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Program:  NewsRadio
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: March 21, 1995
Last Telecast: July 13, 1999
Network(s): NBC
Currently Airs  On:  
Previously Shown On:
The Biography Channel until 2004, before that it was on

A & E 
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NewsRadio on DVD

NewsRadio: The Complete First And Second Seasons [DVD](1995) DVD
All 29 episodes from the first two seasons--including the pilot, "Smoking," "Goofy Ball," "Negotiation," "Zoso," "Presence," and "Led Zeppelin II"--are featured in a three-disc set. 11 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: Portuguese; featurette; audio commentary on selected episodes; filmographies.

NewsRadio: The Complete Third Season [DVD](1996) DVD
All 25 episodes from the third season--including "President," "Halloween," "Complaint Box," "Space," and "The Injury"--are featured in a three-disc set. 10 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: Portuguese.

NewsRadio: The Complete Fourth Season [DVD](1997) DVD
All 22 episodes from the fourth season--including "Jumper," "Super Karate Monkey Death Car," "Catherine Moves On," "Chock," and "Sinking Ship" (featuring Phil Hartman's final appearance)--are featured in a three-disc set. 8 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: Portuguese; audio commentary; featurette.

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NewsRadio Stars on Video

Andy Dick:  
Being John Malkovich Collector's Set VHS
Road Trip (R-Rated Version) VHS
Comedy Product VHS
In The Army Now(1994) VHS
Double Dragon [DVD](1994) DVD
The Cable Guy(1996) VHS
The Cable Guy [DVD](1996) DVD
Best Men(1998) VHS
Bongwater(1998) VHS
Permanent Midnight [DVD](1998) DVD
Bongwater [DVD](1998) DVD
Best Men [DVD](1998) DVD
Being John Malkovich(1999) VHS
Inspector Gadget(1999) VHS
Being John Malkovich [DVD](1999) DVD
Advice From A Caterpillar [DVD](1999) DVD
Loser(2000) VHS
Dude, Where's My Car?(2000) VHS
Road Trip (Unrated Version)(2000) VHS
Picking Up The Pieces(2000) VHS
Road Trip (Unrated Version) [DVD](2000) DVD
Zoolander(2001) VHS
Zoolander [DVD](2001) DVD
Scotland, PA(2002) VHS
Scotland, PA [DVD](2002) DVD
Dave Foley: 
The Best Of The Kids In The Hall VHS
The Kids In The Hall: Seasons 3 & 4 VHS
Three Men And A Baby [DVD](1987) DVD
It's Pat: The Movie(1994) VHS
Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy(1996) VHS
Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy [DVD](1996) DVD
The Wrong Guy(1997) VHS
The Wrong Guy [DVD](1997) DVD
A Bug's Life(1998) VHS
From The Earth To The Moon(1998) VHS
Sink Or Swim [DVD](1998) DVD
A Bug's Life (Collector's Edition) [DVD](1998) DVD
Dick(1999) VHS
Blast From The Past(1999) VHS
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut(1999) VHS
Toy Story 2(1999) VHS
Blast From The Past (Spanish Subtitled Version)(1999) VHS
Monkeybone(2001) VHS
On The Line(2001) VHS
On The Line [DVD](2001) DVD
Phil Hartman
Small Soldiers (DTS) [DVD] DVD
The Coneheads(1983) VHS
Pee-wee's Big Adventure(1985) VHS
Three Amigos!(1986) VHS
Last Resort(1986) VHS
The Three Amigos [DVD](1986) DVD
The Brave Little Toaster(1987) VHS
Blind Date [DVD](1987) DVD
How I Got Into College(1989) VHS
Fletch Lives(1989) VHS
KiKi's Delivery Service(1989) VHS
Quick Change(1990) VHS
So I Married An Axe Murderer(1993) VHS
Coneheads(1993) VHS
CB4(1993) VHS
The Twelve Days Of Christmas(1993) VHS
CB4 [DVD](1993) DVD
The Pagemaster(1994) VHS
Greedy(1994) VHS
The Crazysitter(1994) VHS
Greedy [DVD](1994) DVD
The Pagemaster [DVD](1994) DVD
Stuart Saves His Family(1995) VHS
Houseguest(1995) VHS
Houseguest [DVD](1995) DVD
Sgt. Bilko(1996) VHS
Sgt. Bilko [DVD](1996) DVD
The Second Civil War(1997) VHS
Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night(1998) VHS
Small Soldiers(1998) VHS
Small Soldiers (Spanish Language Version)(1998) VHS
Small Soldiers [DVD](1998) DVD

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