Todrick, who is playing cards, at the dining table table. Cynthia is still in bed in the Chocolate bedroom.

11:00AM BBT:  A groggy Cynthia has joined Mieshrick at the dining table table.

10:59AM BBT: At the dining table, Miesha and Todrick are playing Solitaire. Cynthia talks about crazy dreams while in the CBB house.

11:06AM BBT: WBRB Glitter

11:07AM BBT: Cynthia: How many times have you been HoH, three?

Miesha: Yeah.

Todrick: And if she wins tomorrow it will be 4.

Cynthia: Is that a record?

Miesha: I think it is for Celebrity Big Brother.

They joke about an all-star celebrity season in which Todrick and Miesha wouldn't even need to unpack because they would be the first ones evicted.

11:23AM BBT: Todrick asks them if Todd was upset at getting put on the block.

Miesha says his reaction made it obvious. Cynthia says he thought he was going to be put up.

Miesha says he was competitive but insecure at the same time

Cynthia: Yeah, he would say, if I go, I go, but I'm talking all of you out.

11:30AM BBT: The final three talk about various competitions and how they performed.

Cynthia: I would honestly at this point, want to tell Julie it was my strategy to lose everything, but I tried to win. Cynthia says she thought she would win the puzzle snowflake one and the tasting one.

Miesha: If Todd wasn't there, I think you would have won.

Todrick says that Cynthia really knew her days.

Cynthia says the Marry Me competition was her competition but she wouldn't have done well breaking the tie.

1:30PM BBT: The final three HGs have just been trading stories and not doing anything substantial.

1:35PM BBT: On the second-to-last day of CBB, Cynthia has come to life, talking with Todrick about her career. She tells a story about a time she wore pant suit to an event and was told to change into a dress. She says she had to fake it until she made it : she was not confident as a model. She always felt humble about her success.

2:00PM BBT: Cynthia assures Todrick that Todd will respect his game. She won't look back after she gets out. If she wins, it will be because of God. Todrick say she's OK with the second place prize of $50k, plus the other money they've received (they get paid for each eviction survived). Some people work two years to earn $50k, he observes. He claims to have coached Miesha through the game and says the Jury will see this if they watch the show. Cynthia says he's the full BB package, both a competition and social game. Miesha just has wins, no social connections. She wouldn't vote for Miesha if she was on the Jury.

Todrick thinks he'll have both Carson and Mirai's vote. He expects Todd and Lamar will vote together, and since he has Todd's vote, that means he'll have Lamar's vote. With Cynthia's vote, that would be 5, enough to win. He says everyone compliments on how good Julie Chen Moonves works but she has producers and people behind the scenes to make her look that good.

3:50PM BBT: Big Brother provides the HGs with a T-shirt making craft kit. Todrick says he's never done that before.

4:40PM BBT: Cynthia says she celebrated her birthday a day early so Carson could be there. Todrick says after Carson was evicted, other people could start winning competitions. He didn't give up his rehearsals so Carson could win. (Carson won two competitions at the start of the season and that was it).

Todrick explains to Cynthia and Miesha that all the evicted HGs form the jury and can vote. With CBB, he notes, they call call each other and talk before Finale Night. He explains the sequestered jury house for the regular BB season.

6:15PM BBT: Cynthia brings some delivery from the storage room and after a FotH, Miesha jumps on Todrick to wake him up and after a trip to the bathroom, they head to the kitchen to see what they got. Todrick has some kind of sandwich and fries. It looks like Miesha is eating a street taco with her fingers. Cynthia got what looks like soup and soft tacos.

6:50PM BBT: The HGs are through eating and Miesha addresses her fiancee, confirming they had Mexican for dinner. Todrick repeats his offer for them to stay at his house. Cynthia can't wait to meet him. Miesha continues making post-game plans while Todrick and Cynthia mill around in the kitchen. Miesha moves on to addressing her kids, promising to see them tomorrow. Cynthia heads up to the Gondola to lay down.

7:00PM BBT: Miesha sings a lullaby for her kids that her mother sang to her when she was little. Todrick is just shuffling cards. Cynthia was listening from above in the Gondola.

8:15PM BBT: All feeds on Cynthia sleeping in the upstairs Gondola. I would not expect Mieshrick are any more active downstairs.

8:25PM BBT: Miesha is in the bathroom area. It looks like she's packing up the toiletries she won't need for Finale Day. She calls out for Todrick but he doesn't answer. He searches for him but he's nowhere to be found, probably in the DR.

8:35PM BBT: Todrick and Miesha catch up in the Ski Patrol bedroom. She asks his advice on what to wear-- everything else needs to be packed for move-out day tomorrow. Todrick is also packing. Todrick is trying to stuff clothes into his bag. Miesha reminds him he'll get his big BB bag to pack as well.

8:45PM BBT: Mieshrick is in the Ski Patrol bedroom counting votes and wondering who is going to be petty and not vote for gameplay. Todrick only has one outfit left that he hasn't worn and it's for the Finale.

Todrick doesn't think he ever lied, just exaggerated the truth. He's stressed that he'll be attacked by Chris and Shanna during jury questions. He's just sitting in bed now while Miesha continues her packing. Cynthia is asleep up in the Gondola.

9:05PM BBT: Both Todrick and Miesha are in their Chalet bedroom beds. Todrick is still stressing over the jury vote as Miesha listens. If she's worried, she's not showing it. Cynthia must be stress-sleeping.

9:20PM BBT: Cynthia has awakened and joined Mieshrick in the Chalet bedroom. They are talking about favorite competitions. Cynthia liked the movie posters competition but thinks she could have done better with the snowflake reindeer (stacking the snowflakes).

9:45PM BBT: Talk turns back to the jury and Cynthia thinks that even the jury HGs who didn't like how you played the game will respect that you played the game and vote for you. She doesn't think she'll get any votes. She starts asking Mieshrick about moments in the game to clarify their play.

10:05PM BBT: Todd is dancing around on top of his bed, singing how he has to get out of the house. There was FotH when Cynthia apparently did something that we couldn't see. Miesha is in the bathroom area taking her makeup off. Todrick joins her and says it's like the Squid Games.

Tomorrow is the finish line, she tells him. He has no idea what to expect. He can't imagine the questions he'll be asked. He just hopes it isn't shady. Miesha thinks it will be more about biggest regrets and what you might do differently. Todrick doesn't have any regrets. Miesha had an answer but forgot it. Todrick says maybe having to go back on deals.

10:15PM BBT: Cynthia is cleaning up the rest of dinner while Miesha plays Solitaire at the dining table. They are hoping for music while they prepare for the Finale. They won't have any more DR sessions. (Feeds are likely to end around 10AM BBT Wednesday morning)

10:20PM BBT: Todrick practices his 60s speech with Cynthia. He doesn't want to win because he's Black, because he's gay or because he has to most wins, but because of how he played the game and never touched the block. Yes, Cynthia says multiple times, she loved it. All his points are good, he just has to trim it down so he doesn't get cut off.

10:30PM BBT: Miesha joins Todrick and Cynthia in the bathroom area. She says that 60 seconds is a long time to talk. Not for me, replies Todrick. She says she has to give interviews before and after fights, so she's used to answering questions. Todrick explains to the two ladies how the final vote works with the jury. Miesha recalls how it worked in past CBBs. Cynthia is sure Shanna will get to ask a question, Kirkpatrick, too. Cynthia if she's evicted, and definitely Todd.

11:00PM BBT: Todrick tells Miesha he relies on so many people for his business, he can't keep them all happy. With over 700 videos, he's had so many dancers and people, he's surprised he doesn't get sued more often. He can't get close to his dancers anymore and has to keep his businesses separate. You never know when someone will accuse you of doing something wrong, he says. The legal system doesn't protect people like him (it does if you got good lawyers).

He would lose sleep if he ever sued anyone. Miesha can't imagine something being so extreme that she'd sue. Maybe if someone killed her child. Todrick says he was in a car accident once and he was told to act hurt so he could sue and get money. The girl was a drunk driver but he didn't sue. He could walk, so he went home.

11:15PM BBT: Todrick says during COVID when he was shooting Masked Singer (he was the Bull), some guys thought they could come backstage to meet him, but he couldn't afford to get sick while he was taping, and the guys went online and trashed him. If he wasn't social distancing, he would have loved meeting his fans. Todrick admits he never thought Miesha would get to the end and worried he would become the next target after she was evicted.

Cynthia joins them in the kitchen after her shower. Miesha says she couldn't let a MMA fighter be the first evicted this season. She mentions (UFC Fighter, CBB1) Chuck Liddell but Todrick didn't know who he was at first. Cynthia asks why he was first out and Todrick says he wasn't a good player. Miesha says he opened a basket and it led to him being targeted.

(Chuck was the first HGs to elect to open a Celebrity Gift Bag in the hope of winning a power to "recast" the role of HoH. Others soon followed, leading to a random draw for who would get to open their bag and Chuck lost. Because he was the first to elect to open his bag, he was targeted. Flimsy excuse, but the reasons for the first evictee are usually pretty weak.)

11:20PM BBT: Todrick asks Cynthia what's on her mind. The regret question, she says, it's her fight with Todd. She didn't come on CBB to fight.

11:35PM BBT: All three CHG are at the dining table. Todrick is shuffling cards over and over. Cynthia is playing solitaire. Miesha is in her mask and listening to Todrick talk about his biggest regrets in the CBB House. He says it's the promises he made but couldn't keep. Miesha says she promised to keep Teddi safe then didn't. Todrick says clapping at Shanna's eviction, but she deserved it, it was an eye for an eye.

11:40PM BBT: Cynthia says it is not fun being in the Chocolate bedroom alone. Todrick invites her to the Clock bedroom but she declines. She's had the same bed every night, she says.

11:45PM BBT: Miesha complains that she won HoH (during the double eviction) but does not get the HoH room, pictures or letters.

12:00AM BBT: Mieshrick explain to Cynthia why Todd did not nominate her next to Carson (so Carson wouldn't have to choose to save her or himself if he won Veto, which is a stretch rationalization). Miesha says Carson would have won in Final Two. Todrick says it was hard turning his back on Carson because he would have had Carson's back from the start.

12:10AM BBT: Cynthia turns to Chris Kirkpatrick. She didn't realize Miesha was blindsided by Shanna using the Veto on Carson. Todrick calls Kirkpatrick a coward and a traitor. He knew he was going and tried to make it look noble, like he was sacrificing himself. He really believed thes tories he told.

12:35AM BBT: Cynthia never wanted to be a Supermodel : she just wanted to have a successful career. She wanted to be professional, not a diva, and that helped keep her working. Todrick says he would take a less attractive dancer who is more loyal over a hot guy with a bad work ethic.

12:40AM BBT: Cynthia says she was the worker bee of her Real Housewives show. She tried to be easy to work with, to keep the brand and class intact while she grew her business. Miesha agrees that she's a company woman, willing to do whatever is asked, though since she's had kids, she's more protective of her time.

12:45AM BBT: Miesha notes Todrick hasn't been on the block yet, but if he doesn't win Final HoH, he will automatically be on the block. Todrick says that's not how it works. He points out that when Cody won Final HoH, it was not considered that Derek went on the block (true).

12:50AM BBT: Todrick says he talked with Tamar and Kandi about being on CBB but not Marissa because he had talked too much already. They told him make alliances then choose a side. He talks about being offered all kinds of alliances at the start of the game.

12:54AM BBT: Cynthia leaves the hot-tub to clean the kitchen for the last time. She tells Mieshrick goodnight and heads to the Chocolate bedroom to pack.

2:30AM BBT: Cynthia is asleep in the Chocolate bedroom. Miesha and Todrick are asleep in the Clock bedroom.

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