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Friday, September 17, 2021 New Episode Tonight!
9:30AM BBT: X is awake walking around while the other HGs are still in their slumber. He gets himself some fresh water and heads back to the HoH room to go over events.

9:45AM BBT: X is counting on his fingers. HoH, eviction votes, veto competition veto meeting, wild card competition and go through everyone's competition numbers what competitions and what numbers. BIG YAWN.

10:03AM BBT: WBRB Wakey Wakey

10:15AM BBT: The feeds are back and all cameras are on X in the HoH room.

10:17AM BBT: Big D is getting out of the shower while X is still going over information in the HoH room.

10:30AM BBT: Derek F is out of the shower and getting dressed in the Yacht Club bedroom. X continues looking at the Memory Wall on the HoH monitor and practicing his days and numbers. Haven't yet seen Kyland or Azah this morning.

10:23AM BBT: Big D heads back to the Yacht Club bedroom where Azah pops her head up and tells Big D

Azah: I heard you wake up in the middle of the night drinking water like it was your last drink. You know water in the middle of the night is the best.

Big D: Oh yes it is

Azah: Gulp gulp gulp that's what I heard.

10:40AM BBT: We get our first glimpse of Kyland in the kitchen doing dishes. X is in the HoH room pacing back and forth, Big D has moved to the livingroom.

10:56AM BBT: X goes to the Yacht Club bedroom to check on Azah.

Azah: Good Morning

X: Good Morning. You just hanging out back here.

Azah: mmhmm

X: Nice

Azah: Whatcha doing?

X: Checking to see if they restocked the storage room so I can get some food.

Azah: Did they restock it?

X: That's what I was trying to check but the storage room wouldn't open.

Azah: mmhmm

X: So I back here, Big D said you were back here. Azah: Did you sleep good?

X: I did, do you sleep good?

Azah: Mmhmm

X: Feel like you got enough sleep or were you up all night?

Azah: I got enough, I feel like, like yesterday my eyes hurt. my eyes hurt when I don't sleep enough and I don't have that right now.

X leaves saying he is hungry and going to check the storage room again. Before he walks out he asks Azah if she wants breakfast. X agrees that when he makes his he will make some for her too.

10:58AM BBT: All cameras are on Kyland while he is still doing the dishes. You can hear off-camera Big D and X talking about the final four Veto comes from past seasons.

11:01AM BBT: The storage room has been restocked and Big D heads in there to grab bagels.

11:10AM BBT: X heads to the kitchen holding a loaf of bread and says, "I remember when I saw some meme saying How good is toast? and who is the genius that took bread out of the office and was like, good it again. Who is the genius that saw bread and said good that shit?"

Kyland: Cook it again.

X: Cook it again.

X: Milk on the other, who saw a cow and said I'm thirsty?

Kyland laughs.

11:20AM BBT: Big D is back in the Yacht Club bedroom with Azah who asks him how he is doing. He said he is alright, you know just reflecting. WBRB.

11:24AM BBT: Feeds return to Big D saying "made the right decision. I just wanted you to reassure me, yanno. What are you going to do when you down to the three? [Big D is recapping a conversation he had with Kyland ~PinkTee]

Azah: That should be completely easy for him to do.

Big D: He game me a like, I really can't answer that question because you are catching me at a venerable time and like, how is that fair? I'm on the block and I have to gun for this veto and you are having this conversation even before we play the veto competition and I'm just like this makes so sense you and I were on the same page just a week ago. Should I be the one to feel venerable, you use the veto and I end up on the block.

Azah: You are in the venerable position as well and honestly the position that Kyland is in is the same position that I'm in and I'm at peace with that because I know if we got there that X got your back and I know Kyland has your back more than he has me. Big D : Noooooo girl I'm telling you, just watch and see if it is true.

Azah: I think that is a question he could of just answered rather than beat around the bush and say "I'm venerable" Big D : I know Azah: Answer the fucking question. Big D laughs I know.

Big D : It was just a simple question like. I would think in reality, this doesn't affect my decision. What affected my decision was when I set down, talked to X and how he reminded me of everything.

I had to look at myself and go If I watch his back [still talking about Kyland] am I going to watch his back regretting that I got rid of my umm, I'm just saying. This is only if he win the veto. There is no guaranteed he will win the veto, you know?

Azah: mmhmm

Big D: Am I going to watch this back and go damn I got rid of my best friend and now I have to watch that over and over and over again or do I get rid of someone that is playing the game and willing to do whatever and don't care about how I feel? I can get rid of someone that cares how I feel. I had to sit back and think about that moment. I said fuck that. Azah is more happy for me to win the game than for herself and how could I dare to get rid of someone like that?


11:41AM BBT: X heads to the Yacht Club bedroom to let Azah know her breakfast is ready. He walks in during Big D and Azah's discussion. They both turn to see who it is with an alarmed look on their face. Big D see it is X and tells him to come in.

Big D: I had a conversation with Azah, so

X: You were having it?

Big D: No, she knows.

X: She knows what?

Big D: I told her I'm not getting rid of her.

X: Hmmm?

Big D: I'm sticking to our final three

X: Unless someone uses the Veto

Big D: I told her I want her to act like she thinks I'm going to send her home and him, I'm just sayin...

X walks out of the room.

11:45AM BBT: Kyland and X sit down to breakfast having casual conversation. X then says "the jokers back there conspiring" Kyland does not respond.

11:47AM BBT: X: There is only one person. Azah probably feels like she is on an island with Big D but Big D should have told her by now that he has a final two with the two of us.

Kyland: Yeah.

X: It is what it is. We already talked about this. [Good Job X ~PinkTee] I think she knows that is why she has been calling herself Brittany all week.

Kyland is saying very little in response to X.

12:16PM BBT: X heads to the livingroom with a deck of cards. Joker, Joker, All the Aces are gone. One Black King. He throws the black King of Clubs and picks it back up and says he doesn't want to be a club he wants to be a spade.

X is looking for the Spade Azah enters the room and asks if they will teach her how to play spades so I can have my black card? She asks just as X asks Kyland if he wants to be a spade or a club. [Kyland is laying on the couch and hears X say he didn't want to be a club] Kyland says he wants to be a spade. X turns to her after Kyland answers and where Azah says Thank you, Thank you I thought I was invisible in this house. X laughs

Azah: So you all going to teach me how to play spades?

X: Someone will...

Azah: Great [begins to walk away] perfect, awesome, wonderful.

X and Kyland get back to what they were doing and give her no mind.

12:07PM BBT: X Look at this, who would have thought? Who is the Black Joker and who is the colored Joker? [while pointing to the cards] after a laugh and a pause X says "I am going to say the colored one is Big D.

Kyland: Probably X: and the Black and white one is Azah.

Kyland: That makes sense.

X: You get what I'm saying?

Kyland: yea it does. X I don't know why it would just make sense for Big D would be in color.

12:09PM BBT: X tells Kyland he hasn't plaid Spades since he was like nine-years-old. He decides to go get Big D to see if he knows how.

X enters the Yacht Club bedroom where Big D tells X that he is tired, he just wants to make it to the final three. X tells him he needs to stop scrambling, that is the only way he will make it. X says they have positioned themselves well. If either of them win they should vote out the other. If you scramble that might give them a sense to take each other. That's not good, at this point the scrambling has to stop. He leaves the room to tell Kyland that he doesn't know how to play. Kyland says he now remembers.

12:31PM BBT: Not much happening in the house. Kyland is taking a shower, Big D is napping and X is in the HoH room. Azah goes in the HoH room calling for X who is in the bathroom He comes out and she begins asking him questions about the timeline of the game.

1:00PM BBT: Not much has changed in the last half an hour.

1:46PM BBT: Looks like everyone is laying down either sleeping or going over the timelines.

2:29PM BBT: Kyland is sleeping in the Have-Not room.

2:31PM BBT: Xavier is in the livingroom playing with a deck of cards.

2:43PM BBT: Xavier had been pacing the HoH room for several minutes before returning to the livingroom with Big D. Kyland is napping, and Azah is lying awake in bed.

2:53PM BBT: Big D is now talking with Kyland in the Have-Not room

[Their conversation is choppy and hard to follow. ~MamaLong]

Big D: We will just move along. All our games are in each other's hands until someone wins Golden Power of Veto.

Kyland: Yeah

Big D: Yeah; you know that's why even though I'm keeping Azah calm and whatnot, that's why I'm like (to her) there is a possibility I'm going to send you home... When you do that with someone you have trusted for so long, it's like fuck, what are you saying? What are you doing? I'm going to leave it alone because we have a veto competition at some point today.

2:58PM BBT: Kyland is awake and Big D and he continue having a discussion in the Have-Not room about loyalty and are touching base. Big D tells Kyland he thinks that Kyland feels like he can't trust him now. [Unsure of where this is coming from] He tells Kyland that he told Azah if he wins the veto he's probably sending her home.

2:59PM BBT: Kyland and Big D head to the kitchen to make toast.

3:00PM BBT: Azah is trying to plan a meal, but the HGs feel like the veto competition is coming soon. She is going to make some pasta since it is quick and easy.

3:06PM BBT: Xavier yells from the HoH room as Kyland stands in the Have-Not room to see how loud one must be in order to hear from the other room.

4:05PM BBT: Azah walks through the livingroom with her shaker bottle containing chocolate protein shake mix. Unfortunately, the bottle leaked on the edge of the chaise portion of the couch and carpet. Big D says it was bound to happen. Kyland and Big D assist in cleaning it up. They did a great job, as I can't see the stains anymore.

4:10PM BBT: Kyland is still not satisfied, so he uses a Tide stain stick to improve the stains even more.


Previously, on Big Brother, with the Cookout finally ready to turn on each other, the guys made a Final Three deal. But Kyland and X then made their own gentleman's deal. So when Kyland egg-spertly seized power, he put up his and X's two biggest threats.

After Kyland claimed even more power, his nominations became final, and Tiffany's days seemed numbered.

At the live eviction, Tiffy-toes tippy-toed straight to the jury, but she would not be alone.

When the HoH resulted in a face-off, Azah rolled into power and she quickly made her nominations. At the most critical veto competition of the summer so far, Kyland got another huge win and he saved his ride or die. Setting the stage for Hannah to be rannah out of the house.

Tonight, witness the drama that went down during the action-packed double eviction. Plus, a new HoH will be crowned and the winner punches their ticket to the top three. And which two Cookout members will find themselves in the hot seat? Find out right now on Big Brother.

We pick up on Day 71 after the double eviction. Derek F says it feels great that they keep keeping him, but he did not like the veto stunt because they are supposed to be loyal to him, and not each other.

X says it is bittersweet because he just sent his baby sis out the door. But it speaks volumes to how well he has done that he has been nominated five times and is still there. Kyland says he is so close to the end and he cannot stop until he is in one of the Final Two chairs.

Azah says the double eviction was intense but she and Hannah never solidified a deal. She has been close with Big D and X and so her loyalties lie with them. Azah says she did not want Hannah to feel frazzled, but she lied to her.

Azah says all she had to do with Hannah on the block was make sure she did not win veto. We see Kyland telling Hannah that he was going to save X and he did not promise to vote to save Hannah. Hannah says she would love to be part of the final four.

We see Hannah asking X who he would vote to keep. X says he wanted to keep Hannah, but he did not want to put Azah in a tough decision and that would cause some backlash on him. He felt it was better to make it a unanimous vote.

We see Kyland saving X and Big D being nominated. He says he was livid because this was not a part of his plan and that makes him upset. He has to trust these boys are going to do what needs to be done, but next time they need to give him a heads up.

We see Kyland and X talking about if they were going to vote to keep Hannah. X would love to give her a sympathy vote but he needs to create trust with Kyland and he cannot vote for Hannah. Hannah tells Big D that X and Kyland have a final two.

Big D says Azah does not need to know he has a Final Three with the guys and hopefully the deals he made with the guys will get him through the next elimination. Azah says her stomach does not sit right with this move. She is concerned they want to take out Big D.

Hannah is talking to Kyland and X and she pitches for them to keep her. She says please vote to keep me and X says they need to think it over. We see Hannah evicted and Kyland says he did not want to split the vote and Azah does not feel good. She feels like she has been played.

X says achieving the final four is a huge accomplishment and he has to do some damage control but everyone's competition from this point matters. He says every move he makes has to be perfect. It's either put up or shut up.

Kyland says he has a Final Two with Xavier and that is the one he is most committed to, but he cannot let Derek know that. Xavier says he is making Kyland think he is loyal to him, but his first Final Two is made with Big D and that is who he will be loyal to.

Azah and Big D are talking and she is mad. She says they did not need to do that and she was forced to put up her ally and she is left feeling icky and upset. Big D says they still have a game to play and they need to focus.

Big D is talking to X and he says his attitude is not with him, but he is upset they did not tell him what was going on. He says he does not care who sits next to him, but he deserves a seat in one of those final two chairs.

X says it is no surprise that Big D is upset that Kyland used the veto on him. X says that raised a red flag with Big D and he can understand why that would make him upset. Big D says he does not leave them out of plans.

It is time for the HoH competition! They see a trailer for the new season of CSI: Vegas and the next HoH will be a crime scene competition. They will compete one at a time. Xavier says this HoH is big.

Kyland says he has been thinking about all of the things he has sacrificed this summer and he did not come this far to not make it to Final Two. Azah says she does not know where her standing is in the house but now she feels she has a target on her back.

Big D says the guys pulled a fast one on him and he needs to win this HoH to make sure there are no blindsides going forward. He wants to make Final Two and this HoH will be a big step in getting there.

Big D is the first HGs into the BB Crime Lab. The HoH key has been stolen from the BB23 museum and it is his job to find the clues. He will grab a blacklight and look for 5 pieces of evidence. He has to match the evidence with the evidence on the wall on the crime wall.

Once they have believe they have the five correct pieces of evidence, then they need to ring in. If they are correct, they will lock in their time. If they are incorrect, they have to figure out what they did wrong. Fastest time wins HoH.

Big D heads to the crime scene and he wants to look at each and every single detail. But he says when you go back to look at the evidence you realize there are decoys and it makes it very difficult. He selects fingerprint #10, but the correct piece is #5.

Big D has found the second clue of the shoe prints. He goes with #12 and he has this one correct. He finds the third clue of the chemical evidence and he says it is clearly #3 and he is correct on that one.

Big D finds the DNA and thinks it is #11, but it is #4. He is looking for the final clue and he says it is the most difficult so far. He is confident it is tire track #10, but he is wrong because it is #9. He locks in his time and he has three wrong.

Big D switches out DNA #11 with #4 and he rings in. He gets that correct, but now he is unsure. He gets tire track #9 and he has it right but there is still one wrong. He goes back to look at clues. He thinks maybe it is the fingerprint and he gets #5 and he is correct.

Xavier is in next and his strategy is to find the clues first and then go and match it up with it's corresponding evidence. He says getting a fast time is going to be crucial. He starts with the chemical clue and he has it correct.

X heads back in and he finds the DNA clue and he says it is a bit trickier and he gets it correct. He finds the fingerprint clue next and he says it is tricky. He grabs fingerprint #10 and he is incorrect on that one.

X goes back in and finds the tire track clue and he says who is driving in a museum. He gets that one correct and he is looking for the shoeprint. He runs back in and grabs the correct one. The only one he has incorrect is the fingerprint.

X says fingerprint #5 looks similar to #10 and he runs back to the museum to look at the clue again. He runs back in and selects the correct fingerprint and he locks in his time.

Kyland is in next and he runs into the museum. He decides to look for one clue at a time so he is not getting distracted. He found the shoe print and when he looks at the evidence he realizes there are several options so he goes to look again. He selects the correct one.

Kyland goes back into the museum and finds the DNA and he selects the correct one. He then finds the tire track and he looks at the evidence. He then runs back to the museum for another look and he selects the correct one.

Kyland then finds the fingerprint and he goes to look at the evidence and he says the differences are pretty subtle and he selects the correct one. He now has to go find the chemical evidence. He feels like he has looked everywhere and he cannot find the symbol.

Kyland finally finds the chemical clue and he has to go find the one on the evidence wall. He locks in his time and he is correct. He says he has all the answers right on the first try, but he is not sure about the times of his competitors.

Time to see how the HGs did in the BB Crime Lab competition. Derek F finished with a time of 3:44. Kyland finished with a time of 2:52. Kyland is now in the lead. Xavier finished with a time of 10:18. Xavier has won the HoH!

Xavier says this is big and he is emotional. He has guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He says this HoH could be the difference between him winning $750k and going home. He says it is a great feeling.

Big D says it is hard to feel like he is riding people's coattails because he likes to be a leader. X is in a bedroom talking to himself and says he won when he needed to. Big D and Azah congratulate him and he thanks them.

Kyland is disappointed in himself. He definitely could have been better at it than he did. He says how is he so stupid. He trusts Xavier moving forward, but if someone else wins veto, there is nothing he can do.

Big D comes to comfort Kyland and Kyland says if Azah wins veto and she will take him over Kyland. Big D tells Kyland not to worry about that yet and focus on the veto competition first.

Big D says X is HoH, but in reality, it does not come down to him. It is all about the veto this week and that is the only way to secure your spot in the Final Three. Kyland and X hug and X says they are winning when they need to.

Kyland says he knows he is on the bottom of the four and he is concerned about Azah. X says Kyland's fears are justified, because if he does not win the veto then he could be going home. He says it is really all up to Kyland.

Xavier is talking to Azah and he says he is just talking to everyone. He says it does not matter if he puts Kyland up, then Big D or Azah have to go up. Azah asks if he has a Final Two with Kyland and Xavier denies it. X says he thought Kyland would have taken a shot at him last week.

Azah cannot make up her mind how she feels about Kyland and X. She says it puts her and Big D in a tough spot and they could be split up at the end of the week. She says if she and Big D are the nominations, then she will feel played.

Big D is talking to X and he says he is scared and he is trying to make it to the Final Three. X says he is just evaluating things and he is evaluating what move will be best. X tells him in the Final Three HoH, he does not know if Kyland wins who he would take.

X says they could take out one of the biggest competitors of the summer and he wants to plant a seed in Big D's head. He wants Big D to vote out Kyland and get all the blood on his hands. Big D does not know how he feels about cutting Kyland yet. He has ties with him.

Big D says it is hard to send someone home you love dearly. Xavier tells Big D just to think about the final three HoH competition and who he could beat... Kyland or Azah.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! X's first nominee is... Azah. His second nominee is...Kyland. X says Azah has made it this far without being nominated speaks about her social game. He says Kyland has been a competitor and really nominations do not mean anything.

Azah says it is funny the first time she is hitting the block she could be going home. She says there is no plan B, she has to win veto. Big D says because he is not on the block does not mean anything. He says veto means everything.

X says if he wins veto then he will not use and let Big D decide who to take to Final Three, but does it matter if they take the shot now or next week. Kyland says he can feel himself sitting in the Final Two and he is getting chills. He just needs to win veto to get there.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother, S23E32, was written by IndyMom78.

6:10PM BBT: Kyland is talking to the cameras in the Have-Not room.

Azah is prepping dinner in the kitchen. She is pressing a bunch of garlic.

It looks like she is reheating mashed potatoes. She added a pinch of garlic salt and fresh garlic, along with basil.

6:30PM BBT: Azah is talking with Big D in the Yacht Club bedroom. She is giving him a pep talk.

[Wait What? She is on the block. ~MamaLong]

Big D: Me not having the closeness with him has now opened the door for you to make a deal to solidify a final three with him. That's what I'm getting at. I feel I have made relationships where I knew I saw myself in that final three and now I don't. It just sucks. It's just scary when you are like, fuck! I know there is a possibility that I'll be sent to jury. I'm OK with that. I'll be alright.

It is what it is at this point. All I can do is go for this veto. That's all I can do. I mentally don't have any... I don't have it. I don't.

6:34PM BBT: Xavier enters the Yacht Club bedroom and joins Azah and Big D for some conversation. Big D tells X he likes his bucket hat. Azah says she had never realized bucket hats were in style. [Gilligan wore it better! ~MamaLong]

X asks about Kyland. Azah says he is probably in the Have-Not room. On her cue, the camera switches to Kyland lying in bed in the Have-Not room with sunglasses on. He seems to be sleeping.

6:46PM BBT: Azah has left the room. Big D tells Xavier that he is just going to stay in his room and eat Cheez-its, "I just shot myself in the foot and gave her a window of opportunity."

X: With him?

Big D: Mm Hmm

X: I'm just waiting. I'm not into overtalking shit.

Big D: I know that.

X: I'm truthfully just waiting to see what happens with the veto.

Big D: I assume he thinks you and I have an understanding.

X: Why are you saying these things to people?

Big D: At the dinner table I was talking and told Azah that I had an understanding with X week one. I wanted Azah to feel like me and you still have her back.

Big D says he wanted to prepare Azah for the possibility that he will vote her out. Xavier says that is the opposite of what he says Kyland told him to do, "He thinks I'm gaming her."

Xavier: Well, you are talking yourself into a hole. Game talk... you need to take a break. It's harmful. It's doing more harm than good. Her? You need to stop getting her comfortable. Him? Same shit. You are having conversations you should have been having after the veto.

Big D: Mm Hmm. I fucked up.

X: I still think in both situations, they pick you. Try to get Azah super comfortable after the veto competition.

Big D: (shaking his head) All my hard work and one little conversation? Down the drain. I fucked it up.

X: Let's see what happens with the veto.

Xavier tells Big D not to try making any deals with Azah.

Big D: Nope! I got my deal with you, and I got my deal with him...Oh my God. I need a drink. I need music. I need to disappear. He picked the one place I could disappear.

X: The Have-Not room?

Big D: Mm Hmm. I wanted to be a big person in the final three.

Xavier: You got to help me, help you!

Big D: I'm trying. And I just gave her a fucking window. I did all this work to get her here and I just handed over my spot.

7:10PM BBT: WBRB Bubbles.

7:36PM BBT: Still on WBRB Bubbles.

7:41PM BBT: The feeds return to Big D and Kyland eating dinner at the tiny table.

Big D tells Kyland he is trusting him in this game but won't let his paranoia get to him. He doesn't want to overtalk things. "I'm looking my best friend in the face and telling her there is a possibility I might send your ass home." I'm like what the fuck. And I didn't know how the veto worked. It had to be explained to me. I was like, oh, that's how it works!? From my point of view, am I going to send home the number one girl that would jump in front of a train for me or the guy I love the most? What am I going to do? We've been good. I was like, let me follow up with him to find out if we are still good.

Kyland: I know, but I always wait until after because I'll be like, it's a difference between telling someone and showing someone.

Big D: I can get it from your point of view because in the six I haven't like... I got to leave it alone. Move forward from there. I don't want my relationship with you and how I'm to affect my gameplay. I was being selfish and not thinking. I fucked up. Instead of me figuring out what is he going to do for me, I need to figure what am I going to do for him. If it's his win, it is his win, not our win. If he won it, he earned it fair and square. If I win, I have to prove what I have been saying.

[Clearly, Big D did not follow the X-Orders. He is blabbing left and right just digging a bigger hole, IMHO. ~MamaLong]

8:28PM BBT: Azah and Xavier have just finished enjoying a reward where they got to watch the CSI Vegas show in the HoH room complete with dinner including pizza, mozzarella sticks, and wings. They say it was really good.

X: It was a full smorgasbord- a whole fucking meal

Kyland: Yeah; they set you up

Xavier is taking all the food downstairs for Kyland and Big D to enjoy

X: It was nothing like with Dear Evan Hanson (the food)

Kyland: Was the Australian lady the lead character?

[Mandeep Dhillon is British. ~MamaLong]

Azah: She was the support.

X: She is a strong supporting.

Azah: She has amazing eyebrows.

Xavier checks in with Big D and Big D tells Xavier that Kyland said he trusts him (Big D) to take him to the final two but doesn't trust Xavier to take him to the final two.

X: Oh, really?

10:40PM BBT: The final four are playing cards at the dining table. Derek F has no hearts or clubs. Kyland guesses either Derek F or Azah has the Ace of Spaces. He tallies up the scores and Azah has won.

10:50PM BBT: X/Azah have a heart-to-heart. She was upset that everyone was checking up on her today. X says he's a caring person; he doesn't check in on her for game reasons. Azah says she's learned in the house she is not as good a communicator as she thought.

10:55PM BBT: Azah tells X she doesn't have anyone to bounce thoughts off of. She isn't comfortable talking to the mirrors because of the cameras. She says the house has a number of new normals for her. She normally doesn't cuss except with friends, doesn't raise her voice.

11:00PM BBT: Azah apologizes for cussing at X and he accepts. She doesn't want him to change. She offers him food from her HoH basket and he just stares at her. She laughs and they enter into a staring contest. Was I staring at you that long earlier, she asks?

11:05PM BBT: Azah tells X she doesn't always want to be right. Do I come across like that? X assures her no. How he jokes with Derek F and Kyland is different from how he jokes with her. He gives her a good night hug, says he needs sleep, then heads to HoH with Kyland.

11:08PM BBT: Kyland joins X in HoH and says he had a good talk with Derek F earlier (Derek F had told X earlier that Kyland had said he trusts Derek F to take him to Final Two but not X, which is not what Kyland said. Kyland said it is in his best interests to take Derek F to Final Two but not for Derek F to take him).

11:10PM BBT: Kyland says Derek F did not understand how final four worked. X says we are 1 person (Azah) away from our Final Three goal. Unless Azah wins Veto, they're good. Kyland warns that Derek F doesn't want to cut Azah. They wonder how they can make that happen if Derek F wins Veto?

11:14PM BBT: Kyland thinks Derek F will pick between him and Azah based on a personal connection, not game strategy. Azah wants to keep nominations the same, and X says that's his plan too. He thinks Azah would be confused if X took Kyland down. Azah thinks Derek F would save her.

11:20PM BBT: Kyland says X has a better relationship with Azah. X says Derek F needs to stop talking until after Veto. Until I win Veto, Kyland says, I can't talk to Derek F. X thinks Derek F is trying to make Azah upset with X. X wants to talk to Derek F. Kyland says he'll go find him.

11:24PM BBT: While Kyland is looking for Derek F, X says to the HoH camera he told Azah he won't use the Veto and there's no backtracking. X is pacing, wondering what game Derek F is playing with Azah. Kyland finds Derek F in his Yacht Club bedroom bead and says if X wins Veto, they need a secret communication.

11:26PM BBT: Talking to the HoH camera, X is tired of Derek F skating by (X has been throwing competitions and skating by as well). X goes to get Derek F himself but Kyland stops him and they return to HoH without him. Kyland says Derek F is too tired to come up but wants X to use Veto on Kyland.

11:27PM BBT: X says he will think about using the Veto on Kyland as Kyland said Derek F wants (Derek F does not want the responsibility of the solve vote to evict Azah). X says Derek F has to get his hands dirty. X got his hands dirty following the plan to evict Hannah. We both did, says Kyland.

11:30PM BBT: X says he'll think about using the Veto on Kyland to save Derek F from having to evict Azah. Kyland says I'll just win it. They fist bump and Kyland leaves HoH. X rolls his eyes at the camera. Derek F just keeps flip-flopping to avoid getting dirt on his hands, giving X grief.

11:35PM BBT: Kyland is now in the Have-Not room, recapping the jury eviction order. X is agitated in HoH. He says he needs to work on Derek F. He wonders why he is spiraling now (X appears to be referring to the stress he is feeling). He can't let Kyland win Veto.

11:50PM BBT: Derek F is sleeping in the Yacht Club bedroom. In the Have-Not room, Kyland is moving chess pieces around the board. He gets on all 4's and says Day 6, lifting up a leg. On day 41, he lifts up a different leg. For each day he calls out, he lifts a leg to a different angle.

11:55PM BBT: X gets into his bedclothes and shuts off the HoH light. Then he turns the lights back on, looks out the door, then turns the lights off again and gets into bed. Kyland is still moving around chess pieces and counting possible jury votes.

12:05AM BBT: Kyland thinks Alyssa, Hannah, Brit, and Tiff would vote together against him. He doesn't think the jury vote would change whether he brings X or Derek F to Final Two, but he would have different speeches with different Final Two's.

12:06AM BBT: Kyland says if he's Final Two with X, he'll say that he kept X safe but X didn't keep him safe. He thinks Brit would also vote for X to win. If he cuts X, would he be a vote to win? In all his scenarios, he can beat X. He'll say X went back on his word to Derek F/Azah.

12:09AM BBT: Kyland thinks Claire 1000% will vote for X. Then he says he's leaving her vote up in the air. Tiff would not commit a vote one way or the other. Kyland thinks he can get Derek F to convince Brit to vote for him. He needs to win Veto, then Final HoH. He trusts X for a vote.

12:15AM BBT: Kyland practices his speeches. He can't be as cool as X but he can talk about the CO strategy and how many right decisions he made to further the alliance. Because X is so likable, he knew he had to win competitions.

12:20AM BBT: Kyland reviews his resume: six competition wins, a reward, and an extra Veto. I have to win it (Final HoH). How do I get to Final Two? I have to work backward. He starts rehearsing his days in reverse order. He heads downstairs to the bathroom area to prepare for bed.

12:27AM BBT: Kyland returns to the Have-Not room, crawls into bed, and asks BB to turn out the lights. Thank you, he mumbles when the lights go out. All HGs are sleeping.

1:08AM BBT: Azah gets up and gets a teabag from the storage room. She heads to the kitchen and under the light of the counter, fills up a cup with water, and puts it in the microwave. She grabs a spoon and takes the cup of tea to the livingroom where she sits on the floor. BB turns on the lights.

1:13AM BBT: Azah is sitting on the livingroom floor in front of the couch, drinking her hot tea with taking quick sips. When she's done, she returns the cup to the sink, throws the tea bag into the trash, then returns to the dark Yacht Club bedroom and crawls back into bed.

1:22AM BBT: All the HGs are in bed (again) and BB turns out the livingroom lights.

You can read more or add more to tonight's coverage in the The Friday night topic is here, and after midnight you can read or post updates in the Saturday topic.

Today's updates were written by Fuskie, GospelGal, MamaLong and PinkTee. 

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