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Program:  Nanny and the Professor
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: January 21 1970
Last Telecast:  December 27 1971
Network(s):  ABC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
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The Movies of Juliet Mills

The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Vol. 20: The Ultimate Computer Affair/The Adriatic Express Affair VHS
THRUSH develops a supercomputer that poses problems for U.N.C.L.E. in "Ultimate," which features Charlie Ruggles and Judy Carne; and in "Adriatic" train passengers Napoleon, Illya and guest star Juliet Mills try to stop THRUSH agent Madame Nemirovitch. 114 min.

Monsters: Outpost/Far Below VHS
Interplanetary mining station inspector Juliet Mills is sent to the "Outpost" to learn why the genetically-altered custodian has become unbalanced, but there's a surprise waiting for her. Next, Barry Nelson finds a horrifying secret "Far Below" in the subway tunnels of New York.

In Which We Serve(1942) VHS
Magnificent documentary-like war drama directed by David Lean and produced, written by and starring Noel Coward as the captain of a crew of brave, young soldiers on a WWII British warship. John Mills, Bernard Miles, Celia Johnson and Juliet Mills (as a baby) also star. 115 min.

The History Of Mr. Polly(1949) VHS
When disenchanted Brit Alfred Polly grows tired of his endlessly nagging wife and unfulfilling job, he decides to change his life. The quest for self-improvement leads Polly to a country inn, where he takes a handyman job and discovers true love. Engaging comedy based on an H.G. Wells story stars John Mills, Sally Ann Howes, Megs Jenkins. 94 min.

The Rare Breed(1966) VHS
Fine family western stars Jimmy Stewart as a cowboy accompanying heiress Maureen O'Hara and daughter Juliet Mills on a journey across the frontier to deliver a prize bull. Action, comedy and romance; co-stars Brian Keith, Jack Elam, Ben Johnson. 97 min.

Avanti!(1972) VHS
Touching and funny romantic farce from Billy Wilder focusing on a stodgy corporate executive (Jack Lemmon) in Italy to claim the body of his father, who has been killed in an accident. There he meets the daughter of his father's mistress (Juliet Mills), and the two begin their own affair on their parents' favorite little island. Clive Revill, Edward Andrews co-star. 144 min.

Letters From Three Lovers(1973) VHS
What happens when three letters, missing for a year, are finally delivered? June Allyson, Ken Berry, Juliet Mills, Belinda J. Montgomery, Martin Sheen and Barry Sullivan are among those who find their lives altered by the long-delayed missives, in this Aaron Spelling-produced drama. 75 min.

QB VII(1974) VHS
An epic drama from Leon Uris' best-seller tells of a libel suit involving a Polish doctor and an American writer. But the powerful story also deals with the Middle East crisis, the Holocaust, and the ethics of journalism. Ben Gazzara, Anthony Hopkins, Lee Remick, Leslie Caron, Juliet Mills, Anthony Quayle co-star in this remastered version of the classic mini-series. 304 min.

Beyond The Door(1974) VHS
Post-"Exorcist" possession shocker starring Juliet Mills as the wife of a San Francisco record producer whose illicit affair with a Satanist leads to her pregnancy. Soon, she discovers she may be bearing a demon...and undergoes some horrific changes. Richard Johnson and Gabriele Lavia also star in this Italian-made fright fave. 97 min.

Barnaby And Me(1977) VHS
Delightful family film from Australia about a young girl who tries to ``push'' her mother into a relationship with a free-spirited man. Sid Caesar, Juliet Mills and Barnaby the talking koala star. 90 min.

The Other Sister(1999) VHS
In this sensitive comedy/drama directed by Garry Marshall, Juliette Lewis is a mentally retarded young woman who returns to parents Diane Keaton and Tom Skerritt after spending 10 years in an institution. While attending a vocational college, Lewis meets Giovanni Ribisi, an emotionally handicapped student. The two become involved romantically, which causes problems with Lewis' parents. 130 min.

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