Day 40: Monday, July 14th, 2014 - The Party's Over

Previously, harmony reigned in the house. Tonight, it's Armageddon!

10:20am It's Armageddon time. The Big Brother house has been stripped of all luxuries, including the pool, shower, bath or food and kitchen appliances. The housemates have no idea that today their Big Brother experience will change forever. Christopher is the first out into the garden to see what's happened. Kimberly and Steven are sharing a morning kiss.

Christopher reports back to the bedroom that the garden is decorated and looks amazing, everything has been roped off and marked Out Of Order. That doesn't sound amazing, Mark says, that sounds f*cking awful. Christopher says they have little ration tins of food and water bottles. Mark despairs. We're not going to lose, Mark, Helen assures him. We have to win it, Mark says, whatever happens. Keep Marlon away from any sort of buttons, Helen jokes.

The kitchen and furniture areas cordoned off with security tape. Doesn't look any less comfortable, Chris says. Oh Jesus, Gd in Heaven, Danielle prays, they took all the food, they took everything! I always have my tea in the morning, Danielle says in despair. I'm the same with my coffee, Chris says. In the bath, the tub and shower are taped off limits: DO NOT USE. Chris just laughs. No, Danielle says! Out in the garden, Christopher says welcome to H*ll, mother truckers. It's pretty sh*t anyway, Chris jokes again. It's gone from bad to worse, Christopher says.

12:37pm Helen is looking at the light box wall, wondering about the results of yesterday's nominations. Kimberly wonders if there's a connection between nominations and the task. She's wondering who would vote for her. I'm driving myself insane, she says, I really should stop. Marlon is taking a nap in the BR. All he does is sleep, Mark complains to Winston, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh in the garden. Drives me nuts, you know?

For someone who loves attention and just wants to be on TV, Ashleigh says judgmentally, I don't know why he sleeps all the time. Oh Marlon, Winston says. I'm starting to wonder whose up for nomination, Ashleigh says. Chris and Mark also want to know. Christopher thinks definitely Marlon. It's me, Ashleigh says, and Christopher and Marlon. I don't know if it will be me but I think so. Hopefully not, she says. Nah, Mark says. Possibly Ash and Kimberly, Ashleigh says. Certainly Ash, Christopher says.

I don't think Steven will be up this week, Mark says, but I think if he was, he'd be out. I don't think he'd go before Marlon, Ashleigh says. Mark disagrees but Christopher says definitely, Steven would go. I don't think Marlon's going anywhere this week, he says, he's staying.

3:45pm Wearing tattered clothes, most of the HM are tugging into to their basic tinned rations. Ashleigh makes a face of disgust as she tries to stomach her meal. Ash is washing out his tin bowl. Did you enjoy that, Helen asks? That's the worst thing I've ever had in my life, Mark says. I've had a lot worse than that, Christopher says. In a normal situation, Mark says, I wouldn't have eaten all of that, but I don't know when we're eating next. That's cruel, Mark says, that's nasty. OMG, Mark complains, I'd rather have gone home than eat this sh*t.

Danielle is expressing her displeasure to Big Brother in the Diary Room. Why would you expect people to eat cold food out of a tin, she asks angrily. Even if this were the end of the world, which is just a stupid, stupid theme in the first place, because end of the world wouldn't look like anything you've got downstairs in the first place, even if you had that, you'd have a Bunsen Burner to heat your food up.

[Apparently Danielle is used to cooking in the chemistry lab. -- Morty]

You're being so cruel, not even giving us a cooker. It's ridiculous. I'm not eating food out of a tin, I'm refuse. I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy. It's a stupid, stupid idea. Who would expect to eat baked beans and potato out of a can? Are you actually serious? This is just against human nature to do this. It's appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself. Absolutely derogatory.

5:36pm Ashleigh, Mark and Christopher are in the Pod. She thinks this must be the shopping task. They tell us nothing, no time, not what the task is for, no nominations. Then task is to see how mental we can go within two days. I'm going mental, Mark says, this looks physical but it's not. This is very mentally exhausting, this is hard.

Marlon is creaming up Danielle in the garden with Steven sleeping on his back near by. He draws a smiley face on her back. I'm going to f*cking kill you if you've drawn a penis on my back, she says. I haven't, he tells her. Someone tell me what it is, she asks distrustingly. It's a smiley face, he says. It better be, she says, if it's something dirty I'll rip you up. Marlon laughs. It does look a bit like smiley face, Steven says, rolling over for a look. It might be a penis, I'm not sure.

If you put a penis on me, draw it off right now, Danielle demands. It's a smiley face, protests Marlon while laughing. I will put you up in that sewage tank and you'll never get out, she threatens. Rub it off right now. It's a smiley face, Marlon insists. Chris, Winston, Ash and Helen look on with sh*t-eating grins on their faces. It's a smiley face, Marlon says again, stop winding her up!

Danielle, Ash calls from the other side of the garden, it's got b*lls and sperm coming out of it. It's not, Marlon says, laughing at her discomfort. Did you draw that on me, she interrogates. Danielle, Helen says, it's getting in your hair. Rub it off right now, Danielle says. She hands him a towel. Get if off right now before I freak out. Ash says people's views are going to change on you for that. GET IT OFF ME, Danielle cries. She gets up and runs into the house. Marlon is rolling on the ground laughing. She knows it's not a penis, Helen says.

Kimberly joins Helen, Ash, Chris and Winston. What just happened, she asks?

Mark storms into the Diary Room and he means business, throwing himself into the chair, crossing his legs and taking his sunglasses off. I'm really stressed today. I'm really finding today really really hard. This task is massively stressing. It's not even a task. I don't understand what this is today. It's driving me absolutely nods. Can't do me hair, for one. I can't shower. I can't have a bath. I can't use the pool. I can't cook nuttin, I can't eat nuttin, I been here for f*cking about a hundred million ninety seven four thousand days and I'm finally f*cking starting to f*cking crack. My gawwwwwwd, have you seen the stage of me? For one, I look like absolute shist. I can't cope with this task. Please, can it come to an end, because I'm gonna lose it. Everybody thinks I'm on the bend. I'm really finding this hard today. I can deal with a lot but I've not got the mental capability to cope with eating cold mushy peas out of a tin again.

8:31pm Winston, Marlon and Ash are playing in the garden. Winston is in a grocery cart and Marlon swings him around as Winston screams like a kid. Off to the side, Helen, Kimberly, Steven and Christopher laugh. While they play happily in the garden, they are completely unaware that their world is about to be turned completely upside down.

Hidden way from the other housemates, Big Brother has pimped and prepped a secret luxury pad ahead of the arrival of 3 new housemates. First in is 29yr old singer, Zoe. This is class, she says, clapping her hands in excitement. Next is 22yr old Pav. OMG, he says, hello. They kiss and shake hands. Zoe towers over him. Finally, it's 35yr old party girl Biannca. Pav and Biannca realize they are both from Essex. I feel left out, Zoe says.

They don't want to talk loud in case the other housemates hear them. They're secret luxury pad is actually behind the wash area (the secret passage Steven used for his assassination). We're going to be in here for a long time, Biannca says. I hope so, Zoe says.

Out in the garden, everyone's having a go in the grocery cart. Winston just finished pushing Steven around and Steven says it's Danielle's turn. It was so fun, Steven says encouragingly. Don't go too crazy, she tells Winston. It's not scary, Steven assures her. Go slow, Marlon advises. Hold on tight, Christopher warns. Danielle climbs into the cart. Average speed, Winston says, 6mph.

Winston begins pushing her around the open area in the garden. Danielle squeals in laughter and fright. Give it a spin on the spot, Marlon shouts and Winston begins spinning her in place. Straight into the sewage, the peanut gallery calls and Winston wheels her in the direction of the sewer pipe from the fish task. Danielle screams. Pour her in the sewage, Marlon yells. Winston twirls her around and the cart tips over, tumbling Danielle onto the ground. Marlon rushes to check if she's all right as Winston helps her to her feet.

Back in the luxury pad, the new housemates are getting to know each other. Zoe says she's here for the fun. Biannca says she's here for the fun too, but if people bring me an argument, I will bring it. I'm trying to stay neutral, even though I've seen a few things where, ya know, that I don't like. But that argument wasn't with me, so I'll stay neutral. I'll only get involved in someone's argument if I see someone getting bullied. I don't want to see anyone getting bullied. Zoe says I am the same way.

Pav says I am not going to have an argument. I'm not going to start anything. I will remind then that it is a f*cking game. Biannca says I absolutely love Mark. Pav agrees, he's funny. Zoe says he seems lush. Biannca says Ashleigh needs some friends. I'm going to be friends with Ashleigh. Zoe also says she's going to be friends with Ashleigh, she's decided. The girls say if Ashleigh had friends, they think she will change as a person. Pav gets up and let's the two girls talk.

They talk about Helen. Biannca says it would make her day if she was stripped of her f*cking title. I've seen her do sh*t stuff, Zoe agrees, with that pass she doesn't get to experience the emotion and being nervous, the experience everyone else is going through. That's true, Biannca agrees, she's not changed as a person. I'm not going to judge her by her past, though. I don't judge, Biannca says. How can I judge? I'm a stripper I take my clothes off for money. I am not going to judge her. I'm just I am just going to be straight with her. But I think she feels she's too safe.

Zoe and Biannca says this is so exciting. Next they talk about the blond Essex lad, Winston, that is hot. He's f*cking gorgeous, Biannca says. Pav returns from the toilet. Will you f*ck him, he asks, if he is down, will you f*ck him? Biannca says yeah, I would. Zoe says there is no f*cking in the house. Get me drunk, Biannca says, we'll see.

[Apparently Zoe hasn't seen Steven and Kimberly in the last few days. -- Morty]

10:20pm The housemates are about to find out the true meaning of Armageddon. The housemates have been gathered into the living room, presumably to learn the results of yesterday's nominations.

This is Big Brother. Housemates, yesterday you nominated. Big Brother now has the results of these nominations. The housemates with the most nominations this week are:

Ash. Stand up, Ash. Ash is wearing his sleeveless hoodie

Ashleigh. Stand up, Ashleigh. A bit formal, she says, smiling.

Marlon. Stand up, Marlon. Marlon has no shirt on.

The housemates are all muttering nervously. I'm scared a bit, Ash says.

Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon received the most votes. However, these three housemates will not face the public vote.

The nominees are confused, laughing nervously.

This week Armageddon has hit the Big Brother House.

Oh, sh*t, the say, realizing something big is about to go down.

...and the housemate with the most nominations will be evicted.

The housemates are stunned into silence but before they can react, a voice they didn't expect to hear rings out.

Big Brother house this is Emma.

With Emma's voice, realization hits like a ton of bricks. Ashleigh is excited. What, Marlon exclaims? He is not alone. Ash laughs nervously.

Ash, Ashleigh, Marlon...

With no audience noise, the nominees are not sure how to react. See you later, Ash jokes.

I can now reveal the housemate with the most nominations and 6th to be evicted is...


Don't be upset, Marlon starts saying before his name is even revealed. Chris is the first to give him a hug.

Marlon, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house. You must say your goodbyes. Live the dream, Christopher tells him. Ashleigh still seems confused, asking him if he's leaving. Don't worry, he keeps saying as he makes the rounds of 10 hugs. Helen is stunned. I thought we were all going, Ashleigh says.

Marlon runs towards the steps up to the Diary Room and takes off his shorts at the bottom of the steps and carries them up with him. There's nobody outside, Ashleigh says. In his underwear, he is told to leave the house via the Diary Room. Ashleigh now thinks Marlon is the new Power Housemate.

Outside the Diary Room, Marlon puts his shorts back on. See you later guys, he says, entering the Diary Room. Ashleigh says he's not going anywhere, he's going to watch his nominations. Ash says at first he thought all three were up for nomination, then all three were being saved and everyone else was up. That's what I thought, Danielle says. Then Emma comes on, Ash continues, and I thought she said you've all been evicted.

He's out the back, Christopher says, he's got to be the Power Housemate. He's in a back room, Ash says confidently. Ashleigh says he's going to watch the nominations and come back and cause sh*t for those who nominated him. Steven thinks another 2 housemates will join Marlon in a secret house this week.

10:44pm It's 18 minutes after Marlon's surprise eviction. Housemates are sitting around the table, in shock that Marlon was evicted. . Chris says I can't believe that's him gone. I can't believe it. Helen says well, at least we don't have to listen to his sh*t for a few more days. Christopher says I knew he would be up, but I didn't think he would go. Kimberly says I bet the public probably liked what he did to mix things up. Christopher says they probably did because he was playing the game. People don't care if we get our shopping for the week or not, or if we are sitting here moaning. I think he is gone now. I don't think he is hiding anywhere.

I can't believe someone's just been evicted, Ash says. Steven thought he'd be given the Power. Mark says he's more shocked at Ash and Ashleigh going up than Marlon leaving. But, he says, says if Marlon had gone up, he would have been excited to leave. Helen says I didn't think Marlon was going anywhere. They all agree this is weird. I can't believe this is everybody, Ashleigh says, sitting around this table.

Big Brother calls the housemates back to the sofas. Here we go, Steven says, it's happening. Jesus Christ Almighty, says Ash. Ashleigh is holding her plush doggy. Kimberly is holding onto Steven's arm.

Housemates, Big Brother can now reveal that all housemates except for Helen, face eviction this week. One of you will be evicted on Friday. But that is not all Armageddon brings. Earlier today, three people entered the Big Brother House and have been secretly living along side you.

Ash is shocked. What, he asks? Helen and Steven gasp, hands over mouths.

The party is over, housemates. This is Armageddon!

They're in the bedroom now, Steven realizes, almost correctly.

Big Brother begins playing the new housemates' VTs, introducing Zoe. Steven recognizes her from Pop Idol. He and Kimberly share a knowing glance as Zoe says there will be no getting it on in the bedroom on her watch. Ash and Helen laugh and applaud, though it's not clear if they are applauding Zoe or an end to Steven and Kimberly's nighttime fornication.

Pav is introduced next and Winston smiles to hear about another Essex lad. Biannca is the last to be introduced, and Winston blushes as she says she goes for Essex boys and the rest of the housemates clap him on the back. As Biannca describes how she will be taking her clothes off, will be getting drunk, will be having sex in the house, Danielle has a look that suggests she's just seen the devil. Ash loves the boasting. Helen is a bit taken back at the strong personality.

Winston, Ashleigh says, you may be getting lucky!

Where are they, Mark wants to know. In the task room, Ash guesses. Bring them in now, Mark demands.

Zoe, Pav and Bianca are in the Diary Room. Welcome to the Big Brother house, Big Brother says. They yell in excitement. Are you excited about going into the house? Yes, they shout. Housemates, this is Armageddon week and Big Brother has just told the other housemates that they all face eviction. However, this week they don't face the public vote, as their fate lies in your hands.

Give me the power, Pav boasts.

On Friday, you will decide which one of your housemates is evicted. It will be your decision and your decision only. How do you feel about that? Powerful, the new housemates yell, powerful!

You must not reveal any of this to your new housemates, the three are warned. If you do, you will suffer the severest of consequences.

Have they been watching us all the time, Ash asks? Yeah, is the consensus.

This is Big Brother. Housemates, meet your new housemates. Everyone gets up screaming. The new housemates come downstairs from the Diary Room and Mark is the first to yell, Hello! Everyone is hugging and introducing themselves to each other.

Have you been watching us, Mark asks. I have, Bianca says, I love you! I don't normally dress like this, Christopher explains of his tattered shirt, it's this task we're in, it's awful. Have you been sleeping in that room, Helen asks Zoe, are there beds in it? Zoe asks if they saw them in the room. Yes, Helen says. We've literally been there for the last hour and a half, Zoe says. Ashleigh, Steven, Ash and Danielle are hanging onto her every word.

11:01pm The new housemates are getting to know the original housemates out in the garden. Biannca asks Christopher and Mark if they are lovers? They look at each other and smile. Mark says no. You do make a cute couple, she says, you're both so pretty. Christopher blushes. You gay, Biannca asks Christopher? Am I, he returns coyly. Are you gay, she asks more directly? Yes, he says.

Steven tells Pav he is heading in with a clean slate. We have sh*t on us the last four weeks. Pav says let's be really honest about it, because you guys already have your opinions of each other and, as we are talking now, you are forming your views about me and you have each other to talk about it. I can go for a p*ss and you can talk about me in a second. You have your groups, and for me to walk in, how do I fit in? You're the only guy, Steven says.

Helen and Kimberly are warning Zoe. Helen says we've been on a task of our own where we've watched basically programming and it was like, sh?*t, is this really going on? You've no idea, Helen says. It's been a bit horrible, Kimberly says. I came in here thinking I know people, Helen says, I know this or that, but you don't know jack sh*t. Your so naive to what's really going on in the rest of the house.

Kimberly keeps trying to add her 2 cents but Helen talks over her. I can be a complete gobsh*t when I want to be, she says, but Kimberly keeps things to herself. But she has been absolutely slapped, Helen says. We watched video, Helen says as Kimberly laughs, we laugh but we watched as Kimberly was being slagged off by Ashleigh as she came up the steps to the Pod, not saying any names but badly slagged off. Then Ashleigh was all sweet and innocent while Kimberly was up there.

I'm so relieved, Helen says, that we've got some girls we can actually chat to. We needed some girls we could talk to, Kimberly says.

11:40pm Biannca asks Winston if he's ever done it in rubble, pointing at the dirt covered ground. Have I what, he asks, taken aback, done a rubber. Done it in the rubble, says, had sex in this rubble, she repeats. Well, Winston says, unsure of what to say. Would you like to find out, Biannca asks? In this, he asks? I reckon it would be uncomfortable. Lets find out tonight, she teases. Winston, do I make you a little bit scared? Winston says no. Well you should be, she laughs.

In the Diary Room, Chris doesn't know where to begin. Half way in, losing Marlon, then three new people come in. Its starting all over again. First impressions, two out of three ain't bad. Biannca makes Helen look like the Holy Virgin Mary. Biannca is going to be a f*cking nightmare. Excuse my French. What makes you say that, Big Brother asks. What wouldn't make me say that.

Ash and Winston steal a moment in the wash area. Ash says today is so f*cked up. Three new people. Winston says I was asleep and f*cking Marlon woke me up, then he got evicted. Biannca comes in yelling for little Chris. She sees Ash and Winston and asks they are doing. Ash says we was just having sweet love in the corner, causing Winston to laughing. Biannca asks says where is little Chris? Ash doesn't know where he is.

Biannca points at Winston and says if I am getting on anyone, I'm getting on you, because you are f*cking hot, gorgeous. You're scared of me aren't you, she says. He says no, I ain't scared of you. You should be, she says and Winston laughs. Ash says Winston's a Spartan Warrior. Biannca tells Ash that if Winston doesn't want her, she'll do him instead.

Ash tells her that there is a free spot in Winston's bed and she can dive in with him. She says yeah, I'll dive in with you, babe. Winston tries to play it cool but he's blushing. You're scared of me, she says for a third time. No, Winston repeats. You should be. I am not the kind of girl you run across everyday. Am I forward? You're a little bit forward. I'm going to ride your c*ck, she says. Winston keeps laughing. I don't know what to say to that, he says.

12:15am Danielle asks Chris how he's feeling about all of this? Chris says confused. He'd rather Biannca wasn't here. We'll see how that goes, because she might be amazing. That's my first impression. Christopher says she's extremely funny. I would like to see her during the day. Danielle interrupts and changes the subject to Zoe. I like Zoe, she says, Zoe is great. Danielle says first impressions of the guy, he seems nice as well. Chris says he might be the same kind of stuff and doesn't quite finish his sentence but Danielle knows what he means. Christopher takes a swig of wine out of the bottle.

Biannca joins Steven, Pav, Ash, Helen, Zoe and Kimberly in the garden. I'm a hot mess, she says, I'm in Armageddon. Zoe picks things off Biannca dress. You've been laying already, she asks? With Winston, Biannca says.

In the Diary Room, Winston says Biannca is really forward. He laughs. She just told me she wants to run my c*ck, so I don't know, whoa, like, I don't even know you. I just met you. Made me feel quite good, I suppose, but it made me feel a little embarrassed. I haven't had that for 5 weeks. Maybe I'm just taken back a bit. Outside the house I might move on to a fitter bird if I receive unwanted attention. He laughs I don't really know her, but I suspect if she said this within a half hour of meeting me, I suspect she'll say it again.

1:12am Mark is holding court in the garden with Zoe, Christopher, Danielle, Ashleigh, Steven and Kimberly. I am f*cking amazed, he says, you came at the best time as well. I mean, honest to gawd. Zoe says it's nice to come in the house and make friendships, you know what I mean? I was anxious as to where I'd fit in. When I heard there was 2 other people, I thought that's not too bad, there would be someone else with the same experience.

I actually feel quite at home already. It's quite nice. Mark says it's good that for the first time all ten of us has really come together as a group these last few days as before, we would all split off, so this is perfect. You ain't going to be caught in the cross fire. A few weeks ago you might have been a little bit. Zoe notices there's a net over the garden. So it's really outside, she says. It feels really open, Christopher says and if you go up to the Pod you can see far.

Mark jumps up along with Ashleigh and they lead Zoe to the Pod. Christopher doesn't know where Chris is. Zoe tells Pav to come with her to the Pod. Ashleigh is first up, but Zoe and Mark trail behind, talking about the dresses she's brought with her. We've no nice clothes, Ashleigh says. Mark tells Zoe he loves her eyebrows.

Danielle and Christopher return to the house. Did this actually just happen, she asks? I think it has, Christopher says, I think we got three new housemates. I may have lost Mark now, he says in a more serious tone. You wouldn't, Danielle says. I'm worried he'll spend all his time getting to know the new housemates now. Me, you, Mark and Ashleigh and Chris will be fine, Danielle says, I'm not going to leave you. Thanks, he says.

Helen, Biannca, Ash and Winston are in the bedroom talking about Danielle. Winston tells Biannca that Danielle believes in no sex before marriage. Biannca says she can't say much, but what she says she is, well, when you get out of here, she is totally the opposite from what she told you. That's why she's sh*tting herself when she sees us in here.

Thank you, Helen says. I can't say anything, Biannca says, though she's said a mouthful already. Ash asks who she would choose to hang around in the house. You don't have to say us, but whose like your personality? I'm not saying anything, she says, but who'm I talking to? What people am I making an effort with? Helen is laughing.

1:30am Pav visits the diary room. I feel that our three arrivals are going to improve the dynamics of the house. I'm predicting a sparking conversation, me getting to know people better. The more I get to know people, the more I understand them, and the more I can challenge them and get to know them and understand where they're coming from. I find that quiet exciting.

Most of the original housemates are in the garden. Steven says these people have seen everything. Ash asks why he's panicked about that. I'm not, he says, I'm just saying they've seen everyone in this house for what they are. Don't be under any misconception...But have they, Helen interrupts? She says that her and Kimberly have watched two episodes of this show and if what I saw was based on all of us, then I wouldn't speak to hardly anyone in this house.

That's exactly what I was going to say, Ash says. They aren't coming in to fit in, they're coming in to stir sh*t up. Steven says remember what Big Brother said, your party is over. Helen thinks now that they're here, the tasks are going to be brutal. We're going to collide with the new housemates. You don't think they're hear to stay, Ash asks? They are, Steven says. Helen isn't sure. There's 13 of them again and we're in Week 5.

Are you telling me, Steven says, that we're eating green beans and peas out of a can and Marlon gets chucked out of the house. How predictable. One week ago, he pressed a button, Steven thinks, and now Marlon's sitting in a secret house making all the decisions on who stays and who goes. He's not, Helen say, Marlon's gone. Helen walks off. Ash points out that they are up, the three new housemates aren't.

2:45am The original housemates are getting ready for bed. Winston says Biannca was a bit forward. F*cking hell, Mark says, just a bit? She said she was going to ride my c*ck, Winston says. What, squeals Mark! Helen confirms Winston's story. Would you let her, Helen asks? She's not really my type of bird, to be fair, Winston says, she asked me if I thought she was a slag. She's not a slag, Mark jokes, she's just popular. Ash laughs.

The new housemates are in the luxury pad. There is a monitor that's not currently showing anything. Pav says they are going to b*tch about us on that TV. Biannca says probably, but it would be interesting to see, though. It'll make it easier for us to nominate. Danielle hated us, she says. Pav says he was a bit up front with her. How, Biannca asks.

Basically, he says, the whole of the nation hates her and I told her she has to be responsible and careful of what you say. When you see someone whose in direct competition with you, you can do one of two things. You can get right up in their face or you can make them your friend. I feel like she watched you for a bit, and she'll want to make you her friend rather than her competition.

What did you think about Helen, Pav asks of Zoe. She was fine with me, Zoe says. I thought she was really cool, Pav says. She's obviously a strong personality, Zoe says, but she's northern as well. She was trying to see where she could lay with me. We just have so much power, Pav says, it's unbelievable.

In the main bedroom, Mark wonders what's going to happen. I don't know what the f*ck is going to happen, Winston says. You're going to get twatted, Ash teases. Helen says she likes the new housemates. Ashleigh says they seem really nice. Everyone's kind of getting on, Ash says, and even if someone falls out, it'll be over in a day. We all got on so well and now three new carrots are here. This is going to change everything, Helen says. Everything, Ash says. Everything, Mark says.

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