Day 38: Saturday, July 12th, 2014 - New Bonds

Previously, the battle lines were drawn. Tonight, housemates enter a grave new world and it's all changed.

10:22am Disaster has struck the Big Brother house. Housemates are unaware that they have been stranded in the waistland that was once the Big Brother garden. Split into two teams, housemates will compete against each other in a fight for survival. The housemates walk outside to the grave new world. The captain of the Red Team is Ashleigh and the members are Mark, Steven, Ash and Helen. The captain of the Blue Team is Danielle and the members are Christopher, Chris, Kimberly, Marlon and Winston

Big Brother has delivered the housemates their rations for the day. OMG, Helen exclaims, is that a cockroach? They yell that they have scorpions. Ash says he's going to eat one. Mark says met too. Helen puts one in her mouth and crunches it. Jesus, Ashleigh, does it even taste like anything? All the housemates are tasting the edible insects. Team Blue toasts themselves with bugs. Some are disgusted and others are laughing. Well done, boys, Danielle says.

11:47am Danielle is laying down the law to her team, If you want anything now, she says, you can have anything, but for now its the peanuts and insects only.

In the Diary Room, Mark says I think me outfit is cute as well now. I know if the world ever did end and we did ever go into an apocalypse, I know that I would quite cute in that kind of apocalypse outfit. I didn't think I would be eating a scorpion for breakfast. I was quite looking forward to me chocolate cereal. I got to be honest, I still got some of me scorpion in me mouth now and it is unusual texture. If it was a spider I couldn't have done it, but I actually love scorpions, believe it or not.

I'm a Scorpio, so I kind of relate to them on a different level and because it was a scorpion. It was fine, but can't eat any other insects. Some of them have got eyes and some I feel are looking at me from the spirit world, so defiantly ain't no no, but I have eaten me enough scorpion now to last me a lifetime.

He thinks Team Red is pretty strong, let me tell you. Me and Helen and Ash are the Northern Ninjas. Ashleigh is strong minded. I think Steven, he moans a little bit more than the rest of them. I don't think he likes getting his hands dirty or throwing himself in, but hopefully he's going to give it his all today, yeah. I think our team is a better match than the other team.

Listen Blue Team, you haven't got sh*t on us. We are gonna wipe the floor with you. You got no chance of beating the Northern Ninjas, the daddy destructor and Steven, we are gonna win. You got no chance. If this was the real Armageddon, we would be having you for dinner!

12:52pm For the first test of survival, the housemates will do battle to catch fish underneath the sewage pipe. The red and the Blue Teams must catch as many fish as possible.

Danielle and Ashleigh are under the sewage pipes trying to catch a fish. A fish pops out and Ashleigh shoves Danielle down to get the fish. Ashleigh gets the fish and returns it to her bucket. Ash goes in next for a fish as Danielle is still trying to get her first fish. Ash puts his fish in the bucket, then Mark tries to get a fish. Mark gets his fish and puts it in the bucket for the Red Team. Push him out of the way, Winston urges Danielle. It's Helen's turn to catch a fish. Helen just reaches into the sewer pipe and pulls out a fish. Danielle is getting frustrated.

Next for the Red Team is Steven, who runs up and grabs the next fish. Danielle finally gets her first fish for the Blue Team. Winston has the next fish for the Blue Team and pushes Mark out of his way. As the housemates battle for fish from the sewage drain, everyone is yelling to hurry. They are drenched in dirty water and smelling like fish. Kimberly and Marlon tell Danielle its fine, you did your best and we are all really proud of you. On the Red Team, Ash says when Ashleigh pushed Danielle over, that was the finniest thing. We took the p*ss out of their fight, Helen says.

The Blue Team captain Danielle steps up to count their fish, They have 3 fish. The Red Teams captain Ashleigh steps up and they have 12 fish. Big Brother says the Red Team has won with 12 fish. The Red Team captain may now choose three members of her team to escape the wilderness. Ashleigh chooses herself, Steven and Helen to leave the wilderness and access the house for the bathroom and shower and kitchen.

[A real leader would have chosen 3 people other than themselves. -- Morty]

1:56pm Danielle tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that she's really, really annoyed. I'm so p*ssed off you have no idea, she says. That fish came out of the pipe. I caught it and Ashleigh pushed me over while I had the fish and then grabbed the fish away from me. What the hell? That's obviously cheating.

There is a line, and that crossed it. I demand a rematch. I will fight back. I'm not giving up. Just keep throwing out these tasks. Just keep throwing them out, because I ain't giving up. Just bring on the next task, I'll smash it. And I'm not talking to the Reds because it is on now. It's personal.

In the New World, Mark says he absolutely loves this. Helen says this is one of her favorite tasks they have done. Ashleigh says an encouraging team leader. Danielle has abandon her team already. I would have stuck by my team even if we had only got one fish.

[Seems to me you abandoned your team for a nosh and a hot shower. -- Morty]

Danielle calls the Blue Team together for a conference talk. Mark feels like a turncoat for hanging out with the Red Team. Ashleigh says she was up there strategizing in the Diary Room. We don't need strategy, Mark says, we have determination.

Danielle says lets sit down so they won't see what we are talking about. So obviously that f*cked up majorly, she says, it sucks but that's life. We need to crack on with this. We got to win this. We have to win it. Just to clarify, I want to get this out first, that was my f*cking fish. I was pushed over and the fish was taken from my grasp. It's Big Brother's fault for condoning such behavior. So its on its f*cking on like Donkey Kong. I ain't taking no crap, so lets go in and smash this and lets win!

2:58pm For the second part of today's task, teams will compete to build the most successful escape raft using scavenged material. The team that builds the most buoyant raft will be victorious. As Team Captains, Danielle and Ashleigh are up first whens the buzzer rings. Ashleigh shoves Danielle. Ashleigh and Danielle are grabbing things as their team members yell what to grab. After getting all the materials they can, the buzzer rings and now they must build their escape rafts.

In the Diary Room, Ash says the strategy for the Red Team to build their raft is to get the big blue barrel and two of the tubes and put them on either side so that it wouldn't topple over. Helen is helping put the raft together. This is what they used in Jaws, she says expertly.

Winston tells us in the Diary Room that the Red Teams strategy is, they have gone with this: stick a big barrel in the middle. I don't think there is enough stability there to like keep it, he says, I think it is gonna roll.

We got this in the bag, Marlon assures the Blue Team. Chris is worried the cardboard tubes will just soak up the water. Ash says the Blue Team's raft looks like scrap. Winston says our strategy is to put the rolls together and strap them together like a solid platform. Simple but effective. You could go to World War II with that thing, Winston tells his team confidently.

Ash has a message for the Blue Team: You stink of fish so you're going under the water where the fish belong. You Reds are gonna sink faster than the titanic, Winston boasts, the Blues are gonna win. You're going to sink faster than the iceberg did!

[Pretty sure the Titanic sank, not the iceberg. -- Morty]

The Titanic hit the iceberg and you're going faster than the Titanic into the ocean, Winston clarifies.

Ashleigh's Red Team puts their raft in the pool. The Blue Team can splash the water to make waves. They get more water on on Ashleigh than the raft. Hold tight, her team encourages her. I'm holding, she says, straddling the floating barrel like a bucking bronco. Hi team, she waves. Well done red team, Mark says, leading them clapping. Smashed it, Ashleigh says.

Danielle's Blue Team puts their raft in the water next. Danielle gets on the raft and it sinks. Immediately. And fast. The Red Team is laughing. It's falling apart, Danielle says. As the theme from Titanic plays, the Red Team makes waves and throw water on Danielle. She keeps falling off her raft.

The Red Team is celebrating already. Big Brother says the Team Captains have tested their escape rafts and the results are as follows. The Red Team captain, Ashleigh, managed to stay on their raft for 5 minutes. The Blue Team raft proved to be unseaworthy. The Red Team has won this challenge.

5:28pm The rival Team Captains speak for the first time today. Ashleigh asks Danielle if she really hurt Danielle's knee? Danielle says yeah, on the fish thing. Ashleigh apologizes. I didn't mean to do it. I was fighting with my eyes closed because I didn't want it in my eyes.

[That might ring truer if you hadn't pushed her out of your way a second time. -- Morty]

Mark lets Christopher get on the Red Team's raft. Swing your legs over, he encourages, there ya go. Wee! He pushes Christopher into to the middle of the pool. This is fun, Christopher says. Don't break it, Mark warns.

Kimberly tells Danielle the relationship you and Ashleigh is going to be beneficial for you in this little world but, do it. If not, just be careful. Danielle says I saw what you did with the pictures. I am surprised you did that. Photos are photos, Kimberly says, I didn't want any drama. You can rip up photos but you cant rip up memories. But when you do look at photos, it does bring back memories. And memories are bitter sweet for me, to be honest, so even though I'm going towards a new chapter in my life, I just want to remember the first one.

Danielle says I hope you do. Don't forget him. I can't, Kimberly says, I wouldn't. I just want you to be happy. That's the thing, though, Kimberly reveals, we weren't very happy. You love Steven, don't you, Danielle says. I don't want to, but when you do, you do, you know> You are going to be all right when you get out of here, Danielle asks, living together and stuff. Is that going to be all right for you?

I just want to be happy, Kimberly says, it sounds stupid. It's not, Danielle assures her. But look how much I've f*cked things up now, Kimberly says. You've not, Danielle says, you've handled everything in a dignified manner. Did you not see me crying the other day? You've done a great job, Danielle says, you've been a great support for Steven. I honestly don't think he could have done this without you.

7:08pm For winning the task today the Red Team has been rewarded with a sneak peak of the movie, Dawn of The Planet of the Apes, and now Big Brother has laid on a wild party. Mark says I love the Red Team. Ashleigh and Ash say I love the Red Team too.

The Blue Team has been locked out of the party. Christopher is looking out the window to see that the Red Team has cocktail jugs. Loads of sweets and fruits. Kimberly is jealous they have alcohol. Out in the garden wild, Helen says they have some good people on the other team but right now she wouldn't want to be paired with any of them. Steven says we have no arguments, no disputes, we do what we have to do. We did everything like it was easy for us, Helen says. It was embarrassing, Steven says of their victories over the Blue Team. It was cringy, Ashleigh says.

Inside, Christopher reports the Red Team are all stuffing their faces out there. Winston says he's fine with it. In the garden, Ash says the last couple of days, Marlon has been moping around. He needs to stop f*cking feeling sorry for himself, Mark says. I'm sick of smiling at him, Helen says, and all he does is mumble back. You put yourself in that position, Mark says.

When he made that speech, Helen says, I thought that took courage but since then he's not done anything. I think he should pick himself up and make things right with people. He is not f*cking making an effort with people. Self pity is the ugliest thing in the world.

8:46pm Helen is in the Diary Room: It's been good to spend the day with Ashleigh, she says, I think we just put things to one side and just got on with it. She is a really good team player and good captain. I enjoy being on a team with her because she is not a soft *ss. She cracks on with it. I think the reason we won is that we did kind of ignore the differences that we have had over the last couple of weeks. She will never be my best friend or anything but if we're going to be on teams, I'd prefer we get along like we did today.

Danielle tells Kimberly she sees her in a flat but doesn't know if Steven is there. I'll be alone, Kimberly asks? Maybe you do live alone for awhile, but in a house, but it is definitely a flat, she says. But with him, Kimberly asks? Danielle says she doesn't know. But I don't want to hurt you. You won't hurt me, Kimberly says. I can only see it short term. I can't see it long term. I don't think you will be with him in 6 months time. I think it will crack around Christmas.

Then what? You'll meet someone else, somebody English. Kimberly says an English guy? Danielle says yeah and around 26 and very successful a banker. That's so random, Kimberly says, I've never dated a banker. Do you think I should have waited till I got outside the house to be with Steven? Danielle says yeah, I said that to you three weeks ago. He comes across to me that he could get quiet paranoid and I think if you were to both have waited till you were out, I don't think that he would have been as anxious as he is now because that seed has been planted there. I feel it might stay for the rest of your relationship.

9:50pm Big Brother has allowed all the housemates into the garden. Ash says this is the first time we have all sat together and had a drink and had a laugh and everyone's gotten along and we are all very good friends and it is absolutely fantastic. CHEERS!

Mark says thank you Big Brother, for giving us this f*cking task today. If the task hadn't have happened, we all wouldn't be sat down like this. They're going to destroy us tomorrow, Ashleigh predicts, but I've seen a different side of you (Helen) today, I didn't expect it after what you've said behind my back before. When it comes to doing what we did today, I don't care, Helen says, if push comes to shove, we can work together. Danielle looks sad.

Mark and Steven says shhhhh. They hear music from inside the house. It's us, Chris realizes and they all run to the living area and start dancing to music. Happy is playing. Ashleigh and Helen hug and say this is a new start. Ashleigh says you all witnessed that, Ashleigh declares. Mark jumps in Christopher's arms and knocks him over.

10:29pm Helen, Steven Winston and Ash are in the garden talking about Mark and Christopher. Helen loved it when Mark jumped into Christopher's arms. Me mouth dropped, she says. Christopher really fancies him, Steven says. It's the same back, Helen says, I think they definitely like each other. In a big way, Steven agrees. Not in a big way, Ash says, but they do like each other. There's something there, Helen insists.

The rest of the housemates join in the Garden discussion. Christopher thanks Big Brother for the music. I love how spontaneous it was, Ashleigh says. And tomorrow, Helen says direly, they're going to sh*t all over us. Ashleigh says this should be a new start for everybody and not let Big Brother f*ck us over things that were said in the past. Remember the good things, Steven says. New start, Mark toasts.

Mark says whatever happens from here, lets all f*cking remember tonight. Christopher says this is gourmet picnic food. This is not normal ham and cheese sandwiches. Mark says he'd go on a picnic with Christopher. Cheers to the new couple, Steven says and everyone joins in toasting Mark and Christopher. All the housemates laugh and but Mark makes an uncomfortable face.

11:11pm Helen and Ashleigh talk in the bedroom. Ashleigh says I am happy that today I was put on your team and all our issues were pushed aside. For once I was able to sit with you and just make them disappear like that. I think we have just clashed and I think if we were to sit around and get to each other, we could be really good friends with each other.

Helen says I know I am a bitch, and you are a bitch, we have seen it. There is no point in denying it, saying like, oh no, we've got our wires crossed. We have both seen each other for what we are and that all it is. We've collided so much and I don't want to do that with you.

In the Diary Room, Mark is talking about Christopher. It's evolving definitely and I have seen a different side to him. In a positive way. I like spending time with him, but calling him my new Matthew is disrespectful to him, because he is not my new Matthew. He's just Christopher. But it has been nice to have somebody to kind of step in and be kind to me. Thank gawd he was and I am really happy he survived the eviction last night.

I think that maybe I downplay a lot on how much I like him but I have a high opinion of him. A lot of time I give Christopher sh*t, but I do appreciate he's here. I appreciate the fact that, yeah, I like Christopher a lot. I think we'll be friends after here.

11:41pm Helen and Danielle in the bath room talking about Ashleigh. Helen says the next couple of weeks is going to be bull sh*t. I rather just avoid fighting and work together. Danielle says it is good what you did. People will respect you a lot for doing that. And her, Helen says, I did have a lot of respect for her today. I thought she could have been such a b*tch about stuff, and I could have. Danielle says you did really well. Helen says she's off to bed, leaving Danielle in the shower.

In the kitchen, Christopher is watching Mark eat an ear of corn. They hear a beeping coming from the storeroom. Christopher tells him he's going to go see if he left freezer open on. Mark says no, princess, sit down. I'll go see I left it open. Stop the beeping, Christopher cries out, stop the beeping! The beeping doesn't stop.

Christopher goes to find Mark and asks him what the hell are you doing? Mark is in the storeroom. Christopher asks if he wants a moment to himself to eat your corn? Mark says no, come here as he sits in the storage room eating his corn. Did you have a good night? Oh bloody hell yeah.

Christopher says so what are we going to do tonight, throw some balls? Mark says do you think if we had more alcohol we would have a ball? Christopher says yeah. Big Brother, Mark says, please give me and Christopher more alcohol. You can go to bed and dream of Holly Locke, Christopher says. I love Holly Locke, Mark says. I love, Christopher says, who do I love? Me, Mark says. Head over heels, Christopher jokes. I'm going to bed now, Mark says as they both exist the storeroom.

12:15am In the garden, Kimberly tells Chris she's ready to see what tomorrow is like. After all of today, she says, it will be interesting for me to see. But I'm just going to go to bed and sleep on everything that happened today, you know? Chris says what a weird day. Kimberly agrees. I feel, for me, it has been a really weird day. Really weird, Chris says.

In the bedroom, Steven tells Helen he can see she and Ash are really good friends. But there is an attraction, he pushes. Sorry, Helen says, you are wrong. Very wrong. I will never see it as but a friendship, she says, I love him too much as a friend. Steven says I know, but fact is, he told me that you are really close mates. If he came to you and said he finds you attractive, would you tell him no way in a million years? That might not be how he feels anyway, Helen deflects.

I ain't saying nothing, Steven says cryptically. What do you mean, Helen asks? What you say to me, Steven explains, is the same thing you say to me. But I can tell, I've been around the block long enough, I'm not stupid. Steve, she says, be realistic. It could never be anything else. I see him as my best friend in the house. Steven reminds her she's told him a lot about her life and from a man's perspective, he's completely and utterly...

Helen confesses to Steven that she told Ash she was an escort and wondered why. But she couldn't keep lying to him. I thought he'd be weird about it, she says. You're attracted to him, Steven prompts. He's fit, she says, he's very fit. but I absolutely adores him to bits as a friend. I'll bet everything I have that by the end of this experience, you two get a lot closer.

2:29am All of the housemates are in bed. Helen tells Ash the first thing she will do when she leaves the house. I'll have a lot to read through, she says. You won't have negatives, she tells him, but I'm just preparing myself for the worst, she says. What would you read that on, he asks. I would go on Google and type my name in. F*ck Google off, Ash says, because Google is only bad sh*t, so what's the point? Please don't do that, Helen says. What, Ash asks. Put be on Google, Helen says, I'd hate that. I don't need to, Ash says, we're tight.

In bed, Christopher ask Mark if he had a good day? Mark says yeah. As they go to sleep, Mark moves closer to Christopher and snuggles under his bed cover. Christopher puts his pillow over his head, pulling up the covers to completely hide them. They move closer and there may be sounds of snogging. One of them says this can't happen. Then, sh*t! Chris's head appears on top of his pillow again. It's too hot in here, Mark says. Yeah, Christopher says. They say goodnight and turn over facing opposite directions.

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