Day 46: Sunday, July 20th, 2014 - Power Shift

Previously, Kimberley left the house and then the housemates went stir crazy! Tonight, it is a Battle of the Bands! And a shock announcement for a housemate to have the power!

9:55am Today housemates will be getting into the festival spirit as they headline their own music festival, Bruvstock. Housemates woke up to a stage, large silver balloon animals and other decorations in the yard. Mark heads to the Diary Room worried about his festival look. He says tasks are his niche and this task looks so much fun today. Mark wants to know if they will have costumes. Big Brother says he will have to wait and see. Oh please say yes!

In the kitchen, the boys have breakfast. Ash and Helen had a late night, fooling around under the covers. Steven asks if they were snoggin' and adds that he knew something was going on. He wants a full report. Winston laughs and notes they were at it the night before as well. Ash confirms that there was snogging, but laughs off the night before claim. In falsetto, Steven says you make me laugh, you two sitting there, we are only friends, we are only friends... We don't like each other, we're just friends!

Winston and Ash laugh at Steven's girlish voice imitation. I've been saying it for weeks, Ash replies, we're are only friends. Oh f*ck off, Steven groans. I reckon you are going to get married to her, Winston teases? Ash just laughs and says never in a million years. You will, Winston says, because you've become such friends. You are in love with the girl, Steven says. Unlike you two, Steven says, I respect other people's privacy, to which Ash just makes a face.

It's different between you and Helen, he says, Kimberly and me were quite open but yours is your own personal relationship. Do what you want with it. This is not a f*cking relationship, Ash says. You got a get a grip with these things, mate, Steven says, It was just a f*cking snog, Ash says. And a little fiddle, Winston suggests. No, Ash says, because even when we're snogging, I think if she even touches my knob, I'll lose my f*cking head, so we don't do anything.

12:44pm The housemates have been gathered to learn about Bruvstock. Big Brother has provided everything for the festival except the music. The housemates must divide into 2 groups and have one hour to perfect their song. Housemates can arrange and choreograph their songs.   Mark and Zoe are selected by the housemate to be the front men and now must pick their bands.

Mark picks Steven, Helen, Winston, Chris.

Zoe picks Pav, Ash, Ashleigh, Christopher.

Big Brother calls each band to the Diary Room. Both teams offer some trash talk. They all want to win. Mark's band is called The Bitch and The 0Boys, and Zoe's band is called One B V which stands for One Big voice. The song Zoe will perform is Florence and the Machine's You've got the love. Mark's band will perform is The Killer's Mr. Brightside Helen is not happy about the song choice.   It's really not a nice song, Mark complains.

1:03pm In a few hours, housemate will be headlining their own festival. Zoe is choreographing her team's routine as they go though the song. They are in formation and working through the dance moves. Mark's team is gathered in a circle and working through the song. No choreography so far. Zoe and her group are in formation, singing together and dancing. Winston seems to feel their song is a heavy metal performance. Chris tries to lead his team through rhythm exercises while Zoe focus more on meditative movements. Chris switches to singing scales. Zoe leads her team in circle dancing. Team Mark almost achieves harmony.

Mark sees One B V as he makes his way to the bedroom. There are too many f*cking Mariah Carey's in there, he says, she's hitting all the high notes and now Whitney Houston is reborn and in the living room! I'm fuming! This isn't right! Winston agrees as Mark carries on, this like putting a man in a wheelchair in a sprint race with Hussein Bolt. This isn't funny, Mark insists as Helen laughs.

3:55pm The stage is set and the acts are ready! First up are 1BV! At first, only Ashleigh and Zoe are singing, the boys are only singing back up. The girls are in bikini tops and grass skirts with lei's as headbands. The boys are in tank tops and shorts. Very hippie looking. We're whipped, Steven say. No, I think we've got it beat, Winston says, we got loads of energy. Ashleigh's got a good voice, Steven says. Yeah, but we all sing, though, Chris says. The only thing is, there're only 3 microphones, Winston notices. They congratulate 1BV as they leave the stage.  

The Bitch and The Boys begin and Mark is worried he keeps singing the wrong song. What's the first line? The music starts and in sync, they jump around and Mark begins singing. Dressed in denim, plaid shirts and looking like rock stars, they all take turns singing, one or two lines each, then it's someone else's turn. Ironically, Mark's is the weakest voice in the group as even Chris meekly belts his lines. Steven looks like one of them, you know, at the festival, Ashleigh says, you see a sixty yr old out of it and your going, you shouldn't be here. Winston rips off his shirt and throws it out into the audience. Ashleigh says Winston and Steven look like stoners on the side of the stage.

It's time for Big Brother to give a verdict. Big Brother enjoyed both performance, however, there can only be won winner. While the timing and tuning wasn't always on point, the attitude and energy sealed the deal.

The Bitch and the boys win!

They are all given VIP wristbands for the After party. They get to choose 2 people from the other team to join them as their groupies. There is a long debate about who gets those wristbands. Helen wants Ash but Mark wants Zoe. Winston agrees with Ashleigh. Helen says it should be on who's been chosen before. They decided on Zoe and Ash. But it was difficult to decide, Mark says.

5:00pm It's been 10 minutes since Zoe and Ash were chosen for the After party and Ashleigh is not happy. I'll expect a plate full of food, she says. You'll end up on the Naughty Step, Chris warns. Maybe not tonight, she says, try it. How come nobody was put on the step before? They've gotten stricter, Chris says. I put in the effort, Ashleigh says, I deserve a party. Don't make us feel bad, Chris says. Well you should feel bad, Ashleigh counters.

Chris lays the blame on Helen. Ashleigh goes to all the parties, she argued, and she doesn't drink anyway. Ashleigh heard Helen saying that. I was going to say something, Ashleigh says. I could see it in her eyes, Chris recalls, she was like, no f*cking way Ash is not going. I don't get why everyone just had to listen to her, Ashleigh whines. I wouldn't care about not going, it's just I heard what she was saying. It's the principle, Chris agrees. She hasn't changed since Day 1, Ashleigh says.   

In the Diary Room Christopher is commenting on Mark's performance. I thought he was pretty amazing, like a young George Michael, he says, his eyebrows, his jacket on, his hair quipped back, a bit of a showman, actually. He loves an audience and rocked the h*ll out of it. He's so much fun and so much energy, that was the perfect opportunity to show off his talent. He hasn't the strongest voice in the world, but he has me in stitches, the funniest person in the house, the funniest he has met in his life.

I'm secretly quite competitive, Christopher says, I like to do well. He feels Mark did not choose him for the party because others would have teased him about taking Christopher. I'm not surprised Mark didn't pick him, he's not very focal with his personal feelings. He'll never speak up about me in the house in that way, not at all. He'll try to distance himself romantically. The others would have teased him that he's bringing his boyfriend and that would have made Mark cringe. But it would be nice for him to want me to be there. I'd hope he would consider it. 

5:58pm It's time for the After Party in the garden! The winning band has cider, nachos, hot dogs and lots of snacks. There's music playing and the housemates are having a great time. Thank you for choosing me, Zoe says. Back in the house, Ashleigh complains to Christopher about not going. Was my name even mentioned, Christopher asks, did they ever consider inviting me? No, Ashleigh says, it was Chris and Mark. It's nice they didn't even consider me, Christopher says says sarcastically.

I know Helen and Steven didn't even consider me, Ashleigh says, but Chris and Mark did. Ashleigh says she doesn't mind but is upset with Helen for saying she had been to everything and doesn't drink. The thought of no one even thinking of inviting me is horrible, Christopher says. Ashleigh acknowledges this is the first time she hasn't done something. It's the way Helen said not Ashleigh, Christopher tells Pav who sits down with them. Everyone was saying me and she was saying I get to go to everything, Ashleigh explains woefully. But Ash is at every party too, she says. He does, doesn't he. Obviously she's going to pick him, Pav says. She wants to be Zoe's best friend as well, Ashleigh says.

In the backyard, Steven and Ash have Winston lifted off the ground and they're carrying him around while dancing to the music.

8:10pm Steven is sporting a new look. He and Ash have make up on, read lipstick smeared around his mouth, a heart painted on his forehead, a doily drawn onto the top of his shaven skull. This is the look of a business man, Mark asks?    I'm f*cked, he deadpans. Ash has circles drawn around his eyes and mouth, painted in bright colors like a clown or pie chart. Steven stands under his light box picture for a before and after while Ash and Winston laugh.

Big Brother called Ashleigh to the Diary Room for some important news. The Power is about to return and the public has chosen her to have the Power. For f*ck's sake, no they haven't she says. Why? No! I can't believe this. Thanks. I suppose it is to be a compliment. Big Brother tells her to keep it a secret. She thanks the fans again, kind of. She adds she is excited. Ashleigh thinks Steven will have a heart attack when he hears the news. I know I'm going to have a lot of sh*tty decisions to make, she says, but I think it'll be good.

9:00pm It's been 37 minutes since Ashleigh was secretly given the Power.   Christopher is in the bedroom amusing himself. I look ridiculous, he says of the makeup. You can take it off now, Pav suggests, it looks really bad. The penis, he asks? Everything, Pav says. I'm just going to leave it, I don't care. Ashleigh says he still has a dark beard. Every time I try to experiment with a new look in here, apparently it suits me. Apart from when I became Sheniqua, the a drag queen. I just think I have one of the most versatile faces in the country.

The VIP Party has moved indoors, and the winners and groupies are dancing on the couches. Big Brother announces that all housemate should gather in the Living Area. They all look surprised, except for Steven who knew it.   F*ck, he says, I got a wedgie right up my *ss, you know. I guess he have to get on with the week, Ash says.

Ashleigh walks into the Living Area. Are you all alright, she asks? They all sit down on the sofas. Ash says we were dancing to music and all of a sudden they just chopped it. Face to Face nominations, Pav suspects. I'm scared, Ashleigh says.

Big Brother has an important announcement as the nomination music plays in the background. The Power has returned. This time, there will be nowhere to hide and no escape. It will be more powerful than ever before. Housemates, get ready. What does that mean, they wonder, is someone else coming in? Relax, Pav says, they want us to sit here and speculate.

Somebody must be watching us, Ashleigh thinks. Something's going on, Ash says. Pav says you don't always know who's got the power.   Is it secret again, Ashleigh asks? I'm worried, Helen says. I have a really really really bad feeling, Mark says. Steven has a deer in headlights look as the housemates break up and some go their separate ways. I wasn't nervous until they said stronger than ever, Helen says.

Ash, Helen and Steven are left on one of the sofas, Ashleigh on the other. I hate this, Ashleigh says, my brain is on overload. Steven has to go stand outside for some air. Something' not right, Ash insists. Maybe it's Biannca, Helen speculates. But that was the public that got rid of her, Ashleigh says. Marlon or Danielle, she thinks, because the housemates voted them. Steven's sure its an existing evicted housemate coming back on a public vote. I think it's going to be Pauline, he says, someone controversial to stir the place up. I don't think the public would vote for Pauline, Ashleigh says.

Ash thinks Pav has the Power. Ashleigh quickly points out he was the first to say let's not speculate. That doesn't mean anything, Helen says, that's just the type of comment he'd say. If I had the Power, that's what I'd say. That's what I would say as well, Ashleigh says.

9:31pm Mark is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the big news. It's scary because Big Brother's told them nothing. Next, tell me more? Give me a f*cking clue what's going on. Very short announcement and scary as well. Already everyone's speculating and going crazy about what it could be and what it can't be. They have 10 different theories already, form previous housemates coming back in, to their living in a secret house, the public having the Power this week. Winston's got the Power, Ash's got the Power, it could be anything.

The housemate are playing a game of I Have Never and Winston has a plan to uncover the Power Housemate's identity. I've Never Had the Power, he says. OMG, says Ash. Wait, says Ashleigh, I drink if I've had the Power, so I don't drink? Winston is pointing his finger at everyone who drinks. He realizes the girls all had the Power so they all drink. Oh f*ck, he laughs. Where's Christopher going, Helen asks? Going to see Mark for a second. Oh, yeah, they say knowingly. I'm going to get Christopher and Mark, Ashleigh says.  

10:22pm Pav is putting on a Banaras class in the yard. He tells Helen, Ash, Chris, Mark and Zoe to exaggerate their movements. Be open, he coaches. In the corner of the garden, Ashleigh is with Christopher, Winston and Steven. What's your theory, asks Winston of Ashleigh. Well, she says matter-of-factly, they could have brought back Marlon or Danielle, watching us on screens in the Task Room. If the Power Housemate is amongst us, she says, you can hide by going into different rooms. If they're watching us, you can't hide. That's true, Winston says, there's no hiding.

Me other theory, Ashleigh continues, was you, pointing to Winston. Me? I'm thinking, he's got the Power, be wary. Is he trying to double-bluff me? Winston has a sh*t-eating grin on his face. You've taken my conspiracy theory to a new level, Steven says, getting up. Then I thought it was Christopher, Ashleigh says, on a roll. He was saying he really wanted the Power before he left. Then I thought, does someone in the group know? They didn't say the Power Housemates actually been selected yet. Didn't they, Winston asks? I don't think so, Ashleigh says. Just that the Power has returned, Christopher says.

I hope I go before I get it, Ashleigh says, whether it be public or private. I wouldn't want it - I would stress far to much with it. I think if they were to give it to me, it would have been at the start. I would have loved it back then, she says.

Chris is in the Diary Room, discussing the return of The Power. I don't mind, he says, someone else having the power because fair's fair. It's kind of a thorny crown, not always the most comfortable situation to be in. Good luck to whomever who has the Power. However, do the right thing. Have fun with it. 'Cause now is the time more than ever, just spin on it's head. Everyone here are just swans. Those people who you think are the most innocent and protected people here, just gliding along, their legs are just going a mile a minute because they're just crapping themselves. 

11:20pm Winston and Pav are making music in the shower. Helen is in the Diary Room. It's the usual, someone's in the house, Marlon's back, Biannca's controlling it all, speculating bullsh*t as usual, being Paranoid Petes. A couple people have said that it's Helen's time to lose her pass and that sh*t. Maybe it is. I just feel a storm brewing, she says, if someone wants to take my position, what can I do? I won't be very happy, but whatever. If they got to do it, they got to do it. But I'd like to keep it.

Ash and Steven are talking about Helen and the kissing. Do you think feelings are starting to develop, Steven asks? It's not that, Ash says, honestly it's just the same. But you do like her, Steven probes. We just ended up kissing somehow, Ash says bewildered.   That's a good thing, Steven says, at least you know there's feelings there, an attraction. I reckon I always thought she was attractive, Ash says. Do you see Helen as someone you can have a relationship with in the outside world, in a different environment? No comment, Ash says. There's nothing really to explain, he says. She's just me mate.

I find her attractive and we sleep in the bed together, I cozied up and it kind of happened. And it was decent, so it happened again. But nothing else happened. I wouldn't do anything more than kissing her. Even in the outside world? It's different in here, he says, not directly answering Steven's question.

11:53pm Housemate are still speculating. Helen says she could be leaving Friday if her position is taken off her. I'll probably leave Friday. Why, Steven asks? How would you feel, Zoe asks? I'd be fine if it's my time to go. Ashleigh sits silently on the chair, saying nothing but clutching her stuffed doggy. It depends who it is, Helen allows. If certain people took it off me, I would be, you f*cking *sshole, you haven't talked to me all series. But other people...

Helen is sitting on the arm rest of the chair Ashleigh's sitting in as Steven asks how she'd feel. I'd feel I'd wasted a few weeks of my life on someone who's false, she says. What if she has to give it away, Helen is asked. I've sat around with you from the beginning, Ash says. Would you not give it to him, Ashleigh finally speaks up. Giving's different, Helen says, I'd give it to him any day to make sure he's in the finals. You wouldn't give it to me, Mark says. I would, she says. You wouldn't.

I've said from the beginning to Big Brother if I had the chance to give my Pass away, I'd give it to Ash or Steven. You just said me, Mark says. I said maybe you. It depends on who, depends on the situation. If it was a choice between Mark or Christopher, I'd give it to you. Thank you, Mark says. And not Christopher. Christopher laughs. Ashleigh decides to head to bed.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh tells Chris she's an absolute b*tch sometimes. I know, she is unreal, says Chris, but what did she do now? She'd be upset if Ash or Steven took her Pass to the Final but wouldn't have a problem giving it away. She told Mark she would give it to him, but then backtracked and said Ash or Steven. And between Mark and Christopher, she wouldn't give it to Christopher. She was laughing. I hope people see that was f*cking rude. I just had to walk away. That was rude, Chris agrees. She's her own worst enemy, that girl.

1:02am Most of the housemates are getting ready for bed. Helen and Mark think the public has the Power. Pav thinks one of the housemates already has it. I think it's you, Zoe says. Do you, Pav asks?

Secret Power Housemate Ashleigh is plotting in the Diary Room. She likes having the Power and thinks it will be fun. She wants to see Mark, Chris and Christopher to benefit but but needs to be balanced. Any punishments have to be fair so as to not make anyone suspicious of her. She doesn't think anyone suspects her, and asks Big Brother if anyone does. She doesn't get an answer.

They still can't see me, she says, and I hate the fact because some of them see me as this sweet innocent who couldn't go and think things like strategies and all. I know it's going to be hard, from the last time, I know it's not going to be easy. But I think it'll be exciting. Tonight, she says, I'm going to dream about sitting on a money throne, eating strawberries and thinking up decisions. Wohahaha, she laughs evilly.

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