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Program:  Outer Limits
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: September 1963
Last Telecast: January 1965
Network(s): ABC
Currently Airs  On: Sci-Fi Channel
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: DVD VHS CD
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In 1995 The Outer Limits returned with new episodes.  This new series, which is still being produced, surpassed the original by in longevity, as of January 2003, there were 154 episodes, compared to the original's 49.  The new series airs on the Sci-Fi Channel and in syndication.
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Outer Limits on DVD & VHS

The Outer Limits: Sex & Science Fiction Collection [DVD] DVD
A sextet of sci-fi tales opens with Alyssa Milano as a woman whose "close encounter" leaves her with an insatiable lust in "Caught in the Act"; the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust gets some computer-generated companionship in "Bits of Love," with Natasha Henstridge; Sofia Shinas is "Valerie 13," a robot whose emotions become all-too-human; a man who's lived his life onboard a mysterious spaceship meets his female counterpart in "The Human Operators," with Jack Noseworthy and Polly Shannon; a nerd becomes a ladies man via a high-tech "image enhancer" in "Skin Deep," with Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Adam Goldberg; and an alien plant becomes a deadly and seductive "Flower Child," with Jud Taylor. 264 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby D

The Outer Limits: The Original Series, Vol. 1 [DVD](1963) DVD
There is nothing wrong with your DVD player. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are presenting tales of awe and mystery from the classic science-fiction anthology series that ran on ABC from 1963 to 1965. All 32 first-season episodes--including "The Galaxy Being," "The Architects of Dear," "The Sixth Finger," "The Zanti Misfits," "The Mutant" and "The Form of Things Unknown"--are featured in this collector's set. 27 1/2 hrs. on four discs. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.

The Outer Limits: Time Travel & Infinity Collection [DVD] DVD
A scientist sets out to stop crimes before they're committed, with disastrous results, in "A Stitch in Time," with Michelle Forbes and Amanda Plummer; a Holocaust survivor's son receives some unusual help to bring a Nazi war criminal to justice in "Tribunal," with Saul Rubinek and Jan Rubes; Civil War re-enactors Joshua Leonard and Jonathan Scarfe are sent back to 1863 and "Gettysburg"; a woman picked to join a time-travel experiment attempts to prevent her father's death in "Time to Time," with Kristin Lehman; Kevin Nealon and Ronny Cox star in "Deja Vu," about a scientist trapped in a time loop; and Michael Rooker goes to the past to kill the future carrier of a lethal plague in "Patient Zero." 264 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby

Outer Limits: The New Series
The Outer Limits: Season 1 [DVD](1995) DVD
All 21 episodes from the first season--including the two-part "The Sandkings," "Blood Brothers," "Under the Bed," "I, Robot," and "Caught in the Act"--have been collected in a five-disc set. 16 1/3 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English, French; documentaries.

The Outer Limits: The New Series 6-Disc Set DVD
Six-disc set includes all 36 episodes from the "Aliens Among Us Collection," the "Fantastic Androids & Robots Collection," the "Mutation & Transformation Collection," the "Death & Beyond Collection," the "Sex & Science Fiction Collection," and the "Time Travel & Infinity Collection." Surround; "making of" documentary.

The Outer Limits VHS
There is nothing wrong with your VCR. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are presenting tales of awe and mystery from the classic science-fiction anthology series that ran on ABC from 1963 to 1965. Except where noted, each episode runs about 52 min.

Outer Limits: A Feasibility Study VHS
The residents of an average suburban neighborhood find the six-square-block radius they live on has been transplanted on a world of rocklike beings.

Outer Limits: Behold, Eck! VHS
This humorous entry tells the story of an optician who invents unusual glasses that enable wearers to see a strange creature. Peter Lind Hayes and Joan Freeman star.

Outer Limits: Cold Hands, Warm Heart VHS
After making the first manned landing on Venus, astronaut William Shatner begins undergoing a strange metamorphosis. Geraldine Brooks co-stars.

Outer Limits: Controlled Experiment VHS
Two Martians take a closer look at the popular Earth practice of murder by rewinding and fast-forwarding homicides with their special machine. Barry Morse and Carroll O'Connor star.

Outer Limits: Corpus Earthling VHS
Thanks to the metal plate in his head, scientist Robert Culp overhears the plans of two parasitic aliens planning their conquest of the Earth.

Outer Limits: Counterweight VHS
Six people volunteer for a simulated interplanetary flight, but the experiment is also monitored by a mysterious alien light being.

Outer Limits: Cry Of Silence VHS
Stuck on a remote country road, a couple are trapped by tumbleweeds controlled by an alien intelligence. Eddie Albert, June Havoc star.

Outer Limits: Demon With A Glass Hand VHS
Harlan Ellison's award-winning story stars Robert Culp as the amnesiac last man on Earth, being chased in an abandoned building by alien invaders.

Outer Limits: Don't Open Till Doomsday VHS
A honeymooning couple come across two mysteries: a demented woman whose husbands vanished decades ago, and a box that serves as an unearthly gateway.

Outer Limits: Expanding Human VHS
A laboratory experiment in "consciousness-expanding substances" unlocks a scientist's dark side and turns him into an immortal, amoral killer.

Outer Limits: Fun And Games VHS
An Earth man and woman are transported to a distant world where they must battle representatives of another planet to the death, or risk Earth's destruction. Nick Adams stars.

Outer Limits: I, Robot VHS
A mechanical man is tried for the murder of his creator in this sci-fi classic by Otto Binder. Howard Da Silva, Leonard Nimoy, Read Morgan star.

Outer Limits: It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork VHS
An energy-absorbing cloud is used to take control of a scientific research facility by the lab's deranged chief. Scott Marlowe, Ed Asner star.

Outer Limits: Keeper Of The Purple Twilight VHS
An advance scout for an alien trades his intellect to an Earth scientist in exchange for human emotions.

Outer Limits: Moonstone VHS
Scientists and military men on the moon uncover a living object that may be dangerous. With Ruth Roman and Alex Nichol.

Outer Limits: Nightmare VHS
Six members of an international military squad are captured by aliens and subjected to mental manipulation, but what is the real reason for the abduction? Ed Nelson, Martin Sheen star.

Outer Limits: O.B.I.T. VHS
A murder investigation at a scientific installation reveals the extraterrestrial origin of a global surveillance system.

Outer Limits: Production And Decay Of Strange Particles VHS
A nuclear reactor gets out of hand, producing bizarre, human-like creatures with nasty attitudes. With George Macready and Leonard Nimoy.

Outer Limits: Second Chance VHS
An amusement park ride turns out to be the real thing when a group of people think they're going to have fun on a fake rocketship.

Outer Limits: Soldier VHS
Two fighters from a war-ravaged future Earth are sent back to the 20th century in a story by Harlan Ellison.

Outer Limits: Specimen: Unknown VHS
An orbital space station is beset by strange mushroom-like organisms that emit a deadly gas.

Outer Limits: The 100 Days Of The Dragon VHS
A foreign agent who can assume the appearance of anyone at will impersonates a presidential candidate.

Outer Limits: The Architects Of Fear VHS
A man (Robert Culp) is transformed into an ``alien'' by a team of scientist watchmen who hope to scare the world's nations into cooperation by announcing an ``invasion.''

Outer Limits: The Bellero Shield VHS
Brought to Earth by accident, an alien being is robbed of his force field weapon by a scientist's ambitious wife. Martin Landau, Sally Kellerman star.

Outer Limits: The Borderland VHS
A wealthy man sends a team of scientists into the fourth dimension in hopes of finding his deceased son. With Mark Richman and Nina Foch.

Outer Limits: The Brain Of Colonel Barham VHS
A terminally ill astronaut agrees to have his disembodied brain hooked up to a space probe for use as a "living computer," but the plan backfires.

Outer Limits: The Chameleon VHS
An assassin-for-hire is recruited by the government to be transformed into an alien and infiltrate a ship that's landed on Earth. Script by Robert Towne ("Chinatown"); Robert Duvall stars.

Outer Limits: The Children Of Spider County VHS
An alien being returns to Earth to reclaim the offspring he fathered years earlier in hopes of repopulating his homeworld. Kent Smith stars.

Outer Limits: The Duplicate Man VHS
A scientist breeds a clone of himself in order to track down a dangerous alien creature he illegally brought to Earth before it escaped.

Outer Limits: The Forms Of Things Unknown VHS
Two high-class murderesses on the run (Vera Miles, Barbara Rush) encounter an eccentric (David McCallum) and his ``alleged'' time machine.

Outer Limits: The Galaxy Being VHS
A scientist's (Cliff Robertson) experimental television receiver brings a malevolent alien to Earth.

Outer Limits: The Guests VHS
An eerie house where time stands still and aliens hold occupants captive is discovered by a ne'er-do-well. Gloria Grahame, Geoffrey Horne and Luana Anders star.

Outer Limits: The Human Factor VHS
In Greenland, a scientific experiment goes awry, and the minds of two men (Gary Merrill, Harry Guardino) are exchanged by accident. Sally Kellerman also stars.

Outer Limits: The Inheritors, Parts 1 & 2 VHS
Four wounded soldiers suddenly develop inhuman intellect and embark on mysterious tasks. An FBI agent (Robert Duvall) is determined to discover their purpose. 102 min.

Outer Limits: The Invisible Enemy VHS
A manned expedition lands on Mars, but finds man-eating monsters living in the sandy surface. Adam West stars.

Outer Limits: The Invisibles VHS
A government agent is assigned to infiltrate a secret cadre of government and military leaders who've been possessed by alien parasites.

Outer Limits: The Man Who Was Never Born VHS
A grotesque mutant (Martin Landau) from the year 2148 travels back in time to prevent the future destruction of life on Earth by killing the man responsible.

Outer Limits: The Man With The Power VHS
An experiment gives a college professor (Donald Pleasence) incredible mental powers, but his subconscious mind starts to take over.

Outer Limits: The Mice VHS
A criminal with a life sentence makes a deal to spend time on a faraway planet. Henry Silva and Diana Sands star.

Outer Limits: The Mutant VHS
A strange shower of silver substances on another planet turns a scientist into a bald, big-eyed telepathic killer. Warren Oates and Betsy Jones-Moreland star.

Outer Limits: The Premonition VHS
A test pilot and his wife escape simultaneous accidents to find themselves in a world where nothing seems to move.

Outer Limits: The Probe VHS
An airplane is caught in a hurricane, and the people inside are picked up by an alien space probe sent to Earth.

Outer Limits: The Sixth Finger VHS
A scientist thrusts a simple Welsh miner (David McCallum) up the evolutionary path and transforms him into a superhuman future being.

Outer Limits: The Special One VHS
He came from the planet Xenon to teach the Earth children something special. What was it? To take over the Earth!! With Richard Ney and Macdonald Carey.

Outer Limits: The Zanti Misfits VHS
A race of ant-like creatures decides to use Earth as a ``penal colony'' for their exiled criminals.

Outer Limits: Tourist Attraction VHS
A prehistoric ``lizard-fish'' is captured in a South American country, but escapes before it can be put on exhibition and returns with more of its kind for revenge.

Outer Limits: Wolf 359 VHS
An alien world is re-created in microcosm by two scientists, but the accelerated evolution unleashes a deadly creature that threatens all. Patrick O'Neal stars.

Outer Limits: Z-Z-Z-Z-Z VHS
An entomologist is drawn into the insect world when a queen bee takes on a human form. Phillip Abbott and Joana Frank star.

The Outer Limits: Sandkings VHS
The acclaimed '60s sci-fi series returned to TV with this all-new, feature-length installment. Government scientist Beau Bridges retrieves eggs found in a Martian soil sample and takes them to his home lab, where they hatch out intelligent, scorpion-like creatures that live in sand and begin exerting control over their "captor." Helen Shaver, Lloyd Bridges co-star. 93 min.

The Outer Limits: Original Television Soundtrack (1963-65 Television Series) [SOUNDTRACK]
1. Control Voice Introduction [From the Premiere Episode "The Galaxy Bei - Vic Perrin
2. Outer Limits (Main Title)
3. Andro #1 [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
4. Main Title and Caper [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
5. Outer Limits: Sine Wave Pattern [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
6. Andro #3/Andro #2/Andro & Noelle/Andro Hypnotioc/Andro #10 [From "The
7. Dementia #7 [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
8. Andro #8 [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
9. Dementia #2 [From The Man Who Was Never Born][Medley]
10. Outer Limits: Signature Loop [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
11. Dragon #1 [From The Hundred Days of the Dragon]
12. Wild Brahmas [From The Hundred Days of the Dragon]
13. Dragon #4: Assassination [From The Hundred Days of the Dragon]
14. Washington D.C. [From The Hundred Days of the Dragon]
15. Needle Dragon #7: Bogus Selby [From The Hundred Days of the Dragon]
16. Main Title/Galaxies [From Nightmare]
17. Spaceship Crash & Capture/March in/March Out/Zap Willie [From "Nightm
18. Interrogation Loop [From Nightmare][Medley]
19. Ebonite Wand [From Nightmare]
20. Prepare the Chamber #2 [From Nightmare][Medley]
21. Let's Go [From Nightmare]
22. Outer Limits (End Title)
23. Outer Limits Tone: Probing the Galaxies
24. Communication/Galaxy Being
25. Computer Beeps
26. Rampage
27. Ambience [From The Galaxy Being]
28. Ichthyosaurus Mercurius
29. Ichthyosaurus Mercurius Thaws and Escapes [From Tourist Attraction]
30. Time Portal Crossing [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
31. Spaceship Entering Atmosphere [From Nightmare]
32. Time Warp Barrier (Return) [From The Man Who Was Never Born]
33. Computer Lab Ambience
34. Mind Link/Transfer [From The Human Factor]
35. Cyclotron Blows Up
36. Nuclear Furnace Reactor
37. Atomic Explosion [From Production and Decay of Strange Particles]
38. Control Voice: Sign Off - Vic Perrin

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