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Monday, June 27, 2016 Expect the Unexpected

9:55AM BBT: Frank and are Paul in the backyard. Paul was saying that Nicole cried when he was put up on the block and that he was shocked that she did.

10:00AM BBT: Jozea, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne in Have-Not room. Jozea telling them that he saw Bronte last night go up to Paulie saying "that was funny as if you will be here next week." Jozea said that Bronte said that because Paulie started with her first.

10:05AM BBT: Frank, Bridgette, Paul and Corey in backyard talking about how the 4th of July is coming up. Frank said that in his prior season, they gave them BBQ and there was a concert going on in the area that they could hear, but they were made to go in house once BB realized that they could hear the music. Paul said that they should make their own fireworks.

10:13AM BBT: In backyard, Bridgette is talking with Paul, Paulie and Corey that there are only 26 more hours to wear the pixels.

10:28AM BBT: Victor and Jozea are working out in the backyard. Paul is giving Frank, Paul, Corey, and Bridgette a run down of all the matching tattoos his family has and where.

Frank starts complaining about the cleanliness of the house and people dumping things in the sink that they shouldn't Bridgette says it was her with the coffee cake. Paul and Frank complaining about the backyard couch cushions. Michelle keeps getting called to the diary room.

10:50AM BBT: Bronte is up and eating cereal in the backyard while watching Jozea and Victor work out. Other houseguests must be sleeping as the feeds are both on the outside for a while now and we keep getting fish.

10:58AM BBT: Back from fish and Jozea and Paul are alone on the couch outside in the backyard recounting conversations from earlier. Jozea hopes to talk to Da'Vonne today. Jozea assures Paul that Da'Vonne is with them and won't flip. Jozea says last year that Da'Vonne was voted out because it wasn't a diverse cast. Paul says at the end of the day they are a team. Paul just wants to get back to the game and winning.

Paul would love from Bronte to win. They are laughing about what Bronte said to Paulie yesterday about going home. Bronte asked Jozea if she should apologize and Jozea said she can stay in reality or go to fantasy land.

Victor walks over and starts admiring his muscles. Paul tells him he needs to work more on his abs. Victor leaves and Paul and Jozea start talking game again. Paul says he is in trouble if Jozea leaves. Jozea is one of his friends but also one of his friends. Jozea is confident. Paul says that Jozea needs to work on his speech because Paulie will be pulling on heartstrings. They say that it worked well for them that Bridgette was the replacement nominee.

Jozea says that Corey is really big and clumsy and isn't a threat to anyone. Paul says his two targets are Tiffany and James when he gets HoH immediately. Jozea says he told his team not to hide if they got Roadkill from the alliance. Paul says hiding it from your alliance is shady. Paul says he will never second guess Jozea or Victor. Jozea says one wrong move means throwing everything away. Paul says that if Tiffany and James are up and the newbies win Roadkill, they should target a flip flopper and not a vet. Paul says, either way, they lose a flip flopper or a vet and they are happy. Paul says the other side would have to asses if saving a vet or saving a flip flopper would be more valuable. Jozea wants to know if Paul wants Tiffany or James gone first, Paul says James because he is the mastermind.

11:08AM BBT: Paulie and Bronte are talking on the eviction chairs about whether they will be friends outside of the house. Bronte was worried that Paulie would be mad after her comment yesterday about him going home. Paulie assures her that he is over it. Bronte is glad.

Bronte says when she goes up that Paulie is allowed to make fun of her. Paulie says that if he survives this week that he will be up for eviction again soon. Bronte says that she doesn't want to Paulie to go and he will see that when he sees her diary room sessions. Bronte says she is in denial that he may be leaving and that if she is joking about it, maybe it won't happen. Paulie keeps assuring her that they are all good. They hug and leave the room.

11:11AM BBT: Bronte and Victor are in the kitchen talking about the conversation with Paulie. Bronte says the conversation went well and he was just upset because no one took it as a joke so he got nervous. Bronte says if she were HoH that she would have never put up Paulie because she likes him. Victor is cooking for Jozea and he tells Bronte three more days until eviction night. Both resume their activities with not much discussion.

11:17AM BBT: Paulie and Corey working out in the backyard. Corey is asking about the conversation with Bronte. Paulie says that he feels like when you have Jozea pulling shit then it is very easy to get caught up in the popular crowd perception. He thinks Bronte, Victor, and Natalie are caught up in it. He says that group feels like they the popular crowd and are sitting pretty. Paulie says that he and Corey are lucky because the girls on their side have their backs. Paulie says they just need to beast it and win the competitions. The only scary thing to Paulie is that once the other side is out, there won't be that many guys/big targets left. Corey keeps agreeing but isn't saying much.

11:25AM BBT: Victor and Jozea are in the kitchen while Victor cooks for them. Jozea complaining that he needs another drawer but they are all taken. Victor says drawers will start opening up as people leave. Jozea says usually Paulie works out with them but he didn't start until after they were done. Victor and Jozea start saying things in Spanish. Jozea is speculating that Frank is lying about his job but Victor says he can't do that since he has been on the show before.

11:35AM BBT: Frank and Bridgette in the bathroom. Bridgette is nervous about going home but Frank is assuring her that she has the vets vote. Frank says he is going with the vote of the majority of the house. Frank says that he is going to gauge the temperature of the house before voting. He says you just don't know because things change. He says that he would hate to vote out Paulie but if that is what the house wants then that is what he will do. Frank says you don't want to be on the wrong side if the whole house is together.

Paul joins them and starts talking about how they are good people and don't talk crap and how it was crazy that Evel Dick won when he was so crazy and mean. Paul says it is a mixture of being a good person and a good game player.

Frank says you never know how the house will go before Thursday. Frank saying he told Jozea to chill out because he is confident but that confidence may turn people off. Paul says that right now there is a solid six and they just need a seven. Paul saying that Jozea is psyching himself out and that they have Da'Vonne and Zakiyah even though Jozea seems to think they don't.

Paul is counting Frank as the seventh vote. Frank jokes that he is going to flip his vote because of Paul assuming he has the vote. Frank and Paul counting votes. Paul says he is so stressed because he wants people he trusts around him in case he goes up. Frank talking about his season and not trusting people too much.

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11:51AM BBT: Frank is called to the DR.

12:31 - 12:40PM BBT: The HGs are just sitting around chatting while Frank is in the pool trying to make a large float with all the floats.

12:44PM BBT: Jozea and Victor are lounging in the backyard, general conversation. Nicole walks out and goes to the pool.

12:52PM BBT: Paul and Bronte in the bedroom talking about if they throw competitions then they will not be safe but they need to stay together to be safe. Bronte tells Paul that if there is a 6-5 vote and Jozea stays then he will go looking for them not us and Paul agrees.

12:58PM BBT: Victor and Jozea now in the kitchen cleaning and talking about cutting up chicken with a butter knife.

1:05PM BBT: Nicole and Corey are by the pool talking. Corey asked who the other HGs think won the Roadkill competition and Nicole says, Michelle. Corey asks if they really think that? Nicole: "Yeah, we do but I do not like to spread crap."

1:12PM BBT: Bronte is in the kitchen making herself something to eat while Victor is washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

Paul is in the bedroom talking to Zakiyah about where the votes will be this week and who needs to leave he ask her if she trust him and she says, "Yeah, I trust you." He starts whispering to her about keeping Jozea.

1:27PM BBT: Most of the HGs are around the pool lounging and sunbathing. General conversation going on about laying in the sun and getting tan.

1:35PM BBT: Frank and Nicole are in the pool. Frank dunks Nicole and then picks her up on his shoulder then slams her into the pool as other HGs are watching and laughing.

1:47PM BBT: Jozea and Bridgette are playing chess. Frank, Paulie, Paul, Bronte are all at the pool just general talk going on.

1:59PM BBT: Frank, Paulie, and Bronte are floating in the pool. Jozea and Bridgette are still playing chess. not much talking going on.

3:02PM BBT: Corey, Nicole, and Michelle are sitting in the backyard. There's just general chat about sports and in school. In the kitchen, more chatter about laundry.

3:07PM BBT: Tiffany and Frank are in the HoH room. Frank is concerned that Bridgette is buying into what Jozea is selling. He says he has tried to tell her she is OK.

3:09PM BBT: Tiffany leaves the HoH room and Da'Vonne starts telling Frank that she is concerned that Zakiyah and Paulie were cuddling in the HoH room last night, all night. She says that Zakiyah is young and Da'Vonne is not there to stick her neck out there for a showmance.

3:20PM BBT: Corey and James are talking. Corey tells James that Victor hates that James pranks and other stuff. James says that he hates that Victor won't tell him that to his face.

3:28PM BBT: Tiffany and Michelle are in the backyard chatting about how Jozea is acting. Tiffany says the group has no idea how to act the first week. They all need to chill.

3:46PM BBT: Paulie is cleaning up the kitchen. Nicole is putting on makeup in the bathroom area. (This is as exciting as it gets at the moment)

3:53PM BBT: Michelle comes out of the DR. She has been told that she can not keep walking around in a blanket. She heads outside to warm up.

4:00PM BBT: Frank tells Da'Vonne that he feels like he could get Bronte to flip on Victor by telling her what he said about women being expendable. Da'Vonne says she'll throw Victor's ass on slop, "I need him to be all the way broke." Frank: "That's what'll put him over the edge." Da'Vonne: "I hate hearing these people say 'Oh I just want the exposure." Well you got it." Frank: "Now go home."

Frank says he hopes he Paulie doesn't get hurt that he'll have to end up getting rid of him. Da'Vonne thinks Paulie knows it's just the game. Frank: "Paulie thinks that me and Corey are just like bros... like that that's the deal."

4:05PM BBT: Nicole tells Da'Vonne, "I guess Victor said some pretty mean things about James this morning, and Corey told James. Victor just went off I guess about James not doing his dishes, and said he hates James."

Da'Vonne and Nicole this there's a showmance brewing between Zak and Paulie; Nicole says that showmances can be scary. Da'Vonne: "I have no problem with sticking my neck out for Zakiyah, but I'm not about to do it for them (Paulie and Zakiyah). I think they are cute together but be cute in September, not right now."

4:06PM BBT: James is in the pool with Bronte and Natalie is on the side of the pool. James is chatting and being a bit flirty with the girls.

4:18PM BBT: Da'Vonne leaves the HoH room. Zakiyah is asleep on the HoH bed.

4:43PM BBT: Nicole and Michelle are in the backyard. They are talking about dating and boyfriends. Michelle was in love when she was a teenager but didn't date again until she was 19.

4:52PM BBT: Natalie, James, and Bronte are running laps in the BY. Natalie says that her breasts don't fit in her sports bras anymore so she has to lose weight. She tells them that she is proud of the three of them.

5:06PM BBT: Bronte and Natalie talking in the backyard. They are concerned about the newbies who seem very close to the vets. Bronte worried that they have a trick up their sleeve. Bronte is worried that Jozea is going home. Natalie says that Victor is smart and is already 20 steps ahead.

5:13PM BBT: Bronte and Natalie talk about how they are willing to work with people but when the others start to try and break them up, Bronte will get all catty and turn Victor and Jozea on each other but telling them things.

5:17PM BBT: Natalie talks to Da'Vonne and asks her if she thinks her daughter understands it's her when she sees her on the screen. Da'Vonne talks about when she was on Price is Right and her daughter was trying to figure it out. Natalie says that her hairdresser Tiffany was on the Price Is Right and she also did The Amazing Race.

5:26PM BBT: In the kitchen James and Corey joke about the pranks. James says they could totally set him by doing pranks and he would be blamed.

5:50PM BBT: Jozea and Natalie talking. He tells her that he has 10% body fat. She tells him that it looks like he has none. She tells Da'Vonne that she hopes to look as good as her when she had a kid.

6:58PM BBT: Paul and Paulie are in the backyard leaning on the wooden bench that has pillows on it. They are talking about MMA fighters outside the house.

You can hear the clacking of pool balls, but there isn't a camera view on the pool table to see who's playing.

James goes into the Safari Room to talk to Frank and Tiffany about the competitions. They go over the days in the house so far. Frank says if the eviction is still on Thursday, it will be on Day 16.

James thinks the HoH competition is going to be a crap shoot. Frank agrees with him. Tiffany thinks it could be a competition where you have to remember things and recall it. Frank says his first HoH was a group competition the second one was a true or false. He says they woke them up the night before that they woke them up with a burglar alarm and you had to remember what happened for the competition. Tiffany says that James had something like that also.

7:04PM BBT: Frank recalls his HoH and PoV wins with Tiffany and James. Tiffany asks if he holds any records for anything? He says that he and Shane both hold the records for the most HoHs and PoVs won by a dude in a season. James is quiet and soaking up the information. Frank says he thought about OTEV. He says that was the one he lost and was sent home. He says he was in the final two with Dan. He says it's like musical chairs and he was right there on the cusp.

James has the hiccups. Tiffany tells James she will give him $10,000 of her own money he if hiccups again. She says it's a mental thing, and she does it with her students all the time. She says it's a mental thing and you wish for the hiccups to come back, but they don't. James says, "Damn." He hasn't had a hiccup again.

Tiffany asks Frank what his last name is? He tells her it's Eudy. Nicole goes in the Safari room eating cereal and chocolate out of a cup. She leaves the Safari Room. Frank tells her she interrupted his thoughts. Frank says, this is the old group in the house now. He is referring to their ages, that they are older in the house this year. Frank says he feels old with some of the youngins in the house. James says he's sleeping on time this season, but wasn't able to do that last season. Frank says he's sleeping a lot because there is so much downtime, and some of these people are so annoying. He says some people are saying that because they are sleeping so much, they are chilling for the summer.

7:10PM BBT: Just joined the Paul and Paulie talk in the backyard. [Unless things have changed, Paulie needs an academy award.] Paulie tells Paul that he has basically decided to chill because he knows he is going home. Paul tells him not to give up and Paulie tells him it is what it is.

Frank says 75% of the house was sleeping today. James tells Frank that someone was talking game this morning because they cut the music off. Frank says it was him and Bridgette. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Frank says he was talking to Paulie outside before the music even started the other day.

The camera switches to the backyard. Nicole and Michelle are on the hammock. Jozea and Corey are playing pool.

Nicole goes back in the house. She tells the HGs in the kitchen that she's having some menstrual cramps, and she goes to the HoH room. She asks Da'Vonne if she's up there by herself. Nicole tells Da'Vonne that she thinks something is going on. Nicole asks her what James said to her. Da'Vonne says that Bronte and Natalie told him that wherever the majority of the house votes, that's where they will go. She says he told her that Bronte told him if she gets HoH she knows exactly who she's going to put up. She says something happened, and he didn't get names.

Nicole says Paul is talking off Paulie's ear right now. She says that Natalie has been changing the subject when she comes around. Da'Vonne says that's weird. She says Natalie talks to Michelle a lot. Nicole says Michelle says she doesn't know a lot unless she's pretending not to know a lot. Da'Vonne says she hates to get that feeling this early in the game. Nicole says it's probably because they had to wait so long. She says she can clearly see them talking.

7:17PM BBT: Da'Vonne says that James told her when he's doing his thing with the other side, that he's still loyal to them. Nicole says she's trying not to hang out with Michelle so much because they've been hanging out a lot today.

Da'Vonne says she hopes that people don't think anything about her because she's been hanging out with Zakiyah a lot. Da'Vonne says she came upstairs to sleep. Nicole says she wants to go to bed early tonight, and she wants to get up with the music tomorrow. She says she doesn't want to over think things. Nicole says she probably needs to go and ask James what's going on. Da'Vonne says they had that conversation way earlier today. Nicole says she doesn't really talk to the other side of the house. Da'Vonne says with the 8 Pack, all the info she is getting is for them.

7:20PM BBT: Nicole says she has the vets backs. Da'Vonne says she should get that in return. Nicole says she doesn't like that Frank says the queen stuff. Nicole says she doesn't like to say things to get everyone riled up like Frank seems to do. Da'Vonne says there are other things to do in this game. She says if she wins HoH, she can put them on slop. She says she thinks Corey is cute, but she doesn't want to take part in things that are going on. She says if someone is going to come after her, she'd rather them come after her. She says Paul and Paulie are having a lengthy conversation.

Nicole says she doesn't like to kick people when they are down. She says, even if it's someone that has been torturing her, she still won't do that. Da'Vonne says, even with Jozea, they know he's going home, but she still cracks jokes with him. Nicole says she's trying to hide because she wants to stay out of things. She says she's feisty. Da'Vonne says, she can be feisty and not be mean. Da'Vonne says she came to play a good game because people were mean to her the last time she played.

Nicole says she knows what's it's like to be on someone's side, and then she got put on slop for two weeks in a row. She says she struggles a lot in life with emotions because she puts herself in people's shows. She says it's really hard. She says she told herself to leave her emotions out of it this time. Da'Vonne says that first week everyone really bonds. She says this is all they have, she will know them through and through. She says it's hard not to get attached to people.

7:26PM BBT: Da'Vonne tells Nicole that she wants to get to the end with her because of how they were treated on their seasons. She says, everyone is going to hate them after this week. Nicole says it will be an uphill battle for sure. Da'Vonne says she doesn't want to make it with James or Frank to the end, because they will win. Nicole says they are the most popular people in the house for sure.

Da'Vonne says she doesn't want to sit next to a newbie. Nicole says they would give it to them because they will say the vets already had a chance. Da'Vonne says she is struggling with the Fatal Five with the four vets. She thinks the boys will hook up at the end. Nicole says she feels that boys automatically take boys. Da'Vonne says they need to get a newbie to send them to the jury house.

Nicole is laying on the HoH bed. Her knees are still really bruised from the last competition. Nicole says she's still worried about the fatal five also, because of Tiffany. Da'Vonne says she makes her nervous. She says she's not going to back-stab. Nicole agrees with her.

7:31PM BBT: Da'Vonne says that Tiffany will talk in a weak moment. Nicole says she hopes she's not telling James and Frank about the Fatal Five right now. She says if they find out they can use that to their advantage.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Paulie is on the hammock talking to Michelle. He says Bridgette is back out there, so he's going to change the conversation. Paulie says that Paul was trying to probe things from him. He says he told Paul that he thinks he may be going home. Paulie says Paul and Jozea walked inside together when they finished talking.

He says Jozea thinks he's slick because he sends the girls around to find out what's going on. He says Bronte apologized to him this morning. He says he told Bronte that she might be in the hot seat next time, and Bronte told him that he won't be there to see it. He says she started laughing, and then Jozea and Paul started to laugh also. He says, they are started to joke in front of him about it. He says Bronte went outside and came back in and said, "Whoops." He says Jozea told her it was OK, she's good. He says Bronte is being told to keep kicking him while he's down. Paulie says that Jozea thinks that 8 votes are going to him and two will go to Bridgette.

7:35PM BBT: Paulie says that nothing they say is sincere. Michelle says they are all full of it. Paulie says he trusts the Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are 100% on their side. Michelle says she is a little worried about James. Paulie says he's not worried about James, he likes hanging out with the cute girls. Paulie says he's ex-military and he's pretty loyal.

Michelle says she was trying to figure out how James played on his season because she heard that he flipped his vote. Paulie says that was early on before he made his alliance. Michelle says she's worried. Paulie says she doesn't have to be worried, she's not in the hot seat, he is. Michelle says she voting to get Jozea out, and she can't wait to cast it.

7:38PM BBT: Paulie says that the other side of the house has clearly lined up the people that are supposed to go up on the block for the next six weeks. Michelle says she's really surprised about Paul. Paulie says it's probably because he hasn't watched any of the seasons.

Meanwhile in the Safari Room, Frank, Tiffany, and Zakiyah are all in their talking. Zakiyah says that Paul is the Publicist for Jozea and Victor is the Secretary. Frank says Paulie has asked him a couple times about her and Da'Vonne if they have their votes. Tiffany says Zakiyah may want to hang out with Jozea a little more for the icing on the cake. Zakiyah says that would be good.

Zakiyah asks why they have to be that loud? Frank says he's loud in spurts. Zakiyah says there will be way more food in the house once Jozea leaves. He says he ate almost a whole pizza by himself. Zakiyah is so obnoxious and he's so full of himself because he thinks he knows everything about everything. Tiffany says they became easy targets.

Zakiyah asks who the target is for next week? Tiffany says, Victor. Frank says, they should put him and Bronte both up next week. Zakiyah says one of them will still be there, but he's got to go. Tiffany says, they've been together for so long, that she's excited someone is getting ready to leave. Frank says, he wants to get some beds cleared up, some food cleared up, and get it to be quieter. He says they won't be this confident after this week. He says once Victor leaves it won't be this loud in the house, and he will be the loudest one.

7:45PM BBT: Frank says they can tell the remaining people that they had to get them out for issues. He says, then they can pick them off. Zakiyah says they will gain confidence and won't be as worried about winning. Frank says, Victor may not be able to do slop without eating, and then he will get themselves out. Frank says that's what happened with Will.

Zakiyah says Victor has a temper. Frank says he hates to see that, because of how many people try out for the show. He says, then to get someone like that with a temper isn't good. Zakiyah says he has to go, and then the rest of the minions. Tiffany says she wishes they had a blender to make smoothies. Frank says, he thinks they had a blender because he remembers Shane making smoothies. Tiffany says it may be because of the noise.

They all really want some other games to play like ping pong, shuffleboard or tic-tac-toe. Tiffany says she going to check the storage room. Zakiyah says she's going to wash because she stinks. Frank tells his mom he loves her as he leaves the Safari Room.

The camera view goes to the HoH room. Nicole and Da'Vonne are still up there talking and looking at the TV to find out where everyone is.

7:50PM BBT: Zakiyah goes to the HoH room and tells Nicole that she wants to wash up there if she can. Nicole asks her where she was all day? She says she was in the Have-Not room. She says, she had a moment and cried like a baby. She says Jozea came in there. Nicole says she likes to cry in the shower with the water. Da'Vonne says she had a dream about her daughter last night, and she woke up crying. Zakiyah is wiping tears from her eyes. She says she was embarrassed. Da'Vonne says she has nothing to be embarrassed about. Da'Vonne says today has been a really chill day.

Zakiyah says that Paul was talking to her about the numbers for the votes again. She says that Paul thinks that Nicole will be a deciding vote. Tiffany goes to the HoH room. She says she can't deal with the conversation of the boys anymore. She says Victor is so fake. Zakiyah says he wants to send him home herself.

7:54PM BBT: Zakiyah clarifies now that the person that ate all the pizza earlier was Victor, not Jozea. Nicole and Zakiyah both say they are giving them a headache. Tiffany says she can't take his voice anymore. We hear some yell. Da'Vonne says that was Frank. Zakiyah tells them that Bronte apologized to Paulie for last night. Nicole says she wants to go and have a moment on the hammock. Tiffany asks where Michelle is? Nicole says she might be outside. She is outside in the hammock with Paulie. Nicole says she wants to go to bed early tonight, and she's not kidding.

7:58PM BBT: Zakiyah says that Jozea almost sounded genuine when he went to see her. Nicole asks Da'Vonne if she had a moment? Da'Vonne says she did, and then she had to bring it back in. Zakiyah says her socks are dirty and she just put them on. Da'Vonne says the floors are not joke.

Tiffany says she looking forward to getting her hair braided on Thursday. She asks Da'Vonne if she will braid them for her? Da'Vonne says she was half way through and they made her take them down. Tiffany says Nicole would look good in them. She says she looks bald with the braids in her hair. Tiffany asks Nicole if she colors her hair? Nicole says she finally got highlights in March, after he break up.

Da'Vonne tells them that she lost 30 - 35 pounds in the last year. Nicole can't believe it. Tiffany tells Nicole if she loses 35 pounds she would look like she's 50 lbs. Tiffany says she's fluctuated 40 lbs. in her adult life. Zakiyah says she's usually 125 - 131 during the week. She thinks she might be 120 now. She says her stomach was flat from the slop.

Tiffany says Bridgette is baking another cake. Then she says she's just kidding. Nicole wonders what time it is, and says they have no cookie dough. Tiffany asks if they game is going to get more exciting? Nicole says, this is the down time, so enjoy it.

8:02PM BBT: Nicole leaves the HoH room.

In the backyard, Michelle and Paulie are still on the hammock. Paulie tells Michelle about Frank getting his Speedo changed into boxer type shorts for his Pixel costume. He says, Frank is such a cool dude on his season.

James and Natalie are in the Safari Room. They are talking about running outside, and how it took like 20 minutes to cool down. Natalie says she's going to be fighting really really hard in the next competition. James asks Natalie for some girl talk. Natalie says there is really no girl talk today, because nothing is really going on. She says she's really over the guys from hearing them fart and poop all the time. She says, they are stinky boys and she sick of hearing their inappropriate conversations.

Bronte goes in the Safari Room. She asks if she can join them. They say they are having girl talk. Natalie says all the guys there are like brothers or cousins because they are disgusting. Natalie says James is in the brother box. James says you get out of the brother box by going for the 80/20 kiss.

8:08PM BBT: Bronte and Natalie says that Paul, Jozea and Victor have everything planned for after BB to get a three bedroom apartment in California. James tells Bronte that Paul really likes her. Bronte says she sees him as being so young that she lets him rub her legs. She says there is no way in hell that she would ever be with him romantically. She says her nani would see his tattoos and send him straight out of the house. She says, she doesn't want to date a Rock N' Roller. She says it's one thing if she asked if they could date after the show and she was leading him on. She says it's not that way. Natalie says she will never be interested in Victor ever. She says she doesn't like guys with abs, and he's not the typical guy she would go for.

8:11PM BBT: In the backyard, Frank carries a wooden chair by the hammock to join Michelle and Paulie that are rocking on the hammock, and Nicole who is sitting on the ground. Frank says he has sunburn and doesn't want to sit on the grass.

Paulie tells Frank and Nicole about Paul's conversation about trying to count up the votes with him. He says that he told Paul he just wants to enjoy his time that he has left in the house if he leaves this week. He says that Jozea will be the first one to go and he'll be the first one to open his mouth about everything.

8:14PM BBT: Paulie says that Jozea gave Paul a nod when they were done talking. He says that Bronte went to him asking for things not to be awkward. He says he was chilling with Corey on the couch this morning. He says they got up and went to the table last night. He says they all started joking about him and talking about the Kermit The Frog meme. He says that's what got his heart racing, and he went to the HoH room. Tiffany comes out to the backyard and gets on one of the exercise bikes.

8:17PM BBT: Tiffany gets up from the exercise bike. She puts her foot in the water to feel the temperature. She takes her clothes and microphone off to get in the pool or hot-tub.

Nicole heads into the house, and Frank calls her the Queen of Sheba, because he says she thinks she's hot stuff. She says, she doesn't feel that way at all.

Paulie keeps rehashing the Bronte story. Frank says Michelle hates Bridgette. Paulie says that Bridgette has said some mean things. Paulie says Paul is really young, and that's why he says some of the things he says. Frank says that as of this morning they think that Paulie won the BB Road Kill competition.

Frank and Michelle talk about Bridgette saying she would resuscitate Michelle, but that she would shave her eyebrows off.  She shakes her butt and walks over to the hammock. Paulie compliments her Converse shoes. Bridgette says they are called Chucks. Michelle says they are also called All-Stars. She says, Chuck Taylor is who designed them.

8:24PM BBT: Back in the Safari Room, Natalie tells James what she will do with him when he visits her after the show.

Bronte is laying down and listening. Natalie says she will take him to New York and New Jersey because she has a car. James says he went to a rooftop party and took pictures up there. He says it was awesome. He says he had a good time. He says the streets are really dirty, though. He tells Bronte he lives two hours from Dallas.

Natalie asks if there are dance teams there? James tells her she may be able to try out to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She says dancing professionally is her dream. She asks if they are a big deal? James says, hell yes. She says she has to do it then. Bronte says she's so excited for her.

James says she would be the perfect girl for it. She says she did the Dirty Dancing lift with Paulie. She says he lifted her with one hand. Bronte says, she wants Paulie to keep bending over so she can look at him. She says her lips wanted to kiss his shoulder the other day. James tells her to ask him for cuddle time. She says she's not going to because he's such a flirt. James says they are little flirts too. Bronte says she can't just cuddle with him. She says she feels she would have to attack him. Natalie says she hopes Bridgette bakes tonight.

8:29PM BBT: Tiffany is in the hot-tub. Jozea is sitting on the edge of the hot-tub, with his feet in the water. He tells her that no one wants to be one of the first two evicted out of the BB house. Tiffany says that's why they may have given Da'Vonne another chance because she left too soon. Jozea says he's built his real friendships in the house. He says it's more than game, they are genuine friends. He says that may get him through the craziness of what's going on. Jozea asks if today is Monday? Tiffany says, yep. She says Thursday will be quick.

Jozea says everyone on the block has to pack. Tiffany asks if that makes him nervous? He says, no, because outside the house he has a life. He says you can't do anything at the point if you are evicted. He says just close your eyes and hope that your number comes out low. He says, if it goes the way he thinks it will, which he's 90% sure it will, it will show exactly who likes him in the house. He says he will go after those people. He says they will be easy targets. He says, you either gain something from it and go home, or you stay, gain from it, and take the numbers to know who you have to go after. He says it more cool and interesting than being scared. He says it's gaining and losing something. He says he feels his alliances are very strong and true.

8:35PM BBT: Tiffany tells Jozea he should get in the hot-tub with her. He says he will be cold. Tiffany says she's warm. Jozea takes his mic pack and clothes off and gets in the hot-tub. He asks Tiffany what she will think will go on Thursday? Tiffany tells him you get up, clean, get ready, go upstairs for a while, and then you come back down to do the show. Jozea asks her what she thinks the numbers will be?

Tiffany says from what she hears that it should be in favor of him staying. Jozea asks what about the home girl? Tiffany asks who? He says, Bridgette. She says, even her too. Tiffany tells him that even some of the vets seem close to him also. She tells him that James and Da'Vonne both seem to be close to him. Jozea says that would be cool if they vote for him, but you never know.

The camera view goes back to the hammock. Corey and Paulie are on the hammock and Bridgette is sitting on the ground next to them. Paul and Victor are playing pool. Corey asks who's in the hot-tub. Paulie says it's Tiffany and Jozea. They start talking about the Zelda video game.

8:41PM BBT: Nicole, Frank and Michelle are by the kitchen table. Nicole says she wants to know what everyone on the other side of the house is saying because she doesn't talk to any of them. Frank says Da'Vonne is trying to stay close in case one of them wins HoH. Da'Vonne walks through the kitchen on her way to the living room area or the bedroom's. Nicole talks about Corey throwing an orange. She stops talking to try and hear what Bronte was yelling. Nicole says she told Corey he didn't even get in trouble for throwing an orange over the wall, and it's probably because they think he's the best-looking guy in the house. She says Victor looked upset that she said that. Franks says that Corey at the last Mr. Goodbar earlier.

Da'Vonne joins them at the kitchen table. Victor walks in and leans against the counter to listen to what they are saying. They are talking about cookies. Victor says he prefers his cookies cold.

8:45PM BBT: Victor has injected himself into the conversation at the kitchen table, and he's sitting with them now. In the backyard by the hammock, they are talking about Chipotle food. Bridgette says her ex went about five times a week. Corey says he used to go about four times a week. Paulie says it's great recovery food from a hangover. Bridgette says she got trapped in a Walgreens one night, because of a crazy guy yelling on the street. She says her roommates came running down the street trying to get her, but they had to wait on the cops. She says she only went there to get a juice.

In the bathroom area, Paul and Victor are talking. Paul is really loud when he talks, so everyone in the house can hear him. Victor is talking about exploding poop from the birds while they were on the rockets. Paul says he's ready for the next challenge, especially after the dog one. He says he's amped. Paul goes in the bathroom. The camera view goes to the kitchen. Frank and Michelle both have bad sunburns on their backs. Michelle says she hates the chairs at the kitchen table.

8:50PM BBT: Tiffany asks Jozea if he likes playing BB? He says, yes and compares it to a game of chess. He says they have real life pieces and pawns. She asks him what piece he is? He says he's more leader oriented, so he's probably like a Queen. Jozea tells Tiffany that he wishes someone was in the house for him. She asks what he means? He says for like sex and stuff. Tiffany tells him he doesn't want to do that. She says it will be on YouTube clips and people will always regret it. Jozea asks about kissing and cuddling. Jozea says he likes tall model type guys.

8:53PM BBT: Jozea he hasn't had a boyfriend that has been gay gay. He asks if there has ever been a season with two gay guys? Tiffany says she doesn't think so. Jozea says he knows that there is usually one. He says, some of them may want to turn people out. He says he used to do that, but it's not fun. He says it's the worst. Jozea asks Tiffany what her type of girl would be like an actress? She says, Briget McAdams or Scarlett Johansson.

The camera view goes back to the hammock area. Paulie, Bronte, and James are on the hammock now. Natalie and Bridgette are sitting next to them. Bridgette thinks she got grass stains on her pixels. They talk about braces. Paulie says he never had braces, they are all natural. Paulie excuses himself to use the bathroom.

8:58PM BBT: Natalie and Bridgette want to go and bake. They are going to make monkey bread with chocolate covered bananas on the side. They all get up to go to the kitchen.

9:31PM BBT: Da'Vonne, Tiffany are studying the events of the previous days. "...7 Roadkill competition 8 the nominee went up, and the mystery punishment, 9 nothing, 10 PoV, 11 nothing, 12 PoV took himself off, veto ceremony, Paul took himself off, Bridgette went on. That's GOOD! Now I just need to say that to myself another couple times and then it will stick.

9:32PM BBT: "Tiffany! Please put on your microphone"

9:33PM BBT: Tiffany and Da'Vonne are still going over days - discussing PoV ceremony vs. Veto ceremony.

9:35PM BBT: Da'Vonne thinks she has it down now.

9:48PM BBT: Zakiyah joins Tiffany and Da'Vonne. She says that Bronte was saying something about an actress/model/singer being the next one out, and Da'Vonne overheard it. Zakiyah says, "You gotta fake it 'til ya make it!"

9:50PM BBT: Zakiyah thinks that Bronte has the hots for Paulie.

9:51PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she needs to talk to James, but she can't manage to get him alone.

9:53PM BBT: Da'Vonne is saying she wants to have Victor and Bronte up together up on the block next week if she is HoH. She would prefer Victor to go home, but will be OK with either one of them going. She is praying she also wins PoV to keep her nominations the same.

10:00PM BBT: Da'Vonne says that Bronte's DR sessions are probably off the wall - Zakiyah mimics her voice, saying that she "hates all of these bitches."

10:01PM BBT: Da'Vonne says she thinks Bronte is older than 26. They get a sinister/creepy vibe from her. Tiffany says that she looks like a little girl.

10:13PM BBT: Tiffany asks if they have ever watched the feeds. Da'Vonne says that she has, with her mom, every now and then. Her mom found out everything from the feeds and After Dark.

10:14PM BBT: Michelle walks in. She asks how Tiffany's hot-tub sesh with Jozea was. Tiffany says it was 'very 'Jozea-esque' Tiffany says that he thinks he has everyone's votes, and he'll be able to pick off anyone who didn't vote for him to stay one by one. Bronte and Natalie said 'the girls' are going to vote wherever the house votes. Jozea thinks that Tiffany is going to vote Paulie out. Michelle wants to ask Jozea to "command her" to throw him off just before the vote, acting like she knows he is going to stay.  FISH

10:28PM BBT: Nicole says she wants monkey bread today and will be good with her food tomorrow. She eventually decides against eating the monkey bread. Michelle is talking about how she has gained weight since sequester and she has a small frame. Michelle is also talking about how she is nervous about James, and that he said that if he looks into their eyes, they will be hurt. Tiffany is saying even if, worst case, he votes the other way, that they'd still have enough votes to get Jozea out. FISH

James, Bridgette, and Paulie are also in here chatting, not pictured.
[Image by thegeekybird]

12:00AM BBT: 12:31AM BBT: James and Paulie are playing chess with very little conversation going on.

In the meantime, Paul, Bridgette and Jozea are by the hot-tub talking about other house guests. Paul cannot stand Tiffany because she wears her sunglasses at night. Paul does not like James because he is sneaky. Jozea thinks that the three of them are sitting pretty for the next five weeks. Jozea said that he will be doing his part with God when he gets Da'Vonne to Jury so that she at least gets some money.

Paul and Jozea both agree that they only watched one full season of BB because every season is different and all the people are different and there is no reason to study what has happened in the past, this is a new season, they don't have to watch the show to know how to play the game. Jozea has his secure seven so that he does not have to worry about being evicted this week. Paul's goal is to keep his people protected and Jozea's goal is to stay honest.

Paul and Jozea agree that when they get HoH they cannot pick two people to go on the block. Jozea is going to let two people volunteer and Paul is going to pick by using skittles. Paul told Jozea that he is a way better gay person then Frankie and then Jozea is called to the DR.

12:31AM BBT: Paulie and James finished their game of chess and chat a few minutes about Jozea being so confident that he is staying. Paulie told James that Paul tells everyone that he (Paulie) has given in and knows that he is going home so he just wants to enjoy his last few days in the BB house. James is going to walk around because he does not want everyone thinking he is trying to flip shit.

Natalie went out to the hot-tub to tell Paul that James was playing chess with Paulie and that James was lying earlier saying that he just got out of the DR when Natalie was the one that just got out of the DR. Paul thinks that James is full of shit. Natalie can't believe that James is playing her.

Paul advises Bridgette and Natalie to watch James when he is in a room and see how much he does not talk. Paul thinks that James needs to go home because he has had it with James bullshit. Paul said that next time he is trying to have a conversation with someone and James walks in, he is going to say "can you fucking leave please."

They continue to discuss who is on the other side of the house. Paul thinks that Natalie is wrong when she says that Frank is with the other side.

12:38AM BBT:-1:00AM BBT: James walks out by the hot-tub where Paul and Bridgette are and James tells them that he feels bad for Paulie because he looks sad and it is just like Paul said earlier that he is just trying to enjoy his last few days here. James said that he told Paulie that everyone likes him and sometimes it is just the way it falls. Paul really likes Paulie and already had one sad conversation with him so he suggests that Bridgette goes to play a game with Paulie. James and Paul continue to talk about emotions in the game when Jozea walks back out and talks about how Paulie was not going to tell anyone about Cody being his brother until the vets came in the house.

1:06AM BBT: Natalie joins the backyard group and then James and Paul head inside. Natalie told Jozea that he cannot go home. Jozea responds that he is the Messiah and when she sees his DRs... then we get FotH.

When the feeds come back Jozea is talking about how he is all about honesty. Paul joins them outside and they talk about how Jozea knows that he has Frank and DaVonne's votes. Natalee asks what if Frank is playing dirty now in which Jozea responds that Frank is a Bible raised person and he don't have a bad bone in his body.

1:31AM - 4:15AM BBT: Bridgette and Paulie talk on the landing about general everyday things while Paul and Jozea are in another room talking about their plans when they get HoH, who is going to be evicted next etc.... then Paul and Jozea decide to go to bed.

Bridgette and Paulie are in the kitchen cleaning and talking about Bridgette's work. Bridgette is pulling an all-nighter because she wants to say hi to her mom.

4:31AM BBT: Bridgette is called to the DR while Paulie sits and studies the memory wall.

4:40AM BBT: Bridgette came out of the DR and looks for something to sleep in.

4:48AM BBT: All house guests are in bed.
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