Day 39: Sunday, July 13th, 2014 + Armageddon!

Previously, after weeks of bitching, fighting and tears, harmony reigned in the Big Brother House. But that's all about to change. Tonight, one leaves in a shock eviction. And three new housemates will enter. This is Big Brother Armageddon!

From now until Friday, the housemates world as they know it will implode.  In the next hour, one will be leaving the Big Brother House, and who goes, the housemates decide. Unbeknownst to them, a trio of special housemates have settled in to their very own secret quarters.  Later tonight, that bombshell will be dropped after a shock eviction.  Armageddon has arrived! 

But before that, let's get caught up with yesterday's action.  

10:22am Last night, Mark and Christopher kissed.  This morning, Christopher is out of the bed. Mark is running his fingers through his hair. Christ all mighty, he says.  What's wrong with you, Helen asks.  I feel a bit restful, he says. Why, Helen asks. I don't know, Mark says. Ash tells Chris there was a bit of Christmas last night, huh? Yeah, Chris says, an unlikely couple. It's so unlikely, Ash says, so unlikely.

In the Diary Room, Mark tells Big Brother he was a little bit merry last night. And by merry, he says, I do mean drunk. I just hope I haven't made a show of me self. I can remember a couple of things that might have made me show me self a little bit. He makes a face and laughs. Oh f*ck, flashback (to he and Christopher kissing in bed). I have no regrets. Sorry, actually, no, I don't regret anything. I came in here to have a full experience and to just throw me self into it, so no, I am not gonna regret nothing.

12:44pm Mark, Winston, and Ash are talking about Ashleigh and Helen. Mark says last night they was chatting and gave each other a big hug and a kiss. He thinks they are the two strongest girls in the house. I think they have got more in common than they realize. Really, I think that's why, when they had that argument, it went nowhere. Nobody was backing down from it. It's because they relate to each other. Ash says it's not like Ashleigh, because she was so b*tchy about people and got called out.

Marlon is trimming Chris's hair in the washroom. Chris says yeah, that's good, man. Tidy up, he says, it's all I an do at this point.

Steven asks Christopher if anything happened between you and Mark? Christopher says he doesn't know. In the outside world, we would never have met. Really, Steven says. Christopher says we would have met, but we would never have got together because I would have thought he was over the top and he would drive me up the wall. That's literally what I would have thought. I don't even have friends like Mark, you know what I mean? I might have thought potentially we could be friends, but never would I have thought that anything would ever happen between us.

I would see him outside of this and see if that could happen. I don't think we'll get together in here. I can't see us doing a you and Kimberly, saying lets get together and making plans to go out there. Simply because I don't think Mark's open enough about those things. He's pretty quiet about those things. He's quiet, shy and he doesn't want to talk about them on TV or anything like that, so we would just have to wait and see.

We would need to have like a couple of private conversations, I think, whenever we are out of here, to see if that could happen or if we are compatible outside of here. Because there are many things with Mark that are off limits in conversations that he won't talk about on television. Yeah, Steven says, he's very, ummm, he's probably had bad relationships in the past. Christopher says it's not that. It's just, he is very conscious of who is watching, like his family. He's never discussed relationships with his family and doesn't want to start now. 

2:32pm Marlon and Winston are having lunch at the dining table.  And not talking. 

Mark and Christopher are alone in the bedroom. Christopher asks what do he wants to do today? Mark says he wants a down day today, he still feels a bit hung over. I'm mad at me self. Christopher says honestly, don't worry about it. You didn't do anything extreme. Where you worried about it, he asks? Mark says no, I just sometimes forget the cameras are here and me family are out there. You really didn't say anything, Christopher assures him, you was just being your usual self, to be honest.

In the pod, Danielle tells Ashleigh she'll l wait to see what happens with nominations. I'm prepared to be up for nomination, so. I know if I go up, I am screwed. Ashleigh says not necessarily. Danielle says all the 4 girls here are very very definite to one another, and you know I might not come across as such a strong exterior like you and Helen, so... Ashleigh says that has nothing to do with it. Well it does in a way, Danielle says, because I might not be as entertaining.

Ashleigh says you have to do something to annoy the public for them to pick up the phone and actually vote for you. If you go, you have done something to annoy the public enough for them to get off their arse, go to their phone, pay for you to get out of the house. Tell me what you have done to annoy somebody that much? There are people in this house that could be up this week that have been way more annoying than that, me being one of them. 

Danielle says OK, we'll just stop talking about that. Would you rather me set here and tell you yeah, you're going, Ashleigh asks? No, Danielle demurs, I am not saying that. Then why are you saying that's enough of that? Because there's nothing more to say on that subject, Danielle says.  All right, Danielle, Ashleigh says and they sit in silence.

5:18pm Earlier, Mark confessed all to Ash.  Now Ash is telling Helen.  What about last night, Ash asks.  What, Helen asks, confused. Ash says Mark and Christopher. It's cute, Helen says, what did he (Mark) say this morning? He seemed really regretful they was up there flirting. Oh my gawd, Helen exclaims, did they do it? Ash just smiles and laughs, steels a glance over to where Mark and Christopher are sitting, then tells Helen that last night they snogged. Helen asks how do you know? Mark told me this morning, Ash gossips, but you can't tell anyone. Where, Helen asks.  In the storeroom, Ash says.  He can't stop laughing.  Helen is just shocked. 

In the Diary Room, Christopher confesses he wants to kill Mark half the time. I genuinely want to kill him half the time, he says, because I'm so nice to him. I will set there and listen while he babbles on about eyebrows. I know more about f*cking eyebrows and arches and tints and lifts and designs and shapes and patterns and the importance of a brow to the face than I ever thought I would dream of knowing in a billion and one years. And he never ever listens to me and I have to listen to him constantly and his little rants. But there is something quite lovable about him. He's like a little child that doesn't listen, which is lovely, and he does generally make me laugh.

We're like an old married couple long before our time, really. I never dreamed I would come onto Big Brother and meet someone I'd like a little bit, so I don't know. I'm just taking things very very slowly, so I don't even know where things are at. Everything seems to be, you know, at Mark's discretion. Mark seems to call all the shots and in this case, it's like he will decide tonight whether he wants a little bed time chat with me or not. Or if he just wants me to go back to my own bed. Sorry, I don't know where I am sleeping anymore.

Sometimes I share a bed with Chris and sometimes Mark's like, Christopher come on over and see me. And I am like, oh, for goodness sake, Mark. So I don't really know with Mark. But I think he likes me more than he will admit to anyone in here.

7:01pm Winston and Mark are in the garden talking about Marlon. Mark asks, so he not making the most of his time here? Winston says he sulks a lot. He's been through a lot, Mark says, but if that was me and I felt like I had been given a second chance to stay, I would make the most of it in here. Winston agrees. I would be, like, I saved myself. Marks says yeah, instead of walking around like a little boy lost. Be helpful, Winston says.  It's like a tragic accident, Mark says, instead of being himself.

In the kitchen, Danielle is talking with Marlon and Christopher. I think they will put a new person in, she says. Marlon says no that'll be to hard. Yeah, Danielle says, but how many people would want to come in here? A hell of a lot. True, Marlon reasons, and they will know about the public and everything. They would know who was in the public's eye. Danielle says they will know how to handle it.

It would be tough to come in here, Christopher says, I tell you, this house would rip them and interrogate them and pull them to shreds. Danielle says she would be all right with it (new housemates) as long as they are not douches. I'd be paranoid for a day, Christopher says, because this person could win a hundred grand when I have done half (the series) and they haven't even done what we have had to go through for like, a day, But I would get over myself.

I wouldn't take a grudge against that person, Danielle says. Christopher agrees, he would take a grudge either. But I would be like kind of like, hmmmnm.... Well i wouldn't be surprised about that, Danielle says.

11:38pm Chris is outside in the garden singing Blue Moon and smoking a cig. He walks to the bedroom where Housemates are going to bed. Winston asks is everyone in the room? Is everyone here? Marlon says this is everyone.  Hit the lights, Helen says.  There's so few of us now, Christopher says.  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Marlon counts.  It's so quiet, Steven remarks.  Christopher recounts and comes out to 11.  Marlon accepts Christopher's number, realizing he didn't count himself.  It feels really empty, Christopher says.

They turn the lights off and everyone is going to bed.  Mark tells Christopher he should sleep with Chris tonight.  Christopher asks him if he's all right?  Yeah, Mark says.  OK, Christopher says, getting out of Mark's bed, see you tomorrow.  Good night, Christopher, Mark says. 

Back live, is it trouble in paradise?  The housemates need not worry because it's not going to be empty in there for much longer.  In a moment, it's going to be the end of someone's Big Brother world.  Yesterday, nominations took place as usual.  But what the housemates don't know is the housemate who received the most nominations is going to be evicted tonight.  Someone is about to be given the shock of their lives and it's time to lob in Armageddon's first grenade.

The housemates have been gathered into the living room, presumably to learn the results of yesterday's nominations.  This is Big Brother.  Housemates, yesterday you nominated. Big Brother now has the results of these nominations. The housemates with the most nominations this week are:

Ash.  Stand up, Ash.

Ashleigh.  Stand up, Ashleigh.

Marlon.  Stand up, Marlon.

The housemates are all muttering nervously.  Marlon is shirtless, not expecting anything more than the nominations reveal.

Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon received the most votes. However, these three housemates will not face the public vote.

The nominees are confused, laughing nervously.

This week Armageddon has hit the Big Brother House...

Oh, sh*t, the say, realizing something big is about to go down.

...and the housemate with the most nominations will be evicted.

Big Brother house this is Emma.

With Emma's voice, realization hits like a ton of bricks. Either Ash, Ashleigh or Marlon is about to be evicted.  Oh my Gosh, Helen and Ashleigh exclaim. 

Ash, Ashleigh, Marlon...

With no audience noise, the nominees are not sure how to react.

The housemates have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the housemate with the most nominations and 6th to be evicted is...


Don't be upset, Marlon starts saying before his name is even revealed.  Chris is the first to give him a hug.

Marlon, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house.  You must say your goodbyes.  Live the dream, Christopher tells him.  Ashleigh still seems confused, asking him if he's leaving.  Don't worry, he keeps saying as he makes the rounds of 10 hugs. 

Marlon takes off his shorts at the bottom of the steps.  In his underwear, he is told to leave the house via the Diary Room.  to leave the house and runs out in his underwear. At the top of the stairs, he puts his shorts back on.  See you later guys, he says, entering the Diary Room.  Ashleigh says he's not going anywhere, he's going to watch us.    Steven says there's no way he's leaving like that.  Winston's in a daze.  His screen's changed already, Christopher notes of the light boxes.  This is too predictable, Steven says confidently. 

Ash says at first he thought all three were up for nomination, then all three were being saved and everyone else was up...  That's what I thought, Danielle says.  Then Emma comes on, Ash continues, and I thought she said you've all been evicted. 

Armageddon has claimed its first victim, but it's only just begun!

Marlon sits for his exit interview with Emma, who plays for him his nominations.  He thinks everyone but Chris and Danielle nominated him.  He was nominated by Helen, Winston, Christopher, Steven, Chris, Kimberly and Mark. 

The housemates are about to learn they are not alone. We are about to meet 3 brand spanking new housemates.  You're joking, Marlon says.  The housemates are gathered again on the sofas.

This is Big Brother.  Minutes ago, Marlon was evicted and became the first casualty of Armageddon week. But that's not the only shock this evening. Big Brother can now reveal that all housemates except for Helen face eviction this week. One of you will be evicted on Friday. But that is not all Armageddon brings. 

Earlier today, three people entered the house and have been secretly living along side you.

The housemates are shocked to see a video feed of the three housemates in the secret room. 

They are not guests. They are housemates. And they are here to stay. The party is over, housemates. This is Armageddon!

Winston recognizes one from his audition.  Big Brother begins playing the new housemates' VTs. 

Zoe is 29 years old and a professional singer in the West End (Britain's equivalent to Broadway).  She was the final girl during a season of Pop Idol (the British version of American Idol).  She loves funny people, won't tolerate b*tchy people, and if there's funny business in the bedroom she'll put a stop to it because that's disgusting. 

Steven and Kimberly look at each other and smile.

Pav is 22 from Essex, a self-described ladies man who likes female attention.  He's a manipulator who studied psychology in University and wills tand his ground in an argument.  Can I win Big Brother, he asks, the truth is I've already won.

The third housemate is, Bianca, 31 years old and also from Essex.  She's an exotic dancer who gets to rub herself against hot guys.  Danielle has her hands over her mouth, a terrified look on her face.  Bianca says she goes for well groomed Essex boys and Winston has a smile on his face as the other housemates tease him.  She won't b*tch behind peoples backs, she tells it to their face.  I will do whatever it takes to win. I will be taking my clothes off, I will be getting drunk, I will be having sex in the house, and I will win Big Brother.

Danielle has a look of horror on her face. Ashleigh wonders where they've going to come in from.  Mark says he's so excited!  Winston, you may be getting lucky, Ashleigh teases to dead silence. 

Zoe, Pav and Bianca are in the Diary Room. Pav says they know everything about them (the housemates). 

Welcome to the Big Brother house, Big Brother says.  They yell in excitement.

Are you excited about going into the house? Yes, they shout. Housemates, this is Armageddon week and Big Brother has just told the other housemates that they all face eviction. However, this week they don't face the public vote, as their fate lies in your hands.

Give me the power, Pav boasts.

On Friday, you will decide which one of your housemates is evicted. It will be your decision and your decision only. How do you feel about that? Powerful, the new housemates yell, powerful!

You must not reveal any of this to your new housemates, the three are warned. If you do, you will suffer the severest of consequences. Housemates, you are now free to leave the Diary Room and enter the house.

This is Big Brother. Housemates, meet your new housemates. Everyone gets up screaming. The new housemates come downstairs from the Diary Room and Mark is the first to yell, Hello! Everyone is hugging and introducing themselves to each other.

Look at this house, Pav shouts excitedly.  Zoe wants to make sure she greets all the housemates.  The new housemates realize Marlon is not there.  I can't believe 3 new housemates, Ashleigh screams.  Bianca gives Steven a tickle.  Zoe is excited to meet Chris, an actor. 

In a nutshell, all the original housemates except Helen believe they are facing the public vote.  But the power is actually in the hands of the 3 new housemates.  They will decide who is next to be evicted.  However, the three new housemates aren't here to stay.  Only two if then will remain in the house after Friday night it's up to the public to decide which too. The new housemate with the fewest votes will get the boot.

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