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Who was the first TV couple ever to be seen in bed together on television?
-Legrone Thompson

Dear Legrone Thompson,

The question of which TV sitcom was the first to feature a husband and wife sleeping in the same bed (rather than twin beds) has been asked many times. For years Florence Henderson claimed that Mike (Robert Reed) & Carol (Florence Henderson) Brady were the first. Then she announced that she was incorrect; it was Herman & Lily Munster. I announced that the correct answer was on January 17, 1955 when Fred (William Frawley) & Ethel (Vivian Vance) Mertz demonstrated their unique way to cope with a sagging mattress in the "I Love Lucy" episode entitled "First Stop."

Many people reject this account as Fred was pretty much a prisoner of the bed and it was a one-time occurrence.

I was later corrected, Ozzie and Harriet had a queen-size bed.

But they are all wrong! "Mary Kay and Johnny" were the first in 1947, Mary Kay also was shown pregnant on this early sit-com. And since "Mary Kay and Johnny" was the first sit-com, I don't think I'll ever have to correct my answer again!

Thanks for writing, stay tuned,

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