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Program:  Rockford Files
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: September 13, 1974
Last Telecast: July 25, 1980
Network(s): NBC
Currently Airs  On: WGN
Previously Shown On: TV Land 2002
Available Formats: DVD
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Rockford Files to Go:

The Rockford Files: Season One [DVD](1974) DVD
All 25 episodes from the debut season--including "The Kerkoff Case," "Say Goodbye to Jennifer," "The Dexter Crisis," "Charlie Harris at Large," and the two-part "Profit and Loss"--are featured in this three-disc set. 17 1/4 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English (SDH), Spanish.

Rockford Files: Season Two [DVD](1975) DVD
All 22 episodes from the second season--including "The Aaron Ironwood School of Success," "The Real Easy Red Dog," "The Hammer of C Block," "Joey Blue Eyes," and "A Bad Deal in the Valley"--are featured in this three-disc set. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

The Rockford Files VHS
James Garner played easy-going ex-con P.I. Jim Rockford from 1974 to 1980 in an NBC series that became one of the most popular detective shows of all time. With help from his dad (Noah Beery, Jr.), ex-cellmate Angel (Stuart Margolin) and Detective Dennis Becker (Joe Santos), Rockford tackled tough cases that the police considered "unsolvable." Each tape runs about 50 min.

The Rockford Files: Backlash Of The Hunter VHS
The two-part episode that launched the long-running series and set the stage for its trademark mix of mystery and laughs finds Jim Rockford searching for the murderer of Lindsay Wagner's father. 90 min.

The Rockford Files: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys And Dogs VHS
When wealthy socialite Lauren Bacall's life is threatened, Rockford uneasily mixes with high-society types to find the culprit.

The Rockford Files: Nice Guys Finish Dead VHS
Jim Rockford teams with polished detective Lance White (Tom Selleck) to help a friend framed for murder in this classic episode.

The Rockford Files: The Big Ripoff VHS
Rockford investigates a woman who survived the plane crash that killed her husband and received $400,000 in insurance. Jill Clayburgh guest stars.

The Rockford Files: The Kirkoff Case VHS
The seedy heir to a family fortune hires Rockford to investigate the mysterious murder of his parents. James Woods guest-stars.

The Rockford Files: The No-Cut Contract VHS
Jim Rockford is implicated in a blackmail plot by scheming pro quarterback Rob Reiner.

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire [DVD](2001) DVD
Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood(2002) VHS
Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Letterboxed Version) [DVD](2002) DVD
Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood [DVD](2002) DVD
Roughing It(2002) VHS
Roughing It [DVD](2002) DVD

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