Day 37: Friday, July 11th, 2014 - Morning Regret

Previously, the course of true love never did run smoothly. Tonight, there's trouble in paradise. And another eviction rocks the house.

9:37am It's Eviction Day. Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Jale all face tonight's public vote. After a night of passion, Kimberly emerges from her bed. I can't believe it's eviction night again, Ash says, everyone sh*ts themselves. Kimberly returns to bed with Steven. Helen tells Ash she bets he's glad he got a week off. Christopher tells Mark it just freaks him out that it's Friday again. It's going too fast.

Steven whispers to Kimberly if she had a company and made, like, two and a half million pounds, your telling me you wouldn't make me sign a prenuptial agreement? She says no, I'm a bit of a sucker with these things, I probably wouldn't. He says no, that's what I'm saying. I wouldn't make you, But I just wanted you to tell me the answer, because if you had said yes, I would have gone nuts. He tells her he wouldn't make her sign an prenuptial agreement but he would have to protect the business in some way, not from you but from family. I love you though, he says. She says this is just an awkward conversation.

Jale visits Big Brother in the Diary Room. Friday again, she says, Friday comes around too quick. I was glad I had a week off last week but, I don't know why, but I feel like I'm more nervous. The longer you get in here and stay in here, the less kind of sure of yourself you get. Ashleigh didn't get a good reaction last time, but then, she might get a good reaction this time. You just don't know. But basically, if I'm gonna go out tonight, then I'm gonna get my head sorted and go out the door rather than assuming someone else leaving and feeling like a complete d*ck head.

11:49am Steven and Jale are reading tea leaves. OMG, says Jale, this is a bit of an interesting one, she says. Look at the bottom of the glass! Steven asks if it says Chris? Oh yeah, she says. See what I mean, Steven says.

It's Kimberly's turn in the Diary Room. Outside of here I would have taken it differently, she says. We been here now, you know, 5 coming on 6 weeks and, you know, 5 or 6 weeks of knowing someone, you wouldn't know them as well as Steven and I know each other. Just because your not just casually seeing someone like once every other week or a couple of hours. Your with someone 24/7 getting to know all the good and all the bad. There is nothing bad I can say about Steven. But just quite generally, I have gotten to know him a lot more than I would on the outside.

I'm comfortable with the relationship he and I have. You would sometimes want to have more privacy that you could have in this house. I just want privacy just taking a shower or using the toilet, so it's kind of like, realistically I would want more privacy. If I were to sum it up, I would say that this past week, I have kind of come to terms with the last chapters that I have had in my life and I'm looking forward to the new ones. I really am.

In the bath room, Mark and Ash are talking about Steven and Kimberly. Declaring your love for each other on TV, Ash says, I just don't think Kimberly feels for Steven as he does for her. Mark says he's asking for it, that is really like a wrong thing to do. Maybe her intention was to come in here and get with somebody in here, he wonders. Even though she had a boyfriend, Ah asks. Mark thinks maybe. Ash says what I'm worried about is, and I hate saying this, like she, umm, she knows that he has a lot of money. She's got an apartment in Chelsea that's 3 grand a month and she ain't got no money.

Kimberly and Steven meet up in the kitchen. What was that about, he asks about her Diary Room session. You were in there for ages. I know, she says. What were they talking about, Steven wants to know. You, Kimberly says. Was it good or bad? Good, she says.

Steven grills her on what Big Brother asked her but she doesn't really tell him anything. Everything, she says, general stuff. Did you say nice things about me, he asks? She just giggles as she eats her spaghetti. Maybe I did, she says coyly. That's nice, he says, maybe it wasn't nice. F*ck off, Kimberly says, I said nice things about you. That's nice, Steven says, about f*cking time. Kimberly laughs.

1:30pm Kimberly tells Jale she knows it's going to be difficult when she gets out of the house. I can't go to my old place. I have to actually get things removed or whatever. Jale says if I'm out and then you come out after me, I will be there to help you sort things out. Kimberly thanks her. Steven said the same, Kimberly says, he said he would sort it out, but I don't know. I don't know what the deal is.

Jale says if you just get a backup, then at least it's a bit of piece of mind, doesn't it? Yeah, Kimberly says, sometimes I get scared of not being with someone, you know. The logical mind goes through what-ifs. That's because you're protecting yourself, Jale says, you're like me, you'll just get on with it. I'm looking forward to having fun this week, Kimberly says.

Marlon ask Danielle what's her perfect date is. This is going to be quite extravagant, she says, so basically I'm picked up in a nice Bentley or a Rolls Royce, then go to a private airport and he meets me on the stairs of the plane. Then we fly to Paris for the weekend and stay in a very posh 5-star hotel. Then we go horse riding together.

Ash tells Winston that he saw Steven and Kimberly banging again last night. Me and Helen woke up in the middle of the night, he says, and them two was awake. I want to complain about it. I'm sick of the sex next to me. Winston is laughing so hard he can't eat his lunch. I don't want to have sex in here, though I would do other stuff, but I wouldn't bang, you know what I'm saying? Winston says yeah. I know you would, Ash says teasingly. I reckon you would, Winston replies.

Naaaa, Ash says, I couldn't just for my mom alone, she would be all upset about it. Winston says imagine if you was banging every night. But think how more relaxed you'd be, Ash says, if you just had a wang once in a while. Winston can't remember his last time. Have you, he asks Ash? No, Ash says, I'm scared to get caught. But you're in bed with Helen, Winston says. Ash just laughs.

2:42pm Mark, Helen and Winston have been called to the Diary Room for today's task, a series of 60 second challenges. Winston must eat as many chilies as possible. Mark must attach as many pegs as possible onto his face. Helen has to fish out as many balls as possible from a bowl of gunge using only her mouth.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas. Big Brother tells them that earlier today, Winston, Mark and Helen were each set a tough challenge. If they completed the challenge to big brothers satisfaction, they would win a reward for the whole house. However this was not the real task. Helen's face drops and Winston is worried.

Mark, Winston and Helen, by taking on your individual challenges, you have each set a personal best to win the real task. You each have to beat your personal best by taking on the challenge one more time. The three are horrified by the prospect.

Winston needs to beat his previous total of 4 chilies. He sets a new personal best with chilies. His housemates can't believe it. Mark has to beat 13 pegs (clothes pins) on his face. He successfully attaches 17 pegs. Amazing, Chris says. Helen needs to beat her personal best of 7 balls rescued from the gunge with her mouth. She collects 9 balls from the bowl. As Helen Winston and Mark all beat their personal scores, the housemates will be rewarded with a hamper of sweet treats.

4:11pm Steven and Kimberly are talking about their fetishes. Gd ,its embarrassing, Steven says. Just say it, Kimberly prods. He says he likes to have sex constantly 24 hours. She says that's not a fetish. It is, he insists. Even when it becomes like nigh impossible. think about it, we keep going and going and going and going, he says, what's your fetish? She says not really. I just like to have sex. I don't think I have a fetish. Steven says that means you're still a little kid. I've got nothing else to do, Steven says, let me get some tweezers and pluck your eyebrows.

[So does thinking you can keep going and going and going 24/7, Steven. -- Morty]

Mark and Winston are talking nominations in then garden: Do you think you have a chance this week, Mark asks? What are you gonna say this week? Kimberly is the only one who hasn't gone up yet I think she is the only person in the house who hasn't found out what the public thinks of her, who isn't afraid of the public.

Steven is plucking Kimberly's eyebrows in the bedroom. This is so weird, she says. Why, he asks? It just is, the tells him, I don't even know what to do with myself right now, Steven says you know you just said you like having good sex? Do you like having sex with me? She says yap. Ah, thanks, Steven says. I think we do quite well, considering how restricted we are, don't you? Yeah, she says, we need to be careful, more careful than we were. Why, Steven wonders. Because there are some things that I'm not comfortable with doing here, Kimberly says. So we got to be a bit more careful, Steven agrees.

5:44pm Kimberly asks Jale, want to know what's weird? What, bites Jale. Him doing my eyebrows. That's weird. Yeah, Jale says, that is weird. So f*cking weird, Kimberly repeats, he said he had to do them now. Have you told him that you aren't to sure about him doing that, Jale prompts? I was like all right then, Kimberly says. Jale says boundaries don't mean that you don't love him or what ever. It's just, if your not comfortable, then your not comfortable. He did them well, Kimberly says.

She asks if Jale feels like some people in the house don't like Steven and her together? Why, asks Jale. Just wondering, Kimberly says, it's just how people act, that's all. Based on Steven's theory earlier, Jale says, it may make it seem like he has no mates. I'm sure Helen's bothered by it. Mark hasn't said anything to her but he might have an opinion. I think he does, Kimberly says, he doesn't know me very well though. I've tried to be as open as I can.

7:02pm In the Pod, Danielle explains her new positive attitude to Ashleigh. I'm going to try to stick this out, she says, I want to be here, ideally, to the end.The only person I can be 100% honest with in this house is you. Being stripped of that is going to be very difficult and I'm going to miss you greatly because, like I said, you are the only consistent person. Before I met you, I was like, I want to go home. I don't like anyone here and I'm proud of you and I love you so much. You're an amazing young woman who doesn't realize how amazing you are. Ashleigh responds that she never talks about her feelings or shows her emotions. But I can't thank you for being here for me, she says.

In the Diary Room, Marlon says he's a bit nervous for the other housemates. I can't tell you how the others feel about me. Some are not happy. Most are not happy. Everyone's not happy, More to the point, I couldn't care no more. There is only so much time you can apologize and I say its whatever now.

In the Garden Steven tells Kimberly he loves her. You do know that don't you? She says I do. They kiss then he takes a drag on his cigarette. He feels much more comfortable now, he says, I love you and you apparently love me two and we've done exceptionally well under the circumstances and have our future to look forward to.

[I think we're getting the message, Steven. You're starting to smother her. -- Morty]

9:24pm Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the live eviction. Ashleigh says she's excited, not nervous. I'm set on going - I don't know how I'll react if they don't say my name. Chris says if you stay, you stay and if you go, you go. Ashleigh says I have already convinced myself I'm going and I won't know how to react if they don't say my name.

Big Brother House this is Emma. Ashleigh (Boos), Chris (Mixed), Christopher (Mixed), Jale (Mixed), I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction, in no particular order, are...

Chris! Chris, you are safe. Thank you, he says quietly.

The second housemate saved from eviction is...

Christopher! Christopher you are also safe. He breaths a sigh of relief and Mark gives him a hug. Ashleigh says she heard half cheers. Marlon tells Jale he's shaking like a leaf for her. Don't worry about it, a nervous Jale says, there's nothing you can do about it. She wishes Ashleigh good luck. Ashleigh says you're not going anywhere.

As the housemates wait on the public vote , housemates can hear the public yelling, Get Steven Out and Mark is shocked. Danielle is sitting next to Ashleigh and Helen has a reassuring hand on Jale's back, Marlon on her other side. Ashleigh smiles at the chants to get her out. Jale has her eyes closed in meditation.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Ashleigh, (boos) , Jale (mixed), I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and 5th to be evicted is...


Jale is evicted and housemates are shocked. Ashleigh's mouth is agape.

Mark in the Diary Room says he's sad she is gone, I don't think she deserved to go, he says, she has been an amazing part of the house. We are all gonna miss her a lot.

Danielle tells Big Brother she's sad Jale left. We didn't expect that, she says. I'm just glad Ashleigh's here.

Marlon tells Big Brother it wasn't her time to go. I just hope and pray she finds what she is looking for in life and she gets exactly what she deserves. She deserves a lot.

Marlon tells Danielle he's actually heartbroken that she's gone. How could she go, Danielle wonders. She kept me going, Marlon says, told me she would be there for me forever, don't worry. Danielle says she was convinced Ashleigh was going to go. So was I, Marlon says.

Steven is concerned about the crowd chanting his name. I know what it's about, he says. I take it personally, he says, I don't like it. Helen says that how I felt. I wasn't up and everyone was, Get Helen Out and I was like what the f*ck!, I ain't even up and you hate me. Steven says it is what it is and in a funny sort of way, it's a little bit of a relief to know the public's feeling of me.

Kimberly asks if he knows why. I think it was those pictures, Steven says, I didn't make her cut them up. Kimberly she did it on my own. He tells Kimberly he will definitely be going before she does. Kimberly says no.

Marlon tells Chris he's going to have to pull him through this week. Chris says no worries. Marlon says it has just really turned my stomach, She didn't deserve to go at all. . If it weren't for me she might not be gone, Marlon says guiltily. You can't think that, Chris says, she isn't gone from your life.

10:55pm Steven is having a hard time understanding receiving boos. Is there anything you can think of that would dignify those boos, he asks Kimberly? Kimberly says sex? Yeah, Steven says, but I don't understand. We've done it three days before. People wouldn't have seen that. Kimberly says I don't know, but that is the only thing I can think of. She says they might see that you are a little bit controlling. They see me as a pr*ck, he says. I don't want it to land on you, that they don't like me. I'm the least controlling individual. Not in a negative way, she says, but a powerful way. It's nice.

Danielle tells Helen that Kimberly told her that she had been in a relationship with this guy and she did love him and all that stuff, but is her feelings towards that guy are totally finished? I mean, does Steven feel insecure about this whole thing? Helen says yes. I don't want to come across as q mean harsh, Helen says, but she had sex with him a week before she got here. My fear is that means an attraction.

100%, Danielle says, she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, it's hard to know where you stand with her. She feels so sorry for Steven because he just gives and gives and gives. He is such a nice boy, she says, he really is. He's very loyal, Helen says, he's not used to a girl like her.

In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly he thinks it's their relationship that has done this. But I don't feel comfortable being chanted at like that. I actually don't understand what I have done wrong. If it has been cut a certain way to make me look like I have been possessive, then I can understand why the public would think I'm a controlling possessive twat. But I can't understand how that could be, it was a perfectly reasonable thing to expect. I don't dwell on things, I get upset and move on. My mother's going to be upset.

11:30pm In the Diary Room, Ashleigh tells Big Brother she really thought it was gonna be her (going home). I had been sitting and talking to Danielle about what I was going to do tonight and stuff. I got so so excited and, like, and like, I'm really happy with my reception. I expected it to be so much worse but there were cheers and stuff and that was nice. Definitely wasn't the worst reception of the night, even though that doesn't bother me if it was, but its nice to know that it wasn't.

Helen and Ash are speculating about the crowds reaction to Steven. Ash thinks it was the shagging that what got him. Helen says when I watched shagging on this program before, I felt horrible. What a nob, Ash says. I don't find it funny. Its not funny, Ash agrees. Helen says I was shocked, both equally as much. It's all over Twitter that they shagged, she says. Ash says it's on TV, no way.  My mother'd have a f*cking heart-attack.

Danielle tells Marlon she's realized it's a game. Jale going home reminds you of that, Marlon says.  From now on, Danielle says, I'm going to be everyone's friend and be all sweet and nice. Bring it on, she says, because this is a game at the end of the day, it's a Reality TV show. You can't take it too seriously. And true friendships that will expand, she says... 

I'll never hold anything in the house against you, he says, you'll be my friend outside the house.  That's true friendship, Danielle says, I know you'll keep your word on the outside.  The other ones, as far as I'm concerned, can jog right on.  Tonight has made me realize, nice guys finish last.  Tonight has turned it around massively.

12:22am Helen tells Danielle the footage they saw of Ashleigh this week for the App task was mainly on Ashleigh. Was it, Danielle asks, was it bad? Helen says it was. She says Danielle looked like she was on the fence.  Ash tells Danielle that Ashleigh keeps her to be just hers. Helen says I knew she was controlling. Her thing in the Diary Room was terrible, Helen says, I didn't want Matthew to go. We all thought it was a difficult week for all of us but not her.  According to her it was her choice on who to go.  That's terrible, Danielle says. 

1:23am Once again, Steven tells Kimberly he loves her very very much and wants to show her how much. He wants to tell her every minute of the day.  He wants to show how much he loves her.  He kisses her and she kisses him back. 

In the Diary Room, Danielle confides she's not one to bluff, but she's in there for keeps. I don't want to go. I worked my tush off to get here, she says, I enjoy it and I want to win it. I find it interesting. I find certain things you do are quite nasty and sick, but I understand you got a TV program to make. So with that talking, I'm playing my own game and no one's going to know what it is because I don't trust you, Big Brother. I really don't trust you and that's annoyed me.

So what I'm going to do, and I think it might work, we'll wait and see, but as far as I'm concerned, if people do notice a change in me, then so be it. One thing I know how to do, and anyone that knows me knows this, I can bluff until the cows come home. I'll keep it to myself. No one is going to know apart from me and Gd, and I think he'll be behind me on this because it's a bloody good game plan. People can say what they want, but they are going to see a pattern and it is on like Donkey Kong, I'm going to smash this.

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