Day 47: Monday, July 21st, 2014 - Absolute Power

Previously, Ashleigh got the Power! Tonight, the Power Alliance is formed! The tea leaves speak. But can they keep their secret safe?


10:17am Yesterday, the housemates learned that the Power had returned, but no one knows it was given to Ashleigh by the public. Ash, Mark, Pav, Helen and Steven talk about it in the yard. Ash says he has been up 5 times and is still there. He isnít worried. Mark doesn't think they'd vote him out. Out of all of us, he says, I think Steven would go. Thanks Mark, Steven says sarcastically. I don't mean that in a rude way, Mark says. I appreciate your vote of confidence, Steven laughs. Mark again protests he didn't mean it in a rude way.


I never take offense in what you say, Steven says, you're too close a friend. No, really, Steven jokes, I'm offended. You're going to cling to that like a dog to a leg, Mark says, aren't you. Well done, Mark, Helen says, you've done started him off and it's only one day.


In the Diary Room, Pav tells Big Brother he talks to Christopher, Ashleigh and Chris for an intelligent conversation and heads to the other side of the house if he just wants to have some fun. If the mood of a group of people doesn't match how I'm feeling, I'll just jot to the other group. I've been here a week and I'm not attached to anyone yet, not spending any time with someone. Just floating about and feeding on the energies of those whose moods match how I'm feeling.


Christopher and Chris are cleaning the kitchen, talking about the Power with Secret Power Housemate Ashleigh. Ashleigh warns Chris that Zoe suspects that he has the Power. In front of everyone, he asks? No, Ashleigh says, there were others in the room. I was going to warn her to watch what she's saying because it's going back to Week 2. It's not the secret Power housemate, Chris says, they've not said that, have they?

2:26pm Ash and Helen discuss their sleeping arrangements. Are you tired, Ash asks? Knackered, she says. Ash says they were tossing and turning all night. They should Great Wall of China it tonight, he suggests, I'm not having a single bed. She agrees and says she will get pillows off Steveís bed.

Ashleigh is called to the Diary Room and instructed to go to the Power Control Room to the left of the Diary Room. She is introduced to Iris. Iris informs Ashleigh that as Power Housemate, she immune from eviction. But she will not be the only Power Housemate. She must also form the first Power Alliance. She needs to pick another housemate to recruit, in secret. No one can know. Which ever housemates she recruits, they will also be immune from eviction this week.


Weíre excluding Helen obviously, Ashleigh says. Ash is also not being chosen. We havenít come to agreements, really, Ashleigh says. Steven doesnít listen to Ashleigh in daily conversations, so he is out. Pav and Zoe just got there last week, she says, so she is excluding them. That leaves Winston, Mark, Chris and Christopher. Ashleigh doesnít feel she and Christopher could work well together in this type of situation. Mark would be really easy to work with because he sees things the way I see them, she thinks. The only thing about Mark is if he would cave under the pressure not being able to talk about it, she worries.


Ashleigh is really drawn towards Chris. She's aware he was Power Housemate in week 2, she says, and is closest friend in the house right now. They could have a lot of fun and have the same views on everybody in the house. We think the same people deserve to be in the final and deserve not to be up for nomination. I'm gonna choose Chris, she tells Iris, I hope he doesnít hate me. Iris informs Ashleigh that only the Power Alliance will nominate. The alliance will continue to grow and so will the number of nominations. You must use your Power wisely, Iris advises. Sh*t, she says, do I ever get to press these buttons? Not at the moment, Iris says dryly.


2:41pm Helen is cooking up an omelet in the kitchen. In the garden, Chris asks Christopher if he finished cleaning the toilet. Oh sh*t, Christopher jumps up - he forgot and left soap and suds everywhere. He's losing the plot, Ash jokes. Definitely, Ashleigh says, he's nuts. Ash heads inside. Alone in the garden, Ashleigh whispers to Chris, I need to talk to you, and they head up to the pod.


Out of site and hearing, Ashleigh whispers to Chris that she was told yesterday that the public voted her the Power Housemate this week. Amazing, Chris says. She tells him no one is to know, but she has to create the first Power Alliance and has chosen him. The omelets are ready and Helen comes looking for Ashleigh, so their conversation is cut short.


2:55pm In the garden, some housemates are discussing the possibility of a Steverley wedding. Helen says you need a best man who would organize everything. Winston says to make a speech, Steve says he would need 3. Then we'll do it together, Ash says. Being best man is a great honor, Winston practices. Kimberley told Steve before she left that she thought by this age she would be married. She is 23. You gonna marry that girl, Ash prods Steven? I'd like to think so, he says. She wants that ring on her finger, Steven, Helen adds. Yes she does, Steven agrees. Ash would love it if they got married. Steven adds that he would get very carried away by these kinds of things. His type is someone exactly like Kimberly. Ash says it would be so funny. I remember back in Big Brother, he remembers from the future. OMG, Helen says, can you imagine looking back and talking about it!


Ashleigh walks into the bedroom to find Chris and say Hi. He warns Ashleigh that Christopher is right there in the wash area. It's so difficult to talk about this, he says. She whispers that she needs to nominate ASAP and that she is the leader of the first Power Alliance in the house. I have had to choose my first member, she explains, and obviously I have chosen you. Aw, thank you, Chris says, pleased by the honor. Ashleigh tells him he was the one person she was finding it hard to keep it from.


She whispers that they needs to pick someone to put up and says she was thinking of Steven. Chris agrees 100%. I find him annoying to the max, he says, but obviously that's not the criteria we can go to them (Big Brother) with. I still donít know what he brings. I'm still puzzled by that. Ashleigh agrees. He's constantly a self-referencing bubble, Chris says, he's like an extra wheel on their (Ash and Helen's) wagon. We just have to find a different way of talking about it, but they are agreed, it's curtains for Steven.


4:05pm Chris is trying to put some of the housemates off the scent. In the garden, he asks Christophe who he thinks has the Power. He suggests it's an audience thing. Could be, reasons Christopher. They haven't really been that involved, Chris thinks. They've had the power to evict, Christopher points out, and last week they picked who could stay (of the new housemates). Chris thinks Big Brother is leaving them to stew a bit.


Ashleigh is back in the Power Control Room. She tells Iris that the Power Alliance has decided to nominate Steven. They arenít sure what Steven brings to the group anymore. He talks about himself and just brings everything about Steven to the group. Others have noted he can be rude during a conversation, ignoring people, asking questions then not listening to the answer. Iris tells Ashleigh she and Chris must recruit one more housemate to join the Power Alliance to make it stronger. They need to decide who else they will nominate together.


5:52pm Mark, Zoe and Ashleigh consult the tea leaves up in the Pod to see who has the Power. Mark sees Scotland in the leaves and shows it to Zoe, but no one is Scottish in the house. He takes a second look and says it looks like him. Thatís my face, he exclaims, it's got eyebrows as well. What if thatís me? What if I have the Power? Oh sh*t, it's me! And I mistake my face as Scotland! As the trio heads back down to the garden, Mark says, letís not tell anyone, they already think I am crazy!


Ash is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. People keep saying the public might have the Power but, donít they have the Power every week? They nominate to get someone out, so I don't get it. I reckon that if it was someone in the house, though, youíd say it was someone in the house. Big Brother tells him that they like to keep the housemates guessing. Fair enough, Ash replies, I'm intrigued with of all this Power malarkey. I'm glad it's back. But they haven't had nominations and he's baffled. Are we all up? Silence. You arenít gonna tell me anything are you, he says, defeated. Big Brotherís lips are sealed, he is told. Shocking, Ash says.


In the kitchen, Zoe has a new theory following the revelation of the tea leaves. She thinks the Power Housemate may be Pav. He has a strong prominent beard and wears something on his head. Mark and Ashleigh gasp dramatically as they look at Pavís picture on the light box. Zoe says she had a feeling it was Pav and even said so in the Diary Room yesterday. Mark and Ashleigh lay it on thick. Mark says that it looked more like Pav then it did him. Zoe continues to compare Pavís picture with the tea leaves they saw in the cup. Oh thank the f*ck it wasn't me, he whispers in a tizzy. Ashleigh bursts out laughing.


6:26 pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the living area. They are all nervous as they wait for Big Brother. I hate the suspense, Helen says. Stop shaking, Zoe tells Pav. I'm trying not to, he says.


Housemates, Big Brother told you that the Power had returned to the house. You are about to feel that Power right now. The lights dim in the living area as everyone nervously shuffles in their seats. You will not nominate this week. The first to face this weekís eviction is...




Housemates, this is just the beginning, Big Brother says, no one is safe.


The lights come back on and Steven says I knew that, didnít I? He hugs Zoe. It's probably the public, he reasons. As the housemates disperse, Steven says didnít they say weíll all feel the wrath? Pav thinks it will be one a day and Friday there will be a few and then they will all be up. Steven asks Chris if he agrees, it's the public. Chris eagerly agrees with him. But it could be a housemate, Steven offers. No, itís not, itís not, Helen says with certainty. It must be, Steven says, it's too obvious. It could be one of us, Ash agrees.


Steven asks if they are going out for a cigarette. Ashleigh tries to say something, but Steven keeps talking so she stays quiet. The only thing I hope for, he says, is even if I get voted out Friday, is that my reaction to the public is better. Chris and Ashleigh stay inside to cook. He asks if she's all right but she's ready to get down to business. She whispers that they need to pick the 3rd person tonight for their Power Alliance and they have to go to the Diary Room and the Power Control Room to make their next nomination. As long as I don't get to go up, Chris jokes. They think no one would ever suspect Mark. You were good, Chris says, talking too much but good. I talk to much, she asks? Take it on board as a general comment, he says.


Outside, Steven thinks he is going out with short hair. You weren't going to go out with long hair anyway, Ash says. Yeah, but longer than this, Steven says. Mark suggests he would look going out with a really nice bronze spray tan. Ash says you've only been nominated, you're not evicted yet. Ash has survived, Mark points out, I've survived too, this isn't a death sentence. We'll wait and see, Steven says. You haven't been up for several weeks, Mark says. I've been here for 7 weeks and been up 5, Ash says. Steven says judging on the reaction by the public, it's more favorable in terms of odds. Seven says he knew if it was the public, he would be put up. It doesn't bother him, he just knew. Zoe says this is just the beginning. By the end of the week we could all be up.


Inside, Chris and Ashleigh whisper about who to invite into the Power Alliance. They agree that Mark would be best because he is two faced but in the best possible way. He's quick to change topics when talking about who might go out. Chris feels Mark's motive is just to not hurt people. He needs some Power in the house. Ashleigh says she's trying to pick people who'll think like her. Chris agrees with everything Ashleigh says. She thinks if they need another, it would be her, Chris, Mark and Christopher. No one will question Mark, Chris says, he's like a big puppy dog. But Ashleigh's still worried how Mark will stand up under the pressure. Chris has the same concerns about him crumbling, he goes into himself under pressure. But you're not on your own, Chris says, do what you feel is right.


7:02pm 36 minutes since Steven found out he is up, Ash asks him how he's doing. All right, he says. It's not like you're out yet, Ash says. The only time I've been up is Week 2, Steven says, and if Pauline wasn't up, I would have gone. The fact is, I'm very grateful to come this far and grateful for the experience. I'd like to get to the final and get the whole experience, he says, but the publicís perception is what it is. Sh*t sticks.


At the dining table, Ashleigh asks Mark who he thinks would use the Power best. Mark thinks Pav would be impartial. I'd be a f*cking worst, he says, and Christopher would go to sh*t if it was him. Chris is in the kitchen, laughing. You'd cope with it well, Mark tells Chris, who agrees. Ash would cope with it too well, Mark continues. Ashleigh thinks Pav would choose Steven. Mark agrees, there's a bit of tension there. Mark heads to the toilet and asks Ashleigh to watch the door for hi,.


Ashleigh and Chris chat quietly. We're still with Mark and Winston, Ashleigh says. I think it should be Mark, Chris says. You do, she asks? That means you have to nominate Winston, Chris says. What, she asks, startled? Well who do you have left? Ash, she says. Well yeah, OK, he says, but if you have to do 2 more nominations, that's what I'm saying. Or will you just go for Pav at the end?


When Mark returns, Ashleigh calls him over. Can I trust you with a secret, she asks? The public has picked me for the Power housemate. Mark is excited. Can you tell me, he asks? I just did, she says, and they told me that I am the leader of the first Power Alliance. Ashleigh explains that she picked Chris as the first member she's chosen him as her second. OMG, says Mark, shut up, really? It has to be a pure secret, Ashleigh warns him.


The three of us have to discuss the second nomination, Ashleigh tells him. Chris walks over and tells him not to get freaked out. Obviously that means your exempt from nomination, Ashleigh adds. Yeah, Mark cheers. That's the only good thing about it, Chris says. Chris heads back into the kitchen so it's not obvious they are talking. Ashleigh says if she has to pick one more for the Power Alliance it would be Christopher or Winston. She doesn't want to nominate Pav because he's a good suspect. That leaves Ash, Christopher and Zoe.


Ashleigh also wants to give Christopher a break this week. So you want Ash, Mark asks? Ash has a positive reaction from the public so he probably wouldn't go, Mark says. Ashleigh thinks Zoe is sad. But she had a great reaction, Chris says, it's good to keep the newbies as suspects. I don't want to put Pav up, Mark says, but I think he'd take it better.


If Ash goes up, it'll end up in a fight, Mark frets, when we get revealed, it will end up in a fight. Not with you, he tells Ashleigh, with me. Those two will go after me. I cannot handle both of them. Winston enters the house, so Chris walks off to the kitchen and Mark pretends they were just idly gossiping. How are ya, Marks asks? All right, Winston says, I'm thirsty. It's hot out there, Mark says. Yeah, Winston says, oblivious.


8:11pm In the garden, Ash questions Christopher about his relationship is with Mark. You're not going to have a cheeky kiss under the covers, he asks? With Mark, Christopher laughs, you know what he's like. Do you fancy Mark, Steven asks? Probably not, he answers. Oh come on, Ash says. Fancy's different, Christopher says, if I just saw him I probably wouldn't find him attractive. He admits that once he got to know Mark, he found him attractive.


Do you think he likes you, Steven asks? I don't know, he replies, Mark doesnít really talk to him one on one. He doesn't talk to anyone about these things, Steven agrees. That's what frustrates me, Christopher says. But if he didn't like you, Ash says, he'd tell you and he's told none of us he didn't like you. I'll probably ask him for a drink after this, Christopher says.


Mark has been called to the Power Control Room and meets Iris. He has trouble pronouncing her name. Nice to meet you, Iris, he says. Iris asks him his impression of the Power Control Room. It's incredible, he says, I feel like I'm on a space ship. I absolutely love it! Iris asks him if the Power Alliance has made a decision yet on the next housemate to nominate. Mark says yes, but he is not ecstatic about it, he's quite angry. He reveals their nominee is unfortunately Ash. I love the bones of Ash, Mark says, and I knew this day was gonna come that he'd have to choose somebody. The Power Alliance majority (Ashleigh and Chris) want Ash up before he was picked and he is doing what they requested. Iris reminds him that nominations are part of the game. I know, he says.

[So far, this alliance is basically Ashleigh imposing her will and vendetta on the house, trying to get rid of anyone close to Helen. This was her master plan last time, and despite her recent civility to Helen, it's clearly her plan this time. -- Morty]

10:28pm The housemates are gathered in the living area again. Housemates, the Power is back. It is time for you once again to feel the Power. I think it's me, Ashleigh whispers. The next housemate to face this week's eviction is...




Lucky number 6, Ash says.


Ash, you will join Steven this week and face the public vote.


The housemates speculate how many other housemates are going up. Pav thinks it will be 2 a day for the rest of the week. I wouldn't want to be up with anyone else, my friend, Ash tells Steven. You're going nowhere, Mark tactlessly tells Ash. Helen gives him a kiss on the cheek. Helen thinks a lot of them are going up. Including you, jokes Ash. All right, Ash says, go on then, let's get p*ssed. I love the way he takes it, Steven laughs with Ash. It's someone in there, isn't it, Helen says after they are alone in the garden. Mark was very shady, Steven says, the Power Housemate could be anyone in the house and it is p*ssing him off.


Who, Pav asks? I don't know, everyone looks shady. Mark looks shady, Chris, you look shady. I don't want anyone to be stressed, Chris says, but I don't think they'd give 2 on Monday and then no more the rest of the week.


Inside, Ashleigh and Mark tell Zoe Ash will be fine. He's been up a couple times, Zoe says, right? He's been up 6 times, Ashleigh says. I'm good friends with Ash and Steven, Mark says. It's going to sound really bad but whoever is up against Steven is safe.


12:02am Steven, Ash and Chris are in the kitchen. Steven thinks Helen has the Power and the first nominees will get saved first. No way, Ash quickly says. That is why they are both up, Steven says, she has been acting strangely. Chris agrees Helen has been different. Ash disagrees. Helen was so gutted when I went up, he says. It's a possibility, Steven insists but Ash doesnít believe the theory. It's definitely not that, he says. She wouldn't be able to tell us, Steven points out. Ash says he's going to bed.


Chris drains a glass of water, whispering I am a horrible person, I am a horrible person.


In the Diary Room, Inspector Winston's back on the case, listing off his guess for who is the Power Housemate. It's is either Pav or the public, he says, and he's got a gut feeling for Pav. For the public, everyone seems generally set on that. Plus, Mark did the tea leaves and saw 2 English flags come up, meaning the public, so that could potentially be it. Or, it could possibly be Mark. If I was to bet, it would be Pav or Mark. I'd put money on both of them.


Mark reassures Ash in the kitchen that he ranks high on the public perception. If it's just me and Steven, Ash says, it's a lose lose situation. But you'd lose to a mate and walk through the door on your own, Mark says. It's a matter of game. It's the last 3 weeks and 100 grand. For me and you it's life changing. You're going nowhere. You're going to the final, Ashleigh contributes. Mark says he loves the bones of Steven, but he is probably going home this week if the public has itís way. Ashleigh agrees. We knew the week would come when we had to go up against our mates, Mark says, if I find out who is the secret Power Housemate, I'm going after them next week.


12:32am Winston and Pav are suspicious. Winston is in the tub as Pav walks around with nervous energy, speculating who it could be. Who would nominate both Ash and Steve, Pav wonders out loud. You, Winston asks, smiling?

Not me, Pav says, it could be you. It could be me, Winston agrees, but I wouldn't nominate Ash and Steve. Pav says he can see how it might be perceived he would nominate Ash and Steve.


When I had the power, he explains, before I came in I thought having the Power would be sick. But when you actually have the power, you're like f*ck this sh*t, man. It's the worst feeling ever. You actually have the ability to change someoneís life, he says, you donít have that kind of Power anywhere else in real life. You can change your life but not someone else's. You can if you want to, Winston says. Most people don't, Pav says, it's not as exciting as you think it is, having the Power.


Ash and Steven get ready for bed. Steven asks how Ash feels. Ash says he feels fantastic, how do you feel? I feel quality, fractured, bring it on, if I'm going, bring it on. I want to be here for every last moment but I do want to get into the outside world.


The Power Alliance is in the kitchen, praising Mark for how he handled himself today with the pressure. Chris was worried Mark might get upset. It was logical, Mark says. Ashleigh thinks the public will look at him in a different light for this. They both like Ash, Chris tells him, but they they are down to a set of scenarios and just have to see how it plays out. They congratulate each other and hug.

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