Day 44: Friday, July 18th, 2014 - Two Second Steven

Previously, a big decision, and Biannca made waves. Tonight, a shock announcement and two surprise evictions.

9:45am. It's eviction day and everyone is nominated. Except for Helen. Tonight the fate of the original housemates is in the hands of Biannca, Pav and Zoe who will decide whom is evicted. What the new housemates don't know is that they too face eviction.

Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh are talking about Biannca's striptease last night. As funny as last night is, Chris says, I'm not sure if I can put up with too much of that. And there's going to be plenty more of that with the alcohol and all that. I still want to see you two in the final, Ashleigh says of Chris and Christopher. Cheers, mumbles Christopher. I definitely want to see you, Christopher, says Chris. Thank you, he says. If you're there, Chris says, that's a victory for us. You're taking one for the team, Christopher, Ashleigh jokes.

Helen can't believe last night she and Ash kissed. Unbelievable, Ash says. Don't, don't, she warns. You don't remember, he asks? No, she says. What a d*ck, she tells him. Funny, he says, then throws off his covers. I'm so hot, he says. I can't believe you, Helen says, I slept with a t-shirt. You had the option to not sleep with one on. Don't know what's going through my head, Ash says sleepily.

11:03am Kimberly has been feeling unwell and is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother has arranged for her to see a doctor and she is instructed to leave the house by the door to the left.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Ash asks Danielle how she feels about tonight's eviction. Danielle thinks it will be her and Steven in the bottom 2. This has been the worst week, Ash tells her, it'll only get better after this week. Just brush it off, get on with it and try to enjoy yourself. Then just deal with stuff when you get out, he advises. Danielle laughs as if it would be that easy. I think I'll be fine, she says faithfully.

In the Luxury Pad, the new housemates are discussing who they want to evict tonight. We're in a powerful position, Pav says, we're never going to get this again. I know, says Zoe. We're going to be questioned, she says, why not Ashleigh, why not Danielle when they've been saying all week they want to go. Why not do the obvious? Yeah, says Biannca. Pav is silent.

We didn't go with Ashleigh, Biannca explains, because we thought she could grow. She's coming out of her shell, starting to crack a smile a bit, Zoe adds. Danielle's also coming along, Pav reasons. I think we're 3 smart housemates, Zoe says, and we haven't gone the easy option if we choose Kimberly. This is so hard, Biannca says, but I think you just said it. I think you've hit it on the head, Pav says.

Are you guys ready for this sh*t, Biannca asks? As long as we stay together, Pav says. The thing is, Zoe says, we've all come to the same conclusion even though for different reasons. Biannca says she now agrees with what Zoe was saying. I just want to talk to Danielle more, she says. Pav thinks Danielle will be so much stronger if she comes out of it with your (Biannca's) mentality. What can we teach Kimberly, Pav asks? Silence. What can we learn from Kimberly? Who would want to learn anything from her, Biannca asks.

So it's Kimberly, isn't it, Biannca says.

11:33am Mark is doing his laundry in the bath tub, chatting with Christopher, sitting on the side of the tub. Mark says sometimes people get mixed up in here. Do not put your feet in the water, he warns. I'm not, laughs Christopher. Put them on the other side for me, Mark instructs. Christopher obliges.

In the bedroom, Danielle is thinking about tonight's eviction. I hope I go tonight, she tells Ashleigh. I don't know if you actually properly mean that because you change it all the time, Ashleigh replies. One moment you want to go, the next you're worrying because you don't want to go. So I don't think you properly mean that. No, I do, Danielle says, after this week, I don't want to be here anymore. Don't give up just because you're having a bad day or bad week. It's just with all the sex in the house, and after last night, I don't want to be around that. I really don't.

Winston, Steven, Helen and Ash are in front of the light box wall talking about tonight's eviction. What about Christopher, Helen asks? Steven doesn't think he'd go ahead of him. Things can get wavy, Ash says. This is my second time facing the public, Steven says, and I don't know what my reaction from the public will be, but based on last week, all I can say is, if it's one (eviction), if I'm lucky, I might scrape by. If it's 2, I think I'll definitely go.

Also, I don't think that's the only thing. There's a second eviction tonight and the 3 newbies are going to have to make some kind of decision, or they might turn it back on the housemates and say after a week, who do you want to keep and who do you want to chuck out. There might be something to that, Ash says, it might be very possible next week, just them three being up.

12:02pm Ash and Helen are talking about Danielle in the wash area. I want to believe her, says Helen, I think things have been exaggerated. Ash thinks there was something, and it's been made into what it is. Helen says there is supposed to be this story. Ash says it's not fair to say she's doing all this when we don't actually know. I feel bad now, Helen says. She was just a bit upset, Ash says. Ashleigh's gone a bit distant with her, Helen says.

At the dining table, Biannca asks Danielle if she's nervous. I don't know, Danielle says, a bit. Would you be happy or sad if you went, Biannca asks. Danielle says she feels like she's achieved everything she hoped to achieve. I don't feel like, oh, I wish I had another weekend here, she says. So if I go, I won't be sad. Ashleigh joins them wearing a mud mask. We'll just wait and see, Danielle sys, it'll be nice to see my family.

2:49pm In the garden, Helen asks Biannca if she and Danielle sorted it out. Yeah, Biannca says. Does she know where you're coming from now? Yeah. She just wants to have her say and I said if you say it on TV, that's good. Who cares what people think? She must be a bit of a horny devil. She must be. She's in the sex industry. You got to be a bit of a horny devil to be in the sex industry. Biannca laughs. She doesn't like it when I call her a horny devil. You must have had some words, Helen says. Oh, Biannca realizes, she's Christian. Catholic, Helen says. F*ck, I didn't think of that, Biannca says.

Christopher is in the Diary Room talking about Mark. I'm not sure how I feel, he says, I don't think Mark's sure either. We think we're vaguely on the same page about each other. I don't really know if he likes me that much or not, Christopher says. From what I've gathered from the way he looks at me and talks to me, I think he does. Sometimes I think he's interested but I don't want to push him. I know how sensitive he is to this and how cautious he is about talking too much about it on television, so I don't really know. I don't want to push him to say anything he doesn't really believe. It's really hard for us both to know where we stand right at this moment in time.

Steven sits down with Zoe to talk about Kimberly. From the outside perspective, he says, it looks ridiculous, and I know that. That's why I saw you say what you said, it wasn't a shock. I know what's going on out there. It's not a bad thing, Zoe says, to choose a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and says this is how I feel. But I think sometimes it can be perceived as your constantly asking her for reassurance. If you need reassurance from her, Zoe advises, you're in the wrong relationship. For her it's a trust issue, Steven says, to my insecurities that caused this situation.

This is the hardest part, Steven says, I've got no skeletons. I see her crying in her arms, saying she's never been loved like this, never had these feelings before, like someone wants me this much, I don't want to leave you, I'm not going to hurt you, break your heart when we get out of here and move in together. And I say but what we get out of here and she says you know what, I don't want to move in with him. Is someone like you thinking Steven, you stupid f*cker, get your head out of your *ss and walk. Let her do what she has to do. She's either going to go back to that guy or run off and do what she wants to do.

As a woman, you deserve someone whose literally, look at this, Zoe says, always touching you, that's how I am with my fella. I can't stop touching him. That's what you're like, that's what I'm like, Steven says. You'll find a woman like that, Zoe assures him, I just think in this environment, its unhealthy for you. You can't breath, you know?

6:26pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the benches (which have replaced the sofas). Where's Kimberly, Zoe wonders? I don't know, Steven says, it's an hour before the eviction show. Big Brother has some news regarding Kimberly and Steven goes tense. Oh sh*t, he says. Earlier today, Big Brother says, Kimberly left the Big Brother House for medical reasons. Steven is prepared for the worst but is relieved when Big Brother says she's OK. However, she will not be returning to the house tonight and consequently will not be taking part in tonight's eviction.

She's staying in the hospital overnight, Steve reasons. Christopher nods at his conclusion. Helen says I thought going to lay off. Steven agrees. I thought I was going to fold, he says. Zoe, Pav and Biannca share a pensive glance. The rest of the housemates digest the news, except for Ashleigh who is quietly still on the bench, painting her nails. Steven heads to the Diary Room.

How's my partner, he asks, she did says he'd get a message to me if she's sick in hospital. I just want to make sure she's OK because I'm her partner and sleep next to her and stuff. I'm very worried about her and have to face an eviction now and have that on my mind along with Kimberly's in the hospital. Big Brother appreciates that he's concerned, but for now all he can be told is she's in the best hands. That is all he can be told at this stage and he should concentrate on tonight.

Is she coming back to the house, Steven asks? Not tonight, Big Brother says. And tomorrow, Steven asks? That's undecided, he's told. OK, Steven says, can you get a message to her? He loves her very much and is worried about her and to get well soon. And if I leave tonight, he says, I'm coming straight out to see her.

7:02pm Ashleigh is doing her hair and Mark is doing his eyebrows in the wash area, talking about Kimberly. Do you think she's gonna be back, Ashleigh asks Mark. I don't know, Mark says, I thought she was going to be evicted tonight. So did I, says Ashleigh. Audience sounds are being piped in through the house as Helen does Danielle's makeup in the bedroom. When it comes round to it, Winston says to Ash, you don't want to go. I don't have anything left, Ash says, I f*cking hate Fridays.

In the Luxury Pad, the new housemates' decision weighs heavily on their minds. Well that throws a right spanner in the works, doesn't it, says Zoe, we have to come to a new agreement. Biannca is not happy. Pav says Danielle was plan B, wasn't she? It was either her (Kimberly) or Danielle. No, Biannca says, it was her or Ashleigh. No, Pav says, it was either Danielle or Kimberly this morning. I've changed my mind about that, Biannca says, I just think she's a little girl lost. I think she could grow as much as Ashleigh could grow.

Ashleigh's a strong person. I think we could make Danielle a stronger person. That's more than Ashleigh could learn. Zoe says she's now feeling like, now that they've had the sh*t dropped on them, they should go with Ashleigh. Pav says I want Ashleigh to stay, but if it's two against one, I stand behind you 100% if you guys decide you want to go with Ashleigh and not Danielle. I'll say it was my idea as well. That's where the majority is.

What does the public want out, Biannca wonders. We don't know, do we. Pav says. Ashleigh was chanted and hated, and then so was Danielle. Zoe says Ashleigh. Ashleigh out, Biannca confirms. She won't leave here tonight and have a f*cking breakdown. I think Danielle will. She'll be over the moon to go. All right, Pav says, so we're going with Ashleigh.

10:01pm The housemates have gathered in the living area for the eviction, the new housemates on one bench, the original housemates sitting across from them. Ash jokes this is the first triple ever on Big Brother. Christopher jokes its a quadruple. Ashleigh doesn't think it will be a double. Mark agrees. It's just one, he says. The audience noise is silenced. Here we go, Christopher says. They can now hear the live audience chanting Two Second Steven.

Big Brother House this is Emma. Biannca (Boos), Pav (Boos), Zoe (Cheers), please stand up. On Monday, you joined the Big brother House. But tonight, only two of you will remain.

Helen and Ash are shocked. Pav looks stunned. Biannca looks nervous. The chant turns to Get Biannca Out and Get Pav Out.

Over the last 4 days, the British public has been voting to save their favorite new housemate. I can now reveal the first new housemate with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction is...


Zoe bows with tears of joy as Pav and Biannca congratulate her. The original housemates applaud.

Zoe, you are safe. Biannca, Pav, I can now reveal the housemate with the fewest votes and therefore 7th to be evicted is...

There are equal Get Pav Out and Get Biannca Out chants.


No, cries Helen!

Biannca, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house.

Just like this, Zoe asks as Biannca works her way through hugging all the housemates. I didn't see that coming, Steven says. She tells her housemates she's going to get her t*ts out, and as the double doors split open, she's shaking her t*ts.

The housemates can't believe what just happened. Steven's trying to make sense of the chant about him. Winston tells him it was Two Second Steven. No it was not, Steven says disbelievingly. Winston and Ash think that's terribly funny. Helen congratulates Pav and Zoe. What does that mean, Zoe asks about the chant. Steven says it must be about our shagging. Helen catches onto the joke as well. Chris, Christopher and Helen can't believe how Biannca went out.

Zoe walks off and Pav follows her, asking if she's all right. They hug and Pav says I don't want Ashleigh to go now. I sat there, Zoe tells him, and I was looking across (at the housemates) and I was just thinking, maybe Danielle. Let's do it, Pav says.

10:07pm Steven jokes if he goes, he's going to go out chanting Two Second Steven! Helen says that was the best exit she's ever seen on Big Brother. I reckon it will be the best on in history, Pav says. She's off her f*ckin' head, Ash says. I love her, Helen says, I'm gutted she's gone. I can't believe she was only in here for 4 days, Ash says.

Big Brother calls the housemates back to their seats. F*ck, says Pav. Yeah, Zoe tells him, change it. If we get the chance, Pav says. The audience can still be heard chanting Two Second Steven.

Big Brother house this is Emma: Ash (Cheers), Ashleigh (Mixed), Chris (Mixed) Christopher (Cheers), Danielle (Boos), Mark (Cheers), Steven (Boos), Winston (Cheers), tonight you all face eviction, but your fate will not be decided by the viewers.

Helen is shocked. Oh no, says Ash.

The Power has returned to the house and into the hands of Pav and Zoe. They've known since entering the house that they will decide who is evicted tonight.

The original housemates look around solemnly. Pav and Zoe have on their poker faces. Out in the rain, the audience is chanting loudly, Please Send Us Steven.

Pav, Zoe, please stand up. You now have up to 30 seconds to decide who to evict and why.

The chant turns to Get Steven Out.

Pav, Zoe, I need your decision now.

Pav says the person we decided is...


Danielle suppresses hear tears, says it's fine. Oh my gawd, Ashleigh says, giving Danielle a hug as realization settles in. Danielle takes off her shawl to reveal an elegant evening dress underneath.

Danielle, you have lost your place in the big brother house.

I love you so much, Danielle tells a stunned Ashleigh. Danielle says she'll say her goodbyes at the stairs. Zoe looks like she's ready to cry . Christopher wishes her the best of luck. You look so pretty, Danielle tells Ashleigh. She doesn't say goodbye to Pav or Zoe, who hang back. The housemates are in stunned silence as she ascends the stairs, then Mark leads them in chanting her name as Danielle leaves the Big Brother House to a mixture of cheers and mostly jeers. Bye everyone, she says.

Ash gives Zoe a comforting hug. Helen asks Zoe if she's all right. It's been hard all week, Zoe says suppressing the tears, you base it on who you spent time with. Of course you do, Helen says. Addressing the housemates, Zoe and Pav says it's been horrendous for them all week, they've all had different opinions. On different days, it's been different people, to the last hour, to the last minute.

I had a feeling Danielle would go, Helen says presciently. Zoe says that was horrendous how it started, that the public's been voting for the new housemates. We thought we were getting rid of an original housemate, but actually the twist was on us! We've been blindsided, Pav says. So you thought when you were told to stand up, Steven realizes... We thought we were going to name the person we had chosen to leave, Zoe confirms, that was a right twist that was.

10:29pm The house is still reeling from tonight's evictions. Mark asks Ashleigh if she's all right. It's going to take a while to sink in, she says. She's going to be fine, Mark assures her. She worried who would look after me, Ashleigh says, I said I'm worried who'll look after you! She and Mark share a laugh. Helen sits down near Ashleigh who says I really thought it was going to be me. I didn't, Helen says, based on what was said the other day when she was encouraging you to stop wanting to go.

Mark thinks Biannca will be sad to have left. I'm gutted for her, Helen says. Ashleigh thinks she wanted very badly to be here. She would have been a lot of fun, not just because of what happened last night but she was fun to talk to. A different type of character to the rest of us, Mark says. Steven is still laughing over his chant. I've come passed the nerves, he says, I'm prepared for anything. This place has now made me less nervous. If I had walked out of here tonight, I would have chanted back, Two Second Steven!

Ash says at least it's a positive thing. I'm going to get chanted, boo'd. It was more like 2 hours, but you can't say that to the crowd, though. Ashleigh tells Chris to take Danielle's bed. I may snore, he says, but you know what to do. Pav explains to Ashleigh that he preferred her company over Danielle's. It was selfish, but I kept saying to myself every time you said you wanted to go to not say that. I was sure I was going home, Ashleigh says. That's 2 weeks in a row you were convinced, Chris laughs.

Zoe congratulates her for staying. I can imagine, Ashleigh starts to say, then stops. No, I can't imagine how that was. You were the obvious choice, Zoe says, because you said you wanted to go. But we didn't want you to regret it. You reminded me of when I was 18. We said you had so much room for growth if you stopped saying you wanted to go, you'd be here for a while. I don't think it's your end yet, so we wanted to give you the chance. But since this is a competition, we should probably be kicking you out! Ashleigh thanks her and says she knew it would be Danielle if not her, based on time and stuff, she's been moody,

10:51pm The housemates are called back to the living area benches. Big Brother has some news. Big news. You have all survived Armageddon. Armageddon is now officially over. The housemates all cheer. Zoe congratulates each housemate with a kiss and hug. The storeroom is now open. The housemates rush the storeroom for alcohol, popping the champagne.

11:18pm Pav and Zoe are packing up their belongings to move into the main bedroom. Well done, she says, giving Pav a hug. Your response was amazing, he says, I was really proud. You just carry on being you and doing what you're doing. F*ck me. That blew the wind right out of my sails there, Zoe agrees.

In the bedroom, the Steven's chant is still the talk of the house. Mark says it was a nice crowd. A very nice crowed, agrees Helen and Ashleigh. They talk about how Steven's chant turned into Get Steven Out. They don't like him, Mark says. Is it because of the shagging, Helen wonders. Usually the girls get the bad, Ashleigh says. He's getting boo'd because he's banging a Playboy model, Ash says, people are just jealous over that.

At the dining table, Steven tells Christopher he knows what it is out there, every day on the talk shows, videos of him having sex with Kimberly, and people going on about him and Kimberly and all the sex sh*t. We didn't have sex in public, no one saw anything - it was under the covers - it wasn't outrageous. This is how outrageous it was - no one knew it was happening except Ash and Helen next door and Winston at the head. They were the only 3 people that knew. You all didn't have a clue.

Not until Winston spilled the beans, Christopher confirms. You can't say we were doing it for showmance or the whole room would have woken up. Your romance is incredibly genuine, Christopher generously offers, which is why I understand how frustrating it is. It's so frustrating, Steven says. There are some romances in other TV programs, Christopher says, not this show, which are false and based on nothing but a desire to make money in the media. And yet they get cheered and applauded all the time.

However, Christopher says, whenever you have sex on TV, that opens you up to a h*ll of a lot of criticism. People don't like it. That's what Zoe said, Steven says, the public are going to see you as a soppy git. Christopher says I love a soppy romance on TV. It's messy, Steven says. If you and Kim had both been single, Christopher says, they'd be loving the pair of you.

What I've realized about this process, Steven says, I've fallen in love with Kim, I want to get to know her more. I feel very upset that she's out of the house, but mud sticks. sh*t sticks. I'm not going to get rid of any sh*t that's coming at me, so there's no point sitting in the corner and screaming about it. I'll just go out and be myself.

1:58am Zoe buzzed in the Diary Room about the night. You little buggers, she says, you put a twist on us, didn't ya! I feel awesome right now, but that was... We were set up! We were waiting to make our decision and then Emma was like the public be voting for the new housemates to stay. And tonight you were saved by the public, Big Brother says. I wasn't going to get tears from this but I think I'm going to cry.

Steven just said that downstairs, I was the first out of the three to be saved. Oh man, she says, crying, that's massive to me, massive. This isn't a talent show, I'm not singing around the house asking to be judged for my job, I'm being judged on my person and that's awesome.

Ash and Helen are laying on their bed discussing last night's snogging. I was dying to take a big f*cking gasp of air, she says while caressing Ash's hair. But I thought if I do, it'd be so obvious what we were doing. You were just saying shit, Ash says, and I was like, shut up! Don't exaggerate, Ash, I'm already embarrassed as it is. I said that feels nice. What was it, Ash asks? I wasn't so good with the other stuff, she says cryptically. No sh*t, Ash says. Shut up, you f*cking idiot, Helen says.

I'm just thinking about my mates, Helen says. We won't be able to have sex in here, Ash says, because you won't be able to... What's the point, asks Helen? You won't be able to do... I can't do anything, she says, and be on TV. I know, he says. That's a good point, we still couldn't do anything proper. I just think, what a f*cking tramp. Ash laughs. I know it sounds awful 'cause they've done it. They're together, though, she says. I just think, f*cking h*ll, I wouldn't wanna walk out those doors if I'd done that.

You're saying it like it might happen, Ash jokes. I'm talking about in general, Helen says, doing stuff like that on TV is just wrong.

2:07am Mark is giving Christopher instructions for sleep. That's my side, he says, that's your side. You've got to face that wall, I'll face over here, he says with a straight face. Who do you think you are barking orders at me, Christopher says. He puts his head on the pillow facing Mark's side and closes his eyes. I'd appreciate it if you did, Mark says simply. Christopher groans and pulls the cover over his face. Christopher, Mark says. What.

Ashleigh tells Chris he's going to have to be her toilet guard now. What, he asks? Toilet duty, she explains, if I have to pee and go to the bathroom. OMG, Chris says, why me? Because your my next best friend, Ashleigh says. She was a better friend than I was, Chris asks of Danielle? She'd want me to say yes, Ashleigh says. I'll stand outside the door while you take a pee, Chris promises, laughing.

Steven checks in with Big Brother before bed. It's been an evening of surprises, he says, and of course the positive is I'm still here. All my friends in the house are still here. And Armageddon is over. What a week. My public reaction was consistent. I know this Two Second Steven was picked up from mine and Ashleigh's actions in the house, but I take it light heartedly and keep my fingers crossed that I keep going.

It is what it is. I've got to be strong, because Kimberly's been sick and I've got to be strong for her when she gets back. I was all prepared for the potential I could have gone. I even wrote a little note to Kimberly that I loved her and will be waiting to see her when she comes out and I hope she's feeling better. So. And I'm so pleased I'm still here. Hopefully, I can continue in that vein.

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