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Program:  "The Bob Cummings Show"  airs in syndication as
"Love that Bob"
Broadcast History:
First Telecast: January 1955
Last Telecast: September 30, 1959
Network(s): NBC / CBS / NBC
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: (none)
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The Bob Cummings Show

Love That Bob VHS
Hit sitcom with Bob Cummings as Bob Collins, a swinging single photographer whose job often involved taking pictures of gorgeous models. Ann B. Davis co-starred as Schultzy, Bob's faithful secretary; with Rosemary DeCamp, Dwayne Hickman. The show ran on NBC, CBS and ABC from 1955 to 1959. Except where noted, each tape features two episodes and runs about 50 min. There are 20 episodes available, including:

Love That Bob, Vol. 1 VHS
Bob's nephew Chuck starts his own business, paying his friends to date his uncle's models so that other men can't hurt them, in "Wolf Sitter." Then, "Grandpa's Christmas Visit" turns out to be a bit too much for Bob to handle. Finally, Schultzy dreams that Bob is her own personal playboy in "The Sheik." 78 min.

Love That Bob, Vol. 1 VHS
Features "Grandpa's Christmas Visit" and "Bob Gets Harvey a Raise."

Love That Bob, Vol. 2 VHS
"Bob Gets Harvey a Raise" when he tries to pass himself off as Harvey in order to convince an out-of-town buyer to do business with him. Then, "Bob Saves Harvey" as he once again makes an effort to win over that same buyer, who keeps shooting him down.

Love That Bob, Vol. 2 VHS
Includes "Forgotten Fiancee" and "Bob Goes Bird Watching."

Love That Bob, Vol. 3 VHS
"Bob Goes Birdwatching" and pleads with Bill to distract Pamela so that he can woo her lovely friend. Then, Bob's friends play a cruel trick on him for his own good when they make him believe that he proposed to a woman and then forgot about her in "Bob's Forgotten Fiancee."

Love That Bob, Vol. 3 VHS
Features "Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle" and "Bob Sails to Hawaii."

Love That Bob, Vol. 4 VHS
Bob masquerades as an astronaut in order to impress Miss Sweden in "Bob Goes to the Moon." Next, when the IRS makes off with some of Bob's money, he tries to get his friends to "save" money so that he can recoup his losses in "Bob Retrenches."

Love That Bob, Vol. 4 VHS
Includes "Bob Saves Harvey" and "Bob Goes to the Moon."

Love That Bob, Vol. 5 VHS
"Grandpa Attends the Convention" of his old gang, the San Juan Hill Rough Riders and learns that an ex-girlfriend of his is actually Pamela's grandmother! Then, Grandpa and "Grandpa's Old Buddy," Charley, hatch a plot to make time with two of Bob's models.

Love That Bob, Vol. 5 VHS
Includes "Bob Digs Rock & Roll" and "Grandpa's Old Buddy."

Love That Bob, Vol. 6 VHS
Chuck enlists Bob's help in helping him get his girlfriend to give up on the rock singer she has feelings for in "Bob Digs Rock 'n' Roll." Plus, Bob has to best one of his competitors to get to a tropical photo shoot with Miss Sweden in "Bob Sails for Hawaii."

Love That Bob, Vol. 6 VHS
Features "Grandpa Attends Convention" and "Bob Retrenches."

Love That Bob, Vol. 7 VHS
Don Knotts co-stars in "Bob and Schultzy at Sea," as Bob makes a valiant effort to find Schultzy a man during a cruise. Then, Chuck wants to be a rock 'n' roll singer, but Uncle Bob tries to dissuade him, in "Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle." Ozzie Nelson guest stars.

Love That Bob, Vol. 9 VHS
"Bob and Schultzy Reunite" after the long line of catastrophes that forced her initial leave of absence. Then, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Alan Reed guest star as Bob tries to score with a woman from his past that he doesn't remember in "Bob Helps Anna Maria."

Love That Bob, Vol. 10 VHS
"Bob and the Ravishing Realtor" get to know one another when Bob develops a crush on the sizzling beauty assigned to sell this house. Next, when Bob witnesses Harvey's wife pushing him around, he sets out to put things right in "Bob Restores Male Supremacy."

Love That Bob, Vol. 11 VHS
"Grandpa Moves West" and, much to Bob's surprise, appears to have taken a tumble for a female acrobat. Also, "Grandpa Clobbers the Air Force" with apple cider bombs after they tell him that he can't join their ranks.

Love That Bob, Vol. 12 VHS
Bob receives some radical rock 'n' roll lessons from George Burns in "Bob Butters Beck...Beck Butters Bob." Then, "Collins the Crooner" gets bummed out after Bob's newfound fame results in Pamela falling for him.

Love That Bob, Vol. 13 VHS
After Grandpa's previous apple cider attack on them, the U.S. Air Force exacts revenge by kidnapping Bob in "Bob in Orbit." Then, Bob is repeatedly thwarted by his temporary secretary when he tries to hit on an astonishing English model in "Bob and the Dumb Blonde."

Love That Bob, Vol. 14 VHS
"Bob Judges a Beauty Contest" when he is selected by the Air Force to sit in on their local pageant. Next, Bob faces a major dilemma when he finds Margaret has left the house without a scrap of food, just as he brings a date home for dinner, in "Bob Plays Margaret's Game."

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