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Tuesday, July 18, 2017  Expect the Unexpected
11:02AM BBT: Kevin is in the backyard stretching for a workout, Jason, Matt, and Raven in the kitchen talking about rodeos.

11:07AM BBT: Jason and Kevin are putting the awnings down in the backyard, Jessica in the kitchen looking in the mirror as Alex heads back upstairs.

Matt is making slop and draining it over the trash can. Kevin and Jason walking around the backyard talking about they will get to be outside today but tomorrow they will be locked down 'til Saturday.

11:13AM BBT: Jason and Kevin are talking about Mark being upset about Jason telling him that the plan was to put him up at the veto meeting. Paul asked Jason after PoV meeting if he told Mark what the plan was and he said yeah. They then talk about Mark throwing things in Josh's face.

11:19AM BBT: Kevin and Jason still talking about throwing things in peoples faces and Kevin says that was not called for at all that was bad on Mark's part. BB calls Kevin to the DR and he says, I'm walking." Jessica and Raven are in the bathroom area doing ADLs.

Another day in the Big Brother house begins as they raise the awnings.

11:28AM BBT:
Jessica, Raven, and Jason are in bathroom area talking about Cody leaving Jessica clothes and now she can not find some of them. Matt in the kitchen cleaning.

11:38AM BBT: Matt and Raven are in the kitchen talking general talk as Kevin and Jason are talking about dating and women as they walk in the backyard.

11:49AM BBT: Kevin and Mark are walking around talking about making money in the rodeo business. Jessica and nnatalaare laying in the sun talking chatting.

11:55AM BBT: Ramses now joins the backyard as Matt is getting ready to work out and Jessica and Raven talk general talk. Kevin and Jason still walking and talking repeating themselves a lot.

12:04PM BBT: Mark has now joined Matt working out as Jessica and Raven comment about Mark's big legs. Jason and Kevin are still walking.

12:14PM BBT: Jason goes to the HoH room and says he is just checking on his platonic showmance. She asked is everyone up and he says no most are asleep but he and Kevin have been walking and laughing.
Jason says Kevin is a funny guy.

Alex gets up and ask if it is hot outside and Jason says yes. Jason tells her if he wins HoH this week he is putting up Jessica and Alex says yeah and we get FotH.

12:27PM BBT: Matt, Raven and Jessica are in the backyard playing around and laughing. Paul is in the HoH room with Alex and Jason talking about Christmas and her broken foot. Jason says, "I mean I broke her leg and I'm going to put her on the block?!" Alex tells him, "This is the game Big Brother."

12:42PM BBT: Raven, Paul, Jason, and Matt are in the kitchen making lunch, Jessica, Ramses is in the backyard talking general talk.

1:15PM BBT: Paul and Josh are running back and forth in the yard hitting the glass of the door.

Elena, Mark, Matt, Raven, Ramses, and Jason are in the kitchen. Jessica is the bathroom area. Kevin is outside as well. General chatter.

Paul is called to the DR. Raven is cooking and Elena is sampling. Kevin asks where Alex is and Jason says she's doing blogs. Jason has joined Mark, Kevin, and Josh outside to workout.

1:20PM BBT: Raven has cooked chicken and rice and Elena and Jessica get a plate. Ramses says she makes the smallest pieces of chicken when he can't eat. Paul is out of DR. Kevin and Josh are walking around the perimeter of the yard talking and Mark and Josh are running back and forth down the center of the yard.

In the kitchen, they are talking about the C word. Elena says she used it, but she doesn't use it to call someone that in argument. Paul says he uses it because calling someone a B or another name doesn't sting anymore, so he uses the word when he knows it will offend sometimes.

1:25PM BBT: Mark is inside and Paul is cooking and they are talking about working out. Raven and Matt are play fighting and Matt says she is nuts. Elena is talking about how good the food is. Jessica is a baby when it comes to spicy foods.

1:31PM BBT: Paul and Mark are told to shut it down by BB. Paul is teaching Ramses how to be faster with comebacks. Ramses says he's learning to be mean in the BB house. He says he's going to yell at his mom when he gets home. Paul tells him not to do that because she'll whoop his butt.

1:35PM BBT: Kevin and Jason are still walking the perimeter of the yard talking about beaches. Mark is lifting weights. Paul, Matt, Raven, Jessica, Elena, and Ramses are all in the kitchen eating and chatting. Elena and Jessica are off camera but we hear BB tell them to stop that.

Ramses says he confuses Mark's name with Matt and vice versa. Paul is rinsing his dishes off and thanks Raven for chicken.

1:40PM BBT: Christmas is back with a new cast. It's black and the HGs are saying it's badass. Mark is wearing white spandex while working out and the HGs in the kitchen are talking about how much you can see because of what he's wearing. Ramses says white isn't meant to be worn like that.

Josh is on a bike, Mark is still lifting weights, and Kevin and Jason are still talking. Christmas is asking what she missed this morning and Paul says nothing. Christmas is eating the rice and chicken and she says it's delicious and asks where Raven is. Paul says making a potion. Paul then asks those in the kitchen to quit requesting crappy music. He says Cody requested some country artist he'd never heard of, then says don't request country. And he's never heard of who Alex requested, who was Meghan Trainor.

1:45PM BBT: Raven and Jessica are doing hair and make-up in the bathroom area. Matt comes in and cleans up and Raven says yeah clean up. Matt says shut up clown. Kevin still talking outside to Jason. FotH.

Kevin and Jason walking the perimeter of the yard still but we keep getting intermittent FotH. Raven tells Jessica she was named after The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

1:50PM BBT: Elena is going to do Jess's make-up. She says Jessica has to do her make-up for her sometime. Kevin and Jason come into the kitchen where most of the other HGs are. Josh and Mark are still outside. Jessica thinks her move-in day make-up was great, but horrible since. Elena says Jess has had really good makeup days. Jessica is washing her face and taking off her eyelashes.

1:55PM BBT: Christmas goes to the bathroom and washes her hands and she greets Jessica and Elena. Christmas says the cast is lighter and tighter. She says she saw the pins sticking out of her foot.

Talk turns to makeup again. Paul is in the kitchen with Ramses, Jason, Josh, and Kevin and Paul is talking about weed being shipped to New York. FotH.

2:00PM BBT: Paul is giving Jason tips on working out, like what exercise to do to focus on a certain body part. Josh is saying he weighs the same amount as Mark, but Mark is all muscle. Jason says fat weighs less than muscle.

Alex is downstairs now getting a bowl of cereal. Raven is painting her lips, Elena is working on Jess's make-up, Christmas is sitting in the bathroom area with them chatting. Ramses is washing up and goes to the bathroom.

Paul is talking about people and their ethnicities, the diversity of the people he knows and all feeds switch to the bathroom area. He is also talking about a girl he's talking to and how pretty she is. Paul says she's the first older girl he's dated. Alex says her first boyfriend in high school was Mexican. Paul says he hasn't' dated a Mexican. Jason comes out with the snapchat glasses and the HGs get excited.

2:05PM BBT: Alex says the last guy she dated was Austrian and German. Kevin is talking to the camera.

Jason is excited about the Snapchat glasses and runs in to get the girls. Jason is trying to get Josh to stand still and he's going to jump over him. Josh doesn't want to. Jason says just stand up and don't be a wuss and let me jump over you. He explains what he's going to do and BB tells them to stop that.

2:10PM BBT: Jason goes to put on a Whistle-Nut shirt. Jason also puts a tie on. Elena and Jessica are still in the bathroom area.

Josh, Ramses, Jason, and Raven do the "Shannon" dance. Alex wonders if there's any temptations today. Jason tells Mark to give him a flex pose.

2:15PM BBT: Jason wants Kevin and Paul to put the goose floaties on and have a goose fight. They start to fight and Paul says relax. Jason tells them to race instead and Kevin starts chasing Paul. Ramses takes Kevin's goose and chases after Paul and BB tells them to stop that.

There's a plane flying overhead and they are all watching. We get FotH.

Most of the HGs have gravitated outside. Dominique is up and in the bathroom area. Jason is going around to get everyone on the Snapchat glasses and also shows the dreaded slop.

2:20PM BBT: Things have quieted down. Christmas and Raven are sitting in the shade chatting. Elena and Jessica in the bathroom area still doing make-up and Ramses in there watching. Jason still wondering around with the snapchat glasses.

2:25PM BBT: Josh, Alex, Mark, and Jason in the kitchen and Jason has Josh say something with Meatball to the glasses. He then gets a shot of Mark's backside. He heads back outside and goes over to Christmas and Raven and Christmas is doing Raven's nails. Mark and Alex are chatting inside. Paul heads out and says to Kevin they should sit in the shade because he's about to pass out.

Christmas and Raven are still chatting. Christmas tells Raven she got a boob job because she wanted to be able to wear a regular bra.

Jason is on the balcony looking at the memory wall. He then comes down the stairs and says this is what we do and he slides down the last section of the railing and is told stop that.

2:31PM BBT: Alex and Mark in the kitchen talking about how boring they are. Neither of them likes to go out and party and when they do as soon as they get there they want to go home. Alex says she'll go to the bathroom and then leave. Mark says his friends expect it.

Christmas is talking to Raven about her argument she had the previous night with Dominique. They are also discussing their one-to-one conversations with Dominique before the house meeting.

Mark, Alex, and Jason are talking about previous seasons. They talk about Da'Vonne, Nicole, and Victoria. Jason doesn't remember Victoria.

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2:35PM BBT: Jason is doing shout-outs and telling people how to find him on Facebook Twitter, and Instagram. He doesn't have Snapchat. Jason says he's going to take the glasses back but Alex says no, other people might want to use them. Christmas and Raven are still talking about Dominique.

Alex comes out and joins them. Alex has the Snapchat glasses and Christmas says she wants to say something about her cast to the world. She says she got a new cast and the doctor says there's less chance of issues because she's healing so well.

2:40PM BBT: Raven asks Christmas who she would put up if she won HoH and Christmas says obviously Jessica. Raven says Jessica is blaming her for something. Christmas and Raven both say they came clean to Alex about wanting her out. Jason and Mark are going to play pool. Raven says Jessica blamed her for hiding Alex's cat ears and Raven says she didn't do it, but she knows who did. Christmas says she knows too and she knew Jessica was lying. Christmas says Jessica was giving her the "stink eye" and she is not in Christmas's good graces yet. Christmas and Raven are talking about Jessica and how she lied and why she'd be a target.

2:45PM BBT: Alex is watching the guys play pool. Christmas and Raven still talking about Jessica. Raven says Matt told her he isn't here for the money, he's just here to have fun, he said he wants her to win it. Raven says she knows people are going to take shots at her eventually because no one wants to go against her in final two. Christmas says because she'd win. Raven says it's very slim odds for her to make Final Two. Christmas says she might because a majority of the house will not go against Raven.

Christmas says she's got great things to go home to and she's not going to exchange her values to get to Final Two and win money. Christmas says there are others who came in and they have shown they will do whatever they need to do make that happen, to win the money. Christmas thinks the house will see those people sooner than later and see them for who they are. Raven says she is getting hot so she's going to move.

2:50PM BBT: Elena is still doing Jessica's make-up. Ramses is looking through Elena's make-up bag and Jessica and Elena talk about doing a full face of makeup on Ramses and he says he doesn't think he'd do that. Ramses says he can't be attracted to a man that looks like a woman.

Josh, Jason, Matt, Alex, and Dominique are in the kitchen. Alex takes the trash out. It's pretty quiet around the house. Josh is going to get into the pool. Matt and Raven in the storage room and Raven tells Matt that Christmas still thinks the group is A-ok and talks a little about her conversation. Raven says Jessica is Christmas's target and Matt says it's probably accurate her reasoning for targeting Jessica. Matt tells her good work.

2:55PM BBT: Matt says he doesn't even think he needs the HoH at this point. Matt doesn't think he needs to say anything to Jason or Alex at this point. He doesn't want to win HoH at this point, but if he did pull them aside and tell them they're good.

Raven says if she got the temptation she'd turn it down. Matt says you better wait and see what the temptation is because you might want it. Matt says it's a good idea. Raven says she doesn't want to curse anyone. Matt tells Raven to chat with Alex and see how badly she wants Jessica out.

Matt wonders if Jason won HoH if he'd want Jessica out and Raven says no, I think he'd want Josh out and Matt says that's fine too.

4:02PM BBT: Jess and Kevin the backyard talking about their experience in the first month in the house. Kevin says that he was rushed after being picked. cameras caught to the kitchen. HGs prepping food.

4:17PM BBT: Kevin and Jess are still chatting outside. Paul is laying on the ground not talking (must be napping). Looks like Alex may be next to them. Has a towel over her head. Christmas talking about the movie Secretary in the kitchen.

4:33PM BBT: No game talk going on. Raven is eating in the kitchen. Just general chit chat in the backyard and kitchen. Elena, Mark and Dominique not on cameras.

5:08PM BBT: In the backyard, Paul is talking with Kevin, Jason and Jess and the discussion turns to yesterday's argument between Josh and Mark. Paul says that Josh was just inspired by him going off on Dominique and he wanted to do the same in the house.

5:18PM BBT: Elena is in the backyard telling Jessica how she had something on her eye. They said either a scratch or a herpes of the eye; turned out she scratched it.

5:36PM BBT: Dominique is talking to the feeders about her dazzling white teeth. In the backyard Paul is talking about how he used to bike 100 miles a week.

5:47PM BBT: Dominique is still chatting to the camera, expressing how to love when she says she really loves you.

7:09PM BBT: No game talk has been going on for the last hour or two. Alex and Ramses are in the backyard talking about movies. Matt is also there talking about what they would be doing right now outside the house. Jess is doing Elena's makeup in the bathroom area, talking about what they miss. They miss alcohol and heard from Paul there are masseuses in the jury house. Alex says she goes on evening dates M-F and then goes on breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates on the weekend. Matt says so you average 13 dates a week. She says yeah. [That's only 11, but still! ~jky2f]

They're talking about what will happen as soon as they leave the house. Like if you want to start a business, you need to start as soon as you leave the house. Like, start thinking and planning as soon as you hit jury.

Raven comes out and mentions burgers, Paul has been making bacon burgers, and Ramses goes inside. Alex and Matt continue talking about Instagram and being paid for promotions or something based on your followers.

Jess mentions her mom is full Brazilian and her dad is Italian. Ramses then says he's going to make fried pickles, if he can. Jess and Elena then talk about love and relationships and stuff.

7:19PM BBT: Mark comes outside and he and Matt are about to play a game of pool after Mark pees. Jason comes back outside.

Elena is talking about an ex, who is a musician, who reached out to her on Facebook.

The camera changes to the guys playing pool. Mark says he would do anything to go to his favorite burger joint in buffalo. Jason says the KC BBQ sauce reminds him of home. Jason wants production to turn on the hot-tub and then goes inside. Matt and Mark are alone in the backyard playing pool. Talking about nothing. All four cameras on them...

7:25PM BBT: Josh comes outside looking for his gallon of water. Found it. Mark and Matt talk about how it's a beautiful night. Matt asks Mark what about next week. Mark says Josh and Ramses and if one comes down, Jess or Christmas would go up. But he definitely wants one of Ramses or Josh out. Mark says he knows Paul wants Ramses out. Josh comes back out and they stop talking. (DANGIT Josh!)

They continue to whisper saying they are the least likely to win HoH. Matt says the once jury starts, he doesn't give a crap. There is no difference going home 9th from going home 3rd, but he does want to go as far as he can. Mark says Kevin is even on the same page talking about the next four out; Josh, Ramses, Jess, Christmas.

All four cameras then switch to Dominique in the apple room where Kevin asks if she wants a burger and she declines. She tells the camera that was nice and continues talking about how her future husband needs to have a nice income to buy her nice things.

The cameras all move to the kitchen now where everyone is joking around and Christmas and Alex are eating fries. Ramses is making fried pickles. Raven and Paul still cooking. They ask for dish washing soap. The cameras were on the burgers for a second and they look really good. Talk is of different religions and whatnot.

7:34PM BBT: Alex says if she matches with a Mormon, her first question is if they drink Coke. If they do, they're a chill Mormon. If not, she unmatches because they're a hardcore Mormon, who can't have caffeine and other hardcore Mormon things. Just general talk and Christmas leaves.

Ramses cut up all the pickles. Alex says the Den of Temptation (DoT) is definitely tomorrow.

The cameras finally split, two on the kitchen, two on Jess doing Elena's make up. Paul thinks that people dislike Dominique for calling him a snake.

Raven is talking about a haunted hotel/nursing home/school for girls/hospital. And she's telling about what happened everytime it changed. A girl in the school jumped out of a window, a doctor performed lobotomies on desperate Cancer patients.

Jess and Elena are talking about despite only being in the house for 27 days, the time they spend with each other in the house is so intense that they feel like really good friends and have known each other a lot longer.

7:48PM BBT: Talk is of paranormal stuff, but Alex asks Ramses more about Jehovah's Witnessing. Jess and Elena talking about makeup. Alex asking Ramses questions about his religion. Jess and Elena are listening and talking about what the kitchen group is talking about. Paul says technically, Jesus' Birthday is January 5th.

7:58PM BBT: Apparently Josh was in the shower this whole time. Matt says he can see a difference in Elena's makeup. Alex found dish soap! Jess says it's the little things.

Christmas fell in the kitchen. She slipped on the grease from the fries/burgers. Ramses says her falling will be the final clip before the episode starts.

8:01PM BBT: Raven is Swiffering the floor where Christmas fell. They put a bag of frozen something on Christmas' foot [It's in a cast... I don't think they ice is going to reach her foot...] They called someone to the DR. Jess is done putting Elena's makeup on. Kevin walks in and says she looks good. And then asks why doesn't Jess? They laugh.

Two cameras finally move to outside where Mark and Paul are playing pool and Josh is watching. Christmas says by the end of the season, she's going to die. Jess says they should ask for a mat for in front of the stove. Matt jokes and says, "Oh yeah. They won't give us paper towels, but they'll give us a mat."

8:11PM BBT: Alex goes outside and her and Josh talk about how he and Mark are being more positive about their fight yesterday. Paul and Josh play pool.

Matt whispers to Raven in the kitchen that Christmas is going to kill herself. Ramses is trying to find the slop menu. Matt and Raven whispering in the kitchen again. Jason walks up to them and all three leave to the rose bedroom. As soon as they get in there, Jason says they got busted but Ramses so they leave.

8:23PM BBT: BB asks them to clean the mirror above the stove and the sink. Ramses yells that it would be easier if they provided them with paper towels. Raven informs Paul that the HoH is locked. Elena is eating her burger in the kitchen and Ramses is still cooking something. He can't fry the pickles.

8:28PM BBT: Raven and Matt are laying the hammock in the backyard. They are trashing Jessica. They say that she is just going to fly under everyone's radars. Raven says she didn't get to talk with Elena today because Jess has been around her all day. Raven says she wants to ask Elena who she is thinking about next week and hoping it's Josh. She says she knows she wouldn't put up Jess.

Raven is talking again about how Jess claims Raven hid Alex's ears. Raven says Christmas knows about the cat ear scandal.

Matt says Christmas might not even make it to Thursday. Raven says Mark still wants Jess gone. He says Mark said he would put up Ramses and Jess. He says he wants to shake Elena sometimes and ask her why is she making the wrong game moves. Elena, Jess, Christmas in the rose bedroom changing and talking about clothes.

8:34PM BBT: Raven asks if he told Paul he talked to Mark. He says no. Raven says they know who Josh would put up. Matt says he thinks next week will be the same as this week in the sense that as long as Jess and Ramses doesn't win HoH. Raven says Paul's doing a good job talking to everybody and knowing where they are (gamewise).

Matt tells Raven that Kevin said they need to get Ramses, Josh, Jess, and Christmas out and they'll be good. Raven says Alex definitely wants Jess out and Paul does too. They don't know about Jason. Dominique and Ramses are in the kitchen. Christmas, Jess, and Elena go outside. Dominique checks the temp outside. Dominique takes her lasagna back to the Apple room. Jason and Josh are in the HoH. Josh says he's going home next week if he doesn't win HoH. Josh says he knows he messed up when he blew up in front of the whole house. Josh says they need to get HoH and work strategically, not personal. Jason doesn't deny it, but tells him to just lay low and hangout outside and stuff. Eventually they (Mark and Josh) will start talking and stuff again.

Jason tells Josh to quit talking to Dominique. Josh says he just told Dominique that he likes her, but people will assume they are strategizing if they talk. They leave to check the hot-tub.

Jason just flashed his butt. Elena, Jess, Jason, Paul, Josh, Alex, Mark, Kevin, and Christmas are lounging together in the backyard. Matt and Raven still in the hammock.

Ramses is alone in the storage room talking to us! He says his problem was he came in to the house wanting to have one person he could 100% trust the whole season, but that person went home Week one. He says everyone says they're playing alone, but he is the one person in the house truly playing alone. He says he can kinda trust Alex and Jason, but he knows that he is a target for the other side and that they are keeping their distance because of that. He says he'll have to pull a Gary from BB Canada and a Janelle from BB US. He says he can do this. He believes he can do this.

8:54PM BBT: Ramses left the storage room, but came back for paper towels and continues talking to us. He says he feels good about how he is perceived in the house as a young, naive kid. He's glad he thinks people are underestimating him. He says he's glad his target is leaving. He doesn't claim that he has a big part in her leaving. But he's going to keep acting super young.

Ramses takes the lid off his oil and a lot of smoke comes out. He's burnt the oil. He runs and opens the door and Jason comes in and takes the pot off the heat. He puts the lid back on to keep the smoke in and there's a pop and a flame that comes from the pot. They take the lid back off. There's a lot of smoke and Ramses apologizes to BB and starts waving a towel.

The camera is now on Dominique in the apple room talking to us about the Bible.

In the backyard, they were talking about how the layout in he house looks different than it did on TV. They then start talking about a fireworks show and Jess is now talking about something happening in an airport. The cameraman in the apple room is bored. After Dominique starts talking about Bible scriptures, the camera pans away from her just around the room. The camera switches angles on her a lot.

In the backyard, they're talking about a musical festival. They're talking about Burning Man and Kevin asks what it is. Now they're just talking about the festival in general. Jason goes inside and checks the stove. Ramses pours some more oil in another pan to fry the pickles. Kevin walks in and asks what's burning. Everyone that comes in is coughing from the burnt oil smell.

Paul shows Jason in the backyard how to put someone in a headlock and he turns purple and coughs.

9:08PM BBT: Elena, Matt, and Raven are whispering in the bathroom on the lounge. Talking about Jess.

They start talking smack about Raven (jokingly, and Raven is talking bad about herself too). Elena says she can't make that move. Not putting Jess on the block or backdooring her, but she'll vote for her if the team does. Elena says Paul or Jason needs to pull the trigger. Elena says she will do it if she absolutely has to. She says that's why she stayed on the wall so long cause she thought that was the plan this week. Raven brings up the cat ears again.

Matt says he does not want Josh or Ramses to win HoH. Raven says they're wild cards and they don't know who they will put up. Matt says not true. Josh will put up Jess and Mark, no doubt. Elena says if Josh wins HoH she'll use her boobs on him.

People are still coughing from the smell of the oil. Paul joins them and talk about Elena getting a tattoo right in her clevage. Elena also talks about her go to drunk insult tells guys they have small dicks. Paul starts talking about Dominique. Elena And paul leave and Raven tells Matt what did I at? (In reference to Elena not wanting to put up Jess) She says she has no problem pulling that trigger. Raven says she could backdoor her and Matt asks if she's serious.

The camera switches to Elena and Paul in the storage room. Elena says if she's being selfish, she wants Josh to go home because she doesn't want to spend the rest of the summer with him or be in jury with him. Paul says so long as no one involves him in drama again, he's good. Elena says same. They also say they would put up Jess. They leave the storage room and the camera goes back to Matt and Raven.

They go to the kitchen after some flirting. Ramses is still trying to fry his pickles. Christmas is giving out rules to Paul and Elena about how much they have to do in order to eat ice cream. Christmas asks Jess what kind of conversations we're going on while she was in the hospital. Jess asks what kind of conversations. Christmas asks if they know who else voted for Ramses.

Jess explains how she told Ramses about how she was going to vote for him before the eviction. Jess says she thought Ramses would understand better as to why she didn't want to vote for Cody.

Christmas asks if Jess thinks Dominique was one of the Ramses votes. Jess says no one was talking to her all week so she has no idea honestly. Jess says Cody was really mad at Dominique before he left.

Christmas says she doesn't see Dominique campaigning anytime soon. Jess says she doesn't think she wants to stay anymore. Christmas says she feels bad for her. If it was her, and people didn't believe her, and she was innocent, she wouldn't just accept that. Jess says she talked to Dominique yesterday and she says she's not isolating herself, but at this point she doesn't care to talk to everyone. She says she said that when she doesn't have anything to do at home, she would sit in her bed and read the Bible.

Christmas goes inside and Jess goes to the hot-tub. They want BB to turn on the jets. Jason starts talking about vaginas and Jess says she's going to go take a shower. Raven starts talking about Dominique and asks how long has she been in there. Should they call in the psych?

9:41PM BBT: Elena and Kevin join the hot-tub and they're now talking about butt hair. Jason says he goes commando in the real world. Mark joins the group. Raven, Matt, and Josh are talking while Alex and Elena are talking and it's hard to hear both conversations.

Alex and Elena are talking about Jess and Elena's makeup. Paul and Christmas are talking about Paul's workout tonight. Raven is begging for them to turn on the jets in the hot-tub. She's trying to use her boobs to the camera.

While Paul is working out, Christmas talks to him about Jess making her rounds. She tells him about her conversation with Jess. Paul says he needs to win to guarantee his safety, but he's curious as to what everyone else would do.

They talk a little, again, about how Dominique called him out without having any evidence. Paul says she got caught and tried to turn it on him cause he's the easiest person to target for him being the vet. They stop talking Game and he keeps working out and they talk about regimens and eating.

Josh, Alex, Kevin, and Raven sit around the hot-tub while Jason and Matt are in it. They're still begging for the jets to be turned on. Mark and Elena come outside. Elena is eating Ramses' "fried pickles" which she says is just slop, no pickles. Paul no Christmas talking about music. Elena brings Jason some "pickles". Elena and Mark are laying in the hammock.

Today's updates were written by: Kekila, Kitten_200, IndyMom78 and jky2f.

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