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How submit your news to Morty's TV 
About Press Releases

If you're a television publicist and are interested in having your announcements posted in Morty's Classic TV  News, or in the Viewer's Guide, please read these instructions.

Press releases are selectively posted to the news page. Stories must in someway relate to either a classic TV series, a current appearance of a celebrity from an old series.  Press releases do not usually identify the source.  If this is required, please note it.

Additions to the viewer's guide are less selective.  Usually accepted are: 
    Series premieres
    Regular Series with Major Guest Stars
    Any Movie with an Award Won or Nomination
    Stunts & Themed Marathons
    Holiday Programming

Items that announce upcoming episodes of existing series or brag about ratings are least likely to get posted.

You must send your press releases as plain text.  You can either copy and paste the text directly into your email message, or you can attach text files to your message.   You may also cut and paste your information into the feedback form at the bottom of the page, or send it by regular email to:

Photos are welcome and can be sent as attachments to you message.

Don't worry about removing contact information -- I'll be sure your name and number are left out. Since your press releases will be read by both an industry and consumer audience.  URLs to your media and consumer websites will be included at our discretion.

Finally, to ensure your message doesn't get caught by my spam filter, please send all press releases to this special address: 

Your name:

Your e-mail address:

Type of information:

Press Release    Addition to Viewers Guide

Type or Paste Your Information Here:

 By submitting mail to Morty's TV you agree to allow your message to be published on the WWW (Internet World Wide Web) and in print publications. Your e-mail address will not be published.  Morty reserves the right to edit your messages for publication.



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