The Courtship
Of Eddie's Father


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Program:  The Courtship Of Eddie's Father
Broadcast History:
First Telecast:  September 17, 1969
Last Telecast:  June 14, 1972
Network(s): ABC
Currently Airs On: Goodlife TV Network (Sometimes used as filler on Turner South)
Previously Shown On: TNT
Available Formats: (none)
This theme song (My Best Friend), and over 60 others, are on the CD: Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.2: From the 50's and 60's
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The Incredible  Hulk
The Incredible Hulk
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The Return Of The Incredible Hulk [DVD](1977) DVD
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Before Bill Bixby Became a Star

Classic TV Commercials Of The Fifties And Sixties, Vol. 3 VHS
The stars come out for American consumerism, including Andy Griffith and Ron Howard for Sanka, Jean Arthur for Jell-O, Bert Lahr for Lay's Potato Chips, Bill Bixby for Kent, and Ron and Nancy Reagan at home with GE. Also, Action Jackson, Good and Plenty, Chef Boy Ar Dee and many others. 60 min.

The Kent Cigarette Collection VHS
Celebrities who endorse Kent cigarettes in these ads from the `50s and `60s include cast members on the set of ``The Dick Van Dyke Show,'' Jackie Coogan during the run of ``Hennessy'' and Bill Bixby, an unknown actor at the time. 30 min.

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