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Sunday, September 18, 2016 Bored Boarders
11:01AM BBT: We have wake up FotH.

11:15AM BBT: We are back and the HGs are in the kitchen getting breakfast. James telling them about how Natalie was always putting her stuff in his bag.

11:22AM BBT: BB gives the HGs a random fact about how many laps it takes around the backyard to make one mile (19) - BB also tells them that it will take 1500 batteries for the BB season this year. - Another random fact - It is 440 laps in the BB pool to make one mile.

11:31AM BBT: The HGs are talking about the house. They discuss cussing. Paul yells that he had to be told privately to stop cussing and we get FotH.

We come back and Paul talks about how his Mom does everything for him at home. He learned a lot in the house.

11:40AM BBT: The HGs discuss state fairs. Paul says incorrectly that California does not have a state fair but only county fairs. He starts talking about horror films.

11:48AM BBT: Nicole has made hard boiled eggs. Paul telling her how his dogs love when he makes eggs. They talk about missing their dogs.

11:53AM BBT: HGs talk about visiting each other. James says that's how Natalie will meet her next husband. He will be taking her to a rodeo. Paul talks about when he comes to visit he wants to do all the country things. Paul says he will take them to a heavy metal concert.

12:00PM BBT: All the HGs are in the kitchen talking. Paul is talking about crowd surfing at a concert. James is talking about people snatching hats from MMA fighters. Paul says they chase the fans when that happens.
Nicole is adjusting her bun.

James is talking about what would happen if a regular person knocks out a MMA fighter. Paul says you would get sued.

Nicole ask why people would take their hats. Paul says just to mess with them or to sell it on eBay. James says you would get a lot of publicity.

Paul is talking about a friend that fights. We get fish.

We are back and Paul is talking about some bloody fight. [How does this kid have so many stories to be his age? ~Moonpetal] Nicole says she's happy the guy survived. Paul says if he kept fighting and won he would have went pro.

James says when he got in a fight before it hurts when hit in the eye socket with the knee. He got air or something in the eye socket. It took a week to go down. He said it was just a friend playing showing off for his girl. This was when James was a correctional officer. He grabbed the drivers finger to get out of a choke lock.

12:26PM BBT: Nicole goes back to the safari room and James jumps in to scare her. She says she just going over speech. She tells James to come lounge with her. BB tells her to put on her mic. James ask if she's the new Michelle. James says he's thinking about pointers to say either way.

Nicole asks James if he threw the first competition. James says, "Hell no." Nicole says you fell with me. James says he couldn't hold on. Nicole says she was on the ground a split second. He says that's just how it was. Nicole says she was close to beating him, she finds it's bizarre.

Paul comes into the Safari Lounge and tells James and Nicole that was his last DR. Nicole says so they won't have anything else to tell BB? and we get FotH.

Nicole is talking about it being bizarre that James fell with her. Paul agrees it was bizarre. Nicole expected to watch them for hours.

They are talking about techniques to stay up. Paul says he had a man wedgie.

Nicole is called to the DR. She wonders if she needs to wear her competition stuff she's not putting it on unless they tell her. We get fish.

James starts to whisper he will tell Paul something when Nicole goes to the DR.

Paul says he wants to hang out in each room to say goodbye to the house. Paul walks into the bathroom with Nicole. We hear him say "He's crapping his pants." James is listening to them talk.

Paul tells another story. Nicole is getting ready in the bathroom to go to the DR.

12:40PM BBT: James tells Paul about what Nicole had said to him in the lounge. James is saying things that Nicole didn't actually say. Paul says that he isn't going to get into that mindset. James says that Nicole is going over her final speech. He says she is just studying.

Nicole comes out of her DR and Paul asks her if it was sad. We get FotH.

James is called to the DR. Paul tells Nicole everything James said to him. Nicole telling him that she didn't say that to James.

Paul tells Nicole about James telling Paul that Nicole is practicing her speech. She denies it saying she said she needs to think about it.  [It really seems like these two will take the other to Final Two ~Moonpetal]

Paul asks about her and Corey putting him and Victor up on the block. She starts to explaining saying she didn't want to go home on Corey's HoH.

Paul tells her she's his Final Two. Nicole is saying again she thinks James threw the physical competition she wants James to says yes so she can lay into James. They both say James looks like he saw a ghost after talking to Nicole about the competition.

James is out of the DR.

Paul and Nicole are talking about sibling fighting and being like their parents. Nicole says she's excited to see her family she could cry thinking about it.

They start talking about where you are during the show and America's Favorite Houseguest. [They keep calling it AFP, as in America's Favorite Player, but this year BB is calling it "America's Favorite Houseguest"] Nicole hopes for Corey or Victor to win America's Favorite Houseguest.

12:45PM BBT: I was called a snake from Day One, Nicole says, preparing her Final Two speech, then lost the next three competitions and had to fight for her life in the game. I had to win a competition on a desert island to stay in the game, she says. Then I had to convince two strangers to give me the first HoH. I put it into their heads that they wanted me to have it. That was the start of my strategy. I made a Ride-or-Die alliance with Corey and we rode it a long time.

1:00PM BBT: Corey and I worked together, he with the boys to ensure we were safe. I maneuvered to avoid the block several times. I volunteered to go up on the block and then had to figure out how to get off it. I aligned myself with the right people at the right times. I tried to stay on good terms with most people, but I had to pull away at times when it wasn't best for my game. I tried not to make any promises I couldn't keep.

1:00PM BBT: I didn't want to backstab or lie but it's not easy, so I tended to withdraw instead. It was safe and easy to hang with Corey - I would never backstab him and trusted him 100% to have my back as well. I'm emotional, and I knew getting close to him would pull on my emotional strings but I tried to make decisions only on strategy. I may have thought about doing things out of guilt or anger, but I didn't. I wanted so bad to vote out Michelle for calling me a snake but bit my tongue and let her put a bigger target on her own back.

1:15PM BBT: Each week I tried to deflect attention off me and Corey, make sure we were safe. I've been called out more than anyone else and we were on the block at the end only because of a tie breaker question. But for that, I would not have been on the block at all this season. My biggest move of the game was when it was five against the two of us to convince Natalie and Michelle to nominate two from their own alliance. They regretted it and blamed me for it and I had to deflect Paul's attacks and rebuild all my relationships. But we survived and that was a pretty big move.

1:30PM BBT: I won the Wall HoH competition and aligned with Paul and Victor to bulldoze through the next couple weeks. Corey and I helped each other - he's a very likable, personable, a smooth talker. But when it came to strategy, I was the brains, planting seeds, reading people. I knew how something was going to go and when it wasn't going to go my way, and I would try to fix it. I would drop in random comments, things that were true, in conversations that were calculated to affect people and get them to think about things differently. The fact that I'm here, and Corey isn't, boggles my mind, but someone played the game emotionally and that's why I'm here.

1:45PM BBT: James is also thinking about his game if Paul takes him to the Final Two. He tells himself it wasn't a strategic move for him to keep Corey in the house, he promised Natalie and he played emotionally. Corey would have taken him to the Final Two, thinks, but I didn't want to take him. The first place Nicole wants to eat when she gets out of the house is China King. James says Whataburger.

2:30PM BBT: Nicole says she'd give $1000 from her stipend to get into the backyard. Just then, the door to the backyard opens.

3:00PM BBT: Nicole is sunbathing while James lays on the lounge. Paul is playing Jenga at the backyard table. Nicole is silently practicing her speech. James moves to the shade and Paul is talking to an insect on the sofa. He thinks it's a praying mantis and tries to feed it spinach.

3:05PM BBT: Paul is now practicing his own speech in the kitchen using the Microwave to time himself, which obscures his voice. He mentions he got no Care Package from America, says friendship, and says he didn't have to change who he was to get here. He was the last one to search for the riddle [the secret room] but first to solve it, and he got the Round Trip ticket. He's tried to get inside for two minutes. He starts off with a joke, There was this one time in Berlin...

3:07PM BBT: As a first time player in the game, no offense, Nicole, I can say that I worked my ass off to get where I am. I know the first time y'all heard my mouth you thought he's loud and crazy and going to be evicted, which is why I was nominated six times. But I escaped the block through strategic maneuvers throughout the house. I won PoV and pulled myself off, or used social skills and teamed up with the right people ant the right time, always making sure there was a bigger target in the house.

3:09PM BBT: I didn't know I had the round trip ticket but it helped secure the eviction of one of the strongest players, Frank the Tank and prevented them and the other HGs from returning to the game. All I had in the house was the loyalty of Victor and my social game. I couldn't even get a Care Package from America. When Victor was finally clipped for good, I won my way to the end. I've won seven competitions, including the first part of the Final HoH, the highest number of wins in the game.

3:11PM BBT: I'm most proud that I stayed true to myself, I showed my cards the whole time. My biggest rival in the game was Corey and he won to send him home. This girl next to me [Nicole] has been nothing but sweet to me the whole game and was the only one to cry for me the first time I went on the block. I told you I'd break some rules in this game but there was one rule I wouldn't break: Friendship. Your boy is taking the cake, Paul says.

3:30PM BBT: Nicole wants a pen and some paper. Why, asks Paul. To get some crap out, Nicole says. Michelle had a bad sunburn. Her skin was pissed, Paul says. Nicole is going to wear a dress for Finale Night.

Paul jokes that Nicole will be a good grandma. They remember Corey said she has to be a good mama first. You guys got into the weirdest fights, Paul say.

Nicole says Corey was asking this stuff to find out about her game. Paul says no, he was feeling you out for a relationship outside of the house. Nicole doesn't think so. Paul says this is why he didn't get into a showmance. James is can hear them but doesn't join in the conversation.

3:40PM BBT: Paul says he is glad he rode it out with Victor but part of him wishes he (Victor) had won the Veto. Nicole asks James if Natalie won any Vetos and James says she came close. He won't say whether he would have used the Veto if he'd won the MacGuyver competition. His morals and ethics caused her to be on the block, he thinks. That's only because she told you that, Nicole says. Nicole says that she would always use the Veto on herself, even if that means sending Corey home. He absolutely went home because of me.

3:50PM BBT: The Praying Mantis still hasn't eaten the spinach. Paul says Natalie's downfall was pretending to be dumb and laying low. Then she turned it up, Nicole says. Paul says you and Corey turned it up too.

They won five out of six competitions between them, Nicole says. That was impressive, James compliments. The sun has moved and Nicole has to leave the lounge chair and move to a towel to keep up.

4:15PM BBT: Nicole wants to know who told Victor that Nicole and Corey were playing maliciously. Paul says it wasn't him, probably James and Natalie. He stayed out of Victor's "affections" for Nicole. James runs inside for ice cream then the three start a card game of Golf.

4:25PM BBT: Paul and Nicole remember how clueless was when he came out of DR to strip out of his Patriotard and didn't realize Nicole was in the middle of a fight. James says Production sent him out in the middle of that on purpose. It must have made good TV, they agreed. Paul jokes that he's sorry he ruined the moment. Paul can't believe neither Nicole or Corey stayed up to watch the BB Weather Alert bulletins. Paul says Michelle ran hot and cold. Even after they put her on the block, she still loved Victor (and blamed Nicole).

4:30PM BBT: Nicole heads into the kitchen and says from now on she's playing without any emotion, she's letting everything go. Paul checks to see if she's going to keep playing cards with him and James but she's cooking.

5:30PM BBT: Nicole wonders if Avocado is a fruit. She cooked a stir fry.

Paul is going over the season. He's surprised the Vets turned on each other and says Tiffany's downfall was they couldn't ever tell if she was telling the truth. Nicole says she believed Tiffany. She was telling the truth about the fight between her and Da'Vonne. Michelle made a lot of stuff up, she says. James says he was wearing Michelle's jacket when she was evicted and she made him take it off. James says he didn't know any of this was going on. Paul says he didn't know about the stuff between Frank, Da'Vonne, and Tiffany.

6:00PM BBT: James says he didn't throw OTEV to Michelle - he just sucked bad. Nicole tells him if he's going to throw competitions, he shouldn't start so soon, everyone catches on. She can't think of any questions the jury might ask James.

6:15PM BBT: James lays down on the hammock, fuming that Nicole was blowing up his game going through the season history while Nicole and Paul continue discussing the season.

Nicole accuses Paul of causing Tiffany to take longer on the Toezark competition. Paul takes umbrage and they get into a mock shouting match. Nicole says she and Corey didn't want to backstab him and Victor. Paul says he's not mad, it was a move they had to make, but Victor was really hurt. Victor kept getting screwed, Nicole agrees, but we had no choice.

6:30PM BBT: Paul says Nicole didn't show how strong a competitor she was until late in the game and that was smart. He didn't initially pick up that nobody in the house could keep a secret and he couldn't lie.

Outside, James asks Wednesday to hurry up. Nicole remembers when Paul called her out, she caught Natalie and Michelle laughing and lost all respect for them. They love to watch other people fight, she says.

6:45PM BBT: Nicole says Michelle hated everything about her, that she's from Michigan and had a showmance with Corey. Paul says she told him they should evict Nicole because it would be hilarious.

Nicole thinks she's screwed because Michelle has been on the jury for so long and poisoned everyone who came after against her. I did nothing to that girl, she says, I've never liked someone so much. She should have teamed up with Victor and me, Paul says. You guys needed a vote on your side, Nicole says. Exactly, says Nicole.

Nicole asks Paul if he tried to swing her to his side and he says no, she was emotionally unstable and of no use to him. She was a ticking time bomb, he says.6:59PM BBT: Paul says this season was so F'd up. He says, teams, vets, pre-jury buy-back, jury buy back, and round-trip ticket. Nicole says there were lots of secrets. James says that Victor wanted to kill him.

Nicole, James and Paul are all sitting at the kitchen table. Paul says no one has thick skin. He says Michelle has non-existent skin. He says that he's never seen James lose his cool even when Paulie was crapping on him. Nicole says she saw James say things twice that he wishes he could take back. She says once with Paulie. She says there's been things come out of his mouth that she doesn't think he would normally say.

7:02PM BBT: Paul says Paulie was agro. He says Paulie cut his arm on a door and he was running behind him to stop him. Nicole says she didn't see anything happen. Paul says he took Paulie aside and told him to calm down. Paul says he was all talk about being an athlete and no one being able to get under his skin. Paul says he pulled a Jozea and lost his game.

Nicole goes to the bathroom area. James says this wasn't his first rodeo though. Paul tells him he had a different bull to ride. He says he was a pissed off raging bull this season. James says he definitely caused more stress.

Nicole comes back with her light blue hoodie on. She tells James he was kind of zoned out a little with Natalie. Nicole says Corey hated how much game she talked to him all the time. Nicole tells James he was pretty chill this season.

7:08PM BBT: Paul says that Michelle probably made a joke about Paul grabbing Pablo so he could float. Nicole says he's definitely not a floater. Paul says it's funny when Zakiyah said that about him. Nicole says it was funny when Michelle said it about her, because if she is then what is Michelle? Paul says Michelle is going to be pissed when she gets her comic in the mail. He says she will never watch Big Brother again. [She saw it at the jury house and seemed to take it with good humor. ~Morty]

James says she might like it. Paul says no way. Nicole says she doubts she will like it, but it's hilarious. Paul says she will throw it away. Nicole says she won't. Paul tells Nicole to wait a month and then ask if she can see a picture of it. Nicole laughs as she goes to the bathroom.

James says he's about to pass out in the hammock. Paul says it is a nice pass out spot and he wishes they could sleep outside. Paul asks if he needs a jacket. Nicole says she's going to run. James opens the sliding door and is waiting to go to the backyard.

Paul says they had a good group session. James goes to the backyard, leaving the sliding door wide open. He puts his water bottle on the pool table and puts the pool balls on the pool table.

7:12PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Paul is washing his hands and Nicole is putting on her running shoes. Paul tells her they saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things.

James goes in the house and tells them it feels good outside. Paul asks if his friend is still on the pillow? James says he actually is. Paul tells Nicole they will have more of those after. Paul goes to the backyard and says it feels great out there. Nicole takes her hoodie off and goes back in the bathroom.

7:14PM BBT: Nicole comes out of the bathroom and she has changed her shirt and bra. She puts on her grey zip-up hoodie now and leaves the bathroom area. She gets her water bottle from the kitchen and goes to the backyard. She shuts the sliding door on her way out of the house.

All three of the HGs start lifting the awnings in the backyard. Paul lowers the umbrella in the backyard. Nicole says Paul wants to avoid the awnings that almost broke his face. Paul says he took that blow for Nicole. Nicole says it saved her glasses for sure. Nicole asks if they asked him about that? Paul says, yes, he had to talk about it. We see FotH.

7:17PM BBT: Paul says he remembers one time he was popping a zit and he saw an Apple iPhone. We see FotH briefly.

The HGs are almost finished lifting all of the awnings in the backyard. James tells them good job. Paul says good job and thank you very much.

Paul says he wants to get a piece of black licorice. Nicole tells Paul his buddy is still on the pillow. Nicole tries to see the moth and it flies away. Nicole finds the moth behind a microphone.

Paul and James go to play a game of pool. James says he made one solid in. Paul tells Nicole she needs to run 19 laps. She starts running around the backyard. An airplane is flying overhead. Paul tells James it's an open table still since he didn't get two balls in. Paul says he's solids now, even though both of them have sank a solid.

7:21PM BBT: Paul says he would be on his balcony with a beer in one hand with his phone in the other listening to some music. Paul says he had to block a girl on all of his social media and his phone. He says he got caught at Whole Foods. Paul says he thinks she was tipped off the he was going on the show. We see FotH.

7:24PM BBT: The feeds come back for split second and go back to FotH briefly. They come back to the pool game and Nicole running.

7:27PM BBT: Paul asks Nicole what lap she is on and she says 18. James says she's fast. Paul says she was really fast in that last competition so she can probably run a marathon.

Nicole stops running to get a drink of water and move her hoodie. She takes a weight and holds it to do squats. She stops after a few to pull her shorts and underwear down a little. Paul asks her what she's trying to work? She says her legs and butt. He tells her to do step up holding the weight and switching legs each time she steps up and down. She always steps down with the left right even when she steps up on the right leg. She made the step up box lower. She did a few and then quit.

An airplane flies overhead and James says he can't wait to get on one of those. Nicole starts to do squats again holding the weight in her hands.

7:32PM BBT: Nicole hangs up the weight. She gets her water bottle and hoodie and goes inside to the bathroom area. She fans herself and says she's sweaty. She gathers some clothes and puts them over the side of the Have-Not shower. She says she's hot. She gets a razor out of the package and goes in the shower. We see FotH briefly.

In the backyard, Paul tries to take a shot behind his back and then doesn't. He says he's going to go ham, hard as a mother-F'er. We see FotH twice when Paul and James talk about the wrap party.

7:39PM BBT: Paul says she wouldn't be there... and we see FotH again. Feeds come back to Nicole making noises and enjoying her shower in the bathroom area, and Paul and James playing a game of pool in the backyard.

7:41PM BBT: You can hear Paul yelling in the backyard from the bathroom area on Camera 3.

7:45PM BBT: Nicole gets out of the shower and goes in the bathroom. She comes out dressed with her grey zip-up hoodie on. She says she needs to brush through her hair. She leaves the bathroom area, pounding her feet on the ground as she walks to the Tokyo bedroom to get a sweater. She pounds her feet as she walks all the way back to the bathroom area and goes in the bathroom again. She comes out with the grey sweater on. She says she needs to wash her crap for sure. She brushes her hair while standing in front of the big mirror by the sinks.

7:50PM BBT: She says she uses super expensive shampoo and conditioner and her hair is still so hard to brush through. She says she needs a hair cut and so much done.

In the backyard, Paul takes the laundry out of the dryer and takes it to the bathroom area. James goes inside the house also. Nicole thanks Paul for bringing the towels inside. Nicole tells them she got really hot and she needed a cold shower. Nicole says it was really hot outside to run. She says they may have the backyard until about noon tomorrow BBT. Paul says they should tell them if they are going to have a lockdown. We see FotH.

Paul says he wants to see if they have some potential friendship in the storage room. James asks him to see if the clippers are there also. Nicole goes to the backyard to do more laundry.

7:53PM BBT: Nicole goes back in the house and says her Chapstick is in her pocket. James says that's a "no" on the alcohol and clippers. Nicole says they may wait until Wednesday. James says, yeah. He says it's so weird that it's just them running around the house.

James leaves the bathroom area and asks Paul what the 411 is? Paul says, nada. Paul opens the sliding door and says it's kind of muggy out there. Paul asks if someone is doing laundry? Nicole says she is and asks Paul if he needed anything in there? He says he doesn't know. She tells him it's just the clothes she worked out in. We see FotH briefly.

Paul goes in the bathroom area. He tells Nicole that he can feel that James wants to ask him so bad about going to the Final Two. Nicole thinks he wants to ask her also. Paul says he wants to be up front with her because he's not going to promise him anything.

Paul says he's really excited that they get to see their families and hang out. He says he thinks his parents might invite everyone over to a BBQ the next day. Paul says their parents might be hanging out prior to the finale. Nicole says she hopes her parents and brother can come. She says her dad and brother might have to leave sooner if they are on a crunch time. Paul says Nicole's mom might have reached out. He says he's going to refill his water bottle and he wants to go outside.

Paul asks Nicole if she wants to play cards or something? Nicole says she hasn't had much alone time today at all. Paul tells Nicole to use her talk time to her advantage in the in. He tells her to close the Safari Room door and go in there. She says she might wait until later. Paul says he might stay up tonight and go over his speech. He says he'd rather sleep away tomorrow.

7:59PM BBT: Paul says he can't wait for the simple things like driving. He says it's like he's coming out of prison and going to civilization. Nicole says, it's just now turning 8PM.

Paul says he wishes they had a ping pong table, but that would be awful for production. Paul says they don't have anything to talk about anymore because they've already talked about everything. Nicole says she's just getting excited because it's almost Day 97. Paul says it will be in four hours. Paul says then it will be 1 day and a wake up. James says they all need to get sleep that day. Nicole and Paul both say good luck with that. Paul says they shouldn't have to get up early. We see FotH.

Nicole says the finale shows before Survivor. James says Caleb should be on there this season. James says a girl name Sierra from Texas should be on there. He says he's friends with her. He says this will be her second time going on Survivor.

Nicole goes to the Safari Room. Paul says Survivor is a very popular show. He asks if Survivor is more popular than Big Brother? James says no. He says they only get like 10,000 followers on Instagram and BB people get 50 or 60,000 followers.

Paul asks if Nicole's season was popular because Frankie was on there? James says, yes, because he is Ariana Grande. Paul says imagine having as many followers as Frankie or other celebrities.

James says he's going to brush his teeth because he's not going to eat anything else tonight. Nicole comes out of the Safari Room and walks to the bedroom area. James is brushing his teeth in the bathroom area. Paul is sitting at the kitchen table.

8:07PM BBT: Nicole walks back to the Safari Room and she has the Play-Doh with her. Paul says she's taking a playground to the Safari Room. She says she always plays Play-Doh when she babysits. Nicole is using a baking pan to put the Play-Doh on. She has a fork and sprinkles from the cookies they made last night. She is practicing what she will say in her Final Two speech. Paul goes to the backyard and starts to sing. We see FotH briefly.

8:10PM BBT: Paul says, "What's up little birdie?" Then he starts tweeting to it. He goes back inside the house with the deck of cards. James says he's doing his favorite thing to do. Paul asks, doing dishes? James says yeah. Nicole is still trying to think of what to say in her Final Two speech.

8:12PM BBT: Paul stands up by a mirror in the dining room to check his beard out and fluffs it a little. He opens the sliding door and goes back to the backyard. Paul goes to the backyard and sits on the wooden round table to practice what he will say in his Final Two speech.

All cameras are on Paul and Nicole practicing their Final Two speeches.

8:21PM BBT: James is cleaning the kitchen while Paul and Nicole practice their Final Two speeches.

8:25PM BBT: Nicole decides to eat come ice cream and bananas while sitting at the kitchen table. Paul comes in the house and says he wants a banana. James says the kitchen is cleaned again.

Paul asks why the pot is boiling again? Nicole says she took some water out of it. She keeps looking at herself in the mirror the whole time she sits at the kitchen table. James asks Paul if he's going to eat something also? Paul says he's bored and it's nice outside. Paul asks if either of them are tired? Nicole says it hit her all of a sudden. She says she gets that way after a hot shower. (She told them she took a cold shower earlier.)

Paul says he might go in the hot-tub and then take a shower. He goes to the bathroom area. Nicole puts her hair up in a bun and says she's full now. She looks at the time and says it's 8:31PM. She takes her glasses off her face to look at them and then puts them back on. She messes with her hair more. All of this is going on while she is still sitting at the kitchen table with James.

8:31PM BBT: James asks Nicole if she's all full now? She says, yeah, but she shouldn't have eaten it all. Paul tells Nicole she is being healthy. Nicole says she needs to so she can fit in her outfit. Paul says she will fit. He goes to the backyard.

Nicole tells James that she was for sure going to take her to the Final Two, but he doesn't have enough blood on his hands. She tells James that he can say he threw things. She says she's not meaning to get frustrated with him.

Nicole says Corey had his back. James says he knew he was going home as a back-up. Nicole says, clearly, she's not dumb, the fact that James and Paul teamed up. Nicole says he was content with her being by herself and having no one. James says she may not have seen upfront stuff, but Natalie and Michelle can tell her that he was working for them on the back end, secretly. Nicole says she can tell by how he had a Final Two and she was going to be a sitting duck.

8:34PM BBT: Nicole tells James it's almost like he threw a competition recently. James says he didn't throw it and he just wanted to talk to her. Nicole says he had to. James says he just wanted to see if there was a chance for him. He says he didn't want it to happen like it did with Michelle. Nicole says she doesn't know what she is doing and she's going nuts trying to figure it out. She tells James how clean his game has been and how her name has been drug through the mud.

James tells her to look at HGs votes. Nicole says she doesn't have any votes. James tries to figure out what votes they each would have and it seems that James would have more votes than Nicole to win.

Nicole says if James wins it wouldn't be right the way he was treating her when they got down to final three. She says she would have been left out to dry. James says he was in the woods getting hit with every branch. Nicole says she was in the woods and she was called out. She says she had to burn a lot of bridges and people are mad at her. She says Natalie and Michelle aren't going to vote for her no matter what because they are bitter. James says he knows. She says Da'Vonne is bitter.

James tells her those three votes might be lost to Paul also. Nicole says maybe, but he did call Michelle a very bad word and that would give her a slight chance. Nicole says she doesn't have a girls vote, especially against him. She says that's 5 votes. James asks what she thinks Victor will do? Nicole says she doesn't know. James says he'll vote for Paul if it's the two of them.

8:40PM BBT: James tells Nicole that the votes might come down to like 1 difference if it's her and Paul over her and him. Nicole says if Da'Vonne doesn't vote for her it's a bitter vote. She says she's not going to lose to a bitter jury. She says that's not right. She says if she's sitting next to James she will have those bitter votes, but it would be different with her against Paul.

James says Natalie will 100% vote for Paul. Nicole says after she hears her game she may change her mind. She says Natalie says she's a girls girl and votes for girls so they will see if she's lying. She says she knows for sure that Natalie and Michelle will most definitely vote for James, but she would like to still take that 1%. She says she feels that Bridgette and Zakiyah would vote for James. She says they are probably tighter than ever and they will do the exact same thing. Nicole says if it's him and Paul she doesn't know. James says he doesn't know who would win if it's him and Paul.

8:43PM BBT: James says that he thinks Corey would vote for James if it's him and Paul. Nicole says she doesn't know. She says he may like James as a person, but she's not sure as a game player. Nicole says they do have similar games.

James says the gameplay might come down to a bitter jury because they don't like her as a person. Nicole says they will be bitter because she went further in the game than they did because she didn't do anything personally to them. James says he was one of the only people that stood up for Vanessa at the round table with DR. Will because she was a good game player. Nicole says it's stressful. James says he knows, but either way, she has to do what's best for her gameplay.

James asks her to let him know something by finale night so he knows. Nicole says she probably won't win against Paul. James tells her not to sell herself short. Nicole says she may not win against Paul.

James says she is smart and she's been watching this show since she was eight years old. He says he wouldn't be surprised if it came down to a tie. Paul goes in the house and goes to the bathroom area.

James says there are a lot of personalities in the house and who knows what they are going to say. Nicole says there is no way of knowing. James says she may be able to gauge what Corey will say. Nicole says it should only be seven questions. She says Victor would be in it. James asks if they have nine questions? Nicole says, no...We see FotH.

8:48PM BBT: James says if they let Victor ask a question then Corey will ask one also. Nicole says it must be the first one to four or something. Paul is taking a shower in the bathroom area.

Nicole says if this was BB16's jury she says she would go against anyone. She says she had the best rapport with all of them. She says it makes her nauseous just thinking about it.

Nicole runs down the HGs again and who they may vote for. Nicole says the fact that Natalie got to go to the jury when she did give her the opportunity to mend relationships. She says when Michelle called her a floater that just boggles her mind. She says that was when Natalie hadn't even won a competition yet.

Nicole says that James doesn't know if Zakiyah said things about him, but Michelle called her a floater on live TV in front of everyone when she was walking out.

James says Zakiyah admitted that she said that. Nicole says she's got to go to the bathroom before she pees her pants and she goes to the bathroom. James says that's not good at all. He says he knew he had the jury votes, and he didn't want her knowing that, crap.

8:54PM BBT: Nicole goes back to sit at the kitchen table. She says it's such a hard thing to think about and you don't want to make the wrong choice if you have the choice. She says she doesn't know what the right thing to do it and she doesn't have Corey there to help her talk about things. She says she's been stuck in there for how long. She says she doesn't even have a paper and pen to write pros and cons. She says she doesn't even know if she has the choice.

James says if he gets to go he doesn't care if he wins just the $50,000. He says that would be great for his family. Nicole says if they can win the $500,000 that's the best case. She says she doesn't owe either one of them anything at this point as far as pushing her decision. She says she knows she would have lost to Corey, but she would have taken him because she owed him. She says James would have taken Natalie no matter what. She says Paul would have taken Victor no matter what. She says it's crazy not to do something because you owe them. She says she just wants to do what Corey would want her to do. She says he would have won against anyone because he's just loved. She says her and Corey played the same game pretty much.

Nicole says Michelle was crapping on her as she walked out and then hugging on Corey. She says he actually did more wrong to her then she did. She says it's because he was a handsome boy and she's a girl. James says Corey did feed her every day. She says if that's what it takes for someone to give you a bowl of milk every morning that says something right there.

They talk about how bad the Tokyo bedroom smelled from the spilled milk getting on the carpet.

8:59PM BBT: James says at least it's 9PM. Nicole says she needs to go to bed soon and then she remembers she has laundry in the backyard. She goes out to take care of it. Paul is out of the shower in the bathroom area and is grooming himself in the mirror by the sinks.

James is sitting at the kitchen table. Nicole comes back in the house and says it's super nice out. She grabs her water bottle and goes to the backyard. James tells Paul to hurry up so they can hang out. James goes to the backyard.

9:01PM BBT: James comes out and joins Nicole. Nicole is in the hammock. Nicole says she thought Natalie telling James not to work with Corey and Nicole would be enough for him to not take her to final two. Nicole wishes she had a lifeline and she could call her mom. James says I wish you could call your mom. Nicole says she just doesn't want to work this hard for nothing. James says it's been a crazy season.

9:05PM BBT: Paul comes out and says why don't you quit scheming and come have a drink with me. He brings out some beers and he's going to cool the wine down.

They cheer to being the final three. They all thank Big Brother. James says no matter what happens you'll still be my friend. Nicole says no matter what happens, I'll make the right decision. Nicole asks Paul if he styled his hair. She asks if he checked the storage or if he was sent there. He says he had faith and checked it.

Paul joins Nicole on the hammock. James is on the exercise bike next to the hammock. Paul says anyone in the United Kingdom could drink Americans under the table.

9:10PM BBT: James mentions a red-headed singer and starts singing a song. He's trying to get to Ed Sheeran. Nicole says Sam Smith and Paul says that's not him. Paul starts singing Stay with Me which IS by Sam Smith and they still can't figure out who James was referring to. Nicole tosses out Incubus and Paul says no way, that's a rock band. James finally says Ed Sheeran and Paul and Nicole say oh yeah! They ask how James knew Ed Sheeran and he says he did a duet with Taylor Swift.

They start talking about Amber from season 16 and James talks about the wrap party and he met her as she was leaving.

9:15PM BBT: Nicole says Paul doesn't realize how popular his character will be. Paul says I'm an asshole and Nicole says no you have a good heart, you're not an a-hole. They talk about pots and pans and that Paul had talked about doing it. Nicole says friendship will be a huge thing and people will dress like him on Halloween and Pablo's will be everywhere.

9:18PM BBT: James, Paul and Nicole are in the backyard. Paul says he thinks no one will want to hang out with him outside of the house. He says he is self-conscious as F. Nicole says everyone will want to and all his catchphrases will be on t-shirts. Nicole is saying how much he will be surprised outside of the house, and his family is probably already seeing it.

Paul talks about everybody using his catchphrases and fool caught on the most. Paul inspects a can of beer in his hands. James comments how you get 10 cents for a can of beer. Nicole says in Michigan they save their cans because 10 cents will add up.

All of them are counting the carbs you get from one beer. Paul saying how much he will freak out if someone goes as him for Halloween. Nicole imitating Paul saying "pissed". Paul realizes he must say "your boy" and "pissed" a lot.

Nicole and Paul saying how Victor's "El Fit Victor" nickname/comic is going to boost his ego too much. Nicole says, "Thanks, Big Brother."

Paul says how Victor described his intro video and it sounds like "El douche bag". Both of them saying how Corey is the all-American nice guy, Nicole says the vets did not really have a role.

Paul and Nicole say they think Corey was portrayed as ditzy, James was the prankster, Michelle was nuts. Bridgette was sweet and spicy and Paul saying he thinks Bronte was only sweet.

Nicole says she wishes they got to know Glenn more. Paul says he seemed like a sweetheart, and he almost cried when he lost the competition and said: "I tried." Nicole says he made pasta for everyone and Jozea had a cleaning list. James comments, "Yeah, what the hell?" Paul says he was a character.

Nicole says Jozea called her a snake and so did everyone all season but she made final three. Nicole says, "Let's have wine." She goes inside to kitchen to get the wine. Paul comments on how nice it is outside. James says, "Yeah, I know.

9:34PM BBT: Nicole brings the wine glasses outside. Paul and James comment on how they are the nice glasses.

Paul says how much he just wants his guitar. Paul is opening the bottle of wine. Nicole asks, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Paul comments he has had wine before. Nicole states, "You are not supposed to chill red wine." James says it is true. Paul says he only drinks red wine with a big steak. Nicole and James call him Bougie.

They all cheers to a date night. James and Nicole saying the wine doesn't taste good. James saying it's the kind of wine you get from a gas station. Paul says it's to get drunk off of. James saying Moscato wine is a really good all-American wine.

Nicole says BB will say what happened to Nicole now, she is all-wine wine-wine. Paul says, "You need to relax." Paul says he wants a neck tattoo. Nicole says no, that would hurt. Paul says he has friends with neck tattoos and they don't hurt that much. Nicole says Paul was a hot mess at the re-cap brunch. Paul says he can not go to fancy nice places.

9:31PM BBT: Paul says we're almost there man. James says yeah, one day bro. James says he's stressing just as much as Paul and Nicole are. Paul says why and James says I don't have any control really. Paul says that's true. James says you could say James kiss my ass and that's one of those bullets I'd have to bite. Paul says we're all just trying to win. James says yeah, if only I hadn't rooted for you in that veto competition.

Nicole comes back out with glasses and the wine. Paul opens the wine for them. Paul says he can't wait to have his guitar in his hands and James says play some Ed Sheeran. Paul says F Ed Sheeran. He says the girls always ask him to play Ed Sheeran or John Mayer and he's like no. Nicole says you're not supposed to chill red wine and Paul says oh now you're a wine connoisseur. James says she's right.

9:35PM BBT: They cheers to date night. James says two guys taking Nicole out, it feels like the Bachelorette. Paul only drinks wine when he's eating steak, but he does like white wine. They are talking about different types of wine.

9:40PM BBT: They start talking about Jaeger and Fireball. They start talking about shots and various mixed drinks they like. Nicole thinks they went to Natalie's hometown and James' hometown because of Zingbot. Paul says do you think they did my hometown because it's so close. Nicole says oh yeah because you are such a character.

Nicole asks if they did a hometown for James last season and he says yes. Nicole hopes they went to Corey's friends house. James says he'll be meeting all those yahoos real soon.

9:45PM BBT: James' emergency contact is Derrick's dad. Nicole says Derrick will be in the audience and Cody will be there too. Paul asks if Vanessa will and they say probably. James says it's going to be a crazy audience this season.

Nicole wants a glass of wine if she makes final two so she can speak. Paul says he will play them a Taylor Swift song when they get out. Paul says he will not do any other country singer. He says maybe Johnny Cash. Nicole says can you play Chris Young up in here tomorrow and Paul says no!

9:50PM BBT: James tops them off and they cheers again. James says he's going to get them drunk and take advantage of both of them tonight. Nicole says convinces us both to take him to Final Two. James says he'll have them sign a contract.

Nicole says Donny taught her if she holds alcohol in her mouth she'll get drunk faster. James goes to the bathroom. Nicole tells Paul James is trying to get her to final two and she told him she doesn't think it's in her best interest. She says James wished she could call her mom right now and he was looking out for him and Corey all the time. Nicole says she told Corey if it's Paul and James he'd better vote for Paul. James comes back out and Paul says we'll chat later. Nicole asks if James wants some of her wine and James says no he chugged his.

9:55PM BBT: Paul asks if Nicole's friend Mariah will come out. She says she came last time, but she can only come this time if her brother doesn't come and she wants her mom, dad, and brother there. She says her dad will be so proud of her and Paul says absolutely. Nicole says her dad teased her and asked if she was going to make the same mistakes as last time.

Paul says he and his mom are selfless, and his dad is selfless, but his sister is shitty. He says she's not selfish but she got bullied so she had to build up a different personality.

Nicole says she made it to the track state finals; hurdles, and her dad put her in her place a lot by wanting to race her. They feel a nice breeze and James says that just makes you want a blanket. Paul says no. Paul and Nicole say they are the calmest they have felt all season. James says that is good. Nicole says she might end up making a pizza tonight but to not let her. James says, "That actually sounds nice."

She says, "Where's Victor when you need him?" She says Victor will be mad if she doesn't buy him a ticket to Ubly. She asks if he was too mad. Paul says when they were first nominated but not by the veto competition. Nicole says she hopes he still comes to visit. Paul says Victor would constantly tell him how when you walk out you just leave it behind.

Nicole describes how she voted to evict him three times and the third time she said "The third times a charm." Paul says that it is hard to say "I vote to evict Victor." She agrees.

10:08PM BBT: Nicole says she and Hayden broke up February 8th and she got a t-shirt made that said "stupid cupid" and she didn't want to post it but she wore it to a Halloween party. Nicole says things would have gone differently for her if she still was with Hayden this season. She wouldn't have had a showmance. She thinks she may not have even been asked back.

Paul describes the guys that have done his tattoos.

Nicole leaves to go to the bathroom and says she will be right back. James says he wants another tattoo but he wants them to have meaning. He wants one on his arm that he would be able to cover up for work. Paul says he needs to finish his torso tattoo. He says he probably has at least three more sessions to go. He wants to do that before he starts on other parts of his body.

They both comment on the nice breeze. James says he feels like he is at the beach, and Paul agrees. James says it feels like he is at the Santa Monica pier, at the boardwalk.

Nicole returns and James leaves to go the bathroom. Nicole shifts in the hammock and almost spills her wine. Paul grabs it for her.

Paul talks about how James says his fate is in Paul's hands. He describes how James mentioned to Paul that he could screw him over. Paul said to James "yeah that could happen." Paul says James was silent.

James returns. Paul says he would go pre-heat the oven for the pizza. Nicole says she hates them she is getting chubby. They all agree they could just use veggies on the pizza. James leaves to the kitchen again.

Nicole says that James thinks that if either one of them takes James he will beat them. Nicole says James told her he thinks Victor would vote for Paul if it is Nicole and Paul in the final two. She says no duh. She says she told James that Natalie in jury makes her not want to take him (James) because she thinks she is mending the relationships he broke.

Paul says how he wants to take Nicole because he does not want James to go, but for her not to think that he (Paul) thinks that he can beat her. He says he knows his chances would be better against James but he doesn't want to. Paul says that he drilled it into James' head that it would be better for Corey to go out, that week.

Paul tells Nicole they have better odds against each other. She says she knows. Paul says he doesn't want her to think he is being malicious in taking her. He says he doesn't owe James crap and doesn't think he deserves it.

10:00PM BBT: Nicole says she feels chill right now and Paul says he's the calmest he's been all season. Nicole offers James a sip of her wine again. Nicole says I'm going to end up making a pizza tonight and James and Paul say that does sound good. Nicole says where is Victor when you need him.

10:05PM BBT: Nicole says if she hadn't been in a showmance with Hayden her previous season, then she wouldn't have been asked back. They are talking about tattoos again.

10:10PM BBT: Nicole goes inside to the bathroom and James is talking about a tattoo also. Paul says he needs to get something finished first. James says he feels like he's at the beach right now. They keep commenting on how nice the breeze is. James says it feels like the Santa Monica pier at the boardwalk.

Nicole comes back out. James says he's next he has to go to the bathroom. Nicole gets in the hammock and then falls off but Paul saves her wine. Paul says after she left James gave a huge exhale and said he was really nervous. He tells Nicole what James said the first time Nicole went inside. James comes back out and Paul says he has to go too, but he's going to wait. He says when he goes he will pre-heat the oven. James says you know what, I'll go do that right now. Paul says he'll be there in a second.

10:15PM BBT: Paul goes back to telling Nicole what James said. He says James said Paul would be him and Nicole says he knows that's not true. Nicole says James told her he would take her. Nicole says she told James Natalie being in the jury so long makes her nervous because she's got a chance to mend relationships. Paul says I hope you don't think I'm taking you just because I could beat you because the sole reason I'm taking you is because I think you deserve it. Paul says I'm not going to lie, I think I have a better shot of beating you than James, but he also thinks Nicole has a better shot of beating Paul than James.

10:20PM BBT: Paul and Nicole are talking back and forth about James. Nicole says in order to be the best, you have to beat the best and she thinks Paul is the best. Paul does not think he is the best. Nicole thinks she has a chance to get Michelle's vote because Paul called her the "C" word. Nicole says I have Corey and Paul has Victor but James has Natalie and Michelle. Nicole says if she lost to James she'd be disappointed but if she lost to Paul, well she'd have voted for him too. Nicole says she told James she and Paul did dirty work and James never got blood on his hands.

10:25PM BBT: Nicole thinks Paul might get James vote. She says she's not going to sit next to someone she doesn't think deserves to win Big Brother. Paul says that makes him feel better. He says he's as transparent with her as he has been the entire season. He genuinely likes her and he owes James nothing. Paul says James has three locked votes with Bridgette because of how close Natalie and Bridgette are.

Nicole says Corey didn't have any days with jury and Victor had a day and a half and Natalie has been there with Michelle. Nicole says James told her James would beat her. Paul says he'd rather cut his finger off than take James. Nicole says she'd be worried if it was strategically smart for Paul to take James, but she doesn't think it is. They talk about the dub-step competition and how it was thrown to him and Paul was responsible for that.

Nicole says she would be worried if it was strategically smart but it isn't. Paul is worried about James pulling something. Nicole says he isn't capable of it. She says he only one the one HoH that was practically given to him.

Nicole says how James told her that both of their situations were similar, showmance and vets. James told her that her showmance was just a tiny bit more powerful. Nicole says how she is baffled he thinks her and Corey were only a tiny bit more powerful. Nicole says she is fumed James made it farther than Victor and Corey.

Paul says how Victor cried about his game and Nicole cried when Corey left, Nicole says they played their hearts out.

They are criticizing how James was thinking about throwing his game away for Natalie. Both Paul and Nicole says how as much as they loved their partners, they would never use the veto on their partners ever. James comes in, in the middle of this discussion. Nicole asks James if he threw the comic veto because he maxed out. James says he just couldn't get it. Paul says how the two strongest mental players are going head to head in the final showdown.

Nicole describes how there have only been six female winners. Paul says there won't be one this season and laughs. James says how many Asian people have won big brother? [One, Jun Song ~Morty]

He says he is the first minority to win AFP. Paul says in 18 seasons he is the first Armenian. Nicole says you have to be related to the Kardashians. Paul says if he was he would be swimming in a pool of money and not on big brother. James leaves again.

Paul says they have gotten far because of their brains. It doesn't matter how many competitions you win. Nicole says Victor and Corey were the bronze and beauty. Nicole says they both deserve either 500K or 50K. Paul likes that they both see eye-to-eye on many situations.

They say they will go on vacation with their money. James comes back with a sugar cookie and chips. Nicole says thanks and James says he has to kiss some ass. He walks away. Paul says he was watching Nicole on his laptop two years ago. Who would have thought he says.

Nicole says the first day Natalie was in her face says "you were my favorite" many times. She says she thought Natalie was too peppy and wasn't into it. she says she saw Tiffany and thought she looked like someone. She saw James and was good with it. She was hoping for more people to come out.

James comes back and says did you know there were four vets coming out? Paul says yes there were four question marks. Nicole says and two vets in serious showmances. Nicole says if Paul came back she would watch him and support him. He says that is friendship.

10:44PM BBT: Nicole says she supported Caleb on Survivor even though she had never watch it before. Paul says he would come back for season 20 if he was asked. he would pop out and probably be evicted the first day. James says who would have known he and Nicole would be playing together. Nicole says I thought you would come back. James says you didn't think Johnny-Mac would? She said she hopes not. She said Johnny-Mac said she was so boring and in between Ian and Dan in his bio. James says JMac was loved by America but when he watched it back he would see why he won AFP. James said in his bio it said his favorite player was Victoria. Nicole says no way you put that there. James says they framed him. He doesn't remember says that.

Nicole shouts out to Andy Herren and says she hopes he is rooting for her and supporting her. He is the bomb dot com she says. Nicole says she was hanging out with Andy and Hayden and they called JMac and she let him have it. The minute she read his bio she wasn't a fan.

James says he actually does like Victoria as a person. He shouts her out and says your pretty awesome. Paul shouts out Frankie and says he is cool as F. He doesn't care what anybody thinks, they are both entertaining.

Nicole asks if the pizza is almost done? James says you will like it. They all head inside. Nicole asks so you would really be happy if Victoria won? James says well yeah I would be happy for anybody who won, you made it. Nicole says as a BB superfan you would not support someone who didn't work their butt off to win. James says he knows it is a controversial subject.

10:50PM BBT: Paul comes out of the bathroom and does not wash his hands. Paul comes into the kitchen with James and Nicole. Paul sits down and BB asks if he washed his hands. Paul says he pissed, he went, unzipped, pulled his wiener out, put it back, and zipped up. He didn't put his finger in his ass. Nicole says you touched your wiener, though?

Paul goes to run water on his hands in the kitchen sink. He says what do you have cameras in here? Paul says I know we're not allowed to talk about our diary room sessions, I know. BB says you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests. Paul says give us another Orwell's Owls bullcrap. Nicole sings, "Everybody in the club getting tipsy."

Paul wants to take his pizza and go back to the hammock. James and Nicole talk about Frank threatening to put them on the block over pizza. Paul says Frank told him he was a legend and everyone was afraid him. Paul says he had big legs but he wasn't intimidated by him.

10:55PM BBT: Paul says he called Frank curly cue in his diary room sessions. BB says Paul and Paul says yeah, I get it. He says Frank shouldn't have been cocky, he should have been more humble. James goes to the bathroom. James does wash his hands.

Paul and Nicole are in the kitchen whispering about James saying he liked Victoria. Nicole says did you wash your hands since they called you out? Paul says yes and James says he sprinkled water on them. BB comes over the speaker and says yes. Paul says he didn't touch anything, he flushed with his shoe.

Nicole goes to the bathroom. James says that would be like if Nicole rubbed her thing and Paul says but she didn't do that. Nicole comes out and washes her hands and the pizza is done. They say James did a good job.

11:00PM BBT: Nicole and Paul grab a couple of pieces and head out to the couches in the backyard. Paul says his parents are stoked right now. James comes out and joins them and says everything was made from scratch. Nicole asks what time it is, if it's late at all and James says it's 11.

Paul asks if Nicole is sleeping in London again and she says yeah. Nicole dropped her pizza and Paul says five second rule. He says the alcohol will kill the bacteria. Paul says no one got sick, that's impressive. Nicole says people got sick on 16. James says didn't Jocasta get sick and Nicole says yeah heat exhaustion.

They talk about Donny winning veto and saving her. Nicole says Donny was a veto king, she thinks he won three in the first 5 weeks. She says he won the dice competition the spelling competition and one more.

11:05PM BBT: Paul asks if they think they'll have the backyard tomorrow. James says yeah. Nicole says the pizza is so good she wants another piece. She goes inside and Paul says she's wasted. He says she's feisty, he likes it.

11:10PM BBT: They are talking about how big the backyard is compared to what they see on TV. Nicole says she's about to pass out. She says she's going to sleep like a baby. Paul says that was friendship and they thank Big Brother. Nicole says OK good night. Paul says we'll do dishes tomorrow. Paul thanks James and he heads inside too and James followed. Paul says maybe we'll get some motivational speeches tomorrow.

Paul asks who changed the oven to Spanish and James says not me. James doesn't know who did it. Paul think it was Natalie or Victor but he doesn't think Victor would do that.

Paul complains about being called out for not washing his hands again. Nicole says technically you should still wash your hands. Paul says why if you don't touch anything. Nicole says girls don't touch anything because they use toilet paper and Paul says that's different. Nicole says pee could get on your hands and Paul says what, am I sticking my hands in the bowl?

11:15PM BBT: They all head to the British bedroom. Paul is talking about his hairy eyebrows and he wants Nicole to clean up him tomorrow so he's not irritated on live TV.

Nicole asks them if they are all going to bed and the guys say yes. Nicole says she dieted all day and then James made that pizza. They all get in bed and the lights are out and Nicole gets called to the DR. Nicole goes to the bathroom area to get ready. Paul says his family seen him win tonight. He says they might have known if they watch the live feeds, but he doesn't think they do.

Paul gets called to the DR. Paul says what's happening right now, I'm butt ass naked. James says they just called Nicole though. Paul is complaining he has to put his pants back on. He says what are we going to talk about? James says maybe it's a check in. Paul says at 12? James says but they just called Nicole and now you. Paul says but Nicole had to put make-up on, and a bra, and write a novel. Paul goes to the DR.

11:20PM BBT: James is lying in bed. Nicole is getting ready in bathroom area. Paul is in DR.

11:27PM BBT: Paul comes out of the DR and Nicole goes in. Paul goes to the London room and James says you're next. James says competition stuff? Paul says kind of. He says a little bit of both. He says you'll see. James says of course they get us after we've been drinking. Paul says they're surprised we went to bed so early.

11:34PM BBT: Nicole is out of the DR and James gets called to the DR. He asks Paul if he needs competition stuff on and Paul says not really. Nicole is waiting outside the British bedroom door so she can scare James. Nicole laughs and heads in and says she scared him. Paul says we nailed it, buddy. He's so proud of them. Nicole says she's in a food coma. She says she threw away the rest of the pizza because she knew she'd eat it.

Paul says, Nicole, as of right now we have one day and a wake up. Nicole says it's insane. Paul says dude you better have a spicy-ass speech ready. Paul says do you even have time to say anything and Nicole says she doesn't remember, but maybe time for a one liner. Paul says she will sleep real good. He says tomorrow they can screw around and do whatever. He says tomorrow they can say it's the day after tomorrow. Nicole says she lost her glasses. Paul says fool is Velma from Scooby-Doo.

Nicole says she needs help and Paul says I'm butt ass naked, I'm not getting out of this bed. He asks where she put them. She says she put them on the table but she heard them fall. He says check under the bed and Nicole says yeah, they were under the bed. She goes to turn the light back out and says are you really naked? Paul says do you want to see my butt. She says I thought you said you slept with your underwear on and he says he never cared many days ago.

11:40PM BBT: Paul says he can't explain how excited he is. Nicole thinks James is coming. Paul says never cared, for once in my life I don't have to tiptoe around crap. Nicole says she had to walk on eggshells around Frank. Nicole asks why he didn't vote with the house for Victor and Paul says because I didn't want to be mean. Paul says karma paid him back for being a good person.

Nicole asks if him and Victor were as close as she and Corey were. Paul says no we were just friends. We weren't even working together. Paul says he stuck his neck out for him and he tried to help him and give him hints and that's when he knew Victor was stupid. Paul says he tried to tell Victor not to tell anyone about his RoadKill wins and he went and told Paulie and Frank. He says Victor also low key threw Paul under the bus telling Frank and Paulie that Paul told him not to trust them. Paul says he hated Natalie since day one and Nicole says that was Corey's least favorite person in the house.

11:45PM BBT: Paul says he seen Mr. Flirty and Mrs. Flirty and he knew they were digging their own grave. He says his ego got hurt and she crap on him. Paul says she really irked him and James comes back in. He says to Nicole you little trickster. Paul says she got you huh? James says she caught him off guard. She took advantage of him because he was drinking. Paul says Italy is where the pizza is.

Nicole asks, "You've been to Rome?" Paul says he's travelled a lot. He says he's been to Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca, Pargue, Budapest, Romania, and Transylvania. James says isn't that expensive? Paul says a round trip ticket would be $1200, but once you're there... BB tells them the bedroom lights must remain on.

Paul says you're high if you think I'm turning the lights on. He says first I'm naked and second F lights. Paul says that's why you got night vision cameras. They are told again the bedroom lights must remain on.

Nicole says they got James and Natalie doing the humpty hump and James says they never did that. Paul says they got Paulie and Zakiyah procreating. James says they got Nicole and Corey procreating. Nicole says no way they didn't. She says we kissed and made out. She says she knows her and Corey never had intercourse so that's all that matters. BB says I said the bedroom lights must remain on.

James says why don't you come down here and make us. Paul says G, I'm going to tell you now, I'm but naked. James says we'll get called to the DR together. Paul and Nicole are laughing and James says what the hell? James says OK, I didn't get the memo.

11:50PM BBT: James says Paul what did you and Victor do? Paul says nothing, we almost beat the crap out of each other. James says I seen Victor with red marks on his neck. Nicole asks if him and Natalie ever made out and he says no. Paul says I'm calling bullshit.

James says he's going to bed. Nicole says you get married and have kids. She says will you invite me and James says heck yeah. Paul says would you invite me and James says yeah. Nicole says would you invite Corey so I could see him again. Nicole asks what making out is and Paul says kissing with tongue. Nicole says what is making out without tongue and Paul says kissing. Nicole asks why tongue is an upscale and James says it's more passionate.

11:55PM BBT: They talk about kissing preferences and experiences. James says his best kiss was with drunk sex and Nicole says she doesn't have drunk sex and Paul and James say that's the best. Nicole says you guys gross me out.

Nicole asks what was the strangest experience they had and Paul says he has a girl asked him to choke her.

12:00AM BBT: Nicole asks James what he thinks would be weird. James says he had a girl ask him to put ice cubes in her vagina and do it. Paul says no way. James says he told her to go get the ice tray and that's when he thought it was weird. Paul says go get the ice, we're making lemonade. Nicole says she has to go pee and she gets up.

Paul asked James if he did it and he said yeah. Nicole comes back after grabbing a cookie. Paul says what's the weirdest thing YOU ever did. Paul says she's talking about tongues and we're talking about ice cubes in vaginas and choking people.

Nicole says she doesn't do crazy things and Paul says homie I believe it. Nicole says Corey gave her the most tongue she's ever gotten, she doesn't kiss with tongue. Paul laughs. Nicole says I'm not boring. Paul says not boring, you just enjoy the simple things.

12:05AM BBT: James says you know what Michelle told me? She says she worked at Victoria's secret and wore lingerie for her boyfriend. Paul says none of her boyfriends ever made her orgasm. James says when she gets her first one she's going to die.

12:10AM BBT: All HGs are quiet and in the British bedroom.

Today's updates were written by: Cassondra0222, Fuskie, headintheclouds, IndyMom78, Kekila, and Moonpetal.
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