Day 42: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 - Cringe Cheese

Previously three new housemates stirred the pot. Tonight, it's judgment time!

9:53am it's the 3rd day of Armageddon Week and the new arrivals are settling in. Ash tells Biannca she was funny last night when she stripped. Did I strip, she asked? I was wasted, she says. Steven says Yeah. I didn't totally strip, she says, just a bit, though. I forgot about that. Cringe.

Danielle is talking to Pav about the audience reactions the housemates have received. Steven got chanted last week, she says. Why, Pav asks? I don't know, Danielle says, I asked him about it but I don't know if it's just him and Kim in a relationship or something. I don't really get it. The last time that happened and someone got chanted the week before, the next week they was up. I don't know, but it can change. Pav says it didn't happen with Ashleigh, though did it? No, it didn't happen with Ashleigh. That's correct, Danielle says.

Steven is talking to Helen in the bedroom. I think Pav has made a judgment on me, he says, he looks at me like he is very very wary of me. He does seem like he is not very keen of me. He hasn't said anything to the contrary and has been very pleasant, but I do feel like he is very wary of me. I'll be upset if he makes a judgment on me from what he's seen on the outside world and not in this house. Kimberly thinks he's reading into it a bit much, just a little bit. He says I respect them coming in. Just not judging anybody. It's impossible to not judge anybody, Kimberly says, because you will be judged naturally. It's like saying you are going to come in with a blank slate because your not. Because it's an advantage to them.

Zoe is talking to Big Brother about which housemate to evict. I'm not too sure that we're all going to agree, to be honest. At the moment, I might be thinking of Ashleigh and Danielle because I haven't really spent that much time with them in the last 24 hours. I literally come out of here and go downstairs and have a lovely conversation with Danielle and Ashleigh, Chris as well. So when I went back up to the Luxury Pad last night, me opinion changed again. So it's changing all the time. So I think by Friday, oh, it will probably change about five times by Friday.

11:33am Pav confides in Ash that it's different here. Man, it's completely different then what you think it will be, he says. Ash agrees. Only because on the outside, Pav says, I'm a big personality, and I come in here and there's massive personalities. It's a bit overwhelming. Ash says it's a little bit new but don't worry. In a day or so you will feel fine.

In the Pod, Danielle ask Kimberly if she has had sex in the house. Yep, says Kimberly. I'm just a bit shocked, Danielle says. It's better for me to tell you that then you find out from somebody, she says, so that's why I wanted to tell you first and kind of disclose the information to you because I do regard your comfort. I have said to you from the start since you have gotten involved with Steven, Danielle says, I want you to be happy and I do generally care about you in that way. I suppose that sex and stuff is such a big thing for me. Kimberly says it's a big thing for me as well. It isn't just for you. It's a big thing for me as well.

It's just because of my views, Danielle says, it's just like sex before marriage. I just don't believe in it but... I'm not asking you to believe in it, Kimberly says. No, I know , Danielle says, but it's just, if I'm in the same room as that, if you know what I mean? Kimberly says of course. This is why I wanted to ask about how you felt when that comment was made. You didn't understand, so now I have kind of made you privy to that information because I would really rather you hear it from me than anyone else.

I hope you appreciate that, Kimberly says, I hope this conversation stays between me and you and Ashleigh, Kimberly says. Definitely, Danielle agrees, I feel in the last couple of weeks we have drifted as friends and this week we have kind of gotten back to where we were. Just a bit shocked.

12:17pm Most of the housemates are in the garden relaxing in the sun. Mark yells, oh sh*t I just got a sudden feeling. What are you doing, Helen exclaims. I just got a really strong psychic feeling! Everyone laughs, what the h*ll. Did you get possessed, Ash jokes. Listen, listen, he says, we're all up for eviction. Nobody said that the lines were open. They just said that we're all up for eviction so they didn't say the public was voting. They could be the public, them three (the new housemates). They could quite easily choose one of us to be evicted because Emma didn't mention the public vote lines.

[To be fare, on Bit On The Side last night, Ashleigh worked out the exact same thing with the same group of people, including Mark, right before he had his "psychic feeling." The only difference is she didn't mention the exact words Emma used. Shame on Big Brother for cheating Ashleigh out of credit due. -- Morty]

Christopher is in the Diary Room. Big Brother tells him he is going to help Pav, Biannca and Zoe get to know everyone a little bit better. Oh am I, Christopher asks, intrigued. They have chosen him to become their mole in the house. Oh gosh, really, he says nervously. Using an earpiece, the new arrivals will prompt Christopher to ask questions on their behalf.

Hi babes, Zoe says from the Luxury Pad along with Pav and Biannca, first and foremost, the reason we have chosen you is because all three of us trust you and we all think you are lovely and intelligent and will be a great mole for us. Christopher says thanks, darling. Give him the first question, Pav prompts. OK, Zoe says, the first question. Say something to Winston about Biannca's potential, or is she being offensive or something.

In the garden, Christopher goes up to Winston and asks what he was talking to Biannca about last night. Was you having a little cozy chat with her last night, he says jokingly. Do you like her, Ashleigh asks? Don't be playing cupid, Ash says. I ain't playing cupid, Ashleigh says. Nothing, Winston says, she's a lovely girl. She is a f*cking, a bit forward. I would rather do the chasing if you know what I mean. Ash asks Christopher what he would do. Oh gawd, Christopher replies, if I had enough drinks, I would probably snork her.

In the Luxury Pod, Biannca says oh great, Christopher we will have a snork affair. He really didn't ask Winston, did he? Maybe Danielle's Winston's type, she says, put out. Biannca wants to know what Helen thought of her lap dance last night. Christophe asks Helen and who says I love her, absolutely adore the girl. I f*cking love Helen, Biannca laughs. The new housemates want to know what Chris thinks of them. Biannca hasn't acknowledged talked to me this morning, Chris tells Christopher, I can't apologize for it, because once I see someone starring, I can't be bothered to start a friendship if you're not showing respect as soon as you come in.

Biannca says I don't like Chris. He's funny. I don't like this guy. Chris says he had a chat with her, perfectly nice, but knows she's going to the toilet and telling Helen and b*tching about stuff from outside, so instantly I'm like, I can't be bothered. Don't you think that's just wrong, Christopher asks Chris? Biannca is mad. What's he is talking about? Christopher says knowing what's going on outside could helpful. I don't want to know that stuff, Chris says dismissively, what bothers me is she's picking Helen as the person to do that to. Zoe says well done, Christopher, well done.

2:45pm In the garden, Christopher and the new housemates are given lunch for completing the Mole Task. They tell Christopher well done and give him hugs as the other housemates watch.

I hope nobody said anything bad today, Mark says. Christopher said to me what is going on with you and Biannca, Chris says.

Biannca is annoyed at Chris. Apparently me and Helen have been b*tching about someone, she says loudly for Chris to hear. Chris said it several times that we was b*tching. He said that, Helen asks, surprised? Christopher says he didn't say that. I hope you didn't say that, Chris, Helen says, I'm p*ssed off if you said that. This house, Christopher says, seriously this house pits you against one another all the time. It's exhausting in here.

Biannca says just don't say I'm f*cking b*tching when I ain't because I might b*tch behind people's backs but I tell them to their face. Chris tells Helen he was worried that Biannca was telling her things that didn't need to be said. Helen assures him they were just talking about what's been said. You didn't say the word b*tching? Not to my recollection. I don't mind someone saying she is discussing or something, Helen says, but there's a difference between discussing and b*tching. I don't think I said that, honestly, Chris says, I'm just worried we're going to go back to week one where everyone's in different groups.

Pav opens the Champagne and it goes everywhere. Oh for f*cks sake, Pav, Zoe says. He apologizes. I think that means we get the pool tonight because all the stuff's been taken off (all the Armageddon debris). It's only fake stuff stuff, Winston says. Oh Winston, Biannca says dismissively, I'm not your type so don't worry, babe, I'll just move on. Hey, Biannca, Winston says. I'm not your type. You should have just told me that in the beginning, babe. F*cking hell, Winston laughs.

3:22pm Mark is in the Diary Room. I feel like I have been a little bit mean to Christopher, he says. I do think I give him a bit of a hard time. Sometimes I just have to say I'm sorry for being nasty. I like spending time with him. He's kind of like an escape goateed a bit in here. He's liked by everybody. I says oh Christopher, and clumsy Christopher, and things like that and that can sometimes knock his shine a little bit. But the three new housemates have been so lovely about him and complimentary towards him. It has kind of made me realize, you know, what a really really nice guy he is with a really big heart. Obviously what happened with Christopher, I just kind of played it off as being like a bit drunk. He may have thought there was more to it. I think if I spoke to Christopher about it, that it could let me down quiet badly. That could make me look like a twat. Christopher is me friend and I do like him.

Biannca is in the bedroom talking to Chris. What I said in front of other people, I don't agree with that, she says, I apologize for that. When I come in the room, I was f*cking raging. But I wanted him to pass this task, so that's why I kept my mouth closed. Chris says yeah and smiles at her. I didn't realize I used the word b*tching, he says, I apologize but maybe I did. They hug. He says I have to believe you because I didn't hear anything. I've done this twice in this house, and both times I have been picked up on it.

Obviously there are people I clicked with right way, she tells Chris, but it isn't like I don't have time for you or anything like that. I mean, it's a long day today, you know, like, I mean I said hello to you when I got up. Chris says she did. You always say good morning, he says, I did say that and you are always nice to me. I'm just a paranoid person and you have been lovely to me. He apologizes and she says I just want to get all my feelings out and be straight. You always know where I'm standing, she says. Thank you so much for is talking to me, Chris says.

5:23pm Mark and Christopher are in the garden, Christopher says I forget about this F*cking thing, holding his body microphone. We haven't been tearing each others hair out lately, have we? I think it's we have a proper ball in here, Mark says. It's so weird trying to think of the end of this. Christopher says, there is no point. It's still like a life time away. So imagine if we're both still here. We're both still here in like a months time, and anything can happen in a month. It's weird. There can be like five different Power Trips and we be lobbing things at each other, you yelling, Christopher! We could never hate each other, Mark says, I think we're on the same page.

In the garden, Steven tries to explain his relationship with Kimberly to Biannca. Coming into this house, I would never believe I would be in the position I'm in, he says, it's just, never did I think I would meet anyone like Kimberly. Never did I think I would feel the way I do. Never did I, well, it's just not what I anticipated happening. I often wonder what it's going to be like when we leave this house, like maybe it's going to be really really hard and people are going to split us up, people are going to try to make judgment on it because that's what it's like in relationships, people make judgment on you.

Biannca says on the outside world, you would see this as a showmance. Coming in, I thought that. Did you, Steven asks? Then after meeting you two, she continues, and seeing how you are together, now I don't believe that. People have this misconception, Steven says, like you when you thought you would clash with Helen. Biannca says as time goes on, people will see this. I hope so, Steven says, because I think there is a high chance I might be leaving the house on Friday. I really think I will be booted out on Friday. The reason why I say that, let me explain, is, potentially, I been Boo'd and chanted and I don't know why. I came in this house a ruthless business man that would turn any f*cker over. I don't know what the f*ck is going on.

5:59pm Housemates have been gathered to the living area where the old housemates face off against the new housemates for Judgment Time. As viewers of the show before entering the house, Pav, Zoe and Biannca were asked what they really thought of original housemates. Today it's up to the original housemates to guess what they said. If the original housemates answer the majority of questions correctly, they will win back hot water and access to the bathroom.

Before entering the house, Pav was asked which housemate is the least sincere. Housemates debate a bit, then after a vote, agree on Steven. On pre-recorded VT, Pav says Kimberly, because she is with Steven even though she already has a boyfriend and he feels that it was insincere and dishonest. Winston laughs as Kimberly and Steven cringe. I didn't see that one coming, he says mockingly. What is so funny, Pav asks?

Biannca was asked who is the funniest housemate. The housemates debate and decide on Mark. Biannca on tape says Mark, because you can look at his face and you start laughing. Thank you, Mark says sportingly.

Zoe was asked who was the most sincere housemate? Zoe says she didn't even know what that question meant. The housemates can't decide between Mark and Christopher, then finally choose Mark. But Zoe's response before entering the house was Chris. He just seems really relaxed and, yeah, he seems quiet sincere I think, she says.

Pav was asked to name the most argumentative housemate. No brainer, says Steven, and the housemates name Helen. Helen punches him in the arm and says it's the house twat, me. Pav also said Helen, because she is constantly getting into arguments, especially when she's drunk.

Zoe was asked who is the most cringe housemate. Christopher points the finger at Steven, who admits to having been cheese balls in the house. Kimberly points out that cringe isn't cheesy. What does cringe mean, Steven asks, confused, is it me or Kimberly? Housemates think Zoe said Steven and that's what Zoe thought then. Really, Steven, to say I love you after only a couple of weeks? Please, how weird.

Biannca was asked to name the most boring housemate. Just go with me, Danielle says immediately. But you're entertaining during tasks, Ashleigh says. I think it'd be me, Kimberly says. No, Winston says, you've been shagging. He and Ash laughs at the joke. On screen, Biannca says Danielle. I just don't think you can have much fun with her because she is obviously pretending that she's someone she's not. In the house she is a prude and you can't have fun with a prude.

As housemates have answered the majority of the questions correctly, they have won back the bathroom and hot water. All the housemates are cheering.

6:57pm Mark, Helen, Ash and Winston are in the garden talking about what they just heard. Winston says when they was watching all that, Steven kept saying I love you. Do you love me? Because I love you. Helen laughs. That is f*cking funny, Ash says. He takes things so personal, Mark says, Gd bless him.

Pav talks with Steven and Kimberly about his comments. What actually happened, he says to Kimberly, was that you were in a relationship when you came in the house. The thing is, Kimberly says, I was in an open relationship that was up and down, but that was my conversations that I haven't disclosed anyway. That's where it becomes very problematic. Pav says what I saw which initiated my whole view into it, everyone has a profile on the (BBUK) web site. I read yours and I saw yours was in a relationship and dating, so in my head I thought a relationship meant that.

After you guys had sex in the thing and then your mom said that thing, I think it's just a culture difference for me, like dating, you are declaring your relationship. Kimberly says dating means, like, an open to dating. I didn't realize when I came in here that it didn't. That's where my thinking of insincerity came from, Pav explains. I had to deal with some things, Kimberly says, that I didn't want to have to deal with on the show and I think I dealt with them in a pretty f*cking genuine way. I know I dealt with it in the most sincere way I could after the fact.

7:35pm Danielle is in the Diary Room. Apparently I'm boring and a prude, she says, I'm not shocked. Just because I don't engage in certain conversations means I'm boring. I certainly don't feel that I'm a prude, though I suppose in certain ways I guess I could be a prude. But I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as a rude person. I'm just respectful and have manners. I don't think that means that you are a prude.

Kimberly and Steven are in the bedroom talking about Pav. One thing I've noticed about Pav, Kimberly starts... Steven says, I told you from the day he got in here, he didn't like me. You keep interrupting, Kimberly says unhappily. What, he asks? Even during that conversation, you kept interrupting him. Then you would interrupt me, but he wouldn't let you interrupt him. Steven lets Kimberly's admonition slide right by him.

Pav's a business person, Steven says, and you have to know there will be more competition between him and me than anyone else in the house. I like Pav and I want to get to know him more. However, I'm concerned about the judgment that you should not have entered into a relationship and that I shouldn't have pursued it because your in a relationship. Everyone whose walked into this house thinks we're having a showmance, and that concerns me because I'm completely 150% genuine about everything I've said to you. And I'm the most insincere person, Kimberly says.

If people think our relationship is a showmance, then when we get out of here, people will probably try to f*cking ruin it and I'm not going to let that happen. I'm not bothered, Kimberly starts, you have to understand right now, Steven, for me, I'm not concerned about that. If I made up my mind about something and I know what I'm doing is right, I'm not bothered by what other people think. That's what I'm concerned about, Steven says, that you are not bothered because I can deal with this sh*t.

We've already established I'm not bothered, Kimberly says, the things I'm concerned about have nothing to do with us. The thing about Pav, she says and Steven interrupts her again, then apologizes. I think you're just belittling me, she says, upset. I'm joking, he says, having a laugh, go on. That's it, she says, not keen on the joke. No, seriously, he says. You've heard the story, there's no point in my beating it. That's it. You're upset, Steven says. I just wanted you to listen, actually, she says.

I'm listening, he says, slapping his thighs and getting into position. No, she says, as if seeing him for the first time, there's nothing more to say. This is our first argument, Steven says excitedly. It's not an argument, Kimberly says.

9:04pm Mark is by the pool, talking to Biannca and Helen. Guess what, he says, me and Christopher are going to go for the sex after here. Awe, the girls say. Helen asks him when did this get discussed? Today, he says. You are just going to go and try? Yeah. Even if it just ends up as friends, Biannca says, they make a nice couple. You know when I was drunk at the party, Mark confesses, I ended up kissing Christopher. Oh, Helen smiles. In the storeroom, he says, he's a real nice person, isn't he, yeah, I think we pretty far on the same page, but lets just wait till after here.

Helen thinks she and Ash will start dating after a few months. You and Ash should definitely start dating, Mark says. They are the most gorgeous couple going, he tells Biannca. She is the girl version of him and he is the boy version of her. You are both compatible together. Helen worries what if it doesn't work out. You can always make a pact that you will always be friends any ways, Biannca suggests. That's true, Helen says.

I've missed chances in the past because I will not allow myself to become that open and vulnerable, Mark says. It's like an illness, Helen says of being afraid of being hurt again after a breakup. Absolutely, agrees Biannca. Even when it's a long time ago, she says. You never get over it, Helen says. Biannca says there have been times when I couldn't get out of a relationship right away before it got serious.

Ash joins them and Mark says being in love would be a great adventure. You've never had that with anyone, Ash asks? No, Mark says, I've loved but not been in love. Ash says you have to let yourself be loved. Lots of people do that, Helen says comfortingly. Maybe, Mark says hopefully, putting on his sunglasses to hide behind. Cheers to love, Ash says. They break out into singing The Beatles, Love.

11:15pm In the garden, Helen, Ash, Winston and Christopher are talking about Mark. Helen tells Christopher he should tell Mark how he feels. Not now, but towards the end. He knows that you like him, Ash says, and he thinks you know that he likes you. Christopher says they had a conversation by the pool today, when it was just us two laying there. We were just kind of, like, on the same page and we were, like, we both know where we stand with each other but nothing is really going to pick up from that in here.

In the wash room, Steven tells Kimberly it's about the constant sh*t that is thrown at me everyday. The sh*t about this and the sh*t about that, previous relationships, boyfriends, dating. I have been shat on by someone. I've had me heart broken. Kimberly tries to talk but Steven continues unloading. I walked into this house as me, one person. But you didn't. You walked in as two. irrespective, you did and I feel like every day it has been thrown at me. Why are you bringing this up, Kimberley asks.

I feel every day it's being thrown at me. Kimberly starts to cry. This is being thrown at me. It's being thrown at me too, he says, we're both having it thrown at us on a daily basis and it's hard. I don't care. I told you, I met you on the 5th of June and it's now the f*cking 15th of July and I don't care what you have been through before this house.

Why are you throwing this back at me, she cries. I'm, not, he says, I'm just talking. You are, she says, pulling away when he reaches for her. Stop, come here, stop. No, she says, we've already clarified this. Awe f*cking h*ll, he says, it's making me look f*cking awful again. She goes into the toilet and he asks her again to it. Stop what? Stop getting upset, he says. When you throw this back at me and I'm having a sh*t day, Kimberly says, and you say oh, I came in as one and you came in as two, you said we would never discuss this again and look what you are doing now, she sobs.

Whatever, Steven says, I can't deal with this. I don't even understand why we're talking about this, despairs Kimberly. I feel like you're making me sound like I'm a bad person, Steven complains, Do you want me to go on Friday? No, she says. I'm going on Friday because of this conversation, he says. Because of me, she asks? No! Oh my Gd, he doubles over in frustration, why do you keep reading into it all the time? Do you know how bad this is making me look? Then stop talking to me, Kimberly says. Can I not have a conversation with you, he asks.

Kimberly takes a deep breath. Where do you want this to go, she asks, this conversation? I'm just saying, he just says, I've been honest. He stops what he was going to say. I'm passed it, he says, honestly, I'm passed it. I've been made to look like the beast on this show. I'm digging my own grave. It is what it is. I just want to go to bed. There's nothing to talk about anymore.

12:23am Mark and Christopher are swimming alone in the pool. We can be close outside of here, Mark says, I can't wait to go out with you. You're excited about that, Christopher asks? Shall we do cook your own dinner? Let's sort it out after this, Mark says. Stop smelling, Christopher. I think you smell a little bit like alcohol, Christopher says. How much did you have to drink tonight? Enough, Mark says.

Do you like being my bezzie mate? Christopher says it's a lot of fun being your bezzie mate. Why? Because your very unpredictable. What does that mean? Christopher says it means you can never predict what you are about to do next. Your out of control. You spin out of control and you do all this kind of, urgh. You burst into song. You do a very good sliding scale of Christina Aguilera, which is always important. It's very hard to do that, Mark says duly distracted. Christopher just laughs.

Ash and Winston are felling very merry. How have you two gotten so bloody p*ssed tonight, Steven asks? They had another bloody round, Helen says of the boys who have their arms across each other's shoulders. He says they are smashed out of their f*cking faces, Steven says. Biannca comes over and says to Winston, give me some wine and I'll suck your c*ck. Have you got wine, Zoe asks? You're the only one whose stashed a bottle, Ash says.

I'm not the only one saying you two are different, Helen says. Ash says we're just taking the p*ss out of you lot. Biannca says you're not taking the p*ss out of me. I'm not speaking to you, he says. Why you being like that for, Helen asks, stop being snappy and shut up. Ash says she's getting on his nerves. How am I getting on your nerves, Helen asks? Because you don't like me being drunk more than you.

Why do you say that to me and nobody else? Because you're the one accusing me of being drunk. Winston separates himself from Ash. You said me and Winston drank more than anybody else. No one else has said it, he says. How childish is that, Ash says to Kimberly who is keeping quiet. That's not childish, Helen says. You're being snappy and I don't like it. I heard people saying as I walked over, that you had more alcohol. Well I thought it was you saying it first, Ash says. Whatever, Helen says, walking off, f*ck off. You are being rude. F*ck off. I got on her nerves there, he understates.

12:57am The new housemates are in the Luxury Pad for the night. Zoe ask Biannca how she's getting on with her decision for Friday? I'm f*cking confused now, Biannca says. I reckon the public will want Steven to go, Zoe says. Steven is so lovely, Biannca says. He confided in me today, Zoe says. He's a cool cat, Pav says, I had a chat with him today as well. I don't want to kick him out, Biannca states. No, I don't either, Zoe decides. The only one I still haven't spoken to properly is Kimberly. Pav says you've got to realize, the relationship you have with Steven right now will change if you vote Kimberly out. I know, Zoe says.

In the bath room, Helen complains to Kimberly about her fight with As. Never ever have I been snapped at like that, Helen says. I said what everyone else was saying. You should have seen Steven and I, Kimberly says, you would have been surprised. You and Steven are together, Helen says, but me and Ash are friends. You don't talk to me like that. He's a nob, a f*cking nob.

Are you going to speak to him about it or let it go? I'm not going to speak to him about it. He can speak to me about it. Well, you know where each other sleeps, Kimberly advises, so you may want to have a conversation. Boys being boys. I know, Kimberly sighs, trust me, I do know.

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