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Program:  One Step Beyond
AKA: "Alcoa Presents"
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: January 20, 1959
Last Telecast: October 1961
Network(s):  ABC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: DVD / VHS
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One Step Beyond on DVD

These Releases from Gotham Distribution
One Step Beyond
One Step Beyond:Vol 2
One Step Beyond:Vol 3
One Step Beyond:Vol 4
One Step Beyond:Vol 5
One Step Beyond:Vol 6
One Step Beyond:Vol 7
One Step Beyond:Vol 8
One Step Beyond:Vol 9

One Step Beyond-Volume 1
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 2
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 3
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond-Volume 4
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 5
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 6
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 7
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond (8 DVD)
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond-Volume 9
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond-Volume 8
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond-Volume 10
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004
One Step Beyond-Volume 11
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond-Volume 12
from: Delta Music Music in 24 February, 2004

One Step Beyond (12 DVD)
from: Delta Music Music in
24 February, 2004


One Step Beyond DVD
A classic '50s TWILIGHT ZONE-inspired television series exploring the supernatural and bizarre, hosted by the bespectacled John Newland. Episodes featured: "The Riddle," "Moment of Hate," "Night of Decision," "Not A Witch," and "Vanishing Point." Note: The quality of this DVD is considered poor by collectors, and the episodes are in their syndicated running time.
One Step Beyond: Boxed Set [DVD] DVD
A blood transfusion has unexpected results in "Delusion"; "Ordeal on Locust Street" finds a man entering a supernatural world; a Navy medic performs a surgical procedure in "Brainwave"; a wheelchair-bound woman is vexed by a tsunami in "Tidal Wave"; "The Anniversary of a Murder" brings a ghostly visit; a woman has strange visions about her husband in "To Know the End"; a man explains his son's unbelievable rescue in "Explorer"; a 17th-century earl tries his son's lover for witchcraft in "Doomsday"; a maid refuses to help her dying employer in "The Inheritance"; a jealous man misjudges his wife's relationship with a circus performer in "The Clown"; a man goes on a desperate hunt for his lost love in "Delia"; "House of the Dead" concerns a Br

Prime Time TV From The Early Days: One Step Beyond [DVD] DVD
Featured are six episodes from the supernatural suspense series hosted by John Newland: "The Riddle" (1959), "The Lovers" (1960), "Anniversary of a Murder" (1960), "Goodbye Grandpa" (1960), "The Sorcerer" (1961) and "The Dark Room" (1959). 170 min.Standard; Soundtrack: English mono.

Reel Values TV Classics, Vol. 9 (Flash Gordon / One Step Beyond) (1954)
Six great episodes of vintage television from the 1950's. Steve Holland stars as comic book hero FLASH GORDON (1954). John Newland stars in ONE STEP BEYOND, the series focused on ESP and the paranormal with stories based on actual events.  This DVD gets a higher rating for quality than the one shown above and only costs around $10.

One Step Beyond VHS
Originally titled "Alcoa Presents" during its 1959-1961 run on ABC, this spooky anthology presented true stories of people who encountered ghosts, ESP, premonitions and other unexplainable phenomena. John Newland hosts. Each tape features two episodes and runs about 55 min.

One Step Beyond, No. 1 VHS
In "Call for Tomorrow," an actress recently released from a mental hospital returns home only to hear strange voices. And in "The Stone Cutter," with Joe Mantell, a tombstone cutter has a strange revelation.

One Step Beyond, No. 2 VHS
An strange series of events follows an old railroad man's promise to his young grandson in "Goodbye Grandpa." And Louise Fletcher is featured in "The Open Window," in which an artist who murders a young model sees the same incident occurring in the building across the way.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 1 VHS
An army officer is acquitted of a murder he insists he committed in "The Sorcerer,'' with Christopher Lee. Next, a teacher receives an unusual gift from a pupil in ``Message from Clara.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 2 VHS
Cloris Leachman is stalked by a murderous stranger in ``The Dark Room,'' while Ross Martin is haunted by a premonition in ``Echo.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 3 VHS
The ``Anniversary of a Murder'' brings a ghostly visit to the couple responsible, followed by Charles Bronson in a spectral boxing story, ``Last Round.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 4 VHS
A prisoner's encounter with the supernatural is recounted in ``Gypsy." Next, a reporter's dream of two brothers leads to a ``Dead Man's Tale.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 5 VHS
A dying girl's need for a blood transfusion has unexpected consequences in ``Delusion,'' with Norman Lloyd and Suzanne Pleshette, followed by a haunting romance story, ``Legacy of Love.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 6 VHS
The truth about a skiing accident that ended in death is uncovered in ``The Haunting.'' Next, an Air Force pilot is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian prince in ``The Mask.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 7 VHS
A simple smooch between a retired postman and a waitress impresses some ghosts in ``The Lovers.'' In ``Front Runner,'' a jockey gets a delayed payback for a foul he committed 20 years before.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 8 VHS
A tourist in India puts up a cluck when a man enters his train compartment with a chicken in ``The Riddle.'' A railroad veteran's grandson has a strange experience thanks to Grandpa's promise in ``Goodbye Grandpa.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 9 VHS
``Epilogue'' tells the story of a strange woman who alerts a man about his family being trapped in a cave-in. In ``Dead Ringer,'' a woman has a psychic connection to her sister, who is burning down an orphanage.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 10 VHS
Patrick O'Neal stars as a man who goes to an island and discovers he's well-known in ``The Return of Mitchell Campion,'' while George Washington decides not to surrender to the British because of a premonition he had in ``Night of Decision.''

One Step Beyond, Vol. 11 VHS
In "Vision," four French soldiers in World War I retreat after an unusual experience. And Patty McCormack plays a girl suspected by her parents of being a witch in "Make Me Not a Witch."

One Step Beyond, Vol. 12 VHS
A man suddenly becomes phobic and needs water, but his doctor helps him and another patient miles away in ``The Trap.'' And Mike Connors plays ``The Aerialist,'' whose argument with his father leads to weird events during a performance.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 13 VHS
A two-part thriller, "The Peter Hurkos Story," stars Andrew Prine and Albert Salmi in a story about a man with ESP who uses his gift to help the police.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 14 VHS
In "Night of April 14," a water-fearing woman discovers that her husband has booked them on the Titanic. Patrick Macnee and Barbara Lord star. Also, a British guardsman has a strange premonition on the night of the evacuation of Dunkirk in "The Dream," starring Reginald Owen.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 15 VHS
In "Person Unknown," a Mexican revolutionary discovers that a mysterious force has killed one of his adversaries. And in "Justice," a man confesses to a murder, even though the townsfolk say otherwise.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 16 VHS
"The Open Window" focuses on a temperamental artist who sees another artist trying to murder his model. With Louise Fletcher. Also, "The Executioner" concerns a Confederate soldier miraculously escaping death at the hands of a firing squad. 60 min.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 17 VHS
In "Ordeal on Locust Street," a young man enters a supernatural world in his fiancee's house; and in "I Saw You Tomorrow," a U.S. agent witnesses a murder the day before it happens.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 18 VHS
In "Where Are They," a man's selling of a secret formula to Washington provokes a boulder shower in his hometown. Next, a governess finds out that her charge is planning to get rid of her in a most unusual way in "The Tiger."

One Step Beyond, Vol. 19 VHS
In "Moment of Hate," a woman believes she can kill people by just thinking of them. Also, "Signal Received" concerns a sailor's future, as predicted by a reliable fortune teller.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 20 VHS
In "Vanishing Point," Edward Binns stars as a man trying to find his missing wife. Next, a middle-aged bellboy in a 1906 San Francisco hotel has a premonition of a devastating "Earthquake." With David Opatoshu.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 21 VHS
A woman has strange visions of her husband turning into someone else in "To Know the End." And in "The Dead Part of the House," a young girl suspects danger awaits her in a strange room in her aunt's house.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 22 VHS
In "The Face," a man searches for the person he dreams will murder him; and "Rendezvous" finds a woman being saved by her long-lost husband while she's being attacked.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 23 VHS
"Encounter" tells the amazing story of a lost pilot who appears thousands of miles away from his last known location...minus his plane! Also, "Reunion" involves a gathering of World War II fliers that takes an unusual turn.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 24 VHS
In "The Devil's Laughter," a death-row inmate perceives some weird, supernatural experiences; and in "The Captain's Guest," strange occurrences at a New England house upset a young couple. With Robert Webber.

One Step Beyond, Vol. 25 VHS
Luana Anders and Ed Platt star in "The Burning Girl," about a woman who wonders why fires begin whenever she is present. Then, a man explains his son's unbelievable desert rescue to the boy's teacher in "Explorer."

One Step Beyond: Boxed Set VHS
Journey into "the beyond" with John Newland as host of these eerie, true-life stories. Included in this seven-tape set are "The Plane Crash/Where Are They?," "Dead Ringers/The Hand," "The Secret/Midnight," "Lovers/Anniversary of a Murder," "Echo/Tiger," "The Face/The Wedding" and "South Sea Drunk/Dead Man's Tale." 360 min. total.

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