Day 41: Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 - Shake Your Bootie

Previously, Marlon got the boot and Armageddon arrived. Tonight, it all comes out!

9:37am The original housemates have had their world turned upside down by Armageddon.  In addition to living in squalor, they are coping with the arrival of 3 new housemates living the good life in their very own Luxury Pad.  Why are we awake so early, Zoe asks?  Because we're so excited, Biannca says. 

The original housemates, less Helen, all face eviction on Friday, but are unaware it is the new arrives who will decide who leaves.  Meanwhile, the new housemates are unaware that one of them will also leave on Friday.  Big Brother serves the new housemates in the hatch.  The old housemates find a message left by the new housemates on the washroom mirror: I'm Coming For You.

Mark spots the message and screams.  it's an evil message for everyone, he tells the others, I'm scared.  Mark says it's written in evil letters.  Ash wonders if Biannca wrote it.  In the Luxury Pad, Biannca and Zoe are having a laugh at how Biannca went straight after Winston last night. 

Biannca says Danielle told her last night to enjoy it for the next 2 weeks.  She had a look in her eyes that she was over this.  Worn out, Zoe agrees.  Pav asks the girls what they think of Steven and Kimberly.  Zoe says they are touchy feely but act like they don't want anyone to know.  Kimberly was actually sweet, offering to get Steven's jacket when she thought I was cold. They're actually not that bad.  Pav says he needs to spend more time with them.  Biannca thinks Kimberly is a bit of a dark horse. 

11:10am The new housemates are getting ready to join the main house.  Pav is nervous.  Biannca is on edge, not knowing what to expect.  The original housemates speculate what the new housemates have seen.  Christopher thinks they've seen everything, Diary Rooms and all.  There's no way you can see everything in here, though, he says. Just makes it quite awkward, Helen says.  

Ashleigh feels really weird.  They've watched us for 6 weeks, Mark says.  But they haven't seen the drips and drabs, Christopher says.  They're here to make decisions, Ashleigh says, whose going away on Friday. We don't know that, Helen says.  Christopher thinks all three are housemates but on a secret mission, working for Big Brother. 

That's not fair, Chris continues, they've seen every single bit of press.  If I'd been told I'm coming on, I've have looked everyone up on Google, checked your twitters, I'd have done the lot.  That's their advantage, Ash says, isn't it. 

11:45am The new arrivals enter the main house through the bath area.  Helen greats each with a hug.  Mark tells them their pictures are up on the light boxes.  Chris, Danielle and Ashleigh don't join the house warming.  Ashleigh thinks something's going on and Chris agrees. 

At the dining table, Steven brings up what Biannca said about Danielle.  They obviously know more about her than we do.  What's not true, Kimberly asks? Who she is, Helen says, we've been misled on the whole morals thing.  Everyone has a friend, Kimberly says, and I think hers has crumbled the most.  Biannca was saying don't be fooled by all this moralistic bullsh*t, Helen says. Well that tells you then, Steven says.   

2:11pm Zoe tells Winston about singing in the Michael Jackson musical, Thriller.  She toured with the company for 7 years, travelling around the world including Brazil for 6 months.  Sitting off to the side by themselves.  Danielle tells Kimberly that with 9 up, she doesn't have anything to worry about. 

Mark asks Biannca if it's difficult coming into the house.  Bianca tells him they have have been watching and have been able to work out who's playing the game and who's not.   If Danielle is saying she's someone different, she says, she's clearly playing a game.  Mark is shocked.  I don't know if she is, Biannca says coyly, basically, everything you think she is, she's opposite.  Mark says what?  Whatever you know, she says, from what I've seen on the outside, but now coming in, she hasn't come around to me to think.  All I can go on is what I've seen on the outside.  Mark says people come out more and more.

3:20pm The new arrivals have returned to the Luxury Pad for lunch.  Zoe wishes one of the original housemates would b*tch about them, say something.  Biannca thinks of of them has to us.  Pav agrees, there has to be some b*tching beyond their back.  Biannca thinks Kimberly is a nice girl but has secrets.  Sometimes I catch her glaring at me and then she just nods at me and smiles. So maybe she's to watch out for.  Whenever I'm having a conversation with someone else, Pav says, Danielle and Ashleigh are watching me.  Have you found that?  Yeah, Biannca says, they just sit there and watch. 

The original housemates are talking about the new arrivals.  Steven says what he likes about Biannca is she epitomizes the term, what you see is what you get.  No sting in the tail, Mark agrees, no nasty surprise.  She puts her cards on the table. I have so much respect for people who do that.  They're all like that in a funny sort of way, Steven says. 

Back in the Luxury Pad, Pav says we decide who goes, not the public.  They definitely don't know that - they think it's the public.  Which is good. That keeps us safe.  They'll never know unless they show it.  They'll definitely show it, Biannca says knowingly.  And they'll blame us for whatever person's gone if they like that person.  If we evict from a certain group, thinks Zoe, then sh*t'll hit the fan. 

4:18pm Pav is in the Diary Room, telling Big Brother it's weird the other housemates' fates are solely in their hands.  Just because they want someone to go home, they're going to go home. I feel powerful, but would feel more powerful if making the decisions myself.  They don't really ask me about myself, he says, just about what I know from the outside.  The only reason they're making an effort to talk to us is for information.  Until they ask me about me, it's still quite weird. 

Out in the garden, Bianna tells Mark (and anyone else listening) that when she gets wasted, she gets her junk on and will have sex with anyone.  Mark laughs.  But my standards have got quite high recently, she says, pointing to Winston.  I had my eye of the tiger on this one, she says.  I'm coming for you, Mark recalls the message in the mirror, realizing it was for Winston.  He's hot, Biannca says. 

Zoe asks Winston if it makes him feel good.  He was laying on the ground but rolls over to say yeah, good.  Biannca laughs, saying Winston doesn't think its good, he thinks she's a f*cking sex witch. 

In the bedroom, Chris gives out a sign and tells Danielle it's back to Square One.  She said she'd f*ck anyone when she's drunk.  Just ghastly, Danielle says.  She's not among the most intelligent, Chris says.  Ashleigh says that weeks ago, Ash said there was nobody like her in the house, no girls in the series.  "Slop bucket," Danielle says.  I wonder if Winston will do it, Ashleigh wonders.  I really hope not, Chris says, don't undo all the work you've done.  He's done so well, Danielle agrees, he has so much respect from people. 

Ashleigh says Winston said she wasn't his type but everyone else is just egging them on.  I just don't know, I don't believe it.  It's just dirty, Ashleigh says.  I would just walk out if that was going on, Danielle says.  That's fare, Chris says. There's a line, Danielle says, and that's crossing it. 

6:03pm Ash is having a cold shower in the garden, making sure his package gets clean.  In the Diary Room, Biannca describes her first reactions of the housemates.  Danielle sh*t herself when she saw us come in, she says. Maybe it's because she's a different person than to what she's saying in here.  On the outside from everything I've seen, then how she acts in here, it's like 2 different people. 

I don't think she likes it that I like Winston, maybe.  When I was talking to Winston, she was watching me and OMG, if looks could kill.  It was just banter, she says of Winston, does she think I'm a desperate beast?  I know he's supposed to be this nice guy, funny, whatever, maybe in a few days.  It might take me a while longer than i thought. 

In the garden, Mark and Pav are bonding.  Pav notes Ashleigh and Danielle are in the bedroom and he doesn't see Steven and Kimberly.  How often does that happen?  Steven and Kimberly, quite a  lot, Mark says, Danielle and Ashleigh, it used to be a lot but they come out more now.  It was kind of the atmosphere, he says.  Pav asks if Mark is close to Steven.  Not really, no, Mark says, he's just nice, calm in the house. 

It feels weird meeting everyone, Pav says, you don't know if they're talking to you because they want to talk to you or they want information out of you.  Just trust  your gut with everybody, I reckon, Mark says.  I'm a pretty good judge of character, Pav says.  People know you've seen stuff, Mark says, but if anyone's wary around you about it, just trust your gut.  Once everyone gets over that we're new, Pav says, and it gets back to normal, that's when I can come out of my shell.  I think you've already come out of it a bit, Mark says.  Pav laughs as Mark adds, you've come out with a bit of a bang.

7:36pm The new arrivals are called to the Diary Room for this week's task.  New and original housemates will compete against each other in a series of challenges.  For their first head-to-head, the new arrivals will read out a series of true and false statements about the original housemates who are watching from the living area.  The original housemates have to come to a unanimous decision separating fact from fiction.  If they answer the majority of questions correctly, they win back their kettle and toaster.  If they don't. the new housemates win extra luxury treats. 

Pav reads out the first statement in which Steven said before the show that if it helped him win the 100k prize, he'd have sex in the house.  Is that true, Winston asks?  Definitely false, Steven says.  Not even said in jest, Christopher asks? If the question was would I have sex in the house, yes, but not to win the 100k.  Christopher says they could twist that either way.  They decide to answer true but Steven doesn't remember saying it.  Big Brother says that is correct and Steven is flabbergasted.

Zoe reads the next statement in which a tweet claims Mark is the biggest game player in the house.  He knows how Reality TV works and comes across fake and insincere. Mark's mouth gapes open.  Ouch, says Christopher. Winston says it's just a tweet so it could be true.  It's gonna have to be true, Mark says.  They say True and are correct.  Christopher says all the other tweets had to be positive.

Pav reads that in a press interview since leaving the house, Jale claimed that Ash is to blame for Helen's argumentative behavior. He's very manipulative, Jale is quoted as saying, he brings up issues and eggs her on to confront people.  Steven is shocked. Ash laughs.  They decide Jale did actually say this and are correct.  She's a b*tch, Ash says.  Two-faced, Helen adds.

Pav reads that former BB housemate Louisa tweeted that Kimberly has gone down in BB History after a steamy session with Steven.  Steven is unhappy.  Kimberly says she doesn't know about that.  Helen says it's true.  Who is Louisa to talk about sex in the house, Steven asks.  But it's so true, Ash says.  Everyone sides with Kimberly that it's a lie, though Ash says it's definitely true, though.  Mark also thinks it's true.  Big Brother says a lie is incorrect and Steven is shocked.  For f*ck sake, Kimberly says. 

Biannca reads that this week, Danielle started in a documentary that aired this week called Web Cam Girls At Your Service. Danielle demurely nods yes.  It's true, Ash asks? It's just a web cam and you talk to people and stuff, she says. There's nothing sexual, she claims but Helen is skeptical.  Web Cam Girls, Steven asks, incredulously?  It's got to be sexual, Winston says.  It's not, she insists, this is going to be so misconstrued.  They all vote true and are correct.

In her appearance on the Big Brother Live Show, Zoe reads, Ash's mom announced she has no plans to invite Helen for dinner.  That is definitely true, Ash says as Helen blushes from embarrassment.  They say true and are correct.  Oh no, Helen says.  As the original housemates answered the majority of questions correctly, they have won the task.  The kettle and toaster will be returned along with some basic supplies.

8:38pm With most of the housemates outside, Mark comes in and tells Chris that was a funny task.  The Jale thing, Chris asks?  No, Mark says, Web Cam Girls At Your Service.  Ashleigh walks in and Mark asks if Danielle is embarrassed.  Ashleigh says she's already forgotten about it.  The name's hilarious, Chris says.  I nearly dropped dead, Ashleigh agrees.   She's the least person you would think...  You don't think she dated futbollers and stuff, do you?  No, Mark says, but who would have thought she would be associated with Web Cam Girls?  She charges 3 pounds a minute and just stands there talking in a normal outfit. 

In the garden, Danielle attempts to explain her Web Cam Girls documentary. Biannca says her friends do web cams.  I got asked to do it from a different side, just talking normally where other girls would go down to lingerie and stuff. It was proper weird stuff like that.  There so many fish like that, Pav says.  Biannca says some people do it fully clothed and some in their underwear, some topless or naked.  And they pay you to talk to them, Ash asks? Yeah. 

Did you ever do it in your lingerie, Zoe asks? No, Danielle insists, even though I do lingerie modeling, I don't do it.   Too personal, far too personal.  You've never done it in lingerie, Biannca asks again?  No, Danielle says,  not in lingerie.  It was the other side of it with my beliefs and stuff like that, me walking around my church and with me dog and stuff. 

In the Diary Room, Ashleigh says she doesn't know what just happened. Why?  I don't know, I just don't surround myself with people and not say a word, that  would find a tweet from Luisa as a compliment.  You're going to go down in BB History, very good, but remember the reason why.  I'd want to shoot myself in the head if I got a tweet like that, knowing I did something like that in this house.  She should be absolutely ashamed of herself and completely and utterly embarrassed.  Did she not think what her family would think?

Out in the garden, Steven thinks the statement about him is f*cking ridiculous.  Oh Steven, Mark says, you probably forgot you actually said that.  I would never have phrased something in that way, Steven insists.  I don't believe anyone would say they'd shag for 100k.  With all due respect, I don't want anyone to think I'm a big headed bastard, I'm not.  I don't need the 100 grand.  I told them if I got the 100  grand, I'd throw it up in fireworks. Ash, Winston and Helen are enjoying Steven's discomfort. 

9:28pm Mark, Danielle and Ashleigh are at the dining table discussing Steven and Kimberly's steamy sessions.  If you think about your family watching that, Ashleigh says, my mommy and boyfriend would absolutely die.  And I'd be mortified my boyfriend's family watched this.  But even if they've done it on their own in the bedroom during the daytime, I've still lost so much respect for them, Danielle says judgmentally.  I spoke to her (Kimberly) weeks ago about that. She said she wouldn't do anything like that, didn't want to be known for that.  Now she's known for that, Mark says.

In the bedroom, Ash doesn't think Kimberly will be evicted this week.  Helen thinks she'll be liked by the girls.  Do you reckon Steve's got a good chance of going, Ash wonders, I don't want him to go. Just going on the fact of what happened last week, Winston says.  I think he might do, says Helen. 

The new housemates return to their Luxury Pad for dinner and discuss who they might evict on Friday.  They say Kimberly is quiet and timid; Steven's more interested in asking questions.  Biannca says if we evict Kimberly, it'll f*ck up Steven and that will f*ck up that whole group.  You can't be fearful of that, Pav says, remember, we're three strong as well. 

We also need to think what the public wants as well, Pav says.  Because we know that, Zoe says.  If we do what the public wants, Pav says...  But do they want us to break up Steven and Kimberly, Biannca wonders. They want Steven out, Pav says with certainty.  Last week everyone was shouting Get Steven Out.  Would you get Steven or would you get Kimberly, because to be fair, Steven's made more effort.  Then Kimberly, Zoe says.

If Steven goes, Pav reasons, Kimberly doesn't have the power to say anything to us. But if Kimberly goes, Steven joins with Helen and that group.  So get rid of Steven then, Biannca says.  He doesn't need the money, Zoe says, he doesn't need to be here.  Biannca disagrees with that. I don't trust Kimberly, Zoe says, she hasn't really spoken to me and when she does, doesn't make eye contact.  Maybe she's in her self, and if she is, fair enough, but if choosing between them two as a pair, I'd choose Kimberly. 

Now I'm confused again, Biannca says, f*ckcing hell.  It's only Tuesday, Pav says, we've got 3 more days here.  So much time, agrees Biannca, we might change our minds.

10:09pm the original housemates are discussing Louisa's tweet about Kimberly. What does going down in the history books mean, asks Steven.  It's the number of times, Helen says.  Most people f*ck once but you guys go at it like a couple of f*cking rabbits.  They actually haven't banged properly, have they, says Ash, or have they?  No, says Kimberly.  Did you two bang properly, Helen asks?  Kimberly smiles and breaths out some smoke from her cigarette.  I don't know why I'm asking, ash jokes, I f*cking watched one night. 

I heard it the night before, Winston says, but didn't say anything because you were on a date.  So logistically, Ash pokes again, how did it go?  It was very difficult, wasn't it, Steven says to Kimberly, but we kept it as discrete as we possibly could.  The first night, Ash says, but the second night you got fully involved.  Kimberly is embarrassed but Steven is keeping his cool.  Sh*t, she says.  Christopher laughs, Chris is sitting there like oh f*ckin' hell.  It's all news to me, he says. 

Ash says he and Helen woke up about 6am and he mimics the hand movements Steven was making.  I thought it was Winston wanking.  I was staring at Winston, trying to see him powering off, hoping he'll finish so I can go back to sleep.

10:38pm Ashleigh tells Christopher he'll need to be careful after this, who you'll fall for.  I'm glad I have a boyfriend and don't have to worry about that.  I think I'm finally ready, Christopher says, I've been really social rich, trying to get into a relationship, Since I first came to London at 18.  I'm sick of trying.  Whenever it's your time, Ashleigh assures him, it will come.  Hopefully, Christopher says.

In the garden, Steven says to Biannca we're all very well aware you have a crush on Winston, and we'd like to know why.   I'm not really a sex pistol, she says, but I really do want to f*ck your brains out, she says to Winston, because he's hot and pretty.    I think it's great, Helen says.  Everyone raise their hand who thinks Biannca's love for Winston is great, Steven says.  Winston tries not to react.

Pav asks Kimberly if he had to have sex with one person in the house other than Steven, who would it be?  Brilliant question, Ash says.  It has to be a male, the guys say.  She wants to say me, Biannca jokes.  Could be bisexual, Helen says.  I've had p*ssy before, Biannca says, but it's not really what I like. 

11:42pm In the garden, Mark is revealing a hidden talent.  He says he was trained in drama to do all the accents.  He does an impression of Queen Elizabeth, but sounds more like himself.  At the dining table, Danielle tells Steven and Kimberly about her web cam documentary.  The whole thing is 45 minutes, she says, and I'm only in about 6m of it.  They were asking questions about what I think of girls who went to extreme labels doing certain things on web cam and I gave my opinion on that. 

When pressed as to what her opinion is, Danielle says I don't agree with that, I personally couldn't do that over the phone with someone I don't know, get undressed, into lingerie with someone I don't know.  But you do that for modeling, Steven says.  Yeah, for brands. That's totally different, she says.  I do that, Kimberly adds, I did it for Playboy. 

Danielle says she was asked, given her beliefs about sex before marriage, if you went into the web cam, could you make more than these other girls? Possibly, she answered, but its not something she'd want to do anyway.  It's not me, she believes, there are other girls who do web cam who don't strip off.  So it was about getting the opinion of another point of view.  Once you watch the documentary, 100% depicts who I am and in no way contradicts anything whatsoever.  I believe that 100%, Kimberly says.

Back in the garden, Biannca is dancing for the housemates.  She unzips her front-zipped jump suit and shows off her breasts for the boys and girls.  Zoe laughs.  Pav can't believe it.  Mark thinks its hilarious.  Helen calls for a lap dance.  Biannca asks if she's got 20 quid.  Helen says she goes into adult bars and gets a lap dance from a girl.  Biannca climbs onto Helen's chair and drapes herself over Helen's body, Zoe making up a song as Biannca gyrates over her. 

Look at my bum, Zoe sings for Bianca as she acts out the words, I'm going to show you my bum right now, I'm going to lay on you, friend, I'm going to grind the house down.  Ash can barely look, he's laughing so hard.   The zipper comes down again as Zoe sings, I'm going to show you my juicy boobs right there, my boobs are in your face, I'm coming in closer.  Mark is shocked.  Helen says I want to touch them.  Zoe sings Biannca to turn around and present her bootie in Helen's face, directing Biannca to touch the ground.

The guys applaud Biannca's performance.  I need to get you another victim, Helen jokes, Winston. I'm fine, Winston says.  Good singing BTW, Biannca says to Zoe, who really is a good singer.   Biannca unzips her breasts again and goes honk honk.  Helen reaches out and does touch them.  OMG, she says, I'm jealous.  Ash has a look of amazement on his face, though it's not clear if it's directed at Biannca's boobs or Helen.

12:32am Helen and Biannca are talking in the toilet.  It's clear Helen has had a few drinks as she tells Biannca that she's been so crude the first couple weeks, but what p*sses her off is when Danielle tells her to go get some class.    But at least I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, she says.  I've done everything, Helen says, I've literally done everything under the f*cking sun, you name it. I've worn the f*cking t-shirt.  I've been branded, like, OMG. I know, Biannca says, I've seen everything. 

I've been accused of crushing that girl's spirit, Helen continues.  Why?  Because I told her the truth, that I think she's a fraudster.  She's a fake, Biannca confirms, and that's why I don't think I can be physically around her.  I stand with you, she assures Helen.

Danielle goes to Big Brother and says she had to defend herself about the Web Cam Girls things, thanks for that, it comes with a stigma, as if I'm prancing around and showing my lady off.  No, hello, that's not what I'm doing.  I'm just going horse riding and talking while in my jumpers, that's it. 

In the Luxury Pad, Pav and Zoe mull over their options.  Ultimately, Pav says, our decision has to be favored by the public.  If the three of us take Mark out, they'll hate us.  We wouldn't do that, Zoe says.  As an example, Pav says, whatever decision we make.  If we cut someone they like, they'll hate us.  If we cut someone they hate, they'll like us.  They already dislike Steven, he says, and if he goes, that'll shake Helen as well.  You think, Zoe wonders. They've got a group, haven't they, he says, Helen, Steven and Ash.  I don't know, Zoe says, I just see Steven and Kimberly together all the time. 

It's a big decision, she says.  Huge, agrees Pav, we have the Power to change someone's life. 

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