Greetings Big Brother Fan,

This guide will explain how to install the BBViewer by Liquid8d.

What is the BBViewer and why do I need it?

BBViewer is an alternate viewer application to watch the Big Brother live feeds. For US viewers that want to watch the free Big Brother Canada live feeds, the BBViewer allows you to watch the live feeds, and the TV broadcasts without a browser, which means no GeoBlocking, which is the process that blocks you from watching content from other countries.

The BBViewer can be set to always be on top, so you won't miss a moment. With the BBViewer, you can take screenshots to share with friends and post in the

How Much Does it Cost

The Viewer is free, and the Big Brother Canada live feeds are free. The Big Brother US feeds require a subscription to CBS ALL ACCESS

Where do I Get It?

To make sure you get a legit copy, and the latest version, always go to

What is this crap about needing Adobe Air?

Adobe Air is a platform programmers can write apps on, like Google has an app platform, and Widows 10 has it's own app platform built in.  You may already have Adobe Air on your computer, but it's probably outdated.  Go to to download it and install it.  If you already have it, this will update it. 

It is Safe?

Yes!  The program contains no viruses or spyware.  Liquid8d has an excellent reputation and has been providing us with Big Brother live feed viewers for years, without any problems.

When you start to install the BBViewer, you might see this notice:

This is only shown to you because the author of the software is not recognized by Microsoft. Click the link that says "More info," and you'll be offered the option of "Run anyway."

Click "Run anyway" and the installation process will begin.

Next, you'll need to select the provider. From the upper left corner menu bar, select "File," then select "Videos."

To watch Big Brother Canada live feeds, from the providers list, select "BBViewer by liquid8d" then select "Big Brother Canada" from the second menu.

On the next screen, select "Live Feeds"  and "Big Brother Live Feeds" to watch the feeds.

Note the third option, "Live" this is where you can select "Global TV" and watch live TV, including the TV broadcasts of Big Brother Canada.

Let's assume you are using BBViewer just to watch the live feeds, it's very easy to do.  Once you've set things up, when you launch BBViewer you'll get Feed #1

When you see an important moment in BB history, you can bookmark it, and share it with others, and use the bookmarks others have saved.