Day 43: Thursday, July 17th, 2014 + Double Eviction!

This week, Armageddon shook the Big Brother house. Tonight, one new housemate will leave for good and the remaining two have an explosive decision to make. Who goes? They decide!

Tonight, Armageddon comes to a close but with it's conclusion comes devastating and destruction. It's going to be an apocalyptic end to a blockbuster week. The original housemates have no idea it will be the new housemates who decide tonight's eviction. And the new housemates have no idea that the public have been voting, and one of them will also be leaving the Big Brother House tonight.

Also, due to illness, Kimberly has temporarily left the Big Brother House, so she cannot be evicted this evening. Hopefully she'll be back in the house soon. Let's get up to date with yesterday's events.

10:34am Ash and Mark are in the garden. Who do you think is going to go, asks Ash. I think it could be Steven and Kimberly go, Mark says. Both of them, Ash asks, they would probably like that though. Mark says he (Steven) would love it. He wants to go before her, doesn't he? Yeah, Ash says, he would crack up if she went first. He'd actually lose the plot. Mark mocks Steven telling Kimberly he loves her and asking if she loves him.

Biannca and Zoe are in the Luxury Pad talking about their big decision. Biannca says tomorrow is going to be so hard. I know, replies Zoe. Biannca tells Zoe that she really doesn't think that Pav likes Steven. He is determined that he wants him to go, you know? I don't agree with it. Neither do I, says Zoe. I like Steven, Biannca says. I do too, Zoe ways, and it would be Kimberly for me. For one, she doesn't make an effort and I catch her frowning a lot.

I actually think Steven would come right out of his shell if she wasn't there, Zoe continues, he will be upset, of course, but it might give him a chance to breath, maybe and think properly alone about what he has been doing. Biannca agrees. Pav comes out of the toilet and asks if they're talking about Steven. Yeah, Biannca says, it's Ashleigh for me, she says, because she wants to go. That would be the easiest solution.

Helen and Ash discuss last night's fight in the garden. I didn't even snap at you, he says. You did, she says. That's just you, Ash counters, I didn't. No, you did you did snap at me. Whatever, Ash says. Maybe I'm being oversensitive, Helen admits. In my eyes you did snap, because you have never spoken that way to me before. Then you turned to Kimberly and said what an odd person. Because you were being odd, Ash says. All I was saying was, have you drank more than us? Ash says you was like you and Winston are rats - you've been stashing drinks and I've not been stashing drinks. No, no, no, Helen says, this is where you went wrong. I said have you've been stashing drinks and you said I stashed a bottle of wine and I went oh, thanks. Yeah, Ash says, I was being sarcastic.

[Sarcasm rarely works out well in the Big Brother House. -- Morty]

1:43pm Steven and Kimberly are in the bedroom kissing. To the missus, he says between smacks. He says he just thought of something strange, would she put his last name before his or his before hears? You asked me this already, Kimberly says. She already told him, it depends on the moment. I love you, he says. I love you too, she replies.

Chris is sitting by the pool watching Ash swim. This is so f*cked up, he says, I was saying, like, when the new housemates came in, I suddenly felt that much closer to everyone here and was really defensive and paranoid. I didn't think I was like that. I like strangers, I like new people. But not these new people. All my opinions on the last weeks, completely void and all the original housemates are perfect. It's like something happened in my brain.

Something is going on, isn't it, Ash says, someone's going. This f*cking Armageddon thing. Marlon was the first evicted in Armageddon. That itself keeps playing on my mind. So the normal eviction tomorrow and it's the only eviction tomorrow, Chris wonders. Ash says yeah, because it's a normal eviction, so there must be more victims.

5:09pm For today's task Steven, has been given his own chat show called Open Up To Steven. As host, Steven is to ask a series of hard hitting questions and find out as much as he can about new housemates Pav, Zoe and Biannca. The talk show is taking place live in front of the other housemates.

Hello and welcome to Open Up To Steven, Steven announces, the show that asks new housemates to open up and tell us all about themselves. Our three new housemates are in the green room as we speak. Don't they look lovely? So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our first guest. He is a property manager with a psychology degree who says he's already won. So everyone please welcome the winner of Big brother, it's Pav!

Steven asks Pav how he's enjoying life inside the big brother house. I'm enjoying myself very well, Pav answers. Which housemate do you think least deserves to be here and why? Based on the conversation we had the other night, yourself because, you know, a hundred thousand pounds means a lot to a lot of people. Steven says no one came in here to win 100k, it was to win Big Brother. Steven says his plan was to take the 100k and turn it into a 300k charitable donation.

Based on what you have seen, do you think there is a division in the house and can you explain if there is and who is in it? 100%, Pav says, I feel that there is a division in the house. I feel the division lies solely between Danielle and Ashleigh and Christopher occasionally and Chris, with the remaining housemates. I feel that's displayed by the areas in which Housemates generally tend to chill out and relax. I feel that Ashleigh and Danielle, along with Chris, chill in the kitchen while the other housemates chill inn the garden. Thank you, Pav, for joining us today, concludes Steven.

On to our next guest. She is a singing sensation who swaps the bright lights of the West End for the spotlight in the Big Brother house please give it up for Zoe! How are you enjoying life inside the Big Brother house, Zoe, asks Steven. Awesome, Zoe says. Which housemate do you think least deserves to be here and why? Purely because she said three times she wanted to go home, it would be Ashleigh. I know a thousand people who would love to be in here and I think it's a once in a lifetime experience that's unique.

If you had to give Ashleigh one piece of advice, do you think that she needs to stop saying that she wants to go and try and enjoy the experience a little bit more? Absolutely, Zoe says, stop saying you want to go, babes, and chunk yourself in the pool, throw that lush hair around and have a nice time and let your hair down. I think you are so young and so bright and smart, very mature for 18. You might leave and kick yourself and wish you'd had more fun, maybe.

What do you think that you bring to the house that Pav and Biannca do not, Steen asks probingly. Oh Biannca, I try to cover Biannca and say what about doing this, trying it that way. Do you feel maternal to her, Steven asks? Absolutely, she says, I want to make Biannca the prize. I think sometimes it's just give, give, give with a job and how she feels inside. I want to say babe, make yourself the prize and make yourself the goal instead of giving too much too soon.

You said you will put a stop to funny business going on in the bedroom, Steven states. Yes, Steven, I will. What kind of funny business are you referring to and who do you think needs stopping? Howay, babes, howay. Truthfully, I'm not a prude at all. I'm naughty. I'm extremely horny. I mean, I've me moments, but the thing with me is, I just, awe babes, I don't want to see you having a bonk. I don't want to see it.   I don't want to hear it. I don't want to smell it. I'll just chuck a pillow at it and say there's a time and a place. Fair enough, Steven says, big round of applause for Zoe!

It's time for out final guest. She's an exotic dancer from Essex who said she would have sex inside the big brother house. Sounds like my kind of girl. Everyone please welcome Biannca!

You said that you will be having sex inside the big brother house, recaps Steven. Yeah, confirms Biannca. When can we expect this to happen and who will it be with? Well I don't know who it will be with because Winston turned me down. But I will just have sex by myself in then garden. F*ck it. Winston, Steven asks, turning to the audience, what do you think of Biannca's answer? I think it's just that within 20m of knowing you, you're telling me you want to ride my c*ck. The thing is, you're not going to get the right guy if you around like that to guys. I don't want a relationship with you, Biannca explains, I just want to f*ck ya.

OK, Winston says, speechless. It doesn't matter if you're the right guy or not, Biannca says. I just want to ride your c*ck, that's it. You said that you won't b*tch behind peoples backs, Steven continues, but will say it to their face. Yeah, Biannca says. Are there any housemates that you don't say what you feel to their faces? The only thing I've ever said behind someone's back is something I can't mention to that person because I've seen it about that person on the outside world. It was something about Danielle. I didn't think she was being the person... Remember it's something I've seen on the outside world.

You were a totally different person than what I see in here, Biannca says directly to Danielle. I was like whoa, she's total different, and on the outside world I've seen that Danielle was this horny little devil (Danielle closes her eyes and appears to be on the verge of tears. Helen is in shock.) that has had action. She said she's a glamour model but she's more raunchy than wifeful. And watching her in here, I thought she was a prude. She said she didn't like this and didn't like that, and she's a virgin and all that and on the outside world, she is totally opposite. But, papers do write a bit.

And that brings us to the end of our show, Steven wraps up. Hopefully you have learned a lot about our new housemates. Lets hear it one last time for Pav, Zoe and Biannca.

6:27pm Following Biannca's revelation, Danielle is concerned that last year's housemate Dexter has sold a story about her. At the base of the stairs to the Diary Room, Ashleigh asks her about the story she sold about him last year? That he didn't have the money he said he did. He was very possessive and jealous, she says, it wasn't personal. He kept turning around to me, saying to me that I've got so much self control and all this sort of stuff.

Kimberly tells Biannca and Helen and others that Danielle is up there (in the Diary Room) crying. Crying, Biannca asks? Yeah, Kimberly says, she thinks it was all about Dexter. That's what it was about, Biannca confirms. Danielle talked about how small Dexter's c*ck was, Biannca explains, and if she was a virgin, how would she know the size? Because she only wanks him off apparently, Helen quips.

Danielle tells Ashleigh that he (Dexter) is trying to tarnish her reputation saying that she's horny. Imagine saying that, Danielle says in tears. I mean, there's bad and there's really bad.

Zoe tells Helen and Biannca that Danielle is really upset. Helen says she cries a lot. Can you believe the things she (Biannca) called her, of all things, a horny devil, Helen laughs. Danielle gets up to go talk to Biannca, who comes over to her. Why are you crying, Biannca asks, no one has heard the story, OK? Danielle asks why has this been said?

It's just a story that came out, Biannca says, is that what you think, that someone heard the story in here? Danielle says that's what I thought, yeah. It's just the Dexter story, Biannca tells her. I knew it would get out anyway, Danielle says. Ashleigh says Dexter obviously said things that aren't true then. Clearly, Danielle says. Did you sell a story on him, Biannca asks? Yeah, she says. That's the story that's come out.

Danielle said the story was about how he lied. How small his c*ck was, Biannca asks? No, that's not what it was about, Danielle says. He lied and then he turned it around on her. He said he stands out from other guys. I asked why and he said because he has a designer penis. I was like all right, what does that mean? Then that got put into the paper. The paper turned that into the main point. Biannca says if you are saying you are a virgin and then you are saying you have seen his c*ck then... Danielle interrupts her. No, I've not seen it, she exclaims desperately, oh gawd no, absolutely no way. I swear on the Bible I've not seen that.  

Danielle says no way. He just told me he had a designer penis. Biannca says oh, you met him and he just told you? Danielle says no, we dated for maybe about a couple of months and that's it. Danielle asks if there's anything else out there. No, Biannca says, I just seen some pictures, like glamour ones. Like implied topless and stuff, Danielle asks? Yeah, Biannca says, when I'm coming in, I didn't think you were that person and then I spoke to you and it's like you are two different people. So it's like, which person is the real person, you know? I understand says an exasperated Danielle.

7:20pm Biannca is in the Diary Room talking about the risks you take going into the Big Brother House. Your life is going to be opened up to the public, she says, all the skeletons are going to come out. Don't come to the show if you are worried about sh*t that's going to come out. Like, she does glamour work, she was a web cam girl and she sold a story on Dexter. I just don't believe that she has never had a penis inside of her and I just don't think she is telling the truth. That girl is not a virgin. That girl probably has more sex than I have sex. I'm telling you, it's impossible. She can't be a virgin.

In the garden, Christopher is comforting Danielle. You know what, they're accusing you of being small minded because you don't talk about sex. They are the most small minded people in the house. They can't accept that you can work in this kind of industry and you can have some self respect for yourself and not constantly talk about sex.

It's like people want to put you into a category, Christopher continues, you are either A or you are B. They won't put you in between. People don't like that. Just Remember who you are. Thank you so much, says Danielle, hugging. Christopher says I feel like you do all the time, wondering if people get me. I'm not quite one thing or the other. You can be different. They're all loving this, Danielle says, because after this I'm going to go home. Stick 2 fingers up to the lot of them, Christopher says. You know who you are and don't need to apologize for it. Rise above it.

Christopher adds that Helen has had stuff written about her as well and would be sh*tted if we was all sitting around talking about it. She's got many skeletons in the closet. I don't know what they are, don't want to know, but if they came into the house, she would not be happy about it. They go inside for a spot of tea.

10:48pm With the end of Armageddon approaching, Big Brother has thrown a party so the housemates can let their hair down. The music starts playing and housemates start dancing.  

In the Diary Room, Chris says he's never seen a group of people pretend to have fun with that much commitment. Really, he says, people dancing and looking at each other like sh*t. Something is going to happen. The housemates are feeling fantastic about the eviction, he jokes. That's not true, he says getting serious, I think Danielle wants to go after what Biannca said during the chat show. Everyone is talking about it loudly but no one is talking to Danielle directly. Absolute bollix, he says, everyone who says they talk to your face when they have a problem and then don't.

They're all hypocrites and they proved it tonight. This is a really nasty bunch of people when they ant to be. I don't care about Danielle's public or private life, I care about the Danielle I've shared a house with the last 6 weeks. They don't like that Danielle has kept something quiet from the outside world when it's open knowledge that Helen's kept something quiet from the outside world. But her harem has kept that secret for her. But if it's someone else's secret, tell everybody.

12:54am After 2 hours of partying, some of the housemates are playing strip catch in the garden, tossing a small ball around a circle. Biannca drops the ball and removes her shirt. Winston is watching through the bath room window and Danielle and Ashleigh are in the bath tub also watching. Oh my gawd, Danielle cries, Biannca pulled her top off!   Winston is laughing. Helen is the next to drop the ball and takes her top off, though she has a bra underneath. Ashleigh stands up to see what's going on. Mark is down to his briefs. Helen is down to bra and panties. Zoe, Chris, Christopher, Ash and Pav are fully clothed.

I think it's over, Christopher says after Biannca drops the ball and has to take her pants off. Housemates are yelling and Biannca strips her bottoms off and is completely naked. The guys drop to the ground, rolling around in laughter. The female housemates all run into the bedroom, leaving Biannca completely naked in the garden. She takes a bow then crawls into the sewage pool, rubbing dirty water all over herself.

Christopher runs into the bedroom and tells Steven and Kimberly Biannca's just gotten full naked. Steven jumps up to look. Danielle, sitting in the bath tub, says this is not happening. OMG, says Steven. Zoe holds a piece of debris in front of Biannca to shield her. Christopher runs over and takes the shield and tries to coax her out of the water, wrapping the foam pad around her.

Get me out of here, Danielle begs the camera, get me out of here. Ashleigh says I think I'm shocked. I think I'm going to be sick, Danielle says.

1:48am Kimberly and Steven are in the Pod. Oh my gawd, Steven exclaims, breathing heavily, oh my gawd! What, asks Kimberly? He's just having a dramatic laugh.   If I do go tomorrow, you know that I love you. You know that I want to be with you and we are going to move in together. Stop touching my face, she responds. He doesn't hear her. Nothing is going to change, Steven assures her, and thank you very much for making my time so incredible here.

The new housemates have retired to their Luxury Pad and are discussing their big decision. Zoe says they might call us tomorrow morning, so we need to make a decision before we go to sleep tonight. Don't lie, Pav says, they won't do it in the morning. They could, Zoe says, they said tomorrow we make a decision but not what time. You're right, Pav says, shall we just say who we are going to go with or what?

Zoe says even though she wants to go, I don't feel Ashleigh should go. Biannca agrees. But who do you reckon? This is hard, I'm confused so I rather you two decide, Biannca says, and I will just go with what you two say because I can't choose between them. Zoe changes her mind, saying lets just sleep on it and lets decide tomorrow when we wake up then.

Helen and Ash in bed. Ash says this might be our last night sleeping together. Shut up, Helen admonishes him, don't say that. I don't want to think about it. I honestly don't. Even if you do go, I'm sure we'll be able to spoon again one day. All right, says Ash. And I won't even have to get drunk, she says. They go under the covers and kiss.

One new housemate is about to get an early exit as you terminate their contract. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother House this is Emma. Biannca (Boos), Pav (Boos), Zoe (Cheers), please stand up. On Monday, you joined the Big brother House. But tonight, only two of you will remain.

Helen and Ash are shocked. Pav looks stunned. Biannca looks nervous.

For the last 4 days, the British public have been voting to save their favorite new housemates. I can now reveal the first new housemate with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction is...

Zoe! Zoe, you are safe.

Zoe has tears of joy as Pav and Biannca congratulate her.

Biannca, Pav, I can now reveal the housemate with the fewest number of votes and therefore 7th to be evicted is...

There are equal Get Pav Out and Get Biannca Out chants.

Biannca! Biannca, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house.

Just like this, Zoe asks as Biannca works her way through hugging all the housemates.   She tells her housemates she's going to get her t*ts out, and as the double doors split open, she's shaking her t*ts. She covers them up to come down the steps to meet Emma, then pulls them out again. As beautiful as they are, Emma says, I'm glad you put them away. Biannca says she's gutted to be out.

Biannca has left the building but our remaining two newbies have a big decision on their hands. The heavens have opened because it's eviction time. Now it's time to drop the final Armageddon bomb. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother house this is Emma: Ash (Cheers), Ashleigh (Mixed), Chris (Cheers), Christopher (Cheers), Danielle (Boos), Mark (Cheers), Steven (Boos), Winston (Cheers), tonight you all face eviction, but your fate will not be decided by the viewers. The Power has returned to the house and into the hands of Pav and Zoe. They've known since entering the house that they will decide who is evicted tonight.

The original housemates look around solemnly. Pav and Zoe have on their poker faces. Out in the rain, the audience is chanting loudly, Please Send Us Steven.

Pav, Zoe, please stand up. You now have up to 30 seconds to decide who to evict and why.

The chant turns to Get Steven Out.

Pav, Zoe, I need your decision now.

Pav says the person we decided is...


Danielle is crying, says it's all right. Oh my gawd, Ashleigh says, giving Danielle a hug as realization settles in.

Danielle, you have lost your place in the big brother house.

Danielle says she'll say her goodbyes at the stairs. Zoe looks like she's ready to cry . Christopher wishes her the best of luck. I love you so much, Danielle tells Ashleigh. She doesn't say goodbye to Pav or Zoe. The housemates are in shock, chanting her name as Danielle leaves the Big Brother House to a mixture of cheers and jeers.

Are you OK, asks Emma? I'm great, she says. Armageddon has exhilarated its final housemate with the 8th live eviction. Danielle reveals during her interview that she and Biannca had met previously on Twitter over their Chihuahuas.

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