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Program:  Jack Benny Program
Broadcast History:
First Telecast:  October 1950
Last Telecast: April 1965
Network(s):  CBS
Currently Airs  On:
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: VHS / DVD
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Jack Benny on DVD!

The Jack Benny Show, Vol. 1 [DVD] DVD
Includes "How Jack Met Mary," "The Life of Jack Benny," and "Jack Gets Robbed," and "The Fred Allen Show." Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

The Jack Benny Show, Vol. 2 [DVD] DVD
Includes "4 AM," "Humphrey Bogart," "Don's Anniversary," and "Liberace." 103 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

The Jack Benny Show, Vol. 3 [DVD] DVD
Includes "Jack Goes to the Rose Bowl," "The Johnny Ray Show," "Jam Session at Jack's," and "The Irene Dunne Show." 114 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

The Jack Benny Show, Vol. 4 [DVD] DVD
Includes "Reminiscing About New Year's Eve," "Jack Dreams He's Married to Mary," "Jack's New Hong Kong Suit," and "Beverly Hills Police Station." 113 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

The Jack Benny Show, Vol. 5 [DVD] DVD
Includes "The Dorothy Shay Show," "Goldie, Fields and Glide," "Lunch Counter Murder," and "Jack Rents His House." 113 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English. Plays All Regions.

The Jack Benny Collection
from: Koch Vision Entertainment
This is a quality release on DVD. 
24 February, 2004 Amazon.com's Price: $26.98
Jack Benny TV Series:Vol 2
from: Gotham Distribution
28 September, 2004


Holidays With Jack Benny
from: Brentwood Home Video
31 August, 2004

Christmas With Jack Benny
from: Koch Vision Entertai
09 November, 2004

Jack Benny:TV Classics Vol 3
from: Gotham Distribution
26 October, 2004

Jack Benny Show Collector's Edition (2pc) (Coll)
from: Diamond Ent. Corp.
01 January, 2003 This set has 15 episodes, and Benny is hilarious. The quality of the DVDs isn't the best. Hey, what can you expect for the price? Amazon.com's Price: $9.95  

Jack Benny Would Have Saved Money on eBay

The Jack Benny Video Library

The Christmas TV Episodes   H is first episode Christmas shopping is the best,turning the clerk (Mel Blanc) into a nervous wreck! Jack Benny's second episode is about New Year. The Beverly Hillbillies Christmas Day episode is good,even if it's just to see Granny trying to figure out what she thinks is a washing machine,but is infact a tv. I'm sure Ozzie & Harriet never aired in England,it's not so much funny,but very strange acting,it's so innocent and wonderful, almost like another world compared to todays teen garbage,where morals are unknown. I do hope someone releases many more Jack Benny shows,and more American Christmas shows from the wonderful 50s.

An Affectionate Look At Jack Benny VHS

Jack Benny Visits Walt Disney VHS
Special has Jack visiting the Disney Studios to beg some free passes to Disneyland from Walt Disney himself. Along the way they meet guest stars like Bob Hope and The Beach Boys and take part in a hilarious spoof of ``Mary Poppins.'' 60 min.

Jack Benny, No. 1 VHS
Humphrey Bogart spoofs gangster movies, playing a killer named "Baby Face" in the first episode. Then Jack is a lunch counter attendant who encounters two thugs in "Lunch Counter Murder" with Dan Duryea.

Jack Benny, No. 2 VHS
In the "Hong Kong Suit," Jack's cheapness scares clippers away at the barber shop. Giselle MacKenzie also appears and sings "Smile" and plays "Fascination" with Jack. Next, Fred Allen and Jack joust over air time when Fred misses rehearsal. Eddie Cantor makes a cameo appearance.

Jack Benny, No. 3 VHS
Bob Crosby breaks into Jack's monologue and sings while Jack plays violin with Dorothy Shea in a hillbilly sketch. And in "Jack Found Mary," Jack tells an interviewer how he met Mary Livingstone, with Sheldon Leonard making an appearance. Plus, Rochester sings and dances with The Sportsmen Quartet.

Jack Benny, No. 4 VHS
Bing Crosby and George Burns guest and Bob Hope makes a cameo in this program that has Jack telling Don Wilson about his days in vaudeville. Bing even sings "Gypsy" and takes a wild ride in Jack's hammock. And Jack's monologue is interrupted by Margaret Truman, Bob Crosby sings "Peter Pan," and Jack faces two crooks in the collection's second episode.

Jack Benny, No. 5 VHS
In "Jack Casting for TV Special," Jack writes his life story, then hires a child agent who works cheap. Also, in "The Story of the New Talent Show," Jack is joined by Jayne Mansfield, Mel Blanc as Mr. Fingue, a judo expert and a three-member quartet.

Jack Benny, No. 6 VHS
Jack goes Christmas shopping but has trouble deciding on a gift in a holiday episode that also features Dennis Day singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." And "Don's Anniversary" features a gala celebration for announcer Don Wilson's 27th anniversary with Jack; guests include John Daly, Howard McNair and Nancy Kulp.

Jack Benny, No. 7 VHS
Jack teams with Liberace in this funny program in which Jack takes the place of Lib's brother George for a concert performance of "September Song." And Bob Hope steals Jack's pants, then joins him in a jungle skit called "Road to Nairobi." A cameo appearance is made by Martin and Lewis.

Jack Benny, No. 8 VHS
While he and Rochester will be away on a personal appearance, "Jack Rents His House" in order to collect some "easy" cash. Next, Jack is awakened by a disc jockey at "4 O'clock in the Morning," and later has to go shopping with Mary.

Jack Benny, No. 9 VHS
In the first episode, Jack discovers that a young girl who wants his autograph plays the violin better than him. Julie London is also featured, and she chips in and flirts with Jack. Also includes an ultra-rare episode featuring Marilyn Monroe in her first TV appearance as Jack's dreamgirl on a Hawaiian vacation. A collector's treasure from 1953!

The Jack Benny Program, Vol. 1: Johnny Carson Guests/ Jack Takes Boat To Hawaii VHS
A young Johnny Carson sings, dances, plays the drums and talks to Jack; and Jack's trip to Hawaii includes meetings with Jayne Mansfield and Schlepperman. 60 min.

The Jack Benny Program, Vol. 2: The Peter Lorre-Joanie Sommers Show/The Smothers Brothers Show VHS
Peter Lorre and Joanie Sommers guest in an episode in which Jack attempts to treat his cold, but discovers that his doc is a plastic surgeon. Next, the Smothers Brothers relive a bombing raid on London in which Jack entertained servicemen. 60 min.

The Jack Benny Program, Vol. 3: The Income Tax Show/ Jack Adopts A Son VHS
It's Benny vs. the IRS over a $3.90 dinner deduction, with Jimmy Stewart guest-starring; followed by Jack welcoming new son Marvin (who looks suspiciously like Milton Berle) home. 60 min.

The Jack Benny Program, Vol. 6: The Christmas Show/ The Railroad Station VHS
"The Christmas Show" features Jack and Rochester on a gift-buying spree; while in "The Railroad Station," Benny, Rochester and Don Wilson prepare for a trip to New York--and Jack cancels the milk, electricity, and newspaper! With Richard Deacon, Mel Blanc. 60 min.

The Jack Benny Show VHS
Features the season-ending episodes from 1951 and 1953. Joining Jack and regulars are special guests Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, George Burns and Martin and Lewis. 60 min. total.

The Jack Benny Show VHS
Well! Here's a bargain that Jack would certainly appreciate, a double feature from his beloved TV series. Joining Jack, Rochester, Don, Mary and the gang is special guest star Jayne Mansfield, followed by the 1953 New Year's show. 60 min.

The Jack Benny Show VHS
These classic installments from "The Jack Benny Show" originally aired on CBS and NBC in the 1950s and '60s and featured the great deadpan penny-pincher in hilarious situations with featured performers Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Don Wilson, and various guest stars.

The Jack Benny Show With Liberace VHS
It's a musical and comedic aggregation unparalleled when that violin-playing legend, Jack Benny, is joined by the `50s most famous pianist in a rib-tickling episode from Benny's beloved series.

The Jack Benny Show/ The Dennis Day Show VHS
An example of the Jack Benny program with guest Bob Hope, plus a look at its popular spin-off, ``The Dennis Day Show'' centering on the Hollywood bachelor life of Jack's underpaid house tenor. Cliff Arquette co-stars as Charley Weaver.

The Jack Benny Show: The Kingston Trio VHS
Jack hosts popular folkies The Kingston Trio, who perform "Tijuana Jail" in a bit and "I'm Going Home." Also featured is the classic "Sy/Si/Sue" routine with Mel Blanc. NOTE: The print of this rare find ends before the show's conclusion. 52 min.

TV Classics, Vol. 8: The Jack Benny Show VHS
Well! A pair of classics from the great series that teamed Humphrey Bogart and Jayne Mansfield, respectively, with the curmudgeonly king of comedy. Benny, Bogie and the Body equal lots of laughs! 52 min.

Jack Benny Show, Vol. 3 VHS
Two hilarious shows from 1943. The first features Don Wilson, Rochester, Kirk Douglas and Dick Powell. The second features Bob Crosby and guest Humphrey Bogart. 58 min.

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