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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 Finale Eve
Mortys TV Pop Poll
8:41AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.

8:43AM BBT: Enzo is awake, he makes his way through the bedrooms and most likely to the bathroom area. But BB doesn't follow him. Cody and Nicole are both still asleep.

8:50AM BBT: Enzo is awake and in the kitchen, he walks to the bathroom area to use the bathroom.

8:53AM BBT: Enzo gets back into bed.

10:02AM BBT: We now have stars as BB could be waking the HGs for the day

10:18AM BBT: The feeds are back on with all lights on in the house and all three HGs are still in bed sleeping.

10:43AM BBT: The HGs still sleeping.

11:11AM BBT: Cody has rolled over on his own power.

11:26AM BBT: The HGs are still napping. You can hear them breathing so we still have a Final Three for tomorrow's finale.

11:38AM BBT: Cody has rolled over again. You can hear some bumps in the walls.

11:50AM BBT: Nicole is in the storage room changing her battery. (it looks like she was in the DR). She heads to the bathroom. She is in the bathroom area drinking some juice. Cody is up and headed towards the storage room to change his batteries. We get stars.

11:58AM BBT: Cody is now in the bathroom area and chatting with Nicole who is in the kitchen. Talking about sleeping.

12:04PM BBT: Cody is in the bathroom area talking to Nicole says he missed a spot on his leg and grabs his electric razor and shaves the spot he missed. Cody asks Nicole, who is in the kitchen, if she is making coffee as she grabs her makeup bag and heads to the bathroom area.

12:09PM BBT: Nicole makes a milk coffee and goes to the lounge and says her face looks real rough and swollen as she begins to put her facemask on.

12:10PM BBT: Nicole whispering saying, "OK I have to come up with the answer to this question: Why do you deserve to win 500 thousand dollars."

12:21PM BBT: Cody is in the kitchen making breakfast talking to the camera saying tomorrow they get to get out of this house and one will be a loser and another will be a number two loser and one will be a winner but they all will be a loser. Nicole is still in the lounge talking to herself mumbling about what she is going to say tomorrow to the jury.

12:24PM BBT: Cody says he thinks he is going to make cookies tonight and Nicole comes out of the lounge and ask Cody if he is scared of her and he says no as he talks in an accent. Enzo is now awake getting up and putting his pants on. Nicole is in the comic bedroom going through drawers.

12:36PM BBT: Cody making his eggs and cheese and talking in his accent about the pan being to hot. Nicole in the lounge sitting asking, "Nicole, why do you deserve that?" Then he sits in silence.

12:40PM BBT: Enzo joins Cody in the kitchen as he talks in his accent Cody ask him if he would like to join him and tells Enzo top of the morning then ask him to watch his bacon as he goes to the DR. Enzo is laughing at the accent talk.

12:50PM BBT: Cody and Enzo in the kitchen playing around talking in accents while Enzo washes dishes and Cody prepares the rest of his food. Nicole still in the lounge trying to figure out what she wants to say to the Jury on why she should be the winner of BB.

12:58PM BBT: Cody now cleaning up his breakfast mess while Enzo eats. Cody getting some Coke saying don't judge me it's one o'clock I do not care if I just woke up. He then gets the backgammon game out to play himself again.

1:02PM BBT: Nicole in the lounge talking to herself saying she has overcome everything that has been thrown at her this year and says, "Yeah, I will make it to the final two chairs. I have overcome all that has been thrown at me. That isn't too strong but it is good."

1:11PM BBT: Nicole is going over the moves she has made all season to remind the jury what she has overcome and how she had to hide her votes because she did not want Ian to blow up her game as he was walking out of the house. She says, After Ian left I had to decide to use the information. I knew to survive in the double which was a triple. I survived that then I had to start winning competitions and I did. I swept the week and got out Memphis. Then I did not have to win that last veto because I knew either Christmas or Cody would take me to final three and now I'm final three and I won the first part of the HoH competition. now I just have to win the last part."

1:16PM BBT: Enzo in the kitchen talking to Cody and says day 84 man 84 days and we get stars.

1:23PM BBT: Cody and Enzo in the kitchen chatting while Nicole is still in the lounge repeating what she wants to say to the jury.

1:27PM BBT: Nicole leaves the lounge and goes to the bathroom as she smells her armpits.

In the kitchen, Cody is putting his sunglasses on saying the spotlights in the house are killing him. Enzo is walking around the kitchen with his shades on also.

1:32PM BBT: Nicole ask to use tweezers and tells Cody hers got lost she can not find them, Cody says use these wash them, and put them back do not forget, Cody goes to see if the tweezers were lost in the couch but he says there are no cracks in the couch so they can not be there. Enzo says Christmas probably stole them. Cody says probably.

Cody says that's weird they come up missing, Nicole says maybe she used them and forgot to give them back but I do not think so she was looking for them the day she left to use them on her bracelet.

1:44PM BBT: The HGs are talking about Instagram and Twitter and how bad it can get after being in the house and how many followers they have. Nicole doing ADLs in the bathroom area.

1:53PM BBT: Nicole is back in the lounge to talk to herself again while Enzo and Cody are in the kitchen talking about past HGs and what reality shows they each might do.

2:31PM BBT: After rehearsing her speech for a long time in the lounge, Nicole heads to the bathroom then to the kitchen. She talks to Enzo while he continues his walk along the landing upstairs. Nicole asks where Cody is. Enzo tells her he is still napping. Nicole tells Enzo that she is looking forward to the day after tomorrow when the season is over and she can go home to her family. Enzo tells Nicole she played a great game.

Enzo: You played awesome, yo!

Nicole: Thanks Enzo! That means a lot! The feeling is mutual.

Enzo: It sucks when you are at the end with people you really like.

Nicole: I agree. I never had that before.

Enzo moves to the bathroom area and they continue their talk

He asks who she was at the end with before, and she replies that it was Paul and James...she was closer to Paul. Enzo praises Cody for doing the competition in four minutes "that is insane" Nicole agrees and tells him that he can't beat himself up. "He took one minute and some seconds per question."

Enzo: That is why I F'ing exploded. That's why I said. It wasn't you guys. I hated seeing you cry.

Nicole tells him she cried because she knew his heart was hurting and she didn't want him to think he was disappointing his family.

Enzo: I didn't come through in the clutch and it's whatever. It is what it is. I made good TV for awhile.

Nicole: You did.

Enzo: I just wanted to get to the questions. I never did it.

Nicole: You have no idea what the answers are?

Enzo says it's a crapshoot. [I suppose he feels he would have a fair shot, in that competition.]

2:50PM BBT: Cody is awake and heading to do a workout. Enzo is walking the landing again. Nicole is getting in the shower.

2:38PM BBT: Enzo talking to Nicole about competitions. Enzo says that he isn't any good at these competitions. He says that it is insane that Cody finished the part two competition so fast. He says he would have been happy with 15 minutes but he couldn't do that. He says that is why he exploded. He says it wasn't them but it was him. He says he feels bad that he made Nicole cry. Nicole says she felt bad for him and that is why she cried. She didn't want him to be disappointed. He says he felt bad for his family who felt he might make it to the end.

2:45PM BBT: Nicole is talking out loud. She needs another suitcase. She is headed to the DR. BB hasn't let her in. We get stars. Enzo is now walking laps and Cody is in bed.

2:51PM BBT: Cody sneaks up on Nicole while she's bent over getting shampoo and knocks on the door to the toilet. He startles Nicole, "Jeez-O-Pete"

Cody: I was like where is Nicole? Is she in the bathroom? (because he did not see her in the shower)

Cody grabs the weights from the lounge and begins using a Hans and Franz accent from SNL, "I will be beginning my workout" Cody starts working with the bands on the stairs... "What if I go like this? What if I do this?... Ah yeah, good one."

Cody: What are you building out there? I want to know. You never tell us anything. (he is still using a German accent)

3:26PM BBT: Enzo is still walking. Nicole is still putting things together and Cody has moved on to push-ups.

3:44PM BBT: Nicole finished blow-drying her hair and says she needs to eat something as she goes to the kitchen to make something to eat. Cody asks what the time is and she tells him as he is running back and forth upstairs while Enzo walks.

3:46PM BBT:  As Nicole is cooking and Cody running with Enzo walking we get the Puppy/Kitty cams.

4:50PM BBT: The feeds have returned to Cody is running on the upstairs landing.

Nicole is eating at the dining room table.

4:54PM BBT: Nicole eating and Cody running laps.

4:58PM BBT: Enzo is in bed. He is talking out loud for Cody to win the final competition and take him to Final Two so he can do his speech.

4:56PM BBT: Enzo speaks to the cameras in the photo bedroom, "Day 84. That's it. It's over. The night before finale. Who is going to take me? She is terrified to take me. I would be too. Is he terrified to take me? I'll find out tomorrow night. That's it. Day 85. Day 85... come on Cody, win this come and take me. Come on man. Get me in that final two and let me do my speech, yo!"

5:00PM BBT: Nicole has finished eating and now has a bad case of the hiccups.

5:04PM BBT: Nicole is taking off her toenail polish, Enzo is in bed and Cody is showering.

5:15PM BBT: Feeds were cut to stars.

5:30PM BBT: Cody eats in the kitchen while Nicole continues to paint her nails blue.

5:43PM BBT: Cody is painting Nicole's right fingernails for her. He does the first two really well. He messes up the third one, and Nicole directs him to not put so much polish on the brush. He does the 4th finger and proclaims, "Nailed it" (shockingly, he missed the pun) "This is my best work yet."

Nicole: Good job Cody! Very Good!

Nicole shows the cameras the finished product, "Cody didn't do that bad."

Cody: Not bad by me. Not bad. Not bad at all.

5:48PM BBT: Nicole tries to fix her thumbnail, but can't fix it, "This one is bad." Cody doesn't notice that she is removing the paint, and Nicole gives a guilty look to the camera.

6:08PM BBT: Cody and Nicole discuss the finale. Neither think they will be able to sleep tonight. Nicole said her dress doesn't fit so she is forced to wear her power suit, which she really didn't want to wear.

Cody: You hate it?

Nicole: No, it's just not what I wanted to wear.

6:22PM BBT: In between the feeds cutting in and out, Enzo and Nicole eat dinner.

6:24PM BBT: Cody is packing and the feeds cut as he sings.

6:25PM BBT: Cody and Nicole ask how Enzo managed to fill three dressers.

6:26PM BBT: The HGs pack their suitcases while Enzo thinks about dinner. Chicken nuggets and rice for the win.

6:31PM BBT: Nicole and Cody are still doing some packing.

6:35PM BBT: Cody packs while announcing everything with his annoying accent.

7:02PM BBT: Nicole is sitting in the bathroom Cody and Enzo are not in camera view.

7:08PM BBT: Nicole gathers all her bathroom stuff up and leaves the bathroom. She goes back to the comic bedroom to finish her packing.

7:32PM BBT: Stars come on for a second but the feed come back and Nicole is just standing in the comic bedroom. Stars come back on.

7:42PM BBT: Nicole is at that Dinning table playing a game of solitaire.

7:50PM BBT: Cody is now up from his nap and is talking Nicole. Cody leaves and Nicole is at the sink doing the dishes.

7:55PM BBT: Enzo is in the loft sleeping all cameras are on him sleeping.

8:04PM BBT: Stars are on the screen.

8:20PM BBT: The feeds return.

8:25PM BBT: Camera one and three Enzo are on the loft, two and four still have stars.

8:38PM BBT: Cody is up walking around the house and has gone to the bathroom. Stars still on the other cameras.

Cody is plying with a ball and goes upstairs where gets the wood puzzle. He is playing with it at the table.

8:50PM BBT:  Nicole and Cody are at the table chatting while Cody does the wood puzzle.

9:31PM BBT: Cody and Nicole are playing backgammon at the dining room table. The other two cameras are on stars.

10:09PM BBT: Moo-Lawn is requiring some surgical intervention. Apparently Enzo had a nail in his shoe and she sustained a critical injury. He wants to get the air out without damaging her, but the valve that releases air has been very damaged.

Cody: You have to pull that black thing out.

Enzo: I don't want to kill her.

The guys begin releasing air from her leg first.

Cody: She's tooting

Enzo doesn't care, he is devastated over Moo-Lawn's injury and just keeps letting out "Ahhs"

Nicole walks in, "Look at her eyes"

Enzo: Isn't she so sad?

Cody: What do you mean? She's going to a new home.

Enzo continues releasing all the air.

Cody: You got to stop moving her...careful with the scissors.

Enzo: This is hard. Come on Moo-Lawn! My F'ing fingers are getting sore.

Cody: Let's switch positions.

Enzo: Nicole, come squeeze her leg.

The task to prepare Moo-Lawn for her moove now involves Nicole as well.

Cody: She keeps farting in my face.

Enzo: She's the most famous cow of 2020.

Moo-Lawn is now deflated as equally as Enzo

Nicole: Wow!

Enzo: That's it.

Cody: Moo-Lawn Boujee! You'll be in New Jersey in two days.

10:20PM BBT: Cody tells Enzo there is no way his suitcase is going to close. Enzo says he can't even fit everything, so he plans to just leave a bunch of stuff there. Nicole tells him that production said they can bag any belongings they are unable to pack into a trash bag, and they will get the items to them later.

10:48PM BBT: Cody is now in bed with the lights off and his eyes covered in the key bedroom, but he is clearly awake thinking about the finale.

Enzo is just hanging out in the bathroom area and possibly preparing for a shower. Nicole is not on camera.

11:05PM BBT: Enzo is in the lounge and talks to the cameras.

"The feeds on? I don't know. I don't know. I just want to make sure to my ex-wife out there... Tomorrow, if one of these dodos cuts me that they had to it because if Daddy would have went to the end, Daddy would have won the money. So my kids know that. Alright? So they won't be upset tomorrow. And then tell them to look away because I'm going to F'ing snap on whoever cuts me. That's it. So they don't see Daddy upset. I promise you whoever cuts me tomorrow I'm fucking snapping on them, trust me! There's no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow. Just tell the kids they had to do it because they were scared because they knew Daddy was going to win the money in the final two. I don't think Cody will do it but if he does, then he'll get it, too. I like Cody. I don't think he will do it. But, we'll see. That's all. Just make sure you tell the kids. That's all. Tell them they had to get rid of Daddy because Daddy would have won in the end. That's it. And then I feel bad for whoever does it because I'm going in on 'em, Yo! F that. No mister, no hugs, no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow. Whoever cuts me is getting cut right back. That's it"

11:06PM BBT: Enzo continues to talk to the cameras, he says he "likes" Cody and doesn't think that Cody will "cut" him but "we'll see." Enzo pauses and says, "just make sure you tell the kids. Tell 'em they had to get rid of daddy because daddy would have won at the end and they were scared to take daddy." Enzo says he "feels bad" for whoever cuts him because "they're going to get cut right back." Enzo leaves the lounge. Cody is in the kitchen making a sandwich when Enzo walks in.

11:14PM BBT: Cody makes his sandwich, eats it, and then gets back into bed. Enzo sits in the bathroom area while Cody eats and then when Cody's done he walks around the kitchen island silently.

12:24AM BBT: Enzo talks aloud in the bathroom area 'If I kept Dave... If I kept Dave they would have made him the pawn for the season. All the big talkers would have been taken out with Dave next to him. I love Dave. It hurt me that I had to do that. So if I was sitting up against Dave, I was gone. That's why I kept Nicole. He had to go. I had to keep Nicole because she's a F'ing target. People were going after her. I just need Cody to win tomorrow. That's it. That's it. And if he snakes me, he snakes me. That's it. I've been snaked before. That's how you gotta get me out. Trust me, I love Dave. Trust me. because I know that's what everyone is saying out there... should have got rid of her. Should have got rid of her. But it was the right move to make. Look where I'm at. I'm in the final three. I don't regret it. And if he wins this HoH tomorrow, let's go. Let's go to the end. Let's go. He's gotta know, this is an All-Star season... she's got friends in the jury. She's got Da'Vonne, she's got Dani, she's got Christmas. He can't take her. Why would you take Nicole? You can't risk it. Come on, Yo! Come on. Take me. He knows that. Cody is a smooth dude. He knows. It's crazy to m e that she's going to take him over me. It baffles me. Baffles me! My social game is that good? You don't want to be next to me for the jury. He's won F'ing four PoVs, three HoH...never been on the block. But, me? I've got the greater social game That's why I didn't put Cody on the block when I won HoH...so he'd have that...he hasn't been on the block, he has the most competitions...bit's not my fault I'm playing with a dodo. I just got destroyed in this last competition. Destroyed. And yet, she's still going to take him if she wins."

12:49AM BBT: Nicole is out of bed and eating a sandwich. Enzo doesn't say anything to her as he walks into the kitchen before walking back to the bathroom area. Enzo eventually sits down at the kitchen table and starts to play cards by himself. Nicole finishes her sandwich and goes back to bed.

1:09AM BBT: Enzo walks around upstairs with the blanket over his shoulders.

1:43AM BBT: Enzo finishes pacing around upstairs and is now downstairs in the kitchen. He grabs a few things before going into the photo bedroom and looking through the photos.

2:02AM BBT: Enzo is now in bed in the photo bedroom, BB turns the lights off as soon as he covers his eyes. The house is dark and quiet.

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