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Program:  The People's Choice
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: October 6, 1955
Last Telecast: September 25, 1958
Network(s):  NBC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: VHS
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The People's Choice on VHS

The People's Choice VHS
Jackie Cooper starred in this fondly-remembered 1955-58 comedy as Socrates "Socks" Miller, a naturalist who becomes a city councilman in New City, California, thanks to the efforts of girlfriend Amanda "Mandy" Peoples (Pat Breslin), the mayor's daughter. Offering her own unique take (through a voice-over by Mary Jane Croft) on the goings-on was Cleo, Cooper's pet basset hound. Each tape features two episodes and runs about 55 min. There are 10 volumes available, including:

The People's Choice, No. 1 VHS
Mayor Peoples and Aunt Gus' upcoming wedding is in trouble when Sock loses the ring in "Sock Gives Gus Away." Then, Sock and Mandy are all set to move out in "The Reluctant Houseguest." 50 min.

The People's Choice, Vol. 1 VHS
Includes "Sock Proposes to Mandy" and "Domestic Relations."

The People's Choice, Vol. 2 VHS
Includes "Sock the Budget Balancer" and "Wedding Bells."

The People's Choice, Vol. 3 VHS
Includes "Proxy Marriage" and "Lonely Hearts."

The People's Choice, Vol. 4 VHS
Includes "Mayor's Election" and "People's Pageant."

The People's Choice, Vol. 5 VHS
Includes "Pierre's Job" and "Sock the Greek God."

The People's Choice, Vol. 6 VHS
Includes "Sock's Master Plan" and "Nickel Pickle."

The People's Choice, Vol. 7 VHS
Includes "The Giveaway" and "Reluctant Houseguest."

The People's Choice, Vol. 8 VHS
Includes "Sock's Daughter" and "Ladies Aide."

The People's Choice, Vol. 9 VHS
Includes "Rollo Makes Good" and "First Anniversary."
The People's Choice, Vol. 10

Includes "Missing Moolah" and "Daisies Won't Tell."

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