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1.  Front doors for Herman to crash through.
2.  Completed Foyer w/ Butch Patrick and Grandpa George
3.  Foyer under construction
4.  The real house in 1963
5. The replica under construction.
Charles and Sandra McKee have the ultimate Munsters collectible:  A replica of the house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  Except this house is locate in Waxahachie, Texas.  And this isn't just a facade like the one at Universal Studios, it's a real $250,000, 5,825-square-foot Victorian style house, with an interior that matches the set used on the series, complete with a staircase that opens and a dungeon trap door in the living room.

In December of 2001, Charles McKee McKee, a 46 year old plumber, and his wife Sandra, 44, started construction on their dream house located on a two acre lot on Farm Road 813 south of Dallas.

The Munster's house shown under construction in March of 2002

The house isn't just for show, it's a real house that the McKees will live in.  So my first question had to be: "How do you get your wife to go along with an idea like this?"  Well the answer will surprise you.  The Munster house is pretty much Sandra's baby. A former insurance-company owner (she said she "retired" last year), Sandra's the one who collects Munsters memorabilia and belongs to Munsters fan clubs; Charles likes the show but said he's just along for the ride.  Sandra says she's been a fan of the Munsters for years. But, since beginning construction of the two story, Victorian house, she's become friends with some of the show's stars. Butch Patrick (Eddie), Al Lewis (Grandpa), and Pat Priest (Marilyn). 

Next, "Where do you get a quarter of a million dollars to build a Munster house?"  The McKees are selling a Victorian house near downtown to pay for their new home. 

The McKees decided to share their new home with hundreds of Munster fans, by throwing a party on Saturday, October 26, 2002. Eddie, Grandpa, and Marilyn were at the party. Tickets were available and the event was open to the public.

House Features:
A revolving suit of armor that leads to a secret room.
Mazes of hidden passages. 
A Staircase trap door  opens via a hydraulic system.
A trap door in the living room leads to a basement laboratory.
Arced Windows
10' High Ceilings
When completed, the house will be surrounded by a stone wall.
and a floor plan designed by Sandra McKee herself.

Copyright laws and other legal stuff go along with taking fandom to this extreme. Contractor Steve Wilson said Universal Studios, which owns rights to the show, has been supportive. In fact it seems like Universal even appreciates the press coverage they've been getting.

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