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Program:  Hearts Afire
Broadcast History:
First Telecast:  September 14, 1992
Last Telecast: February 1, 1995
Network(s):  CBS
Currently Airs  On:  USA Network 7/2002 -
Previously Shown On:
Available Formats: DVD
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Fun Fact:  Markie Post is the daughter of noted scientist Richard F. Post. He is the holder of more than 25 patents in the fields of nuclear fusion, particle accelerators, electronics, and mechanical energy storage.

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Hearts Afire on DVD
Hearts Afire: The Complete First Season [DVD](1992) DVD
All 23 episodes from season one--including "Bees Can Sting You, Watch Out," "Smithersgate," "Trivial Pursuit," "Take My Senate Seat, Please," and "Class Reunion"--are collected in a four-disc set. 9 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; outtakes.

Hearts Afire: The Complete Second Season [DVD](1993) DVD
All 16 episodes from season two--including "Lovely Always," "Moonlighting," "Do the Limbaugh," "Love in the Afternoon," and "Sleepless in a Small Town"--are collected in a three-disc set. 6 1/2 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; deleted scenes.

Hearts Afire: The Complete Third Season [DVD](1994) DVD
All 14 episodes from season three--including "Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby," "Fat Like Me," "Prose and Condoms," "Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Hartman," and "The Outsider"--are collected in a three-disc set. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

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